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‘Bit of a heap innit?.....’

Story Name - A Stormy Fan Event Part 3 Author - Lee Barratt, original idea by Grant Brereton. Premise - A fan fiction not based on the lads, but based around the Fansite team and well know fans. Locations include those seen in Series 2 of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet such as Thornely Manor and The Barley Mow.


Lee, Tim and Andy have just had a close encounter with ‘Lily Law’ at Thornely Manor. They are now walking in the rain, with night closing in,

across muddy fields towards The Barley Mow to find help.

Lee: Well, this is just brilliant this. I have been looking forward to this event for the past year, and now look at us... Tim: Nothing we can do mate. As long as we get to the pub before closing time, which is hours away, we’ll be alright... Andy: I wonder what the others are up to? A few miles down the road, a bunch of fans here for the weekend event, are looking for The Barley Mow. Hedley, Gavin and Alastair are in an old VW Camper, to try and keep the feel for the weekend alive. It’s not brown and it’s not a heap, but it’ll do. Hedley: Are you sure it’s down this way Gavin? Gavin: Yea, I’ve been loads of times before mate, just keep on this road, and in a few miles turn right, another few miles straight on and we’ll be there. You’ll go over a small bridge in a bit. Alastair: Hey, I cannot wait for tomorrow like... Just then Hedley slams on the brakes and the van slows right down but doesn’t stop. Hedley is pointing and showing the other lads the thing that just ran about in front of the van, and takes his eyes of the road.... Heldey: Bloody hell that was close Gavin and Alastair: LOOK OUT! The van drives straight into a huge flood of water, and immediately floods the engine, stranding them 3 feet deep in. As water starts to flow into the van through the doors, the 3 lads panic, roll the windows down and start climbing out. Just over the hill, Lee, Tim and Andy are making there way to The Barley Mow. Lee: I’m bloody soaked me, what do you reckon our chances of getting some towels at the pub to dry off? Andy: Slim, very slim. Tim: They might have the fire going Lee: What in July? As they continue walking, the lads spot what looks like smoke just a few hundred yards away. Lee: Hey, what d’ya reckon thats coming from? Tim: I don’t reckon it’s smoke, looks more like steam Andy: Hmm it does. Lets get up a bit higher, maybes we can see. They climb up the banking, to get a better look. Peering down, they can see 3 lads struggling to get out of an old VW Camper and can see they are in trouble. Andy: Bloody hell, come on! As they get closer, Lee recognises one of the lads hanging out of the window Lee: GAVIN! The lads start running towards the VW van and get up close, running in to help Lee: Hey what’s this Gavin, netball tour of Europe or something? Gavin: Ha ha, very funny! Just give us a hand will you... The lads get stuck in and help the 3 fans out, opening the back door so they can get out easy. As Andy opens the back door, he gets a surprise. Andy: Bloody hell wheres this lot from?! The back of the VW camper is full of cans of beer Gavin climbing over the back seat: Well ASDA where d’ya think! The lads are all safe, but there is no way of getting the VW van out. Andy: You lads alright? Hedley: Yea, we were just driving along and something shot out in front. I took my eyes off the road and missed this big bloody thing! Gavin: Err, what are you 3 doing out here, wheres your car? Tim: Up the road, well, miles up the road, it broke down.. Lee & Andy annoyed: Yes, broke down! Alastair: You got a phone, mines soaked now? Andy: You wont get any reception here squire, not a sausage. Gavin: So, where you heading? Lee: This way. Lee points towards the direction of The Barley Mow, but with a huge flood of water in front of them, theres no way across, they’ll have to go around. Gavin: What time is it? Tim: Must be knocking 6 now at least Alastair: We ain’t going to get this....heap out anytime soon, so I reckon our only choice is to head to the pub, ring the AA or sommat Tim: If we head up that way from where we were just walking, we can get across and get to the pub that way... Lee: Come on then... Alastair: We can’t just leave all our gear Andy: What sort of gear? Alastair points to the cans of beer filling the back of the van. Andy laughing but being serious: If you think I’m carrying that lot across these fields, you’ve got another think coming mate! Tim: You’ll just have to leave it here lads, get it later Lee: When is this lot for anyway? Hedley: Well tomorrow.. Lee: You lot are going to drink this lot tomorrow?! Hedley: Well I’m not drinking orange juice all day... Tim: Leave it here, lock up the van and we’ll get it later. I’m pretty sure no one will take it, they can’t steal the van can they, cause it doesn’t run.. Andy: Yea look, if we get to the pub in say 30 minutes, we can get the AA out and get you pulled out, you’ll have this lot for tomorrow, nee bother.. The 6 lads all agree, and head up the banking to walk around the huge flood of water blocking the road. They head in the direction of The Barley Mow, not knowing that when the get there, they won’t find any help. To be continued.