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Switch it off then on again.

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:18 pm

Oz has ‘phoned Sarah as they made their way north from Athens.

Oz: “ Hello petal, how are you?”

Sarah: “ Working within acceptable parameters. Is there a problem Leonard?”

Oz: “ I just wanted to talk to you .”

Sarah:” Sorry Oz I didn’t mean to be so abrupt, I never expected to be hearing from you just yet and so I'm thinking, problem?”

Oz:” Oh those Sloaney vowels.”

Sarah: “ Stop it Leonard. Behave. What can I do for you. From here?”

Oz: “ When we arrived in Greece your friend Greig had arranged for two additional drivers. Very welcome as it turns out, but it begs the question.”

Sarah: “ So you’re asking how did he know you needed drivers?”

Oz: “ Yes. It occurred to me you may have told him.”

Sarah:” I didn’t. So that means he knew about the attack and subsequent deaths. I find that a little disturbing .It’s just the sort of thing he would normally be telling me about and he hasn’t. I’m on it petal. We’ll talk later. Bye bye Oz.”

Dennis: “ What’s that up ahead kiddah?”

Mark: “ Dunno Den, but the first truck has stopped as well. I see Yorgo is talking to someone .That’s definitely a bonfire.”

Dennis: “ He’s getting back in ,and we’re off again.”

Mark: “ Just as well there’s not a lot of traffic .”

Dennis: “Wouldn’t expect a lot at two in the morning. That sign we just passed looked like Plovdiv or whatever. I’ll radio Oz and see if we’re stopping.”

It was their first overnight. They had eaten and Oz left the van to talk to Yorgo who was drinking by the fire he and Ivan had lit. Yorgo nodded to Oz as he came to sit beside them, and offered him a glass of amber coloured liquid.

Oz: “ Thanks Yorgo. “ He sipped and was pleasantly surprised.” What is it?”

Yorgo: “ It is called Rakija,you no like ?”

Oz: “ Nah it’s fine ,it reminds me of the peppered vodka we used to get in Russia.”

Yorgo: “ It’s vodka with caramel .I think it will be new for you. You and your friend Greig have different life to us. You two very rich no?”

Oz: “ Let’s get one thing clear Yorgo, Greig is not my friend and you must know from before I am not rich.”

Yorgo: “He tell us on the way to Athens about you. So I ask you what is fag?”

Oz: “ Cigarette?”

Yorgo: “ No, not smoke ,is a person ?”Oz looked at him, it was obviously a serious question.

Oz: “ Where did you hear about this fag?”

Yorgo: “ I told you, Greig talked a lot on the journey.”

Oz: “ What did he tell you?”

Yorgo: “ You work for him,like his fag, yes?”

Oz: “ No. None of us work for him. He sometimes helps us.”

Yorgo: “ This makes no sense. What are we doing here ?”

Oz: “ We are going to Varna to meet with some of our colleagues.”

Yorgo: “ Yes he told us we help you get there. I know this land, it’s like Macedonia, bandits no police. We make sure you all get to Varna.”

Oz: “ When did Greig contact you Yorgo?” He looked at Oz through half closed eyes.

Yorgo: “Why you ask these questions?”

Oz: “ We don’t work for Greig and I must know what he has agreed with you and Ivan.”

Yorgo:” We drive all over for the Conservation guys, Greig knows this, he tells us there is job for a week driving you and your people.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:43 pm

The lads are sat in one of the motorhomes drinking coffee and looking at the view.

Dennis: “ Incredible in the daylight, cracking scenery, just look at those cliffs over there !”

Oz: “ Aye, and I was told Bulgaria was shite. Over there is Macedonia that’s where Yorgo comes from.”

Neville: “ How far is it to Varna from here?”

Oz: “ It’s about three hundred miles, say roughly seven hours.”

Neville: “ Better than that first leg, eight hours on poxy motorways ,I was bored out of my skull. I hope you all think it’s worth it.”

Oz: “ What’s that supposed to mean Nev?”

Neville: “ We’re all just about knackered with this bloody driving, and I’m not saying it’s because of our age. But it can’t be ignored.”

Dennis: “ Dear god, he’s at it again. Neville you know why we had to go by road, we were told the airports are being watched .”

Baz walked over and waved at them from outside. Den rolled down the window.

Dennis: “ Now then Baz, what’s up?”

Baz: “ Sorry lads but I have to say you’re upsetting the troops. We can all hear you out there . It wouldn’t take much for your friend Yorgo to pack his bag and clear off. “

Oz: “ I’m not so sure about friend Yorgo. Him and his mate have a cosy business deal with friend Greig. Best to assume the worst I reckon.”

Neville: “ Well that’s just bloody wonderful Oz.”

Oz: “ Nev ,just give it a rest eh?”

Neville: “ Or what?”

Dennis: “ For god’s sake will you two shut up. We’ll be in Varna in seven hours . We’ll meet up with Barry and Wyman and see Kenny Brown and his mates again.”

Neville: “ Whoop de do ,can’t wait.” Oz physically restrained Den who had jumped up and tried to grab Nev.

Baz:” Tell you what lads how about a change of scenery, I’ll drive with Oz in the other van and Nev can entertain Mark , he’s got a lot of stories about the north east, he’s a local history expert. That’ll take your mind off the journey Nev.”

Neville: “ Aye ,why not, I bet he’s been bored stiff sat all that time with Dennis.”

Baz is re adjusting his seat a few miles into resuming the journey.

Baz: “ You’d think they’d all be the same but they’re not. These seats.”

Oz: “ Do you want me to drive ,this seat is fine?”

Baz: “ Nah I’ll just persevere.”

Oz: “ Don’t be a bloody martyr, we’ve got one already. Tell you what these toll roads must be a real money spinner for someone.”

Baz: “ I was talking to Yorgo about it, he reckons the money was supposed to go into helping the local economy.”

Oz: “ I bet it gets no further than the toll booth. By the way Baz has Yorgo said anything about the trip?”

Baz: “ Nah, he’s more about asking questions than supplying answers. Tell you what though your remark about him clearing off didn’t improve his attitude.”

Oz: “ Didn’t think he heard, anyway I’m not so struck on his mate Greig either. He’s not my greatest fan ,not since Sarah came to the castle. Oh hang on is this another toll booth, yes they’re slowing down in front.”

Mark is struggling to cheer up Nev.

Mark: “ So Nev, you’re no relation to the Hartlepool Hope’s?”

Neville: “ Nah, my lot are all from Benwell in Newcastle. Why do you ask?”

Mark: “ Well it was a family who started an estate agents in the town, and years ago a cousin of mine married one of them. See we could have been related.”

Neville: “ I see. Mind there are lots of Hopes in the north east. When I was in Cuba I met up with someone who had relations in Hexham and in Whitley Bay. Small world.” Nev started looking through the glove box for the fourth time.

Mark: “ Shall I put on the radio ,there might be some music, you look bored?”

Neville: “ Sorry Mark .It’s me. I’m beginning to think I should never have come on this trip.”

Mark: “ But you said you wanted to do something about the guys who blew up the castle?”

Neville: “ You’ve been talking to Baz.”

Mark: “ Do you want to get your head down for a while?”

Neville: “ If you’re ok with the driving I’ll take half an hour mate.”

Dennis and Ian are chatting .

Dennis: “ So Ian you’ve known Baz a long time?”

Ian: “ Aye, I got to know him through Lee, the lad we just lost.”

Dennis: “ You work in the clubs as well?”

Ian: “ Nah, I know Lee’s sister, she’s big friends with my wife. Really me and Lee were just after extra cash and Baz would let us know when there was owt on the go. You and the other two have been around a while?”

Dennis: “ Oz ,Nev and me met up when we were jobbing brickies. We’ve worked together all over, Germany, Spain, the States, Cuba, Africa.”

Ian: “ This job’s different though?”

Dennis: “ Aye, I guess Baz will have told you?”

Ian: “He told us you were having hassle at work and then it got personal?”

Dennis: “It got more complicated when our mate Barry’s daughter was abducted. We were outnumbered to start with ,that’s where Baz came in, but these guys we’re meeting up with in Varna are well connected. We’ve worked with them before.”

Ian: “ So tell me ,what’s the story with your mate Neville?”Dennis rolled his eyes.

Dennis: “ Where do I start?”

Oz is explaining to Baz the next stage of their journey.

Oz: “ We are booked on the ferry across to Georgia ,a place called Poti. No I’ve heard all the jokes. It’s like a roll on roll off, so we get on first we get off first. We were advised to leave the motor homes and one truck at the site and go in the other truck to the Leisure Centre.” Dennis came wandering over and waved to Oz.

Oz: “ Now then Den, ok?”

Dennis: “ How are we getting to the Leisure Centre?”

Oz: “ We take one of the trucks, there’s only Barry to pick up.”

Dennis: “ So how long has he been at the Leisure Centre?”

Oz: “ You know he wasn’t too clear about that when I ‘phoned him. He talked more about how successful the Fantasy films business was.” Dennis was grinning.

Dennis: “ I bet he was .He’s trying to be clever. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t slipped her a length.” Oz looked mystified.

Oz: “ Who, slipped who a length?”

Dennis: “ You know man, Hazel.”

Oz: “ Gerraway Den, she’s a rug muncher anyway.”

Dennis: “ I’m not so sure ,she’s got the hots for Barry. Dagmar told me!”

Oz: “ You never said anything about this?”

Dennis: “ I couldn’t could I ,it’s like client confidentiality isn’t it?”

Oz: “ Bollocks. You’ve known about Hazel all this time and said nowt?” Dennis was laughing by now.

Dennis: “ We must not stand in the way of true love Oz.”

Oz: “ Double bollocks. You knew he’d make a bee line up here and you never told us?”

Dennis: “ I couldn’t possibly comment Leonard.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:44 pm

Oz had picked up Barry from the Leisure Centre , Dennis having taken the other van to the airport to meet Wyman , Kenny and his lads.

Oz: “ So Barry are you saying Sara Victoria has a problem?”

Barry: “ No Oz you misunderstand. What I said was she really looks forward to her visits with Anna and will miss their conversations if she has to go away.”

Oz: “ I still don’t know what you’re getting at Barry.”

Barry: “ It’s just that Anna thinks Sara is giving her the impression she has missed out somewhere and is now wondering if her visits are the problem.”

Oz: “ But she hasn’t said she wants to leave or anything?”

Barry: “ No and I don’t think she would say that to Anna anyway. Maybe the next time you see her you should make a discreet enquiry?”

Dennis: “ Kenny I’m not the best one to ask, but Greig came to us with FCO approval and we were grateful for the extra manpower after the explosion.”

Kenny: “ Who was it told you the airports were being watched?”

Dennis: “I believe it was Sarah, she said the advice came from Greig’s office . It made sense to us at the time because Fredo told us we would still be under surveillance.”

Kenny: “ I guess I should ask Oz, that looks like him arriving with Barry. I’m just surprised you’re not bothered about friend Yorgo and his sidekick.”

Dennis: “ I see where you’re coming from Kenny. When I take a step back I begin to wonder how the hell we ended up in this situation. Mind it doesn’t help when we’re labelled as human traffickers.”

Neville: “ I knew it would just be a matter of time before you dragged Nikki into this.”

Dennis: “ You can’t deny her part in this Nev, oh no we mustn’t criticise her she’s an eco warrior, a civil rights leader, it’ll soon be saint Nikki.”

Oz: “ Is that to come after her Nobel Prize?”

Neville: “ Just piss off all of you.”

Later that morning on the top deck of the ferry.

Kenny: “ Oz I’m glad to find you alone. I need to talk without being overheard.” Oz looked puzzled.

Oz: “ You’ve got my attention now Kenny, what’s up?”

Kenny: “ You must know those two guys of Greig’s are iffy?”

Oz: “ We all know Yorgo from years back and while he’s not my favourite martian he is one of Greig’s.”

Kenny: “ Why are you tied up with this conservation shit?”

Oz: “ It’s a cover, Greig’s idea so we can rummage about without attracting undue attention.”

Kenny: “ To use your terminology Oz. Bollocks.”

Oz: “ You surprise me Kenny. You don’t seem too keen?”

Kenny: “ All the gear stowed away in your trucks and vans, the cameras, and sound equipment you just picked up at the docks, who is going to operate it?”

Oz: “ No idea Kenny. No one mentioned anything to us about filming.”

Kenny: “ I guarantee someone in Poti is already on your case. This is a set up. No one goes to all this hassle not to have some actors at the sharp end. You guys are the extras, maybe even disposable extras.” Kenny looked over Oz’s shoulder at a figure wending her way up to the view point.” Don’t look now Oz but there’s a woman coming up behind you. She looks familiar.”

As Oz turned he caught a whiff of perfume.

Oz: “ Dear me pet, what are you doing here?” It was Nikki Myles.

Nikki: “ Good morning Oz, nice to see you too. Yorgo told me you were up here. Are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

Oz: “ Sorry pet, this is Kenny. Kenny this is Nikki Myles.” He gave Kenny an apologetic look.

Nikki: “ So you’re called Kenny and Yorgo says you have two playmates. Are you all part of the conservation project?” Kenny smiled.

Kenny: “ You seem to be well informed miss Myles?”

Nikki: “ You haven’t answered my question Kenny.”

Kenny: “ That’s right. What business is it of yours?”

Nikki: “ My ,my we are prickly .My paper is sponsoring this trip by the conservation group, so I’ll ask you once more, what part are you playing in this project?”

Kenny: “ I’ll ask you again what business is it of yours?” Unknown to Nikki Jo and Luis had made their way quietly to the viewing deck. Before she could respond one of the two figures behind her spoke and she jumped in surprise turning to see Luis .

Luis: “ Hi boss, anything doing?” Kenny smiled looking slightly to Nikki’s right , she followed his gaze and jumped again at Jo , now standing immediately in front of her.

Jo: “ Hi boss, we thought you’d pulled?”

Nikki Myles was very unsettled , she mumbled excuses to Oz and made her way to the lower deck.

Sarah Kennedy had been forced into calling in some hard won favours after drawing blanks in her pursuit of Greigs’ recent FCO activities. She ‘phoned Pru.

Sarah: “ If you have a minute I can come down ?”

Pru: “ Is this the ongoing saga with Greig?”

Sarah: “ Yes. I’ll see you in a minute.” True to her word Sarah landed in Pru’s new office.

Pru: “ Try the coffee it’s only minutes old.”

Sarah: “ Thanks. This is a huge improvement . “She looked around as she drank her coffee.” I was beginning to think I’d been frozen out of FCO. None of my usual sources had anything on him or the so called conservation group. Anything coming out of Amesec?”

Pru: “ He’s been making a nuisance of himself I take it?”

Sarah:” I’m worried Pru, I think the lads are walking into a trap.”

Pru: “ We know the Myles woman is behind the conservation trip and it’s becoming increasingly likely that Greig is off books so to speak.”

Sarah: “ I didn’t want that rumour to be true but it looks that way to some other people too.”

Pru: “ What can we do?”

Sarah: “ We can arrange a message to go to Kenny Brown direct from Hugo’s office. The traffickers network is huge and has compromised our usual comms.”

Pru: “ Presumably it’s not just a case of reinforcements?”

Sarah: “No. Looks like the traffickers want to eliminate a long standing nuisance courtesy of their colleagues in Poti, when troublemakers disguised as conservationists clash with upright citizens protecting their livelihood, all captured on film by nobel peace laureate to be Nikki Myles.”

Pru: “ Ok but what is Greig’s part in this?”

Sarah: “It gets better ,or worse depending. Chris Norris sent me a picture ,I have a copy.” She showed Pru a photocopy of two men talking in a coffee bar. One is clearly Greig and the other, a chap by the name of Pfister.

Pru: “ Does this mean that Greig is somehow involved with the bloody Stille family?”

Sarah: “That’s why I’m here. I can’t process this. “

Pru: “ We found nothing to indicate anything untoward, like Ferrari’s or evidence of a string of mistresses.”

Sarah: “ But I did find someone that could be him , who has been to the Caribbean several times and recently took flying lessons.”

Pru: “ Dear me Is this the slippery slope?”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Sun Feb 16, 2020 7:36 am

Barry and Hazel ? Wait till Valery Nelson hears about this ! :lol:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:34 pm

Tracy wrote:
Sun Feb 16, 2020 7:36 am
Barry and Hazel ? Wait till Valery Nelson hears about this ! :lol:
I hope they get back together
Oi oi, what's the word then

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Wed Feb 19, 2020 2:36 pm

Kenny Brown has taken a message via satellite ‘phone from Hugo.

Oz: “ We all know why we’re here Kenny .None of us are too struck on the situation but I don’t think we have an option. Those girls were the Chechen’s way to get back at us for rescuing Anna. It’s our fault if you like.”

Dennis: “ Just moving on a bit, does Kenny Ames know Nikki Myles has hijacked his mates’ conservation trip?”

Oz: “ I’ve no idea but if he did what could he do?”

Dennis: “From what you know Kenny do you think we’re walking in to a trap?”

Kenny: “ In a word yes. I need to talk further with Nikki Myles. She's bound to know Tatiana’s whereabouts and maybe more.”

Neville: “ Oz, you said this place Poti is a big container port?”

Oz: “ Aye ,why?”

Neville: “ From what we learned before about trafficking, once these girls are in the system they'll need to be moved asap. The danger is the Chechen's had time to have them containerised while we’ve been on our way.”

Dennis: “ What are you saying Nev?”

Neville: “ I’m just thinking they’ll need to be fed and watered and if he’s got them all in the one container it might be easier to locate them than we thought?”

Kenny: “ Even if we had eyes at the port it’s still a huge job.”

Neville: “ Yes it’s manpower we’re short of. Remember what the Varna coppers told us when we were looking for Zoe, moving containers with live cargo is a pain in the arse for the traffickers.”

Dennis: “ So what?”

Neville: “ I reckon they’ll want them at sea as quickly as they can.”

Oz: “ Where are you going with this Nev?”

Neville: “ I was wondering if we could save some time by finding out which container ships left after the girls were kidnapped?”

Oz: “ I see what you mean Nev, it would narrow the odds.”

Kenny: “ That’s doable kiddo,I’ll get on to that now.”

Neville: “ That’s what Nikki reckoned when I said we might be wasting our time looking in the port .”

Dennis: “ What did you say, you told Nikki Myles?”

Neville: “ Bloody Norah Den, don’t start again.”

Oz: “ You pillock, you told her our plan?” Oz grabbed Nev by the shoulders and had to be manhandled away by Den and Kenny.

Neville: “ Gerroff you daft bugger. What if I did ,she’s just a canny lass trying to do her best?”

Kenny: “We need to find this woman , quickly. She may have already blown it for us.”

Luis and Jo were scrutinising the crowds on the observation deck and had a stroke of luck, seeing Barry first and realising it was Nikki he was talking to, somewhat angrily. They barged their way over to them.

Kenny: “ Hi Barry, see you’re passing the time of day with our favourite journalist. Hello again miss Myles. Let’s all take a seat, we can buy you a coffee while we chat.”

Kenny: “ To continue miss Myles. We are concerned that you may have interfered with our plan.Our official plan.”

Nikki: “ My colleagues will be looking for me. We know all about you. Your trafficking days are numbered.”
The lads looked at each other and started to laugh.

Nikki: “ I’ve followed your progress over the years but recently I had a breakthrough. You can blame your friend the wifebeater.” She nodded toward Barry.” Yes I know about you and your nasty habits. I’ve seen the bruises, the dental work, and other injuries. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

This time it was Nev’s turn to get angry.

Neville: “ Nikki you couldn’t be more wrong, why didn’t you say anything about this before?”

Nikki: “ I would expect you to lie to save yourselves, somehow Nev I thought you were different.”

Neville: “ Nikki you’ve been led down the garden path. Tatiana is an accomplished liar and her injuries were not down to Barry.”

Kenny: “He’s telling you the truth but more to the point we are trying to rescue these girls and if your stupid exploits put them at risk it will be down to you. We’ve followed your career too, from exposing Mickey Startup, through coastal pollution, export of toxic waste and third world exploitation up to the present .As your career is waning along comes a chance, a cry for help. You arrange for a car to rescue this victim of marital abuse. Facilitating Tatiana’s disappearance was a big mistake.” Barry was trying to disguise his anger and emotions without success.

Barry :” I can confirm what he’s just said. Tatiana is a clever liar .She got her injuries during her travels in Central and South America, latterly in a brothel in the Peruvian jungle.”

Nikki Myles was taken aback by Barry's unmistakable authenticity. Oz had to take Barry to one side as he broke down in tears.

Kenny: “ Miss Myles this is important and that’s why I’m going to do something I may regret.” She looked at him in alarm as he reached into his inside pocket to show his FBI id. It was Nikki’s turn to look surprised as she glanced at each of their faces in turn.

Nikki: “ So these stories about your trafficking……?”

Oz: “ A load of bollocks pet.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Sat Feb 22, 2020 6:40 am

Bloody silly cow ! :oops:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Wed Feb 26, 2020 11:52 am

Nikki Myles was lost for words, she glanced at the lads in turn, her gaze finishing on Oz.

Nikki: “ If what you’re saying is true, and I’m inclined to believe you, then we have a problem.” Oz and Kenny both groaned.

Kenny: “ What have you done?” She looked embarrassed, glancing down at her feet.

Nikki: “ I arranged a sort of reception committee for when the convoy drove off the ferry.”

Oz: “ Who is the reception committee and what are they expecting to see?”

Nikki: “ The press and tv crew invited by my boss and I think ,the police. They are there to see the vans and trucks carrying the undercover rescue team.”

Kenny: “ So much for our low key operation, a lot of attention exactly when we don’t need it.”

Neville: “ Kenny ,you still have no word about containers leaving the port?”

Kenny: “ No ,nothing from the usual sources and more worrying a deafening silence from Father Ben. I’m sure he’s got ears in the Chechen’s camp that’s how he’s kept us up to speed before. Why ?

Neville: “ I was just thinking, the good Father told us the girls were taken two days after we lifted Anna, now, in the time it’s taken us to get here is it possible we could have missed them? ” They all looked at Nev.

Kenny: “ A lot of things could have happened Nev, up to now we’ve acted on information received , some of it incidentally came from your mate Greig . I reckon if they’d been moved the Father would know and have kept us in the loop.”

Dennis: “ I’ve been thinking as well.” There was a groan from Oz.

Oz: “ Too much bloody thinking going on today.”

Dennis: “ Nah man listen. There’s another way to look at this lads. Just suppose that bugger is desperate to catch us and the girls are the bait?”

Oz: “ Then there’s a good chance he’ll be waiting for us when we leave the ferry.”

Dennis was looking in the rear view mirror as Ian drove the motor home off the ferry and up the ramp toward the harbour. Oz was in the van in front and it suddenly stopped.

Dennis: “ Now what the hell is he playing at?”

Ian: “ The traffic is tailed back all the way up the road. Oh dear, flashing blue lights.”

Dennis: “ I’ll radio Oz. Oz what’s happening up there?”

Oz: “ I’ve just heard from Baz, the road’s blocked, an ambulance and police cars are dealing. Den, we have a problem on board the lead van. Yorgo says Greig has passed out. He told Ivan he felt poorly when we set off .Yorgo has run up the road to see if he can get someone to look at him.”

Within a few minutes they were surrounded by armed police who waved them out of the queue and accompanied them to a large car park signposted Poti International Industrial Estate. Clearly they were not going to be leaving any time soon as more police appeared and surrounded all four vehicles. Yorgo was banging on the van door, Den rolled down the window.

Dennis: “ What’s up lad?”

Yorgo: “ The medic says Greig is dead. He say his heart stopped. Oz says tell you a man shot through head in car up there, that’s what stops traffic.”

Oz’s ‘phone is ringing.It is Sarah.

Oz: “ Hello pet ,how are things with you ?”

Sarah: “ I’ve been trying this number for half an hour. Problem?”

Oz: “ Two problems. Greig has croaked and we’re in a car park surrounded by police. Otherwise ok.”

Sarah: “ Hugo ‘phoned ,he can’t reach Kenny. The Chechen’s dead. Head shot in a line of traffic waiting at the Poti ferry terminal .”

Oz: “ I’ll be a monkey’s thingy. Yorgo just beat you to it pet. He told us a guy had been shot, that’s why the ferry traffic was held up.”

Sarah: “ The clever thinking is it’s because he repeatably over stepped the mark and was attracting too much attention , so they stopped him. Do you know what carried off Greig?”

Oz: “ Para medic said it was his heart . No signs of trauma.”

Sarah: “ Could be the firm is cleaning house. Nothing must be traceable to the Stille’s.”

Oz: “ We were expecting something from Father Ben, we’re pretty sure he has ears and eyes in the Chechen’s camp.”

Sarah: “ He couldn’t reach you either. The Father was informed our Chechen’s head had been turned. Some woman pulling his strings, or pressing his buttons, prior to your Scottish adventure. Guess who?”

Oz: “ Well I hope she’s happy, she’s got him shot.”

Sarah: “ Amesec has nothing on her whereabouts, she came into the conversation earlier when Chris was asking for an update .”

Oz: “ That bloody woman .Is it worth putting pressure on Nikki Myles' boss?”

Sarah: “Maybe. Any ideas about the kidnapped girls?”

Oz: “ I’ll get back to you. Kenny is running over with half a dozen coppers.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Wed Feb 26, 2020 5:44 pm


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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:37 pm

Kenny was pointing to the lead truck and waving at Oz to join him.

Oz: “ Kenny what’s going on?” One of the policemen, sporting the lion’s share of insignia, gestured for Oz to be quiet and identify himself. Oz looked him in the eye, slowly drawing a finger across his lips and smiled as he passed over his Conservation Union card. He glanced at Kenny who just rolled his eyes. The police continued their search of Greig’s truck, Kenny and Oz turned as they heard Wyman’s raised voice.

Wyman: “ Hey. What‘re you playin’ at, that’s my breakfast?” All conversation ceased as their voices were drowned out by the sound of a helicopter passing overhead then landing near the harbour. The police became more agitated , one shaking his fist in Kenny’s face while Kenny protested his innocence.

Oz: “ Kenny, this is pretty heavy man, is this down to you?”

Kenny: “No, as much as I would like to take the credit . It just happens to be from a US Navy destroyer on NATO exercise in the Black Sea. “

Oz: “ And you know that how?”

Kenny: “ Text message just now. Someone wants Greig’s corpse checked over. They’re taking his body back to the ship, and that’s gone down badly with the local fuzz, as you can see.”

Oz: “ This has nothing to do with the kidnapped girls or the Chechen?”

Kenny: “ Oz, did you tell Sarah that Greig had snuffed it?”

Oz: “ As a matter of fact I did ,why?”

Kenny: “ Hey , don’t get snotty ,I’m one of the good guys. No one scrambles a chopper these days without good reason it’s too expensive.”

By this time the other lads had joined them.

Dennis: “ One of those fellas pinched Wyman’s chocolate biscuits. What’s the world coming to when you can’t trust a copper?” No one was laughing.” What’s wrong?”

Oz: “ They’re taking Greig to the ship for a closer look. “

Neville: “How did the yanks know about Greig?”

Oz: “ Not sure for certain , it could be the FCO, Sarah has contacts there.”

Baz: “ Dear me Oz you lads certainly have a full and varied life, are all your trips like this?”

Oz: “ Nah, not usually, it just hasn’t turned out like we expected.” Oz noticed Luis speaking directly into Kenny’s ear and waving his arms in the air. The police had gathered around the chopper and were confronting the crew who had retrieved Greig’s body.

Oz: “ Kenny, do you reckon we should be giving them a hand?”

Kenny: “ Won’t be necessary ,just watch.” One of the policemen who had tried to climb inside the open hatch found himself held at arms length before falling to the ground, and then they were all deafened by a voice speaking in Russian over the choppers’ pa system. ”Told you. You think they would have known not to touch. That’s a real no no.”

Oz: “ Someone waving us over Kenny?”

Kenny: “ Looks like it.”

They all stood, more or less in a semi circle around the open hatch and after a few minutes a man in blue coveralls jumped down.

“ Hi . Navy physician, name of McKenzie. We were scrambled as a favour to your FCO. So fellas, I’ve run a quick check on your friend, but we’ll still take him to our sick bay. I was told to run a number of blood tests, and it does look like your friend was poisoned. I’ll send my report directly. I’ve also been told to let you know the kidnapped girls you were searching for have been found safe and well. A military task force from Tblisi found them this morning. You can rest easy. Please stand clear of the rotors. Cheerio guys.” He grinned as the blades began to spin faster.

At the Leisure Centre in Varna three days later, the lads were preparing for their return to Spain.

Barry: “ I have to say I’m hoping to get back into a more nine to five routine. This gadding about is all very well but as Nev says when you get to a certain age……” There was a roar from Oz and Den which turned into laughter.

Oz: “ It’s certainly something to talk about on those long winter nights.”

Wyman: “ Where are you going Oz?”

Oz: “ Just an expression Wyman, just an expression. Did we hear from Kenny Ames about the transport?”

Neville: “ Yes, Luis said Kenny had a call ,they'd be picked up from the port in Varna where we left them, except for the van Yorgo and Ivan are driving back to Greece. I didn’t bother to ask why.”

Dennis: “ Was Baz happy with what you gave him?”

Oz: “ Yes, in fact they were all very happy especially with what we added for Lee and Bill. Baz said he’d square it with their families.”

Neville: “ We’ve never heard a thing from Nikki Myles since ?”

Oz: “ Nah, nothing. Good riddance I say.”

Dennis: “ Until we see the story serialised in the Sunday papers.”

Neville: “ I don’t think she’d dare, knowing what she did played a large part in getting Greig and the Chechen topped.”

Wyman: “Do we know if she kept in touch with Tatiana ?”

Oz: “ I don’t know, I wondered as well , but then she already had everything she wanted from her. Probably not.”

Dennis: “So young’un you’re going to work for your kid?”

Wyman: “ Yes Den. He’s over at the New Castle working on the Amesec thing, he ‘phoned me yesterday to say we’ll get together when I return.”

Dennis: “ A little bird tells me you’re off to the recording studio when you get back Oz?”

Oz: “ You can’t keep anything secret, it’s true Den. I’ve organised some time with Sarah’s help, and then when I can get the band together there’s talk of a promo tour.”

Dennis: “ I’ve had a call from our lass, she says we’ll probably not see a lot of Barry in the near future. Is that right Mr Taylor?” Barry looked a bit flustered.

Barry: “ Well ,strictly speaking it’s just the regular round trip to check on how the Fantasy Film businesses are doing.”

Dennis: “ I understand you may not be alone on this trip?”

Barry: “ It’s not certain, but I could be joined by a colleague.”

Dennis: “ Anybody we know Barry?”

Oz: “ For heavens sake Den leave the lad alone, if he wants to get his leg over who gives a toss?”

Dennis: “ Aye I suppose you’re right, after all it wouldn’t do for him to get stuck in his ways. Don’t you agree Barry anyway you know what to do don't you ?”

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