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Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:10 pm
by Tracy
Krazy Kadi :twisted:

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Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:57 pm
by 936trt
Barry and Tatiana are relaxing in the sun at the Grand Turk Leisure centre. Their flight from Quito courtesy of Chris , their accommodation courtesy of Kenny Ames.

Barry: “ This is bustin’ .How can that sea be so clear. Just what the doctor ordered eh baby bear?”

On the adjacent recliner Tatiana raised herself onto one elbow, looked at Barry through half lidded eyes .

Tatiana: “ Whatever you say Barry. I suppose they think the same .” She nodded her head at the three nearby recliners occupied by Kenny, Luis and Jo.

Barry: “ Surely you don’t begrudge them a few days off after what they’ve done?”

Tatiana: “ I haven’t had minders since being a teenager in Moscow.”

Barry’s tone was harsh as he replied.

Barry: “ Without their help you might still be in that shithole in Peru.”

Tatiana: “ I know ,I know, I am grateful but this is unnecessary.”

Barry: “ Don’t talk shit, you don’t put two fingers up to the cartel and expect them not to retaliate.”

Tataiana sat up and looked at Barry wide eyed and clearly shocked. She stared at him with narrowed eyes. He was looking out to sea and appeared to be ignoring her. This was definitely not going the way she had expected.

Oz is in Den’s tree house with Nev and Moxey and a cooler full of bottled beer.

Oz: “ Aye, I reckon you’ve managed to get the hang of keeping beer at the right temperature. You must have been paying attention kiddah.”

Dennis: “ I was just going to say how much I’ve missed your friendly banter Oz .Mind you don’t choke on it eh?”

Neville: “ So Oz, do you reckon we’ll ever get to know exactly what Tatiana was up to?”

Oz: “ I don’t know Nev . Kenny and the lads never told Barry everything they found out on their first trip. Mind you the joint we found her in was like something from the wild west.”

Neville: “ How the hell does anyone ever get over something like this?” Nev was shaking his head and took another swig from his beer.

Moxey: “ I remember how he was after finding out about Kadi and later in Arizona if it hadn’t been for young Wyman he’d still be looking up at the transporter.”

Neville: “ How was he when you told him we’d let Anna know?”

Oz: “ What do you think Nev. At first he was all over the place, I think he'd put Anna to the back of his mind, but he knows she’s very matter of fact about most things ,as we all saw when we told her, no, he sees the real problem will be what and how much Tatiana tells her.”

Dennis: “ Any idea when they’re due back?”

Oz: “ Basically when she feels well enough . Chris has said he’ll fly them back whenever they want. Sarah reckons there’s no problem with availability of nursing care if it’s needed so no reason why she shouldn't finish her recuperation here. We’re agreed it’ll be better for Barry to be among friendly faces .”

Dennis: “ Aye well you can tell Barry there’s no sweat about the Leisure Centres, Dagmar said the management changes Barry made before he left have worked wonders. Apparently Hazel has transformed the business up at Varna.”

Oz: “ Aye well maybe he should make a trip up there when he gets back.” Oz made a fist pump gesture that had them all laughing.

Moxey: “ I see what you mean Oz but I don’t reckon that’s on the cards her being a lesbian and all .”

Neville: “ From what I heard her mate did a runner after emptying their bank account. Hazel might just fancy a change.”

Oz: “ Maybe Barry could re ignite the passion of their younger days?”

Moxey: “ Oz.”

Oz: “ What?”

Moxey: “ Bollocks.”

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Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:43 am
by Tracy
At last, Barry has balls ! DL

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Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:20 pm
by 936trt
Sarah is in her office and takes a call from the Castle reception.

Sarah: “ Good morning Nancy and what can I do for you ?”

Nancy: “ I’m sorry to bother you at this time but I have a visitor ,a very persistent lady who is under the impression I am being obstructive, can you help?”

Sarah: “ Most certainly Nancy . I will be with you shortly.” Sarah was bored . Oz had joined Kenny and Vicky at Father Ben’s retreat for a day or two . She left a message on Oz’s ‘phone then made her way to reception .

Nancy: “ Here is our visitors' card Ms Kennedy.”

Sarah: “ Thank you, that's fine Nancy you can leave us , I know you have lots to do.” Turning to the visitor.” Good morning, your card says Nicki Myles , perhaps you would tell me why you’re here?” The visitor had short blonde hair appeared to be forty to fifty years old and was smartly dressed. She looked Sarah up and down, sighed and spoke with a slight Scottish accent.

Nicki: “ I am attempting to trace a group of British workers who may be able to help me with some research I have undertaken.”

Sarah: “ Why do you think we can help you?”

Nicki: “ Two reasons, one of which relates to this article from a Miami newspaper.” She handed a photocopy to Sarah describing the rescue of Debbie Hope. ” The other is information I was given locally relating to the whereabouts of a man called Neville Hope. I am obligated to Mr Hope, his help was pivotal early in my career. I have been led to believe he and some colleagues live near here.”

Sarah: “ I see from your card you are a freeelance journalist, so you’ll forgive me if I make an assumption about your intentions. I take it the Miami newspaper was not helpful regarding his current whereabouts?”

Nicki: “ Let’s cut to the chase .Will you help me miss Kennedy?”

Sarah: “ If I was in a position to help you surely the question would be why I should help you?”

Nicki: “ The Miami newspaper told me in addition to the Debbie Hope story, they had a more recent piece describing the abduction and subsequent rescue of the wife of another member of this same group of British workers, a Mr Barry Taylor. I am sure these are the same people I interviewed back in 2002.”

Sarah: “ Are you over here for long Nicki ?”

Nicki: “ That will depend .If I should locate Mr Hope I have a proposition for him.”

Sarah: “ A proposition?”

Nicki smiled and looked at Sarah .” Now why should I tell you?”

Sarah: “ Give me your number .I’m not promising anything but if I should be able to locate this chap I will be in touch.”

They made their farewells and Nicki left the castle. As she walked toward the town to hail a taxi she was calling her office.” Yes, I’m just leaving. Yes it's her, a little older now but definitely her, she was pa for Jeffrey Grainger at the time of the Wharfedale land deal on Teesside. I’m sure she knows where the guys are.I’ll call you later.”

At the same time as Nicki was talking to her office Sarah was speaking to Oz.

Sarah: “ Hi Oz, yes she has just left. Yes it is her . I recognised her from her articles about the black labour racket. Yes the girl that got Startups’ books and papers courtesy of Moxey. Yes I’m sure she will be looking for Neville. I’ll let the others know. Are you saying perhaps a pre emptive move might be worth considering. I have no idea what the proposition is. Anyway if it is related to Tatiana there is nothing to hide is there ?”

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Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:50 pm
by Tracy
Doesn't sound like she wrote that book. Or if she did, no publisher would touch it. Wonder why ? :?

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Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 1:23 pm
by 936trt
Sarah is on her laptop scrolling through the Wiki entry for Nicki Myles while waiting for Pru to answer her ‘phone.

Sarah: “ Hi Pru it’s Sarah , I tried to reach Nev but he’s not picking up. No not a problem, well I don’t think so. We had a visitor this morning asking after him. She’s a journalist called Nicki Myles, she says he helped her some years ago in exposing a trafficker called Mickey Startup. She said tell him she has a proposition. Yes, I have been looking her up on the internet and she seems for real. Yes ,ok that will be fine . I’ll wait to hear from him. Thanks Pru.”

Later that day after Pru successfully relayed Sarah’s message ,Nev is returning from a PCD job with Den and Moxey.

Neville: ” Well that’s a turn up for the books.”

Dennis: “ What’s up Nev?”

Neville: “ Nicki Myles, that’s what’s up.”

Dennis: “ Dear me Nev, is your past catching up with you?”

Neville: “ Hey this’s not funny Den. Pru said she’s told Sarah she has a proposition for us. Do you not remember her man, she’s the lass Moxey gave Startups books to. She’s the one who exposed his trafficking scheme. “

Moxey: “ What’s she after Nev?”

Neville: “ Bet your bottom dollar she’s at it again. She told Sarah she got our details from a Miami newspaper. There was a piece about Tatiana being rescued after being kidnapped by traffickers. The same paper covered our Debbie’s abduction last year , she put it all together and realised it was us, the same bunch who’d done the Bridge job .”

Moxey: “ Bloody hell ,the last thing I need right now is that bugger on my tail.”

Dennis: “ Moxey, keep your eyes on the road man, I’m a nervous passenger at the best of times.”

Neville: “ Gerraway Moxey that sod’s still behind bars. Isn’t he?”

Moxey: “ Don’t care .He’s got cohorts hasn’t he?”

Dennis: “ Is that painful Moxey?”

Moxey: “ What?”

Dennis : “ Cohorts.”

Moxey: “ Dennis?”

Dennis: “ What?”

Moxey: “ Bollocks.”

Neville: “ Tell you what Mox take the next right ,we can go up to the castle and have a word.”

The lads are having coffee with Sarah.

Neville: “ So pet, she told you she located us from this Miami newspaper article?”

Sarah: “ I suspect it was a little more involved than that Neville but, essentially yes. There would be little detail available to her from the feature. But she is a journalist and so having found the piece about Debbie I guess she believed she could smell another scoop. “

Neville: “ Right, so this is what the proposition is about ?”

Sarah: “ I would think so. There wouldn’t be enough about Tatiana’s rescue to form the basis of a story. After all we know the guys who were involved and they are not what you would say talkative types!”

Dennis: “ You spoke to her, what do you think Sarah?”

Sarah: “ I believe she knows more about the traffickers than she lets on .Her motivation is obvious but it is a good thing that she’s trying to do. My reservation is if you choose to assist her we may all be exposed to an element of risk.”

Neville: “ I guess she asked about me by name as I was her point of contact back in the day.” Dennis and Moxey sniggered. This was not lost on Sarah. She looked quizzically at Nev who just shook his head. “ We need to think this through. For example I’m not sure right now how Barry would feel going up against the traffickers, I mean do we know yet how Tatiana got involved?”

Sarah: “ I haven’t had a chance to talk at length with Oz but he can answer some of those questions.” She looked down at her feet.

Dennis: “ Sarah, do you know how Tatiana got involved ?”

Sarah: “ Oz told me that it wasn’t by accident. He is more than a little conflicted right now. He said it’s worse than the time before with Kadi.”

Moxey: “ Worse than the time before with Kadi ?”

Dennis: “Bloody hell. “

Neville: “ When’s Oz back?”

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Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 5:47 pm
by Tracy
Nicki Myles, didn't she win the 'Pull it's her' prize ? :roll:

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Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:12 pm
by 936trt
Oz has Kenny Ames’ undivided attention having cornered him in one of the less frequented parts of Father Beneficio’s lodge ,or retreat as Kenny prefers to call it.

Kenny: “ It’s pretty obvious to me that there is an urgency about you Oz. What’s up?”

Oz: “ There was no other way for me to get a grip of you Kenny .This won’t wait so I’ll get right on with it before Vicky comes looking for you. You and I know that Father Ben is shall we say connected? ” Kenny began to squirm in his seat.” Nah, nah Kenny there’s been enough hints about the good father since I got to know him, any way I‘ve utilised the best in the business, Ames Security and it’s been confirmed. But, and this is where you and maybe Stefano come in, I need him to do me a favour.”

Kenny: “ He doesn’t officiate at weddings any more Oz.”

Oz: “ Interesting thought Kenny but not what I had in mind. I happen to know that one of the major players up in the Black Sea area is friendly toward father Ben. This guy is close to the traffickers ,our police friends in Varna told me. I want father Ben to find out if Tatiana was involved with this gang , voluntarily , you know ,the ones who subsequently abducted her sister.”

Kenny looked at Oz .” Are you absolutely certain this is the route you want to go down Oz. Are you sure the answer you get will help Barry? ”

Oz: “ I’ve thought and thought about this man. Barry is a good mate and I need to find the truth for him. In spite of what she may have done I know he’ll take her back like he did before and eventually it’ll be the end of him. But I might be able to convince him to cut his losses if I can prove she knew all along the guys were traffickers.”

Kenny: “ So the original idea was that Tatiana would try to find Zoe and coincidentally clear her name for Barry’s benefit?”

Oz: “ Exactly. But when Zoe ends up dead Tatiana’s plan is in the clarts .”

Kenny: “ Presumably Barry has had the conversation with his wife?”

Oz: “ I expect so .They will have had plenty of time by now. Look Barry did him a real favour, well we all did when we recovered the er, artefacts . But Barry worked out what they had been doing wrong and he said they were very grateful.”

Kenny: “ From what you say then she lied to everyone?”

Oz: “ Yes Kenny. Barry may forgive her infidelities but I don’t think it will extend to torture and murder.”

Kenny: “ You’re absolutely sure about this Oz?”

Oz: “ He might not believe me but I think a man of God is a different kettle of fish.”

Kenny: “ Ok Oz. Leave it with me I’ll let you know one way or another.”

A week later Oz had a call from Kenny Ames.

Kenny: “ Oz, I have had a response to your request. Our catholic friend wishes to be remembered to you all and particularly to Barry for his help. I’m going to be here for a few more days if you want a face to face ?”

Oz: “ No it’s ok Kenny, in fact the holidaymakers are coming back this week I’d rather know now, so tell me what he said over the ‘phone.”

Kenny: “ The source is well known to Father Ben and he says there is no reason to disbelieve his words .It is not good news for our friend Oz. He recalls both women and one in particular who approached him with a business proposition. Tatiana wanted to expand her blackmail business with his help, a partnership. At some later point he discovered Zoe skimming the profits ,a silly thing to do but she was greedy and paid the price.”

Oz: “ I take that to mean she became part of the inventory in a container?”

Kenny: “ Yes. Safer to get her out of the area. Oz I don’t know what you plan to do next. Please consider the ramifications. I understand better than you might imagine how these things can affect friendships.”

Oz: “ Thankyou Kenny .Pass on my thanks to father Ben.”

When Oz got back to the castle it was almost dark. Sarah was waiting on the balcony watching the sunset.

Sarah: “ Hello Oz. Would you like a drink?”

Oz: “ What a question petal. No. I’ll have two instead. Thankyou.”

Sarah: “ You seem chipper my dear. Have you come to decision?”

Oz: “ I think so. We made a mistake before. We should have told Barry about Kadi as soon as we found out. I have to run this by the lads but I think we should tell him what father Ben has found out.”

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Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:48 pm
by Tracy
Oh he'll never learn ! :(

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Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:42 am
by 936trt
Wyman felt the beginnings of cramp in his leg . Still not used to the cold nights in Arizona. Another two hours of this will drive me mad he thought. I’m sick of the sound of crickets.
In order to see the house he had to squint through a thorn bush and assorted scrub. He whispered to Chip.” The lights are still on, just like yesterday .” In fact he thought to himself just like the last six days. There was movement on his left and a hand on his arm.It was Chip.

Chip: “ Wy man they are here.” He whispered and pointed to an area behind his garage. Several shadowy figures appeared to sprout from the ground.

Wyman: “ Just like Kenny said they’ve come round the back thinking the front is under surveillance.”

There were no sounds as the figures moved closer to Chip’s house. A coyote howled and to Wyman it could have been a sound effect.The light in the house went out and then on again.

Chip: “ Signal?” Wyman gave him a puzzled glance, shaking his head. There were several muffled shots and figures came running out of the house straight into the waiting floodlights.

Gregory, Chip and Wyman were joined by Kenny Brown.

Kenny:” I think that’s what we call a good result. Would you agree Greg?”

Gregory: “ Yes and once again we must give especial thanks to our civilian friends. It would not have been as easy without your help.”

Chip: “ I will tell this to the tribal council today. Mel and the little one will be honoured in the ceremony tonight.”

Wyman felt strangely weak , Kenny moved quickly towards him as he began to crumple.

Kenny:” Let’s get him inside, he looks exhausted, has he been ill Chip?”

Chip: “ When he arrived last week he was angry and looked tired. I thought it was the journey. Once we'd agreed the plan he was much calmer. Maybe now he can relax.”

Gregory: “ I’m pretty sure Mel would be happy with this result, this guy can’t wait to spill his guts. He’s never been caught before, he’s the drone operator, we’ll let him sweat a bit.”

Wyman was coming round and trying to get up.

Kenny: “ Hey kiddo ,take it easy for a few minutes, you took a funny turn there.”

Wyman: “ Did I pass out?”

Kenny: “ Yeah something like that. Here’s the local nurse, let her have a look at you.”

After checking his pulse and blood pressure she smiled and told him he could go and join the others.

Wyman: “ Do you think they will come again Kenny?”

Kenny: “ You know what Juan told you in Aruba, he'd tell you it’s more to do with loss of face now. Someone will be weighing up this latest cockup and asking if it’s worth it.”

Wyman: “ If Greg’s right and it’s me they’re after I should leave. I’m bringing trouble as long as I'm here.”

Kenny: “ You know as long as I’ve known you guys, you’ve attracted your share of trouble. Maybe your right Wy, go see your mom and your buddies. It’s over. Chip says the honour dance will put a line under it.”

Wymans feet took him to the sweat lodge. The hut was occupied.

Wyman: “ Hello uncle Charlie.” Charlie looked up as Wyman sat down opposite him.

Uncle Charlie: “ You may go from these parts Wy man, but you don’t leave anyone behind. You know that. They are always here.” He pointed to Wymans’ head and heart.

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Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:42 pm
by Tracy
Touchy feely. :|

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Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:36 pm
by 936trt
Oz and Sarah were at the airport waiting for the flight carrying Barry and Tatiana from the Caribbean.

Barry was waving to them as he came through the arrivals doors and at the same time but from a different doorway Tatiana appeared in a wheelchair. Sarah looked at Oz with a puzzled expression. Oz shook his head.

The journey back to the castle proved to be awkward as well as embarrassing but only for Oz and Sarah. Barry and Tatiana were clearly not speaking to one another.

Sarah: “ So ,Tatiana did you have a pleasant journey ?”

Tatiana: “ For most of the flight there was the most foul smell in the cabin. It is not so bad now.”

Oz: “ Barry mate, how did you find the trip. I guess Chris came through again?”

Barry: “ Yes Oz, Chris has proved to be one of those few people one can always rely on .I’m sure you know what I mean. I will be writing to him as soon as I have an opportunity.”

Oz and Sarah exchanged glances. Oz rolled his eyes.

Sarah: “I have arranged for a package of nursing care Tatiana. All you have to do is specify your requirements . It is agreed that the care staff will be based in the castle until further notice.”

Tatiana: “ That is very thoughtful Sarah. Thank you. It is so re assuring when good people like yourself demonstrate such kindness. It is less noticeable in some quarters.”

Oz: “ Well , here we are folks. Sarah will show you to your rooms.” Sarah glared at Oz who grinned, blew her a kiss and helped Tatiana into the wheelchair.

A welcome home party had been organised by Sarah for the returning travellers and there was a full house. Kenny Ames and Vicky had been joined by Dennis, Neville and Moxey with respective spouses in the lounge. Some of the Amesec people had accepted invitations along with a few of the PCD staff. Guy introduced Anna and Beatrice to Kenny and Vicky who, while showing off their new party dresses were unable to conceal their excitement .

Barry was the first to appear and he made a great fuss over Anna before he was whisked away by Oz. Just before Sarah announced that dinner was ready the door opened and a rather weary Wyman appeared .

Chrissy: “Wyman, you should have let us know! ”

Wyman: “ I took the red eye from Phoenix ,Chris apologised ‘cos he had no planes available, they were tied up elsewhere.”

Those folks not talking to Wyman about his adventures with Chip were interrogating Barry about his trip to Peru. Tatiana was noticeable by her absence, but Dagmar, expecting a Hollywood entrance was told by Sarah , Tatiana was “too poorly to attend”. She was not fully recovered from her “appalling experiences in Central and South America.”

Sarah: “ Please, everyone if you can make your way into the big dining room our meal will be served in a few minutes.”

Dennis: “ So Bazza, I have to say you’ve lost a bit of weight mate.”

Barry: “ Aye well Den it was the worry more than anything, but actually the scran over there is mainly shit .This ,tonight will be totally different.”

Neville: “ Did you get a chance to speak to Kenny Ames yet Barry?

Barry: “ No not yet Nev, I know he said he wants a chat about how things are going with the business.”

Dagmar: “ He says it’s largely down to the changes you put in place before you left.”

Pru: “ As well as the firm hand of the new management you installed I gather.”

Dennis: “ There has been some talk of you having a trip up to Varna, Barry. Is that on the cards?”

Barry: “ Nice try Den but you’re too late .Oz has already told me about the evil comments some of you …..” Barry’s face crumpled and he put down his drink . Den and Nev rushed to catch him and carried him to a seat.

Neville: “ Howay kiddah, don’t worry you’re among friends. We all understand.”

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Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:26 pm
by Tracy
O4FS !

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Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:03 pm
by 936trt
Kenny and Vicky are in conversation in their temporary sitting room in the castle.

Vicky: “ Kenny it’s been a week pet, come on I’ve never seen you so pissed off. Cheer up. Please.”

Kenny: “ This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me ,well not so much these days .Of all the people. I’ve known the guy for ever .”

Vicky: “ At least you know about him now and can take steps?”

Kenny : “ I'll have to tell the lads of course. If it hadn’t been for Oz asking Father Ben for a favour this may never have come to light.”

Vicky: “ After Sarah’s welcome home party, Kenny.”

Kenny explained to Sarah why he and Oz needed to speak to the lads after breakfast and could she ask Chrissy to discreetly ensure Anna and Beatrice were not in earshot.

Sarah: “ Under the circumstances do you think Mr Taylor should be present ?”

Kenny: “ You’re right of course. Oz gave me the highlights , not the best phrase, but I agree with him now is not the time for Barry to have his nose rubbed in the details. Up to now he’s been spared the worst. At some point though it might prove necessary, and Oz says he has to be the one to do it .Perhaps you would be so kind?"

As Chrissy was leaving with the children Kenny stood waving goodbye, then turned his gaze on Dennis who was getting ready to leave.

Kenny: “ I know you’re all busy but I need to talk to you about the news I received recently and how it bears on the poisonings. As you know I contacted Father Ben for reasons which Oz will tell you about when I’ve finished. This news came out of those meetings we had at his lodge .He is a personal friend and one of the original associates of Amesec. We have pieced this picture together from several sources and it shows there is a plan to replace a whole raft of people operating as suppliers or recipients of intel on an international scale. I know it sounds incredible but it’s true. The prime mover in this is the family associated with CWN, specifically the surviving Stille brother , more accurately the surviving brother and his operatives. They provide a toxin supplied on an adhesive sheet, which when transferred to the victim’s skin is absorbed and subsequently leads to symptoms similar to those exhibited by dementia sufferers . Multiple applications can lead to death. It has taken a long time to understand that people were being poisoned since dementia is naturally widespread in the population. We played a part in exposing this together with Juan Gomez .Fortunately our remedy is being passed on successfully to those affected. The toxin is being delivered by Yakusa subcontracted for their skills in disguise and stealth, on behalf of one or more of the Mexican Cartels. We know this because one of Gomez’s colleagues captured an individual in the act and he told them everything he knew. This plan is an attempt to increase their influence globally, although it’s more advanced in the Caribbean and Central America the plans don’t stop there. There are several strands to this story one of which only became clear last night. It has been confirmed by other security services that the Stilles’ are not alone ,they have sympathisers, like minded individuals like the Montecatini family. I have notified MI6 and they are handling it.”

Oz: “ Do you mean Stefano is involved?”

Kenny: “ I do. I don’t yet know how exposed we’ve been or if we are in any immediate danger but it’s being looked into you can be assured. I don’t want to labour the point but this is a major blow to me. It does mean we must tighten up security ,we know that Stefano influenced some of our sources so their intel was subsequently skewed.”

Dagmar: “ Has there been any effect on the other businesses?”

Kenny: “ We don’t think so.This was something we were looking into last night when there was another revelation. Some time back one of our extended family had a holiday in Argentina.” Kenny grinned at Moxey. ”Those photographs have recently been subjected to some exacting forensic work by the FBI, and revealed unmistakeably the presence of Stefano with Ulrich . Their continued interest bore more fruit ,Kenny shared with us some more recent pictures taken at Isla Victoria which we saw last night. Have a look at this.” He passed a photocopy to Dagmar. She picked it up and gasped when she looked at it.

Dagmar: “ Is that who I think it is Kenny?” She passed it to Pru.

Kenny: “ Yes. It is Heather Lane. That’s her with Ulrich, Stefano and a number of others on Kenny’s watch list.”

Oz: “ Does this mean Heather is one of the baddies or is she still working for MI6?”

Kenny: “ Greig could not be contacted last night. I don’t know.”

Neville: “ Do you believe this Pru, you’ve known her a long time?”

Pru: “ Has anyone ever really known her. I often wondered why Tarquin seemed to get off lightly, but it does beg a question about Gary Turnbull I would say.”

Dennis: “We all know Gary. He was less than straight with us over the Outreach scheme but we put that down to him being a bit greedy. Still is he going to say he had no idea what she was up to?”

Kenny: “ Well folks I have to go and make some ‘phone calls .I leave you in Oz’s capable hands.”

Oz: “ I could murder some more coffee ,can you ring that thingy Den? Thanks mate. We now have to look at the question of Nikki Myles. Nev?”

Neville: “ You never miss a bloody chance do you Oz.”

Oz: “ Hey lad don’t be so bloody precious , I didn’t mean anything to do with Middlesbrough. Just give us a bit of background eh?”Nev just shook his head as Pru smiled at him.

Neville: “ Some of you will remember Nikki from the Bridge job as Oz just mentioned. Well she has returned ,and courtesy of the Miami Daily Mail read an article about the rescue of a woman abducted by traffickers and recuperating in Grand Turk. She followed it up after noticing the name and came across another article about our Debbies’ kidnapping .She put it all together deduced it was us we think, and came here to ask our help. My guess is she’s after traffickers again.”

Oz: “ As someone said already there is a risk to us all, and we know what these guys can do. It isn’t clear if the bunch who killed Wyman’s family are the ones who contracted the Yakusa but they’re all dangerous.”

Pru: “ Shouldn’t we be asking Barry what he wants to do. He is at risk like us after all?”

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Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:50 pm
by 936trt
Oz: “ I hear what you’re saying Pru and I agree. At the moment I couldn’t give a toss what Heather Lane is up to, our thoughts must be with Barry and how we’re going to get him through this.”

Dennis: “ Oz man we don’t know where any of us stand right now ,we’ve just found out about these bloody ninjas as well as Wyman’s drone bombers. We could all be in the cross hairs for all you know.”

Oz: “ Aye Dennis but what can we do?”

Dennis: “ Bugger all Oz if there’s a drone out there with my name on it.” Dagmar grabbed Den by the shoulder and turned him round.

Dagmar: “ Dennis, Dennis what are you saying?”

Dennis: “ Look pet ,just think about these last few weeks and all the stuff that happened, there’s nowt any of us can do to change it. If someone is determined to screw things up for Wyman or Kenny or any of us we can’t change it.”
Dagmar looked drawn and frightened.

Dagmar: “ Dennis,is there something you’re not telling me?”

There was a tap on Barry’s bedroom door.

Barry: “ Come in Oz I’m awake now.” The door opened , it was Tatiana in a dressing gown.

Tatiana: “ Hello baby bear, did you sleep well?”

Barry: “ Not really. I may have got an hour or so. Anyway I’ve so much on my mind, you of all people must know how I must be feeling.”

Tatiana: “ Barry, stop this bullshit. We both know what happened and yes I was stupid. I listened to my sister and yes I agreed to her plan to expand the blackmail scheme. It was a bad idea.” When Barry responded he spoke so quietly Tatiana had to listen very carefully.

Barry: “ You are a lying conniving bitch. Don’t waste your breath. Have you forgotten, we all saw you in Peru. I didn’t want to believe it, any of it. Part of me still refuses to believe you could have done what you did. When you saw those people inside the container didn’t you pause for thought. Women and children at their most vulnerable and you were part of it. Complicit.

Tatiana: “ Barry that’s not true, I never…” She never finished the sentence, Barry put up his hands as though to push her away.

Barry: Shut up. You’re incapable of telling the truth. Father Ben has told us how you approached the traffickers with your plan and why your sister ended up in a container. He has all the evidence the police will need.”

Tatiana: “ Barry I am not well ,I am not long out of hospital, have you forgotten?”

Barry: “ Hardly, I saw your discharge papers when we left Quito. I can’t believe one person could have so many diseases.”

Dennis: “ Dagmar I’ve had a call from Fredo .A copper from Tyneside has asked him if he can help locate us. It seems the North East papers have been running articles by Nikki Myles re hashing her prize winning articles about people traffickers on Teesside. It just happened to mention three Geordie members of the group now resident in the Malaga area.”

Dagmar: “ So what ?”

Dennis: “ Fredo says they would like my input to help with the background they are building about Mr Gupta’s taxi business in Newcastle. The business has been struggling recently.”

Dagmar: “ I still don’t understand why this should involve you Dennis?”

Dennis: “ Exactly. Why am I of interest to them after all these years?”

Dagmar: “ You told me you worked for him before going to Arizona?”

Dennis: “ True but the business then was thriving, for him. For me it was not so rosy with my two days working for Tommy Rampton.”

Dagmar: “ He was the dealer that Oz knocked out?”

Dennis: “ Yes.”

Dagmar: “ Well?”

Dennis: “ Apparently Newcastle has more than it’s fair share of taxis. The competition is cutthroat and a lot are Eastern Europeans, a point not lost on Nikki Myles. So it’s a toss up whether they want to know about my career as a wheel man for a drug baron or the exploiter of Serbs and Kosovans courtesy of Mickey Startup.”

Dagmar: “ You are being silly Dennis. Talk to Fredo . He knows you.”