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Prospects Options Choices

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Fri May 22, 2020 12:51 pm

Sarah is talking to Pru.

Sarah: “ Hello Prudence, are you and your family well?” There was a pause before Pru answered.

Pru: “Clearly there is a reason for Sunday best names, but yes we are all hale and hearty?”

Sarah: “Sounds like you’re having lots of fun?” They both laughed.

Pru: “ Nev says these two are descended from Genghis Khan, and you’re no good with sarcasm Sarah. What can I do you for ?”

Sarah: “Cast your mind back to those halcyon days, sunnier times in a motor home with the man of your dreams. You were assembling an array of thingies along the coast of a certain island.”

Pru: “ I couldn’t possibly comment ,but go on.”

Sarah: “ My new best friend at FCO alerted me to some changes they detected in movements, changes of traffic patterns. It is known that you helped with the algorithms on this work ?”

Pru: “ I deduce for purely academic reasons ,you are suggesting a consult?”

Sarah: “ Are you free for tea this afternoon?”


Pru: “ I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” Sarah looked up from her monitor.

Sarah: “ What is it, have you seen something?”

Pru: “ Yes I have. See the numbers you got from Heather’s guy up to about a month ago are much the same on a weekly or monthly basis. More recently the container traffic to Costa Rica and Guatemala has changed .”

Sarah: “ I see there is change but what does it mean in real terms?”

Pru: “ It’s the frequency. Roughly the same number of transits but at different times ,this usually meant a different point of origin.”

Sarah: “ The vessels are coming from a different terminal?”

Pru: “ That’s the simplest answer, yes.”

Oz: “ Why have you got involved with this trafficking thing pet, I thought you weren’t fussed after Greig pegged it?”

Sarah: “ Well a little bird at FCO remembered a colleague had background in coastal monitoring in this area and thought I might be able to help. Normal channels would take ages.”

Oz: “ I always thought those buggers worked in a more organised way, this looks like people doing each other favours?”

Sarah: “ Classic civil service my love.”

Oz: “ So this is where Pru comes into the picture?”

Sarah: “ Yes, but I’m beginning to see a bigger picture. It’s like a jigsaw but I still need to put more pieces together.”

Nikki is in Fredo’s office. She waits until the girl who brought coffee has left.

Fredo: “ Miss Myles, I’m told you have information for me about trafficking?” Nikki had hoped for a more friendly approach.

Nikki: “ Morning inspector. Yes I’m following up certain aspects of my investigation on Tatiana Taylor.”

Fredo: “ Very interesting but what is it you have to tell me?”

Nikki: ”I’m interviewing her about her involvement with Joachim Lopez ,known as the Chechen.”

Fredo: “ Yes ms Myles ,without being rude I have a nine thirty appointment, can you make your point. Please?”

Nikki: “I need your help to confirm my theory that the Chechen made a huge cash transfer to one of her accounts in return for intel that allowed him to acquire lucrative trafficking deals in Central and South America.” Fredo sat up suddenly and Nikki smiled as she saw interest flit across his face.

Fredo: “ You do know he’s dead?”

Nikki: “ And yet his business is still operating.”

Fredo: “ You think she is the new Joachim Lopez?”

Nikki: “ If not her someone close to the action. I need to see his recent comms. The newspaper reports say you recovered his mobile from the vehicle?”

Fredo: “We asked the Poti authorities to assist with our own pursuit of the traffickers. The locals confiscated his vehicle along with his body and personal effects. You would be advised to speak to them.” Nikki looked at Fredo with an exaggerated wide eyed stare.

Nikki: “ Are you saying that the newspaper report is untrue?” Fredo sighed and shook his head.

Fredo: “ We both know that someone in the Poti camp reported Lopez’s possessions ,including his mobile, were not recovered .The authorities there are appealing for witnesses of the incident to come forward. It is believed in the confusion that followed the shooting his body was robbed.”

Nikki: “ Whoever has his ‘phone may hold the key to his death and much more.” They looked at each other. Nikki got up and left without a further word.

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Sat May 23, 2020 12:47 pm

Barry is in an office in the Leisure Centre talking with Hazel when he receives an outside call.

Barry: “ Yes I’ll take it, you say from the convent?” He gave Hazel a puzzled look and sat down. As the conversation progressed Hazel saw Barry’s expression change from puzzled to horrified.” Of course, yes, I understand not over the telephone. I’ll be there as fast as I can. Ta ra for a bit, thankyou sister.” Hazel looked at him as he carefully replaced the ‘phone . She had a bad feeling from the look he gave her.” I have to go .That was the convent where Sara Victoria stays. She has some disturbing news about Anna.During her visit this morning she became very upset. Sara prefers to explain in person and said not to say anything to Anna just yet.”

Hazel: “ This is to do with her kidnapping?”

Barry: “ Yes.It’s related to something Anna overheard which she kept to herself and it's now threatening her mental state.” Barry had become very agitated and Hazel put her hand on his shoulder.

Hazel: “Barry, Barry love , take it easy. You know this will be something to do with your ex and you know you’ll be able to handle it. Do you want me to come with you?”

Barry: “ Yes, in fact it’s an opportunity for you to meet Sara Victoria.”

In a meeting room within Convento de Santa Maria.

Sara Victoria: “Senor Barry this has been a difficult thing for Anna to deal with. It is difficult for me but I have my sisters to help. Anna has kept this thing to herself for too long and now we feel it threatens her mental health. However she must never believe we betrayed her trust .As her father however the decision is yours going forward.”

Barry: “ I promise you Sister,you know I will do anything for Anna, I would never let her believe ill of you.”

Sara Victoria: “Very well, I can speak freely ?” She looked at Hazel sat nearby.

Barry: “ Yes sister ,we have a friendship of many years standing.”

Sara Victoria: “ First I must say the sisters and I do not believe Anna understands fully what she overheard. The overall context perhaps yes, but I will give you our interpretation separately at the end. I believe Anna has processed what she heard in the light of what she knows of her mothers journey to central America from Varna .This will be apparent from the notes I have taken after listening to your daughter. I’m sure it’s not complete, it would be an impossible task for Anna, but her mother memorised a list of numbers relating to places she visited, individual mines, their output, manning levels and replacement labour, engineers, and value of the ores and metals extracted. We have access to the internet and I have been able to clarify where Anna’s account was vague or lacking.”

Barry: “ You told me this has affected Anna badly?”

Sara Victoria: “ Indeed. She believes her mother has been through an ordeal but crucially doesn’t understand the reasoning behind this feat of memory. “

Barry: “ Are you saying she is conflicted , trying to reconcile her current feelings with her mothers previous behaviour?”

Sara Victoria:” Yes. I will not reveal what Anna told me in confidence of course but she heard her mother recite this to someone who she believed at the time was a friend, and that is all.”

Barry: “ What would you advise ,do you think I should take her to a psychiatrist?”

Sara Victoria: “ I wouldn’t do anything precipitate senor Barry. Spend time with her see how she behaves. You know her ,do what you think is best ,but if you think there is a civic or legal path to be taken you will need this.” She passed him a folder of closely written text.” I cannot be involved any further of course. I’m sure you understand.”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Sun May 24, 2020 12:00 pm

Barry:” Of course. Is there anything else you feel comfortable telling me that would help me to understand why?”

Sara Victoria: “ Most of the time Anna was held in a room next to her mother’s. She would hear lengthy conversations late at night when they assumed she was asleep, mainly her mothers voice, and then she would begin to recite this list of numbers and names, places and times, over and over.”

Barry: “ The folder contains this information ?”

Sara Victoria: “ What is in there is largely what Anna can remember .Although she heard it night after night we know it must be incomplete, clearly you can say a lot even in a short time, so there must have been much more . Nevertheless we believe it’s representative .I committed it to paper and tried putting it into some geographical context based on what Anna told me about her mothers journey after leaving for Peru. Anna was appalled when she heard the callous way she spoke about the loss of life and those poor souls trafficked to replace them .”

Barry: “I take it Anna is unaware how her mother gathered this information?”

Sara Victoria: “ You are correct up to a point. I think she knows it wasn’t downloaded from a computer but wouldn’t understand how it could be acquired by word of mouth.” Barry was still holding the file and staring at this young woman in black.

Barry: “ I can’t take it in Sara. What is it about, I don’t understand why would she memorise …..?” He had paused midway through the file, then stopped, frown gone .” She has compiled a shorthand record of activity at mines in central and south America using slave labour. Accounts of output, shipments, tonnage, profits , labour numbers and pay offs to traffickers. What would drive someone to do this?”

Sara Victoria leaned forward and covered Barry’s hand with hers.” Senor you know why. She channelled her hate and pain. Her plan would keep her alive. We have sisters here who understand what happens to women in her situation.”

Barry: “ So now we know how the Chechen increased his share of the market ,and how Tatiana got her chain of beauty salons.”

Hazel: “ And maybe why someone shot him?”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Sun May 24, 2020 6:40 pm

So if Titiana didn't pull the trigger, she payed the one who did ? :twisted:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:31 pm

Oz walked into Sarah’s office in the New Castle.

Oz: “ Now then pet I’ve just had Moxey on the ‘phone, he says the hospital has an overcrowding problem and so the cremation is going ahead as we speak.”

Sarah: “ Isn’t that embarrassingly quick?”

Oz: “ It’s what Wyman and Moxey agreed, things are becoming industrialised is the word he used. Not what Chrissy would have wanted. But we'll organise the wake. I have to say pet, Moxey sounds like he's struggling and he reckons Wyman's more than just angry.”

Sarah: “ Bearing in mind Barry’s state of mind is it a good thing for Anna to attend?”

Oz: “ Moxey said she’d be good company for Beatrice. They are best friends and I don’t think she’d want to be too far from Moxey.”

Sarah: “You know, I don’t feel as if I really got to know Chrissy ,not like Pru and Dagmar. She said on more than one occasion, she felt upstaged by Dagmar and intimidated by Pru.”

Oz: “ Aye I heard that .Den said Dagmar tried to build bridges by telling her how much we all admired what she’d done with Chrysalis.”

Sarah: “ I don’t think it worked Oz. I wondered if there might be some friction because of her dalliance with Den on Cuba?”

Oz: “ Mind I blame Bomber for that, he was the one who told Den not to play hard to get.”

Sarah: “ I can understand why she would feel like an outsider when there is such obvious history between Den and Dagmar plus she said she felt more at ease with Brenda than with Pru .She had ample opportunity when you were all enjoying yourselves in Laos.”

Oz: “ Cheeky bugger ,you know it was no holiday. Anyway it’s probably right , Brenda didn’t have our Pru’s cut glass accent.”

Wyman opens the car door for Moxey. Beatrice has been very quiet on the journey from the crematorium. She watched Moxey like a hawk while he sat in the passenger seat carrying the urn.

Wyman: “ I’ve often wondered why it was only Barry who had a good word to say about my father?”

Moxey: “I told you before Wy, when we first met you in Middlesbrough no one wanted to upset you. It was no surprise to us when Chrissy told us the story. He was just a waster, sorry kiddah but it’s true. Chrissy deserved better. I remember one of the lads on the site in Dusseldorf said there was a short circuit between his brains and his bollocks.”

Wyman: “ Aye well she’s at peace now mate. By the way did she say anything more to you about Jamaica, I mean was it just a recent idea about going back?”

Moxey: “ Not really. She talked a lot in the last few months about the house. It was more to do with her memories, her happy memories, uncle Percy and the time me and her were there. That’s when we found each other, I know she told you that.” Wyman was shaking his fists.

Wyman: “ It’s so unfair Mox, just when things are going right for her they start to go wrong.”

Moxey: “Did you talk to Chris about Vicky seeing Barbara?”

Wyman: “ Yeah, he put Kenny Brown on the case and said he’d keep us posted.”

Moxey: “ You’re very quiet Bea, are you still feeling poorly?”

Beatrice: “ Who is going to be there, will I be able to see Anna?”

Wyman and Moxey were the last to arrive at the New Castle. Sarah was at the front gate .

Sarah: “I heard the car coming Moxey, hi Wyman .Hello Beatrice, Anna is inside ,do you want to go and see what’s she’s getting up to?” Bea scurried off. Sarah looked from Moxey to Wyman and back.” I believe she’ll be happier with her friend .”

Wyman: “ I can only guess what it’s like for her at this time. Chrissy was a fixture in her life.”

Sarah: “ Children tend to adapt more quickly I’ve found. How are you two doing? Let’s go through, the others are in the dining room.”

The others in fact were occupying chairs set around a lifesize photograph of Chrissy taken at a Cuban night club .

Wyman: “ Hey,I remember that night. Tina and I called into the club to find you lot with Bomber.”

Dennis: “ That’s right young’un .Chrissy had been on a trip from Orlando.”

Neville: “ Aye and that’s when she hatched a plan to smuggle Ofelia onto the cruise ship back to Jamaica.”

Oz: “ Chrissy was larger than life Wyman. Let’s drink to her memory.”

They all toasted Chrissy . Barry cleared his throat.

Barry: “ I’d like to say a few words. I was at a very low point in my life when I saw Chrissy for the first time. She was a breath of fresh air, and she brought me a hamper .I will never forget. Cheers Chrissy.”

Moxey: " I just thought you'd all like to know that Wyman and me will be taking Chrissy back to Jamaica."

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Tue Jun 02, 2020 5:43 pm

Barry got a hamper, Moxey got a hamster. :lol:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:27 pm

Fredo has been asking Kenny Ames about the Conservation Union. An official from the Poti coast guard had asked for his help in interviewing Kenny over the Chechen killing.

Fredo: “ I don’t know how he made the connection Kenny. Perhaps you can you enlighten me?”

Kenny: “ I see Stefano’s hand in this, I'm sure you must see that Fredo. You know I’m not involved.”

Fredo: “Their people have had a lot of money from the EU, and from what this guy tells me I guess solving this case would make a good impression.”

Kenny: “Again I am guessing, but I reckon Yorgo found out what the Chechen was up to. He had ample opportunity during their journey, and we all know Greig was niaive as well as arrogant . He badly misjudged Yorgo, who saw an opportunity and took it.”

Fredo: “You think Yorgo was acting alone?”

Kenny: “ Not entirely . I recently discovered that Stefano attends a Health and Fitness establishment , he needs to keep in shape apparently.” They both laughed.” The owner is known to you.”

Maureen had been quizzing John Martinez on his summary of the Chinese activity locally.

Maureen: “ You don’t mind me asking questions John, I know you’re contracted to CWN but I assume Chris has explained my part in this?”

John: “ No problem. Chris told me why there is a federal interest in local events.”

Maureen: “ Our guides are biased naturally ,they are locals, but we think they have a right to be worried. It would be great if they had an alternative even if it was only to help negotiate a better deal. Chris has bigger ideas I know.”

John: “ Is Chris due back here soon?”

Maureen: “ Yes he was going to Antofagasta to talk about the contract with your departmental heads .”

John: “ I hope he gets a good reception waving the CWN flag.”

Maureen: “ Just how well entrenched are the Chinese?” John laughed.

John: “ They did the same as they’ve done with most of the European universities paying big bucks for language and China appreciation courses, and of course top dollar for their undergraduates”

Maureen: “ Doesn’t sound good.”

John: “ It isn’t, but then that’s why you’re all here. The answer lies with the local people and I think Chris knows that.”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:58 am

Chinese activity locally ? Covid 19 ? :ugeek:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:29 pm

Wyman was surprised at Chris’s reaction to the reception they got at the university .In his experience Chris usually ignored overtures made to him during business meetings, but these departmental officials had excelled. They were whisked away from the airport in a stretched limo back to their designated apartment within the faculty of geology. The discussions could have been conducted in a foreign language as far as Wyman was concerned, a point commented on as they made their way back to the Atacama.

Wyman: “ So you got what you wanted bro?”

Chris: “ Not everything , I guess you realised that toward the end. But most of what we need.”

Wyman: “ Is it always like that, I began to wonder why you asked me along?”

Chris: “It does tend to be like that when people think you’re an easy mark, but they will be curious now especially after your comments about personally working in the Bakken formation. In the past their experiences with CWN have been orchestrated by Ulrich and friends.”

Wyman: “What about the testing contract, they made a big thing about that?”

Chris: “ I expected it because it is very lucrative for them .We will get the analysis done elsewhere. I know all the test results will be shared with their Chinese colleagues.” Wyman looked surprised.

Wyman: “Doesn’t that bother you?”

Chris: “It would if the samples were kosher.” Wyman laughed.

Wyman: “ You’re a devious bugger kiddo!”

Chris: “Their lab manager is a good friend of John Martinez.”

Wyman: “So John will make sure the test results are what they want to see?”

Chris: “Yes, convincing them we are wasting our time and money on a lousy survey and simultaneously saving the Chinese from exploring sites of no geological importance.”

Barry is answering queries from Hazel about Anna’s wellbeing.

Barry: “ Yes thanks for asking ,she is much recovered and I’ve been able to help put her mind at rest. She has benefited a lot from working in Dagmar’s department. It’s a huge relief.”

Hazel: “Can I move on and ask a few questions about the current Leisure business?”

Barry: “ Of course. Fire away.”

Hazel: “ I have a memo about recent acquisitions ?”

Barry: “ Yes since Chris acquired the business he has invested in Saint Tropez and two more in the Caribbean, one in Jamaica and another in Cuba which I guess is the one you are about to ask about, there have been some problems?”

Hazel: “ He must be taking a long term view. This lock down has depressed business and it’s only now showing signs of recovery.”

Barry: “ Did the marketing guys give you the breakdown on our competitors operations?” Hazel grinned.

Hazel: “Our bookings are up comparatively. It’s down to our larger rooms, it makes everything easier. Social distancing Barry.” Barry looked up from his lap top, with an annoyed expression.

Barry: “Hazel ,I hope I’m not detecting a patronising tone ?” Hazel was lost for words.” Don’t make assumptions .We do have history, and I’m grateful for your interest in my daughter’s welfare, but this is our workplace , have a thought. “

Hazel’s face was a little pink.” Now then, do you know how they managed to get this intel?”

Hazel: “Perhaps it’s best we don’t know. You are aware we lost some more regulars after Tatiana’s recent advertising, and Prince Stefano is one of them ?”

Barry: “I didn’t but then I can’t keep up with the day to day minutia.”

Hazel: “He was one of Rose’s specials,very demanding I believe.” This comment piqued Barry’s interest.

Barry: “What do you mean demanding?”

Hazel: “ Well our regular masseuses were not good enough and from time to time he asked for Shiatsu from our resident expert.”

Barry: “ And that would be?” Hazel gave Barry an old fashioned look.” Not Rose then?”

Hazel: “No, not Rose. If Zoe wasn’t available Tatiana would oblige I understand.”

Barry: “ You seem to be remarkably well informed.”

Hazel: “ As a new manager the staff were very forthcoming, they knew there’d been some iffy goings on and were keen to distance themselves from it.”

Barry: “ Well well. I must pass this on to Kenny. You have revealed a significant connection to Stefano of which we were unaware.” Barry gathered up his mobile and briefcase.

Hazel: “ Before you go Barry did you give any thought to those Japanese Shiatsu I mentioned?”

Barry: “ Yes. There is no doubt about it’s historical significance but HR raised a query about the suitability of some of our premises for blind staff members. Considerable kudos will be derived by the addition to our establishments, and their services will come at an appreciable premium.”

Oz had returned to the New Castle after catching up with Kenny Ames, and found Sarah a little red eyed.

Oz: “ What’s wrong pet?”

Sarah: “ Just mortality Leonard.”

Oz: “ Do you often have these thoughts?”

Sarah: “ You came back early and caught me unawares. I was going to be mysterious and you would have had to wheedle it out of me, probably over the weekend.”

Oz: “ Howay man ,we’re on the same side aren’t we ,why the mystery?”

Sarah: “ C’mon Oz a girl has to take her chances when they’re presented.” Oz said nothing and Sarah could see his puzzled expression.

Oz: “ I’m not entirely sure I understand pet. Are you feeling uncomfortable or unhappy, I thought you and I were okay?”

Sarah: “I’m not one to complain as well you know Oz. We have a good life here, the work is worthwhile and interesting, there is a future I believe. All our material things are fine, no not fine ,excellent.”

Oz: “ I feel there is a but coming .” Sarah smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Sarah: “ You know what a bucket list is petal?”

Oz: “ Yes.” Sarah took a slip of paper from her pocket book and showed it to Oz.

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Thu Jun 11, 2020 5:08 pm

Stefano and Tatiana, up against the rails ? ;)

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:40 am

Oz had been studying Sarah’s list .

Oz: “ There’s only one thing not crossed out?”

Sarah: “ I know.”

Oz: “ When did you start this list?”

Sarah: “ Years ago.”

Oz: “ You mean before we met?”

Sarah: “ I didn’t say the list was completed years ago.” Oz looked exasperated.

Oz: “ Ok clever clogs, when did you…..?” He never finished the question, Sarah interrupted.

Sarah: “ The first time I saw your face when Sofie was mentioned .It was sad. The second time was when we visited Sara Victoria . You are an open book my love.”

Oz: “ And you’re not the first woman to say that pet.”

Oz was re visiting the discussion he’d had with Kenny Ames. The revelation about Stefano that Barry had shared and how Kenny believed it would mean progress .

Oz: “ Progress, progress how the hell do you work that out?”

Kenny: “Oz it’s only now that I can see Stefano’s part in the overall picture. The reason he patronised the Leisure centre in Varna is because that area was the centre for the trafficking empire, his predilection for Shiatsu led him to Tatiana ,and then to Zoe. If Zoe hadn’t been so greedy who knows how things may have turned out. As it is Tatiana’s ordeal produced the intel that allowed the Chechen to begin his takeover of the Caribbean business. When I was interviewed by Fredo I was able to convince him of my innocence even though he knows I was close to Stefano. We deduced he instructed Yorgo but we cannot figure how this would benefit Stefano directly.”

Oz: “ So Stefano is up to his knackers in it and it looks like Tatiana’s involved as well?”

Kenny: “ Yes ,and as Fredo says whoever has the Chechen’s personal effects may have the best evidence to convict those responsible.”

Wyman and Maureen have been out photographing sites with Pablo. Maureen is looking closely at the cameras.

Maureen: “Do you mind if I check your camera, I need to be sure we have at least one shot of the second site?”

Wyman: “No problem kiddo.” He laughed.” I have nothing to hide ,all the filth is on my other camera.” Maureen laughed as she searched through the pictures.

Maureen: “ Yes it’s ok we have a couple of that site.” She returned the camera to his bag and saw a wallet in the footwell.” I think this must be yours Wy.” She made to pass it to him but some cards and photographs fell out. She picked them up at which point Wyman snatched them from her. “Sorry, sorry Wyman.” She could see he was angry but couldn’t understand why.

Wyman: “ No, no it’s me Maureen I’m sorry. It’s silly really but I found some pictures and things when I was clearing up my mum’s place. Here you can have a look.” Maureen was reluctant but took them from him as it seemed silly not to.

Maureen: “ There’s a picture of you with a group of people in wet suits, there’s a few of you in a hard hat I guess that’s when you were in the Bakken, there’s one of you and a dark haired girl dancing, and this is a ticket for one to see She Stoops to Conquer at the British embassy in Havana. I’d no idea you were into drama.”

Wyman: “ Yeah well that was a long time ago in Cuba. Chrissy came to visit when I was with OED. The girl was Tina, she worked in the embassy and we were friends for a while. We lost touch and she lost her way. It was very sad.” Maureen could see he was uncomfortable .

Maureen: “ I’m sorry Wyman ,here you can put them back in the wallet.”

Tatiana received a call from Rose.

Rose: “ I’ve had difficulty in reaching you ,I thought you would want to know the Poti police have been looking for our friend Yorgo from the Conservation Union. They say if we see him they want to talk to him regarding the death of Joachim Lopez and the man travelling in the convoy called Greig.”

Tatiana: “ Why should this interest me?”

Rose: “ Your friend Prince Stefano has been asking for you and enquired if the police had been talking to us.”

Tatiana: “Is he still in Varna?”

Rose: “ No.He told me to tell you to contact him urgently.”

Tatiana: “ Ok Rose you have done as instructed. Bye bye.”

Tatiana ‘phones Stefano.

Tatiana: “ Hello .What is wrong. Rose says you have been trying to reach me?”

Stefano: “ Where are you?”

Tatiana: “ Barcelona,why?”

Stefano: “ I will send someone to pick you up. Pack a bag for a few days.” The line went dead.

Tatiana was not pleased, nevertheless she packed a bag and later that day was sat in the airport lounge when she recognised Stefano’s pilot who took her to a waiting helicopter.

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:21 pm


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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:06 pm

Tatiana was smiling as the pilot helped her into the helicopter.

Tatiana: “ Where are we bound today Lucas?”

Lucas: “ The estate on Majorca madam.”

Tatiana: “ I remember it is not so far. We should be there for lunch?”

Lucas: “ I expect so madam. Please fasten your seatbelt.”

Forty minutes later they landed in the grounds of the Montecatini estate. Stefano was waiting by the landing pad and walked Tatiana back to the house.

Stefano: “ Pleasant journey my dear?”

Tatiana: “ Less than an hour, the travelling is not the problem.”

Stefano: “ On a day like today there are no problems.” Tatiana could see there there might a problem but did not respond. As they passed through the gates she noticed several expensive cars parked at the entrance. As they walked up the steps and the doors opened ,Stefano spoke .

Stefano: “ Maria will show you to your room, the boy will bring your luggage, and I will see you in an hour my dear.” He inclined his head and smiled ,then walked briskly toward the library. Maria and a young boy appeared at her side and they headed toward the stairs. She looked a little red eyed as if from crying. Tatiana put a hand on her arm and they exchanged glances.

Tatiana: “ Can you tell him to put the red one in the bedroom ,I’ll take the little one. Thankyou Maria.” As they made their way upstairs Tatiana whispered in her ear.” Is everything ok ?” They looked at each other Maria put a finger to her lips and shook her head. In a loud voice Tatiana responded.” That’s fine Maria if your headache does not improve I have something I use when I have migraines, you only have to ask.”

Barry was waiting for Hazel to bring her file on the Japanese shiatsu he’d been investigating. He was feeling a lot better, heartened by the news from Chris about further expansion of the Fantasy Film business. There was a knock .

Barry: “ Come in Hazel.” He pointed to the coffee pot.” Shall I pour?”

Hazel: “ Yes please. I have the file you asked for.”

Barry: “ Good. I have some excellent news from Chris this morning. He has confirmed the next stage of the Fantasy Film expansion.”

Hazel: “ That’s really encouraging ,especially at this time.”

Barry: “ I’ve also had a chat with Kenny Ames.”

Hazel: “ Mr Ames?”

Barry: “Yes he recently had a difficult time with our local policeman ,you know Fredo ,mainly to do with his relationship with Stefano?”

Hazel: “ I didn’t know.”

Barry: “ It was a long time ago but they were good friends back in the eighties. Anyway Kenny managed to convince Fredo that he no longer has business interests with Stefano. Fredo is sure our prince is mixed up in the trafficking business somehow, especially after hearing about his relationship with Tatiana and her sister.”

Hazel: “ You told him about what I learned from the staff at Varna?”

Barry: “ Of course ,it’s why Kenny is sure we’re making progress at last.”

Hazel:” Progress, what does he mean progress?”

Barry: “ He means in terms of our understanding the whole trafficking thing and how my ex is mixed up in it and the killings in Poti.”

Hazel: “ I don’t understand how this involves you personally.”

Barry: “Apart from the involvement of my ex wife, the killings impinge on the lives of my friends who were in that convoy. Those people are my extended family Hazel and anything that affects them affects me.”

After a shower and change of clothes Tatiana finished unpacking and made her way downstairs to the library. The oil paintings along the walls were as familiar as the two suits of armour she recalled from her previous visits. There was a bust of Stefano’s great grandfather that he joked had more resemblance to a near neighbour than anyone else. She passed the ceremonial sword in a glass case which had been recovered from a battlefield during the Spanish Civil War, of which Stefano would get misty eyed about given half a chance.

Stefano rose to his feet as Tatiana came into the room.

Tatian: “ This place is steeped in history is it not?”

Stefano: “ Indeed. I hope you are as impressed as my other guests, who have also remarked on our family history.”

Tatiana: “ Tell me Stefano is this a special historical occasion?

Stefano:” I will explain later .Come in and meet the others, you will know all of them except one .He has spent a lot of his time recently in the Americas, his name is Ulrich.”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

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Cock up ? :roll:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

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Stefano introduced Tatiana .

Stefano: “ Tatiana, I believe you two have not met. This is Hans Ulrich, Hans this is Tatiana who I mentioned in our earlier discussion.”

Ulrich smiled and touched his lips to Tatiana’s hand .

Ulrich: “ I was sure Stefano was exaggerating but now I see he was telling the truth . I am very pleased to meet you Tatiana.”

Tatiana: “ I am at a disadvantage Hans ,I know nothing about you. Perhaps you will tell me about yourself?”

Stefano: “ Sorry Tatiana ,I am afraid that will have to wait, our business is urgent. If you will all take your seats we can begin?” Stefano sat at the head of the table and as Tatiana took her place opposite Ulrich he distributed several documents .

Ulrich: “ Stefano is this recent?”

Stefano: “ It was emailed this morning. Permit me .This intel from the Caribbean is more than disturbing .As Alistair will confirm our container traffic has been disrupted.”

Fraser: “ I’ve had reports of problems all over that area. Some shipments have gone without trace and clients have been shall we say, compromised. When I checked with Varna they had no idea there was a problem. Mr Grainger, can you enlighten us?”

Jeffrey: “ Thank you Alistair ,as I told you a few minutes ago the situation is fluid, and we can not confirm who it is behind the hijacking but we suspect the Chinese.”

Tatiana: “ I believe that Mr Okashi was monitoring south east Asia?”

Okashi: “ That is true and I confirm that engineered and chemical products have been on offer at vastly discounted prices. They cannot compete with us on human resource at present.”

Stefano: “ Is this of long standing Okashi?”

Okashi: “ I told Alistair a month ago that he should expect competition . Our intel was central American customers were targetted , they were told our supplies would be curtailed and our prices would rise.”

Fraser: “ We took appropriate action of course but when our containers disappeared we couldn’t make delivery. I found that the comms along the Cuban coast were compromised .”

Tatiana: “ I thought there were quality issues with their weapons ,sorry engineered product?”

Jeffrey: “ Indeed but when you’re offered buy one get one free it tends to focus one’s attention.”

Ulrich: “ Customer loyalty is paramount Jeffrey has someone reminded them of this?”

Fraser:” I can answer that , it appears that some are more loyal than others ,when discipline is applied.”

Ulrich: “ Did it work Alistair?”

Fraser: “ Yes but it is only short term. We have to eliminate the competition in my opinion.”

Tatiana: “ May I ask a question, how was it the comms were compromised?”

Fraser: “ It looks like messages from the containers were intercepted ,the ships were redirected and then hijacked. We are in the process of recovering them.”

Ulrich: “ Did that include human resource as well?”

Fraser: “ No .”

Tatiana: “ Strange that our friends in the coastguard were not on hand to advise?”

Jeffrey: “ There is a good reason for that ,when our chaps in Cuba and Jamaica got in touch said gentlemen had departed this mortal coil.”

Ulrich: “ That sounds very extreme ?”

Fraser: “ It’s another pointer to our problems being of an oriental nature. I have friends in Miami who are looking into this for me. They are also experiencing difficulty in their activities, they believe from the same source.”

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