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The Wonders of Oz

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:55 pm
by 936trt
Oz was pleasantly surprised by Bob Smiths 'phone call.

Oz: " So it's definite then Bob,these are the guys that got all Kenny's intel? "

Bob: " Without a shadow of doubt Mr O-sorry Oz. I've seen all the documentation ,nothing hidden ,except of course their confidential sources."

Oz: " That's great news .Tell me are they a happy bunch,we wouldn't want to upset them ?"

Bob: " Just a little worried the new owners may have no use for them."

Oz: "Pass on the message Bob,their future is assured and there is a huge job for them shortly. I have spoken to Pru Hope and she agreed to be their new liason."

Dennis has received a call from Nev.

Dennis: " Now the Nev, how's things at your end? "

Neville: " Good Den, I've just finished at the seventh on the Fitters list and there's plenty of work coming in. If anything they could do with a couple more pairs of hands. Just thought I'd see if Moxey had left a message? "

Dennis: " Aye,he said get a new 'phone ,he cannot reach you on the one you have, but confirmed he'll meet you tonight as agreed."

Barry is looking round a seafront property close to what Tatiana calls the Leisure Dome Complex.

Barry: "Yes senora ,this may be suitable for my offices but we must look closely at the costs. Your figures are shall we say on the high side. Now I must fly there is another property for me to see ."

Dagmar and Tatiana are walking Chrissy through the plans for their extensions to the Leisure Dome .

Chrissy: " This is very good , it's bold Dagmar. Perhaps if we had done this on Aruba the offer for Chrysalis would have been higher? "

Tatiana: " I have always said the Spa would be the jewel in the crown, you could be right. Do you think we have it nailed?"

Chrissy: " I'm pretty sure it's a done deal. We know Oz has his own agenda so this can only be one less thing for him to worry about and so let him press on with his own thing."

Dagmar: " Do you think he has any real interest in how we take this forward.Have you explained about the legal position if Chrysalis is sold with the caveats in place?"

Chrissy: " No to the first and yes to the second. I know he just wants everyone to be happy so he can get on with his takeover. "

As Oz explained to Bob he had let Pru know his plans for Ames Security. She was very enthusiastic to assume responsibility for the business and was paying her third visit to the offices.

Pru : " Good morning Derek, on your own today?"

Derek : " Good morning Mrs Hope. Yes ,for the moment . Barbara and Ross will be here later. They said they have something for you relating to the CWN holdings in Wharfedale."

Pru: " Excellent . Do you have everything you need apart from the computer you mentioned? "

Derek: " Everything ok at present. Shall I tell them to contact you later?"

Pru: " Do that Derek .Cheers."

Chrissy 'phones Moxey.

Chrissy: " Hi Mox,when you get this can you talk to the head at the grammar school. He wants to explain about Guy's options,something to do with Estate Management.Cheers pet."

Vicky 'phones Oz.

Oz : " Hello petal,everything ok?"

Vicky: " Well only so so, Kenny's had a bad night and the doc's with him now. I think you should come over Oz. He was asking for you and says he has something he needs to say face to face."

Oz: " Hell's teeth that sounds heavy. Of course I'll get there asap. Den'll cover the Fitters we're working on. By the way did I tell you Pru and Nev named one of the twins Leonard?"

Vicky: " Yes Oz. Twice. his full name is David Leonard Hope. See you when you land Oz."

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Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:21 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:39 pm
by 936trt
Oz had made his way back to the UK and hired a car for the final leg to Kenny's new home in Wooler. Not as sumptious as his place in Spain but it's listed status and the views of the Cheviots impressed Oz. He 'phoned ahead and Baz was waiting for him at the estate gates.

Baz: " Hiya Oz. Ok ?"

Oz: " Why aye man.Tell you what this is some place ,eh !"

Baz : " Aye ,Kenny really likes it here. He reckons he's a naturalised Geordie now. Give us a lift up the road, they're waiting for you in the downstairs office.He's not as good on his feet as he was."

Once inside he was greeted by Vicky who was talking to Helga who Oz recognised as the nurse he saw in Spain.

Vicky: " Now then Oz ,good journey?"

Oz : " Aye ok, it's always the last bit where you can get lost,but I got here. How's Kenny?"

Vicky: " Well come and see for yourself he's been asking after you every few minutes. Here we are." She opened the door to what Baz called the downstairs office ,a large high ceilinged room that had clearly been a library at some point.Kenny was semi reclined , a desk top within reach with a view through French windows across the gardens and a hint of the distant Cheviots .

Kenny: " Now then Oz I thought I heard a car pull up. How are you doing my boy?" He turned to face Oz who was hard put not to show his reaction.Kenny had lost more weight and looked sallow .Oz walked over and took his hands which were cold.

Oz: " Crikey Kenny that's a very impressive view you have,in fact the whole place could be a stately home."

Kenny: " I had to wait a long time to get it but worth waiting for don't you think?"

Oz: " Sure is ." Vicky interrupted the conversation.

Vicky: " Can I interest you in coffee Kenny?"

Kenny: " Good idea love .We have a lot to get through and I feel a thirst coming on." Vicky left them and closed the door behind her. " Oz I know you must have a ton of stuff to do but I needed to talk face to face because things have developed faster than I expected.By now you will be into the audit of your holdings. I say yours because we've given instructions to our Spanish guys to stop pissing about .Bob Smith is right ,a lot of the big firms don't like to lose lucrative business. Anyway we can talk about that any time .Oh here's the coffee.Thanks Vicky ." Vicky wheeled a table between Kenny and Oz,made adjustments to Kenny's recliner and left ,giving Oz a smile as she closed the door again.

Oz: " Kenny can I take it that your health is the problem?"

Kenny: " Straight to the point ,I like that about you Oz.Yes in a word.the doc says I have less time than we thought.So to business.The Ames Security Services is more than it seems at face value.Yes?" Oz looked puzzled." Ok you will figure it out .I suspect that Pru has a good idea already."

Oz : " You are well informed Kenny ,she's only been on it a short time."

Kenny: " Well I have always had a good relationship with the staff and they let me know they think she 'll be ok."

Oz : " Well that's one of my better decisions it seems."

Kenny: " Don't worry Oz they will take to you I'm certain. This business only really blossomed after I started to go straight .
What started as my own intelligence gathering grew over time and became a significant earner as well as a source of satisfaction and great pleasure.My help was instrumental if not critical in solving problems that fell outside of normal diplomatic channels.It happened by accident and took some time mainly because of my credibility as a one time career criminal.But,check it out ,have aword with Heather Lane.Yes I do know her. But don't talk to anyone else.I need you to think carefully about this Oz.I want you to continue with this business .A lot of people rely on me ,us,and believe me it is worthwhile."

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Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:29 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:47 am
by 936trt
Kenny looked at Oz,waiting for a response. Oz did not know what to say.

Oz: " Kenny you know my background,I'm not afraid of work and I'll give anything a go ,but this..."

Kenny: " Think about some of the other things you've done when you had to rely on others,the Bridge job springs to mind.One or two scrapes in Cuba, including problems with both your in laws. This is no different, I think your lack of confidence is misplaced. I know you can do it because you are resourceful and the team already in place will work well with your people. I have one concern and that is your wife Ofelia."

Oz : " There's not a lot I can do there Kenny .She's adamant about leaving Cuba."

Kenny: " Give it time my son.You won't have to be away for ever and for what it's worth her reluctance in my opinion is maybe more to do with being part of this unexpected new phase of your life .Fear of the unknown.Her travels before were always with the ballet,a family atmosphere ,familiar faces and not too much different in the day to day."

Oz: " You know I hope your right. I'm sure she still sees the same me as she did when we first met."

Kenny: " Anyway back to business.You will find there are a few significant figures like Father Beneficio who have been a great help with our intel gathering. There is another who you may recall from your time in Marbella working for Ally. Prince Stefano he calls himself and he still potters about in the Med with his crew . He passes info to us from time to time usually through channels but now and then directly. This time it was direct.Our friend Fraser is a guest of an African gentleman who arranged for him to leave the Caribbean courtesy of Mafia connections."

Oz: " Isn't that good news?"

Kenny: " Not necessarily.This guy will terminate Ally if he doesn't get what he wants, and that will be bad if we haven't got what we want first."

Oz : " So what is it we want Kenny?" Another coughing fit prevented Kenny answering.Oz pressed the button to call Helga, and she waved Oz away when she arrived." Mr Ames you have overdone it again. You must stop and rest .The doctor told you no more than five minutes at a time.Sir you must leave us ." Helga gave Oz a fierce glare so Oz did as he was told and went to look for Vicky.

Vicky was at her laptop when Oz found her.

Vicky: " Problems?"

Oz: " Helga came .She said Kenny has overdone it."

Vicky: " He's not got long Oz. It's such a shame to see him like this.You will do what you can for him,won't you?" She looked close to tears, and Oz felt he could not refuse.

Oz: " Vicky I will do my best but it may not be enough.I've told him that. There's such a lot he carries in his head."

Vicky: " He will have told you he has a good team and they will help you.Kenny has already spread the word you know and since he chose you they see you as the new Kenny."

Oz: " Yes I was worried something like that would happen." He looked out across the garden to the hills in the distance and felt a hand on his arm.

Vicky: " Oz, he told me you would say that and I am here to help you in any way I can." She looked up at him and Oz kissed her. In the trees across from the house the man with the telephoto lens was very happy. He now had what he needed and was already spending the fee he had been promised.

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Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:19 am
by Tracy
HAHA ! Wondered how long before the old Oz showed up. But Prince Steffano ? :roll:

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Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:28 am
by 936trt
As the man with the camera dropped to the ground he turned to find Baz, arms folded ,with a smug grin andflanked by two assistants.

Baz: " Thank you sir, I'll just borrow that camera. Yes I know it's your property, and do you know this property is private? No? Come with me and I'll introduce you to the owner. The camera. Now. Thank you. I only need the film ."

There was a call for Moxey from Bob Smith,taken by Chrissy.

Chrissy: " Hi Bob ,he's not around but I can take a message?"

Bob: " Hi Chrissy. I have some news about the problem in Scotland.He was right to be suspicious, I was able to trace the source of the pre emption .It was filed on behalf of William Rogers ,brother to the late Clement and to Niaomi but the really juicy bit was finding the lawyers in Edinburgh are also retained by CWN."

Heather has had a visit from Delgado and after sifting through the package he left with her ,decides to 'phone Pru.

Heather: " Hello Pru I hope this isn't a bad time?"

Pru: " Not at all ,it's not often we get to speak these days, I hope you are well?"

Heather: " Indeed. However let me explain.I have just had a brief meeting with captain Delgado who told me he just wrapped up some old cases one of which was that of the unfortunate Tina. He left me a package of documents not relevant to his case he said but perhaps of interest to us. That seemed a strange thing for him to say but nevertheless I had a look thinking maybe there would be something for Wyman.There were some ticket stubs and paperwork related to the trips she made to Venezuala and Honduras."

Pru: " Why is this of interest to us Heather, everyone including Wyman has moved on?"

Heather: " I will copy the paperwork to your computer. You will be able to see where the payment originated. How's Nev, and the twins?"

Pru: " Ok ,all thriving. if you're doing it now I'll wait."

Heather: " Stand by ,there she goes. Best of British Pru."

Pru: " Jolly good ,it's coming through now .Thanks Heather."

Pru 'phones Oz .

Pru : " Hi Oz, how's Mr Ames?"

Oz: " Well the nurse is with him right now he's had a bad turn. Anyway is there a problem pet you're not a frequent caller?"

Pru: " I thought you would like to know Heather sent me some paperwork which she got this morning from Delgado. You will recall Tina, Wyman's ex, well among the stuff from her case which is now closed, were some things he thought would be of interest. So I had a closer look and found that Tina's trips to Venezuala and Honduras were paid for through an account in Kingston .So what you might say."

Oz: " So what?"

Pru : " Someone was careless and thought to hide the payments among hundreds of others instead of,for example using cash ,who knows. Anyway it came from the account of an associate company of CWN. "

Oz : " Bloody Norah!"

Pru: " What's more some conscientious office worker also appended a note,and I quote " Charge to A.Fraser Associates."

Oz: " Are you taking the piss ?"

Pru: " Most certainly not. My concern is that if it is not true someone has gone to a lot of trouble to drop Ally and CWN in the proverbial."

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Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:11 pm
by Tracy
"Oh shyte !"

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Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:06 am
by 936trt
Oz: " I think I've lost the bloody plot Pru. Who would want to do that?

Oz and Pru had reconvened after their telecon of the previous day.

Pru: " Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at all the potential motives. I had a message from Derek this morning which may shed some light. Our friend Solly from the Wiesenthal centre let it be known that the Stille brothers,and it's just the two surviving since Christa's father died, had a meeting at an Argentinian venue at which the future of her son Chris was called into question."

Oz: " That sounds strange,I thought he was the great white hope for the business?"

Pru: " The message goes on to say it's time his unnatural friendship was brought to an end.The word untermensch was used in realtion to Wyman. Chris is considered a risk to the business .This is typical Aryan propaganda but reveals to me that Chris has been skating on thin ice by favouring Wyman."

Oz: " So are you suggesting this stuff from Heather is an attempt to discredit Chris by association with Wyman?"

Pru: " Makes sense to me. If it originated at CWN it makes me wonder how long have they had it in for him?"

Oz: " What do you mean?"

Pru: " Think back Oz, suppose the bullet that killed Amanda was actually meant for Wyman. We assumed that all the hassle we had last year was down to Raoul and Kadi. Just supposing someone else was orchestrating it?"

Oz : " Don't you think you're being a bit paranoid pet?"

Pru: " I'm not clear yet how we can prove any of it.One thing though,if Fraser can be questioned -successfully- he might reveal his involvement with Tina and the people smuggling, or not. In which latter case we are back with CWN.

Oz: " Howay man you know Fraser is a slippery lying bastard,how could you be sure he was telling the truth?"

Pru: " Maybe the African gentleman currently entertaining Mr Fraser might be persuaded to help?"

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Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:39 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:11 am
by 936trt
Oz: " You know Kenny was about to tell me what it was we needed from Fraser just before he had another coughing fit.I reckon Kenny is one step ahead of us and doesn't want the African guy to top Fraser."

Pru: " We should assume that the info from Solly will have been passed to Mr Ames in which case I bet he came to the same conclusion as we did. One other bit of intel from Solly was about the will that Chris recently made.This really put the wind up the Stille entourage .They may be thinking he would pass on his equity to his half brother ."

Oz: " But surely that means they have to get rid of them both?"

Pru: " If we go with our original thinking then someone will have to interrogate Fraser and we need someone there who knows Ally."

Oz: " Aye but who are we going to send?"

Moxey 'phones Chrissy.

Moxey: " Hiyah pet ok?"

Chrissy : " I'm fine Mox. You got the message?"

Moxey: " Yeah ,it's good news and Guy is over the moon,just what he wanted to do. There's quite a lot to take in about the pre emption. Someone 's been pulling William's plonker 'cos it's baseless in law.Our fellah in Edinburgh said it's just a delaying tactic and intended to wind us up. So I said let's go ahead then , but forget about Chrysalis. He asked me where you were with the offer?"

Chrissy: " Well we said no to the offer and to stuff the caveats . Firstly I'm not interested in their shares, I want cash, and secondly we said the Spa's represent a red line for us. "

Moxey : " So what did they say?"

Chrissy: " We don't have an offer of cash yet but they concede on allowing us to have spa operations in countries of our choice and some flexibility on the original caveats. Thinking back to what Oz said I'm pretty sure we should stop using Cal for this sort of thing. Maybe Bob Smith could be our go to guy for everything."

Wyman is having coffee with Mel.

Wyman: " So you told me you'd been a Fed ever since joining up in Phoenix?"

Mel: " Yes .It was a good move. You know a lot of my generation struggle to get away from the reservation. You have seen how introverted some of them get. Anyway I have been debriefed again , if that's possible, about that incident in Aruba?"

Wyman: " Crikey are they still going on about that?"

Mel: " You don't understand how big a deal it is.That Gomez guy is huge in the Caribbean, so naturally some attention is naturally going to be paid to the guy who saved his daughter.You are looked on as a potential asset Wy man."

Wyman: " Bollocks to that Mel I remember how Neville ended up after agreeing to be an asset in Cuba."

Mel: " You might want to have a chat with your pals first. Gomez probably has a lot of intel about the guy he just made a present of to someone in Africa. Ally Fraser? Oh and by the way did you know that we have a friend in CWN? A guy called Kenny Brown?"

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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:40 pm
by Tracy
With all these Guys and Kennys, I'm starting to feel like the Bennys !

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Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:16 pm
by 936trt
Barbara passed on a message to Pru .

Barbara: " Good morning Mrs H. sorry to disturb you but I believe you wanted immediate updates on the Fraser situation. The source is good, I believe you know Bobby Blande and of Prince Stefano ? Fraser has been moved from Mali where he was taken originally , and is now in Cape Verde in the care of a friend ,or relation we are unsure at this point. There is some heat on Mr Mbutha , he is being investigated for his liberal use of Aid monies as I believe you know ."

Pru is feeding the twins while Nev is getting ready for his day with Dennis.

Neville: " No rest for the wicked pet?"

Pru: " You could be right Nev .That was Barbara, she's heard that Fraser has been moved. We are going to have to be much faster on our feet with these chaps. Anyway you're off with Dennis again?"

Neville: " Aye we will be finished with this lot before the afternoon. We were talking with Moxey and we reckon we could pool some of the resources at the plumbers ,painters and decorators with the builders merchants. I don't think this would have ocurred to Kenny, but it makes economic sense. Later it might be worth thinking about the tyre and exhaust business in the same way. Do you know how Dagmar is getting on. Den says they're run off their feet with the extensions?"

Pru: " I haven't heard pet, the last thing Chrissy said is there any synergy with the business done at the Ship Chandlers as most of them are close to the marina?"

Neville: " You mean with the holiday homes and leisure end?"

Pru: " Yes, I think that's what she meant.Now that she is closer to selling Chrysalis her grand plan may be revealed."

Neville: " Tell you what, we're busier than we ever were in Cuba. Never thought I would be putting in such hours."

Pru: " You must have been busy with Nevenda Homes though?"

Neville: " Not like this, it was a very different kind of business even though it was our own. This is a much bigger opportunity for you as well as me ? "

Pru: " You're right and I think Kenny was perhaps just scratching the surface with the security business ."

Neville: " Den and Dagmar are very taken with this place mind,it must have set Kenny back a fortune .Are you impressed pet?"

Pru: " I am, and thinking Kenny must have a lot of time for Oz."

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Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:43 am
by Tracy

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Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:12 pm
by 936trt
Oz had returned to Spain after Vicky assured him that Kenny was much improved.He asked everyone to drop in so he could update them on recent developments.

Oz : " Hi, everybody, it's really good to see you all again ,I was told that Kenny is a bit better so took the chance to come back.I know you're all busy so I'll be brief. Top of our list is what we've just heard about CWN wanting Chris out
of the way. Next is that they are scared Fraser could spill his guts and implicate them not just for his part in Tina's death,but for their involvement in the people trafficking that Tina was caught up in. Carlos Delgado gave the stuff to Heather knowing it would come back to us and I think he hopes we will act on it. I guess he will get Brownie points from the FBI as well as the Cuban police if we are successful. We were wondering if this Fraser thing was a diversion to take the heat off them. Like Pru said before, if they plan to get rid of Chris then Wyman will also be at risk since Chris made his will they must assume he is the beneficiary of Chris's estate , CWN shareholding included."

Den raised his hand and Oz stopped ." Yes Den I was just about to make your point. Den said earlier it's easy to see why they're worried about Chris but why are they screwing around with us ? By the way they organised a paparazee to take photos through the windows while I was at Wooler. Anyhow to answer Den's question,I reckon it goes back to Kenny Ames."

Nev: " But just how far back does all this go Oz?"

Oz: " It must have been before Kenny asked us to come over here.He said CWN were alerted by someone checking them out ,and it wouldn't take long to find there is a connection between us and Ames Security. "

Den: " So all the other stuff before was directed at Wyman not the rest of us? "

Pru: " It looks that way, discounting that Kadi and Raoul were thought to be the villains at the time."

Oz: " Anyway like I said they see us and Ames Security as a threat, as well."

Den: " Where does this leave us Oz, does Kenny have any bright ideas?"

Oz: " Kenny doesn't see it stopping any time soon, especially now that it's widely known it's business as usual at chez Kenny, and that means you lot as well. I will understand if anyone wants to reconsider. We're all targets and how can we protect ourselves?" Oz paused and looked around the room.They were all deep in thought and some clearly more worried than others.

Dagmar: " Oz,what did Mr Ames say about this threat?"

Oz: " He said he had spoken with Solly and asked him what we might expect .He has some experience having been up against the Stille brothers before.Solly's advice is to take the fight to them.Their weak spot is their public standing .Adverse publicity will affect their ability to gain business and it will ultimately hit them in the pocket. I won't do anything until we are all agreed.Let's think about it and let me know what you want to do."