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Bad Karma

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Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:32 pm

Okay, before anyone has a go at me, this story is set 3 years after the events of season 2 where Dennis Patterson and co get more than they bargained for when Ally Fraser goes after them but when Ally kidnaps Dennis, things get more complicated than usual

"This is it, Joe," said the redheaded Geordie girl as she and her male companion arrived at Thornely Manor. "Ally Fraser's former home. My older brother told me this place is haunted, man."

"Canny idea, Stace," said Joe feeling as brave as the girl he was with. "If this place is anything like something out of a horror film, I'm running."

"Hadaway and horse bollocks, like," laughed Stacey. "You can't really believe a single word Jason says about this place but Fraser was a lass beatin' sod but she got out."

"Howay, pet, me mam told me about that when she got back from Amy's Salon on Thursday," Joe reminded Stacey as he thought of that cute salon girl Vicki Welch who got out of an abusive 5 year relationship with Ally Fraser just 3 years previously. "That poor Vicki'd be dead in a ditch in South Shields if she stayed with him."

"Is that a fact?" a Scottish accent asked from near both Joe and Stacey as they both turned their heads and screamed. Ally Fraser himself was standing before the two teenagers with his arms folded across his chest and a scowl on his face. "Now piss off home to Mammy and Daddy and let me warm you both, you're being watched."

At those words, both Joe and Stacey ran away from Thornely Manor as fast as they could looking behind them. One thing was for sure, Ally Fraser was back in Newcastle and there was nothing they or anybody else could do about it. The next day, Joe's mother had her friend Dennis Patterson around and he found himself staring at Joe.

"What's wrong with you, man?" Dennis asked Joe. "Forgive me for saying this but you look like you've seen a ghost."

"Nothing's wrong," said Joe. "Last night, me and me lass Stacey crept into Thornely and bumped into that bloke there." Joe reminded himself that he wasn't to mention the name of the previous owner of Thornely Manor.

"You mean Al Capone?" asked Joe's mother.

"Nae, Mam," said Joe sadly. "Me and our Stacey bumped into that Ally Fraser."

"Hell's bollocks," gasped Dennis. "He can't be back in Newcastle. Do you know how many teenagers per year break into Thornely Manor?"

"I read somewhere that about 10 of us went there in the last 3 years, Mr Patterson," said Joe. "Are me and Stacey the first two to meet Fraser face to face?"

"In the last 3 years since he ran off to Marbella, yes." said Dennis as he got up and left the house.

No, he's back, thought Dennis walking back to his brown Camper van, his head spinning. I must warn the other lads.

Elsewhere in Sunderland, two young muggers were waiting for anyone and they meant anyone waiting to get mugged. One was a blonde with blue eyes and long hair and the other was black with a hairstyle which put people in mind of Prince or Michael Jackson.

"This sure is a slow day," said the blond lad. "We ain't mugged anybody for a whole half hour."

"Chill oot, man," said his friend. "Some poor sucker's bound to show up." Both set their sights on Ally Fraser as he passed by and cornered him. "See? what did I tell ya?"

"Ohh, where am I?" asked Ally as if he never entered any part of Tyneside before.

"I got a better question, man," said the blond lad. "How much money you got in that stupid costume of yours?"

"Of course, I'm in Sunderland," said Ally about to get past the blond but the black kid got in the way. "Come on, lads, get oot of my way. I'm certain your parents told you aboot me."

"That old trick?" asked the black lad. "Forget it, man, it won't work."

"Listen to me," Ally told both boys. "I'm Ally Fraser and I'll get very upset if you two don't let me past."

"Now just hand over your dough." said the blond.

"I'll just have to handle this myself," Ally murmured to himself as he managed to grab both boys by their jacket collars and bang their heads together. "Now what were you wee teenage laddies saying aboot money?"

"Ally Fraser?" asked the black lad. "We were saying, here, sir, if you don't have any, take ours."

"Aye, man and have a nice day." said the blond lad as he and his friend handed Ally money they had and ran off.

"I've showed those two punks and I'll show you, Dennis Patterson," said Ally looking up at the sky as the sun began to set. "I'll destroy you and everything you stand for and then, everybody in Newcastle will tremble before the might of Ally Fraser."
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 12:40 pm

"Wait, go back, Den," said Wayne Norris as he sat by Dennis with his mouth wide open as the other lads stared at him. "Ally Fraser's back in Newcastle?"

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you lads but it's true," sighed Dennis sadly, he noticed that Wayne's hair was back to its usual black and it had grown a little bit since the last time all 6 of them were in the same room. "Turns out Joe Barton, the young lad who ran from Thornely Manor with his girlfriend Stacey McCabe, told me and he starts working with us this Summer starting Monday."

"You're joking me 'ere," said Albert Moxey perking his head up from the photo in his hands. "We thought Fraser got away 'cause he didn't wanna get nicked."

"Maybe," said Leonard 'Oz' Osborne. "Right, let's see. Tofu and bean sprouts, peanut butter and jam, desiccated liver and herbed wheat germ but anyway, we got Vicki away from him, man."

"Good point, Oz," said Barry Taylor. "Peanut butter and jam on a pizza? Forgive me for saying this but that's just crazy. We're adults, for God's sake, not teenagers."

"Honestly, man," this from Neville Hope. "Oz told Vicki who told Brenda who told me how you, Barry and Moxey beat those thugs up. Just my luck to miss it not that I'm a violent man."

"Those kids were easy, Neville," said Barry. "It's not like taking on that Big Baz bloke, mind you."

"Pizza's here," said Neville's wife Brenda approaching the table with a dish of pepperoni pizza and the men around the table began eating. "Pepperoni pizza's the only sort our Neville and our Debbie would have."

"Mental, that," said Wayne. "If it weren't for us, Vicki'd be dead in a ditch somewhere in South Shields."

"We know," said Dennis. "But in sort of a way, she's back here and Fraser can never get his hands on her again."

"I agree with you on that one," Barry said patting his boss's hand. "I think that we'd all be upset if that ever happened."

"I gathered that," agreed Neville. "All that matters is that he's not near us anymore and we've all moved on."

"Good point," sighed Moxey. "Thank God this stuff's the best way to get over a broken heart ."

"God, I'd like to give Fraser that smack he deserves." growled Oz scaring the hell out of Neville and Wayne."

"Forget it, Oz man," said Dennis. "Ally's a soppy bollocks who's as far away from us as possible and we're fine."

"Sorry, boys, bad news." The voice came from the back door and came from the team's supervisor Brian 'Bomber' Busridge.

"Bomber, what is it?" asked Dennis as the men stared up at a terrified Bomber which appeared to be a first.

"It's the worst news possible, lads," gaped Bomber. "Ally Fraser's back in Newcastle."

"Fraser?" gasped Moxey. "But that's impossible. We got away and no one told us he was planning his revenge."

"Good point, Moxey," said Bomber. "Evil that strong can't be so easily overcome. I sense terrible danger ahead."

"You got back just in time, Jason," said ITV newsroom boss Michael Springfield as Jason Busridge ran into the studio. "Anything on Ally Fraser's whereabouts yet?"

"Well, no but you see, I..." Jason started as Michael's assistant Tessa Morgan ran up to him with a stack of papers accidentally bumping into Jason in the process.

"Jason, you're back," said Tessa. "It's lonely here without you."

"Get back out there, Jason and don't come back without proof of some insidious Ally Fraser conspiracy." said Mr Springfield ushering Jason out of the studio.

"I'm trying to tell you, Ally Fraser may be a threat but he's too private for hid own good," said Jason finding himself being pushed past other reporters. "He just wants to be left alone. Whoa! I'll get you a story, all right, one that proves that Dennis Patterson's a hero for ridding us of Fraser."

"And you call a man like Dennis Patterson a hero." said Mr Springfield throwing Jason away from him as they entered the parking lot.

"But I tell you, Ally Fraser's back." said Jason.

"We'll run it on the 6:00 news and that's an order." said Mr Springfield as he stormed out of the back in the studio. As soon as his boss left, Jason rushed to a payphone and dialed a number at random.

"Hello, is Dennis Patterson there?" asked Jason. "It's ace reporter Jason Busridge, Brian the Bomber's nephew and I need a word."

"Hello, Jason, it's Uncle Brian," said Bomber answering the phone. "What's wrong, boyo?"

"Uncle Brian? Can you tell your guys to hurry down to the ITV offices," said Jason sounding more worried than ever. "It's an emergency. "Ally Fraser's back in Newcastle and he's about to be declared public enemy number one!"

"What the hell?" asked Moxey angrily. "He's back?!"

"Get in line, man," said Oz. "Get in line."

"Whoa, check it out," said Wayne. "Fraser's at the top of the charts."

"Yeah, number one with a bullet," said Barry. "Hazel'll probably divorce me when she finds out."

"I don't want to die," said Neville grabbing Dennis and shaking him. "I DON'T WANT TO DIE."

"Stop clowning, lads, this is serious and nobody's going to die, Neville," said Dennis grabbing the phone from Bomber. "We'll be right there."

Later, the guys drove in Barry's van to the news studio and as they looked up, Moxey said "Look, Jason's left the light on for us."

"Hang on, Jason man," said Oz. "We're coming."

"Now tell us about this big emergency." said Dennis the second the guys were all in Jason's dressing room.

"Yeah, like, what's the haps as they say in the States?" asked Wayne.

"Better yet, I'll show you," said Jason turning the television on and a group of young hooligans appeared on television. "A group called the crooked builder gang has been committing robberies all over Newcastle."

"Crooked builder gang?" asked Barry feeling rather shocked.

"Barry?" asked Neville.

"I'm so sorry Bomber didn't want to come with us." said Barry and the others nodded in agreement as they and Jason stared at the television.

"Howay, look at those builder outfits." said Neville.

"You gotta admit, they do know how to dress." This from Wayne.

"Hold on, there's something familiar about that bloke's technique." said Oz.

"You're right, I've seen it before someplace." Barry agreed.

"There are only 2 men we know who could've taught them that," said Dennis. "Bomber or..."

"You don't mean, Den." said Moxey.

"I'm afraid I do, Moxey, Ally Fraser." said Dennis as the door to Jason's dressing room opened and Mr Springfield entered the room staring at all occupants in the room.

"It's them, the builder crooks," said Mr Springfield. "Somebody call security."

"Bollocks to your security," Oz told Mr Springfield "We're going anyway before you say anything."

"Let's stay in touch." said Dennis as the lads left the dressing room leaving Jason alone with Mr Springfield.

"Just what were those terrorists doing here?" Mr Springfield demanded staring Jason in the eye.

"I, uh, I lured them here in order to, uh, uh expose them," Jason lied. "And exactly what are you doing here?"

"Well, I was, I mean," Mr Springfield began suddenly lost for words as he left the dressing room. "I--I never mind! Good work, Jason, carry on."
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:50 pm

"Maybe that Mr Springfield bloke's right," said Wayne as Barry drove the van back to the site where a shopping center was being built. "Maybe Fraser's private."

"I don't think so, Wayne," said Dennis upset about meeting Michael Springfield and wondering what would have happened if Oz had punched him in the face. "Ally's up to something but I'm not sure what."

"Planning something, my arse," said Barry as he turned a corner. "We all saw what Fraser was about 3 years ago and we haven't seen him since."

"Maybe our Joe and his Stacey know," stated Oz wishing he had punched Mr Springfield in the face. "They're the ones that saw Fraser last Saturday night."

"Good luck with that," said Moxey doing his best to calm Oz down. "I think that Jason wants to get at least one interview with Fraser before that Lorraine Kelly does."

"I hope Jason doesn't get beaten up," said Neville as they arrived back on the site. "One of us needs to have a word with Joe about Fraser."

Before any of the others could say anything, the site office exploded in a quick burst and they all got out of Barry's van and ran towards it shouting "BOMBER!!!!!!"

As if one cue, Bomber staggered towards them, his hair tousled, his site jacket ruined and his face slightly bruised as if some idiot had the nerve to punch him.

"Bomber, say something, man." said Oz as he and Bomber made eye contact.

"Bomber, who did this?" asked Moxey as Bomber staggered uneasily.

"Ally.. Fraser." said Bomber as he fell to the ground unconscious and the boys all starred at each other in a state of shock.

"How's Mr Busridge holding up, Dr McCabe?" asked Dennis as Dr Rose McCabe, Stacey's mother, walked over to them in Newcastle Freeman Hospital, her face concerned.

"Well, despite being severely injured in what may be a massive explosion which may kill a man your size, Mr Patterson, he's fine." Dr McCabe replied in a Scottish accent which put Dennis to much in mind of Ally Fraser as Joe, Stacey, her older brother Jason and their younger sister Lisa sat with Jason the rest of Dennis's team.

"Bomber's fine," Dennis called to the crowd near him. "No one start any funeral arrangements yet."

"Thank God for that," said Moxey. "I don't want my last words to Bomber to be 'If any of us is more like you, it's Oz'."

"What did you say?" asked Oz furiously turning to face Moxey. "What the bloody hell did you say, you mouthy Scouse git?"

"SHUT UP, BOTH A YA," shouted Dennis was now annoyed with both Oz and Moxey. "Bomber was almost killed by Ally Fraser and all you two can do is argue. Let it go, get over it or for the very least, shut the bloody hell up about it."

"Mam, you do know and Stace are gonna know about who our dad is sometime soon, right?" asked Jason Mac turning to his younger sisters. (To avoid confusion between Jason McCabe and Jason Busridge in this chapter, Jason McCabe will be Jason Mac and Jason Busridge will be Jase)

"I know, Jason but not now," said Dr McCabe. "You and Stacey will know when I'm ready to tell you."

"What did Mam say?" asked Stacey. "Did she tell you who our dad was?"

"Mam said we'll know when we're ready," said Jason Mac. "I hope it's not who I think it is."

"OK Mox," said Jase tapping Moxey on his left shoulder causing the Liverpudlian plasterer to turn his head and handed him three cinema tickets. "I got three tickets to that film my uncle Brian told me you wanted to see if you're interested."

"Wow, Jase, these tickets are for that film Red Heat," said Moxey excitedly. "This is so cool."

"Mind you, you're only taking two of the other guys," said Jase. "Which two are they?"

"Barry and Oz," said Moxey walking over to Oz and Barry. "Oz, I'm sorry for having a go at you so to make amends, how about you, me and our Barry see that Arnold Schwarzenegger film Red Heat this Saturday?"

"Fine, Moxey man, you win," said Oz. "I loved Schwarzenegger in the Terminator so I'll come."

"Okay Moxey, I'll come too," smiled Barry as he turned from Moxey to Oz. "I'm sure Dennis won't mind."

"Look, I don't really like those films but that's okay," sighed Dennis knowing when he had been beaten. "You three can go since Joe and Stacey are going out Saturday which leaves me with Neville and Wayne."

"Thank you, Dennis!!!" said Moxey, Oz and Barry in union as they all walked out of Newcastle Freeman Hospital, into Barry's van and drove back to the site.
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:27 pm

"Right," Ally said angrily as he paced the warehouse he was hiding in. "If I'm going to get vengeance on that pint sized pest Dennis Patterson, I'm going to need a new team."

"I warn you, it may not be pretty, sweetie," said Ally's current girlfriend Lucretia Delvecchio, a female New York crime boss. "I don't think that Dennis guy's gonna be happy to see you again, Ally."

"Dear darling Lucretia, you based your image on Bonnie Parker, your style of crime on Al Capone and you're going to help me." Ally purred seductively which made Lucretia giggle.

"I get that," said Lucretia as she found Big Baz staring at her. "What the hell are you looking at, Godzilla?"

"Nothing, miss," said Big Baz turning from Lucretia to Ally. "She's much better looking than Vicki, Mr Fraser."

"DON'T YOU DARE MENTION HER TO MY FACE," Ally yelled at Big Baz. "I'm the boss here and if you don't like that, find another damn job, Baz."

"Yes, sir." said Big Baz walking off staring at both Ally and Lucretia once more.

A few hours later, both were at a local gym with Lucretia shouting to Big Baz, "You got this, big guy."

"Wait a minute, Lucretia," said Ally. "One minute, you're talking to Big Baz like he's some lowlife and now, you're talking to him like he's Mike Tyson. Do you think he's got a shot?"

"I wouldn't take his crap if I didn't, Ally," smiled Lucretia. "Boxing's like chess, it's all the moves and your boy does his stuff."

"I was winning." whined Ally.

"No, you were crying." said Lucretia.

"You know what?" Ally asked his American sweetheart. "This. My power is that I'm rich as shit," He turned to Big Baz's opponent. "Excuse me, would you like to work for us, huh?"

"What my boyfriend means to ask is if you wanna beat people up for us?" asked Lucretia.

"Sure," said the man. "All right!"

"Let's get you a mask and a costume and we will call you Black Death." said Ally.

"Whoa, whoa, you don't that's just a bit racist?" asked the man.

"Never mind Ally here, he don't give a shit," said Lucretia. "I want you to put the word out that we're willing to pay top dollar for hired hitters in Newcastle."

"We promise we'll pay you more that I do with Chuck-little-willy-Liddell over there." said Ally gesturing his head toward Big Baz.

"What did you call me?" asked Big Baz furiously.

"Don't mind Ally, Baz," said Lucretia. "He says stuff he doesn't mean even if that guy took a hit to the head and doesn't know what he's saying."

"What the hell?" asked Ally. "Where's the rest of the crew?"

"Ally, everybody's just..." began Lucretia as Ally raised his hand. Lucretia flinched as if Ally was about to slap her for the first time ever but instead, he lowered his hand to stroke her cheek.

"Boys, can you excuse us for a second?" Ally asked Big Baz and the black man he was boxing with earlier. " It's not that most people think you're a creep, it's just too soon for you to take over a city like Newcastle again. I dealt with John Gotti before I met you, trust me."

"But he's in prison." said Ally.

"Doesn't matter," said Lucretia. "He runs the place even from jail and like that guy you're chasing after, he wants everybody to lay low but for you, Big Tony doesn't know how to lay low so he's in."

"I don't a Big Tony," said Ally. "Is he huge?"

"He's ironic," said Lucretia. "5 foot 4 and from Dudley in the West Midlands but mean as shit. He's got such a hard-on for people. He's one bad punk and and he kills."

"Right," said Ally. "Call him 'the Tumour'. Who's next?"

"Okay, we've got, uh, a cat from Merseyside of Mongolian decent for work." purred Lucretia noticing how much Ally was enjoying it.

"Easy," said Ally. "'Genghis Carnage'."

"Come on," said Big Baz. "You quit with the racist stereotypes, boss."

"Archetypes," Ally said to Big Baz before turning back to Lucretia. "Keep going."

"We got Katarina Dumbrovski from London." said Lucretia.

"Wait, wait," gasped Ally shocked about working with a woman that wasn't Lucretia. "Another lassie to the team?"

"Yeah." smiled Lucretia.

"Seriously, Lucretia, you I'm good for but only because we've been a couple for the last 15 months but me working with another woman?" asked Ally.

"Yeah, a London gal of Russian decent," answered Lucretia. "She got released from Holloway Prison just as we started seeing each other for armed robbery."

"Fine, she's 'Mother Russia'," said Ally. "Get these kids some costumes and get them ready!"

"Shit." This from Big Baz.

"Baz, you know I couldn't do this without you or Lucretia," said Ally pinching his head bodyguard's cheek. "You're much like the only real cohort from Newcastle I have left."

"Not a problem, man," said Big Baz. "I got your back."

"That's what I like to hear," smirked Ally with that smug smile on his face. "It's like you're the Alfred to my evil Wayne."

"Did you just call Big Baz our damn butler?" asked Lucretia.

"Yes, is that not a compliment?" asked Ally.

"Shit," said Lucretia as she walked to Ally's Mercedes Benz and smiled back at him. "My bad."

Elsewhere, Dr McCabe arrived home to find Joe, Stacey, Lisa and Jason watching Red Dwarf on television and joined them.

"Hey, Doc," said Joe. "Forgive me for saying this but you look terrible."

"I feel terrible, Joe," said Dr McCabe. "Jason, Stacey, can I have a word with you two for a minute?"

"Okay, Mam," said Stacey as she and Jason turned to each other just as Red Dwarf ended. "I bet it's about who our dad is, Jason."

"I hope so too, Stacey," agreed Jason turning to Joe and Lisa. "Can you excuse us for a minute?"

"Sure," said Lisa as she went to her bedroom to listen to Capital FM and Joe went to Stacey's bedroom. "See you when you're doing talking."

"What's wrong, Mam?" asked Jason as he and Stacey turned to their mother. "Not for nothing but you look like something some builders dropped on the pavement."

"That's just mean," said Stacey. "Me and Jason were wondering if we've got the same dad or not."

"You do but neither of you are going to happy about it but both your stepfathers knew," said Dr McCabe. "Martin, who you two called Dad, died to keep this secret but your real father got in the way and your stepfather Eddie already knows and he works for the mam."

"What the bloody hell are you saying?" asked Jason.

"Jason, Stacey, you probably may hate me for telling you this now but you're both old enough to know now," said Dr McCabe. "The results came back this morning and it's nothing nobody from Newcastle wants to hear but Ally Fraser's your real father."

"No," gasped Stacey. "I can't be Ally Fraser's daughter, me and our Jason can't be Ally Fraser's kids."

"Sorry but it's true," said Dr McCabe feeling rather upset. "I've tried to get Eddie from Ally but he knows."
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 12:09 pm

The next morning on the site, Joe was feeling very upset with the builders and it turned out that he wasn't the only one as he saw a the other guys staring at him until he reached the site management office.

"What the bloody hell did I tell you about this?" Dennis asked from inside the site management office as Joe stopped to listen to this yelling. "What were you bloody well thinking?"

"It was only a bit of fun," a young male voice said. "The other guys are doing it so why can't I?"

Joe remembered arguing with his father about things like this before he passed away. How was he supposed to know this would happen?

"I warned you not to associate with Kenny Ames's great nephew, didn't I, Kevin?" shouted Dennis's voice. "How many time do I have to tell you?"

Joe finally succeeded at sticking his middle finger up at any passers by. He overbalanced and landed on Moxey. He felt pebbles biting into the flesh on his hands. He struggled to fight the urge to punch him in the face.

"What the hell's wrong with Dennis?" asked Joe. "Why didn't he tell me that Jason and Stacey were Ally Fraser's kids?"

"Well, let's be honest, our Joe," said Moxey. "We had no idea until a few hours ago."

"I'm sorry, okay, dad?" said Kevin's voice. "I didn't know."

"You didn't think," growled Dennis's voice. "Do you think your mother would be happy with you? If I ever catch you-"

"I said I was sorry." said Kevin's voice sounding just as angry as Dennis was.

"When I tell you something, Kevin, you listen. I'm your bloody father, ya kna." said Dennis as a young man with long dark hair stormed out of the office.

Kevin pushed past Joe and got a punch in the stomach in return. Moxey had to separate the two teenagers in case things got ugly.

Yeah, well, I wish you weren't! he thought angrily. Anyone but you!

"Bloody teenagers," mumbled Dennis as he left the office and wiped his eyes. "Sorry, Joe lad, didn't see you there."

"Don't give me that, Dennis Patterson," snarled Joe pinning Dennis against the wall. "You knew Stacey was Ally Fraser's daughter and you didn't have the guts to tell me."

Uh oh, thought Moxey as he walked off. It's all kicking off and I've been in worst prison fights.

"Before you go on, Joe, I didn't know until I saw Jason this morning," gasped Dennis as Joe's grip got looser and stormed off. "I thought Oz was bad tempered."

"That's okay," said Moxey. "What's wrong with your lad?"

"He was seen with Kenny Ames's great nephew Liam and they vandalized my neighbour Eddie Martin's car." Dennis told Moxey sadly.

"You're kidding." said Moxey.

"Okay, you sure you're gonna be fine with just Neville and Wayne with you all night?" asked Barry as he threw a navy blue jacket over the light blue turtleneck jumper he was wearing. "You might get stressed as you always do."

"We'll be fine," said Dennis. "You three enjoy the film and make sure you tell us about it."

"Stop moaning," said Moxey as he dusted off the white suit, light blue shirt, white tie, beige overcoat and white trilby he was wearing. "I'm sure we'll be okay."

"See," said Wayne from behind Dennis. "We'll be fine so stop moaning."

"Right," said Oz as he stood by the door in a black suit and white shirt. "We're off."

"See you when the film's over," said Neville as Oz, Barry and Moxey left Dennis's home. "I thought they'd never leave."

"I'm getting some water," said Dennis getting up from the couch and walking to the kitchen. "Do you two want any?"

"Yes, Uncle Dennis!!" said Neville and Wayne in unison smiling at each other.

"You feeling okay, Nev?" asked Wayne noticing that Neville was feeling a little tired.

"I'm a little tired but I'm fine, Wayne." said Neville as he stared out the window to find a group of people outside with guns pointed at them. Before anybody could say 'Heads up', the people broke in, drugged both Wayne and Neville with Chloral Hydrate and tied the two men back to back.

"How's that, suckers?" said Ally staring at both Neville and Wayne. "I'm kidnapping your glorious leader and there's nothing either of you can do about it."

"Well, boys," said Dennis returning with three glasses of water on a tray. "Voila, three glasses of water." By this time, Dennis found himself staring at both Neville and Wayne unconscious and tied back to back. "Wayne, Neville, wake up!"

"No use talking to either of them," said a familiar Scottish accent which scared the living hell out of Dennis and causing him to turn his head to find himself face to face with Ally Fraser. "They're both drugged up to the eyeballs."

"Ally Fraser." gasped Dennis realizing how much he and Ally had missed staring at each other for the last 3 years.

"Dennis Patterson." Ally smiled at his nemesis.

"You go near my man and I'll kick your ass," said a female voice from near Ally. "Do you understand me, punk?"

"He already knows that's criminal territory or as we call our gang, the Mega-Bitches," Ally told the woman as he turned to Dennis. "Where are my manners for not starting with introductions?"

"Good point there, Ally," said Dennis as he felt the woman punching him in the stomach and Big Baz grabbing him from behind. "Hell's bollocks, that hurt!"

"Dennis, this is my partner in crime and love Lucretia Delvecchio. Lucretia sweetheart, this is my nemesis Dennis Patterson," said Ally introducing both Dennis and Lucretia to each other. "I believe I mentioned him to you a few times."

"I remember." smiled Lucretia.

"Damn right you do," Ally told Luctria before turning his full attention to Dennis. "I think I was treat harshly by the you and the lads, I loaned money to you when you needed it, I never had you beaten up when you damaged my Jaguar, I gave you and your band of misfits a job when you were out of work, I got them the job in Spain and let your wives tag along and you idiots repayed me by stealing my last woman, stealing 25 grand and getting me arrested."

"In a way, Ally," groaned Dennis. "You're a scumbag and got what you bloody well deserved."

"And I had you round my place for the evening for drinks, free access to my club, rent free stay at Thornely Manor at first, settled Bomber and the big lad's tab in Marbella club, even arranged Barry and Hazels wedding, you ungrateful bastards." Ally continued angrily.

"One thing's for sure, Vicki got away from you and you'll never find her." snarled Dennis.

"HOW DARE YOU MENTION HER TO ME," shouted Ally. "I treated you and the team well and you buggered me over even as I played host, London over there tried to steal that bitch in my own house."

"I won't if I were you," Lucretia told Dennis. "Ally's got a bad temper when he's like this."

"I can see that." said Dennis.

"Wait a minute, there's more," Ally continued. "I tried to buy you a Tandoori and as a sign of gratitude, you chinned Big Baz, you took my Jaguar, buggering off down to Barry's to do a foreigner and then brought it back with a crumpled left wing. I let Barry use my running machine. You people had no respect for me with you, a man of high morals, pulling a dirty trick like that on me at the end. Is this how you'd face me, Dennis? Standing there like an idiot?"

"Don't you dare talk to me like that." growled Dennis.

"I'm calling the shots now," Ally reminded Dennis. "And I'm back in Newcastle to end you. Not just kill you, I'm going to piss on everything that you admire. Lucretia, hand me the Chloral Hydrate I used on the other two."

"Here you go, Ally," said Lucretia handing Ally the Chloral Hydrate he used on both Neville and Wayne. "What's the matter, Patterson? Cat got your tongue?"

"Want me to kill him?" asked Big Baz.

"Kill Patterson there?" asked Ally. "God, I'm not that evil. I'll give him a wee dose of Chloral Hydrate."

Oh God, this isn't happening, thought Dennis as he felt a needle pricking his neck and a shot of Chloral Hydrate going into him. This is not happening.

As he felt the Chloral Hydrate coursing through his body, Dennis found his living room spinning before his eyes and passed out.

A few hours later, Oz, Moxey and Barry arrived to find Dennis had vanished and both Wayne and Neville tied back to back and Barry said "Fraser's been here, Oz. From what we've seen, he's not stupid. He had about 30 minutes to drug Wayne and Neville, tie them up and kidnap Dennis."

"It's no good, Bar," sighed Moxey as Neville came to. "His watch is here, all right so's his bag but there's not a sign of him anywhere."

Oz stood nursing a bruised hand, injured when he drove his fist into the face of a former Fraser associate at the cinema earlier in frustration and anger. Barry had tried to put his emotional energy into something more constructive and suggested that he untied Neville while Moxey untie Wayne and Oz keep lookout in case Ally Fraser came back.

"Why would Fraser even know where we are?" asked Oz aloud.

"Must not have gotten a chance yet," Neville ventured as he carefully found himself being untied. "Maybe Dennis wouldn't want Ally to know we can track him." He stopped and his fists clenched at what he had found.

"Hold the phone," said Oz, the tone of his voice filled the others with dread. "I've found blood on the windowsill here. Not a lot but ..." he trailed off, his eyes meeting his colleagues with a bleak expression.

Barry heard him and heaved a sigh. "Good eyes, Oz. I knew it would be a long shot if we found him somewhere in Newcastle. At least you may have found us a clue.If only we knew whose blood it is."

"If it's Dennis's," Moxey growled as Wayne came to. "Someone's gonna get hurt."

"And you'll have plenty of help, man," said Oz trying to calm his friend down. "We'll find him, Mox, believe me and Fraser'll bloody well pay but now, we need some hope. No offence, Nev."

"None taken, Oz. Wait, it only gets worse," said Neville as he spotted something by Wayne's right foot. With his handkerchief, he picked up the object he'd found and showed it to the others.

Barry barked a curse as Oz and Moxey both uttered their own maledictions. "You's found a syringe, Nev," said Moxey. "Judging by this, Dennis got drugged."

Oz felt his anger burn white hot but his voice was cold as ice. "That's it. Fraser probably left some fingerprints and I want to know what the Scottish bastard injected him with."

"Me too." said Wayne. Ally Fraser was going to pay...
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Re: Bad Karma

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Dennis awoke with a pounding headache while sitting in an armchair which wasn't his own. For some time, he sat still but gradually, the painful haze in his brain cleared and he was able to make his mind work again. He blinked and realized where he was. He was tightly bound to that same armchair in Thronely Manor. He was cold and his left side, especially his scraped elbow, hurt. With good reason: first, the fall at his home and then, the idiots Ally sent to kidnap him must have simply dropped him on whatever surface he was lying.

He longed to stretch his aching body but he didn't dare move; he could hear the voices of two men behind him close by. He hadn't a clue who they were yet but there were only two real options. Either they were garden variety crooks hoping for a quick few million pounds from a kidnapping or they had been hired by Ally Fraser.

He desperately hoped they were only common kidnappers, no match for Bomber or Oz and nothing more sinister. If they were Ally Fraser's minions, then God only knew what he was in for. He was glad to be alive after the last run-in he had with Ally but he was still alive could only mean that the Hood had contrived some other plan. No doubt he meant to lure his team into some trap and kill all of them in the most unpleasant fashion he could devise. From what Dennis had heard, it could be horrible indeed.

He caught himself before he followed that train of thought further. A good imagination could be a dangerous thing especially now and he was aware that his was more active than most. That he'd seen far too many gangster films didn't help either. He would drive himself insane he if continued to let his musings run. They'd always been able to come out on top, sometimes by the skin of their teeth, whenever men like Ally Fraser had been involved but what if this was the one time they didn't?

No, he told himself firmly. Don't think like that, Patterson. Keep a clear head. If the others have any idea what's happening to you, they're bound to find you. Since he woke up, he knew the others should be aware by now that something was wrong. He had to find a way to let them know where he was.

First, he had to find that out for himself. Where there's life, there's hope, Bomber always said. Okay, he was alive, there was that. With his his hands bound, the only way he could learn anything was by hearing and smell if he closed his eyes which he did. That didn't give him much to work with but it was something. As long as they thought he was unconscious, they might let some information slip and he intended to learn as much as he could.

His captors were no more than four feet away. He soon realized he could tell a lot about where he was being held by the way their voices traveled about it. The room was not large but the ceiling was high and it seemed that there were few pieces of furniture to absorb the echoes. A fire crackled nearby in a fireplace a little too close for him to benefit from its heat; the tang of wood smoke filled the air. He also smelt pine and perfume thanks to Ally's new playmate. From these clues, he guessed that they were in Thornely Manor and if they were still in Newcastle, that meant they had to be there also.

Next, he tried to identify the voices of the two men only a few feet away or at least memorize them so he could identify them later. Both were British; the voice of one was a deep throaty Liverpool bass, the other spoke with a Dudley twang putting him in mind of Moxey and Barry respectively. Two men had jumped him at his house; he'd lay odds that these were the same ones.

As the men talked, he could hear a 1930s gangster film on television interrupted occasionally by a curse from the Brummie. Finally, Dennis identified what was going on; they were watching the James Cagney film Angels with Dirty Faces and judging by the expletives, he was seeing some bad things and their words began to give Dennis hope that Ally and his American girlfriend were not involved.

"Wha'cha gonna do with your share of the money, Monkhbat?" the Brummie asked.

"Haven't decided yet," came the deep-voiced response. "You?"

"Yeah, that's easy. I'm gonna buy a boxing club in Peru and manage a few fighters. With my experience in and out of the ring ..."

"Hell, Jonesy, the only boxing experience you've had was in prison!"

"Yeah and I won the lightweight title twice! Not to mention managing the heavy-weight champ for eight years!"

"So? Who's gonna want a manager who can't show his face 'cause he'll be arrested and clapped in jail if he's ever recognized?"

"Well, maybe I'll wear a mask. Yeah, I'll be the Masked Manager." Jonesy finished excitedly.

He was answered by a derisive snort. "Whadda ya hear! Whadda ya say!" the deep voice shouted at the television.

"Okay, now I know you're lying," There was a sudden shifting as the Brummie whined "I saw you do stuff like this earlier."

"And what if I am?" boomed Monkhbat. "Whatcha gonna do, ask the boss and his girlfriend to shoot me in the bollocks?"

Dennis's eyebrows flew up and his heart dropped through the floor hammering wildly. So they were working for Ally and that American woman and he was in very deep trouble. Against his better judgement, he couldn't help but review his last encounter with this very dangerous man 3 years ago. There had to be a way out, there had to.

"Aah, money's no good out here anyway," the Brummie decided. "I won't tell, as soon as we're done here and paid, I'm off to Peru!"

"Who said we were playing just for money?" the deep voice boomed. Dennis heard footsteps approach, then an arm dug into his back. "I was playing for first dibs on this guy."

The second set of footfalls neared; now both men were standing over him. "Well, all bets are off then," said Jonesy sadly. "'Cause the boss'll get his turn first, remember? And why's he taking so long making that radio call? All he had to do was tell the others that their leader was here."

"Don't know. I wish he'd hurry. This waiting around is making me jumpy."

"Yeah, me too. Know what, Monkhbat? I'll be glad when this little job's done."

"Cool it, Jonesy. If you let him hear you, he might decide to kill you before he kills Fats here."

"Whoa, don't even go there!" The Brummie accent wavered just a bit as if the speaker shuddered.

Dennis's mouth went dry and his characteristic optimism fairly leaked away. Whatever Dennis had planned for him must be particularly gruesome if any of Ally's men each got "a turn" to soften him up. He found he didn't want to guess what Ally's own part in it must be if even these two idiots found it repugnant. Evidently, Ally was after far more than what he'd almost gotten in the first place and no amount of Bomber's survival training was going to help him now.

When the two retreated back to their movie, Dennis realized he might not have another opportunity to summon help. Quietly, he turned his left arm and realized that there was no way he could reach his watch ... and then he sagged inwardly remembering; it wasn't even there. As awareness was slipping away at his home, he felt them remove it. He still had his edible transmitter in his trousers pocket but even if he could reach it with his bound hands, he wouldn't be able to activate it.

Then things went from bad to worse. A door suddenly opened and the two men jumped to their feet.

"Well, boss ... uh, what's the good word?" Jonesy stammered.

"Yeah, what'd your woman say?" Monkhbat's deep voice intoned.

Footsteps approached and stopped behind Dennis who was fighting now to keep down his terror. "The visit to Newcastle Freeman Hospital disguised as a doctor went as planned so we're on schedule. Busridge'll be dead first thing tomorrow." Ally's voice was warm and mellow which was very unlike him. Dennis's mind whirled; one part of him hoping irrationally that this was all an elaborate practical joke, the rest sure beyond doubt that it was not. He felt his mind slipping away from him unable get it to settle on any one thought.

A hinge creaked above him and a wave of cold air poured down and over him; evidently, he was under a window that Ally had opened to peek outside. It was all Dennis could do to keep from shuddering.

"Is it still raining?" asked Lucretia as she entered the room as the cold air flow ceased as the hinge creaked again and then Ally stooped down behind Dennis.

"Yes," said Ally turning his attention to the men. "How's sleeping beauty here? Decided to join the party, yet?"

"Not yet." said both men in unison.

Ally grunted as he roughly grabbed Dennis by the chin and glared at him. Dennis barely kept from shuddering in revulsion as Ally's other hand stroked softly along his cheek murmuring "Well, well. Isn't this a piece of work!" Then Dennis jumped and opened his eyes as the hand settled on the front of his trousers.

"Oz, I told you never to..." groaned Dennis feigning confusion thinking that Oz had accidentally grabbed his crotch again until he found himself face to face with Ally Fraser. "Hell's bollocks, you."

"So," Ally's voice was almost a snarl. "You're awake. How much have you heard, I wonder? Enough to move things along?" The hand removed itself but Dennis still panicked and yelped in outrage and desperately fought to get away from him.

"Hmm, I might enjoy staying here until the others show up." murmured Dennis, his eyes firmly taking the measure of Lucretia and Ally in front of him.

The other two shuffled their feet uncomfortably. "Yeah, well, if he's awake, let's get on with it, huh?" Monkhbat demanded.

"Yeah," Jonesy echoed. "We aren't bein' paid just to, uh, look at him."

"Okay, okay," Ally pulled away reluctantly leaving Dennis panting in fear. "Let's see," he said thoughtfully moving around the room. Then his footsteps stopped near the fireplace. "Where's that rope? I think keeping Mr Patterson here tied to that chair'll do nicely."

"In the kitchen ..." Monkhbat's footsteps moved away and Dennis heard a door creak. A few moments later, it creaked again.

Then Lucretia said "Throw it over here..."

Monkhbat grunted and Dennis heard the whistling of the rope as it traveled around his arms securing him to the chair was already tied to. One level in his mind, he knew he was trapped unable to escape the bindings around him but on another level, he wanted to make Ally think twice about touching him again. The Scotsman was too smug and too sly for his own good.

"That should hold him." said Monkhbat.

"Crude but effective," Ally agreed. "Thank you, boys. Me and Lucretia'll take it from here for the time being. I don't know what you have planned for the next two hours but you're welcome to stay and watch ..."

The two men sounded startled by the offer. They demurred hurriedly then there was a flurry of activity: shuffling of feet, the opening and closing of doors. Finally, with a rush of wind and a swirl of cold air that left Dennis even more chilling. Monkhbat and Jonesey left the room leaving him alone with Ally and Lucretia.

"Morons," Lucretia commented as the door slammed. "I forgot why we hired them."

"They're part of the team," said Ally as he crossed the room and Dennis heard the click of a switch. "There, since the others couldn't be here, Lucretia suggested that maybe they'd like to know how you've been treated."

Dennis's mind lurched. If any of the others ever saw what was about to happen, it would kill them as surely as if Ally put a gun to his head and he was utterly helpless to prevent it.

"Okay, since we're going to become ... intimate, shall we say, I think it's appropriate that you know me a little better," Lucretia spoke softly, her voice like warm honey but Dennis felt the cold knot of fear that had formed deep inside him twist even tighter. "My name's Lucretia Delvecchio but Ally or Sugar Pop as I call him calls me Lemon Pie. Am I right, Sugar Pop?"

"Yes, Lemon Pie," chuckled Ally with that smirk on his face that made Dennis wish Oz were here so he can punch Ally in the mouth. "There's one thing I'm quite curious about since unfortunately, the rest of our team seemed to think it important that you stayed unconscious. Sadistic fools."

"Forgive me for saying this but if you want sadistic fool, Ally, you should really look in a mirror." Dennis reminded his nemesis.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?" Ally yelled in Dennis's face.

"He said that if you want..." Lucretia began as Ally turned from Dennis to her.

"I heard what he bastard well said to me," snarled Ally turning from Lucretia to Dennis. "I should slap you for that."

"Do it then!!" said Lucretia and Dennis in unison and as Ally slapped Dennis across the face, a hard wrapped object slipped out of a pocket of the chinos, bounced across the floor and by Lucretia's left foot. Dennis stifled a gasp of dismay; it was his edible transmitter. Dennis watched the transmitter bounce near Lucretia's left Stiletto heel and stop relieved despite himself. It appeared to be intact and was hopefully far enough away from the fire to be safe. For all the good it did him now.

Ally had also sharply drawn a breath but he didn't seem to be aware of the object as he realized that since the moment they met, he and Lucretia only had eyes for each other as Dennis felt sick. Lucretia was nodding and smiling approvingly as Ally glared at his Geordie nemesis and started another circuit, this time using her right hand to explore his left thigh as she had done for the last 15 months.

"Not here, for God's sake," hissed Ally. "We have company." Suddenly, he removed Lucretia's hand from his thigh and turned his attention to Dennis. "Right, young man, where's that 25 grand you stole from me 3 years ago?"

"I have no idea." Dennis lied hoping Ally would leave him alone.

"You, Dennis Patterson, are a very bad liar," snarled Ally placing his right hand on Dennis's left thigh and started stroking it. "Tell me where that money is or you're going to wish you'd never met me."

"Go to Hell," stated Dennis. "Your plan to keep your last partner with you was a failure and so have you been. Go to Hell, I'll tell you sod all."

"Don't you dare talk to me that way," growled Ally as his hand went upwards avoiding Dennis's crotch instead touching his hip and stomach. "Where. Is. My. 25. Grand?"

"It's in the site management's safe," groaned Dennis finally cracking under interrogation. "I've kept it in there for the last 3 years and the combination is 1977."

"Thank you," smirked Ally as Lucretia stroked his thigh. Lucretia's touch was as tender as any woman he had been with before. "Sorry about that, Dennis, Lemon Pie wants my attention."

"Thank you, sweetie," said Lucretia turning from Ally to Dennis. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Your pain in the arse other half is what happened to me," said Dennis. "The two of you are as bad as each other."

Dennis's mind reeled. Ally and Lucretia were about to have sex with each other and if Oz were here, Dennis himself would ask his colleague to castrate the sly Scotsman afterwards. As both Ally and Lucretia left the living room, he got a brief glimpse into the room before the door closed; it was the living room door.

Dennis sighed and thanked heaven for the respite; then shook his head, this wasn't over yet. The situation had gone to hell in a hurry. He stared morbidly at his transmitter in the edge of the fireplace. Although he was close enough to the fire that the front of him was warm, his back remained untouched by the heat. Even if he could reach the transmitter to signal the others, it would still be an hour or more before help would arrive. It was so close but it might as well have been on the moon.

Finding himself alone, Dennis looked frantically around him but there was nothing within his reach. He was completely tied to that armchair; there was no possibility that he could free himself that way. His only chance seemed to lie in hoping anyone of Ally's new team could radio call the others but the circulation had been badly constricted at his wrists; on the chair's arms, his hands had turned a sickly gray. He couldn't even feel them.

Above him, several thick beams ran parallel to the fireplace mantle under the peaked ceiling. A simple electrical light fixture installed in the central beam offered illumination to the entire room. Even if he could get untied, there was still his own jacket and Big Baz standing guard outside in the way of gaining his freedom.

The kitchen door and another closed door were on either side of the hearth and there were three other doors perpendicular to the hearth wall and opposite another wall. This last had a shuttered window and must have been where he was lying when he regained consciousness. One of the three doors was slightly ajar revealing the garage.

A couch and another chair near the fire were the only furniture he could see in the room where he was being held. A few coffee cups and a brandy glass stood on the kitchen table. Whoever had outfitted Thornely Manor had not expended much time or energy on furnishings.

In stark contrast, an expensive video recording device stood in the corner by the table, its lens trained directly at him while a small glowing dot indicated that it was presently recording his every move and about to record all of anybody else's. He found he could not look in its direction very long.

How do I get out of here but how? thought Dennis, his head looking around him as he heard Ally and Lucretia kissing and Lucretia moaning and giggling. I need to get out here and quick. Come on, Dennis, think. He had to get out of the situation he was in until he remembered that all he had to do was impersonate Ally's voice. Sure, that Glasgow accent startled him but it had to work, it just had to.

"Baz, get yourself in here," said Dennis doing his best Ally Fraser impersonation and sure enough, Big Baz appeared in the room. "I'm behind you and I'd like you to radio call the Patterson home, I need a word with Dennis's team right away."

"Yes, Mr Fraser. I'm on it, Mr Fraser." said Big Baz unaware that he had been tricked into radio calling the team.

Back at Dennis and Christine's home, Barry was beginning to fear that Fraser was planning something but knew in his heart that Dennis was not dead. If he was dead, no one would have removed his watch as they did. This thought scared him more than the thought of his missing leader. Only a few people knew the secret of the watch Dennis had kept on him and most were in this very room. There was only one person who knew about this and would commit such a reprehensible deed: Ally Fraser.

"Why would Fraser do this to us, Bal?" asked Wayne.

"You know, Wayne," there's only one reason why," sighed Barry. "He wants revenge on us, I think that Fraser..."

"Barry, don't start. Now tell me everything you know." said Neville already knowing that this had been planned. It had to have been which meant that the attack on Bomber was no accident.

"Hello, anybody there?" said a familiar voice on the CB radio on Dennis's coffee table. "Somebody please answer."

"Who's there?" asked the five men in the room as Oz grabbed the microphone, pressed the button and turned to the others.

"We're here but...your voice sounds familiar." said Oz.

"It's Dennis." The voice said and the team were glad clamoring around the radio hoping Dennis could tell them where he was.

Before anyone could puzzle on how they could discover the origin of the language outside the door, Moxey drew in a surprised breath. Oz, Barry, Neville and Wayne turned to look at him. His eyes grew wide. Turning to the other men gaping at him, he said "I can tell you what the other voice is. It's Mongolian. I know the dialect quite well as I saw a film about Genghis Khan and I can tell yous lot what he's saying."

As the voice got nearer, Moxey began translating "He says 'What the hell are you doing?' Then Big Baz says that he thought he was helping Fraser. The other asks 'Do you realize you're being set up?'' Big Baz thinks he's crazy.'"

"I see the team's bound to fall apart without me so here's the plan," said Dennis's voice. "Barry, you're the leader for the time being, Neville's your loyal sidekick, Oz's the tough lad, Moxey's the smart lad and Wayne's the Cockney lad that goes slightly crazy."

"Wait, what??" gasped Wayne.

"Dennis." Oz began.

"Something wrong, Oz?" asked Dennis's voice.

"What the hell's going on here?" demanded Ally's voice.

"You know Fraser's in the room with you right now." said Oz.

"Bloody hell," said Dennis's voice. "I'm going to die if he gets his hands on me again."

"Too right I am," Ally's voice snarled. "Baz, put that microphone down before I..."

"NO!!!!!" yelled the others as the radio connection between them and Dennis went dead.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at? You'll die anyway but you're going to be in trouble that you can't even imagine," Ally growled at Dennis furious that he had tricked Big Baz into contacting the others. "This ends here."

"Wait a secon-" started Dennis but Ally injected him with the same knockout drug he used on him earlier before walking out of the room elated.
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Re: Bad Karma

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When Lucretia's mind finally came back from wherever it had been, she realized she was in pain in a way she'd hurt for the last 15 months. Her head was lolled back on Ally's shoulder as she lacked the strength to do anything about it and ... she realized that they had slept together in the master bedroom of Thornely Manor.

Ally was breathing heavily but hugging her tight; his face pressed against hers, an arm around her chest. "I hurt you, didn't I, sweetheart?"

"A bit but I'm okay." groaned Lucretia touching herself under the blanket aware of the pain in the places where Ally had cut her the third time they slept together just 14 months previously.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you..." sighed Ally stroking his other half's curly jet black hair.

"It's okay," said Lucretia hugging Ally to her. "Oh please don't look like that. Can't you see how hard this is for me? I'll be well-paid and keeping you out of prison but it's almost not worth the money...Oh."

Ally was satisfied at heart. He was sure he didn't like this new development any more than the scenario he'd already deduced on Dennis and speaking of Dennis, he once told Ally there was no way in Hell he was willingly going anywhere with this man. There was no doubt that Ally's own change of mind was Lucretia's work but what was she up to?

"Question," said Wayne as the team were in Oz's Ford Zephyr. "Moxey, you sure that one of them blokes was Mongolian?"

"Yes, Wayne, I'm tossing well sure. I also noticed that the accent sounded more Cressington than Wavertree." groaned Moxey as the others nodded.

"Then I think we should concentrate on finding Dennis when we get to Thornely. Pronto," said Barry. "We all know that place is large. It's still a very large area and there's no way we can scan it from outside. That'd tip Fraser off."

"There's no doubt that he'd kill Dennis rather then give us the opportunity to rescue him," said Neville sadly as Oz stopped the car outside Thornely Manor. "I won't take that chance."

"Neville's right," said Barry. "Me, Neville and Wayne'll be trying to convince Fraser that his electricity's going crazy while Moxey and Oz find Dennis. Always watch your backs and keep on your guard. We don't need more of us to be captured too." All nodded their understanding and agreement.

As he, Neville and Wayne searched Thornely Manor for anything that convinced Ally that his electricity was going crazy, Barry searched nearly every room until he found one. Wayne had his headphones in while Neville was studying the area around them and comparing it to the map he'd seen of the place. He was afraid that the years he had spent trying to avoid this place. Being an electrician, Barry hoped they would be able to move quicker. Every moment Dennis was a prisoner here was a thousand times too much. Barry was worried. In what shape would they find Dennis?

He just could not bear to look at Wayne or Neville who were working their hardest to help him as his face was turning an unhealthy grey color and his blue eyes were dull with constant worry. With Dennis trapped here, the natural worry was compounded with the fact that he had no where to turn to for support. He knew that if he asked, Moxey would try to help him but Barry could not bring himself to do that. He knew he had enough to think about. Finally, Barry was messing with Thornely Manor's electricity like a teenage hooligan messing with a radio.

"What's happening?" Ally asked as he saw the lamp light going dim.

"No idea but there's something wrong here." said Lucretia as she and Ally got out of the bed, got dressed and went to investigate.

Elsewhere, Oz wouldn't have mentioned it to any of his colleagues but he had almost lost all hope if Bomber died. Fraser was a bastard and a mastermind. He wouldn't have an easy to find lair. A slight sneeze behind him alerted him to the fact that someone was present behind him. Before he could turn around, arms encircled his shoulders. Moxey.

Moxey gave his Geordie pal another squeeze. Oz sighed. It had taken almost an hour but finally, they had found Fraser's living room. If Dennis was in there, they'd get him out of there. Fraser and his new girlfriend would pay. If it was the last thing Oz did, the two of them would pay.

As both men entered the living room and glanced around, Moxey immediately spotted the lifeless figure tied to an armchair. Though he had seen many things during his time in prison, still the sight shocked him. Though he thought people like Ally Fraser had passed him when he least expected it, one learned quickly here not to trust anything. However, his examination was not as thorough as it would normally have been. It was Dennis's breathing that was echoing through the room and it didn't sound normal. Knowing how Big Baz worked, the first thing he had done was rough their leader up a bit and show him who's boss and his usual method was to bruise or break a couple ribs and let you suffer.

"Is he okay, man?" asked Oz quietly hoping Big Baz didn't hear.

"Wait a minute, he's waking up." said Moxey as Dennis started showing signs of waking up.

Dennis slowly opened his eyes. He didn't want to. There didn't seem to be a part of his head that didn't hurt. Wearily, he raised his head only to be confronted with Moxey and Oz staring back at him. Before he could react, Moxey leaped backwards landing on his rear end and got to his feet. For several long minutes, neither said a word.

"Team Alpha to Team Beta," said Barry's voice on the walkie talkie attached to Moxey's belt. "Team Alpha to Team Beta."

"This is Team Beta. Go ahead, Team Alpha." said Moxey pressing the walkie talkie button.

"Are you making any progress? Did you find Red Dragon yet?" asked Barry's voice.

"We found him, Yellow Wolf," said Moxey. "Moreover, me and Black Lion need you, Pink Crane and Green Unicorn in the Hood's living room right away." Both he and Oz were rather pleased that Dennis was alive. In addition, though most people did not know it, the team knew Barry was getting better with messing with lights and Neville was very adept at hacking.

"Allow me," groaned Dennis as Moxey handed the walkie talkie to him a few seconds after Oz got him untied. "Well then, how would you like to trace the Hood's assets? That to me would seem to be the easiest way to catch him." He imagined Barry's brow furrowing in thought and then, his countenance lit up.

"That's a fantastic idea, Red Dragon! What's more, I think it just might work," said Barry's voice. "If Pink Crane worked on it continuously, we could have something within a few minutes!"

"Be in the Hood's living room when you're done," said Dennis. "Over and out."

Neville had no clue what was going on and said as much to his colleagues. When everything was explained to him, he was very excited.

"That's fantastic and according to Moxey, my hacking abilities are a bonus. We'll be able to track Dennis down in no time!" said Neville but Wayne shook his head.

"Nice try, Nev," said Wayne. "Moxey and Oz found him in Fraser's living room."

"You two look out in case Fraser shows up while I go save Dennis." said Barry as he ran to the living room.
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Oct 25, 2019 12:33 pm

Barry kindly asked Wayne and Neville to keep lookout in case Ally and his girlfriend came by and dashed to the living room letting his own state of mind heal and worry about what was to come. As he saw Big Baz passing him, Barry saw no one apart from a blonde woman, a short red haired man, a beefy black man and a dark haired man in what appeared to be a Genghis Khan outfit. As he came to the door, he was startled to discover that it was thrown open. He saw Dennis straining until he could see who it was.

Walking as quickly as he could, Barry rushed forwards to give his boss/leader a hug. Standing before Dennis, Moxey and Oz, he motioned for Oz to close the door. He then turned to the door in case Ally turned up.

"Barry, where are Neville and Wayne?" asked Dennis looking around the room.

"I asked them to be on the lookout for Fraser!" said Barry as he bent his head and as he did so, Moxey turned and regarded the room. It had changed quite a lot in the last 3 years they had been here. Oz stood as still as a statue by the door and seemed to see nothing. He was not facing the others, yet they saw him throw imperceptible glances in his direction. This silent, tense time went on for several minutes. Suddenly, two voices were heard down the corridor scaring the hell out of them.

Dennis finally got to his feet and screamed "Ally's coming, let's get out of here!" Before he could shout anything else, movement from Oz caused him to pause.

"Too late." said Oz as the door flew open to find Ally and Lucretia before them. Ally slithered over to Dennis until their faces were inches from each other.

"What did you say?" asked Ally as Dennis couldn't keep the loathing inside anymore. He could see Oz slowly getting to his feet, eyes blinking furiously trying to keep anger from coming out. Dennis punched Ally in the face as hard as he could. Instead of exploding as the four builders had thought and hoped, he clapped his hands. Lucretia came to her boyfriend's side. She grabbed him by the arm and hauled him to his feet and he gestured her to come over to him, the men noticed that she had two ropes with her. Quickly dropping them, she hurried over to Dennis and grabbed him. Oz, Barry and Moxey were horrified.

"You're sick, you know that?" asked Moxey wanting to kill the Scotsman before him.

"Your quarrel's with me, boys! Don't involve Lucretia," Ally coolly examined the four men. "I want you boys to see what'll happen if any of you ever dare to do that again. Besides," he said as he approached them. "This is more painful for you then if I had Big Baz whip your boss."

Much to Oz's surprise, Dennis did not struggle. Instead, he stood still as Barry was placed back to back with him and Oz himself was back to back with Moxey. Neither of them didn't know if it was on purpose or by accident but Lucretia guessed that Dennis and Ally hadn't seen eye to eye. Dennis's eyes were wide with fright yet he and his fellow builders were trying desperately to remain calm.

"Drop the babysitter, kids, Mum and Dad are home." said Wayne as he saw the short redhead and the blonde woman passing him and Neville who was silent. The two of them noticed the woman who Wayne guessed looked a lot like the singer Madonna walked quietly past them. A frown crossed her forehead when no one came to greet her. Then she shrugged and stopped before the two of them. Pulling her Russian cap off her head, she smoothed her curly hair back into place then proceeded to pull a handgun on them.

Soon, Neville let out a yelp of surprise and was about to run. Pausing briefly at the small man before him, he changed his mind and continued to stand by Wayne. As he did so, he could not suppress a slight shudder. He suddenly realized he and Wayne had not seen Barry since he went to the living room. Not in the entrance, any of the hallways nor outdoors either. The man in the Genghis Khan outfit and the black man were also around them. Finally, they stood back to back knowing they were both surrounded and outnumbered. Resting his back against Wayne's Neville strained with all his senses to hear something from the room whose light was peaking under the door and flowing down the darkened hall.

A loud voice split the silence, the words cracking in the air like a whip as the woman said "Are these two part of Patterson's lot?"

"Yes, Mother Russia, quite sure," said the short man in a Brummie accent. "And the boss said they'd come straight here."

"They did come to us, didn't they. Perhaps he lied to us. We should teach him what happens to people who lie to us." the black man said in a Geordie accent. Neville bit his lip as the voices came to them quivering slightly with fear.

"I swear to you, we're just passing," said Wayne. "Look, mate, I promise you, our Dennis'd tell us if he got kidnapped." Neville could not take this. Wayne was making eyes at the girl, obviously a criminal and wanting to sleep with her knowing Wayne. This had to be about where Dennis was. Suddenly, Big Baz approached them with Fraser behind him.

"Whatever you do, Baz, don't kill them. Yet." said Ally as his deep evil chuckle was followed by Big Baz's footsteps heading down the hallway. The door closed and Wayne was forced to stand perfectly still. He prayed desperately that Big Baz would not have a reason to turn around. When he rounded the far corner without a glance back, the blonde heaved a huge but quiet sigh. Then, she started to plan. She was still trying to figure out how to get the one with the bad hair away from his friend when she heard Big Baz stomp back up the hallway. There was no where to hide, the two men were trapped!

Big Baz's eyes held both the remaining builders for one long moment then an evil smile came on his face. Stomping his feet to get Ally's attention, he began moving in towards them. Wayne felt his body slide into a defensive posture; all of his martial arts and hand-to-hand combat training coming to the fore. Big Baz's grin grew brighter and his body tensed, preparing for the inevitable battle. The moment stretched into eternity, both seasoned fighters waiting for the other to make the first move. Suddenly, Big Baz let out a half growl half shout and raced towards Wayne. Bringing up one of his thin yet muscular arms, he blocked him effortlessly. Surprise flickered in his eyes but only for a second.

Movement registered in Wanye's peripheral vision. Leaping straight up, he avoided the thick leg that had been trying to sweep his feet out from under him. He somersaulted over his head and landing lightly on the carpeted floor, turned and shot his leg out sending a massive kick right at the small of his back. He stumbled forward before catching himself. Swiftly turning around, his cold, calculating eyes rested on him and Neville. The first hit had been the Londoner's. From now on, no mercy would be shown.

They traded blows for several minutes though it seemed hours. Wayne was tiring and he knew it; thinking quickly, he faked a left-handed thrust turning it into a right high kick. Big Baz was thrown back against the wall; the striking of his head causing a dull thunk that echoed through the hall. Neville watched as Wayne straightened his sweat-soaked form when a noise behind caused the two of them to make a quick half-turn. Standing behind them was Ally Fraser himself.

"Bravo, bravo, boys. You've really surpassed my expectations."

Wayne gave a brief inclination of her head and answered "Glad to know I still got the power to astonish. However, I trust it won't happen again." A slight twitch of Ally's eyebrows was the only expression he would give them.

"No, I'm afraid not," smirked Ally as silence lay between them for a time. Finally, Ally broke the silence. "Might I offer you the services of my hospitality for a time."

"We rather think not," said Neville. "Dennis told us that you don't make it a habit to accept invitations from men who have broken into this place. Rather conventional, I know but what can I say?" This time, Neville was sure he had seen a slight gleam of humor in his dark eyes. Both he and Wayne breathed a quick prayer of thanksgiving for wanting to find the others. They were both in desperate need of it now.

"I fear I must insist. You see, your so-called glorious leader's been...rather recalcitrant and refused to provide me with a small tidbit of information. Now, Uncle Ally'd give you boys the option of providing this service but from the delightful conversation we've been having, I doubt you would."

"Try me. I've a relatively open mind." Wayne told Ally sarcastically.

"All I'm asking for is the plans to the new shopping centre you laddies are building which is due to open some time after Christmas," said Ally. "I also know you've been helping Dr McCabe in finding lout her oldest two children are also mine."

"Well, in this case, I'm afraid you're right," said Neville. "It's just a little too much to ask of me. Now, I might ask you to take us to Dennis and the others the easy way but I have this feeling you won't do so."

"We seem to understand each other perfectly. I apologize for this but you leave me with no choice." said Ally but before Neville and Wayne could ask him to clarify his statement, Big Baz grabbed the two of them. Neville fainted straight away but Wayne felt his mind drifting shutting down all conscious thought. He began fighting this man but it was too late. His eyes closed of their own volition and Wayne knew no more.
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 12:33 pm

Wayne's eyes opened to find himself in the living room of Thornely Manor. He was facing Dennis while tied back to back with Barry who was staring at Moxey who was tied back to back with Neville who was facing Oz. He did not want to go on, he could not go on. Yet, he deserved to hear the truth about Ally Fraser; he just did not think he had the strength. Barry's sudden cough brought his attention back to the room. Ally and Lucretia were glaring at them and with Barry being an electrician, they guessed it was him messing with the lights.

"Hey, I know it's rough," Lucretia told the boys. "If it makes you feel any better, I gotta tell you guys about how I got with Ally here or he'll use your boss as a punching bag. I'll tell everything about our sex life but we need to know what happened before I got there."

"I know it's got to be terrible," groaned Wayne. "We only came here a few times, his last woman got away and we don't know where she is."

"They don't need to know about our sex life, sweetheart," Ally told Lucretia before turning to the builders. "Sorry about...sorry about that...You know how some women are, boys."

Dennis cleared his throat to get the attention of his team and said "We know." Smiling, Lucretia visibly gathered strength and plowed on.

"In March last year, I was alone after my SOB of an ex husband left me for a black lady. Everyday for that last year, I wanted to kill him and dump him in an alleyway in Brooklyn. From the beginning, I'd tell him to think of the kids...or I'll kick the crap out of him...That went on long, I don't know the exact length; all I know is that it felt like months until that July when I met Ally here. When we started speaking, I told him of my crappy love life and he said he understood. That Kenny Ames with him said he wanted to puke. Dumbass."

The image of Kenny Ames staring at her made her want to kill him and she didn't mind if Ally had his go first. She had thought she would've been with Ally than Kenny but to see Ames like this now was a bit more then Ally could stand. Watching as the tiny Italian-American female mob boss attacked Kenny, Ally asked if he could have a go as he watched the proceedings. He was pleased with the progress this woman had performed. Soon, Kenny would break and the two of them would be together and once this happened... A thin smile split his formidable appearance as he continued to watch the drama unfold.

Suddenly, Kenny gave one last scream and lay still. Lucretia bent down and checked for a pulse, a breath, anything. Finding her answer, she stood and approached Ally wishing she had killed him and said "He's out cold, Mr Fraser."

"Call me Ally." Ally told her.

Lucretia smiled at the Scot before her, he was smiling back at her. Both were standing before Kenny who was coming to and wishing that there was a gun in the room. As he came to, Ally gestured for Big Baz to drag Kenny to him and asked him to reconsider.

"This is your last chance, Kenny," snapped Ally. "After this, the consequences are on your head. I've been more then reasonable."

"The HELL you have," Kenny snarled back. "That woman beat me up, tortured me; she beat the shit out of me! Any remote, minuscule chance that I might've helped you has been dead for a long time. You're wasting your breath."

"Are you ready to give me what I want, pally?" Luctreia said. "If not, I'll do it myself."

"She will, trust me." said Ally as Kenny passed out. Ally told Big Baz to clean the mess up as he and Lucretia went upstairs to the bedroom.

The next morning, Lucretia awoke stiff and sore the next morning still replaying the incident of last night over and over in her mind. She stretched a bit to work out the kinks in her muscles and swung her feet over the side of the bed. She put her head in her hands remembering the things she had said and done, the feeling of power and sexuality that had swept over her as she tasted the blood.

After Ally had taken her on that bed, he had his way with her about three times, each time more kinky and twisted than the time before and Lucretia had begged him to do it, begged him to take her and use her body. Begged him to pleasure her over and over. Ally had happily agreed.

Getting up, she moved to the wash basin to attend to her morning needs. Bright brown eyes stared back at her from the mirror that was perched atop the nightstand. For a long time, she just stood in front of the mirror examining her skin which bore fresh bruises and cuts. They would not be there for long but if she knew this Ally guy, he hated to see her with anything less than perfect skin and yesterday's abuse had injured her badly.

She picked up the silver backed brush and began attacking her hair. It was tangled and knotted from Ally's fingers the previous evening. The very memory of his ministrations on her body made her shudder. Even after last night, she still enjoyed what he did do her. What made it better was that last night, she had begged Ally to sleep with her.

Taking one last swipe with the brush, she rummaged through the bureau full of clothing that she had bought with her the day before looking for something decent to wear until she found a pink mini skirt, a white sleeveless blouse and matching pumps. Running her hands down the length of her body, the female mob boss felt the familiar heat of sexual arousal wash flare up inside her as she finally rooted through her jewelry box examining each of the baubles in turn. Like most of the men she was with, Ally liked her adorned with many of the items that he had given her. Her back still smarted from the whipping he had given her a few days before for failing to wear any of the jewelry and she didn't want a repeat of that particular torture for a while.

She slid two thick gold armlets encrusted with fine jewels to her upper arms. A chain dangled from the right armlet that attached to a gold ring encrusted with Fire gems. She snaked the chain around her forearm and slid the ring over her finger to complete the piece. Lucretia also draped a heavy gold collar necklace around her neck so that it rested at the base of her throat. She clasped golden anklets around her thin ankles which completed the look.

In an odd way, she no longer minded wearing the jewelry, once she found out where it had come from. Studying herself in the mirror once more, Lucretia decided that Ally would be happy with her look today and sat on the edge of her bed to wait for him to wake up. She did not have to wait long as he woke up.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Ally fairly yawned. "You do look lovely this morning."

His eyes swept over her a she stood up and walked towards him. There was no sense in making things anymore difficult than they had to be. If she disobeyed, he'd would've dragged her to him anyway. Better that she go with the last bit of dignity she had left.

"Good morning, sweetie." she replied in as pleasant a tone as she could manage while her eyes flashed dangerous.

"Don't look at me that way, Lucretia," said Ally as he reproached her. "I'm only here to see that you're well as always. Unless you wish me to undertake more, ahem, pleasurable ventures? As you did last night perhaps?"

The Scotsman knew how much liked the things he did to her body, knew that she liked her pleasure tinged with a bit of pain. Yet he also knew that she despised him. The mere fact that she felt this way gave him great satisfaction, more so than he had ever imagined.

"I'm fine," she replied and tossed her head feeling the small spark of blood power ignite once more. "I don't need anything."

At that moment, she had never looked more lovely to Ally and he felt his lust grow as the golden sunlight spilled through the glass dome overhead, bathing her in a golden glow and illuminating her body through the sheer fabric of her blouse, her breasts slightly swollen that morning probably from any ministrations from the night before.

"Oh no, guys," said Oz as he saw Neville about to fall asleep. "Our Nev's about to faint."

"They make me sick, they do." said Neville as a black curtain descended behind his eyes and he felt himself sink into unconsciousness.
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 1:20 pm

The next thing Neville knew, hands were shaking her awake and she opened her eyes slowly. Instead of looking as Oz, he found himself staring into a pair of green eyes framed by curly red hair.

"Nev," the out of focus face screamed. "Can you hear me? Can you get up?"

He tried to get her mouth to form the words but found he couldn't, his arousal still confusing him.

"Joe," the green and red blob yelled. "Get up here! I need help!"

This time, Wayne tried to speak but the words died on his tongue as he found himself wanting to fall asleep but Dennis shook his head.

Stacey shook Neville several times until he finally woke up. She had called for Joe when the six builders noticed the girl in front of them. She had a feeling that the only member of this gang Joe could lift was Dennis because he was the shortest at 5'6" but him lifting the others was too much. She needed her boyfriend to come to her.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" a voice echoed far below Stacey followed by the pounding of a pair of feet along the corridor.

Glancing around the room, Stacey shuddered as she imagined what these guys might have experienced here over the last few hours. Dennis and Oz were tied to armchairs and the rest of the guys were tied back to back on the couch. In Stacey's eyes, this was a bit like a builders version of Noah's Ark. What her biological father was doing, Stacey didn't even want to guess.

She looked at the builders once more. They were all fine despite being tied up. Stacey clenched her fists in anger as the reality of Dennis's ordeal at the hands of the bastard she called her real father sunk in. Anger at him for being the biggest pain in the arse in the North East.

A roar from below told Stacey that Joe was having far more trouble with that muscle moron Fraser called a bodyguard than they had anticipated. Even with any training she had taught him, Joe was still having to dodge the bloke and Ally's booby traps along the stairs while protecting their way.

Stacey turned back to the builders and began to untie them one by one but she found it a little bit hard. Realizing that the easiest to untie was Dennis and the hardest to untie was Oz, Stacey began to search for anything that she could use to get the big guy free. She grabbed a Swiss army knife from Moxey's trench coat and noticed that there were too many evil spells lurking in these halls.

Finally, Stacey and the builders all heard a shout as Joe smashed open the rest of the heavy wooden door so the trainee builder could push past Big Baz so that he could get in.

"Stacey, are you okay?" asked Joe noticing that his girlfriend was goggling at the room he had just entered filled with both beautiful works of art and some ropes on the floor. As Stacey nodded at him, the brown haired man swept his jacket off his shoulders and handed it to her, his eyes still sweeping the room in horror and fascination. Stacey and Dennis both winced as they saw the jagged cut on Joe's upper right arm and the fresh burns below it as the fabric was swept aside.

God, Mam, I hope you're not tired, Stacey thought to herself. There are a lot of wounds for you to patch up when we get back.

On Stacey's orders, Barry tucked Joe's jacket around Wayne, who forgot his own jacket and lifted Oz off the chair he was tied to with Moxey's help just as a roar of anger rose up the stairwell.

"It's Fraser," Joe screamed as he glanced at the door. "Hurry up, guys, we've got to get moving! I think he wants barbecued teenagers for lunch tomorrow!"

"Hell's bollocks," gasped Stacey. "If he wants me and Jason to join him he can bloody well forget it."

Dennis, Barry, Wayne, Moxey, Oz and Neville all groaned. While they seemed to realize that they were being rescued, Stacey had a feeling that Neville was also not making much sense. She couldn't imagine why any builder in Newcastle would want anything that had to do with Ally Fraser. Joe, however, was clearly ready to get out of Thornely Manor and if that meant being dragged out by Oz, he had no problem with that.

"Let's go! Now," Barry shouted. "We'll all die if Fraser catches us and I don't want to become the latest addition to his lovely garden spot!"

They all seemed to run around Thornely Manor the second they were out of the living room until they ran into Ally and Lucretia. They were both kissing and it made Moxey ill to see this until Ally glared at them and asked "Going somewhere?"

"You!!" said both Dennis and Ally in unison.

"You know this guy?" asked Stacey staring at Dennis.

"Well, young lady, Dennis and I are old pals," lied Ally. "Although the last time we saw each other, Dennis and his team were the ones ruining my life. By the way, Dennis, you like this suit? It's Italian. Raw silk. Nice, huh?"

"You were more concerned about than people, Ally." stated Dennis.

"Oh Dennis, come on, there's no need to be rude," pouted Ally. "Not after I let my darling Lucretia take such care of you."

"Special care?" asked Moxey. "That's tying us lot back to back two by two like in Noah's Ark?"

"Had to," said Lucretia. "Otherwise, you guys'd run off and betray Ally like you did last time but hey, look at the side, at least you got company now."

"Let the kids go," said Neville. "They didn't do anything to you."

"Same old Neville or whatever your name is," Ally told Neville. "Standing up for the rights of others."

"You??" Joe and Stacey asked Neville in unison.

"But unfortunately, I can't let any of you go now," stated Ally. "You see, this experimental, um, business that I'm running is kind of a secret. I'm to show that my... team can be trained... to be and productive members of society."

"Well, if you're just running a business, then what's that gun doing in the hallway?" asked Joe charging towards Ally but Oz managed to grab his left arm.

"What a rude and badly dressed little puke you are," said Lucretia. "You kids need to show respect for superiors but that mean that you'd have to know how to know anything at all, right?"

"Hey, Dad, get off my back." growled Stacey.

"This gal your daughter?" Lucretia asked Ally.

"Damn right she is," Ally told Lucretia before turning his attention to Stacey. "You know, you look just like your mother but that nose and those shape of eyes are mine."

"Aye?" asked Stacey. "And my mam was right she said that you're a two-bit teenager-hating moron."

"That hurt, young lady but Daddy'll forgive you if you and Wee Joe there join me and Lucretia." said Ally.

"I'd rather eat dog shite, man." said Joe.

"That can be arranged, bub." snarled Lucretia.

"Not before we take you down." said Stacey and Joe in unison again.

"Take me down?" asked Ally shaking his head as he approached the two teenagers. "Yeah, right. You kids and what army?"

"Them and this army." said Dennis as he and his fellow builders formed a circle around Ally and Lucretia as Joe and Stacey stood amazed.

"Get them," Ally ordered his team as both he and Lucretia and waited. He grabbed Dennis firmly by the arm intent on using the man as a shield if necessary. "You're going nowhere, Patterson."

"Open fire as soon as they come through that door," Lucretia ordered as the guards took up defensive positions within the lab. "Kill them all."

Ally tensed as the doors flew open and he saw Joe charging at him come through. The guards immediately opened fire and the trainee builder dove out of the line of fire to safety behind a row of work tables. He ground his teeth as he watched the rest of the group follow suit behind him.

"You imbeciles can't hit a thing." Ally shouted over the gunfire.

Crouching behind the work tables, Joe took a moment to catch his breath. He knew his move had been a gutsy one but if he had paused for even a moment to assess the situation he would have been torn to shreds by the hail of bullets.

"Joe, that was bloody foolish." said Barry as he moved over next to Joe.

Joe shrugged at the Brummie electrician and said "We don't have a whole lot of time, Bar."

Oz moved next to Barry and asked "Did you happen to see how many goons we're facing? Fraser and his woman've got our Dennis in the middle of the room, that's about all I was able to see."

Moxey shook his head and said "No. I couldn't take me eyes off of them two."

The gunfire began to slow as the guards must have realized that their targets were not going to expose themselves.

"Well then, only one way to find out." Neville said as Barry stood and opened fire. Moxey, Oz and Stacey sighed and did the same and the four of them must have caught their attackers off guard by their sudden movements as they were able to quickly eliminate at least a half dozen men before the others regained their composure and fired back.

"How many more?" Wayne asked.

"Maybe another half dozen or so guards. I doubt the scientists'll put up much resistance." Barry answered.

Oz nodded and was about to make another assault when Moxey grunted and keeled over, grasping his wounded arm. "Mox, what is it?"

Through gritted teeth, Moxey met Oz's eyes and said "I don't think I got much longer."

"Bollocks." Barry mumbled.

"If there's an antidote, it must be here," said Neville. "Me and Wayne'll search for it." Wayne and Neville both scurried off and took cover behind another work table as a hail of gunfire erupted.

"Nev." Joe yelled and quickly followed the two men.

Moxey shook his head and managed a half-hearted laugh. "I have no idea where they get it from."

"Sure," Oz sneered. "Just hang in there for a few more minutes. We take out these guards then we can take Fraser and his girlfriend out."

Barry nodded and said "Just remember your promise if it comes to that."

Oz said "Just shut up and shoot, man."
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Re: Bad Karma

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:40 pm

Neville, Wayne and Joe dove behind another set of work benches as a hail of bullets punctured the floor and walls behind them. As they skidded across the floor, Joe's forward momentum was stopped as his body barreled into a scientist who was crouching for safety. The man flinched as the teenager barreled into him knocking him off balance. Joe recovered faster than the other man and noticed Wayne and Neville were right behind him as well.

Joe snatched a fistful of the man's lab coat into his hands and made sure he had the man's complete attention saying "We need the antidote."

"Wh-what antidote?" the man stammered in surprise at the boy's abruptness.

"For a colleague of ours who got shot." Joe snapped as he tightened his grip on the man.

"Oh," the man replied as he pushed his glassed back up his sweaty nose. "You should've said that."

"Where is it?" Joe growled. "We're running out of time."

The man's eyes darted across Joe's body obviously searching for bite marks and then quickly looked Wayne and Neville up and down as well. A burst of gunfire echoed throughout the lab and the small group ducked as shards of broken glass rained down on them from above.

Joe shook the man to reinforce their need for haste. "It's not for us but we need it now."

The scientist nodded and Joe released the man. Crawling on his hands and knees, the scientist crept to the edge of the work table and stole a quick glance around the corner. Turning back towards the waiting trio, he said "There's a refrigeration chamber against the far wall. Do you see it?" The man moved out of the way and Joe, Neville and Wayne all took turns searching for the chamber; the three of them nodded to the man and he continued.

"It's in there. The vials are labeled but it's a dark blue liquid that's already set in the injectors. Just grab one, remove the safety cover from the three prong needle and inject it as close to the infection sight as possible."

Joe studied the man's eyes as he spoke and from what the boy could tell the man was telling the truth. It was obvious this particular scientist and probably most of the others in the lab were more concerned with not getting shot.

"Thanks, man," Joe mumbled as he looked at the two builders with him. "You ready?"

"Yes but we have to move quickly." said Neville.

Joe nodded his agreement and said "That chamber's out in the open so it's gonna be difficult with all this shooting. This is going to be tough."

"Let's just get closer to the chamber and perhaps we can assess the situation better at that time." said Wayne.

"Alright, man," Joe agreed. "Let's do this."

Moxey's tongue was covered with the coppery taste of blood; the pain that was wrecking havoc on his body was almost out of control and he had bitten down on his lower lip to try and ease the pain but all he had succeeded in doing was making his mouth bleed.

Glancing at Oz and Barry, he said "I don't think I got much longer."

"Hopefully, the others are retrieving the antidote right now." said Barry trying to encourage the plasterer.

Moxey nodded but he wasn't convinced. "Maybe."

"You know what, Moxey?" said Stacey as the three builders turned their questioning gazes towards her. "I just realized that since we've been out here we've been getting shot at, attacked by my real dad and more basically, that bitch he's with."

Oz snorted a laugh and said "So what else is new?"

"What else is new is that here we are, actually here Moxey there is, moaning about it like a Duranie if they heard that Duran Duran split up when in reality, we should just stand up and shoot the crap out of these guys," said Stacey and as if in rebuttal, a short burst of rounds flew over their heads. "I'm really tired of getting shot at by these clowns, man."

"You know what, Stace, so am I." Barry responded as he checked his rifle, stood and fired. Moxey, Oz and Stacey all grinned at him and did the same.

Stacey fired that the remaining guards as she allowed herself a quick glance at the man she called her biological father, his girlfriend and the still captive Dennis. Ally appeared to be shouting furiously but his words were lost of the rattle of gunfire. A glimmer of hope crept into her eyes as she saw Ally's mouth snap shut when Moxey noticed that his boss was struggling against his grasp.

A round whizzed past Stacey's head and the sudden realization that she was still being shot at drew her attention back at her attackers. Only a few guards remained standing and as Stacey reloaded her rifle, he watched as Barry, Oz and Moxey quickly eliminated the remaining targets.

Spent shell casings pinged off the floor and the echoing sounds of the gun battle began to slowly fade away. Barry let his rifle hang at his side as he unholstered his handgun and quickly took an aim at Ally. Moxey's injured arm throbbed and as he released his weapon he clamped his good hand down on the wound as if the pressure would prevent his change.

Ally stood in astonishment, mouth agape but he quickly regained his composure as he saw his daughter and the three builders advancing on him. Hooking an arm around Dennis's throat, he pulled his captive against his body and with his other hand pressed the barrel of his pistol against the Geordie builder's temple.

"Move any closer and I'll kill him." Ally hissed and pressed the barrel against the other man's head even harder to solidify his point.

Moxey, Stacey, Barry and Oz all stopped in their tracks but Stacey did not lower her weapon.

Without taking his eyes off of Dennis or Ally, Oz quietly asked Stacey "Can you get him?"

Stacey shook her head and said "No clear shot."

Barry addressed the crooked businessman as he slowly inched forward, "Let him go, Fraser, it's over."

"Never," Ally spat as he pulled Dennis backwards. "You've ruined everything I've worked so hard to accomplish. Why can't you people just die?"

Moxey grimaced and fought against the pain. "You've lost. Give it up, there's nowhere to run."

"I won't let you ruin this for me." Ally replied and faster then Oz would have expected the man turned his pistol towards Moxey, Barry or Stacey and fired. The builders watched as the redheaded Geordie girl tried to react but couldn't move in time as Lucretia punched her in the back of the head.

"Stacey." Oz, Barry and Moxey all yelled and found themselves torn between Dennis and the now fallen Stacey.

Stacey groaned as she lay on the ground, her pistol flung from her grasp. Barry growled and lunged at Ally but he before he reached the pair, he stopped in his tracks as another gunshot ripped through the lab.

Ally staggered and let go of his hostage and Barry quickly reached out and pulled Dennis away from the line of fire. A wave of relief washed over him as he grabbed the other man and he knew that there was still some hope.

Surprise and fear clouded Ally's face as he glanced down and saw he was bleeding from his side. In a panic, he spun around in search of the new threat and was rewarded with another gunshot that ripped into his stomach. Ally staggered and collapsed to his knees, his pistol slipping from his grasp and Lucretia at his side.

"Lemon Pie." Ally coughed through a mouth full of blood.

"I know it was tough, Sugar Pop," said Lucretia. "And now look what it's gotten you."

"Please, I can..." Ally pleaded as he reached out towards the woman.

Lucretia leaned back from the man's reach and said "If you die on me, it's their fault."

"I know, sweetheart," gasped Ally. "I know."

"Oi, oi." Wayne yelled as he rushed across the lab towards the men; Neville and Joe on his heels.

The others watched the three men sprint up to the group and Joe held out a vial of dark blue liquid to Barry saying "Here's the antidote."

Barry grabbed the vial from the trainee builder and watched Neville for a reaction. The man did and said nothing.

"You've to inject Moxey and Ally by the wound." Dennis instructed.

"Hurry, man please." Stacey said and Barry could tell the girl was practically bouncing on the white knee length boots she was wearing.

"You better do it, Barry. Don't screw it up." Moxey groaned as Barry pulled the bandage from his wound and placed the injection needles against his skin. Neither he or Oz had never been a fan of needles but this time, Barry knew it was now or never. Setting his jaw, he pushed the vial down and the needles sank into his friend's skin. Moxey flinched at the sudden rush of heat and pain that shot through his arm as the blue liquid filtered down into his bloodstream. Once the vial was empty, Barry pulled it free. The wound itself burned and itched but soon, the pain began to recede as Barry repeated the same action to Ally.

"The wound'll heal on its own just like a bug bite," Lucretia told Ally. "The antidote's currently working its way through your bloodstream and within thirty minutes, it'll be destroyed."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Ally asked.

Fifteen minutes later, they saw the vehicle as they emerged from the forest as Oz told Neville "Oi Nev, I'll take you on, man. My boxing against your martial arts. East meets West. We'll see who wins."

"I don't know, Oz," sighed Neville. "I'm only supposed to use it for self-defense."
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Re: Bad Karma

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Dennis and the boys quickened their pace as they headed down the stark white halls of Newcastle Freeman Hospital. Dennis's anxiety had risen when his repeated attempts to contact Bomber's wife Patsy in regards to her husband's condition had gone unanswered. All previous feelings that Bomber was okay had begun to wash away with each failed phone call attempt. Now they practically ran through the halls barely missing unsuspecting nurses and doctors as they wound their way to the ICU.

Joe and Stacey kept pace with the builders as they rounded the last corner that led to the ICU. Quickening his pace, Joe pushed ahead of Oz and without breaking his stride pushed through the ICU doors.

The sight before him almost made Neville faint. Bomber was sitting up in his bed reading a book with his wife at his side. Confusion caused the boys to momentarily stop in their tracks; for someone who had suffered such serious wounds, the fact that Bomber appeared as if nothing was wrong perplexed them. Oz's large frame barreling into him from behind broke Dennis's temporary spell.

The ruckus at the entrance to the ICU drew Bomber's attention from his book which he was only half-heartedly reading anyway.

"Hello, boyos." Bomber said as he threw back the blanket that was covering his legs and clambered out of the bed faster then he should have been able to.

"Bomber, what are you doing?" Bomber asked in astonishment as he and the others met their friend. "You should stay in bed."

"I'm fine, Dennis." Bomber said as he wrapped his arms around each of the boys and embraced everyone of them tightly.

"I don't understand." Oz mumbled.

"It's a miracle, boys," Patsy said as she joined her husbands and his colleagues. "All of a sudden, Brian here awoke and I was contacted."

Dennis and the team eyed Patsy questioningly but did not dispute what she said because from all appearances a miracle had indeed cured their pal as Moxey said "We're just glad to see you're alright, Bomber."

Bomber released his team and turned to Joe and Stacey who both had the same astonished look as everyone else in the room saying "Hey there, kids."

"Hey, Mr Busridge," Stacey said and was suddenly smothered in a hug from the giant red-headed man. She reciprocated by wrapping her arms around him before he hugged Joe. "You look good."

"You too," Bomber remarked as he leaned back in order to look Joe in the eyes. "I only regret not getting better sooner so I could have gone with you. What did I miss?"

Joe shrugged and said "The usual; Dennis getting kidnapped, a female mob boss, explosions and lots of gunfire. Oh and Ally Fraser's our Stacey's real dad."

"I guess it didn't think she'd be anything like him but I can't imagine why since she's nice and he's not." Barry replied. Patsy let out an audible groan accompanied by her staple eye rolling at the man's response.

"Good for you, I guess." Bomber laughed.

Wayne shrugged and replied "Yeah, I guess."

After a few minutes of recounting the details of the events and Bomber complaining that he had been left of out the latest battle, Dr McCabe walked into the ICU. Since discovering that Ally Fraser was the father to her oldest two children, she decided to tell them sooner and with no complications. The builders had been perplexed at first but Dr McCabe had been firm in her conviction to have it destroyed immediately. After some arguing about this with Jason, Stacey had allowed herself to tell Vicki who her real father was and was forgiven straight away.

The confined space of the ICU began to close in on both Joe and Dennis and it made them realize just how much they wanted to get out of there and get home; as far away from any reminders of Ally Fraser except Stacey as possible.

"When are you going to be released for here, Bomber?" Neville asked.

As if the question had been announced over the PA system, Nurse Marvin Ellington glided up to the group and said "Mr Busridge's recovery has been miraculous to say the least and as much as the doctors would prefer for him to stay in order to run some more tests, I think I can get you released by this afternoon; as long as you promise to take things easy for the next few weeks."

Bomber, Moxey, Dennis, Oz, Barry, Neville and Wayne all brightened at the news. "I promise." Bomber replied to the kindly young male nurse.

"Well, let me get going on the paperwork then." Nurse Marvin replied with a warm smile that seemed to wipe away any remaining fears that the group may have possessed.

"It's great that we can get out of here later today, huh, Bomb?" Oz asked.

Bomber nodded and said "I'm ready to go home."

"I bet you are. Actually, I think we all are." Moxey said.

The team turned and headed back to where Joe and Stacey were sitting; ready for all the details of their adventure to Thornely Manor.

"What do you think, man?" Oz finally asked once they were out of earshot from Bomber.

"What do I think?" asked Barry. "I think I now know what was going on in Bomber's mind when Fraser blew up the site management office."

Neville nodded and said "It makes me sick that he could've died."

"Nev, it looks to me like that explosion saved Bomber's arse." Wayne countered.

"But why?" asked the others.

"Why question it?" Wayne asked. "Bomber's alive and that's what matters."

"But they're still out there, lads." Dennis growled.

Wayne ran a hand through his hair but did not reply to Dennis's statement. For once, the Londoner did not know what to say.
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