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Scottish alcohol 50p per unit min

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Scottish alcohol 50p per unit min

Post by rodoz » Tue May 29, 2018 2:10 pm

As of 1 May, it is now illegal for Scottish shops, off licences and supermarkets to sell alcohol for less than 50p per unit.
Which means apparently.........
  • Bottle of wine, 750ml, 12% ABV: at least £4.50
  • Four cans of lager, 440ml each, 5% ABV: at least £4.40
  • Bottle of whisky, 700ml, 40% ABV: at least £14
  • Bottle of vodka, 700ml, 37.5% ABV: at least £13.13
  • Bottle of cider, 3l, 7.5% ABV: at least £11.25
It looks to me that strong cider has been the most hit, with prices trebling.
The only others affected seem to be the supermarket own brand spirits which have risen by about £3 on average, which are as good as some of the low end branded ones (or better)
Luckily Buckfast 'tonic' wine is unaffected. Whereas in the rest of the world buckfast is drunk sedately, in Glasgow (and other parts) it’s become the drink of choice for “neds” – a peculiarly Scottish version of the hooligan. Because neds commit violent crimes and drink buckfast, there have been claims that the buckfast itself is responsible for crime. “The Buckie made me do it,” has become the classic defence in Glaswegian assault trials.
Who are the Scottish parliament trying to help?

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Re: Scottish alcohol 50p per unit min

Post by Lou » Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:49 pm

A bit more than 87p for a pint then....... :P> :lol:

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