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‘Wye aye it’s Wyman’s mam man!....’ Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Behind The Scenes Series 4. These short interviews with the cast was done for the BBC Series 4 of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. Tim Healy talks about Series 4 and a short bit about how Pet changed his life. The following is copyright of the BBC, and you can see the original web page, here. © The images and text are copyright of the BBC and are not to be used or copied without permission.
For Tim Healy, filming in the Dominican Republic was an experience like no other and one he will never forget. "It was fantastic," he enthuses. "It was really interesting to see how other people live. We were filming in the third world, right out in the wilds where people live in shacks and haven't got any televisions or mod cons - so when we turn up with all the trucks and stuff they look at you like you're martians arriving. "One of the things that I will always remember is that the travelling was absolutely terrifying. There are no road laws out there – there's no drink/driving law, you can buy a driving licence and there's no right of way. "One morning I saw a guy galloping down the fast lane of the motorway on a horse! As if it was normal! And then you get motorbikes going up the motorway the wrong way. I even saw five people on a motorbike one morning in the rush hour in the city, It's terrifying. "None of us were allowed to drive because if you have an accident they look on it that it's your fault because you're a foreigner." And Tim's alter-ego Dennis is certainly feeling foreign when he pitches up in lush, hot steamy Cuba. It's a big change from their usual territory of Germany or Middlesbrough or even Arizona. Suddenly life is on the up for the boys."At the start of the series we've been working in Russia on a job and it goes horribly wrong. But by a stroke of luck we end up working for the O.E.D., which is like winning the lottery for us, and we end up working out in Cuba. It's brilliant, the fact that we're working abroad and we're reasonably well paid. "But acclimatising to a completely new culture takes its toll on the team, especially Dennis who finds himself back in charge and increasingly ostracised from the gang. "He never seems to want to be the boss and he has a bit of a problem with the other lads. He's good at it but he always feels put-upon, he would never volunteer for the job," sighs Tim. "He becomes the head honcho, not just the boss of the lads but the boss of the whole job and that creates problems."It's when Wyman's mum, Chrissie, turns up that sparks really start to fly. "He's finding life a bit hard but then Chrissie turns up and they have a bit of a fling. She's a fast mover! And in a relationship with someone like that the woman is always going to be the boss. But whether it will last or not, I don't know. Dennis is a bit unsure about the whole thing. "Following the extraordinary success of last year's Arizona series, Tim admits that he loves being back with the boys. "It's like a family reunion! We're all really good friends," he smiles, but he concedes that it could have turned out differently. "To be honest, we were all a bit concerned because it's hard to bring something back and a lot of the time it doesn't work. We were hoping it would be popular again and we were absolutely delighted when it was. "And it's great working with people that you know so well as you never normally get the chance to do that. Normally by the time you get to know the other cast members then the job is nearly finished. "We're all friends and have kept in touch over the years. And because we know each other very well, we trust each other. We've got faith in each other and we respect each other as actors. "Tim was inspired to take up acting by his late dad, who was a keen amateur actor and a stalwart of the local operatic society. "When I was 11, I was given the role of a little black boy called Henry in Finian's Rainbow. I insisted on doing my own make-up. So I blacked myself up – it wouldn't be allowed now – but I forgot the legs. On the first night I went on with a black face and white legs."He then went on to sign up and trained as a paratrooper but left to become a welder, but he hated it. "So I chucked it in and went to drama college. In the evenings I worked as a court jester because at that time medieval banquets were really popular but I was earning good money and I got my Equity card. "He's come along way since with several award-winning series under his belt but next stop for Tim is a return to theatre to star in Newcastle's panto where he's playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan. "I'm a Newcastle United fan, but as I live in Manchester and work a lot it's difficult to get to games. I've still got a house up there, so if there's a match on then I will definitely go. "Tim isn't just an armchair sports fan. "I also like to play golf. There's a celebrity charity tournament – the British Celebrity Tour - that I compete in and this will be the tenth year I've taken part. "We raise money for charities in the north east and it changes every year. This year it's for a charity called MIND. Kevin plays a lot with them as well. "I've also started going to the gym! Pat has been training me and he's a brilliant trainer! I do some aerobics stuff and use the punchbag doing some boxing training. I'm loving it now but it's only been a few weeks!"