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Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:43 pm
by 936trt
Eddie and his mate went below to talk with Hugo and they were under way again.
Ten, maybe fifteen minutes later the night sky ahead of them was lit up by search lights .
They lost speed and Eddie came on deck and whispered to Dennis.” We’ve just picked up a radio message, that’s the Cuban coast guard ahead. They stopped your mates to search their boat. There’s obviously been a cock up or someone’s dropped them in it. I know for a fact the FBI cleared this with the Cubans. Anyway they haven’t seen us and there’s still a way to go before we reach the inlet.”

Dennis: “ Eddie what’re these poles for? “

Eddie: “ Part of the route we’re taking is shallow at low tide and it’s bit tricky. Don’t worry I’m an expert in shallow water.”

Wyman and Dennis had been taking turns napping huddled up at what Wyman called the pointy end . No lights were visible but as the engine died they heard Hugo tell Eddie to go on deck and have a look around.

Eddie removed his night vision glasses, turned, looked at the lads and put fingers on his lips for silence. His mate was stood in the prow sweeping from left to right through the night sights on his rifle. They were almost stationary when Eddie whispered to Dennis “ Not far now. Patrick is keeping an eye out for the inlet .”
They hadn’t gone much further when Patrick held up his right hand pointing to where he’d seen the entrance on the starboard side. Patrick passed the rifle down to Hugo and gave Eddie one of the poles .He picked up the second pole and stood on the other side of the wheelhouse.
Eddie whispered to Dennis again.” Hugo has night vision glasses and will help steer. We have to pole the rest of the way.” Progress was slow and Dennis was a target for the local insects. He whispered in Wymans ear.” I’m being eaten alive, have you got another hat?”

Wyman: “ Here Dennis have my cap, they only go for bad meat I’m told.”

Dennis: “ Bollocks.”

They travelled slowly and after perhaps half a mile the sky was lit up again to the north of their position. They stopped poling and listened. As soon as the sky went dark they resumed poling and after ten minutes Eddie passed his pole to Dennis and went to get a mooring line. He whispered to Dennis.” This is as far as we go by boat. We’ll do the rest on foot. I’ll make fast and we’ll be a while .When we get back make sure you cast off as soon as I tell you. Hugo will be keeping watch .We passed one of their observation posts downstream but their guy was too busy looking at the light show. Wish us luck Dennis.” He adjusted his night vision goggles and set off with Patrick in tow.

Dennis walked over to Wyman and whispered.” This is weird kiddah. I feel like a spare part.”
Wyman whispered back “Me too .I thought we were going to be part of the rescue team.”
Dennis looked at his watch only fifteen minutes had passed .He thought he heard the sound of a bursting balloon in the distance and looked across to Wyman who had also heard something. A few minutes passed and there were louder noises made by people crashing through the undergrowth. Dennis felt the boat lurch and he turned to see Wyman running at someone, aiming the wooden pole at a dripping wet figure hauling himself up on to the deck . It was a bad move. Wyman had aimed at his body but the guy slipped and the pole punched into his head. There was a cracking sound almost drowned out by the sounds of a scuffle behind Dennis. Another boarder was trying to get into the wheelhouse .Wyman turned round when he heard a shot. Dennis was putting the pistol back in his pocket when he heard Eddie shouting.

“ Cast off Dennis.” The crashing sounds they heard were caused by Eddie ,Debbie and Patrick being chased .Eddie helped Debbie on board and grabbed the pole as Hugo started the engine and pushed them away from the bank.
” Patrick can you take position in the stern? “ He looked at Dennis who had noticed blood on Patricks side.” It’s a flesh wound he’ll be ok. We'll have company. We got three, two are following but some others took to the water.”

Dennis: “We got two , there’s one in the wheelhouse ,the other one fell overboard.”

Eddie: “ I set a couple of flares at minute intervals. That should divert some of them. Our intel put the numbers lower but we don’t know if they were all looking after the hostage.”

Dennis took a closer look at Debbie “ So then pet you must be feeling relieved?”

Debbie turned to face Dennis he noted the tear streaked mascara.” It’s been a nightmare , I really didn’t know what to expect.”

Dennis: “ Well it’s all over bar the shouting now ,we’ve just to get down to the sea and then home.” She put her arms around Dennis and started to sob. After a while she started to sniff and pulled away .

Debbie: “ I could murder a drink uncle Dennis.”

Dennis: “ You know that really makes me feel old.”

Debbie: “ What?”

Dennis : “ Uncle. Here take a swig of this .”

Debbie: “ I thought they were going to kill me when there was a problem with the ransom. Then they got a ‘phone message to say it was ok.” Behind them the sky was lit up with a red flare followed shortly by a second and then a third.

Eddie: “ That’s the last time I buy timers online.”

Wyman: “ You are joking, aren’t you ? ” Eddie and Patrick both started to laugh.

Hugo: ” I think we’ve reached the sea chaps. I agreed to let Luis Sandoro know once we cleared Cuban waters but the boss told me that we should give a guy called Delgado a call first. “

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Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:38 pm
by Tracy
A cock-up in shallow water. mmm :P

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Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:47 pm
by 936trt
Neville: “ What a miserable bloody night, I’m sick as a parrot. Who said the weather was always
good round here? “

Oz: “ Stop bloody whining Nev, you haven’t stopped since we left Detlef’s.”

Neville: “ I’m just saying, it‘s a miserable night.”

Detlef: “ Ok you two ,give it a rest. If you can’t play nicely that Mr Ted will throw you both overboard, and I’ll help him. You know what he said, you’re my responsibility since this is an FBI operation, and I have the T shirt to prove it.”

Oz: “ Ooh , aren’t we the macho man ! Tell you what though kiddah they have a canny boat . At least we can sit in comfort down here with a drink.”

Detlef : ” I’d make the most of it lads, if Ted is right we have at least another hour depending on the weather and dodging patrols out of Cuba. So if you can I would have a kip……” He never finished they were interrupted by a siren , searchlights and then an amplified voice shouting in Spanish.
The Cuban coastguard launch pulled alongside .

Oz: “ Well that’s a relief , we can see who these guys are, not like those other buggers. I wonder what they’re after?”

Ted: “ I’m not sure Oz, let’s just play it cool.”

Oz : “ Bollocks Ted, you can always tell , all that bloody noise , they're all mouth and trousers.” Oz walked over toward the launch. One of their crew raised his weapon and yelled something at Oz who ignored him. “ Ooh you with the gun, we’re on official business here ,with the FBI, we’re….”He never finished the crewman fired into the air and gestured for Oz to go back.

Neville : “ Hey what the hell is all that about? We’re the good guys? “ The crew of the coastguard were streaming aboard now and one pushed Neville toward Oz. Nev resisted and was treated to a rifle butt and fell to the deck. By this time the officer in charge had boarded and crooked his finger to Oz “ You .Yes you, the ugly one .Where is your commander ? “

Oz: “ You talking to me Pedro, I have no commander but I have a question for you. Who the hell do you think you are calling me ugly ? “
At that the nearest trooper put his hand on Oz to restrain him and was elbowed in the face for his effort. Ted Smith started shouting, holding up his badge telling them to stop but was punched in the stomach by another of the guards and fell to the deck.
Detlef ran over to support Ted but was attacked by the same guard. Detlef disabled him with a kick to the back of his leg.

“ ALTO. BAJE EL ARMA, CALMESE.” Afterwards the lads couldn’t agree whether it was Detlefs’ command of Spanish or his vest with FBI in large yellow letters.

However his intervention did prevent more bloodshed or worse. The commander of the Cuban patrol explained they had been acting on information received regarding a group of criminals involved in people trafficking in the area. Since their vessel had not been identified to them before they started their patrol this had been a regrettable error. They wished them well and returned to the mainland.

Ted: “ Well our attempt at covert was unsuccessful, we’ll probably be on everyones radar now.”

Neville: “ But we’re not giving up are we ?”

Detlef: “ No Nev, all Ted means is we have to be even more careful now.”

They continued on the same course toward Cuba for another half hour or so .

Neville : “ Dear me can anyone else smell that ?”

Oz: “ Yes Nev ,it stinks, like a gorilla’s armpit. Phew. Now what’s happening ? “

The boat had slowed down, almost to a standstill when they heard a splash. Ted and Detlef had both jumped into the inflatable and set off toward the coast and were soon swallowed up in the darkness.

Neville : “ We must be closer to the coast than we thought Oz. I bet that smell is a sewage outlet."

Oz : “ Aye you could be right. Rather them than me though. Reminds me of that that night in Kazakhstan when you and me and Bomber got plastered ,and when he went for a slash he fell over in the bogs.”

Neville : “ Aye but I think I’d rather forget thank you Oz. I was as sick as a dog. Hello what’s going on over there?”

Once again the sky was lit up by search lights and they could hear the sound of flares going off.

Oz: “ So much for being careful. Sounds like they’ve been twigged again. Well Ted said there were four spots to check. One down three to go. “

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Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:11 am
by Tracy
haha 'Pedro' !

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Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:57 pm
by 936trt
Barry is meeting with Kenny Ames on board the Sara Victoria.

Barry's mopping his face as he steps down into the shade of the lounge. “Dear me I’ve only walked from the car, this is worse than Cuba.”

Kenny: “Here , Barry, have a cold drink and take a seat.”

Barry: “ Thank you Kenny, very welcome.”

Kenny: “So my friend, you are up to speed with the Varna situation? “

Barry: “I am Kenny. I’ve heard from Dagmar and from Ross regarding his chat with Pru . He explained how he interprets electronic traffic .Now I understand a little more about using algorithmic selection of unusual words and context.”

Kenny: “Yes Barry. I know how it works. I meant can you tell me more?”

Barry: “Sorry. Yes of course. It is clear that Zoe wasn’t entirely alone in the Varna enterprise , but Stefano’s chap did us a favour in so far as the unfortunate policeman let slip a name . It is also true Zoe was operating with the tacit approval of my wife, Tatiana. I must point out that neither was involved with any of the other activities. Nevertheless I have personal problems to resolve. Urgently. Zoe may well have no case to answer as the police are anxious to draw a veil over their man’s part in this. “

Kenny: “I take it the other activity is not just a few cigarettes or the odd icon?”

Barry: “No. This is on an industrial scale I’m afraid. From personal experience any regular use of containerised freight is always a target for the criminal element .It is easy to piggyback and we have evidence of counterfeit goods, security documents like passports, and cannabis.”

Kenny: “Who are you working with on this? “

Barry: “Interpol have a man coming over tomorrow, the local police and a guy from the Border Control Agency will join us. We have been told that at twenty grand a kilo it’s not surprising cannabis was the undoing of a couple of disqualified HGV drivers. Incidentally they will give up their comrades. We get brownie points for helping with the sting operation. The main motivation for the authorities here is getting a handle on the weapons trafficking that was revealed. It makes their security look ineffectual. “

Kenny: Bloody Hell! Barry how did this get by us. Why didn’t anyone know about it? “

Barry: “Kenny I had the same thought and all I can say is we all had our eye off the ball for one reason or another. Oz’s trouble with Ofelia, Debbie’s abduction, I could go on but it still sounds like excuses, not reasons. Detlef suggests we look at it through the police’s eyes “

Kenny: “They don’t think we are involved do they?”

Barry: “I don’t think so.To them we are very welcome outside investors who have been targeted by local villains. We are bringing prosperity to the local economy, helping to shine a favourable light on this potentially lucrative tourist spot. No. We have been very unlucky, there doesn’t appear to be any link to any of our people at all. Like you I am embarrassed that we didn’t cotton on sooner. Incidentally I put out feelers to check that the Ulrich factor was not in evidence.”

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Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:24 am
by Tracy

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Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:51 pm
by 936trt
Kenny Ames is videoconferencing with the Patterson family and friends.

Kenny: “ So Dennis, everything turned out well in the end, and Debbie is in good health?”

Dennis: ”Aye, she’s fine Kenny. But really I reckon it was all down to Wyman. If he hadn’t rescued the little Gomez girl we wouldn’t have had the help at the time we needed it.”

Kenny: “Would you care to elaborate Dennis?”

Dennis: “ Well to be blunt the FBI suit made a bollocks of it. If no one had acted on the intel from Juan we wouldn’t have got Debbie back. We’d have had the same result as Oz and Nev.”

Kenny: “ You realise how this sounds Den?”

Dagmar:” We all do Mr Ames . Although I took no active part in this , it seemed from the start that Debbie’s abduction was to be a career changer for the man in charge. All other considerations were ignored, and as it turns out it the career change won’t be in the direction he was expecting . This came from Mel, who can’t be quoted of course. She told Hugo what Gomez had agreed to do for Wyman and it was Hugo who came up with the plan ,with some help from the Cubans.”

Kenny: “ So the idea of two boats , the coastguard interception and the rest was all part of the plan?”

Dennis: “ Yes.”

Debbie “We are all over the moon Mr Ames. I still can’t take it all in but it worked and here we all are.” Detlef put a protective arm around her and spoke directly to Kenny.

Detlef: “ We have to thank a lot more people Mr Ames , including Ames Security . At least the FBI did have success in one area, your guys helped them locate the account the ransom was to go to, and were able to make some arrests.”

Oz: “ Aye Kenny you don’t need to worry about the spondoolicks, it’s all been recovered.”

Later that day Dagmar had an opportunity to talk to Dennis alone.

Dagmar: “ Dennis I was worried you know while you were away ,did you not think about your ….condition?”

Dennis: “ Look pet I told you before I left I feel ok.”

Dagmar:” You have an appointment at the clinic this week, it’s just for another checkup isn’t it ?”

Dennis :” If it was anything else you know I would have told you. In fact I’m expecting more good news.”

Dagmar: “ Good news is what I want to hear Dennis.”

Dennis: “ I was just telling Nev I wish I’d done this years ago. I guess Kenny is the man to thank for putting me on to Dr Roebuck. The last time I saw him he said I would begin to feel the benefits after a week or so and he’s right. I haven’t felt this good for a long time. It’s difficult to explain but it’s not only not getting out of breath and feeling generally fitter ,it’s waking up feeling ready to go to work ,you know laying a few bricks. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Dagmar: “Maybe you should tell Oz he seems very down just now.”

Dennis:” Nah, it’s to be expected after the adrenalin rush he’s bound to be a bit down.”

Dagmar:” You’ll be going to medical school next Dennis.”

Dennis:” Don’t be daft man, but I have had an idea I want to run by Kenny Ames.”

Dagmar:” Oh yes and what would that be?”

Dennis:” Nah man don’t look like that .Oz knows that Nev is keen on the Arizona gig that Wyman's on with, and we reckon Moxey is up for it too.”

Dagmar: “ You said we reckon?”

Dennis:” Well we do talk about stuff pet, anyway I was just wondering what’s going to become of the Spanish gig if Nev and Moxey clear off?”

Dagmar:” I don’t think Pru would leave Ames Security , I’m not sure what Chrissy would do.”

Dennis:” I heard from Barry last night , Kenny has asked him to run the Fantasy business his group have bought from Chrissy.”

Barry is talking quietly to a tearful Anna.

Anna:” Why are you leaving daddy, is it something I have done. I promise I won’t do it again ?”

Barry:” No, no petal I told you it’s nothing you've done. You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Look you're a big girl now,you’ll be fifteen before long so I expect you to look after your mum while I’m gone. Ok?”

Anna:" Ok daddy. Where are you going and how long will you be away?"

Barry: " I'm not sure how long I'll be away but my first stop us a place called Varna.Your mum knows where that is. I'll 'phone you when I get there."

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by Tracy
Spondoolicks ?! :geek:

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Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:51 pm
by 936trt
Barry is speaking to Kenny Ames from his hotel in Varna.

Barry: “So you reckon no problem with Interpol?”

Kenny:” No , as we thought they are more interested in the arms and people trafficking. Have you heard from Akio yet?”

Barry: “ No .Why should he be involved, I haven’t seen him since that carry on in Cuba?”

Kenny: “ Our friends in Japan have a watching brief on stuff coming out of China , especially weapons, and when Varna happened your name came up because of Zoe’s involvement. He wants to talk.”

Barry: “ Ok. Anything from Oz?”

Kenny: “ It’s as I suspected. Poor bugger is going to need time . They say it’s a great healer. Anyway Barry, onward and upward as they say, as well. I’m expecting a discussion with Dennis shortly. I’ll keep you in the loop.”

Barry decided to have a shower before his meeting. He smiled as he looked at the sponge bag Anna had given him .It depicted a number of cartoon characters with goggles. As he took out the contents a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. It was a note from Anna written in orange felt tip.

“Daddy I mis you. When will you be back because I love u. Anna.”
She had drawn two stick figures with outstretched arms and one with half a heart on its chest and the other half on the ground.

Prince Stefano was the perfect host and had sent a car for Barry after his business at the spa was concluded. Tatiana had not been there ,the receptionist said she had gone to look for her sister the previous day .

Barry: “ Prince Stefano thank you for arranging this. I’m always happy to meet with you.”

Stefano: ”Please Barry call me Stefano. We know each other do we not. It is because of our friendship I wish to speak with you. More coffee, no, ok to business. Your wife and sister are not involved in this in Varna, it is the Bulgarians. We have the name from the unfortunate policeman. Him they were involved with.”

Barry: “ I don’t understand Stefano. What is your part in this?”

Stefano: “ Very well. Father Beneficio has many informants as you know from Ames Security. So he was extremely concerned when he found out from one of his trusted sources about a new venture bringing illegal weapons and trafficked women across the Black Sea. You know how easy it is to piggyback container freight and that is what happened. I personally have been at pains to explain to everyone involved that this has nothing to do with your Fantasy Holiday business. But it was not made easy by your wife and her sister. The relevant authorities will clear up this mess eventually easier now with the statement from the unfortunate policeman and the name which was passed to Father Ben, but in the meantime I have a favour to ask.”

Barry: “ I am relieved in one way Stefano, I wasn’t sure how much of a task I would be faced with, Kenny will be pleased . It is always good to have intel from the scene of the crime so to speak. I expect he has told you about our recent problems including Mr Osborne’s personal difficulties?”

Stefano: “ Indeed and also about your appointment .Congratulations are in order. Please try this very pleasant wine.”

Barry: “ You’re too kind.Thank you.”

Stefano:” Ben has a good friend in Solly. I believe you know this. There is another sphere of activity in which he is playing a part which concerns your friend Wyman .I have something I know he would love to have. I want you to collect it for me. My usual methods are inappropriate. You can do this because you are not known or blown as they say. Just as you and your friends did before in Bratislava or Odessa?”

Barry:” You were close, it was near the Black Sea, but closer to Sarajevo.”

Stefano:” This time it’s just down the road near Istanbul. You can travel to Turkey call in the shop ,purchase the item and return in a day.”

Barry:” What is it you wish to purchase?”

Stefano: “ Do not worry Barry it is not stolen or radioactive. It is a bit of a scroll from the Dead Sea area.”

Barry: “ I happen to know most are in private hands and a lot more are fake. They turn up all the time.”

Stefano: “ Close to the truth but in this case inaccurate. This is genuine ,but the dealer is unaware, so the price is extortionate but not astronomical.”

Barry: So I travel to Turkey when?”

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:13 pm
by 936trt
Back at their home in Spain Den is looking out of the bedroom window deep in thought. Dagmar walks up behind him and puts an arm around his shoulders.

Dagmar: “ Is everything ok Dennis, you seem distracted are you unwell ?”

Dennis:” Sorry petal maybe it’s jetlag. I’m not much company I know but I feel fine , in fact never better, it’s Oz. I don’t know what to do about him. “

Dagmar:” I saw you were in deep conversation with him before we left.Even Neville has expressed concern.”

Dennis: “ See Oz and I go back a long way, to about the time when Jesus played for Nazareth. That’s what makes this worse, I feel like there’s something I should do.” Dagmar stifled a laugh.

Dagmar: “ How serious is it?”

Dennis: “ He thinks he let us all down and blames himself for everything , including Debbie’s abduction. There’s nowt I can say that’ll change his mind. He reckons it would have been better if Benito had got the money then there'd be no abduction ,see?”

Dagmar: “ But that means…”

Dennis: “ Yes, curtains for Oz. I said that wouldn’t even have stopped Ofelia making the castle a no go area for everyone. No effect.He’s identifying with Nev at the moment since he reckons it could just as easily been Sara Victoria that was abducted instead of Debbie. The last thing he said was he’s been talking to Chris at CWN.”

Dagmar: “So what does he intend to do, have you any idea?”

Dennis: “He said he’ll confront Kenny , thank him and agree to let the estate return to Kenny’s control, and plans to make a comeback with his music career.”

Dagmar: “ He’s obviously put a bit of thought into this Dennis. What’s your thinking about the business here in Spain. I have to say I really enjoy what I'm doing here and l know Pru feels the same even though Chrissy's not around any more. I for one would not like to give it all up.”

Dennis: “ That’s pretty much what I expected you to say pet but I don’t think Oz thought about the effects of his walking away you know, he’s still really broken up by the way Ofelia’s behaved , and the feeling he let the lads down.”

Dagmar: “How does he come to that conclusion?”

Dennis: “ See originally he just wanted to share his windfall from Kenny with us all and thought we could make it work as a team, you know just like before. But now…..”

Dagmar: “ So where does that leave us ,all of us?”

Dennis: “ I need to speak to Kenny.”

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by 936trt
Kenny is having coffee with Dennis in the Spa close to Barry’s home.

Kenny: “ Well ,Dennis you sounded worried to death on the ‘phone what ‘s going on?”

Dennis: “ You must have heard from Oz by now?”

Kenny: “ Yes and he didn’t sound good. This business with Ofelia has really messed with his head and I tried to convince him to wait until he was on an even keel before making rash decisions. I suggested he spend a couple of weeks at my place near Wooler, but I don’t know whether he will. What do you think Dennis, is there anything we can do?”

Dennis: “ Nah man once he’s made up his mind he cannot be shifted. Mind the idea of going to Newcastle might be good for him. I could ‘phone him and see what he says eh?”

Kenny: “ Sounds like a plan. Anyway what is this idea you mentioned last night?”

Dennis: “ Let’s assume Oz is still going to play silly buggers and the business carries on as it is. You know we’ve never policed it or anything, once we’d made a start and got to know the lads, especially the builders and plumbers merchants things ran fairly smoothly on their own. The idea of trying to bring it all together never really got off the ground. I thought maybe Oz had some ideas but for one reason or another there was no one to drive it forward and these lads have been a law to themselves since before you owned their business. It seems to me there’s an opportunity now.”

Kenny: “ Go on Dennis, get to the point.”

Dennis: “ Right. You may not know this since you don’t use them like me and the lads do, but builders merchants don’t just stock materials.”

Kenny: “ Go on.”

Dennis: “ Hold your water Kenny! They are a source of information, for example they usually keep a list of jobbing builders, you know plumbers , plasterers , sparkies , so when someone says he has a job going they generally know a guy .I think we can use this system without upsetting too many people.”

Kenny: “ Now you have me interested Dennis. How are you proposing to take advantage of this?”

Dennis: “ We appeal to their base instinct. Money. It has to be made clear this is not just another domestic, you know Mr Blogs wants his kitchen rewired, or Mrs Smith needs a room plastered and re decorated. If you think about it we have all the ingredients, materials, workforce and jobs. We just bring them all together under the one roof so to speak. Well actually you are the one with the jobs, you can offer contracts as soon as you decide to start building premises for your new acquisition. What do you think?”

Kenny: “ It’s true a lot of the public works have dried up all over Europe. An enterprising builder will have an eye out to quote for new work. If such a new outfit can undertake why not,especially if we have a large piece of the action? We’ll need to knock up a business plan, but in principle it sounds like a good idea Dennis .”

Dennis: “ I’m sure not everyone will see it that way but we don’t need all of them, only those who want a change, those who don't can carry on as usual .”

Kenny: “ I was saying to Vicky the other day lots of people end up in the wrong job. Sometimes it’s their own fault, sometimes not. I mean look at me, no,no maybe not the best example. Look at you and your mates and where you all started. Vicky is another case, and now she has a successful business in the UK. If and when Oz comes back to us where will he fit in to this?”

Dennis: “ He’s always been one of the team, we have all worked together for years, most of us go way back. I look at it like this , it would just be a bigger version of what we’ve been doing all our working lives. We would be the gaffers on this one like once before but this time we won’t be hiring from a gang master.”

Kenny Brown has been called urgently to talk to Chris.

Chris: “ How come you didn’t know about this Wiesenthal thing?”

Kenny: “ Chris keep your hair on. I’ve only just found out recently myself and anyway it’s not such a bad thing is it?”

Chris: “I just don’t like it when stuff happens I don’t know about.” Kenny stifled a laugh.

Kenny: “ I tell you this though because of all the recent adventures Wyman’s had it’s maybe just as well. I thought you would be pleased.”

Chris started to laugh when he realised what he’d just said. “ I suppose that makes me obsessive compulsive or something does it?”

Kenny: “ Is it still the current theory that Ulrich is behind our troubles?”

Chris: “ I’m not sure, I don’t think so .We know that Debbies’ abduction was down to a rogue outfit from Cuba ,that information came from Gomez on Aruba. The problems at the Leisure Centre in Varna were the result of a Bulgarian gang trafficking arms across the Black Sea piggybacking on container freight. Closer to home Barry Taylors wife and her sister were found complicit in a blackmail racket at a spa she worked at. I keep in regular contact with the Ames group and I reciprocate.”

Kenny: “ This message we got from Akio, he seems to think there could be a connection with the arms smuggling then?”

Chris: “ Yes. The arms go in one direction sourced from somewhere in Asia, and the women were trafficked elsewhere .Akio wanted to know about Barry Taylors operation and in spite of my explanation still insists on meeting with him. The whole thing is funded by drugs we know but recently there has been an increase in the trafficking of European women .”

Kenny: “ What’s this got to do with us?”

Chris: “ Nothing directly .The FBI thinking is the incidents at Varna are unrelated. It’s just that Barry Taylors sister in law has form for drugs but not on this scale.”

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by Tracy
I'd keep away from Turkey. Certainly keep away from the Saudi embassy ! :twisted:

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by 936trt
Barry reports his whereabouts to Kenny.

Barry: “ The only reason I’m breaking radio silence so to speak is to explain recent unexpected events. I got to the railway station ,took a taxi to the Metropolis Restaurant, had a coffee in a window seat and walked to the shop near the St.Sofia museum. At the stroke of eleven I went into the shop and asked for Mr Suleman. While I waited I looked around but could see no CCTV. A small fussy man with a Fez appeared and gave me a package with an orange label . I paid the amount agreed, declined his offer of coffee and left. I wasn’t followed. I posted three cards and bought a map of Ankara then went for lunch. My room was untouched and there were no messages when I returned to the hotel. The items were carefully placed in a map folder and the empty box went into my suitcase. The receptionist showed no surprise when I said I had to cut short my holiday and go back to a sick relative. I was on the first available flight. However when I ‘phoned Stefano from Barcelona there was no answer. He had arranged for a car to pick me up from the airport. It wasn’t there.”

Kenny: “ I take it you tried Father Ben’s number?”

Barry: “ Yes. No answer.

Kenny: “ What was the message on Stefano’s machine?”

Barry: “It said -I am otherwise engaged. Is that significant?”

Kenny: “Yes it is. Go back to the airport and find a charter company called Eduardo Tours. They have access to a private jet I have used from time to time. Tell them to take you to Marbella immediately and that you work for Ames Security. It should take no more than four hours. We will speak again as soon as you arrive. Take care.”

This was not what Barry wanted to hear. He was worried on two counts now .He had just had a text from Tatiana saying she needed help.

Dennis had a call from Dagmar.

Dennis: “ Hello pet what’s up?”

Dagmar: “ I just had a call from Tatiana asking for help to find her sister. She wanted to know if I could put her in touch with Detlef .”

Dennis: “ I thought you said she had gone off to do just that . Nev told me she‘d asked Pru to look after Anna because she was away at the same time as Barry?”

Dagmar: “I happen to know she was less than forthcoming with Barry about what she intended to do in Varna. In our last conversation I had asked her to explain her involvement with Zoe and events thereafter and had the feeling she was lying. There is more to this than meets the eye."

Dennis: “ I believe Barry went to do a favour for Stefano ,at least that’s what I understood from whatever he finds could benefit Barry. I don’t think there’s any reason not to ask him, do you?”
Dennis: “ Nah ,anyway I reckon Barry needs all the help he can get at the moment.”

Detlef has made some preliminary enquiries and already has a clue as to Zoe’s movements. The police at Varna had questioned the drivers involved in the container fraud. They were eager to explain their amusement when their boss told them about a mouthy blonde who’d tried to get a piece of their action turned out to be the same one who had blackmailed the local policeman. He was suspicious because she hadn’t been arrested and was looking for someone to blame for the loss of his business. They said she would be on her way to Guatemala by now.

Re: The Wonders of Oz

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:24 pm
by Tracy
A private jet to Marbella. If only Hazel could see him now ! :cry:

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by 936trt
Big Baz collected Barry from the airport and is driving him back to the castle.

Baz: “ Now then Mr Taylor, Kenny said if you want to stop just let me know otherwise it’s back home and stuff the horses.”

Barry: “ That’s fine by me Baz, this is turning into a nightmare .The sooner I find out what’s happening the better. I don’t suppose you know if Kenny has located Stefano?”

Baz: “ I know he’s been on the go ever since you ‘phoned him.It won’t take long. Sit back and have a snooze or a drink. There’s a cabinet between the seats kiddah.”

Oz has decided to go for a long walk in spite of the drizzle. He reckoned it might help to clear his mind, Kenny said it helped him from time to time. As he came up a rise there was a brief glimpse of the hills and then the weather closed in again. If I kept on walking I could cross the border he mused. Maybe not .I’ll leave it for another day. Up ahead he could make out a hunched figure sheltering behind a damaged drystone wall. As he got closer he noticed an old collie which bared it’s teeth at his approach. The old guy, who Oz took to be a shepherd, looked up and nodded.

Shepherd: “ Now then lad ,canny weather for a stroll, going far?”

Oz: “ Nah, I’m staying at a mates and got cabin fever. I needed to get some air. Lost the sheep?”

Shepherd : “ Don’t be a smart arse young’un .Me and her know where they are. I thought you might be the one lost. You look a right arse . Decent coat but wrong shoes. What’s up?”

Oz looked at him, he seemed to be correctly dressed for the moors and the weather.

Oz: “ My name’s Oz what’s yours?”

Shepherd: “ Me wife calls me Tod, what’s it to you like?”

Oz: “ Bloody Norah ,keep your hair on man I’m just making conversation .Here shove over a bit and I’ll sit there .The dogs' not too keen.”

Tod: “ Aye well you’ve brought a right bastard day I’ll tell you. Me battery's flat and our Jessie’s mate was supposed to pick us up after we lead the flock up to Harkers. Don’t suppose you’ve got a ‘phone?”

Oz: “ Yes. Do you want to use it?”

Tod: “ Yes ta.” He took the proffered ‘phone , made a short call and handed it back. ” Thanks for that mate. I guess you’ll be staying at the posh place belonging to that fellah that lives in Spain?”

Oz: “ You don’t miss much do you Tod? “

Tod :” Not much young’un. Haven’t seen you around here but you sound a bit Tyneside, Gateshead maybe?”

Oz: “ No but not far away. Haven’t been back there in years .Worked away a lot see.”

Tod: “ Aye ,well it happens. There I can hear our lift coming .Do you want to come back with us?”

Oz : “ Nah ,it’s ok Tod I need to do a bit more walking see. I need the exercise. “

Tod: “ Please yersel mate ,sounds like a load of bollocks to me mind . Tell you what I’ll drop the dog off and buy you a pint if you like?”

Oz: “ Aye ,go on then .I’ll walk back from the pub. It’s the George and Dragon ?”

Tod: “ It is. That’ll be your exercise then.”

Dennis is sharing a batch of his famous Mojito formula with Dagmar. Dennis insists it’s more like a debrief when Dagmar asks questions.

Dagmar: “ Yes Dennis I know he was receptive but what was agreed?”

Dennis: “ I think I’m getting better at this you know, the last lot was too much like a vegetarian thingy .”

Dagmar: “ Dennis, what did Kenny say?”

Dennis: “ He thinks it’s an ok idea so let’s make a plan.”

Pru is trying hard to calm Neville.

Pru: “ Nev, Detlef is level headed .You should leave him be. He’s trying to help. At least he has shown how big a problem this is. He knows he’ll need help and thinks Chris might have bodies to throw at it.”

Neville: “ Yes, you’re right of course, it’s just I can’t get past what might have happened to Debs .I just said I don’t think he should leave her alone right now.

Pru: “ It doesn’t mean he will definitely have to go ,no one is sure yet that Tatiana has followed Zoe or that she really is headed to Guatemala. In any event that’s a terrifically long way from the Black Sea. It will be weeks especially if it’s by sea, you know, think the Med then the Atlantic then the Caribbean.”

Barry is sitting with Kenny with a glass in his hand.

Kenny: “ Feeling any easier Barry?”

Barry: “ A little Kenny .Your facilities in the limo came in very handy. So can you explain what’s up with Stefano?”

Kenny: “ I explained we have this understanding from way back .If either of us were in bother the “ I am otherwise engaged “ was our way of indicating we had a problem. I have put in hand various actions on the basis I am correct it is one or more of those greedy toads behind the Varna debacle.”

Barry: “ But what’s that got to do with Stefano?”

Kenny: “ Stefano put himself in harms way by accident. Someone found out he had been in touch with one of Father Bens' informants and put two and two together and made five. They think he played a part in scuppering the container job. It’s ok we will have him free before the end of the day. I’ve called in some favours and been generous with the spondoolicks as Oz calls it.”