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Switch it off then on again.

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:02 am

Sarah and Oz were in the kitchen having more coffee and biscuits discussing their meeting with Chris.

Sarah: “ I could tell you were uncomfortable as soon as Chris talked about access to the premises. You must have known Oz, this would be inevitable once he acquired Amesec ?”

Oz: “ I know, I know, but I tell you, what went through my head was this is like finding a stranger in your bed. It only just hit me now . This is my home and if it’s going to be overrun with strangers I’ll have to leave.”

Sarah:” Well what was it Barry said about being stuck in one position, stiction ?”

Oz:” But I’ve only just got my shed?

Sarah: “ After Dennis and Neville moved out there was a level of relief, you know?”

Oz: “ So this observation is based on what?”

Sarah: “ Dagmar and Pru both told me the same thing, the boys would only be truly comfortable when their home was their own so to speak.”

Oz: “ I had a feeling you know, after Den said he felt a bit like a charity case. In spite of me telling him different.” Sarah's 'phone suddenly demanded attention.

Sarah: “ Hells bells . I’ve just got a text from Barry . He says our security has been breached, Father Ben told them, and I quote, it is common knowledge that CWN are the new owners of Amesec.”

At this point there was knock on the kitchen door and they were joined by Chris and Barbara.

Chris: “ Hi you two, I’ve just had a call from Kenny on our secure ‘phone. “

Sarah put a finger across her lips and gestured for them to join her and Oz outside.

Oz: “ Chris we have just had a bombshell from Barry, apparently the ownership of Amesec is now public knowledge.”

Chris: “ Kenny Brown has just told us the same thing .Obviously it means there's a leak.”

Sarah: “ Chris the whole premises were swept on our return from Scotland , so any breach would be between then and your arrival.”

Chris: “ When did Mr Ames get here?”

Oz: “ He came back from the lodge upcountry just before meeting with Big Baz. You surely don’t think Kenny’s behind this?”

Chris: “ Oz, I don’t know what to think.”

Sarah: “ When your chaps went to pick up Barry en route to Valencia there would only be Kurt and his aircrew?”

Chris: “ Yes. We had to wait for Barry and as the car was already there Kurt said we should go rather than hang around.”

Sarah: “ Which car was this?” Chris looked up at Sarah’s question, he had a worried look.

Chris: “ Oh no ,please tell me I’m wrong?” Sarah shook her head slowly from side to side.

Sarah: “ There was no car arranged Chris. If you recall your ETA was changed several times because air traffic control were paranoid ,after the raids about non scheduled aircraft coming into Malaga . “

Chris: “ Everything will need to be checked, oh hells bells and bottle allies!”

Sarah: “ Don’t panic just yet Chris. Did you get a good look at the driver?”

Chris: “ I never gave him a second glance, he helped us with our luggage, wouldn’t take a tip and left very quickly.”

Oz: “ Of course he did.” Chris’s face clouded over, and Sarah and Oz witnessed for the first time an unprecedented show of emotion from Barbara. She put her arm around Chris and whispered in his ear. He turned toward her and nodded.

Chris: “ I can guess what happened. The Stille’s must have found out about the Amesec deal and got wind of my flight. you know we never found out who bugged the plane before did we ?”

Sarah: “ You did tell us you thought the stakes were much higher since the drone attack.”

Chris: “ Yes well someone knew I would be here for the Amesec meeting. Maybe I should have seen it coming? “

Sarah arranged for their luggage and clothes to be checked,and was amazed at the level of sophistication of the bugs and transmitters they found.

Sarah: “ I’ll have them couriered to Greig. He insisted we have this security equipment installed and it's been worth it just to give our deliveries the once over . He’ll be equally impressed I’m guessing, by the range of the smaller transmitters .Compared to what I was used to they are incredible. Anyway on the plus side we have found them Chris, and your recent purchase would have been public eventually. I guess we should be thinking about anything else we may have inadvertently leaked?”

Chris: “ Fortunately the future for Amesec is not yet formulated, it’s still in my head.”

Oz: “ Let’s keep looking on the bright side kiddah. I know that we are all happy with the deal. Kenny is getting what he wants, and all the other parts of the empire are still in the family.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:35 pm

Nev was on a personal trip to the north east, to ensure Bob Smiths arrangements were in place and to pay a visit to the cemetery in Benwell .

He had driven from the airport to the Rothbury house with some trepidation. Fiona should be expecting him, he had left three ‘phone messages but had no response. With good weather any journey in these parts was always pleasant and Nev enjoyed it. He left the car in the drive and rang the imposing Victorian bell. Fiona opened the door.

Fiona: “ Hello dad, I wasn’t sure you’d be coming.”

Neville: “ Morning pet, everything ok. You did get my messages?”

Fiona: “ Morning, more or less, and no I didn’t get the messages. I have a new ‘phone, it was Bob Smith’s idea. I was getting a lot of nasty calls. Honestly after the last time we spoke I didn’t expect to see you.”

Neville: “ Life’s too short pet, you better give me your new number, what are all these cases doing here?”

Fiona: “ You better come in and I’ll explain.”

It was simple . Bob Smith had made sure the principle debt had been discharged , but discovered McLennan had other creditors and several mortgages on the house which was now up for sale.

Neville: “ But you can stay here until it’s sold?”

Fiona: “ Bob said I’d be ok for a while but since I'm leaving anyway it didn’t matter.”

Neville: “ Where are you going?”

Fiona: “ I’m going to stay with our Debbie.”

Neville: “ What’s Callista doing?” Fiona rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Fiona: “Don’t ask, I don’t know. We’re not really speaking. She spends a lot of time at her boyfriends and the last I heard was they were going to Greece and might not come back.”

Neville was lost for words. Fiona, shaking her head, looked at him with derision,making no attempt to hide it.

Neville: “ Dear me, I had no idea. It’s the first I’ve heard.”

Fiona: “ Good grief dad, you can’t really be surprised, we haven’t heard from you for ages after mam died .It was obvious to us you had a new life to live.”

Neville: “ It didn’t mean I stopped thinking about you both. You were always so keen to tell me how grown up and mature you were. Anyhow are you sure about finding your way to Debbies?” Fiona snorted.

Fiona: “ There you go again, for heavens sake yes, I have directions and Detlef will meet me at the airport. So everything is sorted, now you can check it off your list. I have a load of things to do and it was nice to see you.”

Neville: “ I’ve come all this way just for you to say goodbye?”

Fiona: “ There’s a lot to do before I can go dad.”

Neville: “ What are all those boxes for?”

Fiona: “ It’s just stuff for charity shops ,I told Callista I’d clear out mam’s room to save her any bother. We never finished tidying up after the funeral.”

Neville: “ There’s nothing Callista might like to have?”

Fiona: “ I doubt it. She took everything she wanted before.”

Neville: “ It sounds like you’re not singing off the same hymn sheet?” Fiona’s mouth dropped open.

Fiona: “ Tell me what the hell it has got to do with you. Don’t bother, I’ll tell you. NOWT.” She shouted as she slammed the door.

Neville was still reliving that scene as he headed off to visit Brenda’s grave. He would have to re assess the whole situation .He’d believed Fiona and Callista were happy and settled when Brenda remarried. He was at a loss , still trying to come to terms with it when he arrived at Benwell in pouring rain. He parked near the church and walked brolly in hand to the cemetery. The headstone was very simple with a standardised loving- wife- and- mother statement. Nev was sad when he read it, he felt she deserved something better. His reverie was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder and a familiar voice. Big Baz.

Baz: “ You certainly pick the weather bonny lad.”

Neville: “ Hiyah Baz, what’re you doin’ here?”

Baz: “Keepin’ an eye on you Nev.”

Neville: “ Eh, whatever for?”

Baz: “ I don’t want to rush you Nev but if you're done here can we go back to the car ,it’s pissing down and I’m getting wet?”

Back inside Baz’s 4X4 he explained there’d been a message from Oz .

Sarah was explaining to Oz the latest intel from Greig.

Sarah: “ The upshot was how long it would take for Amesec to pick up on the latest gossip about CWN.”

Oz: “ Why and what’s the latest gossip?”

Sarah: “ Apparently Kenny Brown has evidence that Tatiana could put the finger on Ulrich being behind the trafficking.”

Oz sat bolt upright.

Oz: “ You what, they’ve been sat on this and said nothing to us?”

Sarah: “ I thought the same thing and now I’m wondering what Chris is playing at. Hence the question how long before we stumble on this little gem. Why didn’t we know this first, have some of our primary sources been compromised, and why would anyone acquire Amesec knowing there is a flaw in our data acquisition?”

Oz: “ By the way does this mean Tatiana is even more of a target ?”

Sarah: “ If this is more than gossip, and a week ago I would have assumed Amesec would have the definitive answer ,I would say yes. Have you missed the point Oz?

Oz: “ Which point pet?

Sarah: “ Kenny Brown and Chris knew this yet Chris went ahead with the deal.”

Oz: “Still don’t see where you’re going with it pet .”

Sarah: “Ok, I’ll try again. Since I’ve been close to Amesec I’ve been in a good position to compare the quantity and quality of intel with what’s made available to the FCO.”

Oz: “ So….?”

Sarah: “ For sheer volume Amesec can’t be beaten but it’s what was missed recently that bothers me. Mind I wouldn’t have dissuaded Chris, after all caveat emptor, but the niggles at the back of my mind are a worry.”

Oz: “ Howay man, what are niggles anyway but niggles?”

Sarah: “ I’ve just mentioned one, about Tatiana. Why didn’t we know about that, another one was when Akio brought up Stefanos name as a risk back in February, and Ally Frasers escape about the same time also my discovery about Heather’s plans to get her hands on Amesec ,and shouldn’t we have had the intel on Andy Hateley more quickly?”

Oz: “ Do you have an idea or is this just a rant?”

Sarah: “ I can’t believe these points were not picked up by the Amesec process. You know the hundreds and hundreds of primary sources we have, all the cross checking, the verification, the algorithms that are used. It is almost as though a filter had been applied.”

Oz: “ You mean certain things don’t come out at the end?”

Sarah: “ Precisely. Human intervention.”

Oz: “ From your expression I guess you have a suspect?”

Sarah: “ Yes. I realised it had to be someone close to the action and in a position to cover their tracks. The next question was motive.”

Oz: “ Ok pet who do you think it is?”

Sarah: “ Chris’s girlfriend Barbara.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:04 pm

This is the business DL

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Thu Dec 12, 2019 1:45 pm

Oz turned up at the PCD depot after a call from a very concerned Dennis.

Oz: “ Hiyah Den ,Mox. Mind lads ,it is quiet like you said. So what’s going on?”

Dennis: “ Well we came down after I got that call from Fredo .See normally there’d be a few of the lads and apprentices checking out gear for their jobs. We get here and nobody, nothing, zilch.”

Moxey: “ Just like the Marie Celeste, no one left….”

Dennis: “ Moxey, shurrup man it’s not funny!”

Oz: “ So what was it Fredo said ?”

Dennis: “He said tell everyone to be vigilant, he had been told the traffickers would be targeting us in retaliation for disrupting their Scottish job.”

Oz: “ But there’s no one here Den?”

Dennis: “ Exactly ,there should be. Like Fredo says though they operate by intimidation , threaten folk with consequences if they don’t do as they’re told, like don’t go to work for PCD.”

Moxey: “ There’s a red pickup coming , I don’t recognise it, it’s not any of our fellas.”

Oz: “ I passed the Chinese guys’ place on the way in and that was deserted as well.” The pickup stopped , the driver got out and walked over to them, carrying a pick handle. At this point Moxey opened the boot of their car and rummaged through his toolbag. He grabbed two hammers and passed a spirit level to Oz.

Driver: “ You are PCD?”

Oz: “ Aye, what’s it to you like?”

Driver: “ Better you piss off now. All of you.”

Dennis: “ Oh aye ,and who are you then bonny lad?”

Driver: “ Not your business grandad, you go now, or we make you.” Oz laughed .

Oz : “ That’s not very nice, even if he is old. You should apologise before we get annoyed, I mean I could have said you are a skinny little fart ,but I didn’t, that’s what good manners are about .” The driver sighed, shook his head and moved purposefully toward Oz, at the same time four guys jumped out of the pickup and ran over waving pick handles.

Driver: “ My friends are experts .They will help you understand.” He smiled and lifted his pick handle at which point Oz stepped closer and cracked the driver hard across the side of the head with the spirit level. As he fell Oz turned at the sound of someone coming up behind and took a blow on the shoulder from a pick handle. Oz was close enough to punch him and he went down when his lights went out . Den retrieved the pick handle dropped by the driver in time to swing it at his attackers legs. Moxey had been tripped but rolled out of the way of a blow aimed at his head and used his hammer with some force on his opponents knee cap. There was a sickening crack followed by a scream which momentarily distracted the guy about to brain Dennis .That gave Moxey an opportunity to use his hammer again.He shouted.
" And another one bites the dust!"

The remaining member of the gang jumped in the pickup leaving his colleagues behind. Oz ‘phoned Fredo with the good news. The whole thing had taken three minutes, and another five minutes to tie up the driver and his mates.

Dennis was cursing.

Dennis: “ Cheeky bugger, me ,grandad.”

Moxey: “ Could be true though Den.”

Oz: “Y’kna lads it’s times like these I really miss being on the tools.”

Sarah had invited Pru and Dagmar for coffee .In the shed.

Sarah: “ I can see from your expression that the venue is unexpected, but this is not a blow for feminism. The reason is I'm pretty sure this place is not bugged. The message from Fredo confirms what we guessed, the traffickers have retaliated for our Scottish incursion . It is thought the Chechen is calling the shots on this.”

Dagmar: “ I’m not sure I understand Fredo’s message .Is he saying we should be in fear for our lives?”

Sarah: “ I wouldn’t go that far Dagmar, but let’s not forget this is an established international network with friends in high places including the boys in blue. They use intimidation and we have seen elsewhere the lengths they are prepared to go to.”

Dagmar: “ I ask because Dennis has talked again about getting me a pistol of my own.”

Pru: “ Not a bad idea Dagmar, I can tell you which office issues permits. In Spain it’s usually a bit uphill, they’re not keen on civilians having weapons, but if you mention Fredos name it’s easier.”

Dagmar: “ I take it this is a process with which you are familiar?”

Pru: “ Indeed .” Sarah passed the biscuits around.

Sarah : “ Any more coffee ladies, if not I would like to start with a question. Dagmar, can you remember the circumstances surrounding the meeting at which Prince Stefano introduced Barbara to Kenny Ames?”

Dagmar: “ That was early last year, January I believe , before I began working directly for Mr Ames. It is also memorable because the staff were told to prepare rooms only to find that Stefano insisted they would stay at an hotel in town. Everyone thought it very strange.”

Pru: “ Was it just the two of them, Barbara’s parents had been retired some time from the consular service ,I thought they would have accompanied her?”

Dagmar: “ I only saw Barbara and Prince Stefano. Wouldn’t FCO have a record Sarah, you said they were keeping an eye on Barbara as well as her parents?”

Sarah: “ Yes I had the same thought, but there is no record and that makes Greig and I very suspicious .”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Fri Dec 13, 2019 1:11 am


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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Dec 13, 2019 3:14 pm

Maybe Ally migbht return to kidnap our Dennis, man
Oi oi, what's the word then

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sun Dec 15, 2019 1:56 pm

The flight to Palermo was not the opportunity for shuteye that Kenny expected when Father Ben asked for their attention.

Father Ben: “ Gentlemen, I apologise in advance for what may appear to be theatrics but I believe it is necessary.” He passed a plastic bag to each of them .” Inside you will find find garments which from a distance will convince observers that you are my colleagues, we are a papal working party on our way to meetings in various Black Sea countries.”

Barry: “ I’m sure you believe this is necessary but if the Sara Victoria is under observation already what difference will this make?”

Father Ben: “ Up to now the Sara Victoria is to all intents and appearances on one of its regular trips taking our sisters to sites of religious interest . This is our best opportunity to investigate those places we believe Anna may be concealed.”

Kenny: “ I am happy to go along with your plans Father, you know we are committed to rescue Anna but these recent events make Chris’s safety a worry. I understand the need for radio silence yet we must let the Phoenix office know as soon as possible . If the facts are to be believed Barbara will be aware of everything we planned. She was there, with Chris when the security breach was revealed at the castle. She will know we were meeting in Valencia.”

Father Ben: “ Yes, but bear in mind their need for security too, and Barbara wants to preserve her appearance as the devoted fiancée.”

Barry: “ Where is this deception leading Father ,do you know?”

Father Ben: “ I don’t Barry, I believe the Stille’s have longer term plans ,they continue to preserve Chris’s status as the familial head and work toward his brothers demise.”

Barry: “So our involvement with the traffickers is just co incidental, it only arose because of Tatiana’s adventures in Varna?”

Father Ben: “ It seems so Barry.” He put a hand on Barry’s shoulder.” You have a burden my son. Don’t let hate eat up your life, think of your daughter.”

To any casual observer a group of five cloaked figures boarded the Sara Victoria in Palermo and were greeted on deck by a similar number of Benedictine nuns and novitiates, one named Sara Victoria . Below decks the crew prepared the vessel for a trip which would ultimately take them to the Black Sea.

Bobby Blande was enjoying the voyage. He had been discussing with Jo and Luis, Barry’s previous journey recovering certain artefacts for the Father.

Bobby: “ Of course we were a secular party on that occasion.”

Barry: “ Yes and I recall certain items presented to our womenfolk that would be inappropriate for our female shipmates this time.”

Bobby: “ Indeed Mr Taylor.” They both laughed.

Barry: “ Bobby,I have a question, you have known Prince Stefano a long time?”

Bobby: “ I have ,why do you ask?”

Barry: “ You have heard our discussions and you know our plan. Do you think he had an ulterior motive when he introduced Barbara to Kenny Ames?”

Bobby : “ In my days aboard the Sans Souci I remember Mr Ames as the likeable rogue and the Prince a playboy. People change Mr Taylor look at Mr Ames now. The Montecatini family is very old school , think of Il Duce and the Stille hierarchy . I think pressure was exerted but I can’t be sure.”

Barry : “ Father Ben told us Barbara is a very gifted young lady do you know of her?”

Bobby: “ Only indirectly. I have met her parents several times .She had a promising career in academia and was offered a position at her old university but turned it down after meeting with Mr Ames. It was a surprise to many especially her friends in Paris.”

Kenny: “ I couldn’t help hearing your last comment Bobby. You say her friends in Paris were surprised. Do you know who these friends are?”

Bobby: “ Only from comments Mr Hunter her father made. I travelled with Stefano to Beirut on business for Mr Ames, and we met in the consulate there. He sounded like a parent concerned about his child falling in with bad crowd.”

Kenny: “ Were they a bad crowd?”

Bobby: “ I don’t know, perhaps on the fringes of politics, you know there are so many of these groups I don’t know how they find time for their studies. This is getting rather heavy chaps, shall we try some gin. Father Ben?”

Father Ben: “ Not for me Bobby thank you.”

Barry: “ Father we know there is a connection between Stefano and the Stilles, should we assume it includes Barbara?” Kenny interrupted.

Kenny:“ If that’s true,she must have known about the toxin, which could easily have killed Chris."

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Mon Dec 23, 2019 3:29 pm

Oz is looking at Sarah in amazement.

Oz: “ I never even thought……”He never finished the sentence. Sarah carried on.

Sarah: “ Of course not ,none of us did, including Chris.”

Oz: “ Clever mind ,especially the way we found out about the security breach, and even cleverer to deflect suspicion by putting bugs in their luggage and blaming it on the chauffeur.”

Sarah: “ To be honest my suspicions would go back earlier, why conceal evidence ,and I believe it came from Akio, that Stefano was a risk to Kenny, why did Frasers escape take so long to surface, like the intel on Hateleys background. Once upon a time we would have had all of this shortly after it happened.”

Oz: “ You reckon this is tied up with the trafficking business?”

Sarah: “ Even if it is it still doesn’t help us moving forward.” Oz looked puzzled again.

Sarah: “ I’m sure it’s her but I’m struggling to understand motive.”

Oz: “ Where are they at the moment?”

Sarah: “ Chris had a call from Kenny and they both shot off to the airport without a word ,and that’s not like Chris is it?”

Oz: “ Aye ,he usually says goodbye. Maybe it’s something Kenny said ?”

Sarah: “ Kenny has always been close to Chris so if he’s found out something iffy ,especially to do with Barbara, it would be better coming from him than anyone else, and he’s more likely to believe what Kenny might say.”

Oz: “ Well I don’t think there’s owt I can do here so I’m off to PCD to see the lads.Nev got back last night and Den said he was very quiet.”

Sarah: “ I’ll keep you up to speed pet. I’m expecting to hear from Greig. Cheerio for now.”

Moxey was making a brew when Oz turned up at the PCD office.

Dennis: “ Might have guessed you would smell a brew.”

Oz: “ Don’t mind if I do young man. Now then Nev, how’s it hangin’ mate?” Nev took his head out of his hands long enough to reply.

Neville: “ Like a swingin’ brick .I’m sick to death of bloody family.It doesn’t matter what I do it’s always wrong and now nobody’s talkin’ to me.”

Dennis: “ Nev, we told you man, there’s nowt you can do, just leave it ,it’ll blow over.
Pru’s ok with it isn’t she?”

Neville: “ Aye, she’s just a bit tired at the moment with having the twins on her own while I’ve been away. Anyway she said you’d had a bit of bother the other day?”

Moxey: “ Like the ok corral,bodies everywhere Nev.” Nev looked puzzled.

Dennis: “ Aye, I reckon we’ll have to box clever from now on lads. If these buggers are serious they’ll be back Fredo said.”

Oz: “ Nah, bugger them Den, we’ll just hammer the shit out of them if they turn up again.”

Dennis: “ Oz man, Fredo knows what they’re like, he said it will escalate, y’kna, they can lay their hands on all kinds of weapons.”

Oz: “ That’s no problem we’ll get tooled up as well.”

Dennis: “ Look ,those two lads, the plumbers who came round this morning. They’re worried and it’s not the money they’re losing by not working.”

Neville: “ What do you reckon we should do Den?”

Dennis: “ We let Fredo’s lads stick around. The Chechen’s mates won’t come while the bobbies are here.”

Oz: “ All well and good Den but they can’t stay here forever. I think we should let them know we mean business.”

Neville: “That isn’t going to help the other lads though.That Rodriguez, the plumber we saw this morning, he said he’d been followed. He’s scared ,he has a young family and he knows there won’t be police around forever.”

Oz: “ Ok clever clogs, what’s your answer?”

Neville: “ I’ll tell you what I think. We’re too thin on the ground here and while Kenny’s away with Luis and Jo we need to find reinforcements. I’d recommend big Baz ,he’s got lots of mates.”

Dennis: “ Until Europol put the Chechen behind bars he’ll always be a threat ,and it’s true Fredo’s lads can’t stay here forever. Do you know who big Baz’s friends are Nev?”

Neville: “Not really Den but he told me about them .Two work in what he calls crowd control, like bouncers, and we know some of the others work in ports in the north east. There’s a couple from the Boro and his mate from Blyth has brothers on the Tyne . I could give him a bell if you like?”

Moxey: “ Would this be considered an allowable expense for PCD Dennis?”

Dennis: “ Bollocks Mox.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Tue Dec 24, 2019 7:50 pm

I hope Baz does not show up with same crew he took to Thornley Manor ! The Gerry hat-tricks !!! :lol:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sat Dec 28, 2019 3:16 pm

Barry is sharing a bottle of wine with Bobby Blande.

Bobby: “ Good health Mr Taylor.” He raised his half empty glass and savoured the last mouthful. “You have amazingly good taste I have to say.” Barry laughed and smiled .

Barry: “ That’s flattering Mr Blande but I picked up some pointers years ago during my bon vivante period. Did I tell you it was a time of good food and financial security ..….” He was interrupted by Bobby raising his hand.

Bobby: “ Yes my friend you have and I sympathise with the predicament you now face. However, shall we finish this excellent bottle?”

Barry: “ Indeed .It isn’t often that I can share this with such an appreciative companion. I can answer your earlier question about our voyage, yes I’m beginning to take it day by day .”

Bobby: “ That’s good. I understand why you were so impatient when we left Palermo , but as the good father said where’s the harm in trying to enjoy it. Consider it a holiday, on board luxury, beautiful historical scenery, and Father Ben is an authority on the history of this part of the world.”

Barry: “ Yes ,I ‘m more relaxed now , and I’m learning something every day. The area is steeped in history and there is the additional frisson every time we go ashore disguised.” They both laughed.” I had no idea there were so many sites.”

Bobby: “ Father Ben told me there are fifteen in Bulgaria, ten in Turkey, and many more in Romania.”

Barry: “ I like his stories, Jason and the Argonauts ,Noah’s Ark.”

Bobby: “ Count Dracula and Vlad the Impaler.”

Barry: “Then I remember why I’m here.”

Bobby: “ Well today I believe we are putting ashore near to another of the dachas he told us about last night.”

Barry: “ I hear what you say Bobby but there are no guarantees she’ll be there.”

Bobby: “ Come on Barry ,what have we just been talking about, have faith?”

Barry: “ Sorry ,you’re right .He is acting on the best intel. He would have had closer contact with Amesec but for recent events, so he has the occasional chat with Pru Hope.”

Bobby: “ Well on our last shore trip, you know the lake with the pelicans, we did learn that your ex had passed through.”

Barry: “ Yes ,it belonged to a Moscow mafiosa he was right ,it made sense to check it out.”

Bobby: “ So Barry, it’s not exactly trial and error is it. Shall we try some more of this wine?”

Den had been talking to Chrissy.

Den: “ So when did he go back pet?”

Chrissy: “ According to Moxey he said he’d get the first flight he could. He’d struck out with Chris, having tried his ‘phone for hours, but he wasn’t picking up .So he took a commercial flight out of Barcelona.”

Den: “ He’s unsettled Chrissy. I could tell when we were in Scotland. It’s like that time in Cuba . It doesn’t take much to push him over the edge, you remember when you turned up out of the blue?” Chrissy smiled and looked Den in the eyes.

Chrissy: “ I do Dennis.” Den looked uncomfortable .

Dennis: “ Aye well, what I mean is he had this plan, his future as he saw it, and nothing had to get in the way, and you turned up. Now, since losing his wife and bairn , he’s casting about again ,looking for a direction. I think he sees Arizona as a place with lots of happy memories.”

Chrissy: “ Aye and some not so happy though Den. See, it’s easy for you to say, you’re all the same you guys, restless, feeling the wanderlust, itchy feet ,isn’t that right?”

Dennis: “ Up to a point pet but then there comes a time when you find the right woman, put down roots, y’kna . Wyman will be fine, I know he will.”

Chris and Barbara are sat opposite a pot of coffee in a chalet in the Alps.

Chris: “ We cannot be overheard or interrupted here and I’m asking you to explain why you have done this to me. I have never wished you any harm since the day we met.”

Barbara: “ I have nothing to explain. You have been misinformed.”

Chris: “The information I have is from impeccable sources and you know that Barbara. I ask you, will you please explain?"

Barbara: “ Clearly the situation has deteriorated further than I thought. You are surrounded by impeccable liars I would say. You hurt me, taking their word against mine.”

Chris: “ I can’t believe I have to ask these questions when only days ago we were so close……….” He turned aside to blink away his tears . Barbara looked at him and smiled.

Barbara: “ I have difficulty believing how easily I was taken in by you. Is it your intention to keep me here against my will. Will I have to call the police?”

Chris: “Of course not. You agreed we should talk things over without interruption that’s the only reason we are here. As you refuse to give me an explanation there would seem little point in staying. I’ll make arrangements to fly back. Do you intend to go back to Amesec?”

Barbara: “ I don’t think so.”

Chris: “ So where do you wish to go?”

Barbara: “ Unless you have cancelled my card I will make my own travel plans.”

Chris was lost for words. He stood there open mouthed and shook his head desperately holding back his tears.

Chris: “ What has happened for you to change in this way?”

Barbara: “ You have changed Chris. You accuse me on the basis of the lies from your sycophants. It is as well I have found your true nature now rather than later. You clearly inherited your wastrel father’s character defects. I sympathise with Christa .I count myself lucky to have avoided the same fate.”

Chris: “ I cannot and will not make excuses for my father, he was imperfect. Aren’t we all? But I am not him. I believe you changed your attitude toward me when things began to go wrong for you. After your manipulation of data at Amesec surfaced you realised the game was up. It was Sarah Kennedy who rumbled you. Tell me Barbara was it you behind the toxin, and was it you who bugged my plane ?”

Barbara looked up from her ‘phone to Chris. She closed her eyes as she shook her head.

Barbara: “ I have a taxi coming to take me to the airport. Good bye Chris.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Sun Dec 29, 2019 7:52 am

... additional frisson ? Sounds like the Maccas drive-through, "Would you like additional frisson with that ?" :lol:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Hedley Irwin » Sun Dec 29, 2019 9:32 am

Frisson chips. That's what I miss. Wrapped up in the Daily Mirror
I need some slippers, and some soap

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:43 pm

You know Barry and his French words man!

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:26 pm

Chris had arranged for Detlef to meet him at a rented cabin about an hour’s drive from their home in Miami.

Detlef: “ Morning boss , I guess you have your reasons for meeting here?” Detlef was grinning until Chris turned a haggard face to answer him and he wished he could take back his words.

Chris: “ Later Detlef. You took care on the way here?”

Detlef: “ Exactly as you said boss. Standard evasion procedures.”

Chris: “ Fine. Well you will be the first to know . I have parted from Barbara.” Detlef had to try hard not to show surprise, but kept his eyes on the lakeside view from his seat. He turned as Chris paused.

Detlef: “ I’m really sorry to hear that Chris.” Chris carried on talking.

Chris: “ I still can’t believe I’ve been so stupid.” He stopped , looked at Detlef and continued.” I must begin to put things right. I need you to do some housekeeping Detlef. Do a sweep of the two flats, both cars and personal aircraft. You will need help, not CWN people. The computers and ‘phones I ‘ll leave to you. The office will be too obvious so best leave it for now. I have discovered that Barbara was or is Ulrich’s puppet. All my movements and comms were monitored. The people at Amesec are aware, in fact it was Sarah Kennedy who put it all together. Can you get a message to Wyman , he’ll be in Arizona by now?”

Detlef: “ Perhaps better to reach him via Hugo at the FBI in Phoenix?”

Chris :” Yes you’re right. Tell me if I’m embarrassing you Detlef, it’s just I need to talk to someone right now.”

Detlef: “ It’s ok Chris, you know Debbie and I think a lot about you. You’ve been so kind to both of us so please don’t be concerned.”

Chris:” The more I think about it the sillier I feel. There were signs if only I’d read them. Yet I confided everything in her.” He put his head in his hands, Detlef got up, and put an arm around him.

Detlef: “ Chris, don’t beat yourself up over what’s past. My mother once told me when things look blackest remember everything will pass. You’re doing the best thing by moving forward. Ok?”

Chris: “ You’re right of course. So let’s crack on and clean up this mess.”

Three of the lads are in Oz’s shed, and there is beer in the fridge.

Neville: “ Do we know if any of these poor buggers have been found?”

Dennis: “ Fredo said that none of the trafficked guys apprehended since the Europol raid are still here.”

Neville: “ I thought Fredo’s lot were crosschecking them with the applicants at PCD ?”

Oz: “ Since the raid they uncovered loads of places where they had been hiding but typical ,the ones detained by the police have been released.”

Dennis: “ Why did they release them?”

Oz: “ Didn’t have any choice, their legal people said Fredo had infringed their human rights.”

Neville: “ That means we have no evidence against the traffickers if we have no trafficked people?”

Oz:” Exactly. It’s just like Fredo said .When the business is so big, so profitable ,they can afford legal experts to game the system. “

Dennis: “ Didn’t Fredo say they were trying to send them back?”

Oz: “ Same legal guys told him he couldn’t do that as their lives are at risk in their country of origin.”

Neville: “ We can’t win can we?”

Oz: “ Maybe not but can we go back to our original problem?”

Dennis: “ Which one is that Oz?”

Oz: “ Do we get Baz to come over with his mates?”

Neville: “ Shouldn’t we tell Fredo and get his agreement?”

Dennis: “ You have a point there bonny lad. If he thinks we’re preparing for war you know where that’ll end up.”

Oz:” Depends on how we put it to him y’kna, say to Fredo , hey we’ve got some buddies coming over for a holiday and we wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea, ok?”

Dennis: “ He might just buy it.”

Neville: “ Why not lads, let’s give it a whirl ,eh?”

Dennis: “ Why am I thinking I might regret agreeing with you lot?”

A group of nuns accompanied by half a dozen priests were making their way slowly up a road leading to an Iron age fort. In the distance they could see a large country house sheltered by trees . Behind them was blue sea ,a clear blue sky and sunshine.The Sara Victoria was nowhere to be seen, they had come ashore by launch which Luis had tied up at a pier provided for tourists.

Kenny: “ I’d give anything to take off this cloak ,this heat is going to dehydrate me.”

Father Ben: “ Perhaps you will now appreciate the sacrifices the brothers and sisters make every day Kenneth?”

They walked a little further and Barry made a comment.

Barry: “ I may be suffering from heat exhaustion but did anyone else just see that flash from the trees near the house?”

Luis: “ We have been watched since we left the pier.”

Jo: “ I saw it too, glasses I think, but we’ll soon know. There is a car coming down the road toward us.”

Father Ben : “ Someone is concerned by us coming ashore. Let me do the talking as usual my friends. We will be on our holidays from our devotions. Again.

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

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On holidays from our devotions. Code for catching butterflies in Bavaria ? :P

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