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Story Name - Pheromones Author - Lee Barratt Premise - A scene set in the hut, mid series before Wayne meets Christa...
A scene featuring in Series 1. Pheromones in the Hut by Lee Barratt Bomber & Wayne are in the hut waiting for the rest of the lads to finish work. Bomber is sat at the table and Wayne is laid out on his bed. Bomber: "Want a cup of tea Wayne?..." Wayne: "No thanks Bomb, I'd better get me self together, got some young Fraulein to meet...." Bomber: "One day Wayne, you'll settle down, meet a nice girl, just like Bomber did...." Wayne: "Maybe one day Bomb, but got nothing on the horizon mate that's looking like wife material...." Bomber: "That doesn't happen Wayne, you just meet the right girl and everything clicks into place." Wayne: "Maybe you're right Bomb. Hey, maybe she'll be a German girl eh?..." Bomber: "Maybe she will. Bomber met Patsy in one of the cafes just near the building sites..." Wayne: "Was she a brickie?..." Bomber stands up and his chair slides back and makes a loud scraping on the hut floor... Wayne thinks for just a second that he's upset Bomber. Bomber: "Don't be a prannet Wayne, she was working in the Cafe...." Wayne: "Love at first sight was it?..." Bomber is pouring a cup of tea and the lads walk past the window and into the hut. Oz: "Nice one Bomber, me mouths as dry as a vultures arse...." Wayne: "Hey Oz, Bomber is telling me it'll be love at first sight for me one day with some bird...." Oz: "Certainly wasn't for me....." Barry: "No Bomber is right, and I think it has to do with pheromones as well, I read that in a magazine once, all to do with smells as such..." Neville: "That's very interesting Barry...." Barry: "Was it like that for you and Brenda, did you like her smell?.." Neville: "Did I what?.." Barry: "Her smell, thats what pheromones are, it's a smell like...." Neville frowns and ponders.... Neville: "Maybe it was, she did have some pretty strong perfume on that night, and a nice low cut dress..." Wayne sarcastically: "Definitely her smell then...." Neville not understanding Wayne’s sarcastic remark: "Hmmm...." Oz: "All I remember from my first night of meeting Marjorie was that she threw up behind some bins near The Portland. So I don’t think I would have been attracted to her pheromones Barry......” Barry picks up his cup of tea and walks off....