Story Name - The Future - Part Three. Author - Grant Brereton Premise - Here is Grant Brereton’s rough draft of a few hypothetical script ideas, just for fun. Scene 31 Moxey, Barry and Oz are heading up the St James’ Park steps into the lofty heights of the Gallowgate stand... Barry: This was a great idea Oz! I’m really looking forward to the game - just glad it’s not against Wolverhampton Wanderers! Oz: Aye, well I wouldn’t worry aboot that particular fixture anytime soon if I was yee!! Moxey: You can thank Mick McC,C,Carthy for that one! Inside the ground, Newcastle score and all the crowd cheer and go mad. A couple of rows down and a few seats to the right of the lads is a bit of a ‘song instigator’. He’s in his 20ʼs, clearly loves his team, and every 10 minutes or so begins the chants for “Toon, Toon Black & White Army!” to which the crowd all repeat in song. Scene 32 Back at Norma’s house, Dennis and Ally Fraser are still having that chat in the lounge. Norma walks in after having done the shopping... Norma: Oh, are you two still at it? I’ll put the kettle on! Dennis: Champion, pet. Norma: There’d have been one time where I’d a been worried about leaving you two in the same room together. But then, I suppose we’re all getting a bit old for any silly business now.. Dennis: How, Norma, is the kettle I can hear boiling? Ally: It’s alright Dennis. I agree Norma. Sit yourself down, I’ve got a proposition for Dennis here, and I think he’s going to like it. Norma: Sounds interesting, nothing dodgy I hope. You have got a bit of a…. Ally: A reputation? I’m well aware of that, Norma, and this is where Dennis, if he’s interested, comes in. Have you watched that programme ‘Homes under the Hammer’ on TV. Dennis: Watched it? It’s Norma’s favourite programme, that! Ally: This party you were at last night. Special occasion was it? Dennis: Oz’s 60th like. Ally: And would it be safe to assume that you’re at least 5 years off drawing your personal or state pension yourself - if they don’t change the age to 70, that is? Dennis: Well, am 62 now, so only 3 years to gan Ally: That’s what I was hoping you’d say! Norma: What’s all this got to do with Homes under the Hammer? Ally: I was just coming to that. Do you remember that I used to have a property empire Dennis? Dennis: I should do! Among many other things, aye! Worked on a few for ya! Ally: Well it’s not in the best shape at the moment my friend, and this is where you come in. I need someone to manage the business - buy properties at knock-down prices from auctions, do them up and get tenants in. Get the business back on track. Dennis: What’s the catch? Ally: No catch. All legal and above board. These houses are my ‘pension pot’ so I need someone I can trust to run operations. Dennis: What about what I owe you? Ally: It was a long time ago Dennis. I’m all about the future. I think I can see my way to forgetting that if you can commit the next 5 years to me on a certain rate of pay. A good rate, albeit a bit lower than it might have been, but you’ll have responsibilities and a budget to organise. Are you up for it? Norma: Sounds just what you need Dennis! Dennis: What about labour? Can I pick my own team? Ally: Use who you like. You always put together a good team. I’ve no concerns on that front. I don’t really want to get too involved in the fine details. You just run it, and I’ll pay you to do so. I’ve got enough else to deal with. Dennis: Well it’s a very generous offer Ally. Norma: And one you’d be mad to knock back! Ally: Well, it would be good to put the past behind us and I’m sure the money would come in useful (for us both eh!!) Dennis: Aye, well, why not. You’ve got yourself a deal Ally. Ally: That’s fantastic news Dennis. This calls for a celebration. Norma: I’ll get that tea. Scene 33 In a local pub, Dennis, Nev, Barry and Moxey are gathered round a table with a few pints... Moxey: Cheers for coming lads. Me and Barry just wanted to have a farewell pint before we hit the road tomorrow. Itʼs been great catching up again! Dennis: Couldn’t Oz make it? Barry: No he’s at the George, is it? Meeting his mystery woman. Nev: Something tells me he’s gonna regret that… Dennis: Well look, while we’re all here, I’ve got something to say. I’ve not been straight with you lot - my life isn’t as rosy as it seems. I’ve spent the afternoon with Ally Fraser. Nev: Ally bloody Fraser? Moxey: That villain we did some work for 30 odd years ago? Barry: I’d forgot all about him. Surprised he’s still alive and not fell victim to one of his own deadly criminal misdemeanours that one day backfired. Nev: Ally Fraser? I thought he was long in the past. It’s no wonder you’re in bother if he’s caught up with you… Dennis: It’s a long story actually. Which I’m not going into now. Suffice to say, Ally was the one that got me out of bother this time. And, what’s more, he’s put me in charge of his property empire. So, if you lads fancy any building work, you’ve got first refusal - I’ll be the signatory on the cheque book - just like old times. I know you’ve probably got your own lives, but what kind of person would I be if I didn’t offer it to me mates first, eh? Nev: Well I’d certainly have to think about it. It was always a good crack. And could certainly do with the money! Barry: Corr, yeah, I’d be up for that Moxey: Me too. Dennis: Don’t you two have lives to go back to? Barry: Well, not unless you call a semi-detached in Walsall and a life of never-ending, relentless solitude something to rush back to? Moxey: I know what you mean. When you close those curtains at night, you’re on your own! Nev: I thought you had a little one with Tatiana, Barry? Barry: So did I. Until I had him tested one day. Was terribly painful, had formed this attachment with the little fella, as if he was my own son. Always had this niggling feeling he wasn’t though! Dennis: Oh, sorry to hear that pal! Nev: What about that Australian lass that you were seeing, Mox? Moxey: Er, she left me Nev, when she realised I didn’t have a penny to me name like. Said I was too ‘hand to mouth’ for her and she couldn’t rely on me. Dennis: So where have you been living? Moxey: Here, there, everywhere. Nev: You don’t change, Mox! Moxey: That’s what she said! Scene 34 In the George - Same place as Dennis was sat when he met his future son-in-law James a few days ago, Oz is sat with a quarter of a pint and looking fed up. He downs what’s left, looks at his watch and then goes to leave. As he gets up, he gets distracted by a darts match and some cheering. He then turns round to keep walking but in doing so, bumps into a glamorous middle-aged woman... Vicky: Hello stranger! Oz: You? You? You’re not the one that… Vicky: ‘Nicky’ aye, wasn’t sure you’d want to meet wor otherwise Oz: Hell’s bollocks, you’re faring well, pet. I need a drink - what’ll it be? Vicky: Oh go on I’ll have a Vodka and Lemonade Oz: So what’s this all aboot? Been trying to fathom who yee was for a couple a months! Vicky: I’ll cut to the chase. Remember in Spain when we… Oz: Aye, how could I forget that? Vicky: Well, and please don’t get angry at us, it turns out that we have a little memento of that evening. Oz: Little memento? I don’t follow. Have you got a picture of us in a heart-shaped locket? Vicky: He’s a bit more real than that… Oz: He? Vicky: I’m talking about our son, Moz - short for Maurice. He’ll be 30 next year. Oz just raises his eyes in utter disbelief and goes silent... Oz: Why hang on a minute pet, how can you be sure he’s mine - and why in the name of shite have you waited till now to say anything?? Vicky: I couldn’t be sure. I didn’t know whether he was Ally’s son or yours, but I didn’t want to risk telling Ally, and you, well, you were hardly the model dad to your own son, if I recall correctly. And, Oz: Now hold on, just what the f.... Vicky: Hang on, let me finish!! There was always a chance that he wasn’t yours, so I didn’t want to risk telling you incase he wasn’t. But I didn’t want to get him tested either, because that might have confirmed that he was Ally’s, and I didn’t want to hear that! Oz: Well, I cannee argue with that logic. Vicky: As he grew older, it became obvious that he was your son. Could only have been you or Ally as the father, and he’s nowt like him - thank god! Oz: Phhwwooaa - hey pet this is too much to get me heed around. What you’ve just told me is enough to give a man of my age a heart attack ya kna! Vicky: Well, I know this is a lot to take in Oz, but surely better late than never? He’s coming in tonight at 10 and he wants to meet ya. He knows that you had no idea about him, so he has no anger towards you. Oz: Toneet? I don’t know about this pet, you’ve put us in a hell of a bollocks Vicky: Just stick around and see. He’s a good lad. He’s like a younger version of you! Oz: Haven’t been this nervous since Pardew got the Newcastle gaffer’s job! Here, he’s £20, get me a triple Vodka and one for ya sel pet. Vicky smiles and gets up to go to the bar Scene 35 Dennis knocks on the door of Angela and James’ house. Dennis has popped around with a proposition for James. The doorbell goes Angela: I’ll get it pet. D’aaad! I’d heard you were back in town Dennis: Hello pet, long time no see. Come here and give us a hug. Angela: Where have you been - the pub by the smell of it… Dennis: Aye, just met some of the lads to tell them the good news Angela: Good news? Dennis: I’ve just been offered a job running a property firm - doing up houses like. James: Excellent news, who’s that for? Dennis: Oh, er, just a mate like, in that game. There will be some graft in it if you fancy the job - We’re a bit short on carpenters in our team. James: Champion! Angela: I’ll say - why don’t we celebrate with a nightcap! Dennis: Anyway, it’s your good news we should be celebrating. Congratulations love! Angela: Thanks Dad, I was over the moon that you gave us your blessing. Dennis: Wouldn’t miss it for the world, pet. Meant a lot to me that lad came and asked my permission first. Angela: He’s very traditional like that, aren’t you pet? Dennis: Well, it’s a rare quality these days. Most lads wouldn’t give a stuff. Scene 36 Vicky and Oz have had a few more drinks. They are in a lighter mood as the alcohol has clearly eased the tension and the nerves… Vicky: I wish I still looked like I did back then! Oz: Me too pet Vicky: You’re still in good nick. Oz: I wasn’t talking about me! Vicky: Eeh, the cheek Oz: Mind, I’m not saying… Vicky: I think I know exactly what you’re saying! You’d be lucky! I’m off to the little girl’s room. Get them in will you…I don’t think he’ll show up now, it’s gone 10:30 Vicky leaves to go to the toilet and Oz goes to the bar to order the drinks. As he turns round, hands full, to head back to the table, he notices that a group of lads are trying it on with Vicky. One of them grabs her ass and makes a cheeky comment. Before Oz can react, he turns to his left: Moz: Oi!!!! (it’s the same lad that was instigating all the singing at the match earlier) Moz has a glazed look in his eyes. In a split second he launches over and chins the ringleader with a kind of ferocious punch that would make Tyson blush. He doesn’t stop there. He ploughs into the rest of them. Oz flies over to try and help Vicky pull him off the lad he’s going psycho on. The barmaid picks up the phone. Vicky: Oz, meet your son, Maurice. Moz: ‘Moz’! You alright, Mam? Oz smiles and nods his head. Vicky: Well, this wasn’t in the script! Just then the police arrive and arrest Moz. He spends the night in a cell. Scene 36A Early morning at the Police Station… Arresting Officer: You were lucky to be let off with a caution, those lads are obviously too scared of you to press charges. They could have had you for GBH. Moz: It was them bastards who started it - harassing me Mam. No-one does that and gets away with it!! Arresting Officer [When no-one else is around]: We’ll get you on something. It’s just a matter of time with scum like you. Moz: You’re gonna regret ever saying that! Kevin’s alarm goes. He gets up and puts on his clothes. His bedroom is messy and pokey like the bedsit he’s living in. There’s ashtrays and empty beer bottles everywhere. He looks less than impressed to be awake. He looks at the post disinterestingly and slings it behind him. He lights a cigarette, closes the front door and gets into his taxi. He heads into work, turns the stereo on and listens to the latest big hit playing before turning it off in a pissed off manner. He’s clearly in a bad place and has attitude to match... Scene 38 Kevin pulls up at the back of Tommy’s gym. Tommy sees him on the security cameras and heads to the back door. Tommy: What time d’ya call this? Kevin: Alright man, it’s only 5 minutes give or take - traffic Tommy: Don’t give me that shit. I’ve got people waiting for you. Get loaded and get gan Kevin nods submissively [looking petrified of his boss] Debbie is pulling up in a staff car park of a hair and beauty salon at the back of the high street. She walks in and acknowledges her boss… Debbie: Morning! Vicky: Morning Debbie, pet. First things first, why don’t you get the kettle on Debbie: Aye. So, did you meet him like? Vicky: I did, and let’s just say they’ve now been acquainted. It’s very early days though, pet. What about you? Did you hand your notice in? Debbie: I couldn’t do it. The money’s too good. So, Mum’s the word. Vicky: Oh, I’ll not breathe a word pet, it’s not like I haven’t done it myself. In fact, was how I met one of my ex’s! Inside Debbie and Simon’s house. They pass like ships in the night. It’s 5.10pm and she’s just got home from work while he’s preparing for the night shift. Front door opens... Debbie: Alright pet, did you sleep ok? Simon: Aye, not bad until that lawnmower next door woke us up. You’d think he was mowing St James’ park, it took him that long! Debbie: Ha ha. How was work? Simon: Oh, the usual - brawlers and drunks. Seen it all before. How about you pet? Debbie: Nowt revelationary! Day dragged really. Simon: We’re closing in on Rampton. He must be pretty thick not to realise that it’s just a matter of time… Debbie: Tyneside’s very own Howard Marx! Simon: Hardly, he hides behind his ‘businesses’ - taxis, gyms, strip clubs and whatever else he thinks will look convincing on a tax return. Debbie goes as white as a sheet Simon: You alright pet? You look knackered? Debbie: Oh, ah, just been a long day. Have a good shift. I’ll see you in the morning!