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Friends Reunited

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Friends Reunited

Post by racesgirl2000 » Tue Aug 24, 2021 12:42 pm

Chapter 1- The Great Escape

July 23rd 1990

It was cloudy in Tynemouth but warm and still as cheerful as it always was even as it threatened to rain. Dennis Patterson stood outside his ex-wife Vera's house muttering lightly to himself as his eyes flitted across the front yard. His 15 year old daughter Angela stared at him from inside as she scrubbed idly at the same bowl for going on ten minutes now.

"Is everything alright, pet?" Kevin asked as Angela opened the window.

"Canny." She replied putting the bowl she was washing in the other side of the sink and working on another. Dennis stood up and walked to the door and ran the doorbell.

"You seem tense, Angela," Dennis told her. "I thought you'd be chuffed to see your brothers as he comes back for Summer holiday?" He stepped back allowing Vera to open the door and let him in. She didn't say anything at first wanting to tell him everything so badly but knew that she couldn't so instead, she just smiled.

"She will, it's just...going to take some time." said Vera staring as Angela finished the dishes, rinsing them and putting them up to dry. He looked at her for a moment, a warm smile on her father's face as he entered the kitchen and hugged her. After a moment, he was pulling out and heading off, disappearing down the street. Drying her hands off she rested against the sink, her eyes watering as she thought about her life, the stuff she was pulled into and having to lie to her husband about it.

"Bloody Callum," Angela muttered, a tear hitting her cheek as she hung her head. "Dammit." Pulling away she dragged a sleeved arm across her eye drying the tear.

Turning, she grabbed her coat and her purse putting them on. Callum McAllister's words lingered in the back of her head from the night before. If you tell your Dad what I did, it won't be proven in court.

The threat was real, she knew it was and she didn't want to be dubbed as a prostitute even if she wanted nothing to do with Callum or his famous cousin Ally Fraser. Grabbing her yoga clothes -to make her usual excuse of having to attend yoga more believable- she rolled them up and stuffed them into her bag and slipped out the front door, making sure that all of the appliances were off.

"Don't you have yoga?" Vera questioned.

"It doesn't start for an hour, I normally talk with Whitney and warm up in the hour before." said Angela who did take yoga but only on Wednesdays and Fridays, never on a Thursday because Thursday was her working at Amy's Nail Salon and she wasn't looking for every excuse to skip that.

In Durham Prison, a large prisoner John paced back and forth in his cell while his cellmate Ally Fraser was sitting on the bed in her cell watching him.

"What are you doing?" asked Ally.

"Thinkin' of a way to get of here, man." he answered.

"Why don't you just relax?" Ally suggested. "An opportunity will present itself sooner or later. After all, we've only been in here for an hour or so."

The door to the prison room opened and two guards, one of them being Ally's former henchman Barry 'Big Baz' Ellingham, entered with another prisoner.

"You can't hold me forever!" the prisoner yelled.

"Keep moving." Big Baz said.

Ally and his cellmate watched as they locked the other man in a cell. One of the guards put the keys on his belt. John eyed him as they walked by. When the guards left the room, the man turned back to Ally and asked "You kna Ellingham?"

"He worked for me once," Ally lied. "So what about him caught your attention?"

"He has the keys." Ally's cellmate said.

"And?" asked Ally.

"And I have a plan." said his cellmate. "Hey, Ellingham!"

"What do you want?" Big Baz asked.

"I just wanted to know..." he started. "could I get something to eat?"

Big Baz looked over at the other guard and smiled.

"Yeah, ri-" He stopped when he looked back in the cell. The man had had disappeared. "Hello?" he asked.

He opened the cell door and walked in. He pulled out a T.A.N.G.L.E.R. (Tosses Armored Net Guaranteeing Lotsa Entangled Rivals) and looked around. It was dark in the cell. He couldn't see a thing. Hands shaking, he stepped into the darkness. The guard outside waited for him to come out. Then someone dove out of the darkness.

"You!" the other guard said.

The man ran at the guard and shoved him into his and Ally's cell door knocking him out. He used the keys he got from Big Baz to open the cell but Ally had already gone.

"Time to go." Ally said.

"What about me?" his cellmate asked.

"You'll be seeing me." Ally yelled as he ran off with Big Baz in tow. After they left the room, the other guard woke up and pressed a button on the wall. An alarm sounded alerting the whole complex but it was too late. What the guard found was Big Baz gone, an empty cell and Ally's cellmate trying to open his cell door from the inside.
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Re: Friends Reunited

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Aug 28, 2021 1:02 pm

Chapter 2- He's Back

"This is pointless." Wayne Norris groaned shaking his head at Barry Taylor as they entered Double Deuce Firing Range in Walsall. According to his wife Hazel's cousin Paige Holloway, Barry needed to man up a bit when the pistol he was carrying knocked out of his hand and had Hazel not been there, things would've gotten messed up. "And even if I knew how to shoot a gun, in that situation where would I get one?" He sighed as they got behind the 2 people in line.

"Wayne, I know how to disarm people and when you do learn and I'm confident you won't shoot yourself or anyone else, then I'll buy you a gun and you'll carry it with you," said Barry as the got up to the front of the line with Barry paying for the time and handed Wayne a pair of orange tinted glasses and yellow noise blocking headphones. Then after putting his gear on, he reached over and grabbed the 2 revolvers.

"Orange and yellow, are you nuts?" asked Wayne before leaning over and moving the headphones down so they hung around his neck.

"There are rules to gun handling. First when we're in the shooting range, always have your protection on. Rule 2 stand behind the designated line, it's there for a reason and even girl wonders can be accidently shot," said Barry as Wayne nodded at all the information. "And most important treat the gun as if it's always loaded and doesn't have the safety on." At that moment, Wayne grabbed the one on the right and starts inspecting it.

"Ok so this is going to be an experience." Barry started going over the stance that you should take, both hands on the gun, knees slightly bent, one of your arms straight and strong and the other supporting it. He went through the movements, shot and hit the target dead on. "Go and try." Wayne bent his knees and raised the gun when he felt Barry correcting his arms. "Now you want to have one of your arms strong. You're right handed aren't you?" Wayne nodded as Barry continued adjusting his arms. "Then uses your right to be the strong one and your left to help it stay up," Wayne held his arms up but they were still wavering. "The last thing you need to know is never put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot." Barry held Wayne's arms up and the latter shot. The paper was brought forward the paper and Wayne shot straight through the head.

"That was really bad. Like calling Dennis fat bad." Wayne laughed.

"It was your first time ever shooting a gun and it would still have killed the guy if you needed it. Try again." Barry told Wayne who shrugged him away from her and straightened his shoulders again. And shot, this carried on for about another hour with Wayne only hitting one of the targets dead on by accident. Wayne put the gun on the table provided next to the range and slumped down on the bench. Taking the ear safety device off his ears, he looked at Barry.

"Right so tell me, Baz," Ally said from the passenger's seat of Big Baz's Jaguar as they headed for Wolverhampton. “What have our friends ‘the Magnificent Seven’ as they call themselves doing these days?”

"Well, the gaffer, you call him Dennis, he kept the money and sent his lad to Wolverhampton least year," Big Baz began as he drove to Wolverhampton. "The one with the chin that looks like a pair of bollocks, he got a plumbing business, the goofy looking one moved to NYC and the fumbly one... what was his name, Mr Frazer.. agh Barry, Barry Taylor, well, he just got a gun licence after getting mugged in Coventry and he's still running the building services."

Ally smirked at Big Baz and said "Is he now? Well, we'll have to go down there and pay him the a wynie visit to find out and where the rest of the lads are."

So the Jag drove to Wolverhampton with the police on Ally's tail. Lucky for them, it was a Saturday and Dennis was supposed to pick his son Kevin up from Barry and Hazel's for the Summer holidays. By the time Big Baz knocked on the door, Hazel opened it and gasped "Mr Fraser, nice to see you again."

"Sorry, Hazel, isn't it," asked Ally and he and Big Baz entered the house. "Is Barry home?"

"No but he'll be home soon." said Hazel.

A few minutes later, Barry and Wayne arrived from Double Deuce Firing Range but there was a big shock as Big Baz held Hazel to his chest with one hand over her mouth and their 17 year old ward Kevin Patterson held a glass of water while glaring at Ally.

"Hello, boys." said Ally with a big Scottish accent.

"Him again?" Wayne whispered. "You never said he was coming here."

"I didn't," Barry whispered back until he made eye contact with Ally. "Hello, Mr Fraser."

A few seconds later, Big Baz let hazel go as Kevin saw his father's camper van pull up outside Barry and Hazel's house with Oz in the passenger's seat.

"Can I offer you a cup of tea, Mr Fraser?" Hazel asked politely.

"Oh yes please," said Ally as Hazel made the tea and noticed Barry looking scared. "Now then, Barry, what I want to know is where's that prick Dennis with my money he owes me?”

"Money?" asked Kevin. "What money???"

"Oh don't play around with me, son," Ally told Kevin. "Five years ago, your father stole 25 grand off me when we were in Spain."

"Well, he's outside now," said Wayne.

"Oh is he now?" asked Ally.

"Yes that's right, Mr Fraser," Barry replied. "Wayne here has his own carpentry business, Moxey's in New York, Bomber’s a wrestling trainer and one of his trainees heard about a charity wrestling match in Madison Square Gardens with Hulk Hogan and that pays good money so Bomber's there but he comes back tomorrow and Neville recently moved up the coast."

"Oh I see," said Ally as Dennis and Oz entered the house.

"I don't believe it." groaned Dennis from outside.

"Ahhh bollocks," Oz's voice said from outside. "Come on, let's smash the door down I'll have round 3 with these bastards."
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Re: Friends Reunited

Post by racesgirl2000 » Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:21 pm

Chapter 3- This Prick again?

As he and Oz entered the house, Big Baz turned to face Oz for round 3 as Dennis hugged Kevin and asked his son "How's your course ganning?"

"It's canny, Dad, thanks for asking." Kevin replied.

"And how is he behaving?" Dennis asked Barry and Hazel.

"He's doing fine and how are you, Dennis?" asked Hazel.

"Well, I did the gambling had a bit of a drink problem but ah'm alreet these days." Dennis replied.

"Yes but you still owe me, Dennis." Ally told Dennis.

"Ah kna." Dennis sighed as Oz growled "How, man, we're not ganning on your pay roll now piss off."

"Oz, stop it," Dennis scolded Oz before turning turning to Ally. "Well, Ally, the mayor gave me this little renovation job on Sunderland."

Oz looks baffled at Dennis and as they heard police sirens, Ally and Big Baz escaped.

"What the bloody hell did I just witness?" asked Hazel turning to Barry. "Ally Fraser in my house?" She then got a stare from Barry. "I mean OUR house."

"Tell me about it," said Kevin. "It's like if me dad gave into Ally sodding Fraser again."

"Howay, Kevin son," Dennis told Kevin. "I can't bloody wait to get out of there and you're joining the site in question until September."

Elsewhere on a flight to Newcastle Airport, Albert Moxey found out that he and his flatmate Tyronne 'T-Dog' Trent were bludgeoned by music, smells, etc. as soon as the group had found seats in the airport.

"Even I think this place is noisy," Moxey said. "So I can't begin to imagine how they feel." T-Dog nodded an affirmation as his stomach growled.

"Yo, man, I'm hungry!" T-Dog wailed.

"Nobody's eating for a while," Moxey sighed snapped. "No offence but you're too greedy!"

The grin vanished as his stomach growled loudly.

"See? There's no reason to blame me, dude." said T-Dog who was having fun putting all sorts of reactions the air. "Yo, A-Mox."

"Yes, T-Dog?" asked Moxey.

"Are we there yet?"



"We're not there yet!" Moxey snapped.

"Not that. I mean, can we eat?"

"Well, it's been most of the flights so sure," smiled Moxey. "I've got chocolate right here but I think you should just eat the airline food."


"Push this button," Moxey told his flatmate reaching to point at the button.

T-Dog pressed it and seconds later, a flight attendant appeared with a food tray. She handed it to him plus a bag of peanuts.

"Enjoy your flight, sir." she said in a cheery Boston accent and left.

T-Dog lifted the cover from his food and said "Chicken! All right!"

He tore into it ravenously causing the two teenagers sitting behind him and Moxey to scoot away until he choked and Moxey had to do the Heimlich on him. As before, he drew a lot of attention for a while, but the passengers soon got bored and turned away.

"Sorry about that." Moxey sighed.

"No. The high altitude is making him feel icky." said the girl.

The look on T-Dog's now green face indicated he wouldn't be doing anything. All he could do was lay his head on Moxey's lap and try to block his headache out. The turbulence was very minimal but he could sense every bounce of thermal air on the wings and every wind shear. Once again, his 'Moxey' senses had put him at a disadvantage.

"Can we switch?" gasped T-Dog with a groan of complaint and sickness.

"Okay." sighed Moxey.

However, after two hours more, T-Dog attempted not to vomit until they got to Newcastle Airport and he lost his lunch in front of Moxey and the teenagers.

"What brought this on?" asked Oz as he saw T-Dog clutching his chest.

"Beware…the airline food…" whispered Moxey smiling in amusement.
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Re: Friends Reunited

Post by Tracy » Thu Sep 02, 2021 5:44 am


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Re: Friends Reunited

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Sep 06, 2021 3:21 pm

Chapter 4- It's Summertime on Site

The next morning, everyone was hard at work on the site the mayor of Newcastle landed Dennis and his team in and as he and Kevin arrived, Kevin waved at everyone as one of the younger plasterers yelled "Hey, you!"

Kevin turned his head to see his best friend from school Frank Jordan in plasterers overalls waving and him, rushed over to hug him and said "Frank, long time na see, man."

"Canny to see you, Frank." said Dennis as he gently pulled Kevin and Frank apart.

"Canny to see you and your dad, Kevin," said Frank smiling. "See you a bit later."

"Sure," said Kevin as he and Dennis walked away. "See that, Dad? It's like being related to the PM."

"'Aren't you the gaffer's lad?'" Kevin asked himself as he and Dennis approached Wayne Norris. "Aye, that's me. How kind of you to notice."

"Hi, you're Kevin, right?" Wayne asked Kevin.

"Wow. I'm getting recognized all over," Kevin said. "Why, next thing you'll know, people are going to start doing things like holding doors open for...."

"Kevin, stop it." Dennis scolded his son before walking off.

The day went on rather quickly as Kevin was introduced to various colleagues and by the time he and Dennis got hom that evening, Christine Chadwick had Angela helping her out with a few things and Dennis smiled. Both kids round his and Christine's for the Summer, this was a rarity.

Upstairs, Kevin lay on his bed and was remembering the day he left home for the last time.

They were very best friends and now, Kevin was leaving to go to college in Wolverhampton as things with his mother Vera was getting out of hand and you could see Kevin hated his mother more than Frank hated his. Frank was always in Kevin's shadow and it was not just because Kevin was taller, it was because Kevin had a personality that overwhelmed you when you met him! Frank was slightly shorter than Kevin was with collar length red hair, green eyes and freckles. Kevin even remembered the first words Frank said to him "Kevin, as in Keegan?" to which Kevin would reply "Frank, as in Sinatra?" and that was when they knew they would be great mates!

Dennis walked along the corridor of the house and stopped at Kevin's bedroom, just as he was about to knock on the door, it flung wide open. Kevin had been standing looking through the peephole waiting to surprise his dad since he saw the car pull up!

"How, Dad." said Kevin with a smile on his face.

"Kevin son, you do this every time and yet you're not bored of doing it yet, are you?" said Kevin as he turned to Frank and said "Canny to see you again, Frank!"

"How, Mr Patterson, how are you doing today?" replied Frank knowing Kevin was Kevin's best bud when it came to school and life.

"I'm canny, thank you, Frank! How are you?" replied Dennis talking to what was now a familiar face to him.

"I'm top of the world now that I'm ganning to college, Mr Patterson." Frank said with a mile wide smile on his face that made Dennis smile back.

"Now that I'm ganning to Wolverhampton, Frank, you're gonna have to make sure you don't get into any trouble as I won't be there to get you out of it!" said Kevin staring at Frank.

"Like what? I never got into any trouble." Frank replied to his chaperone like friend.

"Exactly!" Kevin replied as he picked up the luggage his father could not handle and left the room never to be seen or heard of for a long time!

"Kevin." said a female voice from outside the door Kevin occupied when he was at Dennis and Christine's house and Kevin opened the door to see Angela standing at his door.

"What?" he asked as he came back to reality.

"Dinner, you dope! I'm surprised you didn't smell it, you usually beat me to the table!" Angela said and looked straight at her brother and then headed toward the kitchen when she saw he had started to move.

Kevin slowly gathered himself together and headed to the kitchen he looked at his father, his stepmother who he now considered his closest friend and his sister.

"You alright, son?" Dennis asked.

"Aye, Dad, just thinking about the day I left." Kevin replied.

"Well, it's a good thing you left." said Christine as she sat down at the table on which the dinner had been neatly laid.

They all sat down to a nice Sunday roast with Yorkshire puddings, carrots, Swede, mashed potato's, peas, Brussels sprouts and of course beef. Dennis went straight for the Brussels, he wanted to get them out the way with first and enjoy the rest of the meal. Christine went for the Yorkshire puddings first as she liked them still crispy not soaked in gravy and Kevin rushed in and was scoffing down a bit of everything while Angela slowly tucked into the meat and took her time at eating.

"Kevin, slow down or you'll get indigestion!" said Dennis just before putting some food into his mouth.

"He's frightened the alarm will go of and we'll get called away while he's eating!" said Christine with a piece food in her mouth.

Angela had only just started to eat when she kindly told her older brother “Enjoy your food, Kevin, don't rush it or you'll regret it later!"

“I guess there’s a method to me madness as Barry often tells me,” Kevin told his sister before turning to his father’s fiancée. “Hey, Christine, were you able to catch Neil Morrisey on Wogan last week?”

“No. How was he?” Christine asked.

“Well, I knew that that guy's acting was good but his singing was phenomenal,” Kevin replied. “I’m telling ya like I told Mr Oz, if that guy was to cut a solo record, he'd be a hit.”

“Or he might have two number one singles before 2002 if we’re careful.” Dennis told his son.

Codename: Whatever

Chapter 1: Infiltration

"I don't think this is such a good idea," Daria Morgendorffer said. She edged away as her best friend Jane Lane sauntered over with a strange pendant and a wicked gleam in her eye.

"You're getting sleepy. Sleepy…" Jane teased.

"Stop it!" Daria swiped at her hand.

The slender artist stepped back. "Whoa there! We haven't even started yet."

"Good, let's not. Sick Sad World is on." Daria reached for the remote. She was wearing her familiar coke-bottle glasses and a long nightshirt with a picture of Einstein on it.

"It's a rerun. The one where that guy's false teeth keep trying to kill him?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Come on, Daria, I did you a favor," Jane insisted. "I'm sitting in here at seven-o-clock on the night of the school dance, and there were some guys I could've gone with. Besides, if we're going to have a stereotypical sleepover for once, we might as well have some stereotypical sleepover hijinks."

Daria frowned suspiciously at the metal trinket dangling from Jane's finger. "Sorry, I've been trying to cut back on my hijink levels."

"My mom made me this necklace for my birthday, you know. Granted, she was two months late." Jane muttered. She sat down on the edge of her friend's bed.

"I don't think I'm the right kind of person for this stuff. Some doctor tried to use it on me once and it didn't work. I'm hypno-proof." Actually Quinn had walked in on the session before it really got going, but Daria saw no need to go into details.

"Then what are you worried about?" she raised an eyebrow. "But seriously, Daria. I think there's something knocking around inside of you. And I'll bet you a whole pizza I'm right."

Daria paused. She was still leery of the idea, but that made it interesting. "…Fine. But make it quick. And don't tell me to strip or anything."

"Don't worry. That's for after I buy you dinner."

Jane's heart skipped a beat as Daria smirked at her. What's she thinking about? Wait, what am I thinking about? I can't believe I said that.

"Um, Jane, if we're through with this awkward moment, would you like to begin?"

She jumped. "Oh! Um, yeah! Just sit back and clear your head or whatever. Find your center."

Daria sighed and tried to do as she asked. "Is this center made of marshmallow cream?"

"No, you're thinking of Quinn. Now watch the mystic pendant."

At least the necklace was interesting, Daria thought. A beautifully molded dragon on a chain, with two outstretched legs and a long curving body in the shape of a 'J.' Its eyes were tiny points of red.

"Good. Look into the eyes of the dragon," Jane murmured, and the pendant began to swing slowly back and forth.

Daria hardly remembered she was there. The dragon seemed like the only thing in her world now, and she felt her mind drifting through the void with it. Jane told her to close her eyes. She did, but the dragon was still there. It had always been there.

"You can still see the dragon, can't you, Daria?"

"Yes," she answered without thinking. Her voice seemed to come from deep inside of her.

"That's right. The dragon is your friend. You're safe and relaxed with him. You have nothing to fear. And you have nothing to hide."

Yes. She did not have to hide anymore…

"I'm going to count to seven. When I finish counting, you will wake up and let out everything that is hidden inside of you." Jane knew this was risky, but the hypnotism was clearly working, and curiosity and excitement had won over her common sense. "One…two…"

Her heart pounded faster with each number. She wondered if Daria would cry. Or scream. Or act like her sister. Or just pick up the remote again and ask what was on.

"Seven. Wake up."

It was instantaneous. One moment, Daria was sitting perfectly still four feet away from her. The next, a gray-and-brown blur cracked Jane in the side of the head and tackled her to the floor. Jane squeaked in protest as the wind was knocked out of her and the pendant flew from her hand. She tried to breathe, but Daria was sitting on top of her and gripping the side of her neck and making her dizzy, and her eyes…

The glasses were gone, and those weren't Daria's eyes anymore. They were cruel and cold and seemed to stare right into her brain. "Move and you die, communist scum." That voice—sensual yet forceful, two things Daria was not. It didn't stop at Jane's ears but seemed to enter her veins, curdling her blood and making her heart race.

Something was very wrong here.

"Daria," Jane choked, and the iron hand squeezed harder. "Please—"

"That's my undercover name. But now I see the alias is no longer necessary." With her other hand, the girl she no longer recognized gently stroked her face. It was threatening, but so seductive that Jane would have shivered if she weren't already trembling with fear. "You can call me Powers. Melody Powers."
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Re: Friends Reunited

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Sep 06, 2021 3:22 pm

Chapter 5- Guess who's Back

Later that day, Neville arrived home to see his other half Brenda preparing dinner for them and their two young daughters Debbie and Fiona.

"Guess who," said Neville and that had a shoicked Brenda turning around but Neville now noticed Brenda was not smiling. "What's up, petal, bad day?"

"Aye, pet," sighed Brenda. "Give me a minute to finish up here and I'll explain."

"I'll be sat out here when you're done," said Neville who was intrigued at that remark and took a beer out into the garden. "Shall I get you a glass, pet?"

"A canny idea, stop me becoming dehydrated," said Brenda as she came outside , moved a seat closer to Nev and put a folder on the table next to the drinks. Nev frowned and looked at her. "I've been wondering all day how I was going to broach this and I'm still not entirely sure." She looked directly at Nev who by now was visibly worried.

“Just exactly what is it that you want to tell me, you said worse for some than hearing that Oz and Vicki broke up,” said Neville sadly. “I hope I'm not one of the some?"

“Oz and Vicki broke up?” Brenda asked shocked.” I’m shocked by that but the some is someone you know. Do you remember the incident of that former rock singer? Well, there’s been news ganning roond that his ex-fiancée is now in a relationship with a prisoner she’s doing a project on.”

“Bloody hell, Brenda,” Neville gasped. “I’ve known Oz for 7 years and I've seen him do some things I can tell you."

“Canny point there.” Brenda sighed.

“I kna Ally Fraser escaped from Durham Prison a few days ago so it might be him,” said Neville. “Frankly, I think that if you’re talking about Robbie Mac, he's not in a good place right now what with the trouble with the boss and a possible musical comeback, it's only five minutes since he was apologising to us for all the trouble he thinks he's brought us.”

“Is it Wayne or Moxey who was a fan of that man’s music?” Brenda asked. “I love his song Tell Me, Girl.”

“I just think it was Moxey who’s the biggest Robbie Mac fan we kna,” said Neville. “I expected he’d talk about it before the start of September."

The next afternoon, Dennis had driven Angela up the coast to get her makeup kit which was mainly pink as she had accidentally forgotten to take it with her.

“I promise I won’t be too long, Dad,” said Angela as she kissed her father on the cheek and got out of the camper van. “It’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Be careful, Angela pet,” Dennis called. “I’ll be outside if ya need anything.”

A few seconds later, Angela had the opportunity to knock on the front door but instead of her mother’s former fiancé Robert McComber (aka former rock singer Robbie Mac), it was her best friend Whitney Kay’s future stepfather Barry ‘Big Baz’ Ellingham who opened it.

“Baz man, what are ya danning here?” Angela asked nervously as she entered the house.

“Your mam needed me to help with something,” lied Big Baz. “What are ya danning here?”

“I accidentally forgot me makeup kit.” Angela said as she walked past Big Baz and into the living room where she saw her mother talking to both Ally Fraser and a man she barely knew. “What’s ganning on here?”

“Angela, what are ya danning here?” Vera asked as she turned from Ally to Angela.

“I forgot me makeup kit, Mam and I really need ta…” Angela began but stopped when the younger man stood up and approached her. “Oh crap, not this horny old bugger.”

“Old?” the younger man chuckled. “I’m Mr Fraser’s cousin and I’m 33 years old.”

Angela backed away from Callum but he kept walking towards her until her back bumped against the wall behind her and as Callum found himself leering at her, she raised her left hand to slap him but he took the opportunity to grab both her wrists.

“I wouldn’t if I were yee, young lady,” Ally told Angela. “ My cousin Callum there is sexually aroused by a single slap.”

“Thanks for sharing, Ally,” Callum told Ally as he turned his attention to Angela. “So how old are you?”

“I’m 15 years old, sir!” Angela replied nervously.

“Good enough age as I lost my virginity at that age,” said Callum disgusting Angela before turning to Vera. “Hey, Doc, how much for the girl?”

“Me darling daughter Angela’s yours for 2 hours if you pay her £200.” Vera replied.

“Ya bitch.” Angela yelled as she glared at Vera feeling glad that Kevin wasn’t with her so he could punch the three of them in the face.

“Thank ya would be nice, Angela.” Vera yelled back as Callum hauled Angela upstairs and into her bedroom. As soon as they were in the room, Angela had been forced to swap the pink T-shirt, denim skirt, matching waistcoat and white knee length boots with a pink negligée while Callum stripped down to his underpants and within seconds, his hand was on her breast. The sudden feeling of being with this borderline Scottish sex pest was a nightmare which meant Angela could feel the weight of it pressing down on her soul. Even worse, he was here instead of Frank.

“Nice try, Princess,” Callum purred deeply in the back of his throat. “You’re mine for the next couple of hours ‘cause your ma said so. You’re mine ‘til then. Say it.”

“Go to hell, ya pig,” yelled Angela allowing herself to relax a little on the inside. “And me name’s not Princess, it’s Angela and what the bloody hell da ya want me to do?”

Callum smiled a cold evil smile at Angela reminding himself that this would be a day to remember. What he did with a woman especially his wife Kim always felt good and as he began to touch Angela again, she slapped hin across the face suddenly realising that she had sexually aroused him into a frenzy.
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Re: Friends Reunited

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Great story, loving it so far
Did you do that?

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Re: Friends Reunited

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Londongal1983 wrote:
Sun Sep 26, 2021 12:36 pm
Great story, loving it so far
Thanks, there's more to come, I promise ya that
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Re: Friends Reunited

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Chapter 6- That Bugger

Angela curled up sobbing on her bad shortly after Callum left the room feeling dirty, worthless, violated as she curled up into a ball pulling her knees in close to her chest and wrapping her aching arms around them all the while crying like she hadn't since after Kevin left.

When she noticed that she was wearing just a white towelling robe just like Callum wore when he told her that he needed a shower asking her to join him but she turned him down fearing he would rape her again and it was then that Angela knew that she was in deeper trouble than she had previously believed.

I'm sorry, Dad, Angela thought as she hugged herself and sobbed, imagining what Dennis would say if he could see her now and her inability to stop Callum. I tried to stop the bugger but he was too strong for me.

Angela tried to pull himself together to stop crying as Vera entered the room wearing a light blue silk robe over a matching negligée and matching slippers. It was stupid, pathetic and weak but while Kevin hated showing weakness, Angela was the opposite but try as she might, she could not stop. She was hurting too much both physically and mentally. If anything, the attempt to pull herself together just made her cry more strongly.

“Ya should be thankful to Callum and what he did ta ya, Angela,” Vera told Angela sternly. “He was only teaching ya how to please a man.”

“That bugger wasn’t teaching me shite, Mam,” sobbed Angela. “What he did ta me was rape.”

“Don’t give me that bollocks,” hissed Vera. “It’s what happens when ya get a husband.”

“I was taught that marriage wasn’t about sex,” cried Angela wiping the tears from her eyes. “It’s about love and commitment which are words ya don’t understand.”

“Ya little bitch.” Vera snarled as she left the room.

“Says she who can barely keep her knickers on.” Angela cried.

A short time later, Ally opened the door to the room his cousin was keeping the girl in and went inside. He was dressed in a colourful dressing gown over a pair of light blue pajamas and dark brown slippers while his own cousin was having a shower to ease the pain from the sexual frustration he had taken out on Dr Clayton’s daughter.

According to Callum, the teenager's strength had during his fun had surprised him. Few teenage girls that age were rarely as strong as their male counterparts; it was rare to find it even in teenagers that went to the gym regularly as Big Baz and some of his own men obviously did.

Ally went over to where Angela was standing by the bed and contemplated giving her a telling off roughly – it would further torture the Patterson girl as he called her but in the end, he decided against it and slapped ger across the face for her hitting Callum.

“You stupid girl,” Ally snapped. “How dare you slap my cousin.”

“I’m not saying anything bad about your family, Mr Fraser but that cousin of yours is a pig.” Angela gasped as she rubbed her left cheek.

“If you were my daughter, I’d kindly ask Callum not to do what he did,” Ally reminded Angela. “Don’t blame me if you get pregnant and at your age.”

“I’ve told your cousin and I’m telling you,” snapped Angela. “Gan ta hell, ya Scottish bastard.”

“Silly girl.” Ally said as he left the room.

A few minutes later, Dennis entered the room to find out what Callum had done and hugged her and as soon as Callum was done with the shower, Angela had a shower herself, dressed in the same clothes she walked into the house in, grabbed her makeup bag and got into Dennis’s camper van with him.

As he drove and heard Angela’s side of the story, only two words came tumbling out of Dennis’s mouth.

“That bugger.”
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Re: Friends Reunited

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Chapter 7-A Sudden Phone Call

A few days later, Dennis sat at his desk reaching for the cup of coffee in front of him but the shaking of his hand caught his eye. He lifted it before his face and stared at it as if it were an object foreign to his body. He swallowed hard against the lump that seemed permanently lodged in his throat and looked away from his hand.

It had happened so quickly. This morning, he had ignored Christine, Kevin and Angela as they had turned on one of their own. Angela told both Christine and Kevin what Callum had done to her and while Christine was mad at her old friend for what he did to her stepdaughter, Kevin was furious and wanting to kill the bugger for that. Dennis knew Christine had made the mistake of trying, none too subtly, to ask him to take her to the nearest police station to make a statement so he allowed that as he and Kevin set off for the site in Sunderland and it was a little after ten when Dennis had received the call.

"Guess who, Denny?”

Dennis’s eyes widened at the embarrassing childhood nickname thanks to his friend Len Jordan who was also Frank’s father as he said “Len man, why are ya phoning me for?”

Dennis moved to disconnect the call but paused when Len said hastily “I’m danning a plastering job in Bamburgh and Ah need one of your lads please."

Dennis sighed and asked "What plastering job? The one Oz and Neville told me aboot? They were in the same café as your two Jason Ross and Joel King when they accidentally overheard that conversation.” The next words did nothing to ease that anxiety.

"Denny, if you’ve got a plasterer among your lot, I suggest ya loan me the bugger for tomorrow please.” Len said.

Len’s voice had remained so polite throughout this astounding statement that Dennis asked in confusion “What?"

"One of me lads is at his sister’s wedding tomorrow so I need to borrow a plasterer.” Len said kindly.

Dennis smiled as he said “I’ll have to check with one plasterer and I’ve got tomorrow off.”

“Canny, I guess I might hope Jason and Joel like him. See ya tomorrow, Denny.” Len said as he hung up.

The day passed by without a single Barry related accident and by clocking out time, Dennis approached Moxey who was talking to Oz and Bomber. At the sight of the gaffer’s face, Moxey immediately became concerned asking “Dennis, what's wrong?"

Dennis held up a hand to forestall the questions and nodded for both Oz and Bomber to go which they did before he told Moxey “Moxey, me old pal Len Jordan needs a plasterer for tomorrow and I recommend ya.”

The bold statement fell like a bombshell on the site. After the first moment of stunned silence, Moxey gasped as Neville, Barry, Wayne, Kevin and Frank walked past him.

“Kevin told me what Mr Fraser’s cousin did ta Angela and I’m sorry, Mr Patterson.” Frank told Dennis.

“Thanks, Frank, someone needs ta slap those bastards one.” Dennis told Frank as he and Kevin walked off talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. “Come on, Moxey, what da ya say aboot working with Len Jordan for tomorrow?”

“Deal,” said Moxey. “As long as you drive me there and Oz picks me up.”

With great satisfaction, Ally turned down the gain of the radio set and returned to his desk chair. Phase one of his carefully orchestrated operation was complete. Phase two was set to begin awaiting only the final unwitting player to set it in motion.

Regretfully, he would have no direct role in this phase of his plan although of the four parts, phases two and three were probably the ones he looked forward to most. His commander of operations in Spain had chosen this inopportune time to finally exceed his level of incompetence and was resisting efforts to be quietly removed. To rid himself of the idiot, he must leave within the hour before the pieces of the operation there were irretrievably lost. He would have to content himself with watching the recordings of the less important but infinitely more satisfying, phase two of the operation in Bamburgh where that pain in the rear Len Jordan was doing a plastering job.

Fortunately, that part of the plan was being carried out by the most weak-minded fools he had yet found easily programmed by hypnosis to carry out his instructions to the letter. Even if Dennis Patterson was kidnapped, Ally would simply drop in to pick up the result of their efforts. The transition into phase three which he would see to personally and was looking forward to with evil anticipation would follow. He could hardly wait to feel his hands around Dennis’s throat again; but not to kill, not yet, only to the point of unconsciousness. He would be temperate; he wished to enjoy that sensation many times.

Yes, he would keep Dennis alive for a very long time, long enough to witness the final phase and taste the bitter wine of humiliation to its last dregs. For, if all continued smoothly and thus far, the omens were favorable, at the end of phase four, Ally would finally have his 25K back.

His spy network had earlier unearthed the information that the so called Magnificent Seven relied on the services of others and that Len Jordan’s personality created a continual turnover in his personnel. That information combined with the germ of his revenge finally gave fertility to this operation and he had nurtured it carefully. He then he determined it expedient to bring two more players into his scheme to lure Dennis out from under his bodyguard’s security safeguards but he wasted no more thought for them and smiled wickedly; 5 years of planning would soon be brought to fruition. In only a few hours, his revenge on the Magnificent Seven especially Dennis would begin but the thought plagued him for weeks, until his eye happened to fall on a his maternal cousin Callum who previous offences were heinous, yet peristed in his belief that he was guilty of no crime, since his previous two victims were in their 20s.

That was it! Oh, it was almost too perfect! The Magnificent Seven were blatantly masculine; to be abused sexually by another man, a helpless object of pleasure would be emotionally and psychologically devastating to any of them. Then, when they learned in minute detail how one of their own had been used in such a way, and that there was no hope of rescuing him, it would be the most painful torture he could have ever devised. He lost no time in finding where the criminal was incarcerated, his face twisted into a fiendish grimace, although it would be several weeks yet before he would be needed.

Locating Callum had not been difficult nor was arranging his not to be sent back to Durham Prison and he also asked Big Baz to participate which was accepted.

Only with effort did Ally refrain from rubbing his hands in glee, a ridiculous act far beneath his nobility, though he might have forgiven himself this once: finally, after all these months, the plan was about to have the desired result. In the next 24 hours, Dennis Patterson would wish for death. And he would find it eventually but not for many months, not before he saw his fiancée or children, indeed the other six idiots he was also with all become his slaves.

The next morning, Dennis drove Moxey to Bamburgh where they found Joel King standing nearby at Len’s insistence. As Moxey got out of the camper van, Dennis thought he might need to intervene when even Moxey’s attire for the day--his plaster stained white overalls over a light blue shirt, blue jeans which were actually Wayne’s and a pair of tan leather boots--came under attack.

Like the others, Dennis also thought the boots were stolen from Wayne as how Wayne and Moxey were about the same size but then, he didn't have the fashion sense his plasterer had either. Of the Seven, Wayne was the fashion clotheshorse with Barry a close second. Maybe it was another of his mother's traits that Wayne had inherited but he had good taste in clothes and the other lads often asked his advice in choosing attire appropriate for an occasion especially a date. Even their women occasionally sought his opinion when they anticipated making an expensive purchase which Brenda had once done much to Neville’s annoyance.

In the nearby Jaguar, Big Baz ceased drumming his fingers on the steering wheel and checked his watch again. The two hours since he and Callum parked by Len Jordan’s van had simply crawled by. He'd been too nervous to stay at home alone while his partner Joanne ‘Jo’ Kay and her daughters Aretha and Whitney were at work so he threw a few magazines in the back seat of the Jag so Callum could read them.

Big Baz checked his watch once more and groaned as the gaffer’s camper van drove off. If he and Callum were sure, that curly haired plasterer was the dullest one of the Seven and guessed he was a better kidnap victim than Dennis.

It was another hour and a half before they got into the house, threw knock out gas inside rendering the goofy looking one, Jordan and his two plasterer pals unconscious, grabbing the gaffer’s plasterer, bundling him into the boot of the Jag and driving off just as Oz arrived to pick Moxey up.

Oz nearly frantic by the delay but Dennis felt they could not easily explain a visit by the tough guy who everyone just about knew as his part-time bodyguard and then, his hopes plummeted and crashed when he discovered Jordan and his teo coming round but with no sign of Moxey anywhere.

Oz pressed the button on the walkie-talkie Kevin lent him and spoke into it bitterly. "It's na good, Dennis man. His bag’s here, all reet but there’s nae sign of that bugger anywhere."

Jason Ross, who most people said looked like Neil Morrisey from the TV show Boon, stood nursing a bruised hand injured when he drove his fist into a large Jaguar during a row with the driver a few days previously in frustration and anger. Joel had tried to put his emotional energy into something more constructive and was examining the rest of the plane while Len and Oz discussed whether there were other possible options.

"Why hasn't he used his walkie-talkie like you did, Mr Osborne?” Jason wondered aloud.

"Must not have gotten a chance yet," Joel ventured as he carefully studied the exterior of the small room Moxey was supposed to be plastering. “He wouldn't want the kidnappers to know we can track him." He stopped and his fists clenched at what he had found.

"Joel!” The tone of Jason’s voice filled the others with dread. "I’ve found blood on the wing here. Not a lot, but ..." he trailed off, his eyes meeting the other three men in the room with a bleak expression.

Len heard him and heaved a sigh. "All reet, lads. I think Ally Fraser’s behind this crap. At least you may have found us a clue,” Len turned to Oz. “Ya might need ta ask Denny ta study it. Maybe he can give us some idea whose blood it is."

"If it's Moxey’s," Oz growled to no one particular, "someone's gonna get hurt."

"And you’ll have plenty of help, Mr Osborne,” Joel reminded Oz. “You’ll find him, believe me and bring whoever did this to justice. But now, Mr Jordan needs ya ta.."

"Wait, Joel. It only gets worse," Jason interrupted savagely. He had spotted something on the floor near Moxey’s bag. With his handkerchief, he picked up the object he'd found and showed it to Len and Oz.

Oz barked a curse as Len uttered his own malediction. "That Jason lad’s found a syringe, Dennis,” Oz reported. "Apparently, our Moxey’s been drugged."

Dennis felt his anger burn white hot but his voice was cold as ice. "Bring that ta me house so Ah can study it. Maybe they left some fingerprints... and I want to know what the bastards injected him with."

Those kidnappers were going to pay ...
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Re: Friends Reunited

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Chapter 8- Kidnapped

By the time he regained consciousness, Moxey found himself bound, gagged and in a room with grey walls which he found out was a basement.

Great, he thought. Leave it to Mr Jordan to let me fix the bloody basement.

He began to open his eyes and was rewarded with a rush of throbbing pain in his skull. He immediately squeezed them shut again and tried to focus on his surroundings. He wasn't in the house Len Jordan and his two were plastering but his main guess was probably Thornely Manor. outside at all. He tried to lift his hand to grip his aching head but immediately felt a pull on his wrist that prevented him from raising his arms more than a few inches but he was tied to a chair which was nailed to the floor and felt an immediate stab of panic and his eyes flew open wide. He ignored the throbbing in his skull and strained to see his surroundings in the darkness of the room. His mind raced as he tried to remember what had happened.

. . . Dennis’s old school pal . . . Right, I remember . . . He asked me to plaster one of the room . . . There was a couple of blokes near me . . . And now, me ‘ead feels like Barry sat on it . . . Wait . . . Me overalls! Where’s me overalls gone?

As his eyes became accustomed to the darkness, he noticed something else. His panic suddenly doubled.

Why am I alone?

After a few minutes, Moxey heard voices. He turned his head to one side and saw the illuminated outline of a doorframe. The voices were coming from just outside. The fact that Moxey recognized them all too well made his limbs go numb.

“Is the moron you and Callum captured awake yet?” came what sounded like a smooth warm rich Scottish accent.

“He's just woken up now, Mr Fraser.” came a thick Geordie accent with reminded Moxey of Oz.

“Go after the rest of the so-called Magnificent Seven while I get acquainted with our Liverpool friend.” Ally’s voice commanded.

“I'm on it, Mr Fraser.” said Big Baz as he left and as the door opened, Moxey was
Bog Baz leaves and as the door opens, Moxey shocked and angry to see Ally smirking at him.

“Guess who, sucker.” said Ally as he approached Moxey who summoned all of his concentration to try to keep himself from trembling and not being very successful. He made an effort to mask his obvious shudders by tugging hard on the ropes that bound him as Ally removed the cloth gagging him.

“Oh God, Ally Fraser.” Moxey gasped at the sight of the smug Scot before him.

“Who else were you expecting, Al Capone?” Ally asked cooly.

“Maybe.” Moxey replied quickly as Ally took a step closer and Moxey's body which instinctively pulled back. The ropes holding him down didn’t let him move much but he still tried to squirm as far away from Ally as they allowed and Moxey could see a suspicious smile curling a corner of Ally's lips. The unsettling sight forced a petrified noise from Moxey which he tried to mask with laughter. The result was a weak panicked chuckling sound which sounded pitiful even to Moxey's ears. Within seconds, Moxey gulped hard as Ally grabbed his chin and lifted his face up so that the two of them can look at each other as Moxey bit back a frightened yelp.

“You have nothing to fear from me, Albert or Brendan or whatever you call yourself these days.” Ally said.

“Oh yeah. Sure, right! This must be how you make all your guests feel right at home.” Moxey retorted sarcastically.

“To be fair, you won't be here for long. I have a special task for you. There is something I wish to know and you are going to help me.” Ally told Moxey.

Help him?! Ally Fraser can flaming well forget it. thought Moxey as he realised he should have pretended he was still unconscious when Ally entered the room.

“Help you?” asked Moxey sounding shocked. “No way. Not on your life, you dirty rotten scoundrel.”

Ally felt his jaw twitching at the mention of those words which he and Callum called the drs word and angrily asked “What did you just call me?”

“You heard me, you dirty rotten scoundrel.” Moxey replied.

Ally and Moxey both glared at each other as the former snarled “Call me those words one more time.”

“Dirty. Rotten. Scoundrel.” Moxey gasped pausing between those three words which he and the other lads knew Ally hated.

At that, Ally let go of Moxey, stormed over to the door and growled. A few minutes later at Dennis and Christine’s house, Dennis and Kevin had finished lunch when the phone rang. Dennis was clearing up so Kevin answered the phone.

“Yo? I mean hello.” Kevin answered as he picked the phone up.

“Hello, is Dennis Patterson there?” Ally’s voice asked.

“I’m not here.” Dennis whispered.

“No, he's not but he will be in a few seconds,” said Kevin. “
I'm not being funny, Mr Fraser but my dad might wanna know what's ganning on with Mr Moxey please.”

“I’ve kidnapped him instead of your damn father.” Ally told Kevin.

“What!?” Kevin asked shocked.

I’ve kidnapped him instead of your damn father.” Ally repeated.

“Hell's bollocks.,” Kevin gasped as Dennis closed the door. “Dad's just arrived so you can speak to him now.” At that, Dennis walked over to Kevin who handed him the phone. “Ally Fraser wants a word with you, Dad.”

“I’ll handle whatever Ally bloody Fraser wants,” Dennis told Kevin who nodded to Dennis to indicate that he was washing up. “ Hello.”

“Hello, Dennis.” Ally’s voice said.

“Ally Fraser, you little shite.” Dennis said angrily.

“You need to show me some respect as I have that plasterer of yours.” Ally said.

“I’m sorry, WHAT!?” Dennis shouted.

“I said I have that plasterer of yours.” Ally told Dennis smugly.

“You give Moxey back or I'll bloody well send Oz after you.” Dennis ordered.

“Oh no, I’m so scared.” Ally said sarcastically.

“You will be.” Dennis told Ally.

“Don’t be like this, Dennis.” Ally said cooly.

“I mean it, Ally, give me my plasterer back.” Dennis snapped.

“You sound like you really want your plasterer back very badly.” Ally said.

“Of course I want him back.” Dennis gasped.

“Only if you return the £25 grand you stole from me 5 years ago.” Ally said.

“How much?!” Dennis asked shocked.

“That or you’re a man down permanently.” Ally chuckled.

“ Hell's bollocks, man.” Dennis said as he hung up and sat down.

“Dad, what's ganning on?” Kevin asked.

“That was Ally Fraser,” replied Dennis as Oz knocked on the door so Kevin went to let him inside. “He’s kidnapped my plasterer Albert Moxey and that Scottish bastard wants me to give him 25 grand for his safe return.”

“Shite.” Kevin said as Oz entered the house.

“Shite indeed.” Dennis said.

“What’s ganning on?” Oz asked.

“Ally’s got Moxey and wants me return the 25K Ah stole off him 5 years ago.” Dennis told Oz.

“That dirty rotten scoundrel.” Kevin said.

“Moxey a scoundrel?” Oz asked believing that Kevin was talking about Moxey. “A pillock mebbe but scoundrel's the last word I'd use to describe that one.”

“Oz man,” said Dennis. “It was Moxey who called Ally Fraser a dirty rotten scoundrel, not the other way around and speaking of Ally, Kevin also called that Scottish bastard that word and he was originally after me.”

“Something tells me that Fraser didn't do that sort of shite alone.” Oz stated.

“Unless he sent Big Baz after me but grabbed Moxey by mistake.” Dennis told Oz.

“Of course,” said Oz angrily. “That big bearded bastard and Fraser got his cousin Calvin involved in this too.”

“Callum!!” Dennis and Kevin said in unison.

“What?” Oz asked.

“Ally's cousin is called Callum McAlister.” Dennis told Oz aware that Kevin was angry and wanting to beat Callum up for what he did to Angela.

“Ah bollocks.” Oz yelled.
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Re: Friends Reunited

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Chapter 9- to the Rescue

A few minutes later, the others were at Dennis and Christine’s house when Wayne asked “What's the word then?”

“Ah’ll tell ya what the word is, Wayne,” Dennis answered. “Ally bloody Fraser's kidnapped our Moxey and he wants me to give him 25 grand.”

“What?!” Neville asked shocked.

“Dennis said that Mr Fraser kidnapped Moxey and wants 25 grand or we'll never see him again.” Barry replied for Dennis’s sake.

“We kna what our Dennis said, Barry man.” Oz groaned frustratedly.

Bomber: Stop it, Oz. (to Dennis) So what do we do, boyo?

Kevin: We take a tip from Mr Oz's book and beat the shite oot of that Scottish bastard.

Dennis: Kevin. (to the others) Here's what we do, two a us go and give that 25 grand to Ally which'll be me and Oz, two a us go rescue Moxey which'll be Barry and Wayne, Bomber'll district any a Ally's guards and Neville'll guard Barry's van and Oz's car. I should kna what Ally's capable a, it was me he was after but he grabbed Moxey by mistake.

Another few minutes later, Barry, Wayne, Neville and Bomber all get in Barry's van while Dennis, Oz and Kevin all get into Oz's Ford Zephyr and drive off to Thornely Manor to the song Run with Us from the Raccoons, arrive at Thornely Manor and go off to rescue Moxey but Kevin runs off away from Neville's watchful but wary eyes so Neville runs after him but Kevin runs one way while Neville runs another way.

Neville: Kevin Jerome Patterson, get back here.

Barry and Wayne are searching for Moxey.

Wayne: How the naffing hell are we gonna find Moxey?

Barry: All I remember hearing one of those idiotic guards saying that Moxey was in a basement.

Barry and Wayne are by a door which leads to Ally's basement when a hand grabs Wayne's hair so he turns around to find Neville.

Wayne: Nev, that 'urt.

Neville: Sorry, Wayne.

Barry: (loading the shotgun Oz lent him) Come on, let's go and rescue Moxey.

As Barry starts shooting, Wayne and Neville run down the staircase with Barry in tow and they finally see Moxey bound and gagged so Barry removes the gag.

Moxey: (gasping) Am I made up to see yous lot?

Wayne: Wish we can say that about you.

Moxey rolls his eyes.

Neville: So now what?

Barry: We get Moxey untied and out of here before something bad happens.

Suddenly, the four of them turn around to see Big Baz before them.

Big Baz: What do ya think ya danning?
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