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Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:02 pm
by 936trt
Detlef 'phones Pru.

Detlef: " Hi Pru I can't get hold of Nev he's not picking up for some reason."

Pru : " Yes he's along the coast and it has poor reception up there. Can I help? "

Detlef : " I'm afraid it's bad news Pru, but I must be quick as the police are waiting, Debbie was kidnapped sometime this morning. She was picked up early from home to do filming on one of the local beaches.I was waiting for Dennis and my mother at home when I had a call from the people who took her telling me they will be 'phoning back with details of where they want the ransom paying. The police are involved and I have asked for the FBI . I will explain the details later, just tell Nev we're doing all we can. Goodbye."

Heather has had a call from Carlos Delgado.

Delgado: " Heather I hope you are in good healthI have news for you ? "

Heather : " Good morning Carlos. I trust you are also well?"

Delgado : " Indeed as are my family. To the news. You are aware we have been keeping eyes on Ramirez and it was brought to my attention recently he had not been seen for a few days. Now we know why. His body was found by my people near Varadero.Shot in the back of the head and a coin fastened in his left hand."

Heather : " This has all the signs of our Mafia friends wouldn't you say ?"

Delgado : " Precisely, classic methodology. The coin tells us that his killers want it known he has not discharged his debt .We interpret this to mean they intend it to be repaid, to be discharged and this is now on his next of kin. But you and I know the circumstances, and we know Claudia is a piece of work and for this reason we think Mr Osbourne will still be a target, somehow. However I suggest you alert your friends to take care as a precaution. "

Pru calls Heather with the news about Debbie.

Heather: " Well I am wondering if this is related to the news I've just received from Carlos Delgado. " Heather related her earlier conversation with the Cuban gentleman. " We all are aware that there is a large expatriate Cuban population in Florida. It would be easy for them to make such arrangements if we are correct in our assumption. "

Pru : " I think Detlef must be of the same mind .If they should move Debbie,maybe to Cuba,it will be a federal matter anyway so as well to get the FBI involved now and maybe save time. I will let you know if he gives me any more info.I don't want to use their 'phone if they're trying to keep lines open. "

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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:58 pm
by Tracy
Wonder if Debbie's knife handling skills will come in handy ? :twisted:

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Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:34 pm
by 936trt
Kenny knocks on the door to Oz's apartment. Oz answers.

Oz : " Well hello Kenny ,to what do I owe this personal visit, come in,come in man ?"

Kenny :" I wondered how you were coping with the enforced confinement and I need to talk about our business interests. Have you got time?"

Oz: " All the time in the world Kenny. Here have a seat . What's happening out there kiddah ?"

Kenny : " You recall the hassle Chrissy had with the sale of CWN , well I happen to know it wasn't anything to do with Chris, it was down to the Ulrich influence. Any way it was to my advantage ultimately as our group has now acquired said company and I have appointed Mr Taylor to spearhead the expansion of the Fantasy Holiday sector."

Oz : " Crikey you don't waste time mate .Is this going to impinge on his other interests? "

Kenny : " I don't see why it should but he is one of your mates and thought maybe you might be aware of any, er, problems? "

Oz : " No Kenny ,but I wouldn't be much of a mate if I grassed him up would I ?"

Kenny: " Actually it's more to do with Barry's wife if truth be told. About now she will be bending Barry's ear about a letter I've sent to all the Leisure Dome centres .I need to rationalise and she might take it to mean something else. "

Oz : " Well Barry would be the first to leap to her defence as I'm sure you would guess. Will this affect Dagmar ?"

Kenny : " No but my next question was how worried are you about your comrades? "

Oz : " Well It was always on the cards you know and yet this is still a good opportunity for them all, but , yes I have heard rumblings which really boil down to the fact that it hasn't turned out to be as hands on as we originally thought. You know after our stint on the Bridge and then our time with OED we were still operating as a team and doing a bit on the tools. I reckon that's why, if anyone is going to jump ship it will be to Arizona where young Wyman has this building project going. Moxey has been talking to Nev and I know he's interested. "

Kenny : " Are you having second thoughts yourself Oz ? "

Oz : " Nah man ,why do you ask,are you wanting rid of me like?"

Kenny : " Unless there's something you haven't told me I can't think why you would think that. You've done a good job up to now. I had it in mind that part of our growth might include building a facility in Arizona . Can you think of anyone who might be interested ? "

Nev is on his way back home and 'phones Pru.

Neville : " Hello pet,it's me on my way back ,is there anything you want me to pick up ? "

Pru : " No Neville, I have been trying to reach you most of the day. We had a call from Detlef he's also tried to reach you. Are you far off ?"

Neville : "Just outside town ,why ?"

Pru : " I'll see you when you land. We have had some bad news and need to talk .See you later. "

Pru 'phones Oz while Nev is speaking to Detlef.

Pru : " Hello Oz .I'm making no excuses for disturbing your enforced idleness . I have had some bad news from Detlef, our Debbie has been kidnapped and they are currently waiting to hear the ransom terms. However Delgado has spoken to Heather this morning and told her Benito Ramirez is dead. A Mafia job they say with some evidence that his debt is not discharged . Delgado believes they will pursue it and I am wondering if Debbies situation is linked. They see you as Mr Moneybags and since Debbie is part of the larger family, well ,join the dots."

Oz : " Shovels of shite Pru.So the fuzz are all over this are they? "

Pru : " Yes and Detlef contacted the FBI as well. He said the guy who 'phoned was hispanic, there is a big expatriate Cuban population in Miami, and he is worried they may decide to take her to Cuba. It's only ninety miles away and the sooner the feds are up to speed the better. "

Oz : " What can we do pet ?"

Pru : " Nev's beside himself , can you break cover and come over?"

Oz : " On my way pet. I'll explain what's happening to Kenny . "

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Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:42 pm
by 936trt
The Patterson family are trying to come to terms with Debbies disappearance as well as the more or less continued police presence at Debbie and Detlefs home.

Dennis: " Look son, there's nothing you can do, so just let them get on with their job. "

Detlef : " I know Den but I feel so useless right now just hanging around waiting. "

Dagmar : " Den's right .Don't torture yourself this way. I have heard from Pru she says Neville's holding up well and he wants you to know anything you want you just have to ask. Nev is looking forward to seeing Oz later . He has been talking with Kenny Ames and they're hoping to see if he can help."

Wyman ,Mel and Mai have arrived in Aruba and have made their way to Chrissy's holiday home.

Moxey : " Hiyah ,you've made good time from the airport . Come in, we're out the back having a barbie.Fancy a burger?"

Chrissy : " Well hello, it's really wonderful to see you all. Hello Mai. How are you ? Come on through .I don't know if you have met Beatrice and Guy ? " Mai runs up to Chrissy and holds out her hand .

Mai : " I remember you. No I haven't seen them before. My daddy, Wy man told me to say something to you , but now I've forgotten what it was. " She turned to look at a smiling Mel who bent down to whisper in her ear. " Yes that's it. " She turned round and looked straight at Chrissy . " Now that they are married that makes Mel kind of like my mum just like you are Wy man's mum ."
Chrissy was predictably in tears but, unusually lost for words, so was going round hugging everyone instead.

Tatiana and Barry are deep in conversation.

Tatiana : " But tell me baby bear what did Kenny really want to talk to you about .?"

Barry : " I told you this petal, he is concerned that all his operations are efficient. "

Tatiana : " I showed you the letter he talks about the Leisure Dome . He talks about rationalisation. "

Barry : " Have you spoken to Dagmar about this ? "

Tatiana : " No. She is still in Miami with Dennis and Detlef. "

Barry : " Why do you take such a negative view of it petal ? "

Tatiana : " What does he mean rationalisation ?"

Barry : "I'm sure all he wants to do is make sure the operations are being run well. He says ,for example ,the Black Sea one near Varna ,is not as good as the one near Capetown. This one is somewhere in between , maybe on a par with the Caribbean. "

Tatiana : " Do you think he might close the one in Varna ? "

Barry : " I don't know , he didn't talk about the spas, it was more about how we take advantage of the surge in interest in the Fantasy Holidays. It's grown so fast we struggle to handle it. He doesn't want to franchise it because he would lose too much control . I agreed with that but the downside is finding the right staff, quickly. I'm talking to some Hollywood suits next week. If we are more selective with the actors the whole operation is much more straightforward. Their requirments are less ,shall we say, onerous. "

Tatiana : " So he did not mention Varna ?"

Barry : " No . Why the sudden interest in Varna ? " Barry began to worry. Why should she be interested in a less well known spa on the Black Sea coast ? " You have that look Tatiana .Is there something you haven't told me? "

Tatiana : " Zoe is working in the spa there. She asked me to help her get a job when she was re located. She has to report to the local Bulgarian police as part of the conditions of her early release. One of the policemen knows her background and has been blackmailing her. She pays him off with stuff she steals from the clients .I am sure Dagmar has found out. I wonder if Mr Ames knows. "

Barry : " Bloody Norah Tatiana. After everything we recently agreed you decided not to tell me you and Zoe are at it again."

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Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:14 pm
by Tracy
Varna. Remember Varna Dennis ? :lol:

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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:22 pm
by 936trt
After Moxey took off his apron the newly extended family began playing in the garden.

Wyman : " That's right Mai, now you have to throw it to Guy . Ok, ok to Moxey then. Ok, now he'll catch it and throw it to Guy. Yes I know it might look silly but we used to play this game a lot when I was your age. Yes I am a lot older now. Just throw it to Guy. Or Moxey. Yes, I'm tired as well . Ok let's all sit down. Yes , that's fine go and see what Beatrice has in her room ."

Chrissy: " You have taken to parenting like a duck to water Wyman. "

Mel : " He has a talent, he may have missed his calling. " Everyone but Wyman was laughing.

Chrissy : " How are you finding married life Mel ? "

Mel : " I'm adjusting to it . You know I've been on my own since finishing training , but Wy man makes everything easy. I like it Chrissy. "

Moxey and Wyman are talking and looking serious.

Moxey : " So you say Nev's up for it then ? "

Wyman : " Yes he just needed to be sure how Oz would react when he handed in his notice. "

Moxey : " Well I guess it's on hold now with Debbie being kidnapped. "

Wyman : " Yeah. Have you heard any more ? "

Moxey : " No. "

In the Patterson residence in Miami.

Dagmar: " Do you think they had someone watching the house Dennis ?"

Dennis : " Ted, the thin guy,Ted Smith, he said they checked that out first, while the others were setting up that box of tricks to record any 'phone calls. "

Dagmar : " They're supposed to ring in the next hour ?"

Detlef : " Yes . Let's hope there are no problems . Ted, do you know what the others are doing ? "

Ted : " They are sat in a van not far away. I reckon we'll hear from them after the next 'phone call. " As if on cue the telephone rang, and all the Patterson family jumped. Ted Smith nodded to Detlef who then picked up the 'phone.

Detlef : " Hello this is Detlef."

Voice: " Make a note of these numbers ,they will allow you access for payment."

Detlef : " I have done that ,and now I want to talk to my wife."

Voice : " Shut up and listen . If the money is not paid inside twenty four hours your wife will be returned by instalments. Do you understand?"

Detlef : " Yes I understand but I need to know my wife ok, can I talk to her ? "

Voice : " Hold on. " There was the sound of a chair scraping across the floor and Detlef thought he could hear her then her voice on the 'phone.

Debbie : " Hello love are you ok ?"

Detlef : " I'm fine ,how are you ,are they treating you well ? "

Debbie : "The food is rubbish ,I think we're getting hamsters tonight. " The line went dead.

Detlef : " Hello,hello ?"

Voice : " Now you hear your wife. Pay the money. "

Detlef : " How do I know you will let her go after I pay you ?"

Voice : " You don't. You must trust me ." Ted Smith is looking on and making a turning motion with his hand, a mobile to his ear.

Detlef : " I already said we need more time to get that amount of money....." He was interrupted.

Voice: " Stop the bullshit,we all know where you get the money. No more time wasting. Transfer the money. We 'phone after. " Ted Smith was giving a thumbs up to Detlef as the line went dead.

Detlef : " Clever girl. That bit about the hamsters means they are going to Cuba. "

Dagmar : " Hamsters ?"

Dennis : " Aye ,hamsters. Really it's guinea pigs but we called them hamsters.The Cubans play a kind of roulette with them and the lads used to gamble on it. Not me like ,just Moxey and the others."

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Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:41 am
by Tracy
The return of Seemore ! :P

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Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:16 pm
by 936trt
Oz has been trying to calm Nev but without a lot of success.

Oz : " Nev ,Nev man I've already said don't worry about the money we've got it sorted, it's not a problem. As soon as Detle's mates tell us where to send it, Bob's your uncle ."

Neville: " That's fine Oz but how do we know they won't just pocket the cash ,do away with Debbie and piss off ,they say once the hostage has seen their captors that's usually curtains for them. "

Pru : " Neville these people with Detlef are experts, they have a lot of experience with hostage situations. They are the best chance she has. "

Neville : " It's easy for you to say, your not the hostage. " Nev threw down his coffee and stalked off.

Oz : " Nev, Nev man,come back . " He looked across at Pru who was a little red-eyed.

Pru : " Leave him Oz. He's been up and down like this since we first heard. "

Kenny Ames is speaking to Prince Stefano.

Kenny : " We are agreed then ,you will ask your man to go to Varna ,book in to the Spa and arrange for treatment as we discussed ? "

Stefano : " I will do this Kenneth. She must be a very good friend to you I think ?"

Kenny : " No,no, nothing like that Stefano . She is sister to a friends wife that is all. You would like her I think. " Kenny laughed and could hear Stefano chuckling over the 'phone. " Until next week Stefano my friend. Caio. "

Pru : " Look Neville I'll take care of the boys, go to Miami with Oz . You'll feel a lot better and I can deal with Brenda if she happens to rear her head again. "

Kenny Brown has been called to Chris's office.

Chris : " Sorry to be cloak and dagger Kenny but at least I know this place isn't bugged."

Kenny: " You didn't say why you wanted to meet ,is there something I should know ?"

Chris : " No it's just I understand that Wyman is also under Solly's protection . I have to be honest I've seen no people in the shadows on street corners yet. Can you tell me what you know about these Wiesenthal guys ? "

Neville : " So do we know how it all happened Detlef ? "

Detlef : "There is a picture emerging . The camera truck and the limo with Debbie and the crew were picked up on cctv through the town and by the time they reached the turnpike they had an obvious tail. It was still there when they were seen last just as they took the road to the coast. We assume they were jumped when they reached the beach shortly after.The local cops found the camera truck and the limo abandoned and the crew tied up. No casualties. Ted said there were tyre tracks leading down to the sea and a lot of cigar butts in evidence. It looks then like the car turned around and headed back to town. The thinking is they were met by a boat ,Debbie was taken on board with one or more of the captors and they headed for Cuba."

Neville : " Bloody Norah. What can we do Detlef ? "

Detlef : " Nev try to stay calm ,this means it's going to be a lot easier to get Debbie back . "

Neville : " How the hell do you work that out ?"

Detlef : " First off the feds know most of the places used to ferry people to and from Cuba. They also have a good idea where the money is being transferred to. "

Neville : " How does any of this help ? "

Detlef : "A couple of 'phone calls will get us the intel on where they land and then we'll put a tail on them."

Neville : " So what's the plan to get her back ? "

Detlef : " One step at a time Nev .We also have help from Ames Security .They have a good handle on offshore accounts you may remember,and they are working closely with the feds. Our friend Captain Delgado has his people watching as well, and as soon as they see something we will be informed. "

Neville : " This waiting is driving me mad kiddah. There must be something I can do ."

Detlef : " I know how you feel and I would say the same but Dennis is right ,these guys are the experts, we just have to let them get on with it. "

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Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:14 am
by Tracy
We await developments with baited breath !

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Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:02 pm
by 936trt
A slim well dressed young man rang the door bell at Chrissy’s holiday home. He was greeted by Rosalita , a local girl employed as housekeeper .
Young man: “ Good morning senorita, I am Eduardo Gomez , I have a letter for senor Wyman. Can I see him please ?”

Rosalita : “ Wait here in the hall , I will tell the senora you are here. “ She walked through into the garden and told Chrissy of their visitor.

Chrissy: “ That’s fine Rosie, bring him through.” As Chrissy was later to confide in Mel she was impressed by the attractive young man Rosie brought in. His impeccable linen suit showed off his tan and in spite of the heat he looked comfortably cool.

Eduardo: “ Good afternoon senora I am Eduardo Gomez , I’m sorry to inconvenience you , I was not aware you and your family are eating. I have a letter to deliver to senor Wyman if you would allow?”

Chrissy: “ By all means ,he’s over there .” She indicated Wyman with a burger in one hand.

Wyman : “ Hi Eduardo, what’s in the letter , I hope it’s not a summons? “ Eduardo frowned and handed the envelope to Wyman.

Eduardo : “ My father asked if I might take your reply ?” Mel was looking over Wymans shoulder as he opened the envelope. It was an invitation for Wyman ‘s family to spend the following day with Juan Gomez and family in recognition of the good fortune that allowed his daughter’s survival. Mel was vigorously nodding her head and simultaneously squeezing Wymans hand.

Wyman : “ We will be pleased to accept his invitation Eduardo. That’s very kind. “ Eduardo smiled, he still hadn’t entirely understood Wymans’ use of the word summons.

Eduardo : “ I will convey your acceptance to my father. We will send a car to collect you." He turned." Thank you senora". He turned to shake Chrissy’s hand and Rosalita walked him back to the door.

After Eduardo had gone Chrissy called for Rosalita .

Chrissy : “ Rosie do you know anything about young Eduardo ?”

Rosalita : “ I know he is the son of senor Gomez. They are an important family in Aruba. They are well known in all the islands and even in Venezuela. Eduardo has recently returned from the US where he was in college I believe. The family are respected senora and have always been fair to us .”

Chrissy : “ There is only the one daughter ? “

Rosalita:” Yes Eduardo is the son of senor Gomez first wife, who died in an accident. There are no other children. “

Kenny gets a call from Prince Stefano.

Kenny: “ Hello my friend, have you good news? “

Stefano: “ I have heard from our colleague recently on holiday in Varna.”

Kenny: “ Did he have a good time ?”

Stefano: “ He booked into the spa and made arrangements for a massage .The masseuse was very, I think proficient was the word he used , he says it has been a long time since he felt so good .Unfortunately his watch disappeared and so the following day he went to the local police station.”

Kenny : “ Did he gain satisfaction? “

Stefano: “ He had the benefit of our research and diligence and knew which constable to approach.”

Kenny: “ I take it that the problem is solved?”

Stefano: “ Indeed Kenneth and there may be a bonus. In the course of pointing out to the policeman the error of trespassing on another persons turf he mentioned some names and frightened the guy so much he let slip some other things.”

Kenny: “ So he won’t bother Zoe again ‘cos he thinks she is connected?”

Stefano: “ Yes.”

Kenny : “ The other things?”

Stefano: “ Is there a problem at any of the other spas?”

Kenny: “ I have not been made aware of any problems, but then Dagmar pretty much looks after the day to day .”

Stefano: “ She is a loyal person and a friend to Barry Taylor to whom you handed the reins of the Fantasy Holiday business recently?”

Kenny : “ You are worrying me Stefano. What is your point?”

Stefano: “ I think Zoe has not been acting alone and by now she will have spoken to her sister.”

Kenny: “ Why have I not known about this?”

Stefano: “ You have been out of the loop, as they say until recently Kenny, and your protégé has had his own difficulties. This is how it slipped under the radar. Ross made his suspicions known to Pru who has also been distracted but she followed through and has it in hand I believe.”

Kenny: “ I will talk to Barry Taylor and Pru as a matter of urgency. Thank you Stefano. We will speak again my friend.”

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Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:16 am
by Tracy
Did he gain satisfaction ? :lol:

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Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:49 pm
by 936trt
Wyman ,Mel and Mai have been introduced to the Gomez family.

Wyman : “ This is very kind of you Mr Gomez…Wyman got no further.

Gomez : “ Please Wyman my name is Juan and Isabel ,my wife, you already have met.”

Mel: “ I see that Lupe is no worse for her experience ?”

Isabel: “ She had some problems sleeping for a while but now that is finished and she is like she was before. “
She turned to Wyman and touched his arm.” I must thank you once again for what you did.Lupe is so very special to us.Thankyou.”

Juan: “ Here you two let me offer you my own version of the classic mojito .” With a drink in his hand Juan gave a slight inclination of his head to Wyman and walked onto the patio leading to their extensive garden.

Wyman: “ I must congratulate you Juan .This must be most of Aruba ,it’s huge! “

Juan : “ I am very proud of what we have accomplished here. When I bought this as a plot some years ago, there was no garden. However I have asked you here under slightly false pretences , not that we are ungrateful for what you did for Lupe of course, but I must confess to another motive.” Wyman began to feel uncomfortable and it must have shown on his face. Juan began to laugh.” Please do not be alarmed I will explain ,and that is why I came out of earshot. You know of my business I’m sure, but I have never exposed my wife and daughter to any of it. Like your colleagues at Ames Security…. yes I do know of your background.” Again it was the surprised expression on Wymans face that prompted the response. “ You will not be surprised to know that I have a similar information mechanism. This is how I find out who you are after our first meeting. Mel is a federal employee and also your recent wife .” Wyman was more than uncomfortable now .Juan put a hand on his shoulder.” Please Wyman I can see you are thinking the worst but it is necessary for me to put all the cards on the table .I know that you and your friends have done some good work not only on Cuba, and your reputation is good. This is why I want to help with the latest problem .Because of my position here I was made aware of the abduction of your friends wife .The perpetrators are acting independently of our organisation and will be dealt with.”

Wyman: “ You must know then that the FBI as well as the local police are on the case .The last I heard was the feds along with the Cubans have eyes on the likely places to make landfall.”

Juan : “ Let me stop you there Wyman. Our people know of two or three other places that are used and for reasons of our own would prefer to ensure this sort of thing does not happen again. I am confident they can be apprehended and your friends wife safely brought home.”

Wyman: “ Juan could I make a suggestion?”

Juan: “ Certainly , and what would it be?”

Wyman: “If we are all working for the safe release of Debbie I think it would be safer if your people could work with the feds rather than independently . There is danger is there not that too many cooks spoil the broth?”

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Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:52 pm
by Tracy
Haddaway and bollocks, find the bastards and give them a good skudding !!! :P>

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:06 am
by 936trt
Wyman ,Mel and Mai are in Miami at Detlef’s place.

Dennis: “ How’d you get back from Aruba so quickly? “

Wyman: “ Long story Den but before I explain Mel needs to talk with Ted Smith ,is he around ?”

After leaving the Gomez home Mel had got in touch directly with her boss and told him of Juan’s offer to help. Within half an hour she got a response from the agent in charge of the operation to release Debbie, and shook her head in disbelief as he hung up on her.

Dagmar : “ That didn’t look very encouraging Mel? “

Mel: “ Wy man has a word for guys like that ,I won’t use it in mixed company. Do we know how the ransom end of things is progressing?”

Detlef : “ Yes, courtesy of our friends at Ames security we know where the accounts are. They were able to delay the transaction with security protocols , actually a load of .....oops, but long enough to identify the whereabouts. The FBI was informed immediately and a separate operation is now under way.”

Wyman: “ So which boat is Nev in ? ”

Dennis: “ He went in the first one about half an hour ago with Ted Smith and Detlef. “

Wyman : So who’s taking us? ”

Dennis: “ The guy that works for Mel’s boss .He’s called Hugo I think.”

Wyman: “ Did you know that Oz was coming over?”

Dennis: “ Dagmar had a call from Pru, she was really pleased ‘cos Nev has been a real problem, she reckons he's close to losing it. Anyway there’s two of them now to keep a grip in Nev. Hang on, I can see someone waving. That’s us young’un .”

Oz and Detlef managed about half an hours sleep when Nev woke them.

Neville: “ We’ve just seen the first FBI boat up ahead, apparently that’s Cuba ,you can just make it out.”

Oz: “ Bloody Norah Nev are you not knackered lad? “

Neville : “Can’t sleep man ,keep thinking about Debbie. Do you know ,I can see another boat, bloody hell it’s like the Normandy landings. “

Oz : Aye ,I can see it now ,as well. He’s coming from the far side of the island.”

Detlef: “ He’s flashing a light .He’s gone right past us! “

Dennis: “ Tell you what this lad doesn’t hang about ,we'll be catching up with the others at this speed ."

Wyman: “ Still don’t know why we couldn’t all go together. Hang on I can see a flashing light ,we’re slowing down.”
Hugo and one of the crew pulled the launch close to the other vessel, and exchanged a few words and two more bodies came aboard.

Dennis: “ I’ve often wondered exactly what it means you know when people say ships that pass in the night. Now I know. It means bugger all.”

Wyman: “ Fancy a drink Den ,I’m parched?”

Dennis : “ Good idea kiddah, I’ll get the glasses.”
A voice came out of the darkness.” Aye make that another two mate. Gus told us you’re a friendly lot.”

Wyman: “ Who the hell are you ?”

Dennis : “Do I know you?”

The voice came closer and they could make out two figures in dark clothing. “ The name’s Eddie and you know the guy I work for .He’s called Kenneth Braun ,he was called Pfister a few years ago.”

Dennis: “ Bloody hell lad,Detlef told me about him not that long since. What’re you doing here?”

Eddie: “ Me and my mate have been keeping an eye out for your lad here, and his brother.”

Wyman: “ I had a call from Chris the other day .He said Kenny Brown told him Solly had set something up.”

Dennis: “ How do you know Gus?”

Eddie: “ Long story, but we crossed paths once or twice before he went to Cuba. Any way Hugo tells me the suit who’s supposed to be running this gig doesn’t want help. We know two places the bad guys are likely to be and we are heading there now.”

Wyman: “ So you are friends of Juan Gomez?”

Eddie: “ More like associates, the Wiesenthal group has many contacts. This chap Gomez is one of them. He’s a great family man and it’s a matter of honour that he repays his debt. You know what I mean Wyman?”

Wyman: “ I do .By the way what about the other boat?”

Eddie: “ They are going to check out some places they know about , just to be on the safe side.”

Dennis: “ But you think your intel is better?”

Eddie : “ I do. We paid for it. “

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:39 pm
by Tracy