Story Name - The Future - Part Four. Author - Grant Brereton Premise - Here is Grant Brereton’s rough draft of a few hypothetical script ideas, just for fun. Scene 41 In the morning, in Oz’s house. Oz and Moxey are having a brew in his lounge. Moxey: So go on, have you got any kids that you didn’t know about? Oz: Seems so. ‘Moz’ (short for Maurice, like).You’ll never believe who to…only Ally Fraser’s ex, Vicky. Shagged her once some 30 years ago and now she tells me I’ve got a son!! Moxey: Bloody hell! Talking of Ally Fraser, Dennis told us last night that he’s working for him again, so if you fancy any graft, there’ll be plenty going… Oz: Pfffww. Count me oot of that! Moxey: Flush are we? Oz: Well let’s just say I’ve found a way of making easy money. Aye, my days of laying bricks are over. Moxey: Not quite, you could have given us 10 minutes notice in the bog this morning! Oz: Oh, er, sorry about that. Not exactly the weekend I had planned! Moxey: So this way of making easy money - can anyone be a part of it like? Oz: I suppose. See, I know this gadgy who moved to Spain. Retired out there, about an hour off the south coast (you kna, Malaga). Anyway, he got wind that the crims would pay a much better rate of exchange for English money. Moxey: Why? Oz: Well, I divvent kna. Spose they wanna get rid of vast sums of ill-gotten Euros. All I know is that English money is preferable to them, so I started to give it a go. I swapped 10k for Euros, got around 15,000 for that. I then undercut the Post Office over here and still made nearly 3k on just that one transaction. Moxey: Didn’t that take some shifting? Oz: Not really. See, there’s Brits who are still prepared to travel to Santander and take it back across themselves - at a much better rate than the Post Office. No-one checks your baggage on a ferry, so everyone’s a winner. Moxey: Err, listen Oz, if you fancy making some extra loot, I’m gonna need somewhere to doss if this job of Dennis’ comes off. Would ya consider having a lodger? Oz: Why aye, Moxey man. Where have ya have been living? Moxey: All over the place mate, spent the last 2 months at Barry’s - he’s been a godsend really. I thought as you got older you’re supposed to find out who you are in life. But I’ve never felt more at home than with you lot Oz: Your adopted family eh! Moxey: Something like that, we go back along way us lot Oz: Aye, who’d have thought that 30 years after Germany we’d all still be in touch! Well, those of us what’s left, anyway. Barry: Morning boys. Any tea on the go? Oz: Aye, kettle’s just boiled Moxey: We was just talking about Bomb and Wayne Oz: Old London loved his totty didn’t he. Still miss him (although I’d never admit that in public). Probably miss Bomber more... Barry: I always found Bomber fascinating - a man of great contradiction in some ways - built like Hercules yet gentle as a kitten. A proud man, of integrity, yet didn’t think twice about visiting a brothel! Oz: Oh aye, he loved them! Moxey: Both of them going well before their time. Makes you realise that you never know when your time’s up! Oz: That’s why you gotta make the most. Live for the moment! Moxey: Oz found out something last night Barry: Oh yeah, how did it go? Oz: Well, before I went oot, I had a son, and by the time I got home, I had two. And now he’s in a police cell. Moxey: Down the cop shop? Oz: Aye, chinned some tosspot in the pub. That’s all I know. I cannee think about it too much now. Hasn’t sunk in yet. Moxey: Well Barry, we better be off soon if we’re gonna miss the Sunday traffic Barry: Alright Mox, we’ll be gone within the hour. Scene 42 Kevin is driving Dennis somewhere in his taxi. It is morning but not necessarily the next day - just a morning. Kevin: So where in toon are ya gan? Dennis: Nowhere particular son. Just taking you for a morning bite. I take it you haven’t had breakfast? Kevin: Not with the hour you wanted picking up. Dennis: Well listen, we’re going for a full English, there’s something I need to tell you Kevin: You’re not ill are you Dad? You’ve got us worried now Dennis: Not ill son, maybe old and a little bit wiser - but me, I’m fine. You, on the other hand… Kevin: What about me? Dennis: Well, you’re not fine, are ya son, and you can cut the crap - I know all about you and Rampton, so you can spare me the cover story... Scene 43 Dennis and Kevin are in gastro-style pub in Newcastle city centre, sitting at a table with a full English and a brew each… Kevin: So how did you know? Dennis: Well, I don’t suppose you’d believe us if I said I found out from the horse’s mouth when I was renewing me gym membership. Kevin: ha, na, so who told yous like? Dennis: It doesn’t matter son. All I know is that from now on, you don’t owe him jack. Kevin: It doesn’t work like that Dad, I just need to… Dennis: Pay off your dues? Not at the interest he’s chargin’ Kevin: He’s a heavy duty villain - I can’t mess him around - he’ll kill us, literally!! Dennis: All been taken care of. He’s nowt compared to the real crooks - who’ve got him covered. Don’t worry and you can jack the job in - I’ve got some work for ya doing up houses. Kevin sighs and doesn’t really look interested or that he believes it could be true.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Just then Dennis’ phone goes and interrupts the conversation... Scene 44 Dennis: Ally, everything alright? Ally: Has your lad left his job and told Rampton to stick it yet? Dennis: No, but I think he was just about to. Ally: Well, good, Dennis. I need you to keep him there for the week. You want this lowlife behind bars, the law are about to swoop and his testimony will help… Dennis: Testimony? Kevin (background but loud enough for Ally to hear): I’m not saying shit against him! Ally: Put him on the phone Dennis!! Ally: Listen son, the police aren’t interested in the likes of you. You’ll get off with a caution and this is the best outcome for all of us. I run things now. He’ll not give you any more bother... Scene 45 In the back of a Tommy’s taxi, Dennis, Ally and Kevin are having a conversation… Dennis: I don’t get it. Why do you need Rampton out of the picture? Ally: Think on Dennis; I’m in the middle of making Rampton a very generous offer for his businesses as we speak. With his impending life sentence for a list of crimes longer than King Kong’s arms, he’ll need some quick cash; he has no choice my friend. Dennis: And his testimony will help cement all this? Ally: Aye, certainly will - I personally guarantee it. So what about it son? Kevin: Not happy, but could do with getting that debt off me neck Ally: Good lad! Scene 46 Ally, his brief and Rampton are sat facing each other in Rampton’s office in his gym. Two roided up bouncers wait outside in case there’s any trouble… Brief: And just there, and the other page too Rampton: How do I know this isn’t a bluff? Brief: Oh, he doesn’t bluff. This way, it’s all legal and above board. Ally: It’s admirable what you’ve built up here Tommy; you’ve done a lot of things the right way - you’ve only made a couple of major mistakes: 1. Disrespecting me. 2. Not having a bent copper on the inside. Rampton: So whens all this planned for? Ally: Dunno. They don’t give you specific details, but I hear it’s before Friday, so if I was you I’d be hitting the road as fast as humanely possible. And on that note, c’mon Richard, it’s time we were gone Rampton: I would say it’s nice doing business with ya... Ally Fraser: Listen son, you come anywhere near Tyneside or the North East again, and I’ll personally see to it that you meet your maker faster than you can say ‘toon army.’. Got it? Keys!! Scene 47 Vicky’s Beauty Salon. Vicky is finishing off a client’s nails. Debbie emerges from the back room with two cups of tea… Vicky: Oh, thanks pet but I’m off into town. Mrs Jeffries and her daughter cancelled this morning, so we’re a bit quiet for the next couple of hours. Just have a sweep round, or do a bit of cleaning or something. See ya in a bit…I’ll bring us back some lunch Debbie: No problem, see ya Ten minutes later, in walks Moz… Moz: Hiya gorgeous, is me Mam aboot? Debbie: Oh, so it’s her you’ve come to see? Moz: Well aye, but… Debbie: Ya know, the more time we spend talking… Debbie flips the sign to ‘closed’ in the door window, and as she turns around they launch toward one another in a fit of passion. It is clear that they end up having sex. Scene 48 Oz’s house: Oz and Dennis are in the lounge sharing a beer… Dennis: Has he said much; what’s he like? Oz: Not yet, seems alreet though. Will have to speak to him soon I suppose. Anyway, never mind my problems, tell me more about ginger bollocks. Dennis: Fraser’s fitting him up Oz: And using your lad to testify? Dennis: Aye, put the bastard behind bars for a long time... Oz: You just better hope he sticks to his word Dennis: What d’ya mean, like? Oz: Well, does it not strike you as a little odd that he wants your lad to testify? Why? Why is he telling him to stay till the end of the week? Something doesn’t smell right to me Den… Dennis: That’s reassuring - thanks mate! Oz: This is the bloke you stole 25 grand from, which is probably worth about 50 grand in today’s money. All of a sudden he’s saving your skin and putting you in charge of his properties; something’s not right here Dennis. What’s more, he’s getting your lad out of trouble...In his words, people don’t do each other favours mate Dennis: Look, Oz, there’s no beef between me and Ally. He’s getting his money back in a way, by paying me less than I would have been earning, OK? He’s not all bad and if he’s helping Kevin out at the same time, then I’m not gonna stand in his way. Oz: Alreet, I’m just saying; you’re a mad man if you think he’s involving the coppers...If he’s buying him out, he’s giving him the heads up Den; asking your lad to testify was just to throw you off the scent Dennis: The cops are gonna swoop before the ink is dry. Oz: Never gonna happen... Scene 50 A few days later, there’s been no arrest on Rampton. What’s going on with the police? Are they about to swoop? It’s the Thursday morning and Kevin is pulling up where he normally does outside the back of Rampton’s (now Ally Fraser’s) gym. Kevin gets out of the taxi and knocks on the back door. Ally answers…. Kevin: I came as soon as I got your message Ally: Look, son, the law let me down - I told them to swoop as soon as the paperwork was signed over, but they missed their chance. Suffice to say, he’s long gone and won’t be giving you any more problems, plus your debt is wiped clean. Kevin: Well, cheers Mr Fraser. It’s a relief to know I won’t have to testify against him - so… Ally: I’ve asked you here to see if you still want your job as a driver. Kevin: There’s probably something you should know first… Scene 51 Kevin leads Ally to the lock up container at the back of the gym and opens the padlock. There’s racks of large protein shake tubs in popular brand packaging - maximuscle and the like… Ally: This must have been the stock he was talking about. Kevin: Shift quite a bit of it in the gym Ally: And idiots believe this shite helps them look like popeye? Kevin: It’s not this shite I thought you’d be interested in... Kevin leads Ally to a pallet under a blanket that has a load more protein shake tubs on. They look like the rest, then Kevin opens one… It’s full of bags of cannabis. He opens another from a different pallet and that’s full of a white powder… Kevin: ….It’s this shite! Ally: Stone me, have you any idea what this is worth? Actually, I don’t want to know, I just want it gone. I’ve never dealt in this shit before and don’t intend to start now. Kevin: Fair enough Ally: This is what’s going to happen: you’re going to take this shit to your usual punters and sell it as a job lot. Tell them it’s their last because Rampton is out of business. I want you to bring me back 50k and you keep the rest - no matter how much; Ally Fraser doesn’t sell drugs. Kevin: Are you sure? Ally: Yes, now c’mon and get loading - time is a major factor here. That bastard’ll try and fit me up with this. Get it gone and meet me at the back of the Barton Arms at 6pm. Kevin drives off with a boot full of gear and Ally smiles to himself and says: “Well Dennis, my son, you turned out to be a bloody good investment!” Scene 51 Kevin is driving along and gets pulled over by 2 coppers…. Cop 1: Right, get out of the car and out your hands on the roof. Cop 2 (Debbie’s husband, Simon) searches him while Cop 1 searches the taxi, including the boot. Cop 1: We know all about your daily taxi runs sunshine - you’re in a lot of trouble. You’re coming with us while we pay your boss a visit… Kevin is forced in the back of the police car and they drive off towards Rampton’s gym Scene 52 Cop 2 picks up the CB and radios through to his colleagues… Cop 2: Right, we’re about a minute away, on my say so, swoop. Over and out. 5 Police cars suddenly turn up and surround Rampton’s gym, all sirens blazing with some of the firearms unit fully loaded. They crash into Ally’s office and arrest him for suspicion of supplying drugs… Cop 1: (shouting) Where is he; where’s Rampton?? Ally: You mean the former owner of this establishment? I’ve got no idea, but he left in a hurry. This is now my property, so if you would kindly take your hands off me. Cop 1: Tear the place apart. Including that lock-up at the back. After a few minutes of frantic searching…. Cop 2: (Simon) Nothing sarge! Cop 1 just shrugs his head in disbelief and utters ‘too late’ in a defeated manner. Cop 1: Release him, there’s nothing here. That scuzzbucket must have been tipped off. You can take the lad back to his car. Scene 53 Kevin pulls up behind the Barton Arms in a shady little car park. Ally is waiting in his car, half-expecting bad news. Kevin gets out and pulls a bag out of the boot. He heads over to Ally’s car. Ally winds the window down and Kevin smiles. Kevin gets in the passenger side and opens the bag which is full of money... Kevin: Fifty grand you said? Ally: That’s right my son, did you shift the lot? Kevin: Aye, nearly got caught though. Bastards pulled me over and dragged me to yours - was just lucky had sold it all and dropped off the bag at me Aunty Norma’s. Half an hour earlier and I would have been screwed. Ally: So you were the boy in the back of the cop car? Ha ha, I’m sure your little diversion won’t have been too much inconvenience. I’m sure the money will help you forget that unpleasant experience! Kevin: There wasn’t time to ask before, but why are you being so generous to me? You don’t owe me owt. No, but your old man owes me £25k, long story, so with interest and a wee processing fee, let’s say we’re now quits. Kevin: Hell’s bollocks! Ally: All in the past now. Kevin: But still doesn’t explain why you only wanted 50k. Ally: Listen son, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of good, dishonest graft and making a quick buck - it’s how I built my empire, but I’ve always had 1 rule and that is not to touch drugs or drug-money, so this is your lucky day. There’s only 1 proviso - don’t tell Dennis as I need him on the payroll. You too. Kevin: Aye, fair enough Mr Fraser Ally: Call me Ally. Scene 54 In a busy Walsall pub, Barry and Moxey are sat facing one another, both with a pint in hand and reflecting on the weekend that’s just past… Moxey: It was good to see the lads, am looking forward to going back and earning some crust again. Barry: The irony is, we should be retired by now Mox, not pissing about on building sites. Especially me - I had it all: the big house, the model wife, the Bentley and me own business… Moxey: All built on lies, Barry. Barry: Still a far cry from the hut in Germany, which I’ve been giving a lot of thought just recently. Moxey: We was young though Barry, everything was simpler back then - even when I was on the run from the law. Barry: I know what you mean Mox - Nowadays no-one communicates. I was reading this article the other day that said an iphone is more likely to split up a couple than one of them having an affair… Moxey: Really? Barry: Oh, it’s like a third person in a relationship. She comes home from work right, makes a cup of tea and instead of talking to her husband on the couch, it’s eyes deep engrossed in her phone - it’s bound to cause some friction if you’re speaking to someone and trying to discuss your day, and they’re giving more attention to their bloody iphone! Moxey: Probably bloody Facebooook. I’m glad I don’t understand it! Barry: That’s what I’m saying Mox, it was all easier in the 80s - we didn’t know how lucky we were. We had 4 channels, which were still better than the shite that’s on 200 channels these days, no mobiles, no internet, and if you wanted to speak to your mates, you had to pick up the bleedin’ telephone. The music was better too! Scene 55 Barry and Moxey’s attention has been dawn to a loud and drunk woman trying to pull any bloke she can at the bar. She’s really wasted and laughing at everything she says. Any bloke will do. She’s still attractive to middle-agesomething men, and you can see that one or two might take advantage if they thought they could get away with it… Drunk Woman: Are you gonna buy me a drink squire? Man at bar: I think you’d have enough kid, don’t you? Drunk Woman: The evening’s young yet, ha ha, unlike me. Wish I was still in my 30s. Man at bar: You’re not faring too bad love. Definitely haven’t gone to seed yet! Drunk Woman: Well, th… th what know, granddad? Ha ha ha ha. The drunk woman spots Barry at a table close to the bar… Drunk Woman: Barry! She comes stumbling over and sits right on his knee… Barry: Hazel? Hazel: You remember me then? And who’s your friend? Barry: This is Moxey, don’t you remember? Hazel: I don’t remember me own name tonight love. She turns to Moxey... Hazel: Shouldn’t have let this one go. He was a real good catch our Barry. Would have made a great husband and a great father… Barry suddenly sees a picture in his mind and realises he still has feelings for Hazel, who was his first real love… Hazel: Anyway, what are you doing in here? I thought rich blokes like you wouldn’t been seen dead in a hole like this… Barry: I’m not rich, not anymore. Hazel: Well that’s funny, ha ha ha ha. I’m not a lesbian anymore… Moxey: I didn’t think it was a choice love Hazel: It’s not!! I was just confused, but when it come down to rudies with other girls, I just couldn’t go through with it. Barry and Moxey chuckle as Hazel’s stocking clad legs are trying to stay on Barry’s lap. It’s clear that they both still would... Scene 56 The same night in Newcastle - Nev and Brenda’s house. They are asleep in bed when Brenda suddenly jumps out of bed and switches the light on. She’s frantic… Brenda: Neville, Neville wake up… Nev: What, where’s the fire? Brenda: The roof’s leaking… Brenda points to the ceiling which is badly bowing in one quarter of the room. There’s water dripping fast, so Nev goes out to the garage and fetches a plastic storage container and a screwdriver. He pierces the drip to allow the water to flow through faster. Nev: It hasn’t been raining that heavily Brenda! Brenda: This isn’t rain, it must be the header tank. Will you get up in the loft and have a look pet? After looking with ladder and torch, Nev concludes that the header tank is fine… Nev: It’s not the header tank, pet. Must be a hole in the roof. Brenda: I told you we should have fixed that bloody ridge tile!! Nev: Divvent fret pet. Go an make a cup of tea. Bang goes our early night. I’ll sort this in the morning with the insurance. Brenda: We’ll have to sleep in the spare room, I’m not sleeping in there - it’s all damp. Nev: OK pet, c’mon well you just get to bed if you’ve got to be up by 5. Brenda: I’ll not go in early now. I tell you something, the bloody insurance better not say this is ‘wear and tear’ - I’ll accept it with the flat-roofed garage, but not this!