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Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

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Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:05 pm

It was raining outside and at the Patterson home Dennis Patterson and his team were in the living room watching his son Kevin's new favourite film Back to the Future on video, the part where Marty plays Johnny B Goode.

We're down in Louisiana, down in New Orleans,
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens,
There stood an old cabin made of earth and wood,
There lived a country boy name of Johnny B Goode

He never ever learned to read or write so well,
He could play a guitar just like he's ringing' a bell,
Go, go, go Johnny go, go; go Johnny go, go, go; go,Johnny go, go;
Go Johnny go, go, go; Johnny B Goode..

"That Micheal J. Fox lad's a canny guitar player." said Oz, his eyes wide.

"Earth to Oz," Dennis altered Oz. "He's about 27 right now, don't you remember that this movie was made 3 years ago?"

"Who cares if he's 27, maybe they're other blokes that look like him!" said Moxey.

The others sighed as Oz watched on, Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and as Moxey went up to get it, he opneed the door and Bomber entered.

"Hello, boys." Bomber greeted.

"This better be important, Bomber," sighed Barry feeling rather annoyed. "We were just watching that Back to the Future film Dennis's son likes!"

"OK," said Bomber ignoring this remark. "Hill Valley Police has be receiving complains of hearing sonic booms everyday usually after this booms, it's accompanied by a silver car, we managed to reduce the blurring." He showed the boys a picture of the back of a BTTF DeLorean.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Wayne.

"1985 until now." Bomber answered.

"Could it be aliens?" asked Neville.

"No, Neville, it's a back of a DeLorean DMC - 12 automobile, we manage to trace the owner of the car," said Bomber showing the boys a poicture of Dr Emmett L. Brown. "His name's Doctor Emmett L. Brown, inventor and scientist. He's also said to be a real nutcase and gets a little crazy."

"And you want us to find out why he's behind this?" Dennis guessed.

"Correct, now we head for Hill Valley, California in a few days so that means we'll be posing as journalists. We need to interview him and ask him about his strange automobile." said Bomber.

A few days later, the boys got off the black Chevy Silverado SUV in their journalist outfits. They walked over to the front door and Barry rang the bell.

"I'll get it," said a voice behind the door. The door opened and Doc's friend Marty McFly, still looking like and wearing his usual from part 1 asked "Can I help you?"

"Oh my God, you're Marty McFly." said Wayne excited.

"Yes, we're journalists from Popular Science for Kids and I was wondering is Doctor Brown in? We would like to interview him." said Barry.

"Um...Yeah, come in and make yourselves at home." said Marty as the team all came in.

They sat down at the living room while Marty called for Doc. A minute later he comes out wearing radiation suit.

"Can I help you, boys?" Doc asked.

"Yes, we're journalists from Popular Science for Kids and we were wondering if we could ask you about your latest inventions." said Dennis.

"Sure, right this way." said Doc as he lead them all to the garage.

In the garage, Doc showed them his inventions.

"And this is my sleep-induced alpha-rhythm generator, it makes people fall asleep instantly." Doc explained.

Moxey spotted a sliver car behind him and asked "Hey, what's that?"

"Nothing, nothing, just a DeLorean automobile." Doc said worriedly.

"Why are there strange parts on it?" asked Bomber.

"I'm afraid you fellas will have to leave, it's time to test the Plutonium and I don't want you to get radiated." Doc said dragging the Seven one by one out of the house which allowed Wayne and Marty to wave to each other.

"Oi! I ain't finished," Wayne yelled as Doc closed the door. "That was naffing rude."

"Well, boyos, it looks like we've got some spying to do." suggested Bomber as the rest of the team turned to each other.

They got out of the SUV wearing the clothes they wore in when the Boat Goes out and sneaked into Doc's garage and inspected the DeLorean.

"Strange," said Barry. "There's strange parts inside too."

"It must be some kind of invention." Neville guessed.

"Let me send some pictures, maybe someone in this crazy town can help us." said Dennis taking a camera out of his satchel and started taking pictures.

"Hmm.. Very strange. It seems that the DeLorean automobile is a... " Barry began when a loud noise came from nearby.

"Someone's coming. Quick, hide behind the seat." Neville alerted the others.

Neville, Barry, Dennis and Wayne all hid behind the seats while Bomber, Moxey and Oz all hide behind some boxes. Doc entered the garage. Suddenly, the garage door explodes, people in a black van came out and stormed the car. One of them covered the DeLorean with a giant net and dragged it away. Marty came in and asked "Hey Doc, you doing experiments or something...what the hell? Hey you, stop!"

Moxey, Oz and Bomber all came out from their hiding spot and celled out to the others when Oz walked over to Marty and asked "Hey, you got a car or something, man?"

"'s right in front of you" Marty said throwing Oz the keys to a red car and the four of them got in Marty's red with silverstone metallic on the lower part Chevrolet Monte Carlo Supercharged SS and Oz chased the van but as they got closer, a bright light appeared in front of them.
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Re: Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:21 pm

Oz slammed the brakes and he, Moxey, Bomber and Marty got out of the car and looked around. The road had "No Landing" painted on it. Flying cars were around and there was a skyway above.

"Whoa, where are we?" asked Moxey amazed.

"It looks like we're in the future." Marty answered.

"The future? Like, that van is a time machine?" asked Oz.

"Who and what are you guys anyway?" asked Marty changing the subject.

"We're British tourists and we've heard about you and Dr Brown." Bomber answered.

"Holy crap." said Marty slightly amazed.

"Crap's the right word." murmured Oz under his breath.

Somewhere off the coast of California, there was a small island. Dennis, Barry, Neville, Wayne and Doc were in some kind of glass cell in a building disguised as a mountain.

"So you invented a Time Machine out of a DeLorean?" asked Barry shocked and amazed at the same time.

"Yes, stainless steel is important flux dispersal. I wonder what they want with it?" Doc wondered.

"Wait, where's the key for that lock?" asked Wayne.

"If I'm sure, whoever put us in here must have it." Neville answered

Doc's wrist watch beeped and he answered it. It was Marty who asked "Where the hell are you and the other Brit guys?"

"We're in some kind of island." said Doc.

"Island?" Bomber, Moxey and Oz all interrupted.

"According to my map, there's no such island." answered Marty.

"Where are you?" asked Doc.

"In a futuristic city." Marty replied.

"Marty, I'll call you later, someone's coming." said Doc quickly hanging up.

In Hill Valley, Marty hung up on the wrist watch Doc invented for him and groaned "Great, how are we gonna find them?"

Suddenly, a black plane flew right above and sucked Marty, Oz, Bomber, Moxey and Marty's Monte Carlo in it. Seconds later, they impact on the luggage area.
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Re: Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:37 pm

Suddenly, a black plane flew right above and sucked Marty, Oz, Bomber, Moxey and Marty's Monte Carlo in it. Seconds later, they impact on the luggage area.

"Who are you and what do you want?" demanded Bomber angry that he was sucked into a plane.

The tall woman came out from the shadows, it was Neville's daughter Debbie. She was at least 30 years old. "Uncle Oz? Uncle Moxey? Uncle Bomber?" asked Debbie surprised. "You didn't age one bit!"

"Whoa, you must be.." Oz paused trying to think of a word. "..our Nev's daughter."

"And you still didn't change one bit, Uncle Oz." Debbie smiled.

"Um...Excuse me, what's going on?" asked Moxey.

"You see, you and the rest of the team including my dad Neville Hope have been missing for 30 years." explained Debbie.

"What???" asked Bomber, Oz and Moxey in unison.

"We conducted a rescue search for 5 months all over the world but you were nowhere to be found. 2 days later, my mam was so devastated that we moved to Scotland hoping my dad would come back, my aunt Tess turned on a homing device on Dad's satchel before he left. It stayed on for 30 years and we found you on the very same spot you disappeared..."

Bomber, Oz and Moxey paused for a moment, Oz realized how much Neville cared for his family and said "Debbie lass, you...really don't know how much your dad goes on and on about you and your mam."

Debbie paused for a second and suddenly hugged Bomber, Oz and Moxey. "Okay Deb, we was like gone for an hour," Moxey said as he tried to push Debbie away. "By the way, what date is it?"

Debbie looked at her mobile phone and said "It's September 7th 2018."

"Debbie, we need your help. Some bad guy stole a time machine and kidnapped Dennis, Barry, Wayne and your father although they can be detected, we don't know the location." said Bomber.

"You're lucky my laptop's got the old map of the world, I'll transfer the point to a new map." said Debbie as she pulled out a laptop computer and hooked it up to a giant computer. The screen showed a map of California and a part of the Pacific Ocean with a red light near LA. "They're in an unmarked island 45 miles off LA".

"We've gotta get there." gasped Marty.

Back at the Island, a tall man with 2 guards by his side entered the room, they were wearing black amour and masks.

"Good evening, Doctor Brown, gentlemen. Nice to finally see you." the guy said.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Doc asked.

The bad guy opened his mask to reveal Liverpool criminal Micky Startup.

"Wait a minute, you're the guy who's dubbed the Scouse Ally Fraser." Dennis figured.

"You'll never get away with this! By the way, what are you exactly getting away with?" Wayne asked as Barry, Neville, Dennis and Doc all stared at him.

"You see, when I returned back to the future from 2045, my time portal was destroyed along with the blueprints and parts so 10 years later, I escaped from jail and invented another time portal. Days later, I discovered the DeLorean Time Machine so I decided to steal it and continue with my plan to change history, when I return to the future, I'll be worth millions..."

"Why do you need the DeLorean when you already have your time portal?" asked Barry.

"That time machine is more convenient, compact and I just love DeLoreans!" He explained.

"You can't do that," Doc snapped. "It will cause a major paradox, destroying the universe!"

"Don't worry Doc, once I put on this ring on your neck, you'll obey every command I tell you to. Men take him out." said Micky as his men took out Doc and they walked off.
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Re: Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:54 pm

Somewhere above the island, Debbie dropped Marty's Monte Carlo at a clearing with Bomber, Oz, Moxey and Marty inside.

"Okay so now, how are we gonna find them?" asked Marty.

"Don't worry. I'll just contact the others with this." said Moxey as he removed an ancient amulet from his backpack and placed it around his neck. Within a few seconds, he heard voices until Dennis's voice was in his head.

"Moxey, where are you?" asked Dennis's voice.

"We're on the island, where are youse lot?" Moxey asked.

"Inside a mountain.." Dennis's voice answered.

"Okay I see it but how do we get in?" asked Moxey.

"Well, we got in through a door on top of the mountain." said Dennis's voice.

"Thanks, Dennis, we'll get there as fast as that hoverboard thing Marty's got can take." said Moxey.

Moxey, Oz and Bomber all got out of the car, grabbed a hoverboard each and and got in position to fly but they didn't.

"What's wrong, guys?" asked Marty.

Oz checked the fuel en gauge on the hoverboards and said "They're our of fuel, like, now who are we gonna get there?"

"Well, we could drive." Marty suggested and looked at his Monte Carlo.

Back inside the mountain, Dennis, Barry, Neville and Wayne were left in the cell as Micky came in with 2 other men wearing metal rings on their necks.

"Okay boys, get the short fat dark haired one out" Micky told his men pointing to Dennis.

"Hey, let go of me, lads!" Dennis yelped as the men grabbed him.

"Now hold still while I put this on you," said Micky as he took a metal chain and clipped it around Dennis's neck. "There, now drive the DeLorean to the garage."

"Yes, sir." said Dennis as he did so and they left the room leaving Barry, Wayne and Neville behind, meanwhile, Bomber, Oz, Moxey and Marty finally reached the summit of the mountain.

"Man, this is tough!" Marty exclaimed.

"C'mon, Marty, just a few more to go, boyo!" Bomber encouraged.

"Man, you guys are tough for a bunch of Limeys." Marty commented.

Bomber, Oz and Moxey all helped Marty and went inside. After searching, they were finally inside the room where Wayne, Barry and Neville were. Oz kicked the cell door open letting his friends out.

"Man, we're glad to see you!" said Barry as he hugged Oz.

"Um...lads, where's Dennis?" asked Oz looking around the room.

"Oh that Scouse bloke got him. They say that they were gonna drive the DeLorean to the garage." Wayne explained.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Marty said. "Lets go to the garage!"

Outside the Garage, 2 guards were guarding the door.

"How are we gonna get past them?" asked Neville nervously.

"Hmm...What would Doc do?" Marty asked himself. "That's it!"

"What's it?" asked Wayne, Barry, Neville, Oz, Moxey and Bomber in unison.

"There's a metal beam on top of the guards, if we could cut off the wires, it'll fall onto the guards knocking them off." said Marty smiling at them.

"Great idea, Marty but how are we suppose to cut the wires without the guards noticing?" asked Wayne. Marty, Oz, Moxey, Barry, Neville and Bomber all looked at Wayne who now had that "Oh bollocks" look. "Me and my big mouth."

Using the suction cup gloves and shoes Marty had lent him, Wayne climbed up the wall. He got near the wire and cut it using a pair of pliers.

"You heard that?" one of the guards asked.

"Heard what?" the other guard asked.

The guards looked up to see the beam drop directly on top of them. They screamed one more word before the beam hits them "SHIT!" as Wayne climbed down from the wall.

"You look a lot tougher that you look, London." said Oz smiling at his friend.

"Aww...Thanks, Oz." said Wayne smiling.
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Re: Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:06 pm

As they ran towards the garage, Marty, Wayne, Barry, Moxey, Neville, Oz and Bomber got in the garage. Inside there were 2 DeLoreans. One was Doc's time machine while the other was a normal stock DMC - 12.

"Great, everything looks great, are you ready to replicate it, Doctor?" Micky asked Doc.

"Yes, sir." said Doc as he took some metal pieces

"You, the one who looks like Danny DeVito," Micky told Dennis. "Guard the DeLoreans, we don't want anyone to destroy it."

"Not if I can help it!" said Moxey.

"Albert Arthur Moxey, nice to see you." Micky greeted.

"Look, Startup, I'm not helping you no matter what you try to do." snarled Moxey.

"Guards, stop them!" Micky shouted as the guards came out and were headed towards Marty, Wayne, Barry, Moxey, Neville, Oz and Bomber. They kicked and punched the guards until they were knocked out.

"That's all you got?" Marty said.

"No but I bet it's hard to hurt your friend," said Micky. "You, get them."

Dennis ran towards Barry and attacked him. Barry pushed his friend away. Meanwhile, Micky got in the DeLorean time machine and input JAN 01 1255 0600 in the gestination time panel.

"Um...Guys, a little help here!" yelled Barry.

"We're coming." Wayne answered as he and Neville went to Dennis. Wayne touched the ring on Dennis's neck but it gave out an electric shock.

"Guys! Are you all right?" Marty asked.

"I'm gonna rest for awhile." Neville answered weakly and passes out but Wayne staggered to his feet and fell flat on his face.

Marty looked behind him and spotted dials and buttons on the wall. He quickly pushed them and suddenly, all metal items, guards and Dennis began to stick to the walls. Marty pushed the button again and everything fell.

"Aww..Whoa, man, what happened?" Dennis asked himself.

"Are you okay, Dennis man?" asked Oz as he rushed over to his friend and hugged him.

"Was I like being brainwashed or something?" asked Dennis.

"Yep." Bomber sighed.

"Guys, c'mon," Marty said as he and Barry helped Wayne up while Moxey and Dennis helped Neville up. "The bad guy's getting away!"
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Re: Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:14 pm

A few minutes later, Marty and the Magnificent Seven got out of the mountain and got into Marty's Monte Carlo right behind Micky's tail.

"I guess magnets can deactivate this things." groaned Dennis as Barry removed the ring from his neck.

"Okay so now what?" asked Wayne as he put the car in 3rd gear.

"We've gotta stop the car before it hits 88MPH" Marty said.

"Why?" asked the Seven.

"It's a time machine. It only travels through time at 88. If it goes 88, it will travel through time and we might lost him forever." Marty explained.

"Wayne, Neville, you two follow me. The rest of you stay with Marty and try to keep the car steady while we jump onto the time machine." Dennis ordered.

"I can do this if only this car wasn't slow." Oz complained and shifted it to 4th gear.

Dennis, Neville and Wayne climbed onto the roof while Oz drove beside the DeLorean. Marty signaled that everything was in place. Dennis, Neville and Wayne jumped onto the DeLorean.

"Damn! what am I gonna do now?" Micky said to himself. He looked around and saw a leaver on the dashboard with the words "HOVER MODE" on it. "Man, I'm an idiot! This thing is hover converted! I hate being in prison for 16 years." Micky said to himself and pulled the leaver. The DeLorean lifted off the ground with a jerk. Neville lost his balance and slipped but hangs onto the wires.

"Hang on, Nev." Moxey shouted from the car as Oz got it under them while Neville fell and landed on the roof of the Monte Carlo on his butt first.

"That's gonna leave a mark." Marty commented.

Suddenly, the Monte Carlo jerked. Something hit them. Marty looked behind and saw Doc bumping them with the other DeLorean. Neville climbed inside.

"Howa, man, my butt hurts, sorry about your car, Marty." said Neville.

"Um... yeah." Marty said as he looked at the dent.

"Marty, where's the brakes?" asked Barry.

"Brakes?" Marty, Neville, Moxey, Oz and Bomber asked in unison.

"They're not working," Barry answered while repeatedly stomping on the brake pedal. "Okay, I take back what I say about you, please slow down!"

"And we're heading towards a cliff." Marty pointed.

"Abandon car!" Neville screamed at the top of his voice.
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Re: Time Travel Doesn't Exist, Man (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/Back to the Future crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:42 pm

Marty, Bomber, Barry, Oz, Moxey and Neville all jumped out of the Monte Carlo as it reaches the edge of the cliff and fell into the cold dark water.

"There goes my birthday present." Marty cried.

"Look out, Marty!" yelled Barry as he pushed Marty away.

"You saved my life," said Marty as Barry smiled at him. "Whoa, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm bostin," said Barry as Marty stared at him confused by the word bostin. "It means great in the West Midlands where I'm from."

The other DeLorean followed the Monte Carlo into the water. Using the expandable cable bungee belts they stole from Doc's lab, Barry and Neville clipped it on a tree and pulled the DeLorean out if the water. Marty opened the door and pulled Doc out of the car. Meanwhile, Dennis and Wayne managed to hold on and open the door of the DeLorean time machine.

"You're too late, fellas." said Micky.

"What are you talking about?" asked Dennis confused.

"When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit." said Micky as he pointed to the speedometer.

"88 miles per hour?" Wayne repeated as he and Dennis both realized what Micky was talking about as the speedometer read 85 MPH. Getting inside, Wayne grabbed the wheel and tried to step on the brakes. The DeLorean began to let off blue flashes and sparks. Meanwhile, Doc woke up.

"Marty, the British men? What the hell happened?" Doc asked weakly.

"Man, Doc, we taught you're dead!" said Marty as he and Barry both helped Doc up.

Back at the DeLorean as it was heading towards the ocean at 87 MPH, Wayne still struggled to get the car onto the island, Dennis got into the car and spotted the leaver with the words "HOVER MODE" and pulled it down. The DeLorean's wheels folded down and landed on the ground. As Micky came out and ran, Moxey and Oz both chased him while Wayne drove the DeLorean in front of Micky to block him, Oz threw Moxey who jumped on Micky. Suddenly, a jet landed in front of them. Adult Debbie came out of it with some agents and arrested Micky as Wayne and Dennis both got out of the car.

"Debbie?" asked Dennis said in disbelief.

"Good work, guys, we'll take it from here." Adult Debbie told her 1988 father and his colleagues.

"I think Brenda would go crazy if anything bad happens to me." sighed Neville.

"Nice to have you back, Dad." said Adult Debbie as she ran over to Neville and hugged him.

"What exactly is going on here?" Dennis asked.

"I thought my dad was missing but 30 years later, he and you came back, Uncle Dennis," explained Adult Debbie. "I found three of you lot and they told me that you've been traveling through time. When a person travels through time, their future self will disappears unless they return to the same time they left."

"Well, it looks like we're going forward." said Doc.

"Forward to where?" Marty and the Magnificent Seven asked in unison.

"Forward to the past!" Doc answered.

"So long." said Adult Debbie as she got into the jet and flew off.

As soon as the DeLorean returned to Hill Valley, California in 1988, it was 8:55pm, it was raining and there were people moving out of the way as 3 sonic booms sounded, some of the people looked behind to see the DeLorean stop in time. The rain stopped immediately. The right Gull-wing door opened as the Magnificent Seven came out.

"Oh my God," Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker said in excitement as she ran up to Marty and hugged him. "Marry, you're okay! What happened to you?"

"Well, Jen, you know me, I just did a little time travelling and...." Marty said and looked at his watch. "Oh man! I'm gonna be late for my performance!"

"Let us handle that." Moxey said as he gestured his head towards the DeLorean.

As Jennifer, Doc, Marty and the Magnificent Seven all arrived for the Marty McFly and the Pinheads concert in New York City, Central Park, the Pinheads were performing.

"And now presenting Marty McFly & the Pinheads," said the presenter as the curtains opened but Marty was nowhere to be seen, only his band was there. "Where's Marty?"

The DeLorean flew on top of the stage and let down a rope, Marty climbed down from it. The crowd, Jennifer, Doc and the Magnificent Seven all cheered.

"Um...I'd like to thank you for waiting but I wouldn't be here without a group of Britisah guys who call themselves the Magnificent Seven, they're the ones who got me here," Marty told the crowd. "This song I'm about to perform is a new song, hope you guys like it."

They begin to play the first part of a song Marty had written called Doubleback. Marty, of course, was the singer and the lead guitarist. Wayne smiled at a blonde girl in front of him who began screaming as Marty began to sing.

I got shot through a space not long ago,
I thought I knew the place so well,
It wasn't the same, now it goes to show,
Sometime you never can tell

I'm lookin' high and low, don't know where to go,
I got to double back, my friend,
The only way to find what I left behind,
I got to double back again, double back again

You know I'm movin on in this fine machine,
Rollin' on through the night,
Seein' things like I've never seen
And it's taking me outta sight

Lookin' high and low, don't know where to go,
I got to double back, my friend,
The only way to find what I left behind,
I got to double back again, double back again.

It's got me up and down, I been lost and found,
Down in a deep dark hole,
Looks like my luck has changed, I been rearranged
And I'm coming out on a roll

Lookin' high and low, don't know where to go,
I got to double back, my friend,
The only way to find what I left behind,
I got to double back again, double back again.

Marty's band left the stage and the presenter came out announcing "Okay, that's our final performance for tonight and now, let's announce the winners of the battle of the bands performance, in 3rd place..."

"Wow, man, he's good." the blonde who screamed earlier told Wayne.

"He's a much better singer than I am!" Wayne reminded her.

"...In 1st place, Marty McFly & the Pinheads!" said the announcer as Marty and his band came out from the backstage and received the trophy and a giant cheque.

A few days, later, the Magnificent Seven were walking and passes by a poster which said "Win a DeLorean Automobile". It reminded them of their trip to Hill Valley the previous week.

"I can't believe you turned that blonde down, Wayne. What happened?" asked Barry.

"She thought I was Ronnie Wood which is really below me and I told her that I had a girlfriend already." Wayne explained.

"It looks like that's the only Micheal J. Fox look-a-like around." said Neville.

"No way, like I say maybe they're other..." said Moxey as a redhead bumped into him.

"Oh man, I'm so sorry." the redhead said as she helped Moxey pick his backpack up from the floor.

"That's..." began Moxey as he looked up and sees that the girl was a redhead. "Okay."

The girl stared back and said in a Manchester accent "My name's Kristy, Kristy Thomas, whats yours?"

"Al Moxey." said Moxey sheepishly.

"There he goes again." Oz murmured to Dennis.

"C'mon, Oz man, let's go." said Dennis as he and the others walked away from Moxey and Kristy.
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