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‘Dagmar or Vera?....’

Story Name - The Plimsoll Line Author - Tracy Premise - Dennis has arrived back in the UK with Neville and Oz. The welcome mat is out ready for Neville, but for Dennis?.

Setting; Newcastle. Dennis arrives home to Vera.

Den and Nev share a taxi. They stop outside Vera's.

Nev: "OK Den, be sure to keep in touch. We'll have a few jars eh ?!"

Den: "Will do son. Give my love to Brenda."

Nev: "I will, oh and hey, hope it works out like."

Den: "Cheers Nev ! You to !"

Nev: "Me ?"

Den smiles and says, "Who's Lotte ?"

Nev: "Oh god !"

Den walks up the path with his suitcase. Rings the doorbell. Vera opens door.

Den: "Hello pet."

Vera: "Hello pet, come in."

Enter living room, Vera sits on the couch and Den stays standing.

Den: "Where's the bairns and the welcome home flags ?"

Vera: "Oh they're stopping out, I thought we should talk first."

Den: "Talk about what ?"

Vera: "Well theres a few things to sort out."

Den: "Like what ?"

Vera: "Well, lets have a cup of tea first. You must be thirsty after your flight."

Vera gets up and goes into the kitchen, Den follows with a worried look. Vera fills kettle, Den lights a fag.

Den: "OK, what ?"

Vera looking awfully tense: "Oh, I’m sorry to hear about the fire and all ya gear. How did you get new passports so quick ?"

Den: "It was nay bother now look Vera, this is not the homecoming that I expected pet !"

Vera: "I’m sorry but I just thought we should take things slowly at first."

Den drags on his fag: "What dya mean slowly ?"

Vera hesitantly: "Well, Ive set up the spare room."

Den: "What, why ? Who for like ?"

Vera: eyes closed, "For you."

Den with raised voice: "For me ? If I had have wanted my own room I could have booked into a bloody hotel man ! Now look Vera,

you wanted me back, I’m here. But what do I find ? No bairns, no welcome committee and I’m a bloody lodger ! Whats gan on pet ?"

Vera: "Its not like that !"

Den shouts: "Well what the hell is it like then ?"

Vera: "I need time to get used to the idea."

Den: "Time ? It was your bloody idea in the first place !"

Vera: "I know, I know pet. Its just with leaving Alan and finding you with Dagmar and all..."

Den shouts over: "I broke up with Dagmar for you ! My whole new start in life given up for you and the bairns. What do I get ? No

bairns and the spare bloody room ! Vera pet, I feel like a ship thats about to sink below the Plimsoll line. Thanks a bunch !"

Vera gets up and pours the water into the tea pot. She turns around and blasts: "Well you can always go back to bloody Dagmar !

Its all about you isn’t it ? It always bloody has been !"

Vera runs out crying.

Final scene: Vera on the couch in tears, Den in the kitchen drags heavily on his fag. He looks anxious, shakes his head and says:

"Jesus ! What have I done ? What a bloody mess !"

The end.