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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:07 pm
by Tracy
'Ben, the two of us need look no more. We've both found what we've been looking for.' Clobber to fit Michael Jackson !

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Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:19 pm
by 936trt
Ben had cleaned all the parts recovered by the lads and tried to fit them with the others but with no success. The pieces were unsymmetrical and had no obvious linking features .

Ben: " Let's hope the pointy heads in Rome have more luck ,I can't make heads or tails of it. As I explained earlier I must be leaving now but want to thank you all again.I will recommend you to my colleagues if they should require treasure hunters in the future."

Elsewhere on the premises Vicky was walking back to her rooms when she saw Ofelia in the garden with Sofie.

Vicky: " Can I have a word with you Ofelia ,I couldn't help but notice you didn't seem too happy about something? I need to tell you that there is nothing between Oz and me and hasn't been for years."

Ofelia: " Oz told me about you and him Vicky. No it's not that. It is this new thing in his life, and I cannot be part of it."

Vicky : " Kenny is a very generous man and he would not do what he has if he thought Oz wasn't man enough for it. Kenny and I are going back to the UK which is where he wants to be at this time. He needs to know the business is in good hands. Sara Victoria is well provided for and the convent gets part of it's running costs from the business. Kenny wants that to continue.Can I ask why you would not want to help Oz with this?"

Ofelia: " My life,my family is in Cuba. I cannot leave."

Vicky: " I see. Yet Oz is part of your life and Sofie's life too."

Ofelia: " You don't understand." Vicky said no more ,she looked at Ofelia ,gave a slight shake of her head and walked away.

In the lounge Barry and Oz are having a beer after Father Beneficio's group had left.

Oz: " So Bazzer what can I do if she won't leave Cuba?"

Barry: " What do you want to do ?"

Oz: " Share my good luck with Ofelia but if she won't join me how can I?"

Barry: " Oz, can you actually run Kenny's businesses?"

Oz :" What do you mean?"

Barry: " I don't think your'e a natural born business man Oz."

Oz: " Howay Barry ,I set up the Bridge job didn't I?"

Barry: " True but that was broad brush strokes as we say. This is very different. As I understand it Kenny started some of these more or less from scratch and others he acquired. You learn lots in situations like this. He has transport, tyre and exhaust fitters, painters and decorators ,builders merchants as well as ship chandlers and holiday homes! Can you tell me you know all about these kinds of business?"

Oz: " I don't need to Barry, there are managers in place for the day to day."

Barry: " True but , and I speak from personal experience,what if they are on the fiddle,what if they smuggle drugs and run the company down.You need to be able to have a finger on the pulse,so to speak."

Oz : " What are you saying Barry.I 'm not up to it?"

Barry: " No that's not what I'm saying . Oz I owe you , you know that and I'm trying to help to show you a way to tackle it."

Oz : " If you're talking about the Cuban thing that's water under the bridge."

Barry: " Not to me Oz I owe you my life and I know what you sacrificed.What about if we make a plan to work on all the businesses?"

Oz: " Do you mean we look at each business from the ground up? Shovels of shite man that'll take years."

Barry: " It could take a long time on your own but I have a suggestion."

Oz: " Go on then, tell me the rest."

Barry: We get help.After all, collectively the team has a fair bit of experience between us in the building trade, and a better idea than most about things mechanical."

Oz : " Do you think the lads would be up for it?"

Barry: " I don't know about Wyman ,he's on his way to Arizona , but the others might." Oz was looking at Barry while he thought about it.

Oz :" I couldn't ask them to do it for nowt mind. Let's give it a whirl then kiddah."

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Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:05 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:45 pm
by 936trt
Chrissy has a 'phone call from Cal.

Cal: " Hi Chrissy ,are you well, I've been trying to reach you ?"

Chrissy: " Hi Cal yes I'm fine ,we've been on a short holiday and had our 'phones switched off. We've all had a really good time ,the kids especially."

Cal: " Anywhere nice?"

Chrissy: " Yes marvellous, wonderful ,never been anywhere like it,near Buenos Aires, we did kayaking and loads of walking."

Cal: " Where did you stay ?"

Chrissy : " It was all organised by Moxey, well actually it was really down to the travel agent .We stayed in an hotel in the Lake District .It was great but don't ask me how Moxey chose it. "

Cal: " Can you let me know Chrissy, we are hoping to have a holiday in the near future and this sounds ideal?"

Chrissy: " Sure I'll have a word with him. You sound a bit agitated Cal ,what's up?"

Cal: " Well in your absence we have been approached by a large international company who want to acquire Chrysalis. They want to know if you are inclined to sell?"

After Barry had finished his chat with Oz he went for a walk in the gardens with his Mojito. He was sitting in the sunshine and watching a bee as it crawled inside a blossom, when he had a brainwave. He left the Mojito and ran off to find Vicky.

Barry: " Vicky can you let me have Father Beneficio's 'phone number. It is important .I wouldn't ask otherwise?"

Vicky: " If I give you his number you must promise me you won't drop me in it? He is a very good friend of Kenny's and a very private person."

Barry dialled the number and it was answered very quickly.

Father Beneficio: " Hello,this is Mr Taylor I belive."

Barry : " Yes it is . I would not bother you ordinarily Father but I have had an idea, a bit of a brainwave actually . Tell me did I remember correctly, you told us that the items were made to celebrate and conceal at the same time. A hiding place was chosen and the key to it's location concealed within the very design."

Father Beneficio: " Yes,that sounds almost word for word what I said, as it was told to me years ago."

Barry: " Perhaps we were wrong to believe we should look for a plan or a map of the location. The parts did not appear to form a whole when you assembled them on the table. I suggest that what we are looking for is actually inside the gold artefacts. "

There was a pause before Barry got a reply .

Father Beneficio: " Mr Taylor you may have helped us more than you know. I will investigate immediately. If you are correct this will help to unravel a very old mystery .I have a theory about this and I hope that you are right. If you are the church will owe you a great debt Mr Taylor."

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Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:20 am
by Tracy
Barry's been reading the Beeattitudes. :roll:

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Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 11:51 am
by 936trt
" Please fasten your seat belts we will be landing shortly."

The Alitalia crew had all been extremely courteous during the special flight from Madrid. Everyone had been pleasantly surprised when Oz told them their return to Cuba had been taken care of by Father Beneficio.

Barry: " It's not widely known but the Vatican have a special deal with the airline for Papal travel. We are in good company."

Oz: " Aye well I don't suppose we'll get this treatment all the time.You've done us proud Barry. I reckon your bright idea convinced him to do this .It's been great."

Dennis: " Dead right kiddah ,did he say " if you're ever in Rome give us a bell?"

Barry: " No, but he did thank us for the recovery job and a referral to other treasure hunters!"

Oz: " Don't forget when we get back to Havana you're all invited to Chez Osborne to talk about the new venture."

Dennis: " Do you want me to tell Nev or do you want to do it?"

Oz : " Aye Den if you would, I have to talk to Moxey's guy Bob Smith 'cos there seems to be something not right with the stuff Vicky got from Kenny's legal team. I don't want to bother them right now as they will need some time settling down in their new place up in Wooler. But I must be dead certain about the legal side of Kenny gifting me the business."

Dennis: " I thought Kenny was clear enough when he said it was yours."

Oz: " Yes that's what we all thought and it might just be me or it might be like Barry said sometimes these suits don't like to see a canny number go away . "

Chrissy has been discussing with Moxey the offer that Cal told her about .

Moxey: " I would get on to Bob Smith.He was great sorting out the problems we had with the kids inheritance."

Chrissy : " I think that's a good idea. He might be able to find out who is behind the bid to buy Chrysalis."

Moxey: " What's the betting Chris is involved somewhere?"

Chrissy: " I will have to let Wyman know that there could be a deal in the offing."

Moxey: " I suppose there would be no reason to say that he has to do this through Chrysalis?"

Chrissy: " That's a good point Mox. It was only because he knew we had the name and a lot of facilities to draw on. It is America I'm sure the people running the casino would know where to go for film crew ,actors etc. Go Wyman!"

Dennis has 'phoned Nev and briefly outlined Oz's proposal and passed on the invitation to Chez Osborne.

Pru: " What do you think Neville?"

Neville: " Honestly pet it seems too good to be true. Since Fidelito passed away everything that Gary had tried to put in place here has gone down the tubes more or less. You know me, I can't just sit around here and it would be a brand new start for all of us. "

Pru: " I agree love,the children are wonderful but I need something else in my life and Den made it clear all of us are included in this offer."

Neville: " We will have a chance when we go to Oz's to find out more about the type of businesses .According to Den there's all sorts .I remember an uncle who worked at a ship's chandlers inTynemouth. Me Dad said to keep out of his way when we went there on holidays ,he was a bit strange. Anyway he made a lot of money out of it."

Pru: " Den said this place Mr Ames lived is wonderful, he made it sound like a real castle with all those rooms and the grounds, and we can stay there if we want?"

Neville: " Yeah it's great isn't it .I can't wait to find out more."

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Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:51 pm
by Tracy
The Vatican has Papal travel. Oz has "Pay pal !" :lol:

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Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:36 am
by 936trt
Ofelia had been stressed about food for the get-together in their home.

Ofelia: " You do not know Oz,these things take time.Will there be enough,I have not had to feed them before? "

Oz : " Divvent fret lass, a few sausages on sticks and a bit of cheese,nee problem. As long as there's enough beer. I better check that right now."

Nev and Pru were the first to arrive complete with twins.

Ofelia: " Welcome Pru ,come in Nev. Oh look at these two are they not perfect!"

Oz: " Beer kiddah?"

Neville: " Great Oz, fruit juice for herself while she's feeding ,you know?"

Oz: " Oh aye ,I remember when Sofie was little.Anyway she can make up for it later eh? By the way I've had an email to say the Wiesenthal group have the photo that Moxey sent to Kenny. Someone has been sent to investigate.There's the door I'll get it Ofelia."

Within an hour or so everyone had been grazing on the buffet and been supplied with liquid refreshment. Oz cleared his throat ." Well thanks everyone for coming ,I have to tell you Wyman has texted to say he declines the offer at the moment as he is trying to do a deal over in Arizona.That doesn't mean he isn't interested ,just not at the moment.The other thing I can say is Bob Smith ,Moxey's guy, has said he will look at Kenny's proposal after dealing with the Chrysalis takeover."

Chrissy: " Hang on Oz it's not a takeover yet,not until we know who's behind it ,and what they're offering."

Oz : " Sorry Chrissy, just getting ahead of myself. You already know what I'm hoping to do, and once Bob Smith confirms that Kenny's wishes can be carried out the businesses can be informed of the change of ownership ."

Barry: " Sorry to interrupt Oz did he say anything about an audit before we start?"

Oz: " Yes he did Barry and once I know who wants to do what we can arrange visits at the same time.It's not that we expect any funny business but Bob had a brief look see and says one firm has been very lax to use Bob's words, it sticks out like a sore thumb. So you have lists of the firms on the printouts I've given you with last years turn over etc and brief descriptiosn of their market share etc."

Dennis: " So Oz, I looked at this last night and have a load of questions, when do you want to start ?"

Oz: " Good question Den. It's a huge job ,there are so many firms there's thirty odd builders merchants for a start,and a couple of dozen tyre and exhaust fitters."

Neville: " Not to mention the fifty plumbers businesses."

Barry: " I looked up some of the thirty eight companies listed under your Holiday and Leisure heading and found that two of them are huge, like international, and dwarf the others. "

Tatiana: " I say to Barry the Spa and Fitness business has to be one of Mr Ames better investments.Oz do you know if Vicky was involved?"

Oz: " I'm pretty sure she advised on the acquisition,these are some of his earliest attempts to go legit."

Dennis: " I take it you are hanging on to all of it, I ask because there are seven painters and decorators, one Financial Advisor and one Ames Security Services ? "

Neville: " Oz, do you reckon the Ships Chandlers was his from day one?"

Oz : " Don't know Nev ,is it important?"

Neville: " Just thinking aloud bearing in mind Kenny's history with boats and more recently with Bobby ?"

Oz: " Nev I believe Vicky. When she says Kenny is squeaky clean I'm sure he is. Ok boys and girls can I have first thoughts?"

Moxey: " I need to say Oz I was planning some time in Scotland to help Guy but would like to offer help with the builders merchants?"

Oz: " Thanks Mox,I could take a shot at that area as well."

Dennis: " I reckon the plumbers will be straightforward to check out and maybe share some of the tyre and exhaust fitters with Nev?"

Neville: " Yeah sounds ok I could have a look at the ship chandlers as well if that would help. It seems my good lady wife has some expertise in things nautical." Oz turned his gaze to Barry.

Barry: " Yes Oz. You guessed right ,we both have ideas about the holiday and leisure sector. I had a talk earlier with Chrissy and when the Chrysalis question is resolved perhaps we might jointly make a proposal if that's ok ? "

Oz: " That's great folks.This means I can tell Vicky some decisions have been made and put Kenny at ease. He has made a lot of friends in these businesses over the years and has concerns for their security."

Moxey: " According to my printout there are two left,like Dennis said are you planning on hanging on to them all if so can I suggest I ask Bob Smith for his input on the Financial Advisors and the Security Services ? "

Oz: " Good idea Mox. Between us we must have put a ton of business his way. Does he want to sell ?"

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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:56 am
by Tracy
"... fruit juice for herself..." Nev is still a bloody control freak ! :evil:

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Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:21 pm
by racesgirl2000
I so wanted Oz and Vicki to stay together

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 10:42 am
by 936trt
Tempus fugit