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Switch it off then on again.

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:07 pm

Wyman is in an FBI office in Phoenix sat opposite a man wearing a camouflage shirt who had re introduced himself as Hugo who he would remember from Scotland.

Hugo: “ Thankyou again for coming here so quickly.”

Wyman: “ Well when you are told the FBI want to see you I guess there’s not a lot of hesitation Hugo.” Wyman’s attempt at humour seemed to have slipped by his host.

Hugo: “ Let’s get right to it. I was tasked with telling you about a risky situation that’s developed around your brother Chris.” Wyman’s puzzled expression didn't register with Hugo.

Wyman: “ I’m at a complete loss here mate, what’s this risky situation you’re on about?”

Hugo: “ Bear with me Mr Norris. You will not know that Chris informed us of a recent attempt on his life and, coupled with yesterday’s developments, he now has reason to believe you may also be at risk.”

Wyman: “ I knew about the poison on the plastic film but that’s weeks ago, you just said recent.”

Hugo: “ Christopher believes he has uncovered a conspiracy involving his fiancée Barbara Hunt.”

Wyman: “ What? I can’t believe this, are you sure ,everybody thought they were, you know, all but married?”

Hugo: “ He will speak to you directly on his return. I can assure you we take this very seriously and the facts are confirmed by the Amesec security company which apparently he is in the process of acquiring. In the meantime arrangements have been made for you to stay here in town. One of our agents will take you a safehouse. Have a nice day Mr Norris.”

Father Ben hurriedly shepherded his flock to the side of the road as two pickup trucks roared towards them in a cloud of dust . Before the trucks had come to a halt half a dozen armed men had jumped out and surrounded them.

Father Ben: “ What is the meaning of this, and who are you ?” A man got out of the passenger seat of the leading truck and walked slowly up to Father Ben and introduced himself as Joachim Lopez. “Well Mr Lopez.” Father Ben started to move toward Lopez when one of the men raised a rifle butt.

Lopez: “ No, no Valdez, stop. These people mean us no harm. Do you Father Ben?”

Father Ben: “ I am at a disadvantage Mr Lopez, you appear to know me but I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.”

Lopez: “ I know that you are travelling around the Black Sea, what I don’t yet know is why.”

Father Ben: “ It is no secret, I am taking the brothers and sisters to sites of historical interest and this is one such place on our itinerary.”

Lopez: “ Don’t insult my intelligence you old goat. You’ve been seen at dozens of dachas over the last few weeks. What are you doing?”

Father Ben: “ It is true we have seen a lot of places but as a man of undoubted intellect you will know many of these homes were built deliberately close to the sites.”

Lopez: “ Perhaps what you say may be the case .You will have no objection if I ask your followers a few questions.” He signalled Valdez to approach the nuns. He lifted their veils, shaking his head at Lopez as he looked at each in turn. Father Ben was shouting at the top of his voice.

Father Ben: “ You savage ,this is close to sacrilege ,what do you think you are doing?” Lopez laughed and nodded to Valdez to leave the nuns and start on the brothers. As they lifted the hoods from Kenny and Luis, Jo grabbed Barry and pulled him down to his knees, proclaiming their innocence very loudly in Spanish. Lopez laughed even more and moved his men back to the trucks.

Lopez: “ Very well priest consider this to be your lucky day, I might believe you.” He turned back to Father Ben ,unsmiling and looked him in the eyes.” You will piss off back to your boat immediately unless you want my men to get more ,shall we say, investigative with your companions.” The trucks roared back up the road towards the house, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Kenny:” That was a brilliant move Jo, if he’d seen Barry’s face it was game over.”

Father Ben: “ I gather that was the Chechen from your Scottish adventure .The man is evil, however I believe we have found what we are looking for? “

Barry: “ Yes ,and I think I’ll keep my head down until we are out of sight thank you very much. I owe you again Jo, you saved my bacon once more.”

They headed back to the pier.

Kenny: “ I think you’re right father. There’s obviously something or someone Lopez doesn’t want anyone to see. It has to be Tatiana or Anna ,or both of them. We’ll have to think again taking into account the number of armed guards he has.”

Luis: “ If I might say, why he has so many for one woman and child. We’ve just seen half a dozen or so and they wouldn’t leave the house unguarded.”

Kenny: “ So we could be looking at up to twice that number who knows. Why so many?”

Father Ben: “ I was thinking the same and they were all armed ,what are they expecting ?”

Barry: “Is it possible that this is a staging post for the traffickers?” They turned to look at Barry.

Kenny: “ Well Barry, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. They have good visibility for miles, plenty of space ,access to the sea and a choice of container ports just down the road. Wasn’t it Varna where Zoe and Tatiana started their ocean trip?”

Father Ben: “I will be relieved to see the Sara Victoria and ,my friends, I think that must be where we say goodbye. We have pushed our luck as far as I dare. There will be tales to tell when we get back and I guess your next adventure is unfolding as we speak .”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:24 pm

Chris had flown to Phoenix to join Wyman at the safehouse with Hugo.

Wyman: “ Good to see you bro’.Can I get you anything?”

Chris: “ Thanks but not at the moment Wy. It’s been an eventful few days and I need to bring you up to speed.” He gave Wyman a summary finishing with Barbara’s departure.” I had a lot of help from Sarah Kennedy putting the pieces together and currently we’re talking about how to take Amesec forward.”

Hugo: “ I expect you and Wyman will need time together so I’ll get out of your hair. Before I go Chris I have to reiterate this is an FBI initiative.”

Chris : “ I know Hugo ,and I must thank you again for your help.We will share all the intel on Ulrich and the Stille’s and although there may not be enough to nail him right now let me know how else I can help.”

Hugo: “Just so we’re clear Chris, the FBI will take the lead. No heroics ,there has to be a united front.”

Chris: “ Of course Hugo,once again thanks for your help.” As he closed the door behind Hugo Wyman began to speak , Chris turned ,put a finger to his lips and scribbled a note which he handed to Wyman. It read BUGS. He went to the window to check Hugo’s car leaving . “ Well I think we should go over the road , I’ll take up your offer of that drink?”

Later in a very noisy bar Chris gave more detail of events since his Alpine trip.

Wyman: “ To a simple soul like me Chris what you just told me sounds very complicated and why are you now so paranoid about the FBI bugging the safehouse?”

Chris: “ Better safe than sorry Wy, I’m under no illusions about the reach of my enemies .I don’t know how secure your safehouse is. I’ve lived with this for years. The Stille’s have a history of intrigue and I have to be just as fixated if I’m to at least bring Ulrich to justice. Now that Amesec is in the mix I’m sure I can do better than Hugo’s guys.”

Wyman: “ He was very clear about you interfering in their operation Chris.”

Chris: “ I won’t interfere but I am in a unique position to get the evidence we need.”

Wyman: “ Ok bro but tell me what is it you think I can do?”

Chris: “ Even after all this time I still can not be sure of all my staff at CWN. Those that are loyal may be turned today or next week, who knows. I need someone I can trust going forward.”

Wyman: “ So you plan to weaponise Amesec?” Chris laughed.

Chris: “ That sounds like Kennedy speak. I have plans to enable action to be taken directly intel is received. If that’s weaponizing so be it.”

Wyman: “ The lads are worried, mainly because of the potential effect of these changes on Sarah, Pru and Dagmar. “

Chris: “ I was fooled by Barbara and the first job is to bring Pru and Dagmar into my full confidence. Beating the Stille’s is a slow process and requires changing peoples mindset. They have had more than a lifetime to stamp their authority on CWN. These days it’s a science ,look at electioneering and profiling ,the way think tanks use data. I’m not able to give you a job description right now bro’ but I need someone I can trust implicitly.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:58 am

'Those that are loyal may be turned today or next week, who knows.' Is that like Wayne on the turn ? :roll:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:52 pm

Tracy wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:58 am
'Those that are loyal may be turned today or next week, who knows.' Is that like Wayne on the turn ? :roll:
Could be
Oi oi, what's the word then

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:14 pm

Baz and his mates turned up at the castle.

Oz: “ It’s really good to see you Baz. I expect you’ve seen the paparazzi parked outside?”

Baz: “ Aye, you said we might have an audience, we didn’t take much notice. They got some snaps of us as we came in but nowt we hadn’t expected.”

Oz: “ Howay inside lads.This is Martin he’s going to show you where you’re billeted. We’ve loads of space , you’ll have plenty of choice.”

Baz: “ Sounds champion Oz, just leave it to us .” He shook hands with Martin who was pointing the way and holding his'phone in the other.

Martin: “ Up the first flight Baz, along the corridor and first left. I’ll be with you in a tick, just got a call from the office.”

Dennis: “ Well Oz they’ve arrived. What’s the next step?”

Oz: “ The news will be spreading as we speak, we have reinforcements .There never was any reason to try to disguise it. So I reckon we show them around. We take four cars and take two lads each, I’ll have Baz with me.” His next words were drowned out by the sound of loud explosions, screams and breaking glass.

A passing taxi later reported to the police that two cars had driven slowly across the entrance to the castle as two other cars were leaving. The rear doors opened, a passenger got out of each car and threw what the taxi driver thought were stones through the ground floor windows. After the first explosions he realised they were throwing grenades . He witnessed several more explosions before the cars drove away at speed .The emergency services arrived quickly and took away the injured while the firemen brought the blaze under control. Fredo was on the scene within minutes.

Dennis: “ I can’t hear a thing, I’m deaf.”
Neville: “ It’s not good down there in the office.”
Oz: “ Where’s Sarah?”
Neville: “ Dunno. Moxey says it was grenade.”
Oz: “ How does he know that?”
Neville: “ Fireman told him. Pru says Martin’s dead.”
Dennis: “ I’m going to the hospital with Dagmar, two of her lasses were badly cut by glass.”
Oz: “ Anyone seen Sarah?”
Moxey: “ They took her in the first ambulance Oz.”
Neville: “ Someone just said the first floor’s collapsed.”
Fredo: “ I’m so very, very sorry Oz. There are six dead and many more in hospital. This is unforgivable, whatever the motive might be. We will get those that did this. Take care .I will speak to you later.”

Oz: “ Turns out Sarah looked worse than it was because of the glass. Mind she did lose a lot of blood . I donated while I was there, so now there’s three of us blood brothers me ,her and Nev.”

Dennis: “Did you tell her the place is wrecked?”

Oz: “ Nah, just want her to get better Den .That’ll be the last thing she’ll need to know. Anyway it’ll wait until tomorrow when Fredo’s coming over again.”

Dennis: “ He’s already been?”

Oz: “ Aye but this is different .He says he’s got word it wasn’t about Baz and the lads, and wants to have a chat with us.”

Dennis: “ What does he mean?”

Oz: “ It was aimed at Amesec, he thinks it's because Barbara told someone it belongs to Chris.”

Neville: “Anyone got any idea what we’re going to do, the chief fire guy says the building is structurally unsafe.”

Oz: “ The insurance fella is coming back today,we’ll see what they say.”

Moxey: “ You’re welcome to stay at ours, Bea’s away on a school trip so there’s room.”

Oz: “ Thanks Mox,your place is closer to the hospital as well.”

Dennis: “ Have you heard anything from Kenny Ames Oz?”

Oz: “ Not a dicky bird Den,bit surprising actually.”

Neville: “ He may not even know about it ,up at that lodge they’re off the grid y’kna.”

Oz: “ He’ll find out soon enough.It’s all over the news.I expect we’ll get a visit from Chris,he’ll be wondering if there’s owt left of his business.”

Dennis: “ You never know he might take the opportunity to move it. It doesn’t really need to be here does it?”

Oz: “ Can’t see him setting up over there so close to Ulrich. All the hardware is still untouched in our cellars.”

Chris has gone to the hospital to see Dagmar and the others injured in the explosions.

Dagmar: “ Hello Chris, first I must tell you I feel a fraud compared to some of the girls in here injured by glass. I am so pleased to see you. How are you, you have been to the site?”

Chris: “ Better for seeing you ,Aunty Dagmar.” He smiled with her.” Yes, I left Dennis and Oz with the insurance assessor.”

Dagmar looked more closely at him. He continued.” I am so sorry about Martin, Oz's friends, and the staff in the front office . I feel responsible , it was widely known it was my company and it was a target.” Dagmar could see he was uncharacteristically emotional, she tried to lighten the mood.

Dagmar: “ Chris ,you look much better with shorter hair more ,shall we say, conventional. Christa would like it.” Chris looked up at the mention of his mothers name.

Chris: “ She has been on my thoughts a lot recently.”

Dagmar: “ This has been an unsettling time for you Christopher.”

Chris: “ I recall her telling me how sad she was when her life fell apart. These last few days I feel that I understand more about how she felt.”

Dagmar: “ Yes I remember when she told me. It did not help that the family had warned her many times .He was vain and selfish, nicht der grips she once said. No gumption, no maturity.”

Chris: “ Barbara said she was lucky to find out early that I was like my father.”

Dagmar: “ She couldn’t be more wrong and unlike her I knew your father, and I know you and can say you are not like him, even less now your hair has been cut.” They both laughed.

Chris: “ Is it so obvious ?”

Dagmar: “ Barry has this saying about making changes, not getting stuck in the same position. This is what you are doing and not only with your appearance. Dennis told me what Ulrich has been getting up to. You can count on all of us.A damaged building will not hold back Amesec."

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:42 pm

"... nicht der grips she once said." Aye she would say that wouldn't she ! ;)

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:53 pm

Barry and his three companions had come ashore a mile or so north of the pier in the evening of the day following their encounter with Lopez. Their time on the Sara Victoria had been spent putting finishing touches to a plan devised by Kenny Brown.

Kenny: “ We will be outnumbered and that’s why we need the diversion. If ,and I say if she is there we need time for the extraction and to reach the beach where we leave the boat.”

Father Ben: “ It is a significant if Kenneth. I’m still trying to understand why the child is there, on the Black Sea coast .”

Barry: “ I hear what you’re saying Father, but the fact is she was abducted by the Chechen, perhaps with Tatiana’s input, and this is familiar ground for them, a lucrative catchment area for the Leisure Centre business in Varna. What better place for them to hide her while considering the next move?”

Father Ben: “ I think the temporary nature you hint at is worrying . I cannot understand her thinking . Where does she think she will go from here?”

Kenny: “ At some point she must know you would begin to search?”

Barry: “ Please guys bear with me, I think we have an opportunity right now, let’s take it.”

They are creeping toward a fence marking the outer extremity of the dacha’s grounds.

Kenny: “ Quiet everyone ,we’re close and sound travels .” Jo whispered in Kenny’s ear.

Jo: “ Look to our left, I see lights. That’s not good at this time is it?” Kenny whispered back.

Kenny: “ Not a problem I suspect they are always on guard.”

Luis: “ Twenty minutes to the diversion?”

Kenny: “Yeah, oh three hundred on the dot.” They carefully negotiated the fence and edged closer to the buildings.
Suddenly there was an earsplitting sound of sirens, and strangely, barking dogs, followed by flashing lights .

Luis: “ I hope they’re ours and not their’s.”

Kenny: “That’s our signal guys.” As they marched up to the rear of the largest building the drones’ loudspeakers declaimed the coastguard was ordering the residents to put down their weapons ,they were completely surrounded. It had the desired effect in so far as about twenty of said residents ran out and headed towards the sea, very clearly armed and in a hurry. Barry watched in admiration as Kenny ‘s team went into action. Kick down door, shouting, barge in with torch, move to next room and repeat. Barry followed and heard Jo shout. He ran to the room and there was Anna with a sheet drawn up to her face, eyes wide. She jumped up as recognition dawned and gave him a big hug .

Barry: “ Hello pet, we have to leave quickly.” She pulled on slippers and grabbed a teddy bear from the bedside table. Kenny was shouting again.

Kenny:” Let’s go , package retrieved .Jo, Luis, after me .Barry ,quick as you can.” As they started running back the way they had come Barry spoke to Anna.

Barry: “ Are you ok ?”

Anna: “ I hoped you would come ,dad.”

Barry: “ Is your mother here?” Anna looked puzzled.

Anna: “ No .I haven’t seen her today.”

They reached the boat without incident, by which time the sounds of gunfire from near the pier had died away.

Barry: “ I have to say Kenny, that really was a canny plan ,the drone was an ace move.”

Later, on board the Sara Victoria Barry was winding down with Kenny ,Jo and Luis.

Kenny: “ So Barry ,everything ok with Anna?”

Barry: “ Yes, great ,and thanks again.” He turned and raised his glass to Jo and Luis.” I owe you lads such a lot. This is….”He couldn’t finish, his head was in his hands. Luis walked over putting a hand on Barry’s shoulder.

Luis: “ Don’t worry Barry. You have your daughter. This is a win for us.”

Kenny: “ That’s true and our job here is over. We can relax.” Luis laughed.

Jo: “ Until the next time.”

Barry: “ It was also a risk for Father Ben and the nuns.”

Kenny: “ Everyone came of their own free will Barry, including the nuns.”

Barry: “ I should thank Sara Victoria .She has been a good friend .”

He went to the Sisters' quarters to find that Anna had fallen asleep on Sara’s bunk after talking non stop which Sara believed was down to stress .She told Barry he must keep an eye on her and that some of her experiences should be relayed to Inspector Fredo.

Barry: “ Did she say anything about her mother?” Sara looked up at him.

Sara Victoria: “ You have feelings for her senor Barry?”

Barry: “ Why do you ask?”

Sara Victoria:” I have reasons but, it was all said in confidence by Anna. She heard things while she was captive.”

Barry is talking with Father Ben as they passed through the straits into the Med.

Father Ben: “ Good to be back . This last trip to the Black Sea has not been one of my favourites.”

Barry: “I can’t thank you all enough for the risks you’ve taken. I know I said it before,I don't want to bore you, but I’m sure Tatiana has had more than a passing interest in this.”

Father Ben: “ Are you so sure Barry, this has been a stressful time for everyone.”

Barry: “During our search of the dacha I passed through several rooms and it was only afterwards that I realised I recognised a particular perfume , Issey Myaki. One of Tatiana’s favourites. I bought her gallons of it in the past. So unless the Chechen is on the turn, sorry Father it’s just an expression. I’d say she has been there.” Kenny walked up just as Barry was telling Father Ben the story.

Kenny: “ Shit ,Barry that’s not what we’re needing to hear right now.”

Barry: “ Kenny I’ve had time to think about this. I reckon we may have made a fundamental mistake. We assumed she was a prisoner. But just suppose she was the gaffer.” Jo and Luis both looked on in amazement.

Father Ben: “ Please explain this Barry, it is an alarming theory.”

Barry: “ We’ve had no sign since she left in a car owned by a newspaper. OK she may have been present at Anna’s abduction .”

Father Ben:” We all expected some contact but there’s been nothing.”

Barry: “ Exactly. Because she sees no need. She’s in control. Or she was until last night. This could be her first mistake. She wouldn’t have thought taking Anna back was on the cards, geographically or logistically.”

Kenny: “ Are you sure Barry, she knew we had resources if only from the gigs in Guatemala and Peru.”

Barry: “ True but we’re on her turf now she’s feeling confident, and would she expect us here now, bearing in mind what we just heard from Oz about blowing up the castle?”

Father Ben: “ Maybe we better move more quickly, just in case. By daylight the Sara Victoria will stick out like a sore thumb and perhaps she does not believe in coincidence?”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:05 pm

Haha VAMOOSE !!! :lol:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:37 pm

Glad to see that Barry found and rescued Anna
Oi oi, what's the word then

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:15 pm

Oz and Baz are stood next to the coffins in the cemetery.

Oz: “ It’s all been said Baz. There’s nowt we can do that’ll bring’em back.”

Baz: “ Aye, and I’ll be saying something similar to their families.” He nodded toward the two nearest coffins.

Oz: “ Why do I feel so bad kiddah, all I know about this lad was you called him Lee and he was a bouncer at a club in Blyth , the other fella Bill, was from Port Clarence ,and they were both your mates.” Baz looked at Oz and shook his head.

Baz: “They both wanted this Oz, it was about the buzz and the craic.The cash was always welcome mind .Anyhow, I have to ask, and the others want to know, if we’re going to fettle this?”

Oz:” Baz, this job’s turned into a right bastard, you know how it started and you might feel you’ve got skin in the game but it’s just gone that step further.”

Baz: “ Oz, the lads are as mad as hell and want to kick a few arses. You’re not going to tell’em they can’t?”

Oz: “ I know how they feel ,we lost young Martin and those three young lasses that worked for Pru. I can still see their faces."

Dagmar: Dennis my love . Please don’t give up.”

Dennis: “ The lads are all over the place pet. Wyman’s well I don’t know where, Moxey hasn’t been seen for ages, Nev feels like me, it’s finished, and Oz ,well I’ve never seen him like this since Ofelia.”

Dagmar: “ He’s upset naturally and he had such plans you remember. But, Dennis I’ve heard you say this many times. Things can be replaced, people can’t. If anyone can put this right it’s you and your friends. You are builders.” Dennis stopped ranting and looked at Dagmar by now red-eyed. He immediately regretted his outburst.

Dennis: “ I should have thought it through pet. I’m sorry, you are right of course. It was just too much for us, we couldn’t accept it. I’m going to talk to Oz and Nev, right now.”

Oz had gathered the lads together in the shed in the garden behind the ruined building.

Oz: “ Everyone got a drink , ok?”

Dennis:” Another one over here Oz. Cheers.”

Oz: “ I’ll keep it brief. We’ve all agreed we can’t let things stay like this. I’ve had word from Chris, he’s said his lads can help, they’re on their way back with Anna and Barry. Yes it is good news. So, this job is the biggest we’ve ever had ,and so are the risks.”

Neville: “ Oz, before we get too gung ho it’s been a few years since you, me and Den did owt like this ,we were younger and fitter. What exactly is the plan?”

Oz: “ Yes Nev I know and I’ll explain, it’s ok. Now,I spoke to Fredo as well . He had some reservations as expected, but he pointed out as we are probably still under surveillance there should be no obvious indications of what we have planned like banners saying death to traffickers.”

Dennis: “ Like don’t give the game away.”

Oz: “ Exactly.”

Baz: “What about this place , el Castillo ,are you moving out?”

Oz: “ Bear with us Baz, I had a long discussion with Den yesterday and he has a plan for rebuilding which I think he’ll share with us. Den?”

Dennis: “ First of all the whole thing will be to a much higher spec.”

Neville: “Bloody hell Den, this is a huge building even without a higher spec who’s going to do it?”

Oz: “ We thought someone would ask. Den?”

Dennis: “ I was coming to that ,thank you .We have access to a trained workforce, top class tradesmen ,courtesy of PCD. There is a list of lads we know who are tight lipped especially when they’re well paid.”

Neville: “ I suppose it won’t be an insurance job, being act of god or whatever?”

Oz: “ No Nev it’s funded by two anonymous donors, private individuals.”

Neville: “ Anonymous?”

Oz: “ Yes, but no prizes for guessing who.”

Dennis: “If I might continue?”

Oz: “ Sorry Den.”

Dennis: “ I have some plans on this lap top, courtesy of our lass. If you look at that screen I’ll take you through it ,from the specially toughened glass frontage of the new secure entrance with electronic controls, past the refurbished offices, we’ll use at least re bar nines in the walls ,and include re designed air handling throughout. The Amesec business, which may be subject to a name change, has priority for accommodation , they are up and running as we speak albeit in temporary offices. Ok Oz?”

Oz: “ Thanks fellas. We’ll meet up tomorrow with Kenny Brown and his lads and say welcome back to Barry and Anna. Between them they have a lot of intel about the Chechen ,and Kenny wants to meet with Baz and his lads.”

Neville: “This building work Den, are we all involved?”

Dennis: “ As involved as you want to be Nev. Why?”

Neville: “ See ,you know I can help with the building but I’m still really pissed off about the explosion, what can I do about the buggers that did it?”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Sat Jan 25, 2020 9:37 pm

Give 'em a feed of mash bananas and chips ! :lol: :roll:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:03 pm

Barry was talking with Anna when Father Ben knocked on the cabin door.

Barry: “ Hello Father ,what can I do for you?”

Father Ben: “ Can I have a word Barry, we’re all in Kenny’s cabin?” It was clear to Barry from the expression on the priest’s face that all was not well.

Kenny: “ Hi Barry, sorry to put a crimp in your day but we’ve just had word , the Chechen has raided a number of schools not far from the dacha where we found Anna. “

Father Ben: “ These schools are closely associated with the church so it’s safe to assume he connected the dots and our presence with Anna’s rescue.”

Barry: “ So when did this happen?”

Kenny: “ I would guess the day after we left.”

Father Ben: “ We have a problem. Several witnesses claim that only girls were taken and that they are to be trafficked.”

Kenny: “ He knows we would learn about this and I would bet the witnesses were stage managed to pass on the trafficking information.”

Barry: “ He has nothing to lose, he knows we know he’s a trafficker so he throws down this gauntlet.”

Father Ben: “ I repeat ,we have a problem. We are not prepared for such an exercise.”

Oz: “ We have to go, we have no option. We took Anna back, he didn’t like that and now he’s letting us know.”

Neville: “ Where are the police in all of this, shouldn’t Europol be in pole position?”

Dennis: “ Nev.”

Neville: “ What?”

Dennis: “ Give it a bloody rest, will you?”

Neville: “I’m just saying, isn’t this a job for the police or the army?”

Dennis: “ The only thing you didn’t mention is the bit about people of our age.”

Neville: “ What’s that supposed to mean, what’s up with you?”

Dennis: “ What’s up with me ,I’ll tell you Nev you remind me of that neighbour we had when I was a bairn. One day me dad was outside fixing the fence near our front door. This neighbour saw him and told me dad he was wasting his time ,it was a job for the council. Me dad turned round and told him to piss off, he said if he waited for the council to do it it’d never get done.” Oz hadn’t seen Den so worked up for years.

Oz: “ Den, Den man take it easy. If Nev doesn’t want to go that’s ok.” Den had stopped pacing up and down.

Den: “ Give us a beer Oz.”

Oz: “ Nev, want a beer?”

Neville: “ Aye go on you twisted me arm. Sorry Den , didn’t know you felt that way.”

Dennis: “ Nah leave it Nev. It’s me. I cannot see anyone doing anything to sort this out right now. It’s got to be down to us, the buggers threw grenades through our windows man!”

Neville: “ Aye I know that Den, but…” Den downed his beer and as he walked out of the cabin uttered one word.

Dennis: “ Bollocks.”

Den and Oz are stood in the road looking up at the building work.

Dennis: “ Looks great Oz?”

Oz: “ I like the name, Castillo Nuevo. You know what that means don’t you Den?”

Dennis: “ Yes Oz you’ve asked me a hundred times already, New Castle.”

Oz: “ Magnificent. Those Germans did a canny job with the frontage. You know there’s over half a ton of that special glass, and they even cleaned out their truck before they left.”

Dennis: “Same as the lads who fitted the new air con. See a lot of trades are very specialised these days Oz. Different to when we were on the tools eh?”

Oz: “ Aye but we always made a cracking job ,just like the internal walls here. Moxey did us proud with the plastering especially covering up the crap job you made of that blockwork over the re bars.”

He ducked as Den pretended to throw something at him.

Dennis: “ Bollock brain, it was you that cocked up the re bars.” Sarah came out to join them.

Sarah: “ Now boys don’t quarrel ,we are all saying what a wonderful job you have made. I’m not so sure about the name though. A little obvious don’t you think, Castillo Nuevo?”

Oz: “ What’s wrong with that pet, it’s just a reminder of home.”

Sarah: “ Barry has just had a call from Kenny Ames, you might want to hear what he had to say.”

Barry: “ So to be brief, our cover as conservation warriors will be perfect .Kenny has cleared our use of their logo with his mate the chairman. He’s happy that we give them exposure in southern and eastern Europe. That’s not an area where they’ve been active recently.”

Oz: “ Any comment on your recent trip to Georgia?”

Barry: “ No. Least said about us poking the Chechen the better.”

Sarah: “ So D Day is tomorrow; do we know about Moxey and Wyman?”

Oz: “ Since they found out about Chrissy’s condition, Moxey has been more or less full time looking after Bea. She doesn’t see why a ten year old has to be treated like a child.” This raised a collective laugh.

Sarah: “ Any closer to finding out how Chrissy came into contact with the toxin?”

Oz: “ According to Moxey if he hadn’t got her to see the quack she would be a goner. This guy put two and two together when Moxey gave him the history and so she got the same treatment as Den.”

Sarah: “ But how did she come into contact with it?”

Barry: “ Wasn’t it something to do with a photocopier Oz?”

Oz: “ Not sure Barry. Anyway Wyman plans to come over with Kenny Brown and will meet up with Jo and Luis in Varna.”

Sarah: “ Greig has arranged for all the transport to be liveried with the appropriate logos for when you collect them in Athens.”

Barry :” How do we justify the Bulgarian leg, that adds a considerable mileage to our journey?”

Sarah: “ No alternative if we’re trying not to attract attention. Couldn’t get everyone to Varna discreetly .As Greig said if someone pushed for a mass airlift it could ring alarm bells. This is slower but safer.”

Oz: “ So we got us a convoy?”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

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Ten 4 Rubber Duck ! :lol: I don't think that was one of Merle's.

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

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After bidding farewell to the Sara Victoria they said a brief hello to Greig who was waiting for them with a motorhome at the dockside from where he drove them to a caravan site just outside Athens where the rest of their transport was waiting.

Oz: “ So Greig, you’re sharing the driving with us on this adventure?”

Greig: “ As much as I would love a holiday I must decline the offer. Here are all the documents you will need, suggested overnight stops have been highlighted by our staff as you will see on the maps . It is self explanatory. It is a long journey and I expect these shortwave radios will prove useful. I notice your numbers are depleted ?”

Oz: “ Aye, that’s why I asked if you were coming with us, you could help with the driving?” Greig smiled and shook his head. Oz could not disguise his annoyance at Greigs’ smug attitude.

Greig: “ Typical. I should have guessed. You'd better stick to your day job Osbourne, just as well I made some arrangements . Follow me.” He jumped out of the motor home and walked over to the other vehicles and shook hands with two scruffy individuals who had got out of one of the truckson seeing Greig .One of whom Oz immediately recognised.

Greig: “ These two chaps will help with your logistic problem Osbourne. Now I have to go. Please try to make this work dear boy, don’t cock it up.Keep me posted.” He strode away not giving Oz an opportunity to speak. Oz turned to the two guys .

Oz: “ Just so we start on the right foot, my name is Osbourne." Oz pointed to one of them." You I know, your name is Yorgo and I thought you would still be inside along with Startup's crowd?” Yorgo sneered.

Yorgo: “ I help Europol with information. I get out early. Now I work for the conservation union. Why should you care?”

Oz: “ Look sunshine I don’t care ,particularly but listen .If you put a foot wrong then all of us here will take turns to kick you in the nuts. Ok?”

Yorgo: “You still talk bullshit.This is Ivan, he also drives. We should go now. It is a long way. “

Oz took Baz to one side and explained about Yorgo and the transporter gig as they walked towards the parked vehicles.

Baz: “ He seems a bit iffy. I tell you what, I go with Yorgo in one of the campers, you take Ivan in the other, and we split the rest of the lads between the two trucks. Ok?”

Oz: “ Sounds like a plan Baz,I’ll take Nev with me and Den can have ,what you call him?”

Baz: “Mark. He was big mates with Bill.”

Oz: “ Is he from Port Clarence as well?”

Baz: “ Nah, just up the road though, he’s a monkey hanger so watch what you say.” Baz laughed at the expression on Oz’s face.

Barry is having a difficult time with Anna as he tries to explain why he doesn’t want to leave her on her own.

Anna: “ I’m nearly sixteen years old. I’m not a child. Why can’t I go with you?”

Barry: “I was so relieved to get you back ,I wont risk anything like that happening again. I have a million things to do right now, I have to go out .We'll talk later when I get back petal.”

Later is when Barry is talking to Dennis.

Barry: “ It’s a real problem Den. On one hand I’m concerned for her safety, on the other I recognise she is a young adult but needs guidance growing up.”

Dennis: “ Yes Barry. She needs a mother. But by that I don’t mean Tatiana though.”

Barry: “ That’s the last thing either of us need right now.”

Dennis: “ She gets on well with Dagmar doesn’t she?” Barry's face brightened up.

Barry: “ I couldn’t ask Dagmar again, could I?”

Dennis: “ Dagmar’s looking for staff and they’re interviewing interns later today. Why not suggest she gets a job?”

Barry: “ That’s a bustin’ idea Den. "

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

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Yogi, "Why the shit you care ?" :lol:

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