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‘What are you peasants doing on my property?!....’

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Behind The Scenes Series 2. On May 10th 2012, I had the pleasure of visiting Beesthorpe Hall aka Thornley Manor. I had been in contact with Colin Matthews, the then owner, who told me that Beesthorpe Hall was sold, and this could be the last trip to squeeze out the final bits of knowledge and pictures, before Colin and his family moved out. The Matthews family were the owners during filming in 1985, and this could be the last time we get to find out what happened when ‘The Magnificent Seven’ worked on ‘The Manor’. © The images and text are copyright of awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission
A team of builders employed by the production company, began work on turning Beesthorpe Hall into Thornley Manor in late 1984, and spent several months turning this beautiful house into a run down old Victorian country house.   There were many ways to turn this lived in family home into a the run down Thornley Manor as we see it on screen. The front gardens were cordoned off and left to grow, false bricks were stuck all over the front of the property, and a false Victorian Tower was added to the rear of the property.   Many interior rooms were used for filming including the kitchen, which was fully emptied, with a false wall built to hide the existing Aga. Wallpaper was added to walls, and made to peel to give it that aging look. Doors were also removed and older looking added to add to the feel of it being run down and old. Another house in the area was also used for internal shots, and I hope to have pictures of this in the near future.
The false Victorian tower was one of the first jobs done of Beesthorpe Hall. It had to be on the building for several weeks, to try and make it look weathered, and not a brand new addition.   The base of the tower was simply a Scaffolding Structure, simple covered in bricks. The tower was fixed to the Hall, and holes from the work, still remain today.   Below is a picture of the Victorian Tower finished and looking weathered prior to filming. You can also see the gardens being overgrown and generally looking run down. The owners were basically sworn to secrecy, and not allowed to mention filming of the show, to keep away the press and fans of the show. © The text & images are copyright awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission
There were many other additions and changes that the crew made, this included removing and adding new doors. Remember the scene when Ally Fraser visits with Hallwood for the first time and ventures around the back? Simply a clever addition, and you can see the door made and ready to be hung in the kitchen. © The text & images are copyright awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission
Beesthorpe Hall Being Transformed Into Thornely Manor Early 1985 Beesthorpe Hall May 2012 Thornely Manor On Screen 1986