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Aloe Goodbye

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:20 am

Barry is feeling so much better that he decides to visit the lads on with the rebuild at Uncle Percy's.

At the site ,as he gets out of an old 4x4 he hears Oz shout " Where's the Bently Barry?"

Barry: " It's being valeted you nerd.Now then lads time for a cup of tea?"

Wyman: " Barry man how are you ,long time no see?"

Barry: " Very true young'un but feeling a lot better these last few days .How's progress on the house?"

Wyman:" I have the drawings now from Chris's architect mate and we've made a start on the sitting room.But I had a text message from Mel ,you know the girl I met in Arizona, and she's coming over next week so now we need to pull out the stops. "

Oz: " I reckon we should put all our effort into finishing two or three rooms so at least there'll be somewhere for her to stay. What you reckon Den?"

Dennis: " For once Oz you 're making sense.The young'un wants to make an impression on this lass and not put her in an hotel.Mind we're hard pressed to get the brick and blockwork done. There's not a bricky to be had round here after all that weather damage."

Barry: " I know a bricky who's just sitting around right now."

Wyman: " What're you thinking Barry?"

Barry: " I happen to know that Nev is climbing the walls since his mother-in-law arrived."

Wyman: "Let's ask him,I'll pay his airfare."

Oz: " Don't bother kiddah just get Barry to send the company chopper."

Wyman: " You've just given me an idea Oz."

In the Hope household Nev has just explained to Pru about his text message from Wyman.

Neville: " It sounds like a real emergency pet,and you said you wanted me out from under your feet.Anyway you and your mam can hold the fort here can't you?"

Pru was laughing and waving him goodbye." Neville I think the break would do you good ,too much paternity leave can be a bad thing. Say hello to the lads and let me know how Barry looks.What time is Chris picking you up?"

Neville: " Two oclock this afternoon."

Chris explained to Nev on their way to the site from the airport that he still had concerns for Barry's welfare.

Chris:" As I think Pru will have explained while we did some work for the JDF Detlef was our man on the ground so to speak for part of the operation. If he hadn't been so thorough and your wife hadn't been so observant we wouldn't have had the result.However there are still some aspects unexplained.I know when Barry's accountant was picked up since Detlefs colleagues told us and that was before Barry ended up in hospital.We assumed Dolores' substitute was down to Trevor. Now I'm not so sure."

Neville: " If you are saying someone else set him up I have to ask who the hell would want to do such a thing?"

Chris: " The original police report describes how both Mr and Mrs Taylor were mentioned.It points to someone with a dislike for them both. Another fact has just emerged from the post mortem on the body recovered from the attack on Jeffrey Grainger.It seems we were misled.The corpse was made to look like a Triad. He was however an unfortunate low level operative from a local gang."

Neville: " This just gets more mysterious.Why would someone want to do that?"

Chris: " The latest thinking this was to throw us off the scent.The DEA have intel that leads them to think there is a Yakuza interest .A sudden burst of e mail activity coinciding with a report that the worth of the spoil heaps was re evaluated. Your friend Moxey spoke to Cal a few days back and said he had been told some guys had been seen taking samples at three different locations.We believed we were the only ones who knew that certain parts of the spoil are worth up to ten times the original estimate.It looks like some one is trying to pinpoint where to look."

Neville: " How the hell did they find out?"

Chris: "I'm glad that's not my problem.There is a serious leak .I suspect Tishenko knew,and maybe Graingers kidnappers thought he knew ,the poor man didn't .So we conclude maybe the kidnappers were Japanese not Chinese."

Neville: " I'm really glad I got out of this spy business. The time I spent working for Heather was one of the worst experiences in my life.I dread to think what she's going through at the moment."

Chris: " She seems to have gone to ground but when the lads checked Graingers flat last week their bugs had been removed. Since it wasn't our lot we assume it was the opposition.For obvious reasons I haven't included Gary in the latest news but we were asked to help out the JDF and resume surveillance on Graingers haunts.I guess they were thinking we may catch sight of Heather. We didn't ,but we did get a glimpse of a new tenant. This chap is very careful and seems to know where all the cctv is.Why is he so camera shy?"

Neville: " Let's have a look Chris. So this fella is living in the same apartments as Grainger?"

Chris: " He is .In fact he has the penthouse.A bit reclusive all we know is he works for a bank .In the far East."

Neville is still looking at a blurry photo of a shadowy figure walking away from the camera.

Neville: "Can I keep this Chris, I have a feeling there is something familiar about him."

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by Tracy » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:46 am

Oh dear, this will be good. Or not.

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:25 pm

Chris wanders over to chat with Barry who is carrying a coil of cable and a handful of sockets.

Chris: " So Barry they got you in harness pretty quickly?"

Barry: "Indeed but frankly this is like therapy for me Chris. After that stay in hospital and all the hassle with the business it's good to have something like this to do.I can't help thinking about it though.The UK end still isn't sorted out and I put a lot of trust in Trevor.Why would he want to do this to me and my family?"

Den: " Barry man take it easy there's nowt we can do at the minute."

Chris: " Actually Barry maybe I can clear up part of this. I've just been telling Neville on the way over we got some new info that maybe gets your old accountant off the hook.Trevor was under lock and key so to speak when this Dolores character came on the scene so there's a every chance he wasn't directly responsible."

Barry: " But if it wasn't him then who could it be?"

Chris: " We asked the same question and then there was another bit of intel from our US friends that made us think again .It turns out the Triad fished out of the wreckage wasn't a Triad at all.They believe maybe the new player in this game is Yakuza and they were trying to put us off the scent. Mind this is all based on their cyberspace activity but it is linked to the spoil heaps over there." He pointed in the general direction behind the wreckage of the aloe plant.

Barry: " Bloody hell Chris I can't keep up with all this, if it's supposed to make me feel better it's not working.My business is still down the pan,the authorities still think I'm persona non grata and won't allow the release of the insurance money for the factory refurb .The bastards are grinding me down ,the BASTARDS are GRINDING ME DOWN."

Den:" Barry lad take it easy." Dennis put an arm around Barry and tried to calm him down." It will all be ok in the end mate I know it's a bugger but it just takes time."

Oz: " Aye Barry now's the time to take a holiday,tell you what take your lass on the Orient Express again."

Neville: " THAT'S IT, bloody hell ,that's it, I knew I recognised that bugger in the photo, it was just the set of the shoulders. Mind I'd seen plenty of him before that trip."

Chris: " What are you saying Nev,you know the identity of the man in the photo?"

Neville: " I do Chris, I'd put money on it being Tarquin bloody Pierce. Thinking about it, I know he has the perfect motive to want the Taylors in the shite after his plan to ransom Barry backfired and he was kidnapped himself. I know it's a a few years back but him turning up when there's a smell of big bucks from the REE is more than a coincidence.I bet your lads could soon find out where he's been these last few years."

Chris: " Already on it mate."

When Chris finished his call to Kenny he arranged for an encrypted message to go to his US contacts to check on one Tarquin Pearce.He also noted a text message from Detlef asking if he would be interested in having his new centre based in Miami.

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