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Switch it off then on again.

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Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:11 pm

Chrissy didn't seem very surprised when Moxey arrived home.

Moxey: " Hello petal, how are you, are you feeing any better?" She glared at him and shook her head.

Chrissy: " You're back because of the police raids I suppose?"

Moxey: " Well partly, yes, but there wasn't any point in staying once Barry could move with no risk to Anna."

Chrissy:" And what exactly does that mean?"

Moxey: " Oh. I see. Now you have an interest. Is this 'cos you are worried about Anna,or is it just curiosity. Chrissy I'm not playing this game." He turned and walked away.

Nev and Pru are having a celebratory drink.

Neville: "Well pet I'm really glad to be back. Are you pleased to see me?"

Pru:"Neville you've only been away a few days and you know I'm happy you're back. It was a bit hairy for a while with those police until Fredo sorted it."

Neville: " I heard it was the biggest crackdown ever and Fredo said some of them really had the bit between their teeth so to speak."

Pru: " Yes ,thanks to Kenny for getting Fredo to lean on them, otherwise they would have been all over this place."

Neville: " Did they give any reason?"

Pru: " No, just someone with an axe to grind about private sector intel I think. They have arrested a lot of people and confiscated dozens of high end cars."

Neville: " I wonder if any of Tatiana's mates are in custody?"

Pru: " Inevitable I would think. I heard someone from the newspaper that supplied the car for her is helping with the enquiries."

Neville: " I don't suppose Amesec found out where she's hiding?"

Pru: "No, but you might imagine any help she would get would be from the Russians. Wouldn't you?"

Neville: " I'm not so sure. If she was behind the Scottish adventure, her trafficking buddies are Albanian .The guy they called the Chechen who went after Barry might be connected though."

Oz and Sarah were relaxing with a cold beer after bringing Kenny and Vicky up to speed.

Oz: " You know pet, if you spend long enough anywhere you start to get used to it." He stopped as he got closer to the balcony and looked more closely at something in the garden. "What the hell. What's that?" Sarah laughed loudly and clapped her hands.

Sarah: " It's taken you long enough bonny lad. I told you ages ago Oz."

Oz: " Yes you did, I'd forgotten. Howay let's go and have a closer look. My very own shed."

Den and Dagmar were looking through their mail.

Dennis: " Fancy another beer pet ?"

Dagmar: " I haven't finished this one Dennis. I have a card from Debbie. She seems very happy, they've been to an exhibition and she's hoping for a lot of new business."

Dennis: " Aye I had an email from Detlef saying more or less the same thing. I'm looking at some post from PCD.I need to talk to the lads .There's been some fall out from the police raids. I'm surprised Kenny didn't say anything about the Chinese guys on the estate."

Dagmar: " I expect he didn't think it was important in the grand scheme of things Dennis."

Barry and Anna are having a snack after going through their mail.

Barry: " It amazes me that there is still a lot of snail mail these days.Anything nice in your post Anna?" She looked at her father and smiled.

Anna: " What you really mean is did I get anything from my mother?"

Barry:" Well..."

Anna: " You know I did ,you were watching me,I saw the look on your face."

Barry: " I'm only worried that you might get upset. We both know your mother is an expert at getting inside peoples heads."

Anna: " She asks if I'm ok and where I'm staying. She says she has had to move but doesn't day where."

Barry: " Ok, I'm going to talk with Fredo and tell him what's been going on in Scotland. Do you want to stay here?"

Anna: " You know we talked about a tutor, was this something you and Moxey dreamed up?"

Barry: " No.It wasn't something we dreamed up. Why?"

Anna :" Beatrice texted me. She's really pissed off with Chrissy at the moment."

Barry: " Anna, we've had the discussion about your language, what part of stop swearing don't you understand?"

Anna: " Whatever. She told me Moxey thinks a tutor would be a good thing. I thought you could drop me off at their place."

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:06 pm

Great start so far but I'm so sure that the title of this is based on the IT Crowd line 'Have You Tried Turning it off and on again?'
Oi oi, what's the word then

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:10 pm

Kenny Ames had asked everyone to meet to discuss “any potential fall out from the raids by the Guardia Civil”.

Kenny: “ I don’t wish to alarm you but in the light of recent events it may be wise to consider all our options. As you know I found Stefano’s connection to the Stilles recently and since then find he has mafia affiliations .In itself not so surprising perhaps but after discussion with other friends I think if and when the spotlight is turned our way such facts will not work in our favour. Father Ben among others suggest we may need to make some adjustments.”

Sarah: “ Can I ask if you are personally worried. It seems to me it may not only be the Guardia Civil knocking at the door?”

Kenny: “ That’s a problem and it applies to all of you too. PCD has contracts and in the latest police statement the money laundering problem was described as rife ,endemic was one of the words used. Unfortunately for us the building industry is where much of the laundering occurred, golf clubs, leisure outlets, health and fitness centres, hotels. It would be surprising if PCD had no involvement however unintentional.”

Oz: “ Fredo knows us Kenny, he’s known you for years. Surely there’s not a problem here?”

Kenny: “ Firstly Oz these are not our local bobbies and the raids were months or years in the planning. Secondly you forget that until fairly recently I was not the upright pillar you see before you. There will always be those waiting to point the finger. I believe we should get legal advice particularly regarding the holiday business.”

Dennis: “ You are taking this very seriously Kenny, so I have to ask what do you advise, shall we just clear off?”

Moxey: “ Nah, if we do that the fuzz are bound to say we’re in it up to our eyes.”

Neville: “ Moxey’s right ,it’ll look like we’re guilty. Isn’t it always the same ,you get a leg up and then something or someone comes along and drags you down.”

Pru: “ This appears to be one of the rare times when Amesec had no warning. The Europol kept a tight lid on things , the raids were successful, and they’re not finished. Although the major villains were captured early on the fall out will be widespread. The money laundering investigation will go on for months at least and that’s the danger for us .The accountants and lawyers will have a field day.”

Dagmar: “ I may sound naïve ,but I must ask, is there a real risk that we could lose everything?”

There was a silence while everyone glanced at each other, Kenny looked at his hands, Pru gazed into space. Sarah broke the silence.

Sarah: “ Come on ,cheer up, we have a lot of friends, some influential like CWN, those who use Amesec, the FBI and FCO.”

Oz: “ Are you saying we should be talking to these people Sarah ?”

Sarah: “ It would do no harm in my opinion ,to put out a few feelers?”

Dennis: “ Looks like I’m the one to broach the subject ,the elephant married to one of our number with links to the mafia and people traffickers and who knows what else. What does that do for our reputation?”

Moxey: “ You know the way the coppers mind works ,and the links go back to a container in Varna.”

Oz: “ Come on Mox we all have links to the Leisure business come to that. Kenny do you know any more about the situation at the industrial estate?”

Kenny: “ The police exposed a racket run by the Chinese which fronted money laundering and they used several companies on the estate with contracts for building work, renovations, civil engineering projects, and PCD will almost certainly be involved with some of it.”

Dennis: “ Does anyone know where Barry is by the way?”

Sarah: “ Yes he ‘phoned to say he’s running late he had to take the girls to meet a tutor.”

Neville: “ So what’s the plan, someone is going to contact the FBI and say please help we might be accused of money laundering?”

Pru: “ For God’s sake Neville, what’s the matter with you?” He turned to face Pru, his face a picture of misery.

Neville: “This is the worst possible time for us to have financial problems pet. I have commitments that can’t be put off.”

Pru: “ What commitments Neville?”

Neville: “ We’ll talk about it later, not here ,not now.”

Pru: “ Is this to do with Debbie?”

Neville: “ I said not here, we can talk later.” Dagmar was the only one to have heard this exchange and she began to worry. If Debbie was in trouble then Detlef might also have problems. She nudged Dennis and whispered in his ear.

Dagmar: “ Have you heard anything from Detlef or Debbie?” Dennis turned with a frown on his face and whispered back.

Dennis: “ I’ve no idea what you’re getting at pet.”

Barry came into the room out of breath.

Barry: “ Sorry folks I got stuck in police traffic. There’s a lot of bobbies around and about ,mind it’s all over the papers and on tv.” He stopped and looked around .Everyone was staring at him. He laughed and quipped.

Barry: “ Have I made a sartorial blunder?” He glanced at his trousers. “ No, all ship shape and Bristol fashion. What’s the problem?”

Kenny: “Barry old son, we’ve been discussing the ramifications of the Guardia Civil raids. Specifically as a group how we may be affected and how our connections to the Leisure and holiday business could be compromised.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:33 am

Nev, a picture of misery. No change there then ! :(

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:08 pm

Pru has cornered Nev and is demanding an explanation.

Pru: “ Neville what haven’t you told me?”

Neville: “ I just need some time that’s all.”

Pru: “ Time for what Neville?” Nev had this hang dog expression which Pru realised had been much in evidence in recent weeks. He looked at her,sighed, and threw up his hands.

Neville: “I had word that Fiona was having problems. She’d been in touch with Debbie after Brenda died and said she needed a bit of help.”

Pru: “ What kind of problems?”

Neville: “Her father ,Dr McClennan, had a gambling habit and after Brenda died it got worse, and they were threatened with eviction, so I gave her some money.”

Pru: “ So why should that be a problem ?”

Neville: “ She gave my name as a guarantor for a loan , forged my signature then defaulted on the repayments.”

Pru: “ This is your problem because?”

Neville: “ The loan company are not happy and have insisted I repay the loan immediately, with interest. They ‘phoned the other day and said they know where I live. They’re that kind of company apparently.”

Kenny and Barry are having a very fraught conversation regarding the future of the Fantasy Holiday business.

Barry: “ Are you seriously suggesting we just walk away from it?”

Kenny: “ I’m saying this is an option. There is more at stake than just the Leisure Dome .”

Barry: “ I don’t know what to say Kenny . It’s not so long ago you virtually bequeathed it to me and then said what a good job I’d done with the new Hollywood contracts. What the hell has changed?”

Kenny: “ Barry I have personal guarantees tied up in the holiday business, relating to properties in the Caribbean and elsewhere. I explained this to Oz and our understanding was that when the profits would allow I would exit into the sunset. It can’t be avoided old son the recent police activity has focussed attention on our businesses. I’m pretty sure Stefano’s rapid exit is connected somehow, and there are just as many with personal grudges eager to point the finger in my direction. Sorry but I think my past might be catching up with me.”

Barry: “ Surely your past activities were in a very different industry?” Kenny laughed .

Kenny: “ Indeed and that was over thirty years ago , it’s not the point Barry. You may not be aware but our valuation has been falling ever since the newspapers started serialising the Guardia Civil raids. All business activity has been suffering because the mafia have been investing in straight commerce for years and on a global scale. We’re no different to a lot of the others . I need to ensure a way out if matters get worse.”

Barry: “ I guess there will be a ripple effect, does this have ramifications for PCD?”

Kenny: “ Possibly, but the Chinese have created more problems for Dennis and PCD though.” Barry looked thoughtful.

Barry: “ You know that CWN showed a great interest in the past?”

Kenny: “ Chris is a businessman, do you think he is likely to be our white knight?”

Moxey is having his first beer in Oz’s new shed.

Oz: “ What do you reckon Mox?”

Moxey: “ Do you know Oz some of the tastiest brews I've had were in a worse shed than this. Bigger mind , and it was in Dusseldorf.”

Oz: “ Dear me Moxey you must be depressed. Fancy bringing that up, that’s the last place I’d want to be, except maybe for that old folks home Thornley Manor, still have the occasional bad dream about that place. Anyway what’s up kidda?”

Moxey: “ It’s our lass, Chrissy , that’s what’s up. I reckon she sees the others , Dagmar, Pru and now Sarah all moving onward and upward and feels ,I dunno, left out somehow?”

Oz: “ Didn’t you tell me she wanted more time to spend with the bairn, Beatrice?”

Moxey: “ That’s right she did, but while we were in Scotland it seemed anything but that. Now she tells me she wants to go to Jamaica.”

Oz: “ What on earth for?”

Moxey: “ She won’t say.”

Oz: “ You know we all heard you two rowing the other day. Is there owt we can do to help?”

Moxey: “ Nah Oz, thanks for offering though. I’d better get back. See ya.”

Oz was explaining to Sarah the extent of Barry’s latest ‘phone rant about Kenny Ames .

Sarah: “So you feel that group morale has taken a battering because of an imagined threat to the viability of PCD?”

Oz: “Bloody hell Sarah, you do have a knack petal. No I’m not saying that . Den is right to be worried, but we’ll work through it, we’ve had worse in the past. It’s this other stuff, nowt to do with mafia raids. Nev has a finance problem, Barry’s in the shit as you know , and now Moxey reckons Chrissy wants to go to Jamaica.”

Sarah: “ Did she say why she wants to go?”

Oz: “No she didn’t, and she’s fallen out with the bairn as well.”

Sarah: “ Do you think it’s worth asking Wyman if he knows anything?”

Oz: “ You think she might have spoken to him about it?”

Sarah: “ Worth a shot don’t you think?”

Oz ‘phoned Wyman.

Oz: “ Now then half pint ,how’s it going?”

Wyman: “Hi Oz, what’re you after, you don’t usually ‘phone me in the middle of the day unless there’s something up?”

Oz: “ Howay man, cut me some slack eh, I’m being tactful and diplomatic”

Wyman: “ That’ll be a first then. What’s up?”

Oz: “ When you’re done at PCD can you drop by for a chat?”

Wyman: “ We’ve lost the job at the marina so I’m free now. I’ll come over right away.”

Oz: “ Thanks for dropping in kidda . I didn’t want to go to the PCD office, I didn’t want to spook Dennis, he’s wound up enough. Anyway I wanted to have a word about your Chrissy.” Wyman looked up at that, clearly concerned.

Wyman: “Why, what’s up , is she ok?”

Oz : “ Yeah ,yeah she’s fine ,don’t panic. Look this is me being tactful and diplomatic, again. After I spoke to you there was a call from Kenny Brown and he asked me if Chrissy was ok , that made me curious. Strange thing for him to ask especially just after Moxey tells me he’s also concerned .”

Wyman: “What’s he on about, and why’s he talking to you about Chrissy?”

Oz: “ Hold on mate ,give me a chance and I’ll explain. Kenny has been told by Chris that the Stille’s are up to something that involves you and Chrissy.”

Wyman: “ That’s nothing new, they’ve had it in for Chris and me for ever.”

Oz: “ Kenny says this is new because they are targeting Chrissy some how. “

Wyman: “ Sounds like bollocks to me.”

Oz: “Do you know why Chrissy wants to go to Jamaica?”

Wyman: “ That’s the first I’ve heard about it. Anyway what’s with this sudden interest in my family?” Wyman rose to his feet and glaring at Oz and clenching his fists. This didn’t go unnoticed by Oz who didn’t move from his seat . He looked up at Wyman.

Oz: “ Howay kidda, it’s me you’re yelling at. I’m only poking my nose in ‘cos I’m worried about my mate and his wife.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:16 am

Oh dear, poor old Nev. Wading through treekle, ageen. :(

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:23 pm

Sarah took a call from Greig.

Greig: “ Good morning my dear Sarah and how are you ?”

Sarah: “ What are you after you silver tongued beast?”

Greig: “ Come on ,I’m trying to lighten the mood.”

Sarah: “ There is a need for levity?”

Greig: “ The people taken into custody in Scotland?”

Sarah: “ Indeed, I was beginning to wonder, what of them?”

Greig: “ The four captured by Browns’ associates, definitely Serbian and talkative, but the rest indeterminate ,they refused to answer questions and have since been moved.”

Sarah: “ Who decided they should be moved?”

Greig: “ It appears a vehicle transported them to Edinburgh according to the local officer pc McCaskill.”

Oz invited Barry to his shed ostensibly for Barry to give it the onceover.

Oz: “ So, Bazza what do you reckon?”

Barry: “ My compliments Oz. I see you have a ‘fridge?”

Oz: “ What shed would be complete without one?”

Barry: “ Would there be a cool libation within good sir?”

Oz: “ Definitely. There you go , drink up and marvel at your surroundings. “

Barry: “ Felicitations Leonard. “ Barry took a generous swig. “Now my good man, what are you really after?”

Oz: “ You told me you spoke to Kenny and left feeling unhappy.”

Barry: “ To say the least Oz. Nothing he said filled me with confidence except perhaps for the bit about CWN.”

Oz: “ It’s not certain yet but I’d say he’s keen to be out of here ,Sarah thinks there is an element of embarrassment, after all this was all his until recently. We told him he is welcome to stay but he says there is this other place, a lodge up by the Natural Park that belonged to Stefano.”

Barry: “I don’t believe it’s as bad as Kenny thinks but of course we don’t know if he expects other things to come out of the woodwork. I talked to Fredo and he said not to worry too much about the Guardia Civil because they got all the big fish they were after including, incidentally the owner of a certain newspaper with mafia links.”

Oz: “ Really, this will be the guy who sent a car for herself?”

Barry: “ Yes. Anyway Oz I wanted to ask you for your thoughts. I think Kenny wants to move on and he talked about your agreement , the undertaking you have that allows him to sail away into the sunset. I don’t want to pry but my future could be at stake. I put a lot into the Fantasy film job ,I don’t want to see it go down the tubes.”

Oz: “ For what it’s worth I think the Stefano business has screwed things up for Kenny. Those two had been tight for years ,they were good mates when we first came to work over here. He will know if anyone knows, where the bodies are buried, so Kenny will be thinking about an escape route for which he needs readies. The deal we agreed was when he wanted out, his golden handshake would come out of the increased profits from the business.”

Barry: “ I guessed it was along those lines from what he told me. It will be a substantial sum .The increased activity at Amesec ,PCD and the Leisure businesses ,not to be sneezed at.”

Oz: “ So why did he hint at a buy out from CWN?”

Barry: “ Has Chris been approached?”

Oz : “ Not as far as I know.”

Barry: “ In the last few months as you know Oz I’ve had occasion to reflect . In life we all seem to lurch from one situation to another, largely by accident. I was having a drink with Luis one night and I asked him why he emptied the rounds out of his clips .He said it was bad to leave them under tension , you know spring loaded.”

Oz: “ Barry kidda this sounds very deep.”

Barry: “ Bear with me Oz. So I said to Luis, I understand Luis ,it’s because of stiction. When things are left in one position they get stuck together. My gaffer told me as an apprentice, Barry he said, Barry, isolate the power supply and move the toggle switches ,switch them off and on a few times, the innards get mucky and oxidised otherwise, and can be a problem. See Oz people are the same.”

Oz: “ Barry you’ve lost me , what’s your point ?”

Barry: “ Maybe this is just what we need Oz.”

Oz: “ What to get stuck?”

Barry: “No man ,the opposite ,we’re the toggle switches ,we need to be switched off and on a few times otherwise we could get stuck .”

Oz: “ Ah, you think it’s time for us to move on.”

Barry: “ I think it might be time for me and maybe for Moxey as well.”

Pru is trying to come to terms with Nev’s revelation.

Pru: “It’s hard for me to believe you didn’t tell me . Sooner or later that amount of money would become very obvious.”

Neville: “ I know, I’m sorry, I thought I could sort it. I’d no idea that selling debts was such an industry.”

Pru: “ What’s Fiona doing right now?”

Neville: “ Staying with her boyfriends’ family.”

Pru: “Where’s Dr McClennan?”

Neville: “ Drying out. Again.”

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by Tracy » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:30 pm

Toggle switches. Aye, can go along with that like. :idea:

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Re: Switch it off then on again.

Post by 936trt » Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:55 pm

Oz is taking a call from big Baz.

Oz: “ Now then kidda ,how are things on Tyneside?”

Baz: “ Aye ,not bad Oz. Sorry I’ve been so long getting back to you but there’s a reason. I’m coming over to see Kenny in a few days so maybe we can have a longer talk then?”

Oz: “ Sounds ok to me .Let me know when .”

Baz: “Ok , just so you know the problem was getting a grip of my mate, you know the lad on the pilot cutter. Turns out he was in dock himself. Someone found him out cold on the boat. He was making routine checks before a job and someone clobbered him. Anyway it’s like you thought these traffickers have it sewn up in the north east, and it looks like the fuzz are in on it.”

Oz: “ Right Baz. I’ll let Kenny know we’ve spoken. He was saying he might move to a new gaff but someone will keep you posted. See you when you land mate.”

Oz put down his ‘phone and looked even more distracted. Sarah came and sat next to him.

Sarah: “ You have that sad look about you bonny lad?” Oz rubbed his eyes and turned to face her.

Oz: “ I’ve just got that feeling petal, and I don’t like it. I see us all drifting apart just like it was after Bangkok. Barry told me he’s made up his mind about that place on the Black Sea, and Wyman’s making noises about Arizona , again.”

Sarah: “You haven’t told me about Chris’s ideas for all this lot.” She waved her arms around smiling at him. Oz looked up but not at her. He rubbed at his eyes again then put his head in his hands. She put an arm around his shoulder.
" Tell me petal is this thing Chris proposed no good?”

Oz: “ Sarah ,I don’t know where I am. If I do one thing I’ll be that twat that sold us down the river, if I do another thing they’ll just say I ruined my mates’ lives.”

Sarah: “ That call was from your friend in Newcastle?”

Oz: “ Yes, he’s coming over to see Kenny about something, and so we'll have a proper chat about what he’s found then. It’s as we suspected , he says the trafficking is definitely organised in the coastal areas and the fuzz appear to be in on it.” He looked out of the window and could see the shed as he called it. He turned and looked at her.” Tell me pet, you like it here , would you stay if I left?”

Sarah: “ I see. So this would not be a holiday. A leading question. Are you asking me would I go with you?”

Oz: “ Answering a question with a question. It is a big ask.

Sarah: “ You would have to ask me, then I would tell you.”

Oz: “ You are a clever girl.”

Sarah: “ You still didn’t answer my question about Chris.” Oz’s face resumed its worried look .

Oz: “ On the one hand Chris wants Amesec, and this is the price for Kenny’s special handshake, and on the other hand we keep the rest, the lads stay together, happy, sorted. This way offers minimal disruption for all, you, Pru ,Dagmar. There’s nowt I can do for Wyman. Oh, last night Moxey told me what’s wrong with Chrissy. Not what I thought, but Hateley is behind it. It was Chrissy who told Hateley where Barry was but refused to give Anna’s whereabouts. This goes back to his visit to us here in Spain. He was pointed in our direction by Nikki Myles. He did background checks and found a juvenile record for Chrissy which she thought was defunct. Hateley pointed out her plans for fostering and childrens’ care would be out of the window particularly when a certain local newspaper ran an article about her. Now we know why she talks about Jamaica and still is according to Moxey.”

Sarah: “ This Hateley is a real piece of work. Poor Chrissy. No wonder they’ve been at each others throats. Anyway I guess we’ll be getting a visit from Chris before too long?”

Oz: “ You guess right. He’s fighting a rearguard action against the Stille’s as we speak and reckons a trip here personally would be a good thing.”

Sarah: “ He must think all his birthdays have come at once now Amesec is within his reach?”

Oz: “ I think so, he’s often said how jealous he was, it’s no secret he’s wanted it since he first found out about it.”

Sarah: “ How do you think the lads will react?”

Oz: “ I’m going to have to think a bit more about that. I’m going to the shed.”

Sarah:” Sorry Oz, we both know what you’re going to say to them.”

Oz: “ So lads, Chris reckons he can use Amesec to rid CWN of the Stille’s influence. He also says he would add another function over and above the intelligence gathering .”

Dennis: “ Surely that’s the jewel in the crown, it’s what Amesec is all about. What’s this other function?”

Oz: “ It wouldn’t be just a desk bound facility, he wants to take the action to the front line so to speak. Be more pro active he said, not just reactive.”

Neville: “ That sounds like offering violence to me .”

Oz: “ I don’t think he means to issue firearms to the staff .”

Dennis: “Nev’s right, it’s like the CIA, Chris’s Intelligence Agency. I don’t know how your lass would feel about that Nev.”

Oz: “ This would just be a new bit bolted on to the existing thing.”

Neville: “ Mind if he did manage to get rid of the Stille’s, wouldn’t that be really good?”

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