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The Wizardry of Oz

Questions in here...

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The Wizardry of Oz

Post by 936trt » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:45 am

Oz has been pleasantly surprised by his 'phone call from Bob smith.

Oz: " So it's definite then Bob, these are the guys that got all Kenny's intel?"

Bob: " Without a shadow of a doubt Mr O- sorry Oz. I've seen all the accounts, nothing hidden , except their confidential sources ."

Oz: "That's great news Bob. Tell me, are they a happy crew,we wouldn't want to upset them? "

Bob: " Just a little worried that the new owner might disband the outfit."

Oz: " Pass on the message, their future is safe and there is a big job for them shortly. I have spoken to Pru Hope and she will be their new liason."

Dennis has received a call from Nev.

Dennis: " Hi Nev,how are things with you?"

Neville: " Good Den,just finished at the seventh on the list and there's plenty of work coming in.If anything they could do with a couple more pairs of hands. Just thought I'd see if there was any message from Mox? "

Dennis: " Aye he said get a new 'phone he's been trying to reach you but will meet you tonight as agreed."

Barry is looking round a seafront property close to what Tatiana is calling the Leisure Dome Complex.

Barry: " Yes senora ,this may be suitable for my offices however we must look closely at the costs. Your figures are shall we say on the high side,and now I must fly ,I have another appointment down the coast a way."

Dagmar and Tatiana are walking Chrissy through the plans for the extensions to the Leisure Dome.

Chrissy: " This is very good ,it's very bold Dagmar. I wonder if we had done this at Aruba would the offer for Chrysalis have been higher?"

Tatiana: " I have always said the Spa would be the jewel in the crown, you could be right . So you think we have it nailed?"

Chrissy: " I'm pretty sure it's a done deal. We know Oz has his own agenda so this will be one thing less for him to worry about and let him get on."

Dagmar: " Do you think he has any real interest in how we propose to take it forward. Have you explained about the legal position if Chrysalis is sold with those caveats in place?"

Chrissy: " No and yes to each question. I know he justs wants everyone to be happy and get on with his takeover. "

As Oz explained to Bob he had let Pru know about his plans for Ames Security . She was very enthusiastic to assume responsibility for the business and was paying her third visit to the offices that week.

Pru: " Good morning Derek, on your own today?"

Derek: " Good morning Mrs hope.Yes for the moment.Barbara and Ross will be back later ,they said they have something they wish to report on relating to the CWN holdings within the Wharfedale Group."

Pru: " Excellent. Do you have everything you need Derek apart for that computer you mentioned? "

Derek : " Everything is ok at present. Shall I tell them to contact you later?"

Pru: " Do that Derek.Cheers."

Chrissy 'phones Moxey.

Chrissy: " Hi Mox,when you get this message can you talk to the head at the grammar school.He wants to explain about Guy's options, something to do with Estate Management. Cheers Pet."

Vicky 'phones Oz.

Oz : " Hello pet,everything ok? "

Vicky: "Well so so ,Kenny's had a bad night and the doc's with him now. I think you should come over . He was asking how you were getting on and he has something he wants to talk about face to face. "

Oz: " Hell's teeth that sounds heavy. Of course I'll get there asap. Den'll cover on the Fitters we're working with. By the way did I tell you Nev and Pru named one of the twins Leonard? "

Vicky: " Yes ,twice and his full name is David Leonard Hope.See you when you land Oz. "

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Re: The Wizardry of Oz

Post by Tracy » Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:20 pm


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