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Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:30 pm
by 936trt
After Pru had gone, Dagmar 'phoned Detlef and told him of her conversation and the final question posed by Pru.

Dagmar: " She wondered if there may be anything from your previous investigation that might help ,perhaps other family members or friends? "

Detlef : " There are no other family members ,I told you that before. That's why the focus was always on Chris and then later on Wyman. I made notes at the time, I can hunt them out if you think that would be any use ? "

Dagmar : " If you would that will be very helpful son. "

Detlef was going through the extensive lists he had compiled of CWN employees when he was searching for Stille family members .It was as that point he had made the connections that led him to Christa and eventually her son Christopher. The records of the civil ceremony showed Wayne as father and a Kenneth Braun being present. Thinking perhaps he had discovered a relation he cross referenced Braun in his other data banks and made the first discovery of the day. CWN or Stille Industries at they were known at that time, employed many people including some who originated in East Germany .The very efficient German filing system allowed Detlef to prove that Kenneth Braun had been a member of the Stasi .He guessed that Ulrich relied on an army of informers much like Ames Security, and who better than a seasoned Stasi operative. The records showed he must have left East Germany while in his late thirties and worked directly for Ulrich for about twenty years starting in 1980. Detlef decided to contact a colleague from Border Control who had access to the newest data. When he received an email later that day he was very excited and immediately got in touch with Dennis.

Detlef : " Dennis I wonder if you can help me.I've been following a lead to help with Pru's investigation, and I'm going to scan a photo to you .Can you let me know if you recognise him?"

Dennis : " Do you think I've nothing better....."

Detlef : " Hey,hey what's the matter with you it's a straightforward request....."

Dennis : " Sorry, sorry son I'm just back from the hospital and I got some not very good news,I'm not at my best. I'm really sorry just ignore me . Sure just send the picture and I'll let you know."

Detlef : " Dennis what's wrong ?"

Dennis : " It's the old problem,cardio vascular,don't worry. Now then what's this picture?"

Detlef :" They are trying to help Chris by identifying all Ulrich's gang and I've found someone who was as close to being a family member I think, that we didn't know about. He worked for Ulrich and must have been at the same site where Christa worked . He is called Kenneth Braun . "

Dennis : " Nah doesn't ring any bells young'un . Ah it's coming through now .Oh there's the door ,that'll be Nev he said he would come over this morning. "

Detlef : " Maybe ask Nev if he knows this Braun guy ?"

Dennis : " Hi Nev,come in lad. Hey I'm looking at the picture now Detlef .We both know this guy, but not as Braun, he used to bring our wages. We knew him as Herr Pfister. He used to cover all the sites not just ours,so he would get all over the place. Did he report directly to Ulrich ?"

Detlef : " That's what I reckon and it would be a good way to keep tabs on the sites in case of any troublemakers. "

Dennis : " Aye Nev just said he always seemed a canny lad to us and was involved in recruiting lots of workers not just from the UK. "

Detlef : " That's really useful Den . I'm going to come over to see you and won't take no for an answer. I'll run this by Pru just to keep her in the loop. "

Pru had telephoned Kenny as soon as Detlef had given her the news.

Kenny : " If this chap was as close to Ulrich as you say then we need to learn more about him. I'll contact Stefano directly . By the way did you say that Dennis is moving out of the castle ?"

Pru : " Yes. Since the others have gone Den and Dagmar were very much left to their own devices and it's no secret Ofelia never really entertained Oz's friends, so if Oz decides to move, you'll back to where you were . "

Kenny has contacted Pru with some startling news.

Kenny: " Yes that's right I couldn't believe it either, but Stefano is dead sure.Kenneth Braun was recruited by the Weisenthal group before the wall came down in !989. He's been working for Solly all the time he was a Stille Industries employee ."

Pru : " I suppose it's a daft question why didn't we know about him ?"

Kenny :" Indeed that's the best kept secret, but he'll be invaluable if we can pick his brains. I will get back on to Solly and find out how we proceed. "

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Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:01 pm
by 936trt
Up at Father Ben's retreat Vicky is giving Oz an ear bashing.

Vicky : " Oz you idiot, what were you playing at, you could have died from exposure? "

Oz : " Oh you know ,feeling a bit sorry for myself and then thinking the shambles with Ofelia is all my fault . "

Vicky : " Oz you might have been a selfish lout all those years ago and your mates were not that much better, but not now. I do know you are still a bit naive about the ways of women but then a lot of men are. "

Oz : " I just couldn't stop thinking about her and how we first met . "

Vicky : " Well you will have to stop that right now and get a grip lad. Your mates have passed on a message and it's serious. Can you think why someone would want to poison you? " Oz was suddenly all ears .

Oz : " Did you hear that right,did you say poison ? "

Vicky : " Don't shout at me Oz, I'm just the messenger . Yes I did hear it right. It looks like it backfired though because poor Kenny was sick as a parrot as a result. "

Oz : " So they reckon Kenny got what was intended for me ? "

Vicky :" Yes, and it came from Cuba they think. "

Oz : " Well there's one obvious candidate but I wouldn't have thought she could do that. What actually happened to Kenny? "

Vicky : " After a day on the Sara Vic he felt ill and for a while thought it was a relapse. It turned out something had been put in his coat pocket, it was all over his 'phone and got into his sytem off his fingers. "

Oz : " He's allright now though?"

Vicky : " Yes he was lucky, they treated him quickly and gave samples to the medic for analysis. That's how they found out it was from Cuba, the poison was mixed with herbs which are unique to the island."

Oz : " I'm going to have to get back down there .How did they work out it was meant for me,just because of the Cuban connection ?"

Vicky : " Your mate Barry said that Santeria have a sideline in potions and spells and this would be right up their street. As I recall your sister in law is into Santeria. "

Oz : " Yes and it's conceivable Ofelia could have got it from her but that would mean it was planned before I told her I wanted a divorce. "

Vicky : " Or, maybe it wasn't Ofelia .It would be a stretch to understand why she would poison Kenny ,more likely someone else had the job and made a bollocks of it and put it in Kennys' coat thinking it was yours, there wouldn't be too many other mens coats around .I have to say Oz since Ofelia came your friends have left the castle to find their own space. Is that a coincidence? "

Oz : " I have wondered .There were good reasons for them to leave but it's not like there was no room...." He turned to look at Vicky mouth slightly open. " You know Den said something the other day about having to look for somewhere nearer the Ames security office . He and Dagmar will be the last of our happy band. "

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Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:34 am
by Tracy
Pfister ! Was his nose bleeding ? :D

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Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 1:35 pm
by 936trt
Oz and Vicky have returned to the castle and an exuberant Kenny Ames.

Kenny: " So my friend, have you returned fresh,invigorated and ready to take on the world?"

Oz : " In a word Kenny, no I am none of those. But I am going to try , I'll get back on the horse as they say ,or whatever and do the best I can for my mates. I feel like I've let them down and what are we without our friends?"

Kenny : " I have heard that Heather passed on a message to Pru from someone called Delgado .She said you'll be intrigued.

Oz called Pru and explained Kenny had advised there was a message.

Pru : " Hello Oz, yes it's true .Heather reached out to Carlos and he shared their intel. Benito Ramirez has form. Mainly drugs and people trafficking, but as yet he has not been charged with anything major . Carlos lives in hope. This guy was one of Raoul's lieutenants and is also distantly related to Claudia ."

Oz : " So we reckon this is the fellah who wanted to poison me ?"

Pru : " Yes, it certainly seems so .Claudia almost certainly provided the poison and we all know she would like to see you out of the picture. "

Oz : " I see, so with me out of the way Ofelia is fair game and it's full speed to capture the rich widow ?"

Pru : " Looks that way Oz. I'm very sorry but the evidence of their liaison is incontrovertible .We must assume Ofelia is complicit in this. Heather has passed on my thanks to Carlos for his help by the way . "

Dagmar has 'phoned Vicky.

Vicky : " Hello Dagmar how are you pet?"

Dagmar : " I am well , I trust you have recovered from your trip up the mountain ? "

Vicky : " Yes ,my first attempt at mountain rescue.Anyway what can I do for you?"

Dagmar : " I have been looking for more information about this doctor that Mr Ames has been consulting with great succcess I am told. Up to now there is not a lot I can gain from the website. I am worried about Dennis and I would like to arrange for him to at least talk to this doctor. "

Vicky : " I take it you have not thought to speak directly to Kenny , that's not a criticism Dagmar ,I know he can be offputting but honestly he is approachable. In fact he will be back here after lunch. Why don't I tell him you want a chat, say two to two fifteen and I will prepare the ground for you?"

Dagmar : " That will be wonderful Vicky. Thankyou very much. "

Vicky : " Not a problem ,he will be finished with Helga by then. I will tell him that Dennis is not aware of this. "

Detlef has arrived in Spain courtesy of a spare seat on Chris's jet, and has made his way to the new Patterson premises.

Detlef : " This is very swish mother, did you get bored with a mere castle ? "

Dagmar : " Sarcasm is not your strong suit young man. No Dennis and I felt the need to move. Ofelia is not the most sociable person these days, and the rest of our merry band had already flown the coop as the English say."

Dennis : " What my good lady wife is not saying is we did not feel as welcome as before and it's awkward you know, when a mate has been as generous as Oz ,trying not to create a situation where he might think we were .... ungrateful ? "

Detlef : " I see where you're coming from and I think you are not the only ones. Much easier to move and preserve your friendship. "

Dagmar : " It is a wonderful view here as well and we have enough space so we can still socialise as we used to before."

Detlef : " Are you going to tell me about this hospital visit dad ? " Dennis looked up quickly, whenever Detlef used the "d" word he smelled a situation brewing.

Dennis: " Well if you are really interested in some boring test results I'll tell you, but honestly it's neither nowt not summat as the English say. "

Detlef : " I'm worried dad and you know if there is anything we can do you only have to ask."

Dennis :" I have been taking medication for some time and after the last checkup the doctor decided to change it . That's all. "

Dagmar : " Dennis that's not all .You told me there may be a need for an operation if the latest medication proves inneffective. "

Detlef : " You know not far from where Debbie and I live there is a clinic where they do amazing things ,it's run by the same bloke Kenny Ames has been consulting ."

Dennis : " Why would I want to go to America ,I see good people here?"

Detlef : " Perhaps ,but if this guy is something special, and Kenny was near deaths' door I'm told, then wouldn't you want to give it a chance ?"

Dagmar : " Dennis would you do this for me if not for yourself? " Dennis turned to look at Dagmar and smiled .

Dennis: " You know I'd do anything for you pet especially if you ganged up with the young'un here. "

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Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:19 am
by Tracy
So it's off to the Witchdoctor is it ?! Or back to that nurse at the Chicken Ranch ??? :o :lol:

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Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:03 pm
by 936trt
Chris had been digesting therecent revelation about Braun /Pfister. While sorting a seat for Detlef on a company jet headed for Madrid he had made a number of discreet enquiries about Kenneth Braun only to find he had taken advantage of a company plan allowing part time work. Constantly worried about alerting the Ulrich group within CWN, he decided to seek help from Kenny Brown.

Kenny : " Well , well ,my namesake if I'm not mistaken."

Chris : " You know this guy Kenny?"

Kenny : " No Chris just making the point Braun is German for Brown. I can easily find out where he works and where he lives if you want ? "

Chris : " Kenny you know I don't want to draw undue attention to this .We could be putting him at risk as well. "

Kenny: " Don't worry Chris ,discretion is my middle name. Leave it with me. "

Oz is having dinner with Vicky and Kenny Ames.

Oz : " This is very civilised of you Kenny. I wasn't sure I would still be welcome after having caused you a problem on the Sara Vic ? "

Kenny: " Not a bit of it Oz . As it was I was only too pleased to find it was poison and not a relapse. Incidentally you heard that Den is not too good?"

Oz : " Aye ,Vicky says they are off to see your guy in Florida ."

Vicky : " They are having a break and staying with Detlef and Debbie while Dennis spends some time at the clinic. "

Kenny: " I'm on pretty good terms with this chap and asked him to give Dennis the once over as a favour to me. Let's hope he can do as good a job for Den as he did for me .On a different topic Oz, I hear from Derek there was an email from Captain Delgado's office advising that Benito Ramirez is now aware of his mistake and will continue to be unhappy until he has put the situation right. I quote. "

Vicky : " Does this need to be taken seriously Kenny, after all the guy can't be too bright considering his last effort?"

Kenny : " In the absence of any other evidence and the fact we have only the one of you Leonard ,yes I think we should put operation Oz into action. "

Oz : " Kenny, what the hell is that?"

Kenny : " You keep a low profile and we have our people watching on a twenty four seven basis. There is no other way sorry Oz. "

Vicky : " Have you heard anything from your legal people Oz ?"

Oz : " Only that they have received a list of demands from Ofelia's brief in Havana ,which works out to several million euros monthly for expenses incurred by Ofelia and Sofie . My guys have asked for an itemised invoice and copies of any agreement which they believe is pertinent . "

Kenny : " Sounds like someone needs money. Quite a lot it appears. "

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Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:06 pm
by Tracy
"Pertinent" ?! I dunna what he's talkin aboot me like ! :roll:

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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:57 am
by 936trt
Kenny Brown had to apply more than a little of his experience to track down his namesake. There were many Braun's to look at and in trying to keep it low key he made minimal use of computerised records. Eventually a search for staff on part time contracts gave him two addresses for one Kenneth Braun. Chris had suggested not to involve Solly, although it might have shortened his search Chris was reluctant about a direct approach . He had a problem with the ruthless way the Stille's had been treated and Kenny 's reminder about the Stille's history didn't make him any more comfortable.

Kenny had the benefit of Detlef's searching and decided to investigate the Dusseldorf flat which Alfred Pfister aka Kenneth Braun used when working at the local CWN office. He 'phoned Chris to let him know he was heading to Dusseldorf and that a couple of days would be enough.

The following day Kenny was watching from his hire car and waited until the target was returning from his morning coffee break.

Kenny: " Good morning Kenny, how are you?"

Braun: " Hello. I don't believe I know you ." Kenny was impressed, this guy didn't even blink,he smiled and put one hand in his coat pocket.

Kenny: " There's no need to be concerned .I work for Christopher .Here is my id." Braun looked briefly at the proffered id and offered his hand .

Braun : " Perhaps you would like to join me ,you obviously know this is where I live? "

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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:01 am
by 936trt
Kenny is in the flat and having a second coffee.

Kenny : " So you feel more comfortable now you know why I'm here; should I call you Kenneth or Alfred ?"

Braun : " I haven't used my given name for years ,but you can call me Al . "

Kenny : " Like in the song ,ok. I explained why I came here , will you help me ?"

Al : " Of course . I was eyes and ears for Ulrich on the building sites for a while and then he told me to spend more time looking out for Christa ,but you knew that I think. There was a lot of activity when the family found she was pregnant .The question of the company and maintaining ownership you know. "

Kenny : " Were you surprised they were planning so far ahead ? "

Al : " No . Later I learned from Solly why it was so important to them, more so when the child was born. Christa was watched daily and young Mr Chris had protection round the clock. I was at the baptism in my working capacity, Ulrich and the Stille's were so paranoid about kidnapping and substitution you would not believe . "

Kenny : " Your relationship with Solly would be a problem while you were Ulrich's man ? "

Al : " What do you think .I had years with the Stasi .I was used to a double life. My wife could never understand and I think it wore her down ? "

Kenny : " I'm sorry ,I know she passed away some time back .You had no children ?"

Al : " No . Sometimes I think of Mr Christopher as part of my family . Don't tell him that. But you asked about his biological father ? "

Kenny : " Yes . I guess Chris was told when he reached a certain age ? "

Al : " Indeed .While he was growing up Christa told him his father had gone away .You must remember she had had a very protected life . I was given the task to observe and ensure that Wayne didn't make contact .He never did, which was fortunate for him. Because of his knowledge of the family there was a fear of blackmail or extortion . Personally I didn't think that was very likely. To me he was just after a good time ,you know the saying about his brain in his gonads , you have the same in English I believe ? " Kenny found himself laughing.

Kenny : " I know exactly what you mean .His reputation was well known. "

Al : " Well in spite of that Christa would take no notice until his womanising went out of control .We had evidence,including some medical records ,but eventually he did us all a favour and cleared off . He worked all over the world including Saudi Arabia .We kept a watching brief . Christa had told him she thought he would never grow up. "

Kenny : " I imagine this would put you in good stead with the Stille's ?"

Al : " Yes. Solly realised I would be in a unique position to help him. They had a real worry about certain materials in South America and the Stille family were always concerned about Nazi hunters. Anyway it appears that my duties with respect to Mr. Chris are almost over I think. He has a new guardian . "

Kenny : " How so ? "

Al : " My friend Solly has made provision since the recent Argentinian episode ,for new arrangements which will also include Christophers half brother Mr Wyman. "

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Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:16 am
by 936trt
Barry was intrigued. He had just agreed to meet with Kenny Ames on the Sara Victoria later that morning. The agenda for their get together was "their joint future". Barry's jocular rejoinder that Tatiana would be unhappy with the competition fell flat. It was another sunny day and Barry was perspiring by the time he encountered Bobby at the gangway.

Barry : " Morning Bobby is the great man on board ?"

Booby : " He awaits your pleasure Mr Taylor. Coffee? "

Barry : " Thankyou Bobby .Straight ahead to the lounge ? "

Bobby : " Indeed Mr Taylor .I will bring the coffee shortly ."

Kenny was sat at a lap top with a pile of documents,sleeves rolled up, and a smile on his face.

Kenny : " Barry dear boy ,come in and grab a seat .I'd been working on this for a few days before I realised I should be talking to you. "

Barry : " Working on what exactly Kenny ?"

Kenny : " Shall I be mother ,it's white with one sugar ,yes ?"

Barry : " You know me so well ,it is . Thank you."

Kenny then poured coffee for himself and sat back . Barry smiled as his host steepled his fingers it was a mannerism Barry recognised as a precursor to something significant being revealed

Kenny : " You will know that Chrissy gave instructions for Chrysalis to be put on the open market after the runaround with CWN ? "

Barry : " I had heard that ,there were difficulties with the spa business as I recall, my wife was very concerned. "

Kenny : " I happen to know the new owners are looking for someone to expand the concept of the fantasy holiday . I'm sure you agree what Chrysalis has is a wonderful opportunity. The feasability has been amply demonstrated . It needs to be taken forward."

Barry : " You asked me here for a reason Kenny .Is this it ?"

Kenny : " Yes. "

Barry : " I have some questions . Who are the new owners ? "

Kenny : " Barry I can tell you that some of the principals wish to remain anonymous but I will vouch they are not criminals. For example you know one of them already, Prince Stefano .There are also elements representing several areas of public life and that is all I can say at the moment."

Barry : " Why me Kenny ? " Kenny finished his coffee and fixed Barry with a stare and didn't reply for several seconds.

Kenny : " Barry I have always made it a practice to know everything about everyone with whom I do business . It had to become second nature particularly after I left my previous occupation .Ames security is second to none in its field. I know about your aloe business and its history .I also know about your personal history. " Barry made to stand up until Kenny waved him back into his seat.

" Barry I hope you know and can trust me and that I would not betray any confidences . We both know trust is paramount . I know that I can trust you ."

Barry : " You know that my UK business was compromised by people traffickers and that the aloe plant in Jamaica was scuppered ?"

Kenny : " I do and that your fault in this is largely, but not entirely down to misplaced trust. At this point I also have to ask you about your wife. " At this Barry began to look uncomfortable again.

Barry : " What has my wife got to do with this ? "

Kenny rolled his eyes and poured more coffee for them both .

Kenny : " Your sister in law has played a part in Tatiana's life has she not ?"

Barry : " She has been out of the picture for a long time ."

Kenny : " They share a habit .Do I need to say more ?"

Barry : " Kenny if you know so much why this interrogation ?"

Kenny : " Barry how long have you had the bruises ? " Barry without thinking put his hand behind his back and closed his eyes.

Barry : " You know that Tatiana has ....needs. "

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Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:00 pm
by Tracy
Wayne in Saudi ? :?

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Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:03 pm
by 936trt
Dennis and Dagmar are looking out to sea and enjoying a drink in the afternoon sun.

Dennis : " Dear me ,I'm knackered pet. We must have walked bloody miles this morning."

Dagmar : " Dennis we were on a bus tour. You do remember saying let's get the Miami highlights out of the way ?"

Dennis: " Aye .Well we walked miles between the bus rides. I've never seen so many bloody alligators."

Dagmar : " Is it tomorrow you have to return to the clinic? "

Dennis : " Yes. The last test results will be ready . "

Dagmar: " He seems a very businesslike fellow from what you say ?"

Dennis : " Aye. Kenny said he tells it like it is. No pussyfooting about you know to spin out the consultation. Mind you he doesn't have to at the prices he charges. "

Dagmar : " Dennis.What did you tell me last week ? "

Dennis : "I know ,I know, cost doesn't matter where health is concerned. "

Kenny Ames is meeting with Prince Stefano on the Sara Victoria.

Stefano : " So my friend ,you believe Mr Taylor is the man we need ? "

Kenny : " I do Stefano. I know him now ,better than he knows himself. I like the guy. He is someone who has come to terms with himself and he really has a flair for business ."

Stefano : "Is he aware of our partners ?"

Kenny : " No. I told him all he needs to know for the moment. We will all meet naturally in due course. I'm sure he appreciates our common purpose. After all Stefano, we are the good guys here."

Chrissy and Moxey are wandering along the waterline on a beach in Aruba. Chrissy turned to look back.

Chrissy : " I can see those two. At their age I would have been in the water by now."

Moxey : " You forget petal that your upbringing was very different to theirs. In a way you know I bet they find all this very boring . "

Chrissy : " What, boring ? "

Moxey : " Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying they don't want to be with us ,but hell's teeth I can remember what I was like as a teenager.....Anyway didn't you say your lad might be joining us for a few days ? "

Chrissy : "Yes and I hope he brings Mel with him. "

Moxey : " Chrissy your'e doing it again. Leave the lad be. He's old enough to make his own way. Howay. Let's go back I could murder a mojito. "

Chrissy : " I know what your'e trying to say Mox but what's wrong with wanting him to be happy, and I think Mel would be perfect. "

Moxey : " Maybe pet but it's his choice not yours. Anyway let's change the subject. What do you want to do now you've flogged Chrysalis ?"

Chrissy : " Well this'll do for now. " She laughed ,downed her mojito, and looked at Moxey. " What would you like to do? " Moxey looked sideways at her .

Moxey : " I think I'm like Nev . I'm bored with the Spanish gig .It's not the hands on I thought it would be.After the Bridge job there was the OED then Cuba ."

Chrissy : " There's just no pleasing some folk. " Chrissy sighed and shook her head.

Moxey : " Nev said to me the other day the happiest time he had recently was with Pru, in a campervan driving down the coast putting up fences and fitting those sensors . I know what he means .See in our team we are builders at heart .Even that washhouse in the jungle......"

Chrissy : " But you don't need to work Mox,there's enough money to do anything ."

Moxey : " It's the difference between needing and wanting pet. That's where I'm with Nev. The main attraction for us was the feeling of being part of something. Bomber knew that too and like he said the craic was always good as well. "

Chrissy : " I hate to say this Mox but none of you are young jobbing builders any more. That ship has sailed my love. "

Moxey : " Yeah. Your'e right ,maybe, but it was the work that brought us all together, perhaps it could again. you know the scheme we worked on in Cuba ,well young Wyman has something similar in Arizona. " Chrissy could see he was serious.

Chrissy : "Is this what Neville 'phoned you about the other day? "

Moxey: " Yes. Nev fancies going out there to give him a hand. "

Chrissy : "And you said you would go as well ? "

Moxey : " No Chrissy. I said I would like to and talk to you first. "

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Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:16 pm
by Tracy
aawweee Moxey man !

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Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:02 pm
by 936trt
Debbie dropped Dennis off outside Dr. Roebuck's Clinic as she and Dagmar were heading off on their shopping expedition.

Dagmar: " Now Dennis don't forget if you really ,really want picking up earlier 'phone me and we'll come back so you can help us damage this credit card. See you ."

The waiting room was well appointed but he didn't get time to read any of the magazines or sample the coffee on offer. In a few minutes the very attractive receptionist smiled and indicated Dr Roebuck would see him and he should proceed into the consulting room.

Dr Roebuck was sitting behind an enormous walnut desk .He beamed at Dennis and put down the file he had been reading, and waved him into the seat directly in front ." Come on in Dennis and take a load off. How are you feeling today? " Oh shit thought Dennis,does this mean the results are crap?"

Dennis: " Thankyou ,I feel fine doctor I'm just a bit concerned about these test results. " Dr Roebuck gave Dennis a quizzical stare before replying.

Dr Roebuck : " I guess it will be no surprise that it's not all good news. Please Dennis don't look so horrified! " Dennis unable to control his facial expression had been expecting the worst. " I explained to you at our last consultation that we can probably put it all right and these results do not disprove that. " He indicated the file he had on the desk.

Dennis : "Should I be worried doctor Roebuck ? "

Dr Roebuck : " You recall what we discussed,you know your pipes and tubes ?"

Dennis: " Yes ,they are clogged ."

Dr Roebuck : " We can clean them out and you'll be as right as rain. Dennis you used alcohol and tobacco for nearly forty years .No one can pretend there would be no negative effects. i will make you a promise. If you keep to the plan we agreed ,and that includes your liquid diet as well, I believe you will begin to see the benefits within a month or so."

Dennis : " Bloody hell as soon as that , sorry doctor I'm really surprised. " Roebuck was laughing at Dennis's outburst and subsequent embarassment.

Dr Roebuck : " You recall how we said the body has an amazing ability to heal itself given the right meds and the opportunity, well I will stick by my promise . Check your weight and blood pressure regularly ,keep on taking the meds and don't forget the walking exercise. Come back here in three months, but if you have any problems let me know asap."

Dennis : " What are these pills exactly ? "

Dr Roebuck : " Vitamins, anti oxidants and some herbal remedies of my own. By the way you should make an appointment for your last IV , that will ensure we have flushed out the old pipes thoroughly .See you again Dennis. "

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Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:54 pm
by Tracy
Dr Norman. "Nae more than 50 pound. I guarantee it." :lol: