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‘I think there’s been a bit of a mix up here....’

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Behind The Scenes Series 2. Series 2 for many of the fans is the greatest of all 5, but its not without its errors. For instance, did you know in the lads left Newcastle Airport on Saturday, but did not get to Spain until Tuesday? These are just some of the filming errors and bits of trivia fans love to read about, and thanks to the Forum, we just keep finding more and more. © The images are copyright of awpet.com and are not to be used or copied without permission
Series 2 Trivia. When the lads arrive at “Thornley Manor” in the episode “A Law for the Rich” and drive up the road to the house, read the sign at the entrance. Thornley Manor is spelled “Thornely Manor” but in all the media for the show, it is spelled “Thornley Manor”. You can see the owners Cat getting it’s few minutes of fame, when Oz and Moxey are breaking in. Watch the scene where Oz is breaking in through the window, the cat walks on, and Moxey even looks to the crew, to see if “CUT” was going to be shouted. The kitchen and cellar were used for shooting, and even the scene where Moxey is in jail in the episode “Return of the Seven Part One” this was also filmed in a room at Beesthorpe Hall. In “Return Of The Seven Part Two” when Norma thinks someone is coming round to belt Dennis, but it turns out to be Oz. The TV is playing the same program as what is playing on the TV in “Cowboys” when Neville returns from Newcastle, and confronts Dennis about owning Alley Fraser money. In the episode “Another Country” you get to see Jimmy Nails son as a baby. In the scene where Neville goes round to Sir James gaff, and his wife Celestia, tells Neville that this little one is “Henry”...that is little Baby Thomas Bradford Jones. In the episode “Cowboys” Neville visits home for the weekend, and has dinner with Norma. The scene where Neville and Brenda are in bed in the afternoon, Neville tells Brenda, “Look, if it’ll make ya happy, you go to the pub tomorrow dinner time, I’ll cook the Sunday dinner for you and Norma, OK?”. If you watch Neville’s mouth, he actually says “Vera”, but Caroline Hutchison who played Vera, was too ill with cancer to appear in the second series. The script was changed, but this scene had already been filmed, so Kevin Whately simple dubbed “Norma” over the scene. In “Cowboys” the lads drop off “The Ghost” at the bus stop, and then walk a few seconds and arrive at The Barley Mow. In real life, this would have taken them 1 hour and 17 minutes according to Google Maps. The pub is located in Redmile and the Bus Stop in Knipton, almost 4 miles apart. In “No Sex Please, We’re Brickies” the lads have to walk from Thornley Manor to The Barley Mow, because Wayne’s car has been impounded by the customs. In real life, this would have taken them 6 hours and 41 minutes, according to Google maps. “Hasta la Vista” is one of the episodes where you start to see the disappearance of Wayne. The last scene before Gary died, is the Snooker scene. At the start of the sequence, we see Wayne playing and taking part, but later on he is gone. It is noted in the book, that the cast found this a hard scene to film as Wayne was only there a few days previous. There is a small in joke in “Hasta la Vista” when Dennis and Neville are chatting at Alleys house. Neville is annoyed that Dennis brought Christine along, telling him “No wives, you said” with Dennis replying “She’s not me wife..”. Christine Chadwick played by Madeline Newton is in fact Kevin Whatelys real life wife. Series 2 Filming Errors. At the beginning of ‘Return of the Seven Part Two, when the lads are having a cup of tea, watch the cups as they change hands from scene to scene. Neville starts off drinking out of a white cup, but ends the scene drinking out of a yellow one. In the ‘Return of the Seven Part One’ When the lads are driving back to Barry’s house, Wayne sounds really drunk in the car, and yet when they return to Barry’s, he is sober. He then later drives the lads to the Hotel B & B down the road.... At the beginning of “Another Country” Sgt Ives asks Dennis if he has a problem, and have they been laid off. In the previous episode, Sgt Ives was there at Thornley Manor with Mrs Bellamy telling them to stop work on the house! Did he forget? In ‘No Sex Please We’re Brickies’, you can see the top of the set, when Oz, Wayne, Moxey and Bomber are in the lounge. When Wayne is putting the drinks on the table, watch the top of the screen, you can see the end of the set wall. In the episode “Marjorie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” Oz is telling his son about his life and his Grandad. Oz tells Rod that his Grandad, “Built ships that went all over the world, yet he never left Tyneside”. In Series 1 however, Oz tells Uli, that the last he saw of his dad was, “Hunting round the house for a pair a socks, prior to pissing off the the Persian Gulf on an oil tanker” At the beginning of the episode “Scoop”, watch Neville’s sunglasses, he is not wearing them, then suddenly they are on his face. In ‘Scoop’ when Neville and Brenda are checking out there hotel room, Neville opens the window, and you can see the cameraman in the window reflection. During the Snooker sequence in “Hasta la Vista” when Barry is taking his shot, watch the ball as he hits it. It leaves the side of the screen quite slowly, but appears again at some speed, and then ending in the pocket closest to him. In the episode “Hasta la Vista”, Alley Fraser tells the lads they are flying out on “Saturday at 13.45...”, yet in the next episode, “Scoop” we see the lads in the Spanish Bar, and Barry saying, “After all it is Tuesday.....I mean, nothing ever happens on a Tuesday, does it?” In ‘Law and Disorder’ when Brenda is on the phone, and Christine makes the baby noises to try and get her off the phone, a man walks in, in the background, Dennis, Neville or a crew member? Whoever it is, it’s a bit creepy. 18.34 minutes into the episode. The episode “Law and Disorder” contains a slight error. In the scene where Oz and Bomber are at the Marbella Club, and they are sat pouring their drinks waiting for the bill, watch Bombers mouth. He says, “I don’t like the sound of that Oz..”, but we don’t hear it until about 5 seconds later. 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