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The Wonders of Oz

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by Tracy » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:32 pm


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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:20 pm

Dennis has just finished his breakfast when he sees Stuart on his way back to the galley.

Dennis: " Now then lad how come there's no black pudden left?"

Stuart: " Very sorry sir it's those hungry-nosed geordies ,buggers ate the lot. If I get ashore I can try and catch summat to knock up another batch,if you like?"

Dennis : " Nah ,don't bother ,I'll do without. Anyway looks like we're nearly there." The Sara Vic was slowing as they approached a jetty , and Dennis could see a number of vehicles parked close by . Bobby Blande poked his head through the doorway and made an announcement." Morning gentlemen,we have just learned that those vehicles you can see are our transport to the exchange point. We will accompany the packages to a spot about five kilometres from here where we make the exchange."

Dennis: " Bobby can I take it that this is in line with what was agreed by Father Ben and Stefano?"

Bobby : " Absolutely .Both are experienced in this type of transaction having mediated on a number of previous occasions. I trust them both Mr Pattison. Can I suggest the lady stays on board? "

Neville : " Can no one else hear that bloody whining noise,it's just started again?"

Barry: " Is this the same noise you heard before?"

Neville: " Yes and I'm sick of it."

Wyman : " I had a mate in the Bakken, he got tinnitus,it was a real pain .They told him there was no cure , it got so bad he talked about puncturing his eardrums."

Neville: " Thanks for that Wyman ,I know what to do then. "

Barry : " You've been on about that since yesterday,no one else can hear it so give it a bloody rest."

Dennis: " Now then lads take it easy, we're all on edge so let's not be falling out. We're close to getting Moxey back ,ok?"

Wyman : " Bobby, is it right Kenny's two lads are already on the case?"

Bobby: " Correct. They left earlier and landed at a point down the coast and should be in place already. "

Kenny and his two mates had made landfall east of the exchange point ,an abandoned olive farm .They made their observation point on slightly higher ground .Stuart had christened them Maxie and Mitch ,he said they reminded him of two lads from the north east.

Kenny: " I think you're right Maxie,it's the better of the three places we looked at on the way, as long as their lookouts
don't decide to be clever and come for a look see."

Maxie: " I'm not bloody moving now I've just got comfy. It's going to get a lot warmer I guess .Hang on, dust down there to the east of the last building." Kenny adjusted his binoculars ." Spot on Hawkeye. Do you see it Mitch?

Mitch :" Affirmative chief. Three vehicles in convoy and another two trailng behind . Those two have left the track
and have parked up behind the farm building."

Kenny : " I'll let Father Ben know ."

Father Ben is in conversation with Stefano.

Stefano : " Well we should not be surprised at their actions. They are playing for high stakes . They do not trust us. "

Father Ben: " I pray that Kenny does not have to use our sniper friend. They look so young to have such skills .It is not much further I think."

Mitch : " Kenny ,look up the hill ,hundred metres ,our friends are set up."

Kenny : " Yeah just had a flash off his scope."

Maxie : " I hope that means they're amateurs."

Kenny : " Don't care .We have our orders. First sign of activity, take 'em out . We have back up , there. " Kenny pointed to the sky .

Mitch : " I can see our guys dust two maybe three hundred metres."

Kenny : " Won't be long now. Bet you never thought you'd be spotting for us again so soon?

Mitch : " The Cape Verde job was a doddle , more like baby sitting. Hang on what's that ? " They heard a high pitched whining and then it faded away.

Kenny : " Keep eyes on targets lads. This is where it'll get interesting, if it's going to go wrong."

They could make out three figures in the lead car and four in the second. The vehicles stopped by a gateway as instructed, at which point father Ben , Dennis and Wyman got out and began to walk toward the other vehicles. They stopped and waited as their counterparts did the same.Wyman turned and waved at which point Stefano encouraged the Stille brothers to set off, accompanied by Neville and Bobby.

Maxie: " Kenny, bogies on the hill are pissing about with something."

Kenny: " What can you see Mitch?"

Mitch : " Not sure but it could be a rifle ."

Kenny : " Let's just wait until the packages are about to be exchanged which will be" They were watching a stumbling blindfolded figure ,a bandage around one hand ,being led toward the stationary figures of Wyman,Stefano and the Stille brothers. With only about ten or twenty metres separating the two groups . At some pre arranged signal the blindfolds were removed and the hostages slowly walked forwards. One of the Stilles tripped and fell and was helped up by his brother, they were passed by Moxey who was having some difficulty as his hands were still tied .

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:38 pm

As Moxey stumbled past the Stille brothers it was obvious to Den and Wyman he was in a bad way. They both rushed forwards to support him.

Dennis: " Dear me lad you could do with a bath ."

Wyman : " Aye we'll organise something with bubbles Mox , ok?"

Moxey croaked " Gizza drink I'm parched." Den passed him a beer from the car.

Dennis: " There you go kiddah." Moxey looked at Den and rolled his eyes . " Sorry Mox." Den opened the bottle ." Get that down your neck , it' ll make you feel better , guaranteed ."

Moxey drank greedily , belched then drank again. " Thanks Den. How's Chrissy holding up '? "

Before Den could answer there was a crack ,Stefano yelped and fell over.

Neville: "Shite ,someone's shooting at us!" As they looked back to the now receding vehicles two figures appeared on the hillside one with hands up and the other with hands over his face shrieking at the top of his voice.

Kenny: " Good shooting Maxie. the bastard deserved it."

Mitch : " Don't often see that shot,shatter the 'scope in the shooters face, that'll put a crimp in his day, for sure."

Kenny: " Doesn't look like their mates are coming back for them. "

Neville : " There's that bloody noise again. Shovels of shite it's loud.Can you lot not hear that?"

Dennis : " You and that flaming noise ,again ,bloody Norah Nev...." Den never finished the sentence. There was a loud whistle , Nev had his hands over his ears, the ground shook ,followed by the sound of a double decker falling out of the sky , and a blast as the vehicles receding in the distance suddenly disappeared in a ball of flame. Later that day Moxey described it to Chrissy like an elephant breaking wind.

The decision to use the drone which Solly's group had deployed shortly after releasing the Stille brothers and which had so annoyed Neville,was made easier to justify after they picked up Kenny's comms regarding the 'bogies' on the hill .The report described it as a 'pre emptive strike' , although not at the 'bogies'.

From Kenny's position above the abandoned olive farm they had heard the whistle and Maxie had picked up the fast moving small black object streaking across the sky in front of them tracking the vehicles transporting the Stille brothers. Kenny had a message from Bobby.

Bobby : " Any survivors Kenny?"

Kenny: "Doubtful from here. The car with the Stilles and the vehicle following both detonated. The car in front is on fire. I can check if you want ?"

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by Tracy » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:07 pm

Did Moxey get a donut ? :D

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:57 pm

On board the Sara Victoria Chrissy heard the news about Moxey and did an impromptu dance with Barry.The only person not jumping up and down was Kenny Ames. From shortly after coming on board Kenny had felt increasingly worse. Bobby had contacted Solly's group to ask for medical assistance and the medic had just begun his return journey to the Wiesenthal vessel somewhere off Malta.

Bobby : " So Kenny, he is pretty sure it's not the return of your Parkinsons symptoms,which is good news .More worrying is he thinks you have been poisoned."

Kenny: " How the hell does he work that out?"

Bobby: " He will confirm when he carries out some tests on the samples he took from you. He says it is on your hands and thinks it is on your 'phone as well. I had a look in your coat pocket like he said and there was a tiny bit of white powder but nothing you would think significant .Nevertheless to be on the safe side we have washed the 'phone and put the jacket in a big bag. Keep taking the charcoal and the chelating agent he said, and he'll be in touch within twenty four hours."

Kenny: " How did the exchange go ? "

Bobby: " Just as expected including the attempt to shoot some of us. Unsuccessful however. Our people will be back very soon and you can talk to them then. Do you feel any better Mr Ames?"

Kenny : " What are you after Bobby, with the Mr Ames?"

Bobby: " Sorry Kenny I've just finished talking to the medic and he was very respectful. It's contagious. Incidentally whatever it is it was not given to you on board the Sara Vic .Therefore, he says it would be administered before you left ."

Kenny: " It doesn't make me feel any better .It could have been in my home, or should I say Oz's home. Have we any word from him by the way ?"

Bobby: " No and you're not the only one asking . We could always get in touch with Vicky if you wish?"

Kenny: " No we'll wait until we hear from the exchange party."

Dennis and Nev were sat either side on Moxey for the return trip to the Sara Victoria. He was swaying from side to side and clearly favouring his bandaged hand.

Dennis: " We have a first aid kit Mox are you sure you won't have a painkiller?"

Moxey: " If i thought I could keep it down Den I'd try it."

Neville: " You told us they were trying to find out where we had the Stille's. Surely they would realise pretty quickly you didn't know?"

Moxey: " Yeah. That's what I thought. I reckon the bastard enjoyed it. Anyway I think they might grow again. "

Dennis: " They say that was a classic Nazi technique, pulling fingernails. "

Moxey: " I don't really wnat to know Den,and don't tell Chrissy just yet, ok ?"

Dennis: " Ok kiddah."

Wyman: " Now then Mox ok?"

Moxey: " I'm getting there young'un."

Wyman : " You'll be pleased to know your mates won't be doing anything in future."

Neville: " That was the explosion we heard ?

Wyman: " Yes Kenny just told us what happened .There was a drone keeping tabs, and when Solly's guys heard about the shooters they directed it to the convoy taking the Stille's back. All gone."

Dennis: " What about the shooters?"

Wyman: " They were left behind and Kenny passed on a message to Solly. Not our problem any more."

After they were all safely aboard Father Ben insisted Stefano was made more comfortable and he insisted they had a closer look at his wound. Kenny Brown had enlisted the help of Maxie who had some training as a field medic.

Maxie: " Sir,I have seen a lot of gunshot wounds and don't think you should worry unduly. It is just a minor flesh wound."

Father Ben: " Please hold still prince we have to make sure it's clean."

Stefano: " Of all the places to be shot,I did not expect to have someone aim at my backside."

Maxie: " It will heal nicely and you will be left with an interesting scar." He turned and grinned at Kenny.

Stefano: " I'm sure you all find this funny ,a scar on the cheek was once thought to be quite dashing .A scar on this cheek is in a different category."

Father Ben: " I believe your problem is more to do with pride. However Stefano I'm sure a man in your position could construct an embellishment ,you know being chased by an irate husband for example."

Stefano: " Enough ,enough .I may forget you are a venerable priest."

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by Tracy » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:09 am

HAHA, Bobby getting a sample off Kenny, "You have a lavatory, you need to pee !" :lol:

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:34 pm

Chrissy and Moxey are alone in her cabin.

Chrissy: " I must tell you this has been the worst few days I've had since I don't know when. I know it can't compare with what you've been through but ..."

Moxey: " I know what you mean pet , there was a point when I thought I might not get to see you again .Not a lot of fun I can tell you. I've had enough adventures to last me the rest of my days .Can we just go somewhere quiet and peaceful and chill?"

Bobby: " Morning Kenny I have a message from Solly's medic. It's very strange,here have a look." Kenny started to read .

Kenny: " A microscopic examination of the samples taken from the garment and from the mobile telephone are appended. I wonder what the green stuff is?"

Bobby: " If you read on Kenny."

Kenny: " We can confirm that the vegetable matter derives from several flora , all unique to the island of Cuba. Coupled with the nature of the crystalline product ,an opiate called aconite,we must conclude their admixture is deliberate. The nature of the materials present is open to conjecture but can not be accidental . We suggest you investigate any and all connections with that part of the Caribbean. The other tests are consistent with aconite poisoning . "

Bobby: " It is a matter of record that Mr Osborne's wife is Cuban ."

Kenny: " According to Vicky she had a visitor recently arrived from Havana. Doesn't explain why this stuff was found in my jacket though . "

Bobby: " Anyway sir I take it that you feel much improved this fine day ?"

Kenny: " Indeed Bobby, I'm back to where I was before this unfortunate incident. I think we should share this with Dennis and his lads. You never know they may be able to shed some light. "

After Kenny had told them about the results of the tests it was Barry who spoke first.

Barry : " As you may recall I was at the receiving end of some Cuban chemistry not so long ago and I would not be surprised to find that Santeria is behind this. They have access to a wide range of natural products and they have a thriving business on the island based on the supply of everything from love potions to spells . "

Dennis: " Did I hear right,did you say spells?"

Barry : " Yes ,Den ,spells .After my time in jail I did a bit of reading and ,if you are willing to pay, you can buy a spell for most things. There's a lot of superstition of course but the functionality of the drugs is proven. I would guess someone has got this through Santeria with an obvious goal, to top someone. The point is who?"

Neville: " Well at the head of the list is Oz. While he's still married to Ofelia she will inherit won't she?"

Wyman: " Aye but it's a bit obvious isn't it , in a court it would soon be apparent what she was up to. "

Barry : " Yes but it wasn't Oz who was poisoned was it. It was Kenny. In fact Oz must have cleared off more or less straight after telling her he was divorcing her."

Kenny: " That's correct , I know he arranged to go to Father Ben's place up in the mountains after he'd been to see Sara Victoria."

Neville : " So there is a short period of time between when Oz went to see his daughter, him coming back up to the castle to get some clothes and a toothbrush, and you leaving to join us in the Sara Vic. "

Dennis: " Do we know if Ofelia was still around at this point?"

Kenny : " I believe she was ,I seem to recall Vicky saying something about this Benito chap going down into the town with her and the child."

Barry: " Tatiana sent me a text saying that she had seen them when she was on her way to the office with Moxey's

Wyman : " But the stuff was already in your pocket Kenny . You were on your way to the boat ."

Kenny: " So does that mean I was the target or was Oz ?"

Neville : " Hang on if Oz was the target Ofelia wouldn't put the stuff in Kenny's pocket, would she?"

Barry : " No because she would know the jacket wasn't Oz's. However if she wasn't the one with the spell or the poison, if it was Benito he wouldn't know who's coat it was, would he?"

Dennis: " So you're thinking she might not know about this poison and the boyfriend is acting on his own?"

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by Tracy » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:38 pm


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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:50 am

Living in the castle has made me soft thought Oz, as he saw the primitive facilities in the lodge. In fact since joining the OED he realised most of his accommodation had been luxury compared to this . By the following day he realised he was talking to himself more and more so he made an effort to take Father Ben's advice and try to meditate. He had difficulty sleeping and stopping his mind from racing .Very slowly he began to feel more comfortable and was unsurprised when Bomber paid him a visit.

Bomber: " Well Oz,another problem to solve?"

Oz: " What do you mean Bomb ,another problem?"

Bomber: " Don't be stupid Oz you knows what I mean. This lass was never going to be the one and you know that. You've always known that you silly bugger, Bomber wasn't born yesterday and 'till you own up to yourself you won't be able to sort it and you know that, don't you? "

Oz suddenly felt ill, nauseous , and wondered if he'd caught something. It wasn't that. It was the gut wrenching truth that Bomber had just told him.

Oz: " It's like a kick in the nuts Bomber. I don't know what to do .You're right I think I've always known deep down."

Bomber: " No good you whining about yourself to me boyo ,you has responsibilities and it's time you got to grips with them. Face it you're not what she really wanted or even needed. she'll always be a homebird. "

Vicky takes a call from Kenny Ames.

" Hello my pet .How are you?"

Vicky: " I'm worried now you've 'phoned me.What's wrong ?"

Kenny: " Nothing's wrong with me my darling, I just want to know if you still have house guests? "

Vicky : " If you mean Ofelia and Sofie they left ,along with her friend Benito . Why? "

Kenny: " Does she know where Oz is staying?"

Vicky: " She never asked me and I'm pretty sure that Oz wouldn't have told her, he did leave pretty quickly and we all know why . Is this important ? "

Kenny : " I'm not one hundred percent certain, yet . Can you confirm when they left and if they have a car ?
You could get the reg from the cctv. I'll 'phone back in half an hour. We are on the return leg and we'll leave Father Ben and Stefano in Barcelona."

Kenny: " Ok Vicky?"

Vicky : " Yes Kenny. I got in touch with the car hire firm. They returned the car on the way to the airport. I checked the rooms and it looks like they won't be back. She's taken most of her clothes ."

Kenny: " That's ok . I may see if Pru has anything on their flight."

Vicky: " This is getting weird Kenny. What's it all about ? "

Kenny: I don't want you to panic but we think there was an attempt on Oz's life. "

Vicky: " Don't panic you say , how the hell do you work that out ? He's up in the mountains isn't he ? "

Kenny : " It's a long story but we think this is the best explanation of the facts up to now. I'll tell you everything when I get back. "

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Re: The Wonders of Oz

Post by 936trt » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:08 pm

Chrissy and Moxey are on deck talking with Wyman.

Wyman : " Well we'll be back in Spain before too long. Have you any plans Mox? "

Moxey: " You know I fancy a holiday in Scotland. Me and Guy had a great time kayaking, trouble is I don't think me nails will be grown for a good few weeks yet. "

Chrissy : " Don't worry Mox I could learn how to paddle one of those things. Just tell me where you want to go. "

Moxey : " Better still we'll get Guy to paddle us both around. I know that he and Bea both liked it up there. "

Chrissy: " Anyway Wyman have you got anything in the pipeline ?"

Wyman : " Actually I've been thinking the same thing. A holiday, but in Arizona with M and M."

Moxey : " You mean Mel and Mai ?"

Wyman : " I do. The work has been going well and there's no reason for me not to take some time off. "

Chrissy : " I was thinking the same thing myself . Dagmar and Tatiana have everything under control. Thing is though I fancy somewhere a bit warmer than Scotland.Do you remember the first place that Chrysalis bought, you know the island with the holiday homes ? "

Oz is lying on his side with a picnic. " Ulli I'm really just a poor little rich boy.

Aye well Den yer actual brothel will have red velvet wallpaper just like that Tandoori we wer in the other night .

Stand up Osborne and hold out your hand. You miserable scruff, do you know what a uniform is?

Shurrup lad ,your Dad is sleepin it off.What do you mean you need a tie. Bugger off unless you want another clip.

I'll show you how to lay bricks young'un,fifteen did you say, when did you finish school?

That Marjorie is in the club.Is it yours?"

Vicky left her car at the end of the road.She put on her boots,a woolly hat, a heavy coat and set off walking up the path leading to Father Ben's lodge.Within five minutes she was out of breath after struggling through snow and trying to stay upright. Although the lodge was visible there was no immediate sign of Oz . She tried the door ,which was unlocked and could see no evidence of a recent fire . Vicky wondered why because at this height there was usually snow and at this time of the year low temperatures . She checked through all the rooms and could see where Oz had been sleeping at some point. Back outside she came across recent footprints heading off through the pine trees. In for a penny she thought and set off following the tracks. After a few minutes she walked into a clearing and there was Oz ,sat on a rock looking at the view across the mountains to the sea. She shouted.

" Oz, Oz, it's me Vicky." He didn't move .She walked to within a few feet of him and put her hand on his shoulder. He still made no sign of recognition. She walked around and stood in front of him. She put a hand on his face. He felt very cold .He looked up but there was no expression in his eyes.

Vicky : " Oz,how long have you been here ?" Still no response. " Come on lad I think you need a hot drink." He stood up tried to walk but fell over .Vicky struggled to get him back on his feet and the journey back to the lodge was one she wouldn't quickly forget . He stumbled frequently and didn't seem capable of walking upright. When they reached the lodge Oz still hadn't spoken .She brought him coffee made from bottled water heated on a butane gas stove . Vicky handed him the drink ,he took it from her and raised it to his lips.

Oz : " Bloody hell , that's hot."

Vicky : " Don't mention it. Well at least you haven't lost your voice.I was beginning to wonder .I think we should get a fire going it's freezing in here.

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