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‘Double O Geordie....’

Story Name - Double O Geordie Author - Tracy Holmes Premise - The lads have just arrived at the Beco Building Site, but not yet introduced themselves to each other. .
Series 1, Episode 1. Scene ends with Oz saying to Nev, "For you Tommy, the war is ovar !" Next scene; Den, Oz and Nev walking to the hut after their first shift. Nev: "Dennis man, I had to pretend I knew what I was doing but it was obvious I had no idea !" Den: "Look lets just have a brew eh, we'll talk about it later alreet ?!" They enter the hut and Wayne is pouring the tea. The 8th Gadgy is sitting at the table reading a newspaper. Wayne: "Oi Oi ! Ya made it then, better late than never haha. My names Wayne and he's Kenny. Welcome to our luxury Penthouse suite." They all say hello and shake hands as Wayne offers all a cuppa. Oz: "I hope theres no Spurs posters on ya locker London !" Wayne: "Are you always this charming ? So what happened to the car then ?" Den points to Oz: "You need to ask him that." Oz: "I knew it was dodgy but I thought it would last more than a week like !" Nev: "So Kenny, what brings you over to Germany ?" Kenny: "Same as you lot Im sure. Lost me job, then me marriage ! Im not sure how long I'll be here as the house is for sale and I may need to go back at any time." Nev: "Oh Im sorry to hear that, must be very tough on ya !" Kenny: "Yea but thats life mate. Thought me wife would have been a bit more supportive but ya never can tell eh ?" Den: "Jesus, there's no escape !" Oz: "Ah thats just what I was sayin to Neville man !" Kenny: "We're just waiting for Bomber to get back and we're off to the pub, yas in ?" Oz: "Aye Im up for that like !" Just then, Bomber walks in and says: "Ah, I see you chose the right hut then. Now whos who ? Bomber could use a pint, who's comin ? First rounds on me !" The lads introduce themselves and all accept but for Nev who says: "Ah no thanks all the same, I need to save me cash." Bomber: "Now listen lad, that wasn’t an invitation. When Bomber drinks, everybody drinks! Don’t makes me carry you over there!" Nev: "Well when you put like that, cheers !" Bomber gets changed and Kenny asks: "So yas all brickies then ?" Den: "Yea but uummm, Nev's an honorary chippie." Wayne: "Ah so you'll be with me mate !" Nev: "Well actually, what Dennis means is, Im a brickie but Im acting as a chippie." Wayne: "Whose idea was that then ?" Den: "It was mine, the only way we could all stick together." Wayne: "Tell ya what Nev, stick with me and we'll cover for ya." Nev: "Im ganna get caught, I know it." Oz: "That makes Nev an undercover chippie man, hey just like a spy. Hey Nev, could be useful in later life ya kna. Who knows, one day you might be a real spy, 'Double O Geordie', license to kill !" Nev: "Oz bollocks man !" Bomber: "Bombers ready lads, lets go !" They all up and away. Scene ends.