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The Wonders of Oz

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:32 pm

Barry: “You’ve lost me Kenny. Why has Stefano been taken?”

Kenny: “ Stefano knew Tatiana and Zoe weren’t involved with the container business , he’d already figured that out from what Ben’s informant had told him. But Stefano was careless , maybe someone saw him or more likely he was followed after he had seen Ben’s informant. Anyway it’s in hand , we’ll have him back shortly. So, you had a text?”

Barry: “ Yes, and my friends have also been alerted to her plight. She wants Detlef to get involved, since she has made herself person non grata with the local plods.”

Kenny: “ So your idea about leaflets and putting up posters at the stations and airport did not go down well with the police?”

Barry: “ It did not .Can we not make contact with someone local who could help? Do Stefano or Father Ben have colleagues in the area?”

Kenny : “ Sure , I’ll get on it straight away . What are you planning to do now Barry?”

Barry: “ I must to talk to Detlef , I’m concerned Tatiana doesn’t seem to be picking up my messages. We may find we have to put up pictures of her as well. At some point I will need to return Akio's call as well. I guess the purchase I made for Stefano will be in safe hands?"

Oz is in the George and Dragon sat next to Tod .

Oz: “ I wasn’t thinking mate ,I just slung on a coat and set off.” He was wringing out his socks and put his trainers on a radiator to dry out.

Tod: “ Like I said wrong shoes. So ,Oz where have you been recently?”

Oz: “ Mainly Spain, trying to set up a building business with some mates.”

Tod: “ Didn’t think you were landed gentry like.” Across the bar they could hear laughter and raised voices. Tod looked across and rolled his eyes.” Oh shit it’s our local Braveheart. Don’t make eye contact whatever you do.”

There was the sound of broken glass and everyone looked round. Braveheart asked for another round from the bar and noticed Tod looking in his direction.

“ Oo it’s the sheep shagger, get back up the hill. Nowt for you down here.”

Tod: “ Oz, just ignore him, he’s always been a drunken twat.” Unfortunately Braveheart had set off in their direction and picked up on Tod’s last remark. He was swinging a punch at Tod until Oz stood up and grabbed his arm which was when Tod’s mate smashed a bottle across Oz’s back.

Oz: “ Look pal, I don’t want any aggro so just leave it . Why don’t you and your girlfriend just piss off eh?"

Braveheart: “ Ahm no your pal, wanker, try this for size.” He aimed a punch at Oz’s head. Oz immediately went to autopilot.

Oz: “ Wanker? Wanker? and this from a puff who’s lost his skirt?” Tod winced , he knew what was about to happen.

Later the landlord and some of the regulars were picking up chairs and sweeping up the broken glass.

Tod: “ Sorry about this Gerry but you know what he’s like. I’m glad you understand. They’re the coppers problem now.”

Gerry: “ No no, not to worry bonny lad .If it hadn’t been for you and your mate it could have been a lot worse. Next time your over Oz drop in for a pint on the house.”

Oz: “ Thanks for that. I try to avoid trouble these days. Anyway I’ll see you all .Cheerio.”

Tod: “ We’ll give you a lift back to your digs.”

As the land rover pulled into the drive they could see a car parked at the front doors.

Oz: “ Oh shit .I hope it’s not the fuzz.”

Tod: “ No, I know the local bobby, it’s not his car.”

Oz: “ Whoever it is they have a key . Just wait here Tod.” Oz bounded up the steps but before he reached the top, the door opened. It was Vicky.

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by Tracy » Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:10 am

"Vicky !" :lol:

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:06 pm

On Kenny’s advice Barry asked Pru if Anna could stay a little longer as he still had his hands full trying to locate Tatiana .She agreed but only on condition he came over to re assure a by now very distraught young girl.

Kenny:” Barry my old son I think you should stay here until this is resolved. If I’d known how things were I would never have volunteered you for the Turkish adventure.”

Barry: “ I was only too pleased to help Kenny ,but though I may seem unconcerned it’s been a worry for months. After Kadi disappeared from our lives, Zoe loomed larger which makes a sort of sense since she represents all that’s left of Tatiana’s old life. She would say I am the stability she needs, and yet in truth she still needs a kind of excitement I can’t give her, although I try.”

Kenny: “ I don’t know what to say Barry, I have set Stefano’s people to work, but it will take time. My guess is she’s still in the Varna area but perhaps not for much longer. You said Detlef told Pru more help would be needed?”

Barry: “ Yes . He says when a trail goes cold it needs a forensic approach and we don’t have that kind of trained help, but our friends at CWN do.”

Kenny: “ So our Chris is riding to the rescue ? ”

Barry: “ Indeed. He also suggested we not say anything to Tatiana just yet about the Guatamala connection.”

Kenny: “ I see. I know what he’s doing is unofficial but I guess he’ll let his old outfit know what he uncovers about the trafficking ?”

Barry: “ Yes Pru said as much. She also reminded me there are so many victims, young girls as well as older women. Most become addicts if they aren’t already ,and we are all aware of what happened to Tina ,Wymans old flame. When they outlive their usefulness……”

Kenny: “ Barry there’s nothing more you can do right now, why don’t you go to see Anna?”

Barry: “ I’ll do that right after I get in touch with Akio.”

Kenny: “ He said he’d be coming over I’ll ‘phone him now if you like?”

Barry: “ Great, thanks Kenny.”

Tatiana had drawn another blank at Varna airport. No one recognised Zoe’s picture and it had been the same at the bus terminus. She made her way to the railway station and had her first stroke of luck. The receptionist had just come on duty and looked at the photo and nodded.” Yes I do remember her , but not here in the station.” Her English was poor but her Russian was better.

Tatiana: “ So where did you see her?”

Receptionist: “ It was late ,I was coming off my shift. There is a night club over there and I pass it on my way home. This was two or three days ago. There was shouting , I looked over and see her with three men. They has shaven heads and tattoos , there are many gangs like this. I think she is in for trouble when they all go in a van down that road toward the docks. “

Tatiana:” You are certain of this?”

Receptionist: “ Yes,I have no reason to lie.”

Tatiana: “ Thank you very much, have a drink on me.” She handed the girl the last of her banknotes and headed off towards the port.

She passed by several tourist viewpoints and came to the entrance to the dock area. There was a uniformed presence at the gate to whom she presented Zoe’s picture. His Russian was excellent .

“Yes madam there is an enormous container area just over there to your left which I reckon is where the van would be heading. No use going there though missus all that lot were cleared out yesterday.”

Tatiana was exhausted. She hadn’t stopped for days .She felt sick about what may have happened to Zoe, and now was experiencing feelings of remorse for Anna and Barry. Her thoughts were in turmoil. If only Zoe hadn’t behaved like Zoe .Tatiana had repeatedly covered up for her misdemeanours and yelled at Barry when he said it was a waste of time. Sometimes they had found her drunk in a bar or like the last time passed out with a bunch of Spanish sailors. This time it was different. She warned her to keep her nose out of the business with the containers. She definitely needed help now. If only Kadi had been here….

Akio: “ Well good morning Barry.” He bowed from the waist and handed Barry his card.

Barry: “ Thankyou Akio, my card.” Barry reciprocated bowing from the waist and a little lower which he knew Akio would appreciate.

Akio: “ Kenny says there have been some developments and that our friend Detlef is involved?”

Barry: “ That is true but first please will you take tea with me?”

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by Tracy » Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:41 am

Tea ? What that Ginseng loike ? :P

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:11 pm

During the flight to Varna Kenny Brown gave Detlef chapter and verse on the “off book guys” that Chris was able to call on.

Kenny: “ It’s always been straightforward , anytime there was a situation , you know Cape Verde , exchanging Moxey. It’s always been down to Chris, and he never involves anyone else at CWN.”

Detlef: “ I guess I still haven’t got used to his ,what can I call it ,his generosity. Anything to do with Wyman I get that, he’s family, but this thing is stretching the family ties don’t you think including this flight ?”

Kenny: “ Hey I’m just the hired help and don’t forget I have the extra, federal agenda .I have to take a wider view Detlef. But all the time I’ve known the guy he’s always been generous and when Wyman came on the scene he naturally did everything you would expect a brother to do as well.”

Detlef: “ So Kenny, from what we know up to now it’s a cold trail and we’re going to need extra bodies courtesy of Chris. It'll be easier to assess when we get there.”

They headed for the last place Tatiana had been seen , the hotel in Varna. The receptionist refused to let them look at the room she’d taken . It had a new occupant who was sleeping. Kenny looked at Detlef and shook his head.

Detlef: “ I guess we’re in for some real plod work .Let’s just retrace her steps, she went to the airport which we’ve covered, she did the bus and railway stations. We know she hasn’t used her mobile for days but has used the company credit card.”

Kenny: “ Let’s go kimu sabe.”

Detlef: “ Kimu sabe?”

Kenny: “ Hi ho Silver?”

Detlef: “ Ok Tonto I’m with you.”

Barry: “ So my friend you believe there is a Chinese connection?”

Akio: “ Yes. For over a year we piece together the routes the parts follow, the weapons, the drugs and the human traffic . The business at Varna showed that the Bulgarian’s weapons originate with a Chinese supplier who is known to us. So a lucrative trade across Europe ends in the Caribbean with excellent access to the Americas.”

Barry: “ Would this latest activity be related in any way to last years’ events involving Frazer and Pearce?”

Akio: “ Yes it is another part of the big picture we are painting . There is another connectionas well .To you Barry-san.”

Barry: “ I get the feeling I’m not going to like this Akio?”

Akio: “ We have observed a link to your previous exploits on behalf of Father Ben.”

Barry : “ You mean retrieving the artefacts from outside a certain church?”

Akio: “ Indeed. I must ask that you are not offended if I ask Barry-san , how well do you and your colleagues know Father Ben?”

Barry: “ We know he is a friend of Kenny Ames and has provided intel to Ames Security business for years as has Prince Stefano. Why do you ask?”

Akio: “ Our current hypothesis is that your retrieval of the artefact under the noses of a certain Bulgarian group was considered not only to be like stealing from them at a personal level, but also to be insulting in the extreme resulting in great loss of face. This is bad Barry-san.”

Barry: “ Are you hinting that we were played Akio?”

Akio: “ I am very sorry but I believe you were, and also that Stefano was spirited away in reprisal for the actions of Father Beneficio. Moreover you and your friends may also have incurred the wrath of these people .If ,as we suspect and friend Detlef may yet prove, they have Tatiana her relationship to you and to Zoe represents a windfall to them.”

Dagmar is talking with Pru.

Dagmar: “ Hello Pru I trust everything is fine with you and Neville?”

Pru: “Hi Dagmar, yes we are in the best of health. I take it you know himself is joining Wyman in Arizona?”

Dagmar: “ I do, in fact it’s a current topic of conversation in the Patterson household .”

Pru: “ Neville told me that he reckons Moxey will be going as well after he gets back from Scotland with Guy and Beatrice.”

Dagmar: “ Well that will be three of the gang in one place. However have you had any word from the other team in the field, the last I heard from Detlef was when they landed in Varna.”

Pru: “ All I heard today was that Chris had agreed to send more help .They are hoping that when they find Tatiana she will be able to tell them what happened to her sister.”

Dagmar: “ For what it’s worth you remember when we had a problem with unauthorised use of the company credit card ,well it’s happened again .”

Pru: “ I should think Ames Security will be able to trace where and when with some precision. I’ll let Kenny know.”

About two miles outside the Chocanaw reservation the celebrations for the completion of phase one of the Saugus Project had just finished and Chip was talking to Nev and Wyman.

Chip: “ This thing has grown legs my friends.The tribal council has been approached by the Navajo and the Apache for more information about our work here.”

Wyman: “ That’s good news isn’t it Chip?”

Chip: “ You know our council ,there are some who still don’t like the transporter bridge in spite of the benefits it has brought us.”

Neville: “ I bet I know who one of them will be .” They all laughed.

Chip: “ I wish that Joe could have lived to see this. That’s all he ever wanted you know, I came to realise that eventually, I'd had difficulty seeing past our personal problems.”

Wyman: “ I’m sure he would be over the moon at the effect it’s had on your youngsters. Mel told me the council have figures to show how the number leaving has fallen .”

Neville: “We saw the same thing in Cuba ,it happened more quickly than anyone thought.”

Wyman: “ The building programme has two benefits it seems to me. I can speak with some experience here as someone who learned from the ground up. It gives them the chance to learn a practical skill and help create affordable homes.”

Neville: “ Dear me lad you’ll be standing for parliament next.”

Wyman: “ I heard that we might be getting one of the team back in the next week or so.”

Neville: “ I’m guessing that’ll be Moxey?”

Wyman: “ Anyone heard how Oz’s doing since he went back to the UK?”

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by Tracy » Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:05 am

With the sun's artificial rays, Barry-san can get a fake tan ! 8-)

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