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Aloe Goodbye

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by Tracy » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:26 pm

Maybees Guy is in the family tree of Robert The Bruce ? As I believe is half of Scotland !

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:05 pm

Mel and Mai are in their seats waiting for the take off.

Mai: " Mel why is Wy man not coming with us?"

Mel: " He already told you why he is staying,you know that is where he lives."

Mai: " Does he not like us?"

Mel: " You know he likes us.That's a silly thing to say."

Mai: " I like him. Do you like him?"

Mel: " Yes I like him.Why do you ask?"

Mai: "He must have liked my mother don't you think?"

Mel: " She told me he did and she liked him."

Mai: " Will we see him again?"

Mel: " I think we will."

Mai: " I like Wy mans mother as well."

Moxey is back in the Kingston flat , and on the 'phone to Nev.

Neville: " So everything went well in Scotland Mox?"

Moxey: " Aye it was a canny break even though it was serious at times. I had no idea there was so much history about the Rogers family, they changed their name to Rogers from Roget years ago you know."

Neville: " How did Guy take it then?"

Moxey :" I thought there was going to be a problem when they were talking about his dad and grandad,but he got through it ok. I was really impressed the way he handled it all. I know he will take the responsibilities seriously. He seems to have grown up at lot during the time we were there."

Neville: " Sorry Mox I'd no idea what it was going to be about. It sounds like what they call a rite of passage?"

Moxey: " That's what it's been kiddah, you're dead right. When someone asks you to agree something that not only your dad and your grandad did years ago but others going back even further did, it does more than just put you on the spot."

Neville: " What sort of stuff does he have to agree to?"

Moxey: " Well I can remember some bits of it. He was given a little bag of soil among other things and shown a scroll of promises he has to keep, like not doing nasty things to certain people living in the north east."

Neville: " Gerraway man ,the north east of England?"

Moxey: " Yeah,exactly.That's where the de Brus family started off and it was one of them that gave Guys ancestors their land in Scotland."

Neville: " So they were warned off parts of the north east?"

Moxey: " Well there were family members still living there and so they had no quarrel with them."

Neville: " Dear me, mind you can tell when someone has Geordie connections."

Moxey: " Worra load of bollocks Nev. Anyway, have you heard anything from Oz?"

Neville: " Yes he came round the other day and mentioned this trip ."

Moxey: " Aye and you can't go 'cos of the bairns ? "

Neville: " Aye it's too soon to be leaving Pru on her own even though Penny is staying on."

Moxey: " Did he tell you we are off on holiday at the same time?"

Neville: " Aye he did .Sounds like a wonderful trip. Oh ,sorry Mox I'll have to go I can hear the twins creating. I'll let you know about the christenings . Cheers."

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by Tracy » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:27 pm

"... the twins creating." Say what ?

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:34 pm

Oz and Den have arrived at Nev's to talk about their impending holiday.

Oz: " Now then kiddah ok?

Neville: " Aye as well as can be expected. Pru is knackered. Apart from losing sleep it's two to feed and they get hungry together." Oz started sniggering until Den jabbed him with his elbow.

Den:" Give it a rest Oz. We thought we should come and talk you through what's been going on Nev, better than over the 'phone see?"

Neville: " Not sure I'm with you there Den,not over the 'phone?"

Oz: " See Nev I was saying to Den it's not that I'm paranoid but until I'm convinced otherwise I'll just assume yer cyberspace is insecure."

Neville: " Christ Oz what the hell are you on about.Ever since you came back from seeing Vicky you've been acting weird?"

Den: " Just bear with him Nev what Kenny told Oz does make some sense ."

Oz: " Listen to me Nev, Kenny's right,no one seems to know much about Chris's background and he does seem to have a lot of people more or less in his pocket."

Neville: " Hadaway and shite man he's just a canny lad who's trying to help people out,that's all."

Oz: " What you say is what it looks like ,I agree but look at the whole picture and think why is he doing these things. There are one or two situations that don't add up. Remember our recent trip in the chopper,why was he so keen to take off and leave Barry behind?"

Den: " I see you shaking your head Nev but you recall the way he had a go at Oz about shooting people ,and we know he favours Wyman 'cos he's his brother."

Oz: " He seems to know a lot more about us than we do about him.He had all the info about our weapons training
He said it came from Gary,but I wonder. It seems he knew about Gus before we did, but as it turns out, not everything. He didn't know that Gus was a plant. To me that means Chris's excluded from some areas and I ask myself why?"

Neville: " He was part of the Heather and Jeffrey Grainger plan wasn't he?"

Oz: " Yes and also the next adventure with Tarquin. But you notice we've heard nowt from anyone about Fraser's whereabouts since Tarquin went awol."

Neville: " Still cannot see where you're going with this Oz."

Oz: " Kenny told me he heard Chris had been making enquiries about Vicky ,now if he had a question about her why didn't he just ask us?"

Neville: " That seems a bit strange,what was he trying to find out?"

Oz: " Exactly, that's what worried Kenny and that's why he started to delve further into Chris's background. His mother Christa's maiden name is Stille and her father set up the businesses we now know as CWN, years ago. Chris has or had, two uncles who were partners and Kenny says they have mining interests in South America which included uranium deposits .
Kenny has contacts at the Israeli embassy who believe that samples of material were obtained from this source toward the end of the war."

Neville: " Bloody hell Oz. "

Oz: " See Kenny 's been around a while and since he's been in Spain has learned all sorts about how certain Spanish sympathisers helped Nazis get to South America. The Stille name kept cropping up and so we think Chris probably knows that Kenny may have incriminating evidence. It's common knowledge that I've been to see them both and perhaps he sees me as a risk on the assumption that Kenny has told me."

Neville: " Aye but the war has been over years man ,why should he be bothered about it now?"

Den: " I tell you what I think Nev.At the very least he doesn't want people to think his family had anything to do with the Nazi regime, but like Kenny says there are nutcases all over the world looking for an opportunity."

Oz: " So Moxey and family are going on a South American holiday, and Moxey will keep his eyes open. At the same time Den and Barry and me are going on a family holiday but for a different reason. Only us few know what the mission really is and you will forget what you have just been told Neville. Even the walls might have ears so take care."

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:45 am

Nev was in the middle of making coffee when his 'phone rang . It was Chris and Nev didn't get many calls from Chris.

Neville: " Hello Chris what can I do for you?"

Chris: " Just enquiring after your good lady and the twins Nev. Are you all coping ?"

Neville : " Thanks for the thought Chris. Yes we're getting there. How are things with you?"

Chris: " I'm in good health thanks. I've just been chatting with Wyman about his trip to Aruba with Mel and the little one.It was a bit of an adventure from all accounts?"

Neville: " I wouldn't know Chris ,I haven't heard from him for a while. We both think he's smitten with Mel though."

Chris: " Absolutely, but he won't be drawn on that subject." Nev could hear Chris chuckling to himself." All I know is she works for the FBI and was a good friend to Mai's mother. However he did tell me Chrissy was going on holiday with the Geordie Mafia , Barry and their families."

Neville: " Isn't that just typical eh, alright for some. Mind I wouldn't swap the twins for a holiday."

Chris: " Of course you wouldn't they're so sweet.But it is nice to spend time with your friends ,don't you agree?"

Neville: " Definitely. Do you know where they're going?"

Chris: " Haven't a clue Nev."

Neville: " Any holiday planned yourself?"

Chris: " Not at the moment,things are busy with CWN at present.I may take a break a bit later. Anyway it's good to hear everything is fine with the Hope family. I will catch up with you later Nev. Cheerio."

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:18 pm

Moxey and Chrissy are wandering through a Buenos Aries cemetery with Beatrice and Guy in tow.

Moxey: " Are you sure about this pet?"

Chrissey: " Yes ,the guy in the hotel said it's along here and on the right.There . I bet that's it where all those people are stood."

Guy: " Is it that woman they made the song about ?"

Chrissy : " Of course it is .She was famous and the people loved her. Isn't it romantic Moxey."

Moxey: " She was friendly with a dictator?"

Chrissy: It's Eva Peron, Moxey have you no soul. Evita. I can't believe it." Guy and Moxey rolled their eyes and waited until Chrissy and Beatrice were close enough to read the inscription.

Across the Atlantic another group of holidaymakers had just left Barcelona en route to Rome from where they would make their way to Split.
The journey had been problematical firstly for Sofie who was not a good traveller, secondly for Tatiana who could not envision anywhere worse than Croatia unless Bosnia was more boring. Anna thought it was all really cool. Barry confided to Oz, their appointed travel guide, " You can't please all the people all the time Oz, don't worry, it's Ofelia's first time on the European continent. That must be worth some brownie points mate."

On day three Dagmar had an opportunity to speak to Dennis discreetly.

Dagmar: " Dennis what is going on. You have an ulterior motive I am thinking?"

Dennis: " What are you saying pet?" She looked at him with half closed eyes.

Dagmar: " Dennis I know you, there is something going on .Why do we take such a route to get there?"

Dennis: " I agreed to keep the plan secret because there is a tiny element of danger but not for you or the kids I should say."

Dagmar: " Dennis if you don't tell me I will ask Oz and Barry why we are risking our lives." Dennis gave her an abbreviated version of the plan.

Dagmar: " God in Heaven Dennis what are you thinking ,have you all gone mad?"

Dennis: " Keep it down petal, it's something Oz promised to a dying man and I personally feel it's the right thing to do. As I said you won't be in any danger and in a couple of days we will be on a luxury cruise, back to Spain."

After a few leisurely days in Buenos Aries Moxey and family were on the second leg of the journey in the Argentinian Lake district.

Beatrice : " I've been to Windermere and this is not the same Chrissy."

Chrissy : " Don't you like it pet?"

Beatrice: " It's great it's just different and I'm still not used to the people not speaking English."

Moxey: " You have to love the scenery though, we will be going to a glacier and then on a speedboat to the island where we are staying. I have booked us on some kayaks .We've been kayaking before haven't we Guy?"

Guy: " Yes we had a go in Scotland, it's great you'll love it Bea."

They wandered through the tourist spots for the rest of the morning and Moxey was struck by how many German speakers he heard and how many premises there were with German names.

Chrissy: " This is wonderful Mox ,the people ,the views. Why haven't we done this before?"

Moxey: " I was thinking the same last night after that steak ,incredible.There can't be many vegetarians round here. Mind I'm not so sure about you and that tango business."

Chrissy laughed. " I like dancing.I think I might take tango lessons when we get back.I have to say again Moxey why have we waited all this time before going on holiday?"

Moxey felt a twinge of guilt but swiftly recovered." Aye ,well, I struggled to get you across to Scotland a second time so I guessed Patagonia would be a better bet, secondly you've been up to the eyes with Chrysalis for so long and anyway I fancied somewhere I'd never been before. Tell me you have a problem with any of that?"

Chrissy: "No problem and I think it's great for Beatrice and Guy. Incidentally Mox I'm not sure she's any happier at that school She's always desperate to come back home."

Moxey: " I'll ask her if you like,we can always look for somewhere else."

Chrissy: " Not just yet Mox.Leave it 'till we get back home."

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:05 am

Tatiana refused to leave the hotel in spite of Barry's description of unforgettable historic treasures just waiting to be seen. Oz and Den thought this was an unexpected break allowing them to scrutinise the area around an old church unobserved ,while the rest of the happy holidaymakers took a trip to the countryside in a hire car. Dagmar was very pleased to drive. It meant she could put some distance between Dennis and her. She was not happy at what she considered a web of deceit woven by her husband, and let him know the sooner they were on their way back the better.

Oz had the benefit of Father Beneficio's description of the journey by the looters from Sarajevo ,but the lack of detail surrounding the final resting place was a problem, hence the sudden interest in medieval churches.It was Barry who made the breakthrough.

Barry: " When I was brass rubbing I learned a bit about old churches and the incumbents had to construct their own drains you know, and there would have to be access to allow them to deal with blockages."

Oz: " That's wonderful Barry but it doesn't help us here does it?"

Barry : " If you let me finish I was going to say we should look on the other side of this wall.The booklet from the tourist place shows the boundary was moved ."

Dennis:" Good lad Barry, I can't see anything like what the priest said. Remember we're going to have to find it in the dark."

Oz: " Ok I give in to the historians. " They walked through a narrow gateway and turned left following the wall and after a complete circuit of the church stopped .

Dennis: " Bloody hell Oz are you sure we've got the right place?"

Oz: " Look you've both had a look at what we got from Kenny's priest friend. It says here there is a manhole near the wall."

Barry: " You know a lot of time has past and with all these trees I expect it could be covered with detritus."

Dennis: " Detritus ,surely you mean rotting vegetation Barry?"

Oz: " For god's sake you two let's have a closer look."

Barry: " I say Oz do you think this could be what we're looking for?" Barry pointed to a circular patch of discoloured ground.

Oz : " Don't point or make a fuss we don't know if anyones watching. Here I'll just move this stuff with my foot." There was a clear outline of a metal lid.

Dennis: " We're going to need some tools, this cover didn't come from a builders merchant. We better put the detritus back. Nice word that Barry. We don't want anyone getting wind do we."

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by 936trt » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:01 pm

Ofelia did not believe Barry's story about son et lumiere,she favoured the rumour of a local hostel serving home brew. Either way she was too tired to argue, their trip to the countryside had been exhausting ,she had to carry Sofie who said her legs didn't work any more. Anna was entranced by the primitive disco in the hotel and complained when Tatiana dragged her to bed.

Anna : " But mother it's really cool."

Tatiana: " Yes it may be but you are going to bed. Only your father can stay out all night."

Dagmar: " He is not the only one Tatiana. Dennis may also be out on the tiles as they say."

Tatiana: " I wonder what is happening on Chrysalis island right now, perhaps there is a place near a beach, a very large mojito,a warm breeze from the sea....."

Dagmar: " Perhaps. I expect things will be much the same as always."

Tatiana: " I hope so, after all we helped to train the staff. I mean what could go wrong?"

Dagmar: " I wish you hadn't said that."

Outside, the three treasure hunters were having some difficulty finding their bearings in the dark. Eventually with the benefit of the light from Barry's mobile they found their way to where the drain cover was located.

Dennis: " Shut up Barry and get a move on."

Barry : " My knees Den ,my knees."

Dennis: " Shut up you'll wake the whole town man."

Oz : " Will you two stop it, it's the only way we will find the damned thing in the dark.There ,I've got the lid up with the big screwdriver."

Barry: " Bloody Norah I'll never get down there.It's way too narrow."

Dennis: " Aye the lads right mind .Those monks must have been skinny buggers. You'll have to stay here Barry, keep watch and when we come back lift the cover .Ok?"

Barry: " Righto Den ." Dennis braced himself over the hole and slowly lowered himself down.

Dennis: " Oh shit.This bloody hole's two foot deep in something very smelly."

Oz: " Stop bloody whining man and get on so I can get in."

Dennis had switched on his headlight and could see the drain,at only about four feet high, carried on for another thirty or forty feet before curving to the left.

Oz: " Good man Den I reckon we must be close, according to the priest there will be a sort of feature on the left .We can't miss it. There it is."

Den: " Christ Oz it's enormous.How the hell can us two lift that?"

Oz: " No bother Den ,we dont.All we have to do is pull it out.Just feel down there on your side there's a lip.Ok on three we'll pull together. One ,two ,pull."

Dennis: " You said on three."

Oz: " Ok .Three." As they pulled, the blockwork fell out into the water and soaked them both.

Oz: " Bollocks Den what the hell..." Dennis was looking into the cavity where the block had been and could see a number of items all wrapped in what looked like sacking.

Dennis: " I reckon this is it Oz. Let's fill the haversacks and get back. I'll fill yours first, that way we stop everything getting soaked .Barry will be having canary fits."

They later estimated about thirty different sized lumps hidden behind the block.

Dennis: " Think we should try to put the block back Oz?"

Oz: " Aye ,we can try ,on the off chance someone comes looking it won't be obvious what's been going on."
Up to their knees in stinking water it took nearly five minutes to get it back .They kept the haversacks clear of the water. As they reached the entrance they could hear Barry's voice.

Barry: " Oh yes I have contacts with the Neanderthal world. I hear my ancestors calling." Barry was waving his arms and pointing to the sky " O,O hear me mystic ones. O,O. " He started to move, two steps forward and two back .At that his audience of two drunk Americans and a dog staggered off toward the hotel. Barry quickly bent down and levered off the cover to see Oz's anxious face.

Oz : " Bloody hell Barry what's going on ?"

Barry: " Never mind just pass up the ill gotten gains and let's get back.Christ what's that smell Oz? "

Oz: " What smell ,here's the first sack, ok and here's the second.Give me a hand up kiddo."

They scraped mud and dead leaves over the top of the lid , and set off back to the hotel. They were in fits of laughter at Barry's attempt to provide an explanation for the appalling stench from their boots and clothes. The concierge's English language skills were not up to Barry's history of the Neanderthal, which was as well because with a shrug of his shoulders he pointed to the downstairs lavatories and indicated Oz and Den should go there before attempting to access their rooms.

After breakfast next morning they all set off to the harbour in two taxis .There was so much luggage Oz had to negotiate over the extra charge the drivers had imposed.

The journey was a frosty one for all three lads, not just because of their return in the early hours , and the stinking boots and clothes ,which they had to leave behind, but the unsatisfactory nature of the explanation they offered. However when they reached the harbour all was ( almost) forgiven at the sight of the vessel waiting for them , a true ocean going motor yacht. Oz and Den clapped each other on the back and Barry gave them both a hug.

Barry: " Well you did us proud Oz.Your mate certainly pushed the boat out.No pun intended."

As everyone got out of the taxis a figure appeared on the gangway and shouted. It was Bobby Blande.

Bobby: " Dennis,Oz you made it .Come on board. What do you think of our man's latest, the Lady Sara Victoria. Three times the size of Sans Souci .You'll have plenty of room on the trip back."

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Re: Aloe Goodbye

Post by Tracy » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:18 am

"a web of deciet." Hey Breaking, sounds like my spider bites man !

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