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Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

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Re: Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

Post by 936trt » Thu Jan 06, 2022 11:47 am

Dennis had taken the message from Fredo to Sara and witnessed the two IT guys bring her the listening devices from the basement. She swore them to secrecy and explained she’d put in a good word for them with Oz when he returned.
Sara and Den looked at each other in amazement.

Dennis :” How the hell did Fraser know about this?”

Sara :” I have no idea. Kenny Brown has told me he has contacts all over the world ,including the Mafia.”

Dennis “ Whoever it is passing on the intel it has to be someone close to the action and with no love for Heather Lane.”

Sara :” She must have a long list of enemies ,she’s pissed off so many people over the years.”

Dennis :” Aye but there can’t be that many folk in her inner circle y’kna ,that would know what she was up to?”

Sara :” Risky position to be in ,sooner or later she’s going to cotton on there’s a leak.”

Pru is chatting with Dagmar. Again.

Pru :” Did you get a close look at the crowd of people Heather Lane installed?”

Dagmar :” Yes but not close up. I had a struggle to hold on to my office and had to speak to Chris again .I made a suggestion there was an ideal place in the annexe, you know that bit between Barry’s admin and our library?” Pru laughed .

Pru :” You said this and kept a serious face?” It was Dagmar’s turn to laugh.

Dagmar :”I explained to Chris it was important our people were not split up ,counterproductive blah ,blah ,blah.” Pru laughed again.

Pru :”The reason my asking the question is do you know if security got a list of the additional staff. I think I know one of them?”

Dagmar :”Actually something was emailed earlier on today. Hold on,I’m sat at the computer……hold on ,I’ll have a look…..yes there it is ,shall I send it on?”

Pru :” Excellent Dagmar, I’ll just have a gander ….yes there are about a dozen…and yes ,that’s him, I knew it!”

Dagmar :”You sound pleased?”

Pru :” I am Dagmar. I’ll explain .In the dim and distant, just before we left Havana, our department recruited additional staff and a couple were from OED in Croydon, one of them was called Colin Vanes .Now he turns up here as part of Heather Lanes gang.” Dagmar was not overly impressed.

Dagmar :” ….and this is of interest because?”

Pru :” What you may not know is Heather screwed up Colin’s career at OED by overriding his decision to not employ Oz. His department got a lot of stick ,ignoring the rule about recent convictions and so on when it all came to light.”

Dagmar :” You’re saying he carried the can for something she did?”

Pru :” Yes and what followed was the very public problem with Cuba’s prima ballerina ,and his fellow employee’s spell in prison because of criminal associations.”

Dagmar :”It was unfair to blame him for that ,surely?”

Pru :” Whatever. I’m saying Colin Vanes might be worth a closer look Dagmar. He could have motive, and for example does he know Fraser ?”

Dagmar :” If he is the leak he could be very useful to us, you think he could have told Fraser about the bugs in the basement?” Pru laughed again .

Pru :” Ha ha ha and they say Germans have no sense of humour!” They both laughed.

Dagmar :”How can we find out. I don’t think he would confide in any of the lads from what you say ,would he?”

Pru :”No, but he might talk to me if he thought I was on his side.”

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Re: Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

Post by Tracy » Sun Jan 09, 2022 3:42 am

Oh I remember this prick !

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Re: Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

Post by 936trt » Mon Jan 10, 2022 3:25 pm

Fraser had agreed by e-mail to meet Nikki on board the Nomad. He got confirmation from Dobro as soon as she was seen entering the Marina .Dobro was on deck with his binoculars.

Dobro :”She’s not alone boss, she’s got company .” Fraser smiled.

Fraser :”Don’t worry mister Dobromovich, Just make sure she is alone when she joins me in here .” At this point Fraser came up on deck to welcome her on board.” Do you know any of them mister dee?”

Dobro :” I would guess one pro ,and two for show boss.”He stood on the gangway with one palm up .Fraser ,squinting in the sun shouted across to them.

Fraser :” Hello there! I see you came en masse Nikki, there is no need , you are perfectly safe on the Nomad.”

Nikki :”That may be true Alistair, nevertheless.Can we come on board?”

Fraser :” Certainly ,we have much to talk about . Your colleagues are welcome to join mister Dobromovich for refreshments in the cabin below. Please.” He offered her his hand as she nodded to her bodyguards to go with Dobro, then followed Fraser into a cabin toward the stern and Fraser indicated a seat at a table laid for two .She smiled as he held her chair and she sat down, he sat opposite and spoke again.

Fraser :”Warm today Nikki?”

Nikki :” Cooler inside Alistair?”

Fraser :” What can I offer you to drink Nikki, you will stay for a bite I hope?” Nikki looked up as a uniformed young woman appeared at her side with notebook at the ready.

Nikki :”Sauvignon blanc if you have it .” Fraser interrupted.

Fraser :” We have three but I think you may prefer a Chardonnay?”

Nikki :”As long as it’s chilled I don’t mind Alistair.” He turned to the young lady in uniform.

Fraser :” Gina my dear, bring us a bottle of the ’92 blanc and the ’94 Chardonnay. Tell chef to give us fifteen minutes before lunch, thankyou .”

Nikki :” All this special treatment ,you must really want something very badly Alistair.” Fraser waited until Gina returned with the wine before replying.

Fraser :” Thank you Gina ,I’ll pour. I suggest you taste the Sauvignon first, then try the Chardonnay.” He filled their glasses and settled back in his seat.” Tell me what you think.” She sipped her wine and with a genuine look of surprise took a mouthful.

Nikki :” Gee whizz !” Another sip.” This is very good Alistair.” She looked at the label and frowned. “ I’ve never heard of this one?”

Fraser :” Not surprising since I have all that’s left of that vintage. It was too good an opportunity to let slip. I could let you have a bottle if you wish?” She smiled and looked away.

Nikki :”Are you trying to bribe me with a bottle of wine Alistair?”

Fraser :” Good heavens no Nikki, I have something much more valuable .I have an exclusive story for you but only on condition you stop the smear campaign you started on Dennis and the lads.” Nikki’s expression hardened.

Nikki :” Come on Alistair, I have them bang to rights and you know it.” Fraser laughed and giving a slow shake of the head.

Fraser :” Come on Nikki everyone knows you’re playing fast and loose with the truth and so I won’t mention the possible injunction you might expect from the OED.” A fleeting look of alarm crossed her face , her fingers tightened on the wine glass.” By the way I must point out your recorder won’t work in here.” Another surprised look told Fraser he had been correct.” It showed up on the scan as you came on board.It’s a security precaution just like at an airport. I have to be careful.”

Nikki :”I believe you have infringed my rights Alistair.”

Fraser :”You are wrong about Barbara Hunt and her death.” Another goal thought Fraser watching the expression on Nikki’s face.” I know you won’t want to believe this but she manipulated you ,as well as a lot of others.” It was her turn to laugh.

Nikki :” You would say something like that ,wouldn’t you?”

Fraser :” Fair comment ,you’re right of course ,but just suppose I could prove it.What would you say then?”

Nikki ;’ Do you play poker Alistair, because I do and I know about watching for facial expressions.Like this.” She reproduced the look of alarm he’d picked up earlier. His face was unchanged, impassive.

Fraser :” Very impressive my dear.You know there are other give aways or tells .The hands for example, or involuntary movements of the fingers. Look we could do this all day but we both have other things to do.I can do two things Nikki. I can give you a better story a true exclusive if you stop the smear and show you a very different Barbara Hunt.” At this point Gina and her two colleagues appeared carrying trays of food. Nikki appraised the spread in front of her and had to give it five stars . She was impressed and then wondered if this had been Frasers plan all along. She looked closely at him and spoke .

Nikki :”Okay Alistair ,let’s eat first and then you can impress me with your story or should that be stories?” Fraser grinned picking up a napkin.

Fraser :” Excellent ,you won’t be disappointed my petal.”

After lunch during which business was not discussed, Fraser led her to an adjoining cabin which had a wide screen set up behind a conference table .

Fraser :” What I’m going to show you is a collection of photographs and some stills from video recordings , obtained over a period of time .Approximately in chronological order and from several sources .I will try to identify any people you may not know. Okay?”

Nikki :”Very well Alistair let’s get started.”

Fraser :” This first picture is taken near the city of Varna on the Black Sea. Barbara’s friend in this shot is Yorgo ,involved with people trafficking from eastern Europe .Shortly after this she was accused of shooting the Chechen one of the leading people traffickers. Next picture she is in the company of a number of Chinese ,some well known to the police in Eastern Europe, as they disembark from a trans pacific voyage to the port of Valparaiso . You will recognise Christian Norris with her in the next slide ,in Arizona and sourced from the Phoenix office of the FBI.Next in the company of Chinese again, this time in New Zealand at the time of Barry Taylors abduction. This next one is a real goody .The gentleman you can see with her was a trusted employee of Interpol until his recent dismissal. They had been friends for some considerable time. And she used him. The next one may be out of step as I am unsure of the precise date but the location as you see is definitely Buenos Aires and her companion is Tarquin Pearce, just before a certain Nikki Myles filed a story about a large number of bank accounts allegedly traced to certain German expatriates, you remember?” Nikki glared at Fraser” There was rumour you will recall that she benefited from their blackmail. Finally there are some stills taken from footage provided by a Swiss Bank where the late Christa Norris had at least one account.You will recognise the young lady. Christa’s account was hacked later that week. Now I know you considered her a friend but a lot of other people also thought she was a friend.” Nikki’s face told it all, the pictures had proved a revelation.

Nikki :” These photos could have been doctored for all I know.”

Fraser :”Nikki what can I say, there is such a lot of evidence and there are recordings of conversations and the same could be said of those.”

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Re: Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

Post by Tracy » Tue Jan 11, 2022 5:13 am

Oi, Breaking Away, New Zealand, that's us ! :o :lol: 8-)

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Re: Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

Post by 936trt » Mon Jan 17, 2022 12:27 pm

Fraser was fairly sure he’d convinced Nikki but felt a finishing touch wouldn’t do any harm.

Fraser :” Nikki ,what sort of character will take a bus journey of twenty six hours ,and I’m talking Valparaiso to San Pedro de Atacama ,to pay a visit to some obscure mining project that happens to belong to CWN?” Nikki looked bemused and shook her head.” I’ll tell you, it was Barbara Hunt and two days after her visit the deal between the Aymara and Chris had fallen through. Coinicidence?”

Nikki :” Circumstantial ?”

Fraser :” Those people at the receiving end of her ministrations would not agree with you. Consider the Black Sea traffickers ,you could in fact ask Tatiana or her sister Zoe ,both casualties of the industry, but then Zoe is no longer with us. Or ask Christian Norris, led up the garden path at the very least , his mining business still at some risk.” Nikki was looking at him with a quizzical expression.

Nikki :” Alistair ,what have you to gain from all of this?”

Fraser :” I’m trying to protect a family member who is under threat, and I need Chris Norris’s help to stop the threat being realised. I made a promise to attempt to put a stop to your smear campaign in return for a chance to bend his ear in this regard.” Nikki wore a surprised expression as she listened to his answer.

Nikki :” I’m looking hard at you Alistair ,looking for signs of duplicity. I’ve never seen this particular Alistair Fraser before.Your reputation precedes you, the scheming, evil person whose name mothers use to frighten their kids when they misbehave.” Fraser gave her a crooked smile .

Fraser :” A lot of untrue things have been said about me and some of them came from Barbara Hunt.” Nikki continued looking at him and sighed.

Nikki :” You poor misunderstood chap, my heart bleeds .” Fraser showed signs of annoyance.

Fraser :” Look, this is about you and Barbara Hunt, not me. Let’s stick to the agenda .I have shown she has betrayed the trust of many, was involved directly and indirectly in multiple murders and with Chinese help has ripped off lots of folk ,from millionaires like Chris to simple hill folk in South America. There is no honour among such as her ,she upstaged Tarquin’s plan for Barry Taylor and was responsible for his partial blinding. I reckon Chris should thank his lucky stars ,he got off relatively lightly .Just imagine if he hadn’t found out and things had progressed to marriage!”

Nikki :” On that point did she really bug his plane?” Fraser nodded.

Fraser :” Do I need to go on or are you convinced?” It was Nikki’s turn to nod in agreement.

Nikki :” I will stop the campaign on the basis of this new story. “ They shook hands. “ I guess it will take some time to resolve the threat to your family ?”

Fraser :”Yes, but I can make some preliminary moves while I wait for confirmation from Christian Norris. The ball is in his court at this point.”

Chris had been discussing Sara Victorias’ safety with Kenny Brown.

Kenny :” Since you ask me ,my advice is to remove the threat. Leave the girl where she is and let’s relocate Tatiana. You know the old saying , remove the man remove the problem ?”

Chris :” You never cease to amaze me Kenny. I was thinking along the same lines as Fraser. That’s a good idea and if Fraser comes through with what he promised I suggest we do just that, but as a precaution we should take steps to protect Sara Victoria as well.”

Kenny :”Any suggestions about relocating Tatiana ,the convent may have their own ideas if we attempt it unilaterally?” Chris laughed .

Chris :” Yes, I consulted with Father Ben and have learned that since she has not completed her two years as a noviciate she could be moved if the order so wished.”

Kenny :” How can we make that work ,won’t she smell a rat?”

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Re: Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

Post by Tracy » Wed Jan 19, 2022 5:11 am

A rat ? Better hide Brenda's birthday cake ! :lol:

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Re: Little fleas have lesser fleas.........

Post by 936trt » Mon Jan 24, 2022 11:29 am

Chris told Kenny to begin investigating Frasers allegations, but first asked him to explain his absence over the last few weeks. Kenny was clearly at a loss looking at Chris in surprise.

Kenny :” I was told the HR department was instructed by you to carry out all the security checks they’d missed on me and my crew from last year.” It was Chris’s turn to look mystified.

Chris :” So where were you?”

Kenny :” Kurt took us back to the offices in Phoenix and we were there two days, that included medicals as well. Then when we came back here we had a day with inspector Fredo looking into the camper van incident, and he asked me to thank you for offering our services.” Chris shook his head.

Chris :” I know nothing about any of this .”

Kenny :”Anyway boss ,where do you want us to start?”

Chris :” I’d start with Dennis and Nev but be discreet ,don’t meet on site okay?”

Den and Nev met with Kenny at a seaside bar in Marbella.

Dennis :” Dear me Kenny ,you certainly pick the spots.” Kenny laughed as the lads sat down and took the beers offered.

Kenny :” I’m keeping out of the way of Heather Lane, I think Chris will regret bringing her into the New Castle, but he is the boss. She’s all over Amesec like a rash and that assistant Linda is creepy. Anyway the tip off about the bugs in the server room was one hundred percent and we figured it must have come from a guy called Colin Vanes.You know him?” Nev chuckled.

Neville “ Yes we do. He was with OED in Croydon years ago when we were there for interview. He turned Oz down because of his prison record and the rest is history.”

Dennis :” The word is we hear there is no love lost between them. He blames her for his career taking a nosedive from the point she overruled his decision about Oz .Now he seems to be in servitude and we guess there’s your motivation.”

Kenny :” You think he’s friendly with Fraser?”It was Dennis’s turn to chuckle.

Dennis :”Look Kenny ,we know Fraser better than most, we reckon Fraser’s the one making the moves because of his daughter. I would say if we know Vanes history so will Fraser. He will have cultivated Vanes, I don’t see it working the other way round.”

Kenny :” You would both confirm what Fraser told Chris?”

Neville :” Sara spoke to Pru yesterday and she has confirmed that Heather Lane has been after control of Amesec for years.This latest wrinkle with the bugs in the server room was an attempt to identify the most frequent ,regular intel suppliers. This would be the quickest way for her to steal the business. If she knows the biggest snouts she doesn’t need the rest.” Kenny seemed a little surprised at this.

Kenny :”What do you both think about the idea she’s taking over from where Barbara Hunt left off?”

Dennis :”Well Dagmar and Pru were talking about this and a lot of what you said Fraser told Chris was confirmed by that guy Hilary. A lot of the ground work was put in place by Barbara Hunt, and Heather Lane seems to have the same goal. “ Kenny smiled.

Kenny :” We can assume there is more than a little interest being shown by the UK intelligence sector?”

Dennis :” Well it’s no surprise is it. Over the years Amesec’s been more than useful to them, sometimes indispensable.”

Neville :”Stands to reason they wouldn’t want her buggering things up for them so to speak.”

Kenny :” We know she’s a clever cookie, if she should get wind of what we’re at it’ll be curtains for our plan.”

Dennis :” What is the plan then, how can she be stopped short of the permanent solution?” Kenny laughed.

Kenny:” Ever since she lost her way and went to the dark side there’s been a steadily lengthening queue waiting for just that opportunity. In the past we could have always pressed a few of Gary Turnbulls’ buttons. I don’t think that’s currently an option.“

Father Beneficio had been called to the Convento de Santa Maria by a worried Mother Superior. He was met by Sister Agnes.

Sister Agnes :”You are a welcome sight Father. Please come in and join us. I can offer tea or coffee?”

Father Ben :”Coffee will be fine sister. This has proved an interesting morning.”

Sister Agnes :” You avoided the covid?”

Father Ben :” Yes. I have been very fortunate.I know of others my age who were not so lucky.” He picked up the coffee poured by the sister and drank eagerly.” Excellent. Just what I needed.’ He looked across the table at the small vulnerable figure .” You are not having a happy time Sister Agnes?” She looked up at him , the effort seemed almost too much .

Sister Agnes :” We are being tested Father. Sara Victoria is an innocent victim and we can’t believe what is happening. There is a viper among us. “ He could see she was becoming emotional.

Father Ben :”Please sister, be calm. There is nothing we cannot resolve if we work together.Tell me all you know while I take another cup of your wonderful coffee.” Over the next ten minutes with some prompting ,she provided all the details he needed . Sister Agnes appeared to run out of steam, which was when he held up his hands. “ That’s fine sister .” He paused and looked at her. ”There are certain options available to us. “ He paused again. “We can either relocate one of them or we could relocate both of them.”

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