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Slight Return

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Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:25 pm

As Mickey Startup retreated to his chambers, he could hear the woman he had his way with earlier howling in sorrow from the cell she had been thrown back into. In truth, part of him hurt to hear a woman in that much pain especially knowing that he had caused it. However, he quickly brushed those thoughts aside as he approached his study.

He passed alcove after alcove that led off into darkness as he traveled the length of the hall. Pictures of himself as a younger man were on every wall in this place and as he glanced once at the alter at the far end of the hall and noted that there was nowhere for him to hang his former employee Albert Moxey's corpse if and when he decided to get his hands on that traitor and kill him.

Then, the thought of taking a life, here in this place made him shiver. He could not imagine ever doing such a thing especially after what happened between the two of them 10 years previously and growled suddenly and the thoughts of eventually sparing Moxey's life left him as soon as they had come.

My probation officer always told me my kindness would my downfall, he thought angrily. I must not allow anyone even a traitor like Albert Arthur Moxey to see me like that ever again if I am to finally get my revenge on him completely.

The Liverpool criminal had long ago given up much of his soul and the person he had once been in exchange for the evil twisted power that coursed through his veins. Only there had been a problem. As the Ally Fraser of the North West as he was dubbed by the press during the 1990s, there was a streak of humanity, of goodness that anybody could not take from him. It was entwined with his life force and therefore could not be separated from with out causing his death.

Generally, that wasn’t a problem for Mickey but on occasion, it had come out overshadowing the evil. It had happened more frequently since his release from prison a month previously. It had happened again a few minutes ago and Mickey had been powerless to stop it. He had only wanted to heal the silly cow's hands. She was no good to him in damaged condition. Yet when he saw the pain and fear in her eyes, his heart had, just for a moment, softened and his desire to protect this woman, love her and keep her safe, had bubbled to the front.

He had been transfigured in her eyes and for an instant she had glimpsed the man he had once been. His mental bond, established through the sexual torture he had inflicted upon her, allowed him to see her confusion and the spark of compassion along with the first flicker of love ignite within her.

The words had seemed to come from nowhere, the soft words of passion pleading with her to love him. He had felt her hesitation coupled with her desire to reach out to him. He had nearly begged her to consent to be his third wife.

Then, it had ended and the old anger welled up once more just as it was doing now. No other woman had ever been able to do that to him, to connect with that small bit of goodness still left inside him! Why out of all the women he had bedded did it have to be a Jamaican woman 10 years his junior who affected him so?

Mickey was in such a foul mood as those thoughts played across his mind that he nearly missed his nephew/henchman Eddie as he walked over to him.

"Uncle Mick," Eddie said. "You're probably gonna have a hissy fit when I tell you that I wanna tell you something you really don't wanna hear."

"It won't do them no good," Mickey growled. "Not many poeple in Merseyside can find this place and even if they could, they can't enter, weak as they are. We're safe."

"Hold on, Uncle Mick" Eddie persisted. "Shouldn't we be on guard anyway? You can't afford to lose your reputation since Albert Moxey's coming back to Britain."

"I'll be ready for that bastard this time, Eddie," Mickey snarled as he narrowed his eyes. "There's no immediate danger and I'll finally get my revenge on that treacherous bastard Albert Arthur Mkxey if it's the last thing I ever do."

Eddie stared at his uncle Mick as he had called Mickey since childhood for a long moment and then began to run as fast as he could.

"Never underestimate me, Eddie," Mickey said softly. "I know well of Moxey's plan. If he's bringing that Aussie woman he married a few years ago, I could easily kidnap her so that he'll never retake her. Then, there'll nothing to stand in my way."

Mickey swept his jacket back behind him and moved off to the end of the hall to examine the altar at the other end. Far behind him, Eddie watched his employer/uncle with concern.

Kidnapping Elena Moxey (nee Paris) was Mickey's next best chance for complete revenge on Moxey. Everything had to go smoothly. Making up his mind to ensure the success of the day with or without Ally Fraser's blessing, the dark form soared through the ceiling and moved off towards his office. He had a job to do and vengeance to serve.
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Re: Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:33 pm

Elena Moxey let her body luxuriate in the warm bath water. She and her husband of 3 years Albert had made love at least four times already since the second they arrived in his childhood home in Kirkby and the aches in her muscles were growing worse. It had only been a few days since Albert had brought her here but already, she knew far more about sex than she had ever dreamed possible.

I honestly didn’t know my body could move that way, Elena mused as she twirled the bath bubbles with her fingers. I'm glad it's Albert teaching me these things instead of, ugh, my ex husband Marvin!

After a few more minutes in the water, she pushed herself out of the bath. As soon as her foot left the water, the pool drained and Elena selected a thick fluffy pink towel from the corner stand and dried herself thoroughly. Sitting before the bathroom's mirror clad in the towel she dried herself with, she combed her wet hair and applied a sweet-smelling lotion all over her body. The air in her native Melbourne had always dried out her fair skin and while her cousin Rob's attempts at body lotion were good, they were nothing compared to these potions the British cooked up.

As she dressed, she scanned the room just as she had done many times over the past two days. The bath she had just used reminded her of the ancient Roman baths she had seen pictures of in school. The mirrored dresser and lotions, however, were clearly from Liverpool. Wrapping herself in a pink dressing gown, Elena made her way back through the sitting room and into the bedroom once more. She pulled a pink blouse, beige trousers and black pumps on even though she knew it would do her a lot of good. Idly, she wondered what Moxey would say when he discovered she had used the bath on her own.

He’ll probably be happy, she thought angrily. I shouldn’t have especially after last night. But I couldn't help it.

"You used the bath I provided for you," Moxey smiled as he entered the bedroom. "Very good. I like you clean."

He crooked a finger at her motioning for her to approach.

"Come on, Elena, I found something that was me mum's. You'll like this, I think."

Elena remained seated until Moxey hauled her gently to her feet pulling her towards him. She sighed and walked the rest of the way on her own. If she was to suffer this, it would be on her terms. Moxey reached behind his back and produced a bejeweled golden box. He lifted the lid and let Sheila gaze upon the contents. She gasped in surprise.

Jewels of every sort sparked inside the box. There were pendants, rings and bracelets among other things. Each piece had been polished until it gleamed in the torchlight. Elena reached out to touch a large opal necklace on the top of the pile but drew her hand back quickly. Finally, she decided that by taking the gems, she would do something of her own free will, a concept that she was slowly losing. Gently, she reached out and pulled the opal she had admired from the top of the pile. He took the bauble from her and motioned for her to turn around which she did without complaint. She felt him pull her hair aside and fasten the pendant around her neck.

He spun her around to face him once more and a smile lit his face. She picked up the opal from its resting place between her breasts and studied it. It seemed to be alive, the colors swirling across the milky surface.

"It does look so lovely on you," he breathed. "Just as I knew it would. These are all for you."

Reaching out, she took the pro-offered box and looked at Moxey once more.

"They're beautiful," she agreed. "Where did you get them?"

Sitting her down on the bed, Moxey explained where the contents of the box had originated. Her mind spun as he told her his tale. Every thing in the jewelry case had come from Moxey's mother or grandmother and according to one Moxey family folklore, his great-grandfather had been a jewel thief who had broken into a manor in Everton and taken the jewels as bounty. He had kept the gems in the jeweled box never letting any woman wear any of its contents. Until now.

Moxey knew he had never given the box to anyone but her Elena mused. A testament, she decided, to her husband's obsession with not dying alone.

"I… I don't know what to say." she stammered as he took the box from her and placed it on the floor.

"Don't say anything, sweetheart." he replied as he began to ease her back down onto the bed.

She opened her mouth to protest but Moxey seized her mouth in a rough kiss. He pushed her backwards onto the bed and up collapsing.

"What do you want now, Albert?" she asked. "Please. I'm tired. I can't do anything else tonight."

"Sorry, Elena," sighed Moxey. "Though you would if I demanded it of you, no matter how tired you were. No, wait, I've got one last gift for you."

Moxey rose from the bed and opened a bureau in one corner of the room.

"May I present you with a new wardrobe? Those clothes you have are okay but these, I think, will suit you much better."

Elena felt the familiar tug of a spell pull her across the room to stand beside him. He paused waiting for her to open the drawers of her own will. When she didn't, he forced her hands to tug on the ornately carved handles so the contests of the bureau spilled out before her.

It was filled with clothes made of the finest fabrics Elena had ever seen in a rainbow of colors. Elena had never owned many clothes made of silk and other rich materials and the fabrics felt wonderful against her skin. She dug through the drawers holding up several pieces for examination. She looked up at Moxey with joy in her eyes.

"Oh my God," she gasped. "They're beautiful!"

"You said it, girl," he chuckled. "You didn't expect me to provide you with clothes that made you look like a Manc prostitute, did you? No, I'm sorry I said that."

He turned to leave, Elena still staring at the contents of the bureau in belief.
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