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Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 4:05 pm
by rodoz
936trt wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:46 pm
Neville:" Piss off Brenda, I've got a licence to kill y'na ,oh I just remembered you're dead.....Well hello Honey, they look like nice shells, can I have a look?"

Re: Lost and Found

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:26 pm
by 936trt
Oz and Sarah have returned to the castle after nearly two weeks away promoting his latest recording . They are discussing this recent change to their relationship before their guests arrive for the welcome back picnic she organised.

Oz: “ I need to say something before they get here.” She looked at him and a flicker of uncertainty crossed her face.

Sarah: “ And what is it you need to say?”

Oz: “I want you to tell me how the last few months have been for you, and I need an honest answer.”

Sarah: “ Pretty much as I’d imagined. The grinding poverty, the endless backbreaking housework, boiling water just to wash clothes. I could go on.”

Oz : “ Oh ,so it’s not the loneliness, the long journeys , strange hotels, the lack of sleep. I am relieved.”

Sarah: “ Oz I read you, I can tell you’re thinking that we’ll never make this work if I’m here looking after the business and you’re out there singing all the time. Yes I know it won’t be forever. Yes I don’t like it any more than you and yes we went into this knowing how it would be.”

Oz: “ The touring will be scaled back before Christmas but you can still come to the gigs in France and Germany. If the recording can be relocated to Barcelona that’s almost local.”

Sarah: “ The Oz I know is always grounded, your friends ,and that includes Kenny Ames see to that. Your problems are theirs and vice versa. The group conscience is something I find very appealing and I want to be part of it, it’s like family.”

Oz: “ It ‘s because we’ve been in each others pockets for such a long time. That’s why we worry about Barry and of course this recent thing with Kenny.” Sarah stood up and was waving.

Sarah: “ Hello Pru ,hello Dagmar. Nancy would tell you we were down here under the trees, it’s better in the shade this time of day.” Dennis and Nev were tagging along behind making faces at Oz.

Oz: “ Now then lads, bet you could murder a bevvie or two on a day like this?”

Neville: “ Dear me Oz I thought you’d never ask, is there one for poor Dennis?”

Oz : “ Aye I suppose we’ll run to two .” Oz handed them two cold beers.” Sorry ladies I had to take pity on the old folk, what can I offer you ?”

Pru:” I would love some of that chardonnay I had the last time. By the way Sarah , Chrissy told us to let you know she’s on her way and that Moxey is bringing Barry.”

Sarah: “ Please have a seat ,I’m so pleased to see you all ,it seems much longer than a couple of weeks since we last saw you. I hope you like to picnic , see these boxes yes that one Dagmar, that has the sandwiches and the other ones have cold meat and various fruit things. Yes ,go ahead and help yourselves. Oz is on the bar and says he will take all reasonable orders.”

Dennis: “ That’ll be the day.”

Sarah: “ I see Chrissy. Hello Chrissy .Oz will get you a drink come over here and sit with us in the shade. “

Chrissy: “ This looks wonderful Sarah. I must tell you I’ve just heard from Mox, he’s been a bit delayed. Thankyou Oz a mojito is just what I need.”

Oz: “ No problem I hope Chrissy?”

Chrissy: “ All Moxey said was that Barry is very upset after he took a call from Kenny Brown .”

Neville: “ I don’t like the sound of that pet.”

Chrissy: “ He’ll tell you in more detail when he gets here but those two guys of Kenny’s, Luis and Jo had gone on to Panama after they’d followed the traffickers, they were on their way back when they were ordered to return to Belize to identify a body.”

Pru: “ Don’t tell me ,it’s Tatiana?”

Neville: “ Oh shovels of shite.”

Chrissy: “ That’s the problem .Kenny said Luis couldn’t tell.”

Dennis: “ They need someone who knows her better.”

Oz: “ Bugger ,it’s going to have to be Barry if Luis couldn’t tell.”

Chrissy: “ I don’t know Oz. Moxey will know more, he spoke with Kenny who said identification was difficult because of the state of the body. I’ll have another mojito Oz. Please.”

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Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:47 am
by Tracy
Oh I do hope it's not Titiana. She is always a breath of fresh air, even if she is Russian mafia troll !

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Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:26 pm
by 936trt
No one said anything for several minutes. The silence was broken by Dennis.

Dennis: “ Bloody hell. No wonder Barry’s in a bad way, I know how I would feel if someone said my wife’s body is in such a state she’s unidentifiable.” Everything went quiet again, until Sarah spoke.

Sarah: “ Is there no one else nearer to hand?” At this point Oz looked up to see every face turned to him. He rolled his eyes at the same time nodding to Den and Nev. He turned to Sarah.

Oz: “ You’re not to know pet but Barry’s relationship with Tatiana has not been what you might call text book or classic in any way. It’s not straightforward. To answer the question, yes there may be someone nearer but it sounds to me it won’t be simple like in a police line-up. A more intimate knowledge may be required and that will rule out most of the people we are thinking about. I don’t know if we could locate Zoe her sister, anyway I would guess she wouldn’t want the sort of attention that could bring the police.”

Dagmar: “ We must do something Oz, Barry must be wahnsinnig by now. Sorry I mean nuts, crazy .”

Pru: “ I agree we must help him somehow. Is Heather in Jamaica right now, could we get word to her?”

Dennis: “ A lot of water has passed under that particular bridge pet ,and I’m not sure she knows Tatiana that well. Things were a bit frosty with Gary as well if you recall after the outreach saga. Anyway who knows how her appearance may have changed after being trafficked from the Black Sea and whatever else has happened to her ?”

Nev looked at Oz.” You and Barry have this understanding Oz, you’ve both been under the cosh at times and helped each other. Sorry mate but I think you’re it.”

Oz nodded.” I think you’re right Nev. Y’nah right now I could strangle the bitch, but that won’t help Barry. “

Chrissy’s ‘phone buzzed.

Chrissy: It’s Moxey . He’s outside , but Barry won’t come in.”

Oz jumped up” It’s ok Chrissy ,I’ve got this .I’ll go and talk to him.”

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Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:42 am
by Tracy

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Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:34 pm
by 936trt
Oz and Sarah said their goodbyes as their friends were leaving . Chrissy joined them at the doorway having had a final chat with Barry.

Chrissy: “ He seems to have settled down now . We’ll take our leave , any probs just give us a bell. Cheerio you two , thanks for the picnic.”
She set off back to the car as Moxey gave Oz the nod.

Moxey: “ I’m not sure Kenny told him everything ,and maybe that’s just as well . You know what he told me . If and when Barry does get to see her someone will have to keep a grip on him. See you Oz.”

Oz waved goodbye and went back in wondering where Sarah had got to.

When Sarah had first arrived at el Castillo as she called her new home, she explored all the floors and adopted one of the side rooms off an upstairs drawing room as her own. She had made a beeline here after the guests had gone and had been busy making arrangements which would shortly surprise Oz .

Sarah: “ Disregard that last transmission. Radio check. Repeat . Received your last. Satisfactory. Yes. I say again. Three-tree, from D.R. to Belize, oh eight hundred for Luis Ferrero. Loud and clear. Wilco .Out.”

Oz was standing in the doorway , mouth open. Sarah turned as she put down the satellite ‘phone.

Oz: “ What’s going on, where did this lot come from?”

Sarah: “ Standard issue Oz. I just haven’t given it back yet.”

Oz: “ Excuse me if I think you’re fibbing . I know you said there were a few loose ends to take care of before you could stay here but..…” He waved his arm toward the desk tops , satellite ‘phone and printers and what looked like a microwave oven.” You never said you were bringing your office home?”

Sarah: “It’s nothing sinister Oz but I agreed to do a few things on a quid pro quo basis, you know tit for tat, so I could move here quickly.”

Oz: “You better not patronise me petal . I know tit as well as I know tat when I see them. So what’s with Luis Ferrero?”

Sarah: “ Please don’t look like that ,I’m doing what I have been trained to do .” Oz noticed what he thought was a little redness around her eyes. He said nothing , he’d been subject to water works in the past and hoped he was a better judge of Sarah. “ I agreed to the terms so I could move here to be with you . It’s not that I thought you might change your mind but ….”

Oz: “ I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t mean it pet . But , Luis Ferrero?”

Sarah:” I have a theory that it’s always better to have spare capacity, redundant capability, and in this case it’s worked out well. No need to involve Amesec. I got a message to Luis to expect you and Barry and A.N Other tomorrow. CWN jet, courtesy of Chris, fly from Malaga to Dominican Republic then onward via chopper to Belize.”

Oz: “ You have been busy .You’ve done this before?”

Sarah: “ You have that look again. I should have explained .You never had a professional p.a did you, and I guess having a woman making this kind of arrangement goes against the grain ? Honestly Oz I’m trying to help .” She got no further with her explanation, Oz had flung his arms around her .He released her to ask a question.

Oz: “ Who is the third man ,and don’t say Harry Lime?”

Sarah: “ It’s Greig .He volunteered. Yes he has an ulterior motive.”

Oz: “ You told him about our problem?”

Sarah: “ I had to if I wanted the departments’ help.”

Oz: “ So apart from his interest in the Kennedy body?”

Sarah: “ The department is still pursuing trafficking to that part of the world and their interest in the drone event has not diminished.”

Oz: “ I think I’m playing catch up. How long have they had an interest in the drone event?”

Sarah:” Since before Schmidt questioned Wyman. “

Oz: “ I don’t know why I asked. This is turning into a rabbit hole. Tell me is it really the FCO you worked for?”

Sarah: “ Does it matter petal?”

Oz: “ You said once Grainger had reckoned you could use your Sloaney vowels and black stockings to bamboozle me. Is that what you’re trying to do now?”

Sarah: “ Don’t be silly Oz. Let’s start packing the cases. You’ll need at least three pairs of socks and Barry's not your size .I’ll have to improvise.”

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Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:27 pm
by Tracy
Dear me !

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Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:50 pm
by 936trt
Dennis was sitting in the garden sipping a cold beer. He looked across to Dagmar in the adjacent sun lounger .She appeared to be deep in thought.

Dennis: “ Penny for them pet?” She sat up and looked straight at him.

Dagmar: “ You know Dennis I’ve been thinking.” Dennis tried to stifle a groan. “ No,listen . I really enjoyed our time looking after Anna while Chrissy was away.”

Dennis: “ Aye well she a lovely wee girl and good company . Barry’s lucky to have such a daughter. It’s a shame he’s got this situation with his missus. It’s nice for Anna to have Beatrice as well ,they seem to get along just fine.”

Dagmar: “ It looks like the FBI are not letting Wyman go any time soon .I guess Chrissy might be going back to Arizona before long.”

Dennis: “ So you offered to look after Anna when she wants to go back?”

Dagmar: “ Well of course, it’s more than Moxey can manage on his own I thought.”

Dennis : “ No problem pet, I suppose I’m just surprised you didn’t offer to take Beatrice as well.”

Dagmar: “ That is an excellent idea Dennis, it would allow Moxey to go with her or spend more time with Guy in Scotland.”

Dennis leaned back in the lounger, shook his head and took another swig of his beer.

Oz was having a struggle to get Barry moving and then discovered the reason for his sluggishness was the number of sleeping pills Barry had taken the previous day.

Oz: “ Howay Bazzer, gerra bloody move on man. We’ve a ‘plane to catch.” Barry looked pitifully at Oz.

Barry: “ I don’t feel well .”

Oz: “ If I’d known you’d taken those pills I wouldn’t have let you drink all that stuff last night.”

Barry: “ Oh dear .Oz I feel sick.”

Oz: “ Here man get your clothes on while I take your case down to the car.”

Barry: “ Just a coffee Oz. That’s all I need.” Oz looked at him.

Oz: “ Really ,that’s a pity I’ve just brought you a plate here. Bacon, sausage two runny eggs , a nice bit of black pudding with a tomato ,oh and two bits of fried bread done in dripping.” Oz’s words had the desired effect. Barry looked a bit pasty and got to his feet making retching sounds then stumbled to the toilet. Oz smiled .” Don’t worry kiddah , better in here than in the car or in Chris’s nice clean ‘plane. You’ll feel better afterwards.”

Kenny Ames put down the telephone and shouted to Vicky.

Kenny:” Vicky you won’t believe this , that was Dr Al ,you know our American guy.”

Vicky: “ Is that a statement or a question?”

Kenny:” He just told me he had a visit from the FBI and they asked about the treatment he gave me and Dennis Patterson.”

Vicky: “ I thought patient records were confidential and how did they know Dr Al was treating you and Dennis ?"

Kenny: “ He didn't know but I think this is down to Kenny Brown. Patient records are private but they told him there were extenuating circumstances. Anyway though it actually solved one puzzle it’s created another . They have a copy of the toxicology report from Helga’s case and have compared the results with the tests Dr Al did on Dennis and me.”

Vicky: “ I still don’t see where this is going Kenny.”

Kenny: “ They say the stuff used to kill Helga is the same as Dr Al washed out of our systems.”

Vicky: “ That’s unbelievable.”

Kenny: “ That’s what I said. Dr Al apologised for not looking more closely at what had been removed but fortunately his records included an analysis ,which is what the FBI looked at. Anyway he says when this stuff is administered in low doses over a long period of time it gives rise to symptoms similar to those shown by people with dementia .”

Vicky : “ So that would explain your recovery?”

Kenny: “ Yes but it begs the question how did Dennis and I come into contact with this stuff?”

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Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:34 am
by Tracy
mmmm :?:

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Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:57 am
by 936trt
Kenny was beyond just bored. He had followed Luis’ directions and was now in northern Peru. After travelling through jungle and digging the 4x4 out of mud the search for Tatiana had taken on a very different meaning for him. This whole trip was the result of a small war that broke out between the miners and the security forces in Belize when they didn't get paid. Like other mercenaries the guy seen leaving Belize with Tatiana, had found his way to Panama from where he would ship out to new employment in either Ecuador or Colombia.
All this came to light when they returned to confirm the identity of the body at the ICU in Belize . Kenny was not altogether convinced by the new intel but was ordered to follow it up when he told Chris.

Kenny: “ Well you pay the bills Chris, but I reckon it could be more heresay than anything else.”

He was put ashore in a bay on the south coast of Ecuador where he collected an old 4x4, and began ,according to Luis, a two hour drive toward the Peruvian border, where he was told the mines were situated. The plan was to meet with Luis and Jo who hopefully would have more recent news. As a plan it had one advantage, it wasn’t complicated. They did have news and it meant Kenny had finished driving for the time being.

Kenny: “ Nice to see you again bro.” Jo grinned and nodded toward Luis.

Luis: “ Aren’t you speaking to me you miserable toad?”

Kenny: “ You and your bright ideas . Two hour drive? Do you know what kind of a journey I’ve had?”

Luis: “ I was told it was safer for you to go by road my friend.”

Kenny: “ Bollocks. Anyway what’s new?”

Jo: “ We heard our man got the gig at the new mine .The up front money and promise of a bonus was enough to bring him and all his squad here pdq. We talked to a local guy and as you suggested asked him about the nightlife . He’s called Philipe ,he’s helped us make a start .I didn’t expect there would be a lot going down in the jungle ,but we’ve covered a ton of places while waiting for you . Everything from one room with a tub of hooch to an old barracks with a floor show.”

Kenny: “ Floor show?” Jo and Luis exchanged glances.

Luis: “ You need to have a look-see boss. Oh yeah, our cover. Philipe thinks we are researching a book on the social habits of mining engineers and you, our leader, are a sociologist.” They both laughed until the tears flowed.

Kenny: “ Very funny. So have you found her?” They both stopped laughing , Luis shook his head.

Luis: “ I hope not boss. There is a blonde and it could be her . You would be the last to see her before she cleared off. Maybe you can tell.”

Kenny: “ Ok there can’t be that many blondes in this neck of the woods. Let’s take a look. What time does it open?” They started laughing again.” Ok let’s just go.”

They picked up Philipe .He was introduced to Dr Kenny Brown, who promised Philipe would be given credit by inclusion in the book.

The barracks was about an hour south of the border, the mine about half an hour due east of the barracks.

Kenny: “ What a miserable place ,does it always rain here?”

Jo: “ We are in Amazonia boss.”

Kenny: “ Isn’t this supposed to be a protected environment?”

Luis: “ Yes but it’s all about developing resources. Don’t you read anything doctor Brown ?”

Kenny: “ Philipe, is this a safe place we are going to?”

Philipe: “ No problem senor I tell them you are academics."

Kenny: “ That’s not answering my question Philipe. Is it safe for me to ask questions?”

Philipe: “ Better if I ask the questions doctor Brown.”

It was recognisably a barracks from the outside , the inside looked like the soldiers had just left. Philipe took them to the bar where they paid extortionate prices for what tasted like diesel. Philipe explained the prices were high to cover the floor show. After fifteen or twenty minutes there was a commotion at the entrance as a crowd of miners appeared , shouting as they pushed their way in . After a few minutes the lights dimmed around a makeshift stage where the miners had collected. They could hear music. He nodded to Philipe who led them to a table near the stage.

When Kenny reported to Chris later that day he was still sad and sick at what he’d seen. He had struggled to recognise her, she was very thin , standing up with difficulty , barely able to hold the microphone .

Kenny: “ I don’t think we will need to ask any questions Philipe. Have you seen this woman before?”

Philipe: “ Yes doctor Brown .She is here all the time for when the miners come . “

This was when Kenny knew that Chris had to make the next decision.

Chris told Kenny he needed to think about the next step but would 'phone at a pre arranged time the following day.

Chris: “ Kenny are you absolutely sure it was her?”

Kenny: “ Yes.”

Chris: “ Tell me what you saw ,again, and then give me your opinion of the body in the ICU.”

Chris spoke at length to Oz later that day, outlining a plan and asking for Oz to give him his opinion. Oz then spoke directly to Kenny Brown.

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:08 am
by Tracy
Where there's life, there's Hope !

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Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:20 pm
by 936trt
It had only been weeks since Dagmar was last in Varna and there was a certain familiarity about the site , particularly the conference room where she and Barry had held their meetings.

After Oz and Barry left for Belize, there had been general agreement that continuity of the Leisure business must be maintained. Regular meetings with senior staff at each of the centres could be set up if the duties were shared. Barry had recently been to Capetown, that only left the sites in the Caribbean, Varna and Marbella. Chrissy volunteered to cover Marbella, Dagmar opted for Varna and Wyman , given dispensation by the FBI was going to Aruba and the first site near the Turks and Caicos. It wasn’t clear how long Barry would be away and so they would need to make some changes to staffing.

Dagmar had spent most of her first morning giving personal reassurances to the general staff and was in the conference room waiting for a rather late Hazel Redfearn. Hazel was shown in by the receptionist. She was clearly upset and somewhat red eyed as she made her apologies to Dagmar.

Hazel: “ I’m so sorry Mrs Patterson I’ve had problems with the flat I’m renting and it’s much further away and public transport is unreliable. I’m sorry.”

Dagmar: “ Really Hazel don’t be upset. Would you like tea or coffee?” Dagmar waved to the receptionist who went off in search of refreshments. “ Tell me have you moved recently?”

Hazel: “ It’s a rather involved situation but yes. Frankly Mrs Patterson until your ‘phone call I thought this visit was going to be about the problems in the department.”

Dagmar: “ I was told there were many cancellations last month arising from a staff shortage?”

Hazel: “ Yes .That is true.”

Dagmar: “ Can you explain how we found ourselves in this position?” Hazel closed her eyes momentarily as she marshalled her thoughts.

Hazel:” The new procedures that Mr Taylor had instigated were beginning to work ,and we could all see the benefits. I accepted the responsibility that came with my new position but it was not without some ill feeling.”

Dagmar: “ Why was there ill feeling?”

Hazel: “ It was after our return from the company do in Capetown.” She paused and looked at Dagmar.” You are aware that I have some history with Mr Taylor?”

Dagmar: “ Carry on Hazel.”

Hazel: “ My partner of over twenty years took exception to my promotion and made things very awkward .Truth be known Rose was never keen on this area. Through two acquisitions and a rationalisation we found ourselves here near the Black Sea and I could see a huge opportunity. Rose didn’t have that vision so our relationship suffered. The first inkling that things were bad was when I was informed by my bank that my account was overdrawn. Rose had gone with our savings and left me with a raft of debts and standing orders.”

Dagmar: “ Oh Hazel I’m so sorry. Look ,you must not worry, we can help you .Let me have your bank details and I will do something today. Tell me, how did the bookings go down the pan? ”

Hazel: “ While Flower and Fern had the contract for the spa the aromatherapy and so on, Rose and I shared the admin. Within a week or so I found some of our assistants and ancillary staff had left. They were offered jobs at a new facility set up by Rose . Clients were poached and I’ve being playing catch-up ever since. That’s more or less it Mrs Patterson.”

Dagmar: “ I will look at the contract and I would be very surprised if a non compete clause had not been included. I will pass this on to legal. You must have been at your wits end. “

Hazel: “ Can I ask if Mr Taylor is ill, there have been rumours?” Dagmar was ready for the question.

Dagmar: “ As I’m sure you will appreciate this is Mr Taylors business .He has a family problem and is currently dealing with it. His friends and colleagues are all trying to help , which is why I’m here . I will tell him you were asking after him when I see him. “

Hazel: “ I’m sure if his friends are those I remember he’ll be well looked after.”

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Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:45 pm
by Tracy
Poor Hazel. Well at least she did not go out on the balcony and blow her brains out !

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by 936trt
Wyman is comparing notes with Chrissy.

Wyman: “ Hi mum ,everything seems good here in sunny Aruba, at least according to the staff. Numbers are slightly down on last year but they have hundreds of reasons to explain why. How are things in Marbella?”

Chrissy: “ Fine son ,running like clockwork, and nothing but praise for Barry.”

Wyman: “ Same here, several asked after him and I said family problems. I do have a query about some vacancies that haven’t been filled for over a month. Seems strange when you think how keen the locals were when it started.”

Chrissy: “ Yes, we’ll have to investigate that.”

Wyman: “ I’ve been lucky to have Kenny Brown looking after me ,apparently Chris insisted on taking care of all my transport so I had time to have a look into the Fantasy film site. You might have guessed Chris has a seaplane. Strange that Kenny is tight lipped about his trip , I guess there’s a story there. Have you heard anything?”

Chrissy: “ No, only what Sarah passed on. Anyway poppet , I have to go ,stay in touch .Bye.”

Wyman glanced at his watch and decided to have a stroll before heading to the marina. As he walked out of the leisure centre a car pulled up beside him and the window rolled down to reveal a grinning Juan Gomez .

Juan: “ Hello Wyman.”

Wyman: “ Good grief, Juan it is you ?”

Juan: “ It is indeed my friend .Can I give you a lift?”

Wyman: “ That’s very kind but I must tell you I am leaving shortly. I have to catch a ‘plane in about half an hour.”

Juan: “ That’s ok what I have to say won’t take long .Get in Wyman and we’ll take you to the marina. That’s where senor Chris’ seaplane will be.”

Wyman: “ I should have guessed there isn’t much happens that you don’t know about. This is very kind of you Juan.” As he sat down he saw Juan had lost a lot of weight and detected a tremor when they shook hands.

Juan: “ I will be brief. You know I have my source of information ,not a patch on Amesec, but it serves. Recently we learned a suspiciously large number of my fellow consiglieres in the Caribbean are sick. Their symptoms are similar to mine. You said nothing Wyman, I know your sensibilities for my feelings. However .” He smiled and continued.” I have an ulterior motive to see you today. I know that senor Ames had something like this and now he hasn’t.”

Wyman: “ What is it you want of me Juan?”

Juan: “ I would like to speak with him about this illness and ask for his help. I do not come empty handed Wyman. We have information about the vector as my man calls it.”

Wyman: “ I can’t speak for Mr Ames as you will appreciate but I think he will talk with you.”

Juan: “ Could you arrange this for me. Today?”

Wyman: “ I can ‘phone and ask the question now if you like?”

Juan: “ Thank you Wyman.”

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by Tracy
Poppet ??? :|