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Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 1:37 pm
by 936trt
Moxey got it wrong ,it was Grainger he was going to get rid of...........

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Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:28 am
by Tracy
Electrodes, Moxey dossing ageen and now someone pissed rocket-fuel in Nev's tank ! What on earth ? :shock:

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Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 2:14 pm
by 936trt
Nevilles car wasn't in it's usual place so Miguel pressed the car key hoping to locate it from flashing indicators .Instead he heard an explosion followed by another as cars parked either side were set ablaze. Fortunately no one was nearby so there were no casualties. Moxey had 'phoned Nev on his way to the chandlers having left his own vehicle in the same park and, on his way out noticed two men looking intently at Nev's car and then walking off quickly when they realised Moxey had seen them.

Ross was able to get the cctv film from the car park and was running it again for Nev's and Moxey's benefit from the time Nev arrived to when Miguel went to look for his car .

Moxey: " Mind they look the type Nev, but I can't say I've seen them before."

Nev: " Same here Mox, but it makes you think ,I must have really upset somebody for them to do this." They could hear the sound of Pru and Dennis on their way in.

Dennis: " Well the main thing is no one was hurt pet, you can soon get another car."

Pru: " That's true Dennis but I can't get another Neville." Pru was red eyed and had come as soon as she'd heard." I can't believe we're having this sort of trouble."

Neville: " It's ok now pet ,no one's hurt ."

Dennis: " This is the coverage from first thing Ross?"

Ross: " Yes, there are two cameras, one just across from where Nev's car was parked ,and the other is at the exit,I'll run it again but none of us recognise either of these two."

Dennis: " Bloody hell Ross ,go back to the shot as they are standing by the car. Yes that's it. I'll be a monkeys uncle. I know that one,the big one with the leather jacket. Don't know his name but he was the bodyguard for Yorgo the gang master on the bridge job."

Neville: " Are you sure Den,it's a long time since ? "

Dennis: " Absolutely positive , and I tell you what ,Oz will know this fellah 'cos he nearly pulled a gun on him one day ."

Pru: " But that guy was into people smuggling and suchlike wasn't he?"

Neville: " So what's your point pet , he could be working for anyone now?"

Pru: " Exactly but not doing anything very pleasant you would think. Has there been any friction recently say with your friendly ship chandlers for example?"

Moxey: " Well there was a hint of something after the proprieters son asked us if we had any objections to selling fuel oil . One or two people thought we could be stepping on someone's toes as I recall."

Neville: " Aye I remember now .I asked his wife ,Carla she works in the front office,was there a problem and she just rolled her eyes."

Dennis: " Oz told us Kenny set up this business years ago,surely he wouldn't have put up with any funny business especially with him going straight ? "

Pru: " Perhaps we should mention this to Oz. If there is some long standing arrangement we should be aware of it and I expect it's something only Mr Ames will know."

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Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 12:01 am
by Tracy

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Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:53 pm
by 936trt
Oz is talking with Vicky.

Vicky: " So do you want a word with Kenny?"

Oz: " That'll be great pet if he's up to it."

Vicky : " I'll put him on."

Kenny: " Hello Oz how are you?"

Oz: " I'm fine ,how are you?"

Kenny: " Never felt this good for ages Oz. I know it's just a few weeks but the vital signs are all up so I'll stay the course and hope to keep improving. Anyway enough of me what's happening over there?"

Oz: " There is a problem we think related to fuel oil bunkering that one of the ship chandlers wants to do. Nev's car was blown up just after he gave the go ahead to one of them to get into the sector."

Kenny: " The illicit fuel oil trade was and still is a world wide business and we found in our area it was run by the same people behind drug and people trafficking. When it came to light we took steps." Kenny went on to describe in detail the part Bobby Blande played.

Oz : " I 'm sure we haven't the muscle for an exercise like that and since Nev had his car blown up I would guess the lads will jump ship at the suggestion of something along the lines you just mentioned."

Pru had called the security group together to pool their findings.

Ross : " Shall I start ?"

Pru: " By all means Ross ,fire away."

Ross : " As far as we can ascertain Mr Hope became a target as soon as he raised his visibility on leaving the castle, looking for a new home . This would certainly ring a few bells around here. Definitely the visit to the ship chandlers and subsequent discussions around bunkering were the catalyst that led to the explosion."

Dennis: " Would I be right to assume that others of us have been watched since then?"

Ross: " I should point out that in leading up to Mr Osborne taking over the reins so to speak, there was a lot of speculation about potential new owners as it was fairly widely known that Mr Ames was not ,shall we say one hundred percent. As with all businesses stability is crucial so that period came and went as it became obvious the status quo was preserved. Nevertheless ,as no doubt Mr Ames has explained to you the fuel oil situation had reverted or more accurately is reverting to the pre Ames position. Any and all new faces attract attention so yes I am pretty sure you will have been under observation. Discreetly."

Neville: " So Oz can you tell us what Kenny had to say about it?"

Oz :" Well he told me the part that Bobby Blande played and so I will just repeat to you what he told me."

After the brief description, Oz had omitted some of the detail ,the reaction was quick and predictable.

Neville: " Haddaway and shite Oz. You must be out of your skull to think we'd do anything like that."

Dennis watched Oz's facial expression change.

Dennis: " Oz before you blow a gasket ,Nev's only saying what we're all thinking. It is a bit like before , like you said but, we were all younger then and the idea of an outrageous,gargantuan job was attractive. There was no personal risk though,you know life and limb . This is different ,it's heavy, no pun intended, and even the Expendables ran out of steam."

Neville: " Exactly Den. Why don't we let the police handle it Oz ? "

Oz: " Carla says this is common round here so how do we know the fuzz aren't in on it?"

Moxey: " So what Oz,the answer will still be the same, even if Bobby's plan is new fangled I for one don't fancy going up against Yorgo's mates."

Barry : " I have to say in support Oz ,that the girls tell me they have less hassle here than before. Up to now no bureaucrats to be greased ,no police to sweet talk. The only hassle was that guy asking questions about our residency cards for working in Spain.It seems a shame but I don't want my car blowing up."

Dennis: " What guy is this Oz?"

Oz : " I don't know anything about it.I assumed Kenny had taken care of all that before we started."

Neville: " I'm sorry Oz ,you know I'm very grateful for the opportunity this has given us but I'd rather go back to Cuba or join Wyman in Arizona .He just sent me pictures of the building he's started with the first apprentices. I think you can guess what Pru would say, especially with the twins to think about."

Oz : " Lads, lads, just think about it .You remember the bridge job yes it was huge,gargantuan and that was the point. Anything worth doing has some risk. "

Dennis: " Aye kiddah but not always a high personal risk involving life and limb like some bugger blowing up your car."

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Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:04 pm
by Tracy
... the Status Quo was preserved. :lol:

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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:00 pm
by 936trt
Wyman has a call from Chris.

Chris: " Hi bro ,are you ok to talk for a few minutes?" Wyman was mystified.

Wyman: " Sure,what's the problem, you sound a bit cloak and dagger?"

Chris: " I guess that means you haven't heard about the goings on at CWN?"

Wyman: " Apart from the newspaper articles about the ex nazis ,in a word no. Why?"

Chris: " I feel like I owe you an explanation Wyman."

Wyman: " You don't owe me anything Chris in fact I get the feeling that Ulrich and his mates must have given you a hard time because of me?"

Chris: " It's always been shall I say ,difficult, and having the feeling I was there under sufferance. But it's true I got the job because of my name ,the Stille connection . However the reason for 'phoning is to give you a heads-up .I have just learned that Ulrich is no longer in custody, his Argentinian contacts wangled his release. I know this because he has just told me
and is not too pleased that the Wiesenthal chaps have spirited away the Stille brothers .The reason for this call is to warn you he has you in his sights,primarily because as my closest relative you are a beneficiary in my will and could inherit a big chunk of CWN .Ulrich doesn't want that. I think you will understand why."

Wyman: " I'm very grateful that you should want to do that Chris, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised .It was always clear to the lads that you seemed to favour me but I guess that would have given Ulrich more ammunition. I have to say though , none of us were too sure about you when we saw how things were playing out especially with Chrysalis and my mum ,and then later when we found out Fraser was involved with CWN and they had sent guys after Vicky. Are you saying you knew nothing about it?"

Chris: " I only figured it out afterwards, easy to say but maybe that was because I was trying to be too clever .By bringing Detlef in that meant two people between Ulrich and me, a threat to his control made worse he says, when he recently learned Kenny Brown was an undercover federal agent. Clearly my chances of putting things right from the inside out were hopeless, Ulrich has too many loyal supporters within the company . As long as I didn't rock the boat that was fine ,you know a contract for Oz, a job for you in the clubs, fix things for Debbie ,but when I started to look into the companies international minerals deals I met with a lot of resistance.Any way bro ,please take care and I will be reaching out to the lads over in Spain in due course. Pass on my regards to Mel and the little one."

Oz has agreed that Kenny will go back with him for a short holiday in Spain and help with the crisis arising from the bunkering problem.

Oz: " I'm really grateful Kenny but are you sure it's sensible in your current state? "

Kenny: " Look Oz I'm feeling better than ever .If you don't believe me ask Vicky and Helga.It will be a pleasant change and a chance to meet up with Bobby and I'll need to contact Stefano. He played a big part the last time we had a run in like this."

Oz: " If you say so Kenny you can maybe work on your tan. Not so sunny in Wooler this time of the year."

Kenny: " Aye you're not wrong and as I think about it if I still feel up to it I might catch up with some of the businesses you haven't got to yet."

Oz: " Which ones do you have in mind?"

Kenny: " Well those two transport firms in Nice and the holiday places in Greece.There's another in Portugal come to think."

Oz: " Kenny,Kenny easy man let's just take it day by day . I'll let the lads know ."

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:16 pm
by Tracy
Transport firms in Nice,
and holiday places in Greece.
If Ally finds oot,
the point could be moot,
this gig could be set up to fleece ! :o :roll: :lol:

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Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:33 pm
by 936trt
Pru has contacted Oz after a long telephone conversation with Father Beneficio.

Oz: " So he has this on good authority ?"

Pru: " He is confident Oz. He sounded worried. He knows these people. Apparently they have been around since before the war and the Stille family had a very close relationship, a working relationship even, because many Nazis were relocated with their help. Somehow they have connected Moxey to the visit paid by Solly's lads .Now that the Stilles' are in Israel he says it's a foregone conclusion."

Oz: " What can we do ,has he any suggestions?"

Pru: " Yes. Get him and his family somewhere safe."

Oz: " He said this info came from Argentina?"

Pru: " Yes ."

Oz: " Then someone must have seen Moxey take those pictures, not that it helps us now though."

Pru: " Indeed.In fact until these people are stopped, Moxey and family will have to stay put. That will not be popular I guess."

Oz: " Bloody Nora ,I can't see Chrissy staying put for more than five minutes and the last time Moxey hid away it all went pear shaped.We need expert help."

Pru: " Well I have passed on the info to Solly and I am thinking perhaps we can use the Ames Security Service in the meantime to keep watch for untoward activity?"

Oz: " Can't think of anything else we can do .We'll get them all up here . They'll have to tell the kids it's a holiday."

Pru: " Oz,you will learn that kids are not that gullible."

Oz: " Did he explain how Ulrich got away?"

Pru: " He says that he's not surprised. There will be a lot of people on Ulrich's payroll ,but Solly's guys are the best ones to follow that up.My concern is he could be the driving force behind the threat to Moxey and so will be very motivated. We have our early warning system but we have never been equipped for can I say conflict in the field.I agree we need expert help .Like bodyguards."

Oz: " You know we started out with the best intentions and look where it got us....."

Pru: " Easy Oz. Father Ben is aware of the seriousness and so apparently is Kenny Ames. He has been keeping up with current events as I'm sure you know so maybe he might have suggestions?"

Oz: " See Kenny's suggestion after Nev's car was blown up is not like anything me or the lads would ever contemplate.It's like saying we should be taking the fight to CWN . You know what Moxey would say right now,it's always the same ,we make a bit of progress and someone or something knocks us back. "

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Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:52 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:20 pm
by 936trt
Oz finishes his conversation with Pru and flops into a seat .He sees Vicky looking at him and smiles.

Oz: " That's someone else I've let down. Since I came back things have gone from bad to very bad."

Vicky: " Oz, it's never as bad as you think pet.Talk to Kenny and let him know what's happening."

Later that day Oz meets with the lads in the bar in the leisure dome.

Oz: " I'm very sorry lads , I thought it best to talk to you asap .
All this grief is down to me .I've spoken to Kenny and he's disappointed as you might imagine, but I can't continue with this. Unless we can find another way I don't know what to do.It's worse than anything that happened to us before and it all started after that business about fuel oil at the ship chandlers.
I thought our problem was CWN but since last weekend we've seen that problem has always been the Stille family and our friend Ulrich. Add to this Yorgo's buddy who is now in the picture. Honestly I thought this was going to be the answer to all our problems,better even than getting on the OED list. I was wrong.
As you know I've had problems in my personal life. Ofelia is not happy leaving Cuba and it took a hard word from her mother to get her over here.I am not willing to take any further risk .I know Kenny thinks this is a blip and will eventually it will come right but I can't face dropping my mates further in the shit."

Barry had been listening intently and suddenly stood up,walked over to Oz and put his hands on his shoulders.

Barry: " Oz . Mate I think I can understand what you're feeling right now. We can all see what you're trying to say. Think back a bit when you and Den went looking for Nev after getting on the OED list, and before that when we all went to find Den to be part of the Bridgenorth team. It's been said before .We are like a family and if one of us is in trouble then the others try to put it right."

Oz: " I hear what you're saying Barry but this time there are immediate threats to Nev and therefore to Pru and the twins. The same thing applies to Moxey now since Ulrich escaped ,and therefore to Chrissy and their two. Only Den and you have not been directly threatened but we don't want to wait until you are ,do we? "

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Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:31 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:26 pm
by 936trt
Pru was looking at a text message received from Heather requesting that she skype her as a matter of some urgency, although not life threatening she added "FYEO" at the end. Heather wasn't given to the expression, the last time she'd used it was during the pizza escapade at the Embassy offices in Cuba, and then had to explain it to some of the junior staff.

Pru made contact later that day.

Heather: " Hi Pru.Sorry about the cloak and dagger but you will understand.I take it Oz is not nearby?"

Pru: " No, he's up at the house with Ofelia at the moment. Why?"

Heather: " You will recall that our colleague Captain Delgado has been keeping an eye on Oz's sister -in-law Claudia .He paid a visit to one of her Santeria premises acting on information received and among other items discovered a series of photographs ,which I will now scan over to you. The gentleman appearing with Ofelia is identified as a distant cousin. We assume he was drafted in before Ofelia's mother told her daughter to join her husband in Spain.However it seems Claudia has been a very busy lady."

Pru: " So I take it you read into these pictures that all is not well for Oz?"

Heather: " Indeed.Delgado also tells me he thinks there is a connection to the paparazzo who visited Wooler. Whether it's to do with CWN or not it's clear someone somewhere wants to make life very unpleasant for Mr. Osbourne."

Pru: " I see the first one coming through now. They're meeting in a park,a kiss,a hug and he picks up Sofie. Next one at the beach- that looks like Varadero to me . Crikey that's a bit near the knuckle for Cuba. Oh dear ,are there others?"

Heather: " Yes .You will see this needs careful handling. I don't need to tell you we value our relationship with Ames Security and we naturally are fond of this particular OED team ,but if there is an outside chance these pictures create a problem that might prejudice it ,you must let me know?"

Pru: " Of course .You're correct, it will take some thought . I will get back to you Heather."

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Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:33 pm
by 936trt
Later that day Nev arrived home to see Pru feeding the twins. He shouted " Honey I'm home " a standing joke but noticed that Pru was not smiling.

Neville: " What's up petal ,bad day?"

Pru: " Yes Nev, but worse for some than others. Give me a minute to finish up here and I'll explain." Nev was intrigued at that remark , and took a beer out into the garden .

Neville : " I'll be sat out here when you're done . Shall I get you a glass pet?"

Pru: " A good idea ,stop me becoming dehydrated." She came outside , moved a seat closer to Nev and put a folder on the table next to the drinks. Nev frowned and looked at her. " This is a bit much isn't it ,bringing your work home petal?"

Pru: " I've been wondering all day how I was going to broach this ,and I'm still not entirely sure." She looked directly at Nev who by now was visibly worried.

Neville: " Just exactly what is it that you want to tell me, you said worse for some than others.I hope I'm not one of the some?"

Pru: " Of course not love, but the some is someone you know. Do you remember the incident of Oz with the paparazzo .Well there has been a similar incident but NOT involving Oz- before you explode and say what has he done now."

Neville: " I've known Oz years and I've seen him do some things I can tell you."

Pru: " It's because you have known him years that this is going to be difficult ." Nev was frowning and about to begin questioning when Pru put a hand on his arm and a finger over her lips." Nev let me tell you the whole story." Pru recounted the earlier conversation with Heather.

She picked up the folder and before passing it over spoke again.

Pru: " We all know the history of how Ofelia and Oz got back together and I always believed, and I still do, that it was one of life's true romance stories. At the moment Oz is unaware of the contents of this folder .I am asking you to consider if we would be doing the right thing by telling him?"

Neville: " I cannot take this in .Frankly he's not in a good place right now what with the trouble with the business and Ulrich getting away it's only five minutes since he was apologising to us for all the trouble he thinks he's brought us. I wouldn't do anything just yet . Do you think there is any more Heather has to tell us ?"

Pru: " There may be, but I suspect just minor details . The motivation for this is clearly to break up their marriage and indirectly target Oz as the new head of the Ames empire ,including the security business. Heather would be worried if anything were to prejudice the viability of the intel gathering we have here , and I must confess that I have more than a proprietorial interest ."

Neville: " Heather is absolutely sure that these pictures are real ,I've read that there is technology available these days to create whatever kind of photo you want ?"

Pru: " Absolutely sure .It wasn't just where they were found but Delgados'
guys gave them the once over as well."

Neville: " I just can't believe this of Ofelia. It will kill Oz when he finds out. Is there any reason for us not to talk to the lads, and I mean just the lads?"

Pru: " I expected you might want to do that and I understand your reasons .I take it you mean Dennis,Moxey and Barry?"

Neville: " Yes. I'm not sure that jointly we can come up with a magic answer .I don't think there is one ,but they were very supportive when I had my problems and of course you know about Barry and Tatiana. At least there were no children to worry about when we found out about Kadi."

Pru: " I will be talking to Heather later today and let her know what you intend.If you do decide to tell Oz will you let me know beforehand?"

Neville: " Aye pet ,I will. It's still not sinking in mind, and I know the lads will have the same problem. I'll have another beer first."

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Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:05 pm
by Tracy
Now we're gettin some action ! DL