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Lost and Found

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:10 pm

Moxey delivered his passengers right to the door, climbed wearily out of the car and stretching his arms.

Moxey: “ Here we are folks, Mrs Irvine will explain where your rooms are ."

He turned to see Chrissy glaring at him.

Moxey: “ Hello pet ,alright?”

Chrissy: “ No, everything’s not alright.”

Moxey: “ Look Chrissy I can’t have done anything, I’ve been driving for the neck end of six hours, what’s up?”

Chrissy: “ I’ll tell you what’s up , we’re surrounded by Tatiana’s Albanian gang, they’re armed and dangerous, they followed you here and are watching us all the time.”

Moxey: “ Have you told the bobbies?”

Chrissy: “ Of course we have , McCaskill is here with Mr Irvine .They have been searching the woods by the chalets which is where the gang were last seen.” Dennis and Oz had heard Chrissy shouting at Moxey and walked over.

Oz: “ Has anyone been hurt Chrissy?”

Chrissy: “ No, but no thanks to you lot, playing at double oh seven.” She stormed off towards the kitchens.

Dennis:” Think we’d better have a word with Irvine. She’s worried about the kids do you reckon Mox?”

Moxey: “ She’s not been happy about things since Andy Hateley’s visit then the attempt to grab Barry and now this .It’s become real and personal. Chrissy didn’t agree with us gathering intel, she says it’s too dangerous for amateurs.”

Oz: “ We’ve done stuff before and she never said anything.”

Moxey: “ This time it’s different, the bad guys are on both doorsteps, in Spain and here. I’ll go and talk to her.”

Sarah: “ So Mr Irvine can you tell me more about these people coming ashore in Wick?”

Irvine: “ There’s always been talk ,mainly because everyone knows these parts are not closely watched. Never been any need. Same as in the west the klondikers we called them, Russian sailors coming ashore, bartering vodka. I asked McCaskill ,as a favour you know ‘cos some of his mates do keep an eye out. Every now and then there’d be a big van drive down to Inverness or Perth. “

Sarah: “ What happened then?”

Irvine:” When he reported it he was told it was in hand.”

Sarah: “ Was it?”

Irvine: “ Don’t know. There’s never been any bother round here, not enough people to matter you know. We’ve always been told our trouble comes up from the south, mainly Glasgow. He’s a canny lad our bobby .It’s his job see, he wants to believe it was ok.”

Oz: “ What does he think about this gang Chrissy told us about?”

Irvine: “ That’s something McCaskill’s boss is worried about, he’s up there now having a look for himself.”

Up at the chalets Guy is talking to McCaskill and his inspector.

McCaskill: “ So it was your man Irvine found the place?”

Guy: “ Yes, I explained this before.”

McCaskill: “ Sorry m’lord for the benefit of the inspector.”

Guy: “ My sister and her friend were out exploring with Wyman.”

McCaskill: “ Can you explain who he is ?”

Guy: “ Wyman Norris, a family friend, my step mother’s natural son, she will have arrived this morning with the others.”

McCaskill: “ The others?”

Guy: “ My fathers friends who have travelled here from Spain.”

McCaskill: “ Inspector Jackson is not familiar with Mr Moxey’s background.”

Guy: “ They all live in Spain these days and jointly run a network of plumbing and electrical businesses. Mr Osbourne has additional interests , his offices are near Malaga .If you have any other questions you could ask him directly .They are staying with us for a few days”.

Jackson:” I would like to have a word with them if you wouldn’t mind. Now, the place from where Irvine said you were being watched?”

Guy: “ If you care to look here, we haven’t touched anything. You see a pile of cigarette ends, and those three marks, an isosceles triangle which Mr Irvine says is where a tripod was positioned . You see it lines up with the chalets and the entrance at the western side of the castle .”

Jackson: “ Clever chap you’re Mr Irvine.”

Guy: “ Indeed, he knows the estate like the back of his hand especially this area around the castle. We all rely on his experience and expertise at woodcraft as well as estate management.” Guy had taken a dislike to inspector Jackson which he found difficult to disguise .

Back at Kilgrinnan, Sarah and Oz have unpacked. Sarah was gazing out at an unfamiliar view. She turned to Oz.

Sarah: “ Did you know how Chrissy felt about this trip?”

Oz: “I’m not surprised. I saw a big change in her after Wyman’s jeep blew up. She was very close to Mel and Mai , and since then I see her withdraw a bit every time something happens to us you know, we are her extended family. This trip is outside her comfort zone.”

Sarah: “ I don’t think I follow Oz?”

Oz: “ I reckon she sees a threat with any change .After Tatiana left Varna, following the container, looking for Zoe, the trip to Peru, back to Spain, Andy Hateley, Nikki Myles, the traffickers. All these things affect our day to day life. She hates it. Moxey is beside himself sometimes. You didn’t hear that from me.”

Sarah: “The comment about double oh seven, should I take that personally?”

Oz: “ Maybe she sees you as a threat, connections to FBI and so on.”

Sarah: “ There was all that business in the Caribbean as well.”

Oz: “ Wyman had a close escape, lost his girlfriend in the process. I’ve never been too sure how Chrissy views Chris either. There is the obvious connection to Wayne of course ,but there again a very real threat from the Stille’s.”

Sarah: “ Don’t suppose there is anything I can do?”

Oz: “ No, nothing and don’t talk to anyone else about it. Please pet.”

Mrs Irvine had produced a very appetising spread of cake and sandwiches and it was much appreciated by everyone especially the police guests.

Guy: “ So, inspector Jackson you have now seen everyone I told you about. Can you explain to us the unusual interest shown by your Edinburgh office .We assume it’s connected to the trespassers in the woods or maybe to the boat people?”

Jackson: “ Boat people?”

McCaskill: “ I believe the reference is to the landings from Wick sir.”

Jackson.” I think these are unrelated events . The boat people as you describe them are opportunistic migrants ,there is some evidence it is an isolated incident but it will be monitored by our Edinburgh office. The people in your woods are something else .Our Edinburgh colleagues observed them with a drone. They are primarily newspaper people. I am told you were approached before you came here by one Nikki Myles?”

Oz: “ Is it her ,has the bitch followed us here?”

McCaskill: “ Sorry I know nothing about this. Did you say drone sir?”

Jackson: “ Nothing to be concerned about, standard procedure in cases like this, difficult terrain ,lack of manpower and so on. She has asked you to help her in her search for people traffickers?”

Dennis: “ Can I ask you how you know about that inspector Jackson?”

Jackson: “ Something that came to us from the Edinburgh office.”

Dennis: “ Wouldn’t have been anything to do with superintendent Andy Hateley would it?”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:53 am

"I don't like your tone Mr Pattersson !"
"BOLLOCKS !!!" :lol:

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:32 pm

Dennis :” If they were newspaper people and they’d followed us here ,wouldn’t they be banging on the door by now?”

Oz: “ That is a valid point Den, why would they hang about watching us from a distance especially If they are Nikki Myles followers”

McCaskill: “ Inspector did the Edinburgh office give us any more information about them?”

Jackson: “ I’m not in a position to disclose internal communications constable particularly in present company. I will return to the office . Keep me posted .Cheerio for now.” They heard his car leave at speed.

Sarah: “ Does anyone know exactly where these people are staying?”

Irvine: “ We know they’re not in the village. I would guess somewhere not far from where they were watching us. We could search for them at first light and maybe find out who they are?”

Chrissy: “ I’ve never heard such rubbish. Don’t any of you think of the danger. We should leave this to the police .”

Moxey: “ Chrissy what’s the matter with you, we have the police here. You heard what was said. Do you think we should just sit at home and bury our heads?” Moxey was clearly annoyed and he stalked out of the room.

Dennis: “ Constable McCaskill, your inspector didn’t answer my question about Andy Hateley. I guess Moxey would tell you he came to see us?”

McCaskill: “ He did ,and yes the inspector was aware about his trip to Spain. He asked me what I knew but it seems to me he already had chapter and verse. “

Sarah: “ Do you think Hateley has a point of contact in your Edinburgh office?”

McCaskill: “ Why do you ask?”

Sarah: “ It would take some organising to get a drone up here so quickly I’m thinking. Unless someone leaned on your inspector?”

McCaskill: “ Sorry I wasn’t in that particular loop, but in my experience your correct.”

Oz: “ Let’s just say they’re not from a newspaper, what are the chances Chrissy’s fears are for real and it’s Tatiana’s mates looking for Anna?”

Barry: “ Nothing that woman would do could surprise me now. I don’t suppose we’ve heard any more from Fredo Sarah?”

Sarah: “ No .After he discovered they are Albanian he contacted his immediate superior and he was waiting for someone to come and interrogate them.”

Oz: “ Is that called kicking the can down the road?”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:55 pm

Moxey and Barry are having a dram before getting some shuteye.

Moxey: “ So Bazza did you have to fend off some awkward questions from Anna?”

Barry: “ Not the ones I thought I was going to get Mox. She knows her mother too well .I didn’t expect her to have thought it through so carefully. She wanted to know my plans for our joint future,will we stay in Spain,will I keep on with the same job,where do I see us in a years time?”

Moxey: “ Dear me lad she’s going to keep you on your toes. Talking about keeping on your toes did you see Chrissy after dinner?”

Barry: “ No Mox,I assumed she’d gone upstairs to your rooms.”

Moxey: “ Sorry kiddah I’ll just have to get hold of Irvine.”

Irvine: “ Good evening Mr Moxey,what can I do for you?”

Moxey: “ Did my wife borrow one of the cars earlier?”

Irvine: “ Yes, she did. She left it at the station in the village. We’ll pick it up first thing tomorrow.”

Moxey: “ Did she say where she was going?” Irvine could see Moxey was concerned , clearly his wife had gone without explanation and he was having difficulty in processing the information.

Irvine: “ If she was catching the eight thirty that would be taking her to Edinburgh.”

Moxey: “ Thanks.” Moxey returned to their room to find Chrissy had packed two cases and Bea’s passport was missing. He ‘phoned her.

Chrissy: “ Hello Moxey, you’re wondering where we are?”

Moxey: “ Yes. I saw you’d packed and taken Bea’s passport, so you’re heading for Spain?”

Chrissy: “ Yes. I’ll feel we’ll both be safer at home. I must go, they’re calling our flight just now. Sorry Mox. It’s not personal. All the time Anna is at risk Bea’s not safe either.”

The sky was significantly lighter by the time they’d finished breakfast, everyone except Dagmar. As they put on waterproofs and Irvine handed out rifles and ammunition, McCaskill gave the weapons another once over. In addition to his own gun there were five members of the party who were armed. Guy, Oz, Sarah, Moxey and Dennis.

Irvine: “ You all know the route we’re taking. For those unfamiliar with these woods follow behind me or Guy, and take care.”

After an hour they had reached higher ground and Irvine called a halt.

Irvine: “ We can see a long way from here. If you look across there to the north you can make out our friends campsite.”

Dennis: “ They’re not in a hurry, it’s six thirty and no sign of life.”

Irvine: “ Well now we have seen them it’s less than quarter of a mile and we’re down wind. Take care and no noise please. We don’t know how they might react if they hear us coming up on them, we are armed but I’ve had experiences with poachers .We don’t want them to panic, but we do need to know what they are up to and after all they are trespassing.”

Barry ,Neville and Anna were having their cooked breakfast with Mrs Irvine. They heard the bell ring at the front door of the gatehouse. They exchanged glances and went to their pre arranged positions. Mrs Irvine went to the door and looked through the curtain at the side window .She saw a stranger with a map and a mobile ‘phone. She relayed this to Neville who was keeping watch. She opened the door and he spoke to her in accented English.” Good morning madam I am on a walking trip in the area looking for Kilgrinnan Castle.Is this it?”

Mrs Irvine: “ It is .How can I help you?” the stranger held out his hand.” Let me introduce myself.I am Joachim Lopez.”

Mrs.Irvine: “ If it’s about chalets my husband ir the one to talk to.”

Joachim: “ As a matter of fact it is about the chalets. I came past them and saw that two are occupied.” At this point Neville came to the doorway, and looked at a man of average height ,dark hair, and a sallow but not unfriendly face.

Neville: “ Hello, can I help you?”

Joachim: “I was just saying to this lady, I came past the chalets and noticed two were occupied.”

Neville: “ Your question is?” He looked at Neville , unstrapped his haversack and reached into his pocket.

Joachim: “ This is my id. I am a colleague of Fredo’s .I believe you know him?”

Neville: “ You are a long way from home if you’re a Spanish policeman? Nev had glanced at the card, which had addresses, telephone numbers, and a seven digit number belonging to an operative called, Joachim Lopez, National Intelligence Centre, Madrid.

Joachim:” From the description Fredo gave me I guess you are Neville Hope?”

Mrs Irvine: “ Please Mr Lopez come inside and have a seat.” She turned to Nev.” Neville I should tell himself that we have a visitor.”

Neville: “ Good idea ,I’ll stay here and talk to Mr Lopez." Nev turned back to Lopez." She has gone to find her husband and my friends. Maybe Fredo told you about them too?”

Joachim: “ Yes he did and it’s one of the reasons I’m here . I have a lot to tell you and I hope that you will answer some of my questions . Fredo told me of the attempted abduction of your friend Mr Taylor, and that his superiors in Malaga kicked it further up the road and it ended at CNI in Madrid. Mr Hope I don’t think you know the danger you are all in.”

Neville: “ We have an idea from the events that brought us here.”

Joachim: “ This is about more than Mrs Taylor’s attempt to take her daughter away from Mr Taylor.”

Neville: “ We know that she is involved with trafficking in some way, Fredo may have told you that?”

Joachim: “ She is the main reason I have been sent here. You may not know of her connections to the Mafia in the Moscow area.” Joachim was surprised at Neville’s smile,he had expected a different reaction.” This information is not new to you?”

Neville: “ It’s not ,but it does tell me you don’t have better handle on this than we have .We told Fredo of her connection to the traffickers after the situation in Varna, and Fredo is also aware of our battles with her so called brother Kadi right up until he was shot last year.”

Joachim: “ I was told of Mrs Taylors relationship. We believe it centred primarily on the drug business.” Nev laughed.

Neville:” I hope you don’t say this in front of Mr Taylor. He’s not the only one with a very different view of Tatiana’s family affairs.”

Joachim: “ I would very much like to speak with Mr Taylor before I go. Will that be possible?”

Neville: “ I don’t see why not , but first perhaps you can bring us up to date with what you know up to now?”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:14 pm


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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:25 pm

After a very brief chat Nev came to a decision. He stood up , inclined his head to Joachim,and set off toward the chalets.

Joachim: “So where are we going Neville?”

Neville: “ You said you’d noticed some chalets on the way?”

Joachim: “ I did. It looked like two were occupied.”

Neville: “Smoke from the chimney?” Nev smiled as Joachim scowled.

Joachim: “ Neville my concern is for innocent lives put at risk, caught up in a possible armed conflict.”

Neville: “ Hey bonnie lad don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m going to introduce you to some mates before we go to see Barry Taylor."

As they approached the first chalet a figure appeared at the door .” Hello Nev, how’s it hanging?”

Neville: “ Hiyah Kenny ,ok. I’ve brought a visitor, a copper from Spain. Joachim, this young man before you is Kenny Brown, he has two colleagues Jo and Luis. In the next chalet is Maureen , she works for Hugo out of their Phoenix office.”

Joachim was lost for words and just followed Nev as he continued walking back to the castle.

Joachim: “ So who are these people and why did you introduce me?”

Neville: “ Joachim don’t take this the wrong way but none of us appreciate being patronised. We’ve been in bother before and try to look after ourselves. On this occasion we’ve brought in some professional help, since the attempt to abduct Barry. “

Joachim:” Does this include protection for his daughter?”

Neville: “ Taken care of. Dagmar Patterson , Anna knows her. Normally she heads up our commercial activities back in Spain ,but she volunteered in this emergency. Dagmar has become quite proficient with small arms . This came about because of something her husband Dennis….well that’s another story. Let’s just see if Barry is accepting visitors.”He was.

After Barry invited Joachim inside Nev excused himself and headed back to the chalets.

Kenny: “ Wyman I’m happy that you’re on this gig but I insist you toe the line like everyone else.” He nodded toward Jo and Luis. “ Maureen is here entirely on merit. She’s been up against these guys before.”

Wyman: “ No probs Kenny, I can be a team player. You know that.”

Kenny: “ Yes but I also know how you reacted to the news about the drone attack.” He put up his hands as Wyman began to reply.” It’s understandable ,but your intention was unprofessional. Ok are we all ready for the videolink? Ok. Let’s do this.”

Kenny: “Hello Hugo. We’re all present and correct. Ok at your end?”

Hugo: “ Hi Kenny, yes we’re good. I’ll start with an update. Your bogies are confirmed, the Albanians who were subcontracted by the Russian outfit we had eyes on. They have the Taylor contract. They made landfall early hours, overlanded to Kilgrinnan and your guys have eyes on as we speak?”

Kenny: “ Copy that Hugo. Update, we have Spanish National intelligence operative Joachim Lopez. Ref to Fredo our friendly copper in Spain.”

Hugo: “ Problem Kenny?”

Kenny: “ No. Observer status. “

Hugo: “Ok. Your bogies known to be heavily armed and mostly well trained. May be some special forces among them. Tell your guys no heroics.”

Kenny: “ So far just as you expected last week.”

Hugo: “ We won’t rain on your parade Kenny. It’s your show. We only want hands on our Chechen friend . Otherwise you won’t see us if everything goes to plan.”

Kenny: “Yeah. We were surprised to hear he was showing his face but the word is he’s here to clinch a deal.”

Hugo: “ Sarah Kennedy has some skin in this?”

Kenny: “ Yeah she was briefed by the FCO ,it’s a turf war among some coppers on the take. Collateral to the Chechen gig. She’s up there with the field group .Ok it’s a watching brief ‘till I hear from you Hugo.”

Hugo: “ Copy that Kenny. The chopper will radio you on their approach. Out.”

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