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Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:58 pm
by Tracy
Good heavens, what ever next ?! :o

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 9:17 am
by 936trt
Dennis and Nev had met up with Moxey in the bar of the new Leisure Dome.

Neville: " Gee Whiz this is something else Mox.Was it Chrissy's idea to go so high end?"

Moxey: " Actually the details are all down to Dagmar and Tatiana.You should see the spa area .You remember the A1 Motel in Middlesbrough?"

Dennis: " Yes,why ? "

Moxey: " Well it's the exact opposite."

Neville: " As usual Mox you're full of useless information."

Dennis: " Load of bollocks Moxey.I take it you mean it's very smart?"

Moxey: " Yes. Anyway , Nev I heard that you and Pru are moving into a very smart place down here somewhere?"

Neville: " Well yes .We thought it was time we got our own spot .It was very kind of Oz but I agreed with Pru, the twins are not every ones cup of tea especially at night. "

Dennis: " Dagmar told me you and Chrissy have already planned a place of your own?"

Moxey: " I told you that Den, over a week ago.Yes. We both think it makes more sense and any way I think when Oz gets back he may be getting some new inmates."

Neville has just downed his beer.

Neville: " That's not bad even if it's on the gassy side.Fancy another lads?"

Dennis: " Aye why not .So Moxey who is it he's bringing to the house and by the way where the hell is Oz.I haven't seen him for ages .He said he'd only be gone a few days?"

Barry has just walked into the bar with Dagmar and Tatiana .

Barry: " Hellooo lads ,are we in time for a tincture?"

Neville: " Aye ,I'm in the chair what do you want?"

Dagmar: " I heard your question Dennis and I think it was to do with Fraser.He'd had an email from Heather."

Moxey: " Anything to do with him is always bound to mean problems of some sort."

Barry: "Tatiana said she had a message from Ofelia asking if she knew where Oz was. She hadn't heard from him and thinks he's playing away from home."

Dennis: " Maybe Vicky might know?"

Dagmar: " I don't think it would be a good idea to contact Vicky. Chances are she does not know and would start to worry and I think Kenny is not in such good health."

Neville: " There you go three beers, and four mojito's .Correct?"

Barry: " Excellento my good man.So who is Oz installing in the castle?"

Heather and Oz have made their way on board and see a familiar face.

Bobby: " Good to see you both .There are some people waiting .Please follow me."

Bobby introduced their fellow passengers.

Bobby: " Ms Lane I would like to introduce Prince Stefano de Montecatini. He has been can I say ,instrumental in certain recent events ."

Heather: " I am pleased to make your acqaintance Prince...." She was interrupted." Please just call me Stefano, everyone does."

Bobby: " Moving on this is Greig who you both saw at the FCO meeting recently.This very tanned gentleman next to him is Kenny Brown who has taken a great risk to be here."

Kenny: " Hi, I have met with several of your friends before now . Wyman asks to be remembered to you Oz."

Bobby: " Finally the gentleman who has perhaps the most pressing interest in the fate of our guest below decks ,Mr Mbutha for whom we owe thanks for helping with the relocation of Fraser to Cape Verde."

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 8:15 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 1:10 pm
by 936trt
Barry is about halfway through his mojito when Chrissy walks in and sits down with a huge sigh of relief.

Moxey: " What's up pet,difficult morning?"

Chrissy: " I guess that's my mojito?" She picked up the glass and downed about half of it." Oh that's good ,I needed that .After the call I've had from Cal it makes me wonder why I bother. Somebody playing silly buggers at CWN over the sale of Chrysalis.They don't think our Blues Cruise is pc because it goes from Tampa to the Caymans. I ask you. So I told Cal to tell them to stuff it."

Moxey: " It's not worth getting upset petal.Here I'll get you another.Anyone else?"

Stefano took Heathers hand and lead the way to Bobby's galley where some food was laid out.

Bobby: " Tuck in my friends .If you need anything just ask,I'll let you get on ."

Stefano: " Can I suggest that we let Kenneth Mbutha give us a short update on the events which brought us all here? Kenneth?"

Mbutha: " I'm very pleased to be able to put my version to you .It's all too easy, I know, to make assumptions about small African countries and Aid monies.For the record I do not have a fleet of jumbo jets,or a vineyard in France or any of the other things you may have been told. Mr Fraser, together with Lord Smith and a gentleman from the UN orchestrated a scheme to access my countries mineral wealth ,but not to our advantage. Some funds were transferred to Mr Fraser to cover his so-called consultancy which in turn was covered by the UN aid.It transpires they have been doing this for years,and not only in Africa.Most recently I believe they have tried to make similar investments in rare earths in the Caribbean. This has not occurred in isolation or without the knowledge of certain governments. For some years the systematic destabilisation of regimes for monetary and political gain has been at the top of the list for such as the FBI,CIA and the British intelligence sector. I have been involved myself and together with Stefano's colleague Mr Ames, we were able ,quite recently ,to get a much bigger picture . You may already be aware that I am pointing the finger at CWN. Stefano tells me that Mr Osborne and Heather Lane have recently come to more or less the same conclusion.Heather can you add to this?"

Heather: " I can add very little Kenneth, except to say that we are in agreement." She turned to Oz. "Agree Oz?"

Oz: " Yes .If I can add that you have filled in some of the blanks for me Mr Mbutha. We had a lot of facts ,all pointing in that direction and with the recent finding that Fraser and the Stille brothers have an interest in uranium ,it makes sense. Mr Ames's friend ,Solly from the Wiesenthal group gave us a push in the same direction."

Heather: " Can someone tell me how the extraction came about?"

Greig: " We had intel that Fraser was going to be lifted.Kenny passed on the message that CWN were worried Fraser was a liability.Through Ames security we learned that a team was in transit to spring him so I asked Kenny if there was anything he could do.None of our chaps were available at such short notice."

Kenny: " I was able to activate a spec ops group on their way back from another job.They located and terminated the bad guys before turning up at Cape Verde with orders to get all three of you. Incidentally the under secretary and his PA were not party to this . Someone will have to console the gentleman.I gather he can be a pain in the ass as well as the arse."

Stefano: " Now that we have him we must get him to reveal the game plan at CWN .I know he has Mafia and Yakusa affiliations certainly in the Carribbean area. Some names would be a good start.Heather?"

Heather: " The problem is always gauging if what we get is the truth. I suggest we start by asking him things we already know."

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Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 9:43 pm
by Tracy
That's the longest speech I've ever heard Mbutha make ! :roll:

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Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 1:02 pm
by 936trt
Barry: " So what's all this about inmates at the castle?"

Moxey: " Aye that's what I heard."

Tatiana: " She told me a few days back she was not happy with Oz being away, and that her mother was not well."

Dagmar: " I had a message from her this morning to say her mother is much improved and did I know where Oz is. He does not answer his 'phone. I told her he was away on business and maybe had no signal. Her mother had been very angry with her and told her find her husband and stay with him."

Barry: " Dear me ,Oz will be over the moon when he finds this out. So these are the guests Moxey was on about?"

Barry glanced through the window to see Anna waving at him and looking a bit tearful. He put down his drink and dashed outside.

Barry : " What on earth is wrong my pet, why are you crying?"

Anna: " Dad I just heard that something bad is going to happen to uncle Neville."

Barry : " If this is one of your jokes young lady it's not funny ,what are you playing at?" She started to cry and looked down at her feet.

Anna: " I saw your friend again ,the one that lives with the indians .He said I must tell you to take care and there are some who wish us ill, also tell Moxey to keep the Chocanaw special handy. I'm not sure what that means."

Barry: " Come here Anna you must be frightened to death." He gave her a big hug and they walked back to the bar.

Fraser was sat at a table in a small room with one rather dim light.The door opened , Heather walked in and sat in one of the two chairs opposite . His eyes opened wide when he recognised Heather from their previous meeting.

Fraser: " Well, well we meet again." He smiled and made to reach for her hand." You have come to explain what a terrible mistake has been made I expect."

Heather: " Perhaps you haven't understood Mr Fraser. There has been no mistake,you are here to explain yourself and maybe, just maybe there is a chance to regain your freedom."

Fraser: " You of all people must be aware who I am and what resources I can bring to bear if I am not released immediately."

Heather: " I can see this is going to be difficult for you. Listen to me carefully. If we consider there is something of value in that tiny mind of yours it may work in your favour. Personally I doubt it but there are others with different ideas. For example our friend Solly is keen to know what you can tell us about the recent movements of the Stille brothers." Fraser was taken completely unaware and Heather noted with some pleasure the mention of the Stille's had shaken him.

Fraser: " I have no idea what you mean and I warn you again, let me go now or you will live to regret it." He rose to his feet , Heather walked quickly to his side of the table and delivered one blow with the heel of her hand. He fell over bacwards nursing a bleeding nose.

Heather: " I'm telling you again Mr Fraser,you are here to explain yourself and I will ask the questions. I should point out that Solly has some friends at Langley who really can bring resources to bear."

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Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 6:02 pm
by Tracy
King hit Heather ! :evil:

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Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 11:31 am
by 936trt
Chrissy had just finished a call from Bob Smith.

Chrissy: " Moxey, I've decided to go with Bob's suggestion .You remember he said the other day do we need to do the deal with CWN? We can offer the shares on the open market."

Moxey: " I take it he's done this before?"

Chrissy: " Yes ,and a big advantage is we can choose who we sell to."

Chrissy's 'phone rang.

Chrissy: " Hello Wyman.Where are you?"

Wyman: " Driving from the airport."

Chrissy: " Come to the office and we can grab a bite."

Wyman: " Any idea when Oz is back?"

Chrissy: No.I guess you can't get him either?"

Wyman: " No.It'll have to wait I'll see you in a bit. Cheers mum."

Chrissy was waiting at reception and watched as they parked the car. She came running out when she saw Mai holding Mel's hand.

Chrissy: " I was hoping you would all be coming, why didn't you tell me Wyman?" She bent down to get a closer look at Mai." Good grief girl you have grown, but I bet you're hungry?" Mai smiled and shook her head.

Mai: " We had something on the airplane aunty Chrissy." Chrissy's face went blank,she stood up and turned to face Wyman.

Chrissy: " Wyman what have you been telling this child, that I'm her aunty?"

Mel: " Chrissy don't be angry ,no one has been telling her anything. Maybe that's the problem . She is being polite is all." Mel turned to look at Wyman. It was too late .Chrissy had stormed off and was headed to her office at high speed. " Wy man you had better go after her and sort this out.You know what she needs to be told."

Debbie has 'phoned Dagmar.

Debbie: " Hi Dagmar ,do you have a few minutes ,I need to ask about Detlef ? "

Dagmar: " Of course Debbie , is something wrong?"

Debbie: " I don't like asking it seems disloyal, but I think something's going on at work. Has he said anything to you or Dennis?"

Dagmar: " No he hasn't , I think he would tell you first if there was a problem."

Debbie: " These last few weeks he's been working very long hours and covering a lot of miles. He did say he'd bumped into Heather Lane last month which I thought was a bit unusual."

Dagmar: " It's probably nothing pet but I'll have a word with Dennis and one of us will get back to you.Don't worry."

Vicky was talking with Helga about Kenny's latest blood test results.

Vicky: " I'm not an expert Helga but you have to admit there's been a huge improvement these last weeks."

Helga: " Indeed .I would not have believed it .This new doctor from Florida has made an enormous difference.We must keep on with the diet and medications. He is due to come over shortly I think?"

Vicky: " Yes,it's part of the protocol as he he calls it. A load of vitamins, anti oxidants and the special diet and excluding all the other stuff he was taking .There's no mistaking the changes in these test figures. Kenny is over the moon,it's the first positive sign we've had for months if not years."

Nev and Pru are chatting over a meal with Den and Dagmar.

Pru: " As I understand it this is not the first time that Anna has seen Bomber?"

Dennis: " Nah,when we were over in Arizona was the first time I think.In fact we all saw him ,it was a bit weird 'cos we found out he'd died shortly before."

Neville: " The Chocanaws ,take a relaxed view about this ,it's not frightening for them and I just remember that Bomber wouldn't never have hurt a fly.He seems to make an appearance whenever there's a problem,like he's looking out for us."

Dagmar: " This time she says uncle Neville should take care and Moxey have his knife to hand?"

Pru: " Well bearing in mind our current situation maybe not such bad advice."

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Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 2:48 am
by Tracy
Aunty Chrissy ? Don't like the sound of this. :(

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Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 12:04 pm
by 936trt
Oz and Heather are having coffee at breakfast.

Heather: " Well this is Frasers second day of incarceration. I wonder if he's worked out his next move yet?"
They both laughed.

Oz: " You know my opinion pet,he's always had his own way and a few days on his own won't change that."

Heather: " You heard Greig explain the interrogation techniques and I agreed we should give it a go.I've seen it work before. He will be wondering how much we know and we can use that."

Oz: " Detlef told Kenny that Ross has narrowed down the whereabouts of Frasers dodgy solicitors.He said something about an algorithm?" Heather laughed.

Heather: " Now that's something that would frighten Fraser. " They both laughed again. "He'll be able to tell we've changed course but that's all.I'll tell Greig it's his turn and he's not to go empty handed."

Greig was escorted to Fraser's room below decks and took a seat opposite as the door closed behind him.

Greig: " Good morning Mr Fraser I have been tasked with this early chat and would emphasise that your compliance with our very reasonable request is paramount to your continued rude health. Do I make myself clear?"

Fraser: " Do I know you?"

Greig: " You do not sir ." The deck moved slightly as Sara Victoria changed her heading.The sound of the engines was louder down here than Greig anticipated. " That's good ,we've changed course so it won't be too long now."

Fraser: " Where are we going?" Greig chuckled.

Greig: " Now don't you go trying to get me in trouble. You know I can't tell you that. So , about our very reasonable requests Mr. Fraser?"

Fraser: " Piss off.You are all going to be so sorry when my friends arrive ."

Greig: " Is that so Mr Fraser. Well we haven't seen them up to now .Have we?"

Fraser: " I'll have them attend to you first you daft twat."

Greig: " I see, I take that to mean you are refusing to co operate?"

Fraser: " Are you deaf as well as daft, bugger off."

Greig had retrieved a specimen tube from his pocket and held it in plain sight of Fraser. Fraser's eyes were naturally drawn to the glass ampoule.

Greig: " Very well Mr Fraser. I have here a species of taenia, a tape worm. This is a special one found in pigs.It is special because it's one of the few things known to live in the human brain." Fraser was shaking his head and started to laugh.

Fraser: " If you think you're going to frighten me with stuff like this think again you prat.Anyway none of you lot have the bottle for this kind of game."

Greig: " As I was explaining . This wee fellow actually feeds on brain matter and the resulting behaviour of the host as brain functions are lost or modified , is on record. It is not something we should dwell on. So ,Mr Fraser do I need to go on?"

Fraser: " Get lost."

Greig: " Well I do like a challenge.Would you care to see him?" Greig held the tube up and made to remove the stopper.

Fraser: " Get away you bastard."

Greig: " Don't worry .I am not qualified to do this but there is someone with the skills. He will be along shortly."

Up in a room directly above Frasers Oz and Heather have been watching.

Oz : " Bloody hell , I'm not sure about this Heather. I didn't expect he would just spill his guts ,but the fact he's been fed and watered probably makes him think we're soft ? "

Heather: " This, from the guy who suggested waterboarding? "

Oz: " Let's hope he talks eh?"

Stuart the chef had changed into a blue short sleeved shirt and was carrying a small case when he was let into Fraser's room. He introduced himself put down the case and retrieved a pair of rubber gloves and a number of leather straps.

Fraser: "So your name is Stuart and what do you do?"

Stuart: " Among other things I cover first aid. I was a medic in the army. " He walked over to Fraser and checked his wrists were still bound, and picked him up and laid him on the table. Fraser was beginning to get worried.When Stuart began to tie him to the table he started to struggle. " These straps will stop you hurting yourself sir. Please keep still."

Fraser was yelling at the top of his voice as Stuart opened his case ." You bastards, you can't do this it's ,it's..."

Stuart: " It's what sir?" Stuart turned to show Fraser a pair of stainless steel tweezers.

Fraser: " Ok ,ok what do you want to know. Don't bring that bloody thing near me."

Stuart stopped ,put the tweezers back in the case and left.

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Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 7:45 pm
by Tracy
Dont like the sound of this Oz !

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Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 11:03 am
by 936trt
Heather and Greig had been the better part of an hour with radio and 'phone messages , emerged on deck in brilliant sunshine to join Oz , Kenny and Stefano.

Oz: " Well then pet have we won?"

Heather: " The wheels are in motion ." She shouted "Bobby come and join us,we're going to celebrate."

Kenny: " When you say we've won Heather what does that mean , you know I will still theoretically, be employed by CWN?"

Heather: " Ross is working on a way to access what we still need from Frasers attorneys .He thinks the Caymans, not Florida by the way. We need to be quick because once it becomes obvious Fraser has 'fessed they'll head for the hills."

Greig: " A word of caution Heather. I have the feeling that Mr.F. was relieved when he answered our questions,especially those relating to the Stilles."

Heather: " I bow to your superior experience in these matters but I hope you're not saying he held back anything?"

Greig: " No, I would like to think his relief came from giving them up.Frasers generation has reason to loathe what the Stilles represent after all."

Heather: " Perhaps. However we now need to plan how best to proceed . Oz what are your thoughts?"

Oz: " I guess we can realise Kenny Ames' dream and let Solly's guys know for a start."

Heather: "We already know what will happen if Fraser's guys think he's dead. Let's work around that."

Stefano: " Might I interject?"

Heather: "Certainly Stefano."

Stefano: " This opportunity was in large part down to Kenneth Mbuthas good offices. If we can arrange reparations it could restore his reputation and the work he initiated in his country through the UN could be continued?"

Greig: " I had thought along similar lines because the UN will be very happy to go along and bury the bad PR along with the last incumbent and his friendly peer."

Heather: " Can we leave that to you Greig, Kenneth will be pleased to hear that. Where is he by the way?"

Stefano: " He's fishing off the stern.Doesn't get much chance with his day job."

Oz: " So I take it there is a way to access the man's ill gotten gains and put right some of Fraser's wrongs?"

Greig: " Oz I must point out that my superiors will not be unaware of the wider picture. There would be trouble down the road if they thought the proceeds of illegal activities had been redistributed in an ad hoc fashion."

Oz: " Bollocks Greig.We all know what a bastard Fraser is and now he's caught maybe there are some friends in high places shitting themselves because of what he has on them. If Ross can get a grip of Frasers black books, well we could be laughing teacakes couldn't we?"

Heather: " Oz I hope you are not suggesting we use Frasers intel in am immoral way?"

Oz: " Perish the thought petal."

Dennis has just finished a call with Detlef.As he made his way back into the castle he could see that Dagmar had been watching from the patio .At the look on Den's face she feared the worst. Dennis looked up at her and gave a sigh.

Dagmar: " Dennis ,please tell me it is good news?"

Dennis: "Well bonny lass it's not what we were both thinking,he's not breaking Debbies heart, we both know really he's not that sort of lad."

Dagmar: " I can see from your face that is not the whole story. Tell me Dennis."

Dennis: " I don't think he would have said anything if I hadn't told him that Debbie was really upset. What he did say is that he's not playing away from home and I believe him.The problem is he has another job and he's in a similar hole to the one Nev was in back in Cuba.He's sick of it and wants out."

Dagmar: " So what is he doing?"

Dennis: " His immediate boss is Heather Lane."

Wyman ran after Chrissy unsure of how to explain and feeling guilty at how hurt she had looked.

Wyman: " Chrissy, Chrissy, stop I need to explain. Slow down mum."

Chrissy turned around and faced him and for the first time in years Wyman saw his mother in tears.

Chrissy: " I know I'm selfish. I always said I wanted a little girl and it isn't fair for me to take it out on you, but Mai is my blood too." She burst into tears again.Wyman put an arm around her." I had a little girl when I was a teenager,but she died."

Wyman : " I didn't know . I'm really sorry. But there's nothing either of us can do about that now but listen to me mum, there are other sides to this you know. Everyone wants the best for Mai ,as they see it. Ever since the Bridge went up their life has been turned around.Everything that Joe wanted has happened ,the schools and roads ,the hospitals ,the retirement schemes.But ,and it's a big but there are more Chocanaws outside Arizona than in the reservation.The tribe is dying,the young people are still leaving and not coming back.It's just like the lads said about the north east back in the day, it happens all over.The tribal council are trying to preserve their way of life and they don't want me to stop Mai from learning about her heritage.They say if I take her away she will forget her native american family, and I can see their point.The tribe will take the place of her mother so she will learn about their customs and history as she grows up.You must remember what Uncle Percy told you years ago?"

Chrissy: " It's not the same ,there was nothing in Jamaica for my dad then.Have you agreed to this?"

Wyman: " I have a solution I think."

Chrissy: " What's that then?"

Wyman:" I can go to live in Arizona to be with Mai and at least be part of her growing up."

Chrissy: " There must be another way son."

Wyman: " I don't see I have a choice realistically. After all I like the people, and can see their point of view. Yet Mel is against it she says I'm giving in to the elders on the Council. So I have an idea .They can't all be croupiers and chalet maids, if there was an alternative I'm sure some would jump at it. I reckon I could start a scheme like the one I worked on with the lads in the OED ."

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Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 5:58 pm
by Tracy
Laughing teacakes ??? What the bollocks ? :lol:

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Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 9:19 am
by 936trt
Oz has been telling the lads about events on Cape Verde.

Dennis: " But these headlines Oz ,there's one says "Nazi plotters own uranium mine" and another " World safety threatened by international network" .What the hell's been going on ?"

Oz: " It's mainly bollocks Den, you know what the papers are like.The best one for me is " Chance holiday snap leads Nazi hunter to success." After all it was Moxey's presence of mind that gave Solly what he needed."

Neville: " Aye we know that Oz but what about Fraser?"

Oz: " You know that he's been on the FBI wanted list for ages so when the opportunity came it was too good a chance to miss, teamwork really."

Moxey: " Sounds like bollocks to me Oz, I mean how did you get to this place anyway?"

Barry: " Can we assume that Fraser was taken somewhere to be questioned?"

Oz: " Yes and it might sound like bollocks but it's true.Most of this is privileged information,you know Official Secrets Act and so on , but we were'nt the only ones after him.All I can say is we got him,he spilled his guts and is now a guest of the FBI somewhere.The breakthrough for us was finding Frasers safety deposit box.Kenny Browns' mates visited a place on the Caymans ,and they convinced the people to hand it over. I don't know how but I'm told they are persuasive where necessary."

Barry: " I find it amazing that Fraser just did as he was told.Why would he do that Oz?"

Moxey: " You didn't offer him a bung did you?"

Oz: " Definitely not and we have to thank Kenny Brown again.He had some of his colleagues arrange Frasers abduction,along with me and Heather."

Dennis: " Wasn't Kenny taking a risk knowing Fraser was in with CWN, he has been working for them for years?"

Oz: " Aye but we reckon Kenny could see the writing on the wall .He knew Chris and Wyman were both in the crosshairs and this was the perfect opportunity to bring it to a head."

Chrissy: " Wyman never said anything about this Oz?"

Oz: " I don't think Chris told anyone about it Chrissy. He must have been having hassle ever since he met up with Wyman and then, when Ulrich and the Stille's found out Wyman is the major beneficiary in Chris's will ,the trouble really started."

Barry: " You still haven't said why Fraser offered to tell all."

Oz: " Well we didn't waterboard him if that's what you think."

Chrissy: "Is Wyman safe Oz?"

Oz: " The really bad guys are already behind bars courtesy of Solly, and herr Ulrich is helping the Argentinian authorities with their enquiries. CWN is too big to fail we have been told and will carry on as before except that the plans for world domination of the metals markets are shelved. Derek,Ross and Barbara are on it and will keep us informed if anything should surface. Remember this is high profile stuff and the FBI and others are all over it like a rash."

Dagmar: " Is Detlef at risk because of anything he did?"

Oz : " In a word pet, no. It was Detlef who came over here to help Vicky you recall ,and found CWN were behind the failed hit. He didn't get involved with Heather until later and she says he's no longer on her books."

Dennis: " So does this mean Chris is the head honcho now?"

Oz: " We think so ,that's a commercial decision ,without Ulrich and his mates Greig says there will be major damage limitation exercises going on at board level.I'm just glad it's almost all over and I've got time with Ofelia and Sofie."

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Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 1:25 pm
by 936trt
Oz was watching Ofelia playing with Sofie near the toddlers pool at the Liesure Dome when he heard Moxey .He turned to see Barry and Dennis were in tow.

Moxey: " Now then Oz,we're off for a drink.Interested?"

Oz: " Aye ,why not."

As expected the conversation returned to the subject of Fraser.

Moxey: " Gerraway,you never did.Did you?

Barry: " I knew it .There's no way Fraser would tell you anything,not unless you attached electrodes to his knackers."

Oz :" I wish I'd never told you anything now. You're a bloody sadist Taylor. I would never fasten electrodes to anyone."

Moxey: " As I remember you were going to top the bugger in Arizona. Anyway how big was this worm thingy?"

Oz: "Moxey. Give it a rest.It doesn't matter now . Anyway how's Chrissy,is she still worried about Wyman?"

Moxey: " She says not but I'm not so sure.She wasn't happy to hear about the 'photos you gave to Solly. She thinks that's the only reason we went to Argentina."

Oz: " Well it was wasn't it?"

Moxey: " No it wasn't.That was only part of it.We went to see Evita's remains ,we had some incredible steaks and we all went kayaking."

Barry: " Actually Chrissy's had a very busy time of it recently, what with that trip,Wymans various problems and now the impending sale of Chrysalis. What's she going to do next Mox?"

Dennis: " Dagmar just asked me the same thing this morning and said Tatiana is a bit worried that she might want to take over the operation again after the sale goes through."

Moxey: " Well she hasn't mentioned it to me.Why don't you just ask her,it's not certain she'll just walk away from Chrysalis ."

Later at a meeting with Pru and Nev the future of CWN is being discussed.

Oz : " Well I would say that Cal must have known more than we think.I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was him who put the paperwork to Delgado that linked Fraser to Tina."

Pru: " That would mean Cal is definitely one of the good guys though."

Oz: " You think not?"

Pru: "Not one hundred percent.Maybe he just kept his eye on things.He is well paid and after all it's not a bad part of the world is it?"

Oz: " But there was always a risk if he did do it?"

Pru: " Nah,like the man said CWN is too big to fail."

Oz: " I've heard that before .Think about the financial crash."

Nev: " So Oz you've settled in to your new role at Ames Security.We thought you were having a hard time just recently,changing the habits of a lifetime?"

Oz: " Aye,until I get to something I can't handle I'll just bash on.I mean it's great isn't it. For all of us ,there's more than enough cash and we can all see where it's coming from.Are you not happy Nev?"

Nev: " It's just my nature Oz.I need to look at all the things that could go wrong. Anyway I have to go there was a call from that chandlers we talked about the one that wants to do fuel oil. I'll talk to you later."

Oz : " Ok cheerio Nev."

Nev spoke to Miguel on reception." Can someone bring the car round? Thanks."

Nev's 'phone was buzzing ,it was Moxey.

Nev: " Hi Moxey,what's up?"

Moxey: " Have you set off yet?"

Nev: " Just on my way, why?" He never heard any more from Moxey.

There was a huge explosion and clouds of smoke billowed up from the Leisure Dome car park.All Nev could hear were alarms going off and in the distance the sounds of emergency services.Miguel came through the entrance ,his face and clothing blackened.

Miguel: " Senor Hope ,your car she exploded!"