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Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:25 pm
by 936trt
The lads are sat around Fredo’s desk.

Oz: “ So inspector can you tell us any more about what’s been happening?”

Fredo: “ The story I have to date is confused. Our two prisoners have confessed to a prank, engineered they say by the third member of their group. However confirmation, as you imagine is not forthcoming. They are all unemployed , not unusual these days, their fathers however are known to us. You may see them as union activists, others may say troublemakers , either way ,notorious.”

Dennis: “ Very interesting inspector but it doesn’t explain why we are being targeted, does it?”

Fredo:” I am guessing but, from the noise these two were making in the cells they are victims of the capitalist exploitation of honest labour, brutalised by police who are no more than lackeys of the fascists.”

Neville: “ Did they hand out any leaflets?” Fredo laughed.

Fredo: “ No, but it did sound like a script. I have to say we had problems last year which were traced back to this particular trade union. It is very left wing and they don’t take kindly to foreign investment or non-native labour or businesses. Again it’s my guess, but the trouble you’ve experienced is because you got involved with their people.”

Oz: “ So PCD is the villain for putting the lads in touch with customers to contract directly?”

Fredo: “ While this is not in line with their Marxist views, I am surprised they took this course of action.”

Dennis: “ We only have what these two lads told us Fredo. Maybe we should get …...” Den never finished, Fredo cut him off.

Fredo: “ No senor Patterson. Leave this to us. I will let you know if there is any more you can do to help .” The lads looked at each other ,shrugged and left feeling slightly embarrassed.

Kenny Ames is discussing Amesec and it’s history with Father Ben.

Kenny:” I remember the first conversation we had you and I ,that was a long time ago.”

Father Ben: “ Indeed Kenneth, and like then I have just heard something, perhaps just a rumour but I must run it past you.”

Kenny: “ Well I tend to keep at arms length these days but I still take an interest. Was it a good or a bad rumour?”

Father Ben: “ Probably bad because someone is spreading the word that the business is run by the Chinese Communist Party, since Barbara Hunt left for pastures new.”

Kenny: “ I will pass on your information ,but I think something like this will have already been flagged up. Thankyou old friend.”

Heather takes a call from Kenny Ames.

Heather: “ Hello Kenny long time no see or hear. How are things?”

Kenny: “Mustn’t grumble Heather, but I won’t detain you, I know you are always busy. I’ve just had a disturbing message from a friend. I assume your line is secure?”

Heather: “ It is and I think I know what you’re about to tell me. Does it concern certain Orientals?”

Kenny: “Yes and I didn’t doubt you might already have an inkling but this also referenced Barbara Hunt.”

Heather: “Interesting that this should surface now ,after Europol’s recent blitzkrieg.”

Kenny: “ Yes. Can I assume the last sighting was Buenos Aries?”

Heather: “ Strictly it wasn’t a sighting but yes until this week when there was a real sighting in Valparaiso, disembarking a trans Pacific vessel in the company of several Chinese. It was taken under advisement as our Federal friends say, but the same friends have confirmed serious interest in at least two of her travel companions.”

Kenny: “ Weeeell, whaddaya know partner!”

Dagmar is talking with Barry.

Barry: “Anna tells me she really likes her job. Is she as committed as she seems Dagmar?”

Dagmar: “ I would be proud to have her as my daughter Barry.”

Barry: “See my knowledge of sixteen year old girls is limited, but I always believed she was honest and a hard worker.”

Dagmar: “ Barry she always tries hard at everything she does even the most mundane tasks. Is there a problem?”

Barry: “ You know Sara Victoria said that Tatiana’s revelation had almost traumatised Anna, and it’s for that reason I thought very hard and long about this problem.”

Dagmar: “ Problem, what problem?”

Barry: “ I had a visit from Heather Lane who told me an incredible story. If you have a few minutes I’ll explain?”

Dagmar:” Carry on Barry.” She nodded, staring at Barry, intrigued by his comments. As he told the story he had her complete attention. It was some time before she spoke, one hand over her mouth, her eyes wide.

Dagmar:” It is almost incomprehensible, there are numerous , far reaching consequences from this, and many of our own problems may be resolved overnight.” She looked at Barry.” What cost did Tatiana incur in making this decision?”

Barry: “ I don’t suppose we will ever know but my immediate concern is for Anna. It cannot be denied her mother has made a courageous decision, possibly a life threatening one. I think she should be told and it follows she will want to see her.”

Dagmar: “ You fear there could be adverse consequences?”

Barry: “ Even with an outside chance Anna may want to emulate her mother is it worth the risk and is it mine to take?”

Dagmar: “ Do you think Sara Victoria may have an insight ,after all she is involved?”

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Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:46 pm
by Tracy
Barry telling Dagmar his story, she'd be there all bastard neet ! :lol:

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Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 12:59 pm
by 936trt
Wyman has just returned to San Pedro from his final visit with the Aymara villagers and is catching up with Chris.

Wyman: “ So now that we’ve just about wrapped up here what are you’re plans bro?”

Chris: “ Well the message from Kenny Brown a few minutes ago has changed everything.”

Wyman: “ How so?”

Chris: “ There have been multiple raids by Europol targeting the trafficking cartels not only in Europe but across the Caribbean and central and south America.”

Wyman: “ Sounds a major exercise ,they must have had inside information?”

Chris: “ Exactly ,that’s what Kenny said so he spoke to Heather Lane and guess what, she knew all about it. She’s been undercover for months and had meetings with the bad guys including our friend Hans Ulrich, but even better she knows who blew the lid off.”

Wyman: “ Ok don’t milk it who was it?”

Chris: “ Tatiana Taylor. Don’t look at me like that I said the same thing you’re thinking . Apparently she gave all the intel she’d acquired during her time with the traffickers to Europol.”

Wyman:” Dear me she’s either very brave or, well I don’t know what.”

Chris: “ Yes, I don’t know what seems to be what everyone’s saying.”

Wyman: “ There’s going to be a backlash at CWN I suppose?”

Chris: “ Remains to be seen Wy. Ulrich always drew a line between his work for the Stille’s and his duty to my maternal grandfather. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, there will be some opportunist who Solly and his guys may have missed Kenny is fairly relaxed about it, he reckons they’ll be more concerned with the loss of business and the retribution planned for Tatiana Taylor.”

Wyman: “She’s taken a hell of a risk, I couldn’t envisage a lifetime looking over my shoulder. Anyway kiddo it looks like our Atacama holiday is at an end?”

Chris: “Yeah, Pablo says the Aymara guys are over the moon with the deals we’ve made.”

Wyman: “ By the way did you get the message from Carla?” Wyman was grinning as he asked the question.

Chris: “You mean the gossip she passed on about what you and Maureen were getting up to?” Wyman was lost for words and annoyed by Chris’s smug grin.

Wyman: “So how are we getting back to La Paz?”

Barry has arranged a meeting with Sara Victoria at the convent.

Barry: “ I am pleased you could see me so quickly sister.”

Sara Victoria: “ Please Mr Taylor call me Sara. I understand there is an urgency, we are not without access to the news specifically about Europol. This is a wonderful thing. To try to stop the trafficking.”

Barry: “ This is true and I do not want to appear to denigrate Tatiana’s efforts but I am concerned there may be consequences for Anna’s safety. I am looking for help and advice.”

Sara Victoria: “ Where is your wife at present?”

Barry: “ I don’t know. She would go into hiding I expect avoiding obvious places .”

Sara Victoria: “ You know Father Beneficio?”

Barry: “ I do .Why?”

Sara Victoria: “ He has much experience in the attitude of the church in such matters but history tells us in times past one could approach Mother Church for sanctuary.” Barry was taken by surprise. He was naturally familiar with the idea but had difficulty seeing Tatiana in this light.

Barry: “ How do I get in touch with him?”

Sara Victoria: “I took the liberty of contacting him earlier. He is at his lodge in the country. I can give you directions.”

Barry: “ Thank you Father for seeing me at such short notice. I believe you are aware of the predicament?”

Father Ben: “ I am misterTaylor and I have some constructive suggestions. Also I should point out that I and the church do not forget your actions on our behalf in the past. So, to explain. My friends have been able to effect relocations, arrange changes of identity and organise new occupations for those fleeing persecution and death threats. I understand there is much anxiety. Do we know your wife’s current whereabouts?”

Barry: “ No but I can find out with a ‘phone call. What do you have in mind?”

Father Ben: “ Her enemies have huge resources, and we must assume they have been searching since the Europol exercise began. She must be moved quickly and secretly .I suggest she comes here at least initially. Our CCTV didn’t reveal anyone following you but of course we can’t be certain you will never be followed.”

Barry: “ You don’t know what a relief it is to have someone helping like this. I agree it would be foolish for me to try a rescue only to lead them directly to her .”

Father Ben: “ Yes a big mistake, therefore I will arrange for her to be picked up and brought here by our people. Perhaps you should apprise her of your intentions and let me know, then we will set things in motion.”

Barry is waiting nervously for Tatiana to answer her ‘phone. He left a message and a time when he would ‘phone again and eventually was successful.

Tatiana: “ Barry, what is it you want ,do you not realise I am in trouble?”

Barry: “ It’s good to hear your voice baby bear , but listen to me ,I have a plan.” He outlined his thoughts without mentioning Father Ben’s part and was surprised how readily she agreed.” In case your ‘phone is compromised I will go ahead and make arrangements .You know where the disposable ‘phone is? Fine don’t say any more.”

Tatiana: “ Barry I am frightened please get me out of this Baboushka.”

Barry: “Give me a day. When it’s set up I will ‘phone you .It will ring three times and cut off.You will have five minutes. Don’t pack anything but essentials, I know you. Any changes and I’ll let you know. Our guys will identify themselves with their business card. Bye bye pet.”

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Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 6:36 pm
by Tracy
Oh he'll never learn ! :cry:

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Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:26 am
by Londongal1983
Tracy wrote:
Sun Aug 23, 2020 6:36 pm
Oh he'll never learn ! :cry:
This has that butthead Fraser written all over it

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Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 2:06 pm
by 936trt
Tatiana is looking through the front window of the apartment where she's been hiding the last few weeks. She'd been advised by ‘phone to expect visitors this morning. She sees a car driving slowly along the street finally stopping outside. Two priests get out, they walk to her door but stop and turn as they are accosted by a woman who looked vaguely familiar. A shot rings out, a small red mark appears on her forehead and she falls to the pavement.

Oz had a call from Pru to meet her down in the Amesec offices.

Oz: “ Hiya pet, how’re things with you. You have some news?”

Pru: “ Hunky dory Oz and yes I have some news. We’ve been keeping an eye on Tatiana’s beauty parlours or Laboratories as they are known, and recently picked up a lot of comms activity between the one in Barcelona and another in France. Her assistant Rose, has been a very busy bee.”

Oz: “ So what ,who gives a toss?”

Pru: “ Oz, she played a really dirty trick on Hazel and she has form you know.”

Oz: “ Pru you know me, I really don’t have time for lesbians.”

Pru: “ Oz her sexual preference is her business but what she’s been up to while Tatiana’s been out of the picture is something we should be concerned about.”

Oz: “ Ok, I guess there’s more to it?”

Pru: “ She has been talking to some very unsavoury characters from the Varna area ,maybe people she did business with before she was fired. Anyway it looks like at least one of these guys is trying to locate Tatiana and Rose is to meet with them at an address in Barcelona.” Pru could see Oz growing increasingly exasperated.” Oz, Barry has enlisted the help of Father Ben to rescue Tatiana .If Rose’s friends are lying in wait there could be a problem .”

Oz: “ Well we can at least warn Barry and tell the good father. Can’t we?”

Chris and Wyman are sat in the shade in Carla’s shop.

Chris: “ It’s a wonderful place ,why are you in such a rush to get back?”

Wyman: “I thought you had everything sorted here?” Wyman frowned and looked at Chris expecting an explanation. Chris smiled at him.” Hey Chris if you trying to tell me something, then come right out with it?” Chris realised he’d annoyed his brother.

Chris: “Sorry bro’, it’s just my way of trying to be funny, nothing more. Just poking fun. As your Geordie mates would say Maureen seems a canny lass.” Chris’s attempt at a north eastern accent was priceless and Wyman couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Wyman: “ Nice try kidda but don’t give up the day job .Yes she is a canny lass and we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other and no, don’t say anything else.” It was Chris’s turn to laugh.

Chris: “Anyway on a more serious note you will remember Cal, he worked on the mineral deals in Cuba and Jamaica, well he suggests we should do the same here and build an outpost, nothing too big ,small staff but with someone senior having direct oversight. Fancy adding this to your portfolio?”

Wyman:” Chris I’d love it. This is a really special place for me, it’s a wonderful part of the world.”

Chris: “ I know what you mean ,there are many attractions ,especially here in San Pedro.”

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Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:06 am
by Tracy

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Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 1:23 pm
by 936trt
Father Ben is explaining to Kenny Ames the events leading to Tatiana’s rescue.

Father Ben: “ My two operatives immediately informed the police of the shooting after offering assurances to Mrs Taylor.”

Kenny: “ I suppose the shooter escaped?”

Father Ben: “ Indeed .He left in a real hurry leaving an empty cartridge and a cigarette stub, both of which we have retained.”

Kenny: “ You don’t rate the local police?”

Father Ben: “ Kenneth we take the same approach as Europol and assume the worst.”

Kenny: “You believe there is a tangible security problem?”

Father Ben: “ Like most large organisations, some rotten apples……..”

Kenny: “ However the operation was a success?”

Father Ben: “ Yes. The lady in question is here at the lodge and, incidentally confirmed the victim was an employee, more recently working for herself it would appear.”

Kenny: “ Any idea why she was shot?”

Father Ben: “ Two theories. She was either mistaken for Tatiana or more likely in my opinion a reprisal for some of her recent activities.”

Kenny: “ So, the Taylor family are re united?”

Father Ben: “Yes Mr Taylor arrived with his daughter in the last hour. They have the run of the lodge for as long as they wish.”

Kenny: “ Ben you have all of our thanks. This was a good outcome for the Taylors. Have you formulated the next move?”

Father Ben: “I have a good friend in Europol if we need him but before I make contact I need to talk with the Taylors.”

Kenny: “ Very well. If there is anything you need just let me know. At least they have options now.”

The Taylors are watching the sun go down from the lodge patio.

Barry: “Fancy another bit of this barbeque chicken pet?” Anna glanced across to her mother and rolled her eyes.

Anna: “ I thought you were never going to offer, anyway whose idea was it to eat outside, and have you really finished all that sweetcorn?”

Barry: “ Sorry ,sorry I’m just nervous, I’ve dreamed about us being together for so long that now we’re together it’s…….” Barry was close to tears and Tatiana spoke to him.

Tatiana: “ Why are you like this Barry ,we’re safe here?”

Barry: “You’ve just been extracted from a dangerous situation, someone was shot, it’s not surprising I’m nervous.”

Tatiana: “That’s all in the past , and I’m sure we were not followed, so we can rest now. ” Barry could see Anna watching her mother very closely.

Barry: “ Well maybe now would be a good time for you to bring us both up to speed?” Tatiana looked at both of them and smiled.

Tatiana: “You are of course correct, it is only right that I share with you, my family.” She rose to her feet holding out one hand to Anna and her other to Barry. “ The things which happened to me were not without reason.” Barry began to move toward her but she clasped his hand more tightly and he stopped.” I understand that now and I hope what I learned will continue to be of benefit. Trafficking and all the evil around it has such far reaching effects. My part has been very small but I hope instructive to others. I have something to share with you. Both.” She looked at Barry and then at Anna .They both could see tears forming in her eyes.

Barry: “ What is it my love , you are crying?”

Tatiana: “ It is not sadness my dear, but joy. I will be leaving later to start my new life at the Conventa de Santa Maria.”

Anna: “ What are you going to do there mother?”

Tatiana: “ I will be a novitiate.” Anna and Barry looked at each other and then back to Tatiana without saying a word. Barry was the first to break the silence.

Barry: “I thought married women couldn’t be nuns?” Tatiana smiled looking into Barry's eyes.

Tatiana: “ You know we never re married my love.” She held Barry’s hand.” I understand what you went through, Guatemala and Peru.” She let go his hand and took hold of Anna’s hand again.” Anna is a responsible young person who is gainfully employed. Barry, Anna I know this is what I must do, I am not off my head in spite of what you may think. My ordeals opened my eyes and my mind. I am not leaving you, I’m just continuing someone else’s work.”

Barry could not find words. Anna rushed to her mother’s side and they hugged.

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Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:19 pm
by Tracy
Hadaway and Bollocks ! She'll be running her own crack operation, 'Convent Nights' ! :twisted: :lol:

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Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:30 am
by 936trt
Den and Nev are in Oz’s shed talking to Barry over a few beers.

Dennis: “ So kiddah, how are you feeling now?”

Barry: “ Den it’s been a real roller coaster recently, I thought there was nothing Tatiana could do that would surprise me. I was so wrong.”

Neville: “ I suppose when you look at what happened to her maybe it’s not so surprising?” Nev looked sheepish when the lads all turned to look at him.” I’m just sayin’ like.”

Oz: “ Mind after what Kenny said I wonder if Father Ben had an idea all along.”

Dennis: “Well even if he did, does it matter, the main question right now is where does this leave Barry, he’s got Anna to think about .” They could all hear someone coming up the steps outside. Oz poked his head round the door.

Oz: “ Now then Mox ,long time no see. Want a beer?”

Moxey: “ Aye thanks Oz. Your lass said you were all up here. I just got back. What a carry on with this quarantine business.”

Dennis: “ I thought you were in Scotland?”

Moxey: “I was. But there was a snotty bastard when I landed in Spain.” He took a long swig from the bottle.” I needed that , thanks Oz. Aye in fact I’ve been wonderin’ if I shouldn’t stay there." He took another swig." Your Sara told me Tatiana’s just dropped a bombshell?”

Barry: “ That’s true Mox. She is joining a convent. Same place as Oz’s daughter.” Moxey was sat ,mouth open, bottle in one hand ,eyes staring.

Moxey: “ Is this a wind up?”

Oz: “ Nah, it’s the truth Mox. Still can’t get me head around it. Tatiana the nun.”

Neville: “ Y’know I’ve just had a thought.” The lads all moaned in unison.” No , no just listen. If we know where she is then the traffickers could find out, couldn’t they. That can’t be safe, can it?”

Barry: “ Father Ben thought it was a good idea to have the convent under a very obvious twenty four hour surveillance. In fact she won’t be there.” The lads all looked up at Barry’s last comment.

Neville: “ So is this part of the plan?”

Barry: “ Apparently. Europol and the church cooked it up between them.”

Wyman and Maureen are drinking pisco sours and looking out ,again across the Atacama salt flats.

Wyman: “ I think this view is incredible. It looks like the ground is cracked but the cracks are all more or less the same, like hexagons?” Maureen laughed .

Maureen: “ I was told it’s the way it crystallised, best guy to ask is John. He’s the expert. I just like the way it looks. It’s amazing , it goes on for miles in every direction you look.”

Wyman: “I wonder how long before it’s gone , before someone carts it off by the truckload.” Maureen looked at him with surprise.

Maureen: “ Have you heard yourself, how many of those have you had?”

Wyman: “ What do you mean?”

Maureen: “ I’ve never heard you talk like that before.”

Wyman: “ I know these people are poor and I know you can’t eat the scenery ,but once it’s gone it’s gone. Except for the deals Chris has done most of them won’t see a bean.”

Maureen: “You’ve changed since you came here.” Wyman looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Wyman: “ Y’know when me and the lads were in Arizona there was an old Chocanaw guy who didn’t want the bridge, didn’t want us there, lucky for us the others did. They could see it meant a better future for them and their families, even if it meant outsiders coming in and disrupting things for a while.”

Maureen: “ My mom used to say you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

Wyman: “ My mate Barry used to say you can’t destroy stuff you only change it.” Wyman caught her looking at him with a smile on her face.” You think I’ve gone off my head?”

Maureen: “ Maybe, just a little bit.” She continued to stare at him as the smile faded .” Where are you off to next?”

Wyman: “Anyone would think you’ll miss me.” He regretted saying it as her face fell.” I’m not going anywhere until Chris is happy with progress on the building up top .”

Maureen: “John is going to keep an eye on the engineers as they start excavating. However ,Hugo wants to know when I’m back in Phoenix . Now the pressure is off this situation with the locals he said there’s no justification for a foreign federal presence.”

Wyman: “ Very different for you in Arizona compared to here.” She was gazing at him again.

Maureen: “ I know it is. There is no you in Arizona.”Wyman looked at her with a hint of a smile.

Wyman: “ But there is an I.”

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Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 5:21 pm
by Tracy
and two 'A's. Perhaps they could go to meetings loike. :idea:

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Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 11:57 am
by 936trt
Moxey is at Den’s . Beatrice and Anna are deep in conversation .

Dagmar: “ It’s good to see Beatrice so animated Moxey.”

Moxey: “ She has always been good friends with your Anna, I don’t think the girls at her school are on the same wavelength.”

Dennis: “ She still gets on well with Guy though?”

Moxey: “Aye, in fact we were just talking about Kilgrinnan . She always enjoys it there and hates to come away but once back here it’s like nothing has changed. You remember Barry telling us all about how important continuity is?”

Dennis: “ I don’t but it sounds just the sort of thing Barry would say.”

Moxey: “ It’s all to do with security .After Chrissy passed away I thought I was going to have awful problems with Bea. They were such good friends you know .”

Dennis: “ I recall Chrissy telling us she always wanted a daughter. I guess it worked both ways, Chrissy would be like a mother figure.”

Dagmar: “ Dennis the psychiatrist?”

Dennis: “ Howay man, you know what I mean.”

Dagmar: “ Can I ask you Moxey, when you agreed to care for your sisters children I don’t suppose you thought anything about the future?”

Moxey: “ I didn’t Dagmar. I still feel like I should have put a bomb under that headmasters arse though. Sorry pet.”
Dagmar and Dennis both laughed and the girls stopped chatting and looked over.

Beatrice: “ Are you swearing again uncle Moxey?”

Dennis: “She knows you so well kiddah.”

Dagmar: “ Guy is quite his own man now from what Bea has told us, he takes his responsibilities very seriously? ”

Moxey: “ Yes, I think he’s grown into the job of landowner and laird. I’m sure our Jackie would be proud at the way they’ve both turned out.”

Dagmar: “How about you Moxey , are you happy with the way things turned out?” Moxey could see Dennis looking at him through half closed eyes.

Moxey: “ Depends on what you mean like?”

Dennis: “ You must have felt like jumping ship at some point though?” Dagmar hadn’t expected this from Dennis.

Moxey: “ You know it was hard after Elena died, I had a rough time for a bit. Chrissy made a huge difference and things just got better after that. But here we are and I’m getting that wanderlust thing again Den”

Dennis: “ Aye I know what you mean but we still have the team , y’kna, I know what Oz said after Bomber jacked in and you went off with Elena, but here we are , still. Oz, Nev ,Barry you me and Wyman still together ,years after.”

Moxey: “ Big difference now for me though Den, as Bea grows up, this mother daughter thing and I can’t stand in for Chrissy.”

Chris has a call from Kenny Brown.

Chris: “ Hi Kenny ,what’s on your mind?”

Kenny: “ Apparently you’ve been on holiday in South America.”

Chris: “ Very funny. But seriously, is there a problem?”

Kenny: “We followed up on the Valparaiso incident and I got a hit with those two faces with Barbara . Both Chinese and both with form in Eastern Europe, the Bulgarian connection believe it or not. Sorry Chris but when we started down this route we knew there was chance it wouldn’t get better.”

Chris: “I know, you’re right. I knew it wasn’t going to be good news. Have you shared this with Europol?”

Kenny:” Yes, they were helpful with the Barry Taylor episode, I reckon we keep them onside for the future. Anyway, do you want us to move on this?”

Chris: “ I’m sure they’ll be keeping a low profile, but can you see any downside for us ?”

Kenny: “Don't think so.We thought at one point she might have ears in the department or close by because there was nothing in the media after the hospital poisoning. Someone closed it down, and Barbara disappeared pdq. Sign of a guilty conscience?”

Chris: “ Doubtful Kenny. More significant, why appear now, and by sea, and why Valparaiso?”

Kenny: “ We had problems tracing her movements, but she took a bus to San Pedro de Atacama, and that is almost twenty four hours on the road!”

Chris: “ I don’t like the sound of that, bit close to home?”

Kenny: “ Exactly. She turned up with her two mates at the Aymara village you were at according to John, about two days after you and Wyman left. They did a real number on you and your deal.”

Chris: “Was it successful?”

Kenny: “ Don’t know. We asked John to check it out.”

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Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:15 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 11:03 am
by 936trt
Detlef has been catching up with Dagmar.

Detlef: “ To answer your last question mother ,yes we have both been busy .Debbie’s had her hands full with a new advertising campaign.”

Dagmar: “ The business must have taken a hit though with the pandemic?”

Detlef: “Yes but as Debbie says there’s still a demand and stock is moving, but slowly.”

Dagmar: “ You asked how Dennis and I were doing at the start of this call, was there another reason apart from our welfare for that question?” There was a pause and Detlef was smiling to himself.

Detlef: “Not much gets past you mother. I didn’t want to worry anybody but the trafficking incident is an open case ,and Europol would love to get hands on Kemal, Fraser and company. However they will know how they were fingered and by whom . Precautions over Tatiana Taylor’s whereabouts were shown to be warranted after the shooting ,clearly retribution was planned.”

Dagmar: “ I recognise that name, Kemal ,he was the one we were canvassed about, the guy from the Beco site?”

Detlef: “ Yes and he’s one of Ally Frasers mates. When Heather Lane was undercover she was left in no doubt about Frasers methodology. He uses the Stalin technique, remove the man remove the problem. Ulrich told the meeting he disagreed with this approach but after Europol blitzed them we think it could now be up close and personal. You know there is history between the lads and Fraser?”

Dagmar: “Yes but as you say it was a long time ago.” Dagmar had suddenly taken on a worried expression.” Now I think about it Dennis has been a little offhand lately.”

Detlef: “ If you don’t mind me asking ,how so?”

Dagmar: We were talking with Moxey when Dennis asked him if he ever wanted to jump ship during his recent tribulations.”

Detlef: “ Strange choice of words?”

Dagmar: “So do you know why Dennis is unsettled?”

Detlef: “ I can only surmise he thinks Fraser will be seeking further retribution .”

Later at Neville’s.

Oz: “ You’re dead sure that’s what Heather said?”

Dennis: “ Yes, how many times do you want me to say it?”

Oz: “ Hey lad ,don’t get snotty with me. I’ve a right to know, if me and our lass have to go into hiding!”

Dennis: “ I’m just passing on what Detlef told us and it came direct from Heather Lane. She was undercover ,she heard what was said and we’ve seen what happened when they found out it was Tatiana who shopped them. If it makes any difference we could get Heather to video conference us and answer your questions?”

Oz: “ Good idea Den. Any more beer Nev?” Nev rolled his eyes and pulled another bottle from the cooler.

Moxey: “Has anyone given any thought about where we might go?”

Dennis: “ Nah Mox, we’ve only just heard this .Fancy Fiji?”

Neville: “Y’kna the cheapest place to live in the world is Thailand.”

Moxey: “ Nah, I saw that programme ,the cheapest place is Peru.”

Oz: “ Mind though, the beer in Thailand wasn’t half bad.”

Dennis: “ See you’ve got your priorities sorted Oz.”

Barry: “ Actually I thought it was a bit gassy, mind there was lots to do culturally I mean.”

Oz: “ Not bloody likely, I remember how skull boring it was when we were there. Dear me I couldn’t spend years watching embroidery or sword fights.”

Neville: “ Did you say years Oz ,I never thought it would be years man. I don’t know what Pru would say. I’ll have to give her a bell!”

Dennis: “ Nev, Nev man, take it easy. We don’t know what we’re going to do yet, just leave it, you’ll only put the wind up her knickers and no decision has been reached yet.”

Re: Prospects Options Choices

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:58 pm
by Tracy
Dennis offhand ? Nevaaa :P