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Lost and Found

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:02 pm

YAY Barry has balls. "Yea but for how long Den ?"

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:39 pm

Oz and Sarah are sat on the balcony with a washed out Barry encouraging him to eat breakfast.

Barry: “ I’m looking at the view of the garden, the sea and it’s unreal. My life has just gone down the shithole. I can’t believe it ,chasing all over ,finished up in the bloody jungle,and now she’s cleared off.”

Sarah: “ Barry please at least drink something . Tell me did Tatiana say anything to you about Anna?”

Barry: “ No she said nothing about Anna. She came to my room last night, we had a row, we didn’t part on good terms . I told her a few home truths. She just looked at me and slammed the door. All I know is what you’ve told me just now.”

Oz: “ So Bazza you’ve no idea what she might have planned ?” Sarah interrupted.

Sarah: “ Barry , Martin saw a car pick her up at about four this morning ,there is a cctv recording. She didn’t say she was leaving early?”

Barry: “ No, she said nothing.It looks like she’s just scarpered doesn’t it?”

Oz: “ Looks that way kiddah. Mind I don’t suppose mentioning the police would help, but even so.”

Sarah: “ Take no notice of him Barry you told her the facts .How she chooses to interpret them is up to her.”

Oz: “ What’s the procedure for reporting missing persons in Spain?”

Sarah: “ Strangely Oz it’s not one of the things I have at my fingertips, but any way Fredo is coming later to see Dennis, you can tell him then Oz.”

Barry: “I’ll go to see Anna later this morning. Moxey told me she sees Sara Victoria on a regular basis. I’ll explain when she returns for lunch.”

Anna has been in the convent talking to Sara Victoria.

Sara Victoria: “ Yes we are all looking forward to our trip .It is very kind of Mr Ames. He arranges for the convent to use his yacht two or three times a year and we go away for maybe a week at a time.”

Anna: “ Where do you go?”

Sara Victoria : “We visit holy sites, last time we went to see some Greek ruins. Father Ben is usually with us .He has a great knowledge of the Mediterannean and it’s history. What are your plans Anna?”

Anna: “I’m seeing my dad for lunch, Aunty Chrissy left me a message. She said he’s sad and unhappy.”

Sara Victoria: “ You are welcome to come here and talk at any time Anna. Is your father a religious man?”

Anna: “ I’ve heard him say dear god many times but I don’t think that counts.” She looked up and smiled at Sara Victoria.” I told you about my mother and I know you don’t want to talk about it but once before you told me that the church and religion are not the same.”

Sara Victoria: “ Anna that is true they do not always have the same view .I think you must speak with your dad about this.”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:19 am

Dennis and Oz are waiting for Fredo in a room next door to the castle reception.

Oz: “ I’ll have another coffee if you’re pouring Den?”

Dennis: “Any more shortbread sir?”

Oz: “ Hey don’t get sarky with me lad, you’re the one doing drugs and people trafficking!”

Dennis: “ Piss up a rope Oz.”

Oz:” I thought Nev was going to be here?”

Dennis: “Aye ,so did I. You know Oz, when we all came here I was sure things would just go on getting better and better.” He looked at Oz and shook his head.

Oz: “ Howay Den ,it can’t be that bad, Fredo knows you man.”

Dennis: “ Me and our lass had the biggest row we’ve ever had last night. She said the same thing as you. I said he’s not the same as British cops.” Martin came in from next door to tell them Fredo had just arrived.

Oz: “ Good lad Martin, show him through and do me a favour tell Claire to get the new lass to bring more coffee and biscuits.”

As Fredo came in Oz’s mobile rang.It was Nev.

Oz: “ Now then kiddah we thought you’d slept in."

Nev: “ No such luck I was on my way when I had a call from Nikki.”

Oz: “ Oh aye ,what was that about, or shouldn’t I ask?”

Nev: “There you go again with that tone of voice. She was just telling me she’d heard from a contact on Teesside, and wanted to talk .I’ll tell you when I get there. I won’t be long.”

Dennis: “ So Fredo why are you asking about PCD?”

Fredo: “ Dennis, why are you so touchy this morning? I like the coffee by the way.”

Dennis: “ You know me Fredo, you know us all. Since we came here we’ve created jobs and new businesses, true it was on the back of what Kenny Ames had done, but PCD has made every body better off. We’ve got all the lads working together. Have you seen our new brochure, all the building that’s going on up and down the coast?” Fredo smiled and nodded in agreement.

Fredo: “ No one is critical of you. Everything you say is true .We see this as a local success story, and it has attracted a lot of new workers to the area. My superiors have figures that show they do not register in the three months allowed. So when this trafficking thing comes on my desk they say talk to them and find out what’s going on.” Neville walked through the door and grabbed a cup of coffee.

Neville: “ I’m sorry to be late lads, hi Fredo. It was Nikki Myles ,I’ll explain later but I heard that last bit about not registering. Pru told me the other day we have numbers for the guys registered and those who are not. It’s to do with those who come from another job and those from outside the area who are unemployed.”

Fredo : “ I hope it is as simple as you say Mr Hope. It is easy to check such things. Could I have a copy of these records? Thank you.”

Oz: “ So Fredo, you’re interest in this is because of the newspaper articles?”

Fredo: “ I am a simple policeman senor Osbourne and I do as my superiors tell me. They react to the press. I say it is rubbish, sensationalism, you do not fit the profile of a trafficker.”

Oz: “ Dead right .We know Nikki Myles from years ago when she exposed a major trafficker when we relocated the transporter bridge. She says she wants our help ‘cos we reckon she’s on the trail of traffickers ,again. But Dennis isn’t one of them!” They all laughed except Dennis.

Dennis: “ Hey Oz it wasn’t me who negotiated the deal with Yorgo, and anyway if you recall there were only fifty peoples needed. That’s about the same number registered with PCD.”

Fredo: “ I am told there are many who have not registered yet. I will have better feel after I see those numbers Mr Hope. Can I ask how you propose to help this journalist .I must tell you our local press have a reputation for being anti establishment, I have the correct phrase?”

Oz: “ We have not agreed anything with her yet Fredo.Perhaps Nev has more up to date news?”

Neville: Yes the news from Nikki is we are to get a visit from Superintendent Andy Hateley.”

Dennis: “ That’s the guy who followed Moxey to Arizona.”

Oz: “ Shovels of shite that’s all we need .Why don’t they send a swat team as well.”

Dennis: “ I suppose it’s only because he knows us, there can’t be anything sinister about him, can there?”

Oz: “ Is that what the tart told you Nev?”

Nev: “ You never miss a chance do you Oz,give it a bloody rest.”

Dennis: “ Pack it in both of you ,that’s another thing we don’t need, a falling out between us .I think it’s the same as last time, she fancies her chances at the Nobel Prize and doesn’t much care if we end up as collateral damage.”

Barry has met with Anna after her visit to Sara Victoria.

Barry: “ You two have a good chat this morning?”

Anna: “ Yes. How are you dad, you would still be in bed when I went to the convent?”

Barry : “ I’m fine pet. Can we just stop here. We can sit and look at the sea.” Anna looked at him, she was puzzled at his expression.

Anna: “ What’s wrong dad you look weird?”

Barry: “ I have something to tell you petal.”

Anna: “ It’s about my mother isn’t it?”

Barry: “ Yes. She left early this morning. We had a row about what happened after she went looking for Aunty Zoe.”
Anna leaned forward and put her arms around him.

Anna: “ Dad,I think it’s better she’s gone.You think I don’t know what she has done, because I’m a child.I’ve seen and heard things….”

Barry: “ I’m so sorry Anna .I’ll try to make things better for you, but see I have to tell you ,if she doesn’t come back I don’t think I care any more.”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:44 am

She'll be back.
Oh she will will she ?
Yes she will will she ! :lol:

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:52 pm

Oz has been talking to Fredo to confirm he'd got the employee registration records .

Fredo: “ Yes ,I have them many thanks. I must tell you Oz, I have been approached again by that journalist ,she seems to think she is entitled to access all our records. I’m afraid I had to tell her to leave. However she did say that the UK policeman will be with you today and you are warned ,she expects you to be forthcoming with details of the journey from Varna to Quito.”

Oz: “ Did she really, well well.”

Fredo: “ Also she wants you to help her understand the effects of a sudden increase of eastern European cab drivers in the North East. She says Dennis will understand.”

Oz: “ Sounds like this is going to be a lively meeting. Thanks for the heads up Fredo. By the way any progress on the partial registration I sent you?”

Fredo: “ Not yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.”

Anna: “ Aunty Chrissy I would like to be with my dad, I was talking with Sara Victoria and she agrees with me ,he is very lonely.”

Chrissy: “ I’m sure you do petal but you must understand it’s just not practical at the moment. Maybe when he’s recovered and back into his work we can sort out something. You can’t stay in that house on your own .”

Anna: “ It’s because he is so unhappy that I feel I want to do something to help.”

Chrissy: “ The best thing you can do for him right now is to stop worrying. As long as you are ok that will be a big load off his mind . Can you give me a hand to hang out this washing love?”

Superintendent Hateley arrived at the castle alone, and was taken to a meeting room by Nancy who had instructions from Sarah . She brought him coffee and tea and a selection of biscuits and he had to wait seven minutes before Oz made an appearance.

Oz: “ Sorry about the delay superintendent but I was on a call with PCD. Can I get you anything else?” He looked just as Oz remembered him, perhaps a little thinner on top, and he stood up before Oz could finish. He held out his hand .” "Please call me Andy we don’t want to be too formal .”

Oz: “ Fine then Andy. You‘re alone?”

Andy: “ Yes ,Nikki has organised a trip to PCD headquarters she said, with your Mr Hope.”

Oz: “ He’s nothing if not obliging our Nev. Dennis will be down just now, he’s been trying to contact our colleague Barry Taylor.”

Andy: “ So Mr Osborne can you just refresh my memory and tell me how you all ended up here?” The door opened and Dennis walked in.

Dennis: “ Sorry to be late I needed to check up on Mr Taylor just to be sure he’s ok. Sorry to interrupt please carry on.”

Oz: “ Well to answer your question Andy it’s the old story, it’s work really. Mr Ames had a health scare and needed someone to look after his businesses. It all really sprang from that.”

Andy: “ So ,your whole group ,everyone who worked on the transporter job, came over to Spain?”

Dennis: “ No ,we lost one of our team. He finished his days in Arizona and passed away there. But all the others are here.”

Andy: “ I’m having some difficulty understanding this. Up to quite recently you chaps were building attaches at OED and your last posting was Germany, right?” He got to his feet and began pacing up and down.

Oz: “ Hey lad don’t get stroppy with us. You’re our guest and we only agreed to let you come here for a chat.”

Andy: “ Keep your hair on ,I’m just asking the sort of questions that anyone would. You have to admit it’s curious though. Living in a castle, with all these staff , a thriving building concern, access to an international intel company, and in a part of Spain you were familiar with back in the late eighties ,courtesy of Mr Alistair Fraser.”

Dennis: “ Now just exactly what’s that supposed to mean?”

Andy: “ Just a casual observation. Would you care to look at these?” He opened a brown envelope , took out some photographs and passed them to Oz.

Oz: “ Is this some kind of joke. You know we know all three of them. Have you forgotten your trip to the Chocanaw reservation?”

Andy: “ All three?”

Dennis: “ Yes, why?”

Andy: “ One of them is a person of interest in relation to the trafficking I’m over here investigating.”

Oz: “Well you’ll know one of them’s no longer with us.”

Andy: “ Who would that be?”

Dennis: “ Are you wearing a wire ,what is the point of all this ?”Oz looked at Dennis , rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Oz: “ That guy was known as Kadi, the other one is Jeffrey Grainger, and that one we knew as Lev, he used to fly the Ilyushin ferrying cars in and out for Kadi.”

Andy: “ I have two more pictures for you to look at, if you would.” He passed over two more photos, one of Tatiana and another of Zoe.

Dennis: “ You should ask Mr Osborne . I think he must be one of the few people to see them both recently. This one was here until a few days ago. Her name is Tatiana Taylor.”

Andy: “ The other one?”

Oz:” I knew her only as Zoe, sister to Tatiana.”

Andy: “ Where is she?"

Oz: “ Last time I saw her she was in a morgue in Belize.”

Andy: “ These other friends of yours, you say one is dead?”

Dennis: “ I didn’t say they were my friends ,but yes, why?”

Andy: “ If this dead one was not your friend how come you know so much about him so long after the bridge job?”

Oz: “ You’re getting aggressive again Andy. It sounds to me like you have a hidden agenda.”

Andy: “ Well I wouldn’t say a hidden agenda but I must say it looks like Nikki Myles was right.”

Dennis: “ And what does that mean?”

Oz: “ Hey don’t bother Den. This guy’s made up his mind about us already. If he thinks we’re traffickers maybe we should find a container .Aye lad ,right, you get his legs and I’ll get his arms.”

Andy looked at them both and stood up, Oz was already on his feet, his face inches from the policeman’s.

Oz: “ You’re a cheeky bugger, coming here and accusing us of being traffickers. We should have guessed Den. A bloody southerner, from the wrong side of the Tees.”

Superintendent Andy Hateley didn’t move. This hadn’t gone according to plan.” You’re not going to try anything silly are you Mr Osborne?”

Dennis: “ He’s not, but I wouldn’t blame him if he did. He’s right you are a cheeky bugger and you’re here under false pretences. “

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:40 am

Oh I do enjoy a Big Mac with bacon ! DL

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Wed Sep 18, 2019 2:00 pm

After Martin ‘phoned to say he’d seen Andy Hateley off the premises, Den and Nev were sat looking at each other, Oz shaking his head.

Oz: “ Can you bloody believe it lad?”

Den: “ Cannot make any sense of it Oz. What the hell was he thinking of, he must have known the way we would react to all the drama, and where is Fredo in all of this .Did he know what was going to happen ?”

Oz: “ I blame that newspaper tart. Just like Middlesbrough, she’d do owt for a story.”

Den: ” I’m still thinking about those questions. I’d put money on him wearing a wire.”

They were interrupted by Oz’s mobile . It was Fredo.

Oz: “ Hello Fredo, what’s up?”

Fredo: “I have a result on the registration, the vehicle belongs to a local newspaper. Not sure if that helps?”

Oz: “Thanks Fredo , not sure straight away but it may explain some other things. While you’re there I have to ask you a blunt question. Did you know what that copper from Middlesbrough was going to ask us?”

Fredo: “ He said he wanted to talk to Dennis about cab drivers in the north East and to ask you to help him with background on the traffickers .”

Oz: “ Fredo my friend ,did you believe him. We assumed his visit was above board because the request effectively came through you?”

Fredo: “ Oz what is wrong?”

Oz: “ He virtually accused us of being in with the traffickers.”

Oz and Den are digesting their conversation with Fredo who had professed his innocence when Sarah joins them.

Sarah: “ I thought I should find out what happened .Just had a few words with Martin as I passed through the office. He said your guest had insisted on asking a lot of questions and was reluctant to go without answers.”

Oz: “ Aye, he interrogated us as well. What was he asking Martin about?”

Sarah: “ Who are your most frequent visitors, how many trips do you make abroad, and to where, oh and do we get a lot of Eastern Europeans visiting?”

Dennis: “ I said he was a cheeky bugger, more than once.”

Sarah: “Should we be worried Oz?”

Oz: “ Not sure pet. Any way Fredo isn’t part of it, whatever it is. But I think we should run a check on Nikki Myles and our friend from Middlesbrough. That’s something Amesec can do I guess.”

Later Oz and Den meet up with Nev at a PCD building site.

Oz: “ So Nev how’d you get on with the tart?”

Neville: “ I’m just ignoring your tone Oz, it’s better for my blood pressure .Aye she certainly has the bit between her teeth on this .”

Den: “ So kiddah did she say what use we can be to her?”

Neville: “ That’s a queer way to put it Den. Why'd you say that?”

Oz: “ We’ve just had that copper here, y’kna the one from Teesside, and he says that Nikki Myles told him she reckons we’re in with the traffickers.”

Nev’s furrowed brow told them he clearly didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

Neville: “ You what ,we’re part of the trafficking gang ?”

Den: “ Aye we didn’t really have a chat it was more like an interrogation, complete with photos of our friends he said, Kadi, Grainger and Lev.”

Oz: “ Don’t forget the pictures of Tatiana and Zoe.”

Neville: “ You know I was wondering why she never asked about job creation and the PCD projects. She seemed to be more interested in where the workforce came from. The miserable bitch!”

Oz: “ Divvent fret lad ,I reckon we’ve all been taken for a ride. Fortunately Fredo doesn’t seem to be part of it otherwise he could make life difficult down at the Fat Ox eh Den?”

Den: “ Oz it has to be more than coincidence that Tatiana got a lift in a car registered to a local newspaper?”

Neville: “ Local newspaper?”

Oz: “ Aye Fredo came through with a result from the CCTV picture. It’s registered to a local paper . We’re going to have Amesec check ‘em out as well as the copper and the tart.”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:44 pm

Kadi's revenge. :twisted:

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:22 am

Oz has been trying to get in touch with Moxey unsuccessfully for a few days but eventually tracks him down on his mobile.

Oz: “ Now then Mox ,everything ok?”

Moxey: “ Yeah. Why?”

Oz: “ I haven’t seen you for days, in fact no one has. Is something up?”

Moxey: “ I’m keeping out of the way of that newspaper tart.”

Oz: “ Where are you?”

Moxey: “ Why?”

Oz: “ For god’s sake Mox!”

Moxey: “ Actually I’m on my way to see you .”

He joins Oz in his new tree house, a present from Sarah.

Oz: “ Beer kiddah?”

Moxey: “ Nah ,thanks but I’m not feeling so good these days.In fact between you and me I‘m wondering if I’ve caught something. Y’kna like Den?” Oz took a closer look.

Oz: “ Come to think of it you don’t look your usual healthy self.”

Moxey: “ See I’ve been like this a while and it’s not getting better. Oz can I tell you something in confidence?”

Oz: “ Of course mate,what’s the problem?”

Moxey: “ When Helga got the sack, I know she wasn’t sacked but she felt like she was sacked, I went to see her a few times, you know just to pass the time like.” Oz was looking at Moxey and a grin began to form on his face.

Oz: “ You dorty little bugger, did you give her one?”

Moxey: “ Of course not Oz, it wasn’t like that,it was literally just to give her support ‘cos she was feeling so low. Anyway we became friendlier as you do ,and one day I happened to make a comment about her photocopier.” Oz interrupted.

Oz: “ If it was anyone other than you I wouldn’t believe it .Photocopier. Dear me lad.” He shook his head.” Carry on kiddah.”

Moxey: “ Thankyou. So when she left the castle all her stuff was put into boxes and Martin and a few lads took it all down to her new office in the leisure dome.”

Oz: “ Including the photocopier?”

Moxey: “ Yes. So I said it’s looks like this is redundant can I have it?”

Oz: “ So she said yes? ”

Moxey: “ Yes. She said you can but I will go one better. You can have the new one.”

Oz :” This is the one she had in the leisure centre?”

Moxey: “ Yes. But she took it home so I wouldn’t have to take a risk being seen taking it from her place of work.”

Oz: “ So now you’re wondering if the copier had toxin on it?”

Moxey: “ Well they did other stuff in her flat and would reckon it was something she used regularly.”

Oz: “Simple way to sort it, see the quack Kenny and Dennis went to.”

Moxey: “ That guy’s in Florida and I need to keep this quiet.If Chrissy finds out I’d been seeing Helga she might get the wrong idea.”

Oz: “ In all the time I’ve known you Mox I’ve never heard of you being well, unfaithful .I wouldn’t worry kiddah.Anyway what’s the big deal over a photocopier?”

Moxey: “ I’ve always wanted one, there’s something magical about how they work.”

Oz: “ Now I come to think about it you spent a lot of time in the office on the transporter job.”

Moxey: “ So what if I did. I was interested.”

Oz: “Nothing to do with Lorraine’s leather skirt?”

Moxey: “ Certainly not. Anyway this isn’t helping Oz.”

Oz: “ No need to go to Florida Mox.”

Moxey: “ How come?”

Oz: “ There’s a fellah just down the road who’ll do the same job that Den and Kenny got. Mind it costs, and it’s nearly half what they paid.”

Moxey: “How do you know?”

Oz: “ Between you and me Mox?”

Moxey: “ Of course.”

Oz: “ I had it done not long since.”

Moxey: “ What for ?”

Oz :” Just a precaution .I told them I'd worked on making batteries some time ago and was worried I might have heavy metals poisoning.”

Moxey: “ Bloody Norah that sounds nasty?”

Oz: “ Yes. It is.”

Moxey: “ What’s heavy metals?”

Oz: “ Y’kna things like lead and mercury.”

Moxey: “ As far as I know you’ve never worked in a battery factory.”

Oz: “ I know but I did spend a lot of time with Helga. You know, helping her through a difficult period in her life.”

Moxey: “ Never! “

Oz: “ She was always happy to see me though.” Moxey looked closely at Oz.

Moxey: “ You slipped her a length or two ,didn't you?”

Oz: “ Well it seemed the right thing to do .”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:50 pm

"What photo copier ?" DL

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Thu Sep 26, 2019 1:35 pm

After several hours searching Dennis is finally talking to Mr.Gupta.

Dennis: “Hello mister Gupta, it’s Dennis Patterson, do you remember me , I used to drive a cab ?” The old man looked up at Dennis, searching his face, and then recognition dawned.

MrG :” Dennis !” He held out his hand, it was cold to Dennis’ touch .” I am pleased to see you .It’s been a long time my friend.”

Dennis: “ Yes mister Gupta ,it’s over fifteen years , a lot of water under the bridge wouldn’t you say?”

MrG:” That is true, I have been in here for about five years.” He looked around at the other residents , some in wheelchairs, and shook his head.” After my wife died Ali my eldest looked after me until I fell ill. Anyway Dennis what brings you here to Newcastle , I was told you lived in Spain?”

Dennis: “ That’s true mister Gupta ,I got married and me and Dagmar live in a very nice place ,and it’s usually sunnier than this.”

Mr Gupta laughed and clapped his hands together .

MrG: “ I am so pleased for you Dennis. I was very happy to see you get away from the likes of Rampton. It sounds like you have a good life over there, so I have to ask what are you doing back here?”

Dennis: “ Yes it is good and me and the lads are all working together again .I came over a few days ago mister Gupta with some of my mates on our way up to Scotland and thought while we’re here, as a favour for a good friend ,I'd check out if the rumours are true.”

Mr.G: “ Rumours?”

Dennis explained very briefly they were trying to find out if there really was a problem arising from trafficking .

Dennis: “ We employ a few men who came to us from Eastern Europe, but our guys are all above board, they have papers. We heard that’s not the case here.”

MrG: “I’ve heard that trafficking is a problem. That’s one of the reasons Ali‘s having a hard time. Competition is one thing ,we were used to it but this.” He shook his head.

Dennis: “ What do you mean mister Gupta?”

MrG:” The lads come in and say their tyres are slashed, wing mirrors broken , wipers pulled off. Ali caught someone at it and spent the night in A and E for his trouble.”

Dennis: “ Have you told the bobbies?”

MrG:” They do nothing Dennis, we know some of them are paid to look the other way. I don’t like to talk about it. Ali tells me they are Albanians. I’ve had stuff put through my letter box . At least while I’m here ….” He looked over his shoulder, Dennis could see a frightened old man.

Dennis:” So how’s Ali doing then?”

MrG:”He’s been made an offer ,same as some other firms here and in Gateshead and Shields. There won’t be any small firms left if it goes on like this, and none run by locals.”

Back in Wooler Nev has just arrived and is talking to big Baz.

Neville: “ So Baz ,how’re you doing?”

Baz: “ Champion Nev. Between keeping an eye on this place and Sallys I don’t get much time for fishing.”

Neville: “ So Vicky explained what we’re trying to do?”

Baz: “ She did Nev and I reckon it’s a clever idea. Your missus ,Pru is going to visit and listen to the gossip?”

Neville: “ That’s more or less it Baz, I should explain Pru has experience in the intelligence business and knows what she’s about.”

Dennis: “ Baz do you still know any lads on the pilot boats?”

Baz: “ One or two, but most of my contacts have retired Den. Why?”

Dennis: “ We’re pretty sure that our friend has tabs on traffic in and out of the Tees. It would make sense if there was the same deal up and down the coast. Do you know anyone who would know?”

Baz: “ Aye ,leave it with me Den. Best that I ask the questions. A strange face would cause problems.”

Neville: “ Aye and they don’t come any stranger.”

Dennis: “ Nev?”

Neville: “What?”

Dennis: “ Bollocks.”

Later that evening.

Pru: “ Has anyone heard from Moxey or Chrissy?”

Dennis: “ Last I heard they were in Carlisle getting fuel and heading north.”

Pru: “ He was going to let us know what pc McCaskill had to say. Moxey gets on well with him so anything unusual would be passed on.”

Dennis: “ Did you get a call from Sarah?”

Pru: “ I did and what she got from Amesec and from her friend Greig, leads her to believe that our Middlesbrough policeman has regular payments certainly into at least one account. Rather like a retainer I thought.”

Dennis: If you’re right what does he do for his retainer?”

Neville: “ Keep things running smoothly I expect. First sign of bother then off to do a bit of troubleshooting .”

Dennis: “ Like those awkward buggers Nikki Myles told him about?”

Neville: “ I’m still not clear about his tie up with her y’kna?”

Pru: “ Maybe he’s just keeping an eye on her in case she does dig up something that could cause him embarrassment?”

Dennis: “ Say Pru, did Sarah say anything about Tatiana ?”

Pru: “ Only that she’d had a solicitor acting on behalf of Mrs Taylor, sniffing around the castle looking for Anna. She said Barry had told him to go away, or words to that effect.”

Neville: “ Mind, if she’s likely to send someone after her, shouldn’t we tell Moxey?”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Tracy » Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:39 pm

Barry, "Pig-off !" :lol:

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Sat Sep 28, 2019 9:03 pm

Sarah has been discussing recent events with Greig.

Greig: “ I do hope your friends behave sensibly Sarah. While I believe the information they may gain could prove very useful they are not professionals.”

Sarah: “Rest assured if anyone is hurt I’ll contact Nikki Myles immediately and reveal how the wicked manipulative government agency duped them into doing this job and for no remuneration.” There was a pause and Sarah could hear spluttering.” Don’t worry bonny lad as Oz would say, it’s all very low key, there will be no intervention, I don’t expect anyone to drop a blob, and you know their reason for doing it.”

Greig : “ I hear what you’re saying Sarah, nevertheless there have been some European eyes on Hateley since before Varna and before that ghastly Myles woman showed up at your residence.”

Sarah: “ Greig you do sound awfully sexist at times. If anyone is likely to drop a blob it’s more likely to be the superintendent. After all I think he made his first mistake in coming here and virtually accusing the lads of trafficking.”

Greig: “ Yes I have to agree with that and your earlier observation that it was catalysed by the journalist. I think she worries him. He does not want undue attention focussed anywhere on his patch and he will be keeping an eye on her. You met her, do you think she is aware of the danger she could be facing?”

Sarah: “She didn’t say anything but she had two minders when she came to see us.”

Greig: “ You’ll keep me posted Sarah?”

Sarah: “Of course Greig, but don’t you want to know about our Scottish group?”

Greig: “ For Heavens’ sake Sarah, what is it?” She laughed at his annoyance.

Sarah: “ It is said certain north coast ports are not closely monitored and it is said, boats bring men ashore in the early hours near places like Wick for example. These men, and sometimes materials, find their way south. Sometimes.”

Barry is talking to Moxey.

Barry: “ So Mox how are things up there in Bonny Scotland?"

Moxey: “ We always have a great time here Bazza. You should be here with us mate , wanna word with Anna?”

Barry: “ Bustin Mox. Put her on. Hiyah love how’re you doing?”

Anna: “ Hi dad, it’s great, Bea and I have been exploring the chalets .Some of them have their own hot tubs. Guy ‘s gone with Wyman and mister Irvine again. They have loads of guns you know.”

Barry: “ Sounds wonderful petal, I hope to see you before long, you’re having good weather as well I see. Have a good time love.”

Anna: “ Thanks dad, take care. I’ll put uncle Moxey back on.”

Moxey: “ Now then mate. I guess you can tell she’s ok. We’ll be here a couple more days doing our bit for Sarah you know. Young McCaskill has been very helpful and I’m seeing him again this afternoon.”

Barry: “ Ok Mox . I don’t know if the news reached you but we had a visit from Tatiana’s solicitor. I only mention this because he had a couple of unsavoury types with him and if Oz is right ,now she knows Anna’s not with me or even local she might think about Scotland. Sorry mate.”

Moxey: “ Don’t worry kiddah I’ll pass it on. We couldn’t be taken by surprise up here, too many people watching. Give Oz my best. Cheers.”

Oz has just returned from few drinks with Barry before turning in for the night.

Sarah: “ So, is he any more settled ?”

Oz: “I don’t think so. He’s not been sleeping , he’s not comfortable with the pills the quack gave him, so a few drinks is all he’ll have. The visit from Tatiana’s brief didn’t improve things ,now he’s stressing about her trying to get Anna any way she can.”

Sarah: “ She is still with Chrissy and Moxey?”

Oz: “ Yes ,he spoke to her today. He let Moxey know they’ve been trying to locate Anna and forewarned him.”

Sarah: “ Do you think Tatiana would do something like that?”

Oz: “ She’s done stranger things pet I’ve seen some of them.”

Sarah: “ These guys with her solicitor looked just like muscle to me, should we be worried?”

Oz: “ I don’t think so but then we don’t know what her plans are. Let’s go to kip pet, it’s been a long day.”

Oz woke up ,looked at his watch it was just after two and heard a noise downstairs. He left the bedroom quietly and headed toward the corridor where he thought the noise came from. He could see a dark figure trying the doors close to Barry’s bedroom. There was a faint light as the door opened, he heard Barry shout and several shots just before he was knocked unconscious.

Sarah: “ How are you feeling Oz, that’s a nasty lump on your head?”

Oz: “ What’s going on, who are these people?”

Sarah: “ They are Fredo’s men, I ‘phoned for them after we were attacked.”

Oz: “ There’s a body over there. Is Barry ok?”

Sarah: “ Sit still for a minute ,yes Barry’s fine. That chap is one of the two who I shot.”

Oz: “ You shot them?”

Sarah: “ Yes don’t sound surprised Oz it was us or them.”

Oz: “ I didn’t know you had a gun?”

Sarah: “ I borrowed Dennis’s. Anyway these are the two chaps who came the other day with Tatiana’s solicitor. They are helping the police with their enquiries.”

Oz: “ Lucky for me you were awake pet.”

Sarah: “ With all the racket you were making I should be so lucky.”

Oz: “Were they armed?”

Sarah: “ Yes, why do you think I shot them? “

Oz: “ You saved my life?”

Sarah: “ Think nothing of it petal. They were after Barry ,you disturbed them ,one of them knocked you out, and they were dragging him downstairs when I came on the scene. They wouldn’t listen to reason, pulled guns and the rest is history.”

Oz: “ Are you ok pet ?”

Sarah: “ Of course .I think I’ll have a drink now. Finish that cup of hot milk.”

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by 936trt » Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:21 pm

Vicky: “ All the time we’ve lived here there’s never been anything like this.”

Kenny: “ We never heard the shots, it was the police arriving that woke us up.”

Oz:“ Not surprising ,you are on the other side of the building, it’s maybe just as well ,you could have been extra targets".

Vicky: “ How did they manage to get past the security system, I thought it was state of the art?”

Sarah: “ It is Vicky as long as it’s switched on. Fredo’s men said it had been immobilised, probably they sussed it out when they were here the other day. They now suspect that guy isn’t a solicitor, and the two walking wounded are Serbian.”

Oz: “ They are sure this is Tatiana’s doing?”

Sarah:” The fact they tried to abduct Barry lends weight to the theory.”

Oz: “ How is Barry ,has the doctor finished with him?”

Kenny: “ I’ve just seen him in the other room he was on his ‘phone.”

Sarah: “ Oh bugger, I hope he’s not talking to his wife.”

Oz: “ Tell you what Barry. Let’s go to see your Anna. You’ve never been to Kilgrinnan have you?”

Barry: “ No reason not to Oz. I’ve just been talking to Fredo, they found some stuff in the car our two friends came in. Definitely eastern European ,and singing like Serbian canaries he said. Sarah must be a good shot according to Fredo or they would both be dead.”

Barry: “ Moxey says it’s ok if we take that earlier flight, he’ll be able to pick us up at Carlisle.”

Oz: “ We’re lucky Kenny was chatting to Chris .”

Barry: “ He’s a generous guy, and like he says what are friends for if you can’t give them a lift now and then.”

Oz: “ Aye he has ‘planes all over the world .So who’s for bonny Scotland eh?”

Oz: “ Moxey said he’s discovered the best haggis in the world and we have that to look forward to for our dinner tonight.” Dagmar looked at Sarah with a puzzled expression.

Sarah: “Don’t worry Dagmar haggis is only supplied from sustainable herds.”

Barry: “ Sounds very conservationist Sarah. Do they still perform the ritual slaughtering in the dining room?”

Sarah: “Probably, I don’t suppose they care too much about global warming.”

Barry:” I guess the amount of farts from the dying haggis will be very small in real terms.” Dagmar looked at Oz who shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Moxey was waiting as expected.

Moxey: “ Good flight lads?”

Oz: “ Always with CWN ,in flight snacks and lots of those little bottles of wine. I’ll have to write to Chris and thank him when I get chance. So we’re off up the road now kiddah?”

Moxey: “Aye ,I’ll just fill up here before we get on the motorway. There’s a shop there if you want to get some more flight snacks.”

Oz took Moxey’s advice and started looking for sweets and chocolate until he smelled hot sausage rolls. The door opened behind him and he was joined by the others.

Barry: “ No rush Oz, Moxey filled up and he’s gone to park the car.”

Oz: “ Do you fancy a hot sausage roll pet?” Sarah gave Oz an old fashioned look as she selected a couple of toasties and handed them to Oz.

Sarah: “ If you would be so kind my darling ,I must attend to my toilette.” She made a theatrical gesture and headed off to the ladies. Oz took the food and made his way to the cashier where Dennis was holding up the queue.

Oz: “ Howay lad get a move on.” Dennis turned and Oz could see a shocked expression on his face.

Dennis: “ Oz….”

Oz: “ What’s up lad?” It was at that point Oz looked at the cashier. It was Marjorie. Eyes wide open mouth agape having just witnessed Sarah’s performance. Oz was the first to recover.

Oz: “ Two sausage rolls and these toasties pet.” Marjorie didn’t speak, her mouth opened and closed a few times.” Well, Marjorie ,we heard you’d gone to Carlisle .Neville still can’t understand why anyone would go there…..”

Marjorie: “ Is this some kind of sick joke you tosser, is this your latest way to bugger things up for me, and who’s the posh cockney tart?” Sarah had made her way to the till at the sound of Marjorie’s dulcet tones.

Sarah: “ Is there a problem here Oz?”

Oz: “ No pet, I’ve just had a surprise, more of a shock really. Sarah this is my ex wife Marjorie. Marjorie I’d like you to meet Sarah, she’s my …” Sarah interrupted.

Sarah: “ I’m Oz’s p.a. you know personal assistant. How do you do Marjorie, so pleased to meet you.”

That chance meeting at the filling station provided lots of in car entertainment for the first hour or so of their journey north.

Barry: “ I can’t wait to tell Nev, Neville you’d never guess who we met in Carlisle .” The car rocked with laughter.

Oz: “ Ok ,ok I know you all find this hilarious but don’t you think you’ve done it to death, can we talk about something else. Please?”

Moxey: Their sausage rolls are great , what do you reckon Barry?”

Barry: “ Bustin’ Moxey, and the steak buns are to die for. What do you think Den?”

Dennis: “ Can’t fault them kiddah. You had toasties Sarah, did you try a steak bun as well?”

Sarah: “ No I just had a cheese toastie but Oz did offer me a bite of his sausage roll.”

The car rocked with laughter again and Dennis had to hold on to Dagmar.

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Re: Lost and Found

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Whatever next ? :D

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