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‘I’m gonna get a donut....’

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Behind The Scenes Series 2. I found Joy James online when searching eBay for Auf Wiedersehen, Pet memorabilia, and her name popped up! Joy had written a book and ‘Pet’ was tagged in the description. I contacted Joy who sent me a couple of pictures. I asked Joy for her own take on how she got the pictures, this is it in her own words. I used to be a professional singer and worked for many years all over this country and beyond. In 1986 I was working as an extra on this show for several weeks and one scene was set in a motorway café. I was keen to get a few pictures of the Auf Wiedersehen lads on set, but how, there being a blanket ban on cameras. These lads would not tolerate anyone taking photos much less actually pose for one. One day we filmed the scene whereby the lads were sitting down to breakfast. The director told the lads they could have what they wanted but for continuities sake that had to have the same meal over and over whilst the scene was being shot. I recall Tim Healy coming over and telling us he would never eat black pudding again! He said he’d seen me  surreptitiously snap him from a distance and happily posed to allow me to take that shot. One night, I worked with an act - whose name now escapes me but who had built his entire act around 'I know Jimmy Nail.' The next day I caught up with Jimmy outside the wardrobe tent and in passing managed to mention the artistes name and his ears pricked up and he stopped and chatted. I asked permission of him to take his picture and he did, reluctantly posing with my 14 yr old daughter Zoe. Emboldened, I tried to get similar shots of the other guys but one of the bigger fella’s flatly refused and LOUDLY reported me to the director and I got a public rollicking for it. But I got to keep my shots!! Joy has just shared another insight into filming at Trowell Services, and also why the lads were a bit camera shy.“They had become mega big and could not go anywhere without literally hordes of people sometimes - even coach loads full of day trippers - all tormenting them and demanding autographs and photos. At one point they were trying to do a scene in the car park of the service station.  It was a nightmare. Oz (Jimmy Nail) lost his cool because although the area had been 'cleared',  One caravan towing man had stood on his van and was filming them even as the lads were trying to work. So they moved indoors and that became even more problematical.  Inevitably what should have taken a couple of days at most took the best part of a week....” © The images and text are copyright of awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission