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‘Oh yes, this reminds me very much of my gaff in Tilbury....’

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Behind The Scenes Series 2. It’s been almost 30 years since Beesthorpe Hall in Nottinghamshire was turned into a rundown, derelict looking country manor. Many fans of the show have visited what is an iconic building to Auf Wiedersehen Pet fans, but not many have seen it being transformed into Thornley Manor. I have put together a collection of Behind the Scenes pictures, some screen caps and also some up to date pictures from May 2012. Enjoy seeing the inside Beesthorpe Hall being transformed in Thornley Manor. Many thanks to Colin Matthews previous owner of Beesthorpe Hall. © The images and text are copyright of awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission
One of the first inside shots we saw of Thornley Manor was the upstairs landing. This was used a couple of times in the show, in the scene when Ally is showing Dennis the Manor, and when Neville goes looking for Oz. As you can see below from the colour of the woodwork, everything was painted brown, to make it look horrible, old and in need of a lick of paint. The famous staircase below, where many shots of the lads working happened. As you can see, everything was painted dark brown, and the layer of wood paneling that Dennis and Neville are seen ripping off, was another false addition. The layer of paneling underneath is original, as you can see from the recent picture. Once filming was complete, everything was returned to its original state, well, almost
The famous kitchen. This is also where many shots were taken, but what many don’t know is, another kitchen was used in ‘Bunny Hall’ which is located close to Beesthorpe Hall. You can see the false wall that was built for the lads to knock down, and also hide the Aga. The owners had meals with the cast and crew when the kitchen was out of use. © The text & images are copyright awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission
The room where the lads had to Doss down in, after Wayne’s exploits with Arthur “Tiger” Pringle”s daughter. Below we have a making of shot, where the room is getting prepared for shooting. The wallpaper is hanging off, and the woodwork is painted the same old, dirty brown colour. © The text & images are copyright awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission
Beesthorpe Hall Being Transformed Into Thornely Manor Early 1985 Beesthorpe Hall May 2012 Thornely Manor On Screen 1986