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A New Beginning

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:51 pm

Pru is having a chat with Anna.

“So tell me Anna what do you find so fascinating about the shed. It’s not even finished?”

Anna: “ It’s …....I don’t know .I just like it. Uncle Neville told me a good friend of his said every man should have a shed.”

Pru: “ Were you talking to yourself just now?”

Anna: “ No. I told you it was Bomber. I’ve seen him before you know.”

Pru: “ I recall . Yes. Were you frightened ?”

Anna: “ No ,why would I be ,do you think I should be frightened ?”

Pru: “Of course not, no, Bomber would never frighten you. You do know though, that Bomber is dead?”

Anna: “ Yes my dad told me . Is my dad coming back Aunty Pru . Is he ,I miss him?”

Pru: “ That’s a strange thing to say petal, of course he’s coming back, I told you he has a lot to do right now.”

Anna: “ Where’s my mum ?”

Pru: “ Anna you know that she’s trying to find your Aunty Zoe.Tell me what did Bomber have to tell you?”

Anna: “ Are you trying to change the subject, my teacher told me that’s called deflection? “

Pru: “ Did you finish your homework like you promised before you went out to the shed ? That’s not deflection .”

Pru turned as she saw Anna move to look out at the shed. She could see a tall , bearded man with a denim jacket striding purposefully toward the house. She recognised him. He waved . The last time she had seen him was in Cuba .Now she felt frightened.

In a café near the Varna railway station Detlef and Kenny are chatting over a coffee.

Kenny: “ We’ve had a tail since we left the bus station. These local biscuits are crap.”

Detlef: “ I think it may have been when we came out of the airport.”

Kenny: “ I guess we'll find out if they're baddies if we head to the docks which is where that receptionist said she was heading.”

Detlef: “ She was fairly graphic and if she told Tatiana the same story that’s definitely where she would go. Mind it was over a week ago I reckon.”

Kenny: “ It’s not bad coffee, but you’re right we should get up and walk out of here. Now.”

Detlef left a tip and they strolled out into the street. It was raining and getting darker. They were just turning the corner into the side street when the sound of screeching tyres made them both look round. The two guys who’d been tailing them tried to bundle them both into the car .The doors were open and another two jumped out. One grabbed Kenny’s legs the other made a move toward Detlef and received an elbow to the face. Kenny pivoted and broke free, kicking one of his assailants’ knee cap and went to help Detlef. Sheer weight of numbers won the day and they were handcuffed and driven away.

It was all over in minutes and it was now obvious it was the police who had tailed them. They were taken to an office and told to sit. The name on the door was Georgi Antonov.

After few minutes a painfully thin man in a poorly fitting suit came into the office and sat at the desk.

“ Hello I am Inspector Georgi Antonov. I know who you are from your passports. But what I don’t know is what you are doing in Varna. Would you care to explain?”

Kenny: “ Certainly if you would care to explain to us why you and your men have kidnapped us and are holding us without a charge?”

Georgi :” Our Russsian friends left a few years ago but they left their technology behind. We have facial recognition techniques just as good as the FBI, I know who you are and I want to know what you are doing here.”

Detlef: “ If you are so up to the minute then will you know that I’m with the people who look for other people, and this chap here is helping me to find my friend’s wife who was searching for her sister and went missing a week or so ago ,here in Varna.”

Georgi: “ You have her description?”

Kenny: “ Yes ,if you remove the cuffs I will show you.”

Georgi: “ Certainly. You say your friends wife was here in Varna very recently?” Kenny rubbed his wrists and retrieved one of the pictures from his coat.

Detlef : “ She came to find her sister who we believe was abducted by a Bulgarian criminal group engaged in trafficking.This is a picture of her .”

Georgi: “ I do believe that we may have solved one of your problems. Isn’t it wonderful what can be accomplished in the spirit of friendship and co operation. Come with me gentlemen.”

They followed Georgi out of his office to the holding cells which is where Tatiana had been incarcerated since a patrol found her wandering in the docks area.

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:06 pm

Georgi: “ So gentlemen, is this the lady you have been looking for?” Georgi pointed to the first door in a corridor with a row of half a dozen cells .

Kenny and Detlef looked through the reinforced glass panel into the cell where they could see a figure lying on a bunk bed dressed in an oversized orange uniform.

Kenny: “ Well whoever it is won’t win a fashion contest.” They all started to laugh at which the figure sat up .It was Tatiana.

Kenny: “ She looks in a bad way Inspector. Why is that?”

Georgi: “ My officers say that when they found her she was unconscious ,partially clothed and had been robbed, no watch, no ‘phone, no wallet, and but for their intervention ……..well who knows…. that is a very bad part of Varna to be visiting late at night.”

Detlef: “ Can we speak with her inspector?”

Georgi beckoned the guard standing nearby and pointed to the door. The officer jumped to attention and opened the door quickly enough for Kenny to see Tatiana flinch and raise her arms to cover her face.

Kenny: “ Hello Tatiana ,my but you have a lot of bruises .” Tatiana looked up in amazement, saw Detlef stood next to Kenny and burst into tears.

Tatiana: “ You found me . You found me ! Is Barry with you?”

Detlef: “ No he’s not here but he will be relieved to hear that we've found you. He’s been looking all over .We’ll let him know as soon as we’re out of here.”

Kenny: “ Mrs Taylor have you been charged?”

Tatiana: “ I don’t think so ,I ‘m not sure how long I’ve been here. They spent a lot of time asking me questions which I couldn’t answer.”

Kenny: “ Inspector Antonov is she under arrest?”

Georgi: “ We have a file on her and she is helping us with our enquiries regarding a gang of traffickers and an incident at a spa.”

Kenny: “ In the spirit of our co operation and your goodwill can I see the file?”

Georgi: “ Certainly ,we always try to oblige colleagues from federal agencies in the pursuit of justice.” He waved to the guard who closed the door shutting out Tatianas shouts, and they followed him back to his office. Detlef and Kenny read the contents with Georgi’s help .

Detlef: “ So her full name is Tatiana Olesya Ivanov. Matching fingerprints Georgi?”

Georgi: “ Yes and the record also shows her active in the Moscow mafia up to about 1990. Married and divorced from Mr Taylor. A list of known associates, one at least deceased , others extant, I see some redacted .”

Detlef: “ So this is not a complete file Georgi?”

Georgi: “ We do our best ,we don’t have the resources like Interpol .

Kenny: “ Nevertheless it’s impressive ,I see you have dna results from the late eighties?”

Georgi: “ We have not had the test results back from the lab yet, I rely on fingerprints just now. We can get dental records if necessary.”

Detlef: “ This is very thorough Georgi for someone just helping with enquiries. There is nothing here under siblings and the part about offspring is also redacted?"

Georgi: “ That is so. Strange don’t you think since she mentioned she has a daughter.”

Kenny: “ Well that seems to be all we can get at this point from your file inspector. Would you have any objection to releasing her into our joint custody?”

Detlef: “ I’ll just let Pru know that her ‘phone has gone awol ,she will need to make some ,er, changes .”

Barry made a call to Kenny Ames.

Barry: “ So you said that Stefano is ok?”

Kenny: “ Yes ,he was taken to Father Ben’s and is in good health. Barry, more important I have just heard from Detlef, that they have found Tatiana.”

Barry: “ That’s wonderful news Kenny, where is she?”

Kenny: “ She’s in a jail in a police station in Varna, but shortly to leave with Kenny Brown and Detlef.I suggest you give Detlef a call, he’ll have more info for you.By the way Barry I have been asked by Father Ben to pass on his heartfelt thanks for your input regarding the artefact. He says that the new interpretation your work allows on it’s significance has put paid to a nasty idea put forward by a certain separatist movement. I’ve no real idea what he meant by that ,maybe you might ,but anyway it played a large part in the release of Stefano. Thank you Barry a lot of people are very glad you did what you did.”

Moxey is being taxied by Nev from the airport to the Chocanaw reservation.

Neville: “ So Moxey, you finally made the decision then?”

Moxey: “ Well I knew some time back that I couldn’t sit around forever soaking up the rays and downing mojitos. In fairness to Chrissy though I had to give it a try.That sort of life can wear a bloke down.”

Nev laughed: Gerraway man ,you know the real reason ,it’s because you missed your mates and their witty repartee and jovial banter.”

Moxey: “ You know what Oz would say. Bollocks. Mind there was a bit of that as well like, and Wyman had said more building was planned which meant recruitment?”

Neville: “Aye that’s right ,the tribal council really got their teeth into it, and now that the Apache and Navajo are keen who knows where it will end. Like the man said they’re their own bosses now .”

Moxey: “ So how’s your Pru about you coming out here?”

Neville: “ About the same as Chrissy is about you apparently.”

Moxey: “ Oh aye, someone talking out of school?”

Neville: “ Nah man ,I can understand her worrying, you know you’ve had some scrapes recently .After our Debbies carry on it really made me think ye knah. What am I doing, where am I going.”

Moxey: “ Everything ok with you and your lass Nev?”

Neville: “ Well I know she worries about me.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:10 pm

Dennis has been giving Kenny Ames an update on his recent meetings with the merchants they had chosen as the most likely candidates for their new venture.

Kenny: “ What is your opinion Dennis if only one agrees, will it still be viable?”

Dennis: “ Depends which one Kenny. But really all it will take is for one of them to start and I’m pretty sure others will follow. Too good a chance to miss , especially now when straight retail is suffering.”

Kenny: “ Ok Dennis let me know who and when. There’ll be infrastructure to sort.”

Dennis: “ Dear me lad this is supposed to be uplifting and interesting and a challenge ,you’re going to depress me with that sort of attitude.” They both started laughing.

Kenny: “ You’re right of course, at least that’s all we’ve got to think about unlike our friend Barry.”

Dennis: “ So what’s up ,is he in good fettle now she's found ?”

Kenny: “ Well ,he’s putting on a brave face and avoiding the decisions we all know he has to make specifically about his relationship with Tatiana.”

Dennis: “ Bad as that is it ? I’m lucky with Dagmar but I can still remember what it was like with Vera and she didn’t give me anywhere near the problems Tatiana’s given Barry.”

Kenny: “ After I heard from Detlef I made a few enquiries of my own. The bits of the police file that were redacted were bothering me. Why would Georgi’s superiors send him a redacted file ?”

Dennis: “ What were you thinking Kenny?”

Kenny: “ Dennis I think we should meet, it’s not the kind of thing we can do over the ‘phone. Let me know when you can get over here. We have plenty of time ,Barry is still with Akio and then he’s off to see Anna ,I gather she’s been giving Pru a hard time.”

In Miami Debbie is discussing her plans for the future with Chris.

Debbie: “ I’m looking for advice Chris .I know you have been very good to me ,in fact to both of us and I value your experience .I talked to my dad about this idea, it came to a head really after the kidnapping. That kind of thing makes you look closely at yourself and at your life more critically .”

Chris: “ I understand ,it’s the things you can’t control that come at you from left field as Kenny Brown is fond of saying. Sorry to interrupt Debbie carry on.”

Debbie: “ Thanks Chris. To put it in a nutshell I need to change something in my life , that’s what I realised while I was held captive. Fashion has been kind to me and with your help I’ve been very lucky but I don’t want to be on the catwalk for ever. There are these ideas I’ve got for a range of unique styled work ware. Most of what is out there is a compromise of materials, function, and what I think is, it can be changed with new materials, new designs closer to a tailored effect. For example there are many more women in the workplace who would kill for a boiler suit that fitted. Same in retail, healthcare, protective clothing, without looking to security , armed forces……”

Kenny: “ Hold on Debbie I get the picture but let’s agree to put this in a business plan and we’ll look at it again after discussing the detail with some clothing experts .”

Oz and Vicky have had a day at the coast.

Vicky: “ I know you said you like kippers Oz but are you really going to eat the lot?”

Oz: “ Hey lad don’t you know Craster kippers are a well known international delicacy. I thought you liked kippers ?”

Vicky: “ You really know how to impress a girl, take her out to the sands and buy her a pair of kippers.”

Oz looked across at her, she was laughing at him but that was fine.

Oz: “ Vicky…….. ” She interrupted by putting a finger on his lips.

Vicky: “ I know you Oz ,when you get that look on your face. You cannot go back in time pet. I can guess what you’re going to say.”

Oz: “ I was going to say if you don’t want the kippers can I have your share?” Vicky laughed again and made to punch him. He grabbed her before the blow could land. She looked at him and he kissed her.

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:42 am

And then he kissed her. Oh good grief, here we go ageen loike ! :D

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:28 pm

Barry has arrived at Nev and Pru’s and is having difficulty getting free from Anna’s limpet like hugs.

Barry: “ Yes Anna ,I’m pleased to see you too. Just let me talk to Aunty Pru for a second.”

Anna: “ I’m not crying ‘cos I’m sad .It’s the opposite.”

Barry: “ I hope she hasn’t been too much of a problem Pru?”

Pru: “ I can remember how I was at that age and my sisters were worse. She’s a lovely girl Barry. You’re very lucky.”

Barry: “ I am going to the airport to meet Tatiana’s flight in an hour or so ,they did Varna to Madrid and Kenny has arranged to have them picked up and brought over here. If Anna has got her stuff packed?” He turned to look at Anna who had dashed to her room as soon as she heard the word “packed”.

Pru: “ Barry let me know how things are as soon as everything’s ship shape, ok?”

Barry: “ I will ,and thanks again. Let Nev know I was asking after him.”

Kenny agreed that he would ensure Tatiana‘s journey through customs would be a swift as his FBI credentials would allow. Detlef gave Barry a verbal rundown on events since Tatiana’s release and a copy of the police file along with witness statements.

Detlef: “ Barry don’t take this the wrong way but while they are in with immigration I must tell you I am alarmed at some parts of these statements. Every single one of the employees who offered information on your sister in law was negative and very critical. She made enemies of most of them. In the time she was at Varna staff turnover went through the roof. She overcharged clients, fiddled the spa accounts and for me, the worst part is the way she bad mouthed you at a personal level. Referring to you always as Tatiana’s good for nothing spouse, with a criminal history and no head for business it was no surprise to her that Tatiana found solace elsewhere.”

Barry: “ I’m not surprised Detlef. I know from what Tatiana said some months ago that she was in real trouble. She ignored all advice given and clearly was heading for disaster. I had an idea there were personal attacks but I was not aware how extreme . Between you and I Tatiana knew we had to get rid of her. I’d made my position clear but her reluctance I thought was because of her love for her sister. This is one of the things we need to discuss when we get home."

Detlef: “ I have kept Mr Ames in the loop and he will be talking to you at some point about flying the flag at the spa in Varna .”

Barry: “ Indeed ,we will need to demonstrate that everything is hunky –dory with at least a visit and a presentation to the staff and public .”

Detlef: “ He suggested something along those lines himself but at a later date once you’d had a chance to settle down.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:59 pm


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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:08 pm

Barry took Tatiana and Anna home by car, having thanked Kenny and Detlef for their help as they ,in turn were making their way to the castle answering a summons as Kenny put it issued by Mr Ames.

Kenny Ames: “ As both of you know I couldn’t understand why redactions were made on a file for a relatively insignificant player like Tatiana. I made some enquiries and have received bad news.”

Detlef: “ So do we know who they are trying to protect and why ?”

Kenny A :” And the next question would be why redact Tatiana’s file ? “

Kenny B :” Because she is personally involved with the people they want protected?”

Kenny A :” Exactly. Zoe was adept at blackmail, at least for a while and I suspect there were other players in this game.”

Detlef: “ Oh shit! You’re going to say Tatiana got in on the act, so to speak?”

Kenny A :” Yes, and I reckon she picked the wrong punters. I’m sure that Zoe knew the area around Varna from her earlier career. All the Black Sea resorts were popular with the so called Dacha set, some of whom apparently have close ties to government and organised crime.”

Detlef: “ Why the hell would she do it?”

Kenny B :” We’ve all heard her say, it you can never be too rich.”

Detlef: “ Life with Barry proved to be too slow for her.”

Kenny A :”Poor Barry.He tried his very best to keep the marriage alive. I know he went to extraordinary lengths to maintain her interest. “

Kenny B :” So what now Mr A?”

Kenny A :” I’ve made arrangements for Barry to make that trip to Varna while Mrs Taylor is recuperating at home. Ames security is making discreet enquiries of which Barry is unaware. These situations are always much more difficult where children are involved ,especially with one as precocious as Anna. “

Detlef: “ Barry has no shortage of friends and it looks like he 's going to need them .This will be the second time ,poor guy.”

Kenny B: “ I take it she doesn’t know about the background to the redactions ?”

Kenny A:” She may have overheard the word mentioned but I don't think she will know the reasons.When we get the definitive proof I'll pass it to Barry and leave him to make a decision.”

Barry and Dagmar are taking a coffee break having spent most of the morning with presentations to the Spa and Fitness Centre staff and a few invited journalists from Varna.

Dagmar: “ I think you did very well Barry. It’s not the easiest situation explaining away a criminal employee.”

Barry: “ To be fair I had a lot of help from HR and direction from Kenny Ames. Now I’m looking forward to the second part, you know the face to face with individual staff ? ”

Dagmar: “ Not all of them have taken the opportunityto come but I wonder, personally do I want to hear everything they have to say, what about you?”

Barry: “I guess I should learn the extent of my sister-in-laws’ hatred.”

Dagmar: “ Easy for me to say Barry but the woman is unhinged,anything you hear you should ignore it. Here we go this is our first for the afternoon interviews.”

During the next hour both Dagmar and Barry had confirmation of the personal attacks in the statements compiled by inspector Antonov’s officers and Dagmar was becoming progressively more embarrassed.
She took the opportunity as the penultimate interviewees had left to turn to Barry and offer her apologies.

Dagmar: “ I had no idea Barry, I’m very sorry but I wasn’t told about this. Clearly Zoe ignored all the advice given, including from Tatiana her sister ,you wife. Up to now everything in the statements has been corroborated .She’s a braggart and a gossip and not backward in taking advantage of the company credit facilities for personal use. Overcharging clients , pocketing the difference and finally the blackmailing scheme she instigated eventually brought her to the attention of the police. Barry as a director I have failed, I only acted when I picked up onthe later financial discrepancies.”

Barry :” You have nothing to apologise for. I know, like you I rely on staff to keep me informed and in this case it hasn’t happened because Tatiana was protecting her sister. Let’s move on . I see that some of the departments have been themed , I suppose this is a marketing thing?”

Dagmar: “ Yes , it was introduced about a year ago. The girls have personalised the workplace, for example the swimming pool and spa have Nymphs and Mermaids, the massage and hot tubs similarly, in fact our next two interviewees are called Flower and Fern and they look after our aromatherapy wing.” Just then the girl who brought them more coffee passed a note to Dagmar ,smiled and left.

Dagmar: “ Barry we have just been told we only have one more to see , Flower has had to leave so Fern will be our last and then we can go.”

Dagmar pressed a button on the desk which rang a bell in reception to be rewarded by the appearance of a woman in the Spa uniform. She walked up to shake hands with Dagmar , turned to Barry who had just finished his coffee and almost fainted. She held on to Dagmars arm and had turned very pale. Barry was stood with his mouth open staring in amazement.
Barry: “ Jesus H Christ ! Hazel what the hell are you doing here?”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:51 pm

:o Haha didn't see that coming. Hazel ! Wait till Valery Nelson hears about this ! :lol:

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