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The Last Gig

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The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Mon Sep 20, 2021 11:44 am

Barry and Naomi are relaxing in Kenny Ames’ mountain lodge, and Barry has decided to make a jug of mojito’s as “it would save time.”

Naomi :” So Kenny reckons this place is as safe as anywhere?”

Barry :”Absolutely.He has a reasoned basis for this. One, the young computer nerd in the village said the terms and conditions for contract work as laid down in the Dark Web clearly state upon the demise of one or both of the partners said contract is null and void. Secondly Fredo told him the camper van incident had gone viral and even if the contractor has no access to the net he or she will have been informed within minutes of the emergency services arriving at the scene.”

Naomi :” Is Fredo implying there are leaks from the police department?”

Barry :” In a word ,yes. The news of her death will have reached the contractor sooner rather than later we would hope.”

Naomi :”What will your friends do now ,have you any idea?”

Barry :”My feeling is now the threat has gone they will want to move on. I couldn’t swear to Moxey’s course of action, he has a new lady friend ,but he is integral to Chris’s plan . He has unique hands- on knowledge of the process used for the extraction and concentration of the material” Naomi had been watching Barry intently while he explained his ideas.

Naomi :”Do you miss not being part of the team Barry. I remember when we first met ,you guys were ,well close mates ,I guess?” He was surprised at the question and had to think quickly for a response to avoid revealing his embarrassment.

Barry :”I have a successful business Naomi.You of all people should know that it takes up most of my time.” He looked down at his feet.” But I have to tell you, I had some of the happiest times of my life when I worked with those lads. Dusseldorf, Middlesbrough, Arizona. I could go on. But yes, from time to time I do miss the craic.” She could see her question had hit a nerve.

Naomi :” Barry, do you know what you really want from life right now?” He turned to look directly at her, put down his drink and gazed at the view through the trees.

Barry :”A glass of wine ,a slice of bread and you.” They both laughed.

Sara is talking to Oz.

Sara :” Well pet are you enjoying your holiday?” Oz snorted down the ‘phone.

Oz :”Some bloody holiday. Mind I haven’t been to Druridge Bay since I was at school!”

Sara :” Before the Norman Conquest?”

Oz :”Don’t give up the day job petal, you’re no comedian.We’re on Frasers boat at the minute, the Nomad. I think the plan is to make our way back.It’s Chris who is behind the logistics.”

Sara :” You mean back here?”

Oz :” Yes. Big Baz has been getting updates from him since Wooler, mind things have quietened down since we heard about the camper van.”

Sara :”Kenny thinks it’s all over now she’s out of the picture.”

Oz :”Aye that’s the feeling here as well.Time to be thinking about our next step.”

Sara :” Barry and Naomi are staying up at Kenny’s lodge .You know they do make a nice couple.”

Oz :”There you go again ,playing happy families .”

Sara :’What’s wrong with that,Barry could certainly do with a bit of happiness after all the trouble he’s had.You may have forgotten he has a daughter to think about as well.” She ended the call abruptly.

Oz :” Dear oh dear. I think I said the wrong thing.”

Back on the Nomad the conversation is about to trying to understand Chris’s motives.

Dennis :” I’m sure he’s nothing if not a businessman and he must have this Cuban mining thing top of his list right now.”

Neville :” I’m sure you’re right Den.It would be a neat solution for him to have a team he knows and can trust ,bearing in mind the hassle there’s been since Jamaica.”

Dennis :” Moxey’s the answer of course.He’s done this before, he knows the process inside out.”

Moxey :”Chris told me you lot had agreed to head up a training programme for the Cuban locals.”

Dennis :” I think agreed is a bit strong Moxey. We did talk about it ,I do remember that.”

Neville :”It was a bit more than just talk about it Den. I’d come to the conclusion it was inevitable we’d do it.”Dennis looked at Nev in astonishment.

Dennis :”You’re definitely up for it Nev?”

Neville :” Aye, I reckon so. Pru and I had some really happy times in Cuba.”

Dennis :” What about you Moxey?” Moxey looked across to Morag and she smiled back at him.

Moxey :” Do you fancy a trip to Cuba pet?”Morag laughed.

Morag :” I’m sure I heard Oz say that making someones bait every day was a salaried position?” They both laughed.

Dennis was looking at Oz who had been very quiet during these last exchanges.

Dennis :” So Oz, how will Sara deal with you being away for so long?”

Oz :” I don’t think she’d be very happy at all Den.In fact I don’t think she wants me to go away at all at least while the bairn is so young.” The cabin was suddenly very quiet until the twins started fighting over some life jackets.

Pru :” Come on you two, let’s go and see what’s on deck.” Nev and Den were looking from one to the other and across to Moxey who was equally dumbfounded.

Dennis :” And then there were three!”

Neville :”It won’t be the same without you Oz.You’ve been on board since day one!”

Oz :’ I have to think about the bairn see. Sara reminded me ,like Barry has to think about Anna. I missed out on Rod growing up and I’d thought I’d missed out on Sara Vic. I can’t take the risk. I might lose Sara as well.” Baz had been watching this in silence.

Baz :” I had another message from mister Norris.He believes it’s best we make for Spain then he’ll contact us again ,personally.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Mon Sep 20, 2021 4:32 pm

mmm :|

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Sun Sep 26, 2021 11:11 am

Chris learns from Solly that Klaus and Jurgen Stille have returned to their hotel on Isla Victoria.

Solly :” I believe you will be relieved to hear they are unharmed?”

Chris :” Frankly I’m at a loss to understand. We all assumed…........well that’s the mistake we all made, making assumptions.Why did they allow us to buy into the idea of their Nazi sympathies over the years?”

Solly :”The deception was useful in the beginning under certain circumstances but eventually proved self defeating.”

Chris :” How so?”

Solly :”Commercially and politically it is better not to deal with people of a fascist persuasion. You are a business man ,no?”

Chris :” I see. You're saying there may be an advantage working deposits within a fascist dictatorship but you get no invites to lucrative deals in democracies?”

Solly :” Young Wyman crossed the line doing a deal with those locals and unfortunately paid the price. Barbara Hunt acted for a certain disgruntled faction who were worried similar arrangements could spring up all over that part of the Andes.”Chris was gazing into the middle distance.

Chris :”As you know Solly I have an interest in Wyman’s friends ,and some of them attracted Barbara’s attention.”

Solly :” Your point Chris?”

Chris :” I’m trying to understand the why’s and wherefores. When she wasn’t working for the Stilles what was the motivation behind the attacks ,we know about Wyman and his mother Chrissy, but the attempts on Barry and Naomi, then Dennis ,and before there were those mafiosa in the Caribbean .In all my time spent with Barbara I clearly never had a glimpse of her real persona.”

Solly :” We did have stroke of luck with the records her tutor kept otherwise we would never have discovered her involvement with the Chinese.”

Chris :”Indeed ,all the time she was with Amesec and then the Stilles she always played her own hand ,to use Sara Osborne’s expression .”

Solly :”Never motivated by money it seems ?”

Chris :” No ,purely ideological.It’s frightening to think how well she was indoctrinated , her tutor said it was a really bad bunch she joined up with.” Solly looked at Chris and shook his head.

Solly :” You realise you are one of the lucky ones my boy?” Chris sighed.

Chris :” Small mercies Solly, small mercies.”

Klaus and Jurgen are comfortably seated in the hotel’s music room ,a bottle of single malt on the table between them, a modern jazz quartet recording playing in the background.

Klaus :” Strange times my brother wouldn’t you say?”

Jurgen :”Indeed. Yet Haifa is a very pleasant place.”

Klaus :”Full of surprises.”

Jurgen :” I think our hosts were pleased to meet with us?”

Klaus :”Indeed. All in all, a satisfactory exchange of information.”

Jurgen :”Remarkably well informed about our late brother?”

Klaus :”More surprised by their assessment of our enterprise?”

Jurgen :” You mean the accounts list from Buenos Aires?”

Klaus :” Don’t forget the intel from central and south america .” Jurgen nodded , tapping his foot in time to the music .

Jurgen :” So, CWN goes from strength to strength.”

Klaus :” We must continue to keep an eye on young Christian .He nearly slipped up with that Hunt girl.”

Jurgen :” He expressed an interest in spending time at the Amesec offices in Europe.”

Klaus :”And he’s made arrangements for Wyman’s friends to go to Cuba?”

Jurgen :”Yes. It’s a shame about young Wyman.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Sep 30, 2021 12:00 pm

Moxey has been talking with someone from the CWN office in Havana. Call over, he pockets his ‘phone and sees Dennis ,complete with hard hat heading toward the storage silos. Den turns as he hears Moxey approach.

Dennis :” Warm enough for you Moxey ?”

Moxey :”Aye ,better than the rain eh Den.” Den paused, took off his hat to scratch his head and gave Moxey a quizzical look.

Dennis :”Are you worried about something kiddah?” Moxey sighed and looked heavenward.

Moxey :” I’ve just had a call from head office in Havana ,chasing us again .”

Dennis :” It wasn’t Chris was it ,he’s still over in Spain isn’t he?”

Moxey :”Nah it wasn’t Chris ,it was that new fella ,the one that came over from Florida ,thin guy ,nervous looking.”

Dennis :” So what’s his problem?”

Moxey :” Why can’t we speed things up, production is too slow he said ,and not for the first time. I told him we can’t make the bugs go any faster. He wasn’t happy when I said this batch would still only be ready at the end of the week.”

Dennis :”He sounds a right pain in the arse.” Moxey looked tired and rubbed his eyes .

Moxey :”You know Den, for the first few weeks it was great here.Lots to do ,getting things set up and running, it was just like the old days all pulling together.”

Dennis :” Nev was saying the same thing the other night.He’d just come back from a weekend in the camper van with their lass and the kids .Things are starting to get y’kna heavy like with people chasing us since the training was stopped.”

Moxey :”Stopped ,why was that?”

Dennis :” It was finished because your thin nervous guy says he needs every spare body on production, Nev and me are down at the silos filling dumper trucks and whatever else he wants.Do you know his name?”

Moxey :” Come to think of it I don’t. There’s nowt on his office door and we haven’t had paperwork for weeks. This morning they sent me three guys to learn the ropes on the reactors.I said it’ll take a couple of weeks to cover all the stages ,you know mixing ratios ,different filling rates ,temperature control.He went very quiet then said he’d send someone over from head office. I asked if he was an engineer and that’s when the bugger rang off.”Den laughed.

Dennis :”So that was your attempt at being sarcastic was it?” Moxey snorted. “ Oh aye Dagmar told me this morning she heard from Sara , Chris is supposed to be coming here in the next few days.”

Moxey :” Maybe I’ll get a chance to tell him what’s been happening with this thin fella.”

Dennis :”I think this is more likely to be a holiday than work, he’s bringing his girl friend and her brother y’kna the lass from San Pedro, Carla.” Moxey’s ‘phone rang.He rolled his eyes, and took the call waving goodbye to Den.

Moxey :”See ya Den, it’s the site office ,thin man wants to see me.”

Pru has just got the twins to bed and joined Nev on the verandah for a well earned drink.

Pru :” You know, I never get tired of mojitos.”

Neville :” Unless you’re offered a big gin and tonic?”

Pru :” This is grand Neville.Just as we expected, warm days ,leisurely drinks.”

Neville :”Long may it continue, though things are hotting up down at the site.Den says Moxey is having a hard time.”

Pru :” How so?” Her furrowed brow and grim expression were out of character.

Neville :” Well it's this new guy ,thin fella ,came across from Florida to speed up production, apparently. We reckon he’s just out to impress Chris.”

Pru :” But everybody says Moxey knows the process inside out, doesn’t this chap know that?”

Neville :”I’d be surprised if he didn’t ,but he doesn’t seem to care, he’s a numbers man and this is just another process to him. Mind ,if he pushes Moxey too far he might just get filled in. Moxey’s changed a lot since Jamaica.”

Pru :” Oh dear, if Moxey puts one on him that wouldn’t go down well would it. Oh by the way did Den say anything about the invitation from Detlef and Debbie?” Nev looked puzzled.

Neville :”No?”

Pru :”Well Dagmar had an invite ,well more of a promise of an invite .They’re having an extension built on to their house and thought it would be a good idea to have a party to celebrate the completion.”

Across in Florida Debbie has decided to finish for the week and closed up her office. She is making plans for the weekend with Detlef.

Debbie :”Did you get a reply from the builders pet?”

Detlef :” They’re sending someone over to have a look at it tomorrow.”

Debbie :” I had an email from dad ,he said they’ll let us know ,they’re having some problems at the site.”

Detlef :”Did I tell you that Chris is going down there with Carla?”

Debbie :” What’s that about ,a holiday?”

Detlef :” Got it in one .He told me yesterday when he was letting us know about the changes he’s going to make at Amesec.” Debbie was looking into the middle distance and didn’t comment immediately.

Debbie :”Is he really serious about going to live over there?”

Detlef :” You’re not the only one to wonder. I can’t see it myself ,especially when his girl friend lives in South America.”

Debbie :”Won’t it be crowded now that Barry has moved his business there?”

Detlef :” I’m not sure how many staff Fantasy films have but that’s a good point , Amesec have several floors to themselves and of course Sara ,Oz and Kenny Ames and Vicky live there too.”

Debbie “ Will the builders be finished in time ?”

Detlef :” In time for what ?”

Debbie :” In time for our visitors from Cuba .Keep up pet!”

Moxey is not happy. His meeting at the site office did not go well. He was explaining to Morag later that day.

Moxey :”I gave him a detailed description of the process and as much of the science behind the extraction as Robert gave me. I told him the bugs work at a certain speed and you can’t make them go any faster. I said if you don’t believe me talk to professor Martinez at the university, or give Chris a bell.That’s when he got snotty. It took me back to that time in Jamaica ,but I remembered what you said.If I’d stayed I might have decked him ,so I left.”

Morag :” I’m so sorry.We thought things were going really well it’s such a shame Mox.”

Dagmar is in her office having finished her reply to a worrying email from Amesec. She picks up her ‘phone to speak to Pru.

Dagmar :”Hi Pru, I hope everything’s ok with you,I’m wondering if you have heard from Chris recently?”

Pru :” We’re fine Dagmar.To answer your next question no I haven’t ,the last time was an email asking if we were all settling in.Why?”

Dagmar :”Someone from Amesec, someone new, at least to me, has forewarned me that Chris is on the warpath.”

Pru :” That doesn’t sound like Chris to me.”

Dagmar :”Exactly what I thought ,and anyway why would he delegate something like this .He always contacts us directly ,more so since we came here.”

Pru :” So why is he on the warpath?”

Dagmar :”Apparently the training programme is unsatisfactory, not on time ,and OED have also expressed dissatisfaction .”

Pru :” Where on earth did they get that from?”
Dagmar :’ I have no idea. It’s the first I’ve heard. In fact was OED who told us how pleased everyone was ,including Luis Sandoro and the other Cuban bigwigs .They want to see it extended outside of the private sector, we guess to take the place of the old Outreach programme.”

Pru :” Have you spoken to Dennis?”

Dagmar :”No, I wanted to check it out first.Has Nev said anything to you?”

Pru :” Not about that but he has said he’s sick to death of people checking up on him every five minutes. I put it down to his poor attitude.” They both had a good laugh.

Dagmar :” I know exactly what you mean.When you’ve been your own boss for as long as they have any comments come over like insults .”

Pru :”Might be worth talking to Chris?”

Dagmar :” I understand he is coming here with Carla tomorrow?”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:21 am

This thin bloke. Moxey needs to lock him in his office and set fire to the bastard ! But make sure there are no chickens :twisted: :lol:

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Oct 07, 2021 12:13 pm

There were a few dozen people waiting when Chris arrived at the site. He was clearly uneasy at this unexpected crowd and suggested Carla stay in the car until he was sure it was safe. He was very relieved to see a friendly face when Dennis walked over.

Dennis :” Now then Chris, I bet you didn’t expect a reception committee?”

Chris :”Hello Dennis, I’m not sure ,what is all this about . Is there a problem should I tell Carla to join Pru and Dagmar at the holiday home?”

Dennis :” Yes there is a problem and no these guys are our labour force, they’re ok. None of us can understand what’s happening Chris, to be precise we can’t understand what you’re doing. We’ve been given instructions by your new people ….” Chris stopped Dennis in mid sentence.

Chris :” Sorry Dennis , but what new people do you mean?”

Dennis :” Well there’s this thin guy who came from your Florida office who stopped the training programme and is chasing Moxey.” Chris was shaking his head.

Chris :” I’ve not sent any new people here Dennis.This makes no sense. Where is this thin chap?” Dennis nodded in the direction of the site office.

Dennis :”Let’s go see him.” As they approached the freshly painted wooden cabin the door opened and the thin chap appeared and spoke.

“ What’s this Patterson ,a delegation?”

Chris :” Excuse me , can you tell me who you are?”

“ My name is McDonald and who might you be?”

Chris :” My name is Norris and I also work for CWN.”

McDonald :” Mister Norris ,I’m very busy can you tell me what you want?”

Chris :”I should explain I’m the CEO and I want to know who sent you here?”

McDonald :” Yes I’m sure you are ,now if you don’t mind please leave or I’ll have to call security.”

Dennis :” Mister McDonald I can vouch for him, he really is the big boss, can you just answer the question?”

McDonald :” I’m ringing security.” He went back into the office and they heard him on the ‘phone.

Back at the New Castle Oz and Sara are deep in conversation ,not for the first time that morning.

Oz :” Look pet I’ve apologised for what I said. There’s nowt wrong with happy families ,it’s just I was a bit stressed at the time.” She wasn’t smiling.

Sara :” I know you Leonard.Tell me what is going on in your head.Are you wanting to be away with the lads. Again?” Oz sighed and looked up at her.

Oz :” I told the lads I needed to be around for young Brian because there were times in the past when I wasn’t ,and I didn’t want to screw things up with you.” Sara’s expression softened but no smile appeared.

Sara :” So this is about your feelings of responsibility?”

Oz :’ Yes.” She frowned ,looking thoughtful.

Sara :’ Without this ,all of this , Kenny Ames’s largesse.” She waved her arms around.” We have no regular source of income, apart from the Chocanaw casino. Without your colleagues the businesses gifted by Kenny are very difficult if not impossible to administer as evidenced over recent months .Do you even want to contemplate that ,on your own?” Oz noted her emphasis on the last three words. He looked at her open mouthed, his face the proverbial picture.

Oz :” What’s brought this on?” Sara shook her head once and looked heavenward.

Sara :” It’s creasing you that you’re not in Cuba right now. I know you Oz.Tell me I’m wrong?” Oz looked at his feet.

Oz :”I can’t lie pet.You’re not wrong.It’s always been like this since I got to know the lads ,we’re like a family, it filled that space y’kna, after Marjorie ,especially after Cuba.” Sara took a deep breath.

Sara :”I was so sure everything would be fine after Kenny did what he did.But it is obviously not just about financial security is it?” She was smiling now.” You know I’ve heard you singing in the shower.” He glanced up quickly to see if she was making fun of him.

Oz :” So?”

Sara :” You sing like there’s an audience ,and you’re very good.But then you know that don’t you ,you’ve known for a long time. Admit it pet, you’re a performing artist and music is your thing?”

Neville and Moxey both got a call from Dennis with instructions to come to the site office as soon as possible. Nev arrived just as a van marked Site Security pulled up in front of the cabin.A very fat man heaved himself out of the drivers seat and McDonald appeared at the door .

McDonald :” I will ask you mister Norris ,once again to leave this site or mister Suarez will escort you personally.” At this point they heard another vehicle arrive .It was a very rusty pickup driven by Moxey. He got out and walked over to join them.

Moxey :” Hiyah Den, what’s up?”

Dennis :” This wanker doesn’t believe Chris is the head honcho and he wants security to escort him off the site.”

Moxey :” Didn’t he check Chris’s ID?”

Chris :” I don’t believe mister McDonald is interested in my identity, he never asked for any proof.”He turned to the security guard.” Mister Suarez who employed you ?” Suarez looked to McDonald.” Don’t look at him mister Suarez.He has no authority here. He is an imposter. Tell me ,who is your line manager mister McDonald?” McDonald made to reach inside his jacket when Moxey shouted.They all turned to see Moxey holding a pistol.

Moxey:”Don’t make things any worse for yourself . Captain Delgado is on his way. He’s known us all for years so when I told him I was worried something wasn’t quite right over here he said he’d come and take a look.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Fri Oct 08, 2021 11:24 pm

"Do you mind telling me who you are ?!" :lol:

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:42 am

When Delgado arrived on site he was not alone. An attractive brunette in plain clothes was in the car .

Delgado :” Hello everyone ,my colleague is on a short term posting and asked to attend. I assume there are no objections?” There was a collective shaking of heads.

Dennis :” The only problem we have here Carlos is with mister McDonald.”

Delgado :”Mister Moxey didn’t go into detail in his ‘phone call ,can you explain?”

Dennis :”Our friend here mister Norris the CEO ,asked mister McDonald to identify his line manager. In response he brought site security to shift him off the site.”He nodded in the direction of Suarez.

Delgado :”This is very strange behaviour for an employee wouldn’t you say Dennis?”

Dennis :” We all thought so captain.” Attention was now focussed on McDonald

McDonald :” I don’t have to justify my actions to you. I’m telling you all, clear off. Get off the site NOW.”

Delgado :” This gets stranger .I find your behaviour most disturbing mister McDonald. I suggest we take this problem down to my office and…….” He never finished his sentence. McDonald had tried to reach inside his jacket then found himself propelled to the ground by Delgado’s colleague .Moxey later remarked she was better than a ninja.

With McDonald safely tucked away in a holding cell, minus his Norinko pistol apparently standard Chinese issue, they were able to begin trying to understand the situation.

Chris was amused by Dagmar’s description of him being on the warpath.

Chris :”I can’t remember ever being on the warpath, who told you that?”

Dagmar :” It was one of the Amesec staff.The last one I think to be recruited before Barbara Hunt left.” Pru was looking thoughtful.

Pru :”Was she on the foreign desk, the same department as La Hunt?”

Dagmar :”What are you thinking ,that she might be connected in some way?” Carlos Delgado cleared his throat very noisily.

Delgado :”Ladies, ladies ,it’s clear to me there could be a simple explanation for all this confusion.” Everyone turned to look at him.” Since mister Moxey called me ,everything that has happened could be described like the death throes of a headless animal.”

Chris :” You mean with her gone the network is falling apart?”

Delgado :”Just think about it, I don’t believe she would have had a contingency plan. Why would she think she ever needed one.” There seemed to be a consensus by the number of nodding heads .” Moving on however, I think there is some value in questioning this McDonald fellow.He may know others in the gang.We have to try.”

Chris :” So, all over bar the shouting Carlos?” Delgado laughed.

Delgado :” You may be premature mister Norris ,by a few hours.”

Dennis and Neville were having a beer while waiting for their flight to Miami.

Dennis :” Looks like we might have our time mapped out for us Nev?”

Neville :” Aye. From what Debbie said it sounds like the wall may have to rebuilt.”

Dennis :” Detlef said the builder told him he had to subcontract the brickwork .”

Neville :” Debbie thought it was hilarious ,he’d told them it was specialised .”

Dennis :” Aye well ,it’ll keep us out of trouble for a while kiddah.”

Neville :”I’ll drink to that Den.It seems we’ve had ton of bother this year.”

Dennis :” We can blame it all on Chris, he’s been like a magnet for trouble ,all the time I’ve known him.”

Neville :” Oz had the right idea ,to just keep out of it.” Dennis took another pull at his beer and sighed.

Dennis :” Won’t be the same without the lads, Barry over in Australia, Moxey up in Scotland ,and Oz back in Spain.”

Neville :”Mind it’ll be warmer than Dusseldorf where we’re going.” They both laughed.

Dennis :” Remember Moxey saying how he won us over with his charm ?”

Neville :” And you said it was down to his dartboard.”

Dennis :” It was along time ago Nev. Who got the darts anyway?”

Dagmar and Pru are helping Debbie get a meal ready for the three brickies.

Neville :” Dear me , Detlef lad where did you learn to mix sand and cement like that?” Detlef looked up in embarrassment.

Detlef :” I’d like to say me dad showed us but I’d be lying.”They all laughed at Detlef’s attempt at a north east accent.Dennis walked over to where Nev was laying his last course shaking his head.

Neville :” What’s up with you?” Dennis waved his spirit level.

Dennis :” Nev lad ,yer wall’s not plumb.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Fri Oct 15, 2021 7:04 am

This McDonald fellow. If it turns out to be Ronald, can you ask him if I can get a pay rise ? :P

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Londongal1983 » Sat Oct 16, 2021 12:54 pm

Tracy wrote:
Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:21 am
This thin bloke. Moxey needs to lock him in his office and set fire to the bastard ! But make sure there are no chickens :twisted: :lol:
Did you do that?

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