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Nevilles Dilemma

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Sat Jan 21, 2023 5:25 pm

Cyberspace, isn't that where Oz found the native Americans ? :roll:

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Thu Jan 26, 2023 12:54 pm

Chris receives a telephone call from Fredo.

Fredo:” Hello mister Norris. How are you?” This was not the Fredo that Chris was used to hearing.

Chris :” It’s good to hear from you insp…..sorry Fredo, I’m very well thank you, and how are you enjoying your retirement?” Fredo laughed.

Fredo :”I’m not sure if you are aware but my retirement has been short lived. i am temporarily back in harness as they say. I wonder if I might trouble you to answer a few questions ?”

Chris :” Sure ,no problem, fire away.”

Fredo :” Can you tell me when you last saw Linda Katrizky?” Chris had to think hard.

Chris :” I would guess a couple of weeks ago.Why do you ask?”

Fredo :” We are trying to determine her movements over the last ten days. Her body was recovered from the shore near the marina last night, and I’m contacting everyone on her list of friends.”

Chris :”Well Fredo sorry inspector ,as much as I’m flattered to be on her friends list I have to say I haven’t seen her recently and anyway we were acquaintances rather than friends..”

Fredo :” I think it would be better if you came to my office and continued our discussion here. I must tell you it appears from an entry in her diary you were in an hotel together last week.That seems to me more like friendship than acquaintanceship wouldn’t you agree?”
Chris agreed to meet at Fredo’s office but would take legal advice first.

It had been a long time since he had spoken to Bill, and even longer since his last brush with the law. He left a message at Bill’s office and waited to hear back.Even so when his ‘phone rang it still made him jump.

Chris :” Hello Bill thanks for your rapid response.”

Bill :” I got the impression it was urgent. I know it’s not the Black Sea or the Mexican border and it can’t be Bolivia this time?”

Chris :” No, it’s to do with the police finding my name in a diary belonging to a young lady washed up on a local beach.”

Bill :” Go on, I guess the young lady was not a friend?”

Chris :” Correct. However I want the police to know I have nothing to hide so I think it’s important that I go to Fredo’s office.”

Bill :” I could attend by video link if that’s ok with you?”

Chris :”Excellent,I’ll set it up with him.Thanks Bill.”

Dagmar collected Dennis and Neville from the airport and listened patiently to an edited version of events around their Berwick adventure.

Dagmar :” I’m sure the boys will be pleased to see you, both of you in fact. They are excited because they know you have a huge birthday present for them.” There was a hush in the car, and then Dagmar started to laugh.” I knew it , you’ve forgotten haven’t you?”

Neville :” Well, sort of yes. I know it’s their fifth birthday but I’d forgotten to get presents. Can we stop somewhere Dagmar?”Dagmar laughed again.

Dagmar :” No need bonny lad.” It was Dennis ’s turn to laugh at Dagmar’s turn of phrase.” Already taken care of.There’s one for David Leonard and another marked young Nev. Okay?”

Dennis :” Young Nev, how long have you been calling him that?”

Neville :” Actually I can’t take credit for that. It was Moxey who first called him young Nev.”

Dagmar :”Neville I’ve had Debbie breathing down my neck all week . Have you any news about Pru?”

Neville :“ No Dagmar I haven’t ,in fact I would prefer not to hear her name any more.”

Dagmar :” Those two little boys will want to know Neville.” Dennis intervened.

Dennis :”Okay pet, let’s just leave it for the moment , Nev’s just out of his sick bed . I’m sure we will all help him cross that bridge when we get to it. ”

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