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The Last Gig

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Mon Aug 29, 2022 2:09 pm

Luis Sandoro knew he had made enemies the first day he became one of the presidents’ trusted inner circle. With a less isolationist attitude than his colleagues Luis had been happy to work with the OED in Havana and had been instrumental in suggesting a special gift for the ambassadors new residence then later with the various Outreach projects. It was no surprise therefore that when he learned of hierarchical changes within the local criminal fraternity he would reach out to Pru especially when certain fingers had been pointed in his direction. There was an element of self preservation in his motivation but all Pru could understand from his call was the claim that someone had been illegally using the marine detection system she and Nev had installed .

Miami reminded Luis of home with the smells of street food ,the sounds of Latin music and the very friendly atmosphere.They had made arrangements to meet at a local park which Pru said was very popular with children and families.
She was sat near a play area watching the twins when she saw Luis waving in the distance ,she returned his wave.

Pru :” You clearly had no problems finding your way here?”

Luis :” Your instructions were faultless .May I join you on this seat?”

Pru :” By all means mister Sandoro.”

Luis :” Please ,please call me Luis.I feel we are on friendly terms since we started our dialogue.”

Pru :” Very well Luis. “ She shook his outstretched hand as he sat down beside her.”So Luis ,can you now shed more light , that is give more detail about your concerns when we spoke last week?”

Luis :” Indeed ,I tried to explain but as you probably realised I was circumspect at the time as there was a risk in contacting you anyway so hence our meeting here.”

Pru :” Please Luis, tell me everything that is concerning you.”

Over the next fifteen minutes or so he explained how he first came to learn about Ally Fraser’s involvement with Heather Lane, and of her designs on Amesec. Pru understood that Luis had been one of Kenny Ames’ earliest contacts in the Caribbean and central America ,a fact of which she was unaware.

Luis :” When I heard about her visits to Kenny’s offices I feared the worst.”

Pru :” We were all somewhat taken by surprise when that happened but what you have just told me indicates there is a major structural change in hand.It will take us some time to come to terms with all the ramifications .I understand your personal fears but you know I will have to share this with my colleagues elsewhere?” Luis smiled.

Luis :” You mean in Langley and Thames House?” It was Pru’s turn to smile.

Pru :” I am of course flattered that you approached me but these events you have described demonstrate that my ,or I should say our current system is inadequate, or perhaps ineffective maybe even compromised. Heather has been a very busy girl.” She turned to look Luis in the eyes.” I have to ask you Luis and you needn’t answer if you don’t want to, but is your contact or contacts safe and secure ?” Luis smiled and gave a brief shake of the head.

Luis :”Not at present Pru but it is in hand as you say.We are in the very early stages of our , er, mutual difficulty?” They both laughed at his choice of words, and the twins came running up at this point and stared at the swarthy man sat next their mother.

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Mon Aug 29, 2022 6:00 pm

Wait till Neville hears aboot this !!! :shock: :lol:

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Sep 01, 2022 1:28 pm

Pru had to field a lot of questions from the twins as a chuckling Luis made his departure.

Pru :” Yes I know the gentleman is very brown, he comes from a very sunny place. Yes I know it is not something we see a lot of but it is called bowing and a little bow is a courtesy. His name is mister Luis Sandoro and he lives in Cuba.Yes your daddy knows him.”

Luis was back in his hotel room busy at his laptop when a call came from reception to advise he had a visitor ,a mister Alistair Fraser.

Luis :” Alistair ,an unexpected pleasure.” Fraser smiled and extended his hand.

Fraser :” Perhaps unexpected but always a pleasure Luis.”They both laughed with a theatrical Latin embrace.

Luis :” Let us have coffee my friend, I imagine there is much to discuss?”

Fraser :” I take it you are up to speed with events in our backyard?”

Luis :” You refer to the Caribbean and immediate environs and the answer is yes.” Luis raised his eyebrows as he filled their coffee cups.” It is a bad business and I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing it would end.”

Fraser :” Like you I have watched this happen as if in slow motion.”

Luis :”You know my theory.This would not have occurred before all the marine transponder data was published.”

Fraser :” Well I agree that the detection method left a lot to be desired but in the past the criminal element would engage in technology leapfrogging and over time everything would come to a new balance point.”

Luis :” True and my government made strides against traffickers, but not any more.”

Fraser :”From what I can figure not all activities are affected but some are under new control.Not exactly business as usual because the muscle is primarily ex military and very disciplined.”

Luis :’ You mean they can’t be bribed?” Fraser laughed and nodded.

Fraser :”Exactly ,and the lines of communication are very secure.”

Luis :” These new people are thin on the ground, as in Jamaica and Aruba, yet effective because those who do not toe the line disappear.” Fraser nodded .

Fraser :”I can confirm the effectiveness, I hear from Guatemala everyone is happy, there has been no disruption, everyone gets paid ,movement across the Caribbean is still like clockwork yet it is a different hand that pays the ferryman.”

Luis :”I have a question for you Alistair which you may not wish to answer?” Fraser smiled.

Fraser :” Fire away Luis.”

Luis :” You have had a business arrangement with Heather Lane?” Fraser smiled and drank his coffee before nodding in agreement.

Fraser :”It is no secret and you are correct with the past tense.We had interests in common but she is a very ambitious woman and does not brook competition.”

Luis :” Barbara Hunt?”

Fraser :” Indeed. I’ve had my share of problems with ambitious women, fortunately they are not all the same.” Luis looked up at this last remark

Luis :”It is known that a lot of your business associates in our back yard were contacted in an unusually short time and an attempt made to coerce them.”They both laughed at Luis’s attempt to emphasise the word coerce.

Fraser :”We both know she will have had time to reflect on her mistakes.”

Luis :” It reveals a truly evil nature. The reactions from the emails were predictable to anyone with family especially daughters .” Fraser nodded again in agreement.

Fraser :”Anyway ,enough of that business ,we have a situation to which we may not have a solution if I understand you correctly Luis ?”

Luis :” Those people with whom I have discussed this are like us, not enthusiastic to offer the usual response ,especially given the firepower demonstrated by these paramilitaries.”

Fraser :”My understanding too Luis.She has infiltrated up to a dozen of the distribution hubs with the help of her Chinese friends.The finance for the private sector troops is also Chinese. All this has been done gradually and without fanfare and surgically which is why we are late in the day looking for remediation.”

Luis :’ By targeting only the last stage and ensuring cash flow elsewhere was unaffected she has been able to hi jack the business. Her attempts to hi jack Amesec though were not so subtle but very high on the list for her Chinese colleagues I am told.”

Fraser :” You don’t see any synergy with these things do you Luis?” Luis looked at Fraser and frowned.

Luis :” Aiming to control the criminal activity in our backyard is not enough for her?”

Fraser :” Consider the leverage owning Amesec would bring her ,and I don’t just mean financially ,think politically.”

Luis :”The cost up to this point must run into many millions Alistair?”

Fraser :”Still peanuts for someone planning to ultimately dominate a market.”

Luis :” I understand that an intimate knowledge of what happens at street level would be invaluable to someone wanting to control sourcing and supply of merchandise human or opiate.”

Fraser :” And if you follow that line of reasoning Luis Amesec could give her that but now consider another motive .Suppose she sees Amesec the radio receiver for intel ,could be easily switched to transmit.”Luis was clearly shocked.

Luis :” Alistair ,it never occurred to me she had such ambitions!”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Sep 08, 2022 11:26 am

Nev is staring at Oz ,his forehead wrinkled in concentration.

Oz :” What’s up with you Nev?”

Neville :”Do you remember when we came here before, y’kna with the bridge job?”

Oz :” Aye ,what about it?”

Neville :”We were sat somewhere near here ,close to the river, when you wanted to do away with Grainger.”

Oz :”Aye, but what’s your point Nev?”

Neville :” I need to know the exact place .” Oz looked at him in exasperation and shook his head.

Neville :” Are you sure this is the right place Oz?” Oz sighed.

Oz :” Yes, for the umpteenth time Nev, yes. Why do you want to sit here?”

Neville :” Uncle Charlie told me a lot of things, some of them are beginning to make sense now but this is where I need to be right now. I’ll only be a few minutes. It’s kind of a spiritual thing y’kna?”

Oz :” I’ll wait over there .Give us a yell when you want to go back.”

Later, at the Sonora lodge ,Oz and Den are trying to understand Nev’s train of thought.

Oz :”Look kiddah we’re happy if you’re feeling better ,I’d just like to know what was up with you. Did Uncle Charlie tell you”

Neville :” I’ve had a chance to clear my mind of the mundane and reflect on life Oz. I think I know what happened then , but now I definitely know what I should do in the future ,thanks to Uncle Charlie.”

Den :” So what did happen Nev?”

Neville :”Well you know after the knee operation a clot moved to my brain and that caused all sorts of problems and I ended up addicted to drugs.”

Den :” Yes we remember all that.”

Neville :” Well during that time my memory took over and I think I went back about twenty years .Struggling with the business, problems with Brenda ,the risk of taking on the bridge job and using the VAT money for my stake.”

Oz :” So that’s why you were giving Den such a hard time?” Nev looked perplexed

Neville :” What do you mean Oz?”

Oz :” You don’t remember ,I bet you don’t remember what you said about Brenda either!”

Den :” Leave it out Oz, just give the lad a rest, you can see he has no idea what you’re on about. “ Nev looked more puzzled and shook his head.

Neville :”Anyway I’ve had a chance to evaluate my life .That spot above the gorge is amazing.If you get a minute Den I’d recommend it. I feel ready to go back and grab life with both hands and give it a good shake!” Oz and Den looked at each other ,both frowning in puzzlement.” Uncle Charlie said I should give the Chinese food a wide berth as well.”

Oz :” When were you last in a Chinese restaurant?” Nev looked flummoxed.

Neville :” You know I can’t honestly say, but it must have been weeks ago.”

During their conversation with Nev, Dennis had been watching Oz closely.He mentioned this to him when they were in the bar at the Sonora Lodge.

Den :”Can we have that chat now Oz?” Oz looked across at Den with a questioning expression his face.

Oz :”Aye, what’s up Den?”

Den :” It’s this habit you’ve got Oz, you keep touching your ear. Is it giving you pain?”

Oz :” Gerraway man , it’s in your imagination.”

Den :” Nah, you’re doing it so often you don’t even know when you’re doing it. Didn’t you tell your lass you were going to get it seen to?”

Oz :” Oh aye ,but it’s not really a problem Den .”

Den :”Oz lad,I’m one of your oldest friends you’re lying.It is a problem isn’t it, did you go to see that quack?” Oz put his head in his hands.

Oz :” Yes I did. He recommended an operation.”

Den :”So what’s the problem?”

Oz :”There’s a risk Den.”

Den :”There’s a risk with most things Oz.What happens if you don’t have the op?”

Oz :” I could lose hearing in that ear.”

Den :” So what’s the risk in having the op?”

Oz :” It could go wrong or it might not work.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Tue Sep 13, 2022 1:05 pm

Sara is answering Kenny and Vicky’s questions about Oz’s whereabouts.

Sara :” Since you ask, yes ,he ‘phoned from Arizona last night.They seem to be making progress. As you know Nev’s had at least one session with the medicine man, and they’re staying at a super place with marvellous views over the desert.” Vicky looked at Sara then turned to Kenny and gave him a knowing look.

Kenny :” I expect you wish you could be with them Sara?”

Sara :” It would be nice but it’s not easy ,looking after Brian. I’m best placed to stay here.”

Kenny :” I wonder why Nev has to get in touch with Alistair, I’m guessing he’d be the guy Nev built walls for?”

Sara :’ I don’t know Kenny but then apparently this guy is known to speak in riddles. I mean a case in point is this thing about avoiding Chinese food ? But on a happy note uncle Charlie as he’s known, has been able to lift Nev out of his gloom and Pru is grateful for that.” Vicky nodded.

Vicky :” She’s got her hands full with those two boys and now her new job, quite high powered I hear?”

Sara :” Yes, I will miss her when she gets back into office mode .”

Dennis and Oz are stood on a ridge overlooking the Crow river.

Oz :” Let’s change the subject eh, what’s this about Nev and Chinese food?”

Den :” It’s nowt man.”

Oz :” Nah Den, the medicine man told him , so it can’t be nowt ,can it, and I know he hasn’t been near a Chinese in weeks.”

Den :”Hang on ,didn’t he meet up with Pru in Orlando when she got her new job?”

Oz :” Aye,so what?”

Den :”Well they celebrated in that fancy restaurant didn’t they?”

Oz :”Aye but that place wasn’t Chinese ,it’s Thai, it’s different you daft bugger.”

Pru has an unexpected telephone call from Tarquin Pearce.

Pru :” Well hello Tarquin, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Tarquin laughed at her retort.

Tarquin :”Just touching base Pru. I trust you are in good health?”

Pru :” It's been a long time no see Tarquin. Yes we are in rude health thanks for asking.I must say this is a coincidence ,your name came up in a recent conversation.”

Tarquin :” Really, I hope it it was in a wholesome context ?”

Pru :” Not really, it was about the hard time you gave Heather Lane over that rare earth business a few years since.”

Tarquin :” Oh dear ,I seem to recall she fell foul of those nasty Yakusa types.”

Pru :” Worse was to come. When Gary found out about her clandestine ops he walked away.”

Tarquin :”You really can’t blame me for everything Pru, but enough of these pleasantries interesting though they are, but I do need to have a serious conversation .Is it possible we could meet somewhere?”

Pru :” I’ll need a little more than that Tarquin, talk about what exactly?”

Tarquin :”Not over the ‘phone Pru but I can say it concerns some friends from our days at OED.”

Pru is sitting in the local park with Tarquin, watching the boys playing on the swings.Again.

Pru :”So Tarquin.Here we are, it's not a telephone conversation. These mutual friends you hinted at?”

Tarquin :” And hello to you too, it’s been a long time since I saw you this close.” He grinned at her, she didn’t grin back. "Really Pru.Is that it ,no chat, straight to business?”Pru looked more closely at him.It was true the surgeons had done a good job.

Pru :” I’m sorry but your history since those halcyon days in Havana tells me to keep you at arms length.” She was surprised at the hurt expression on his face, and felt immediate remorse remembering the reports of the attack that cost him an eye and left him hospitalised for weeks .

Tarquin :”The stories people tell of me are greatly exaggerated.” He laughed.” I don’t think I’ve changed so much from the lovable rogue you knew from our time in Havana.” She smiled at him.

Pru :” All things considered Tarquin I think you’re lucky I turned up today.”

Tarquin :”Very well Pru. I understand .The friends include Heather Lane, Gary Turnbull and Neville Hope.” Pru laughed at which point Tarquin flinched .

Pru :” You can’t be serious,Heather bloody Lane?” Tarquin seemed to be genuinely puzzled at her reaction.

Tarquin :” What’s with the attitude ?”

Pru :” Surely you are aware the police and security forces around most of the globe are looking for her ?"

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Fri Sep 16, 2022 10:06 am

Pru looked very closely at Tarquin before speaking.

Pru :” You are aware I am married to Neville and that a short time ago I told you Gary Turnbull walked away from Heather?”

Tarquin :” Indeed but my interest is more current, that is the present not the historical. “Pru was puzzled and it showed in her expression.

Pru :”Perhaps it would be better if you asked a specific question because I definitely don’t understand what it is you wanted to talk about.”

Tarquin :” Maybe a little background would be helpful.Some time ago I had an unfortunate accident ,while in recovery I was approached .” He smiled” Not quite the tap on the shoulder while traversing the quad but similar. In my case it was the DEA and we have since worked together fruitfully . “ He showed her his agency ID .”I confess I am working with them at present. I tell you this as I know you will respect the confidence. You have a back history of which I know only a little.” Pru tried to keep the surprise from her face.

Pru :” Very well Tarquin ,I’m all ears.”

Tarquin :” As his wife you must know Neville could be considered a target by those unsavoury types who wish you ill?” Pru was frowning at his remark.

Pru :”Where are you going with this Tarquin?”

Tarquin :”Part of my watching brief was to observe Neville from a distance, and so I was able to intercept an attempt to poison him. I suspect not entirely successfully.” Pru made an attempt to stand, and Tarquin had to calm her. He continued.” Subsequently the assassin was taken into custody but died before answering all our questions.”Pru was sitting mouth open until Tarquin took her hand .” I was sworn to secrecy until yesterday and this is why I’m here ,now. I need you to confirm Neville is not working for you or your colleagues?” Pru was angry and it showed.She shook her head vigorously.

Pru :” Most certainly not, why would you think that?”

Tarquin :”Our people were able to show that a powerful nerve agent had been used and would have proved fatal if fully administered.”

Pru :” Do I understand you correctly Tarquin, Neville owes his life to your timely intervention ?” Tarquin held up both hands.

Tarquin :” Please Pru anyone would have done the same, don’t make a thing of it.”

Pru :” I don’t understand, when did this happen?”

Tarquin :” It was a few weeks ago on a visit to Orlando, but can we move on?”

Pru :” Very well ,but I reserve the right to ask questions later.”

Tarquin :” We think it was probably intended to discourage you in the discharge of your duties since you say Neville is not employed by Langley.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Sep 29, 2022 9:47 am

Pru was conscious of the time already spent with Tarquin and keeping one eye on her charges decided she should hurry things along.

Pru :”Once upon a time ,as I’m sure you know ,Gary’s primary role was looking after the workforce ,but as events overtook us needs must and he was recruited at a time when most already associated through OED were known or blown to use your expression. After the boys left Cuba he became more involved in things like the Outreach projects ,more suited to his talents one might say.”

Tarquin :” At any stage would you say that he had any direct input into decisions made in the field?”

Pru :” Is this leading up to you asking if he had any influence on the way the Tatiana project was handled ?” Tarquin smiled and nodded.” Then the answer is no. However he was able to relay most of what she was doing in the Caribbean, but then I would guess you know more of that than I.” Tarquin ignored her comment.

Tarquin :” How was he able to do that?”

Pru :”Gary had built up a network of informants over the years and there was little she could do without him becoming aware.”

Tarquin :” And his relationship with Heather at this point?” Pru gave him what Nev would have called an old fashioned look.

Pru :”Believe it or not we believe she tried to find favour ,again after all that time .He was in a position to help her so she was bound to try .He allowed her to believe she was successful, right up until Barbara Hunt made her presence felt in certain quarters.”Tarquin had that puzzled look on his face again.

Tarquin :” You’ll have to clarify that for me.”

Pru :” How much do you know about Barbara Hunt’s demise?”

Tarquin :” What has that got to do with Heather Lane?” Pru almost laughed out loud.

Pru :” Tarquin where have you guys been .It is fairly widely known that she was behind her death.” Tarquin looked surprised and this made Pru wonder .

Tarquin :”This puts a different slant on events for me.”

Pru :” Can I ask Tarquin, is your position with the DEA a new post or are you a replacement for another agent?”

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