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‘You’ve just been Mox!....’

Story Name - Moxey’s Night At The Manor. Author - Lee Premise - During the episode ‘A Law For The Rich’, Moxey runs out of Wayne’s car when he sees ‘Lily Law’ parked up at Thornely Manor. I always wondered what Moxey got up to on that cold night.

Scene - The lads are driving back to Thornley Manor after there first encounter with Arthur Pringle at The Barley Mow.

Wayne - 'Eh up, we've got Lily law here...'

Moxey - 'S s s stop the car Wayne, I've gotta get out!...'

Neville - 'You've only just been Mox.....'

As Moxey runs into the field, Neville gets back in the car and shuts the door.

Neville - 'Whats up with him?'

Oz - 'It's the Police man Nev, shits himself every time he hears a siren man...'

Moxey is now running through the field, grass up to his knees. He has no idea where he's running, just as long as he's out of eye

site of the law. Moxey decides to hang around one of the farm out buildings until the lads head off. It's starting to go dark, and

Moxey heads back to Thornley Manor, knowing that he can get back in the rear window, that Oz and himself just forced open

hours earlier. The Manor is now looking quite eerie, and with no sounds except for what sounds like doors opening and banging.

Moxey walks around back. He has no need to hide himself, knowing that the manor has been empty for a while, and the last

people inside were his mates. He crawls in the back window, and closes it behind him, to try and keep out the cold. The kitchen

has one light working, but dirty running water, and what sounds like mice scurrying around. The only thing Moxey can do, is find a

quiet room and get his head down. The lads have his suitcase, so trying to keep warm tonight is going to be hard.

He's been inside for 35 minutes now, its dark, cold and the creaking noises are making him feel edgy. A man may have been in

prison and been on the run, but life can still be scary. Its not what you can see, but what you can't see that that makes you feel


Moxey starts murmuring to himself....

Moxey - 'What was that bloke in the Magnificent Seven called.....no one ever knew his name...'

5 Minutes passes, and he's starting to feel the cold.

Moxey - 'I could do with some matches...'

Voice - 'So could I....'

Moxey - 'B..b..bloody hell!.....'

Voice - 'It's alright it's only me.....'

Moxey is now worried the Police might have stayed behind waiting for him.

Moxey - 'Who are you?...'

A scraggily looking man walks into the small room Moxey has been trying to keep warm in.

Ghost - 'Oh, don't worry about me, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just here dossing down for the night...'

Moxey - 'Bloody hell, I thought you were the law!....'

Ghost - 'No, nothing like that. Have you done something wrong lad?'

Moxey - 'Me? Er n n no, just thought, yer know, breaking in and that...'

Ghost - 'You don't have to worry about that, no ones been here for years....'

Moxey - 'Great, so I don't have to worry about the bailiffs knocking?'

Ghost - 'No, not here....'

The only thing that kept Moxey occupied since the lads buggered off was, who was the guy in The Magnificent Seven they

couldn't think of. That seems to have vanished from his mind now, seeing as there is a strange man, with a dirty looking beard

staring straight at him.

Moxey decides its best not to tell him what him and the rest of the lads are up to, as the less people know, the better. If this

stranger knows nothing, thats better for Moxey.

Ghost - 'So, you're just dossing down for the night?...'

Moxey - 'Me, oh yea, just the one night like, and them I'm off....'

Ghost - 'I don't suppose you've eaten?’

Moxey - 'Me, no n nothing. The last thing I had was a donut at the services.....'

Ghost - 'You got a car then?....'

Moxey - 'Er no, I road me thumb here, just trying to find a place for the night...'

Ghost - 'Ah well, you've got plenty of bedrooms to choose from, although none of them are warmer than the others. I just kip

down in a little cupboard upstairs, no room for you I'm afraid....'

Moxey - 'Ta mate, I'll just kip down here for the night...'

Ghost - 'You might find a few old sheets hanging around, up on the first floor...'

Moxey - 'Ta mate, I'll have a look....'

Ghost - 'Well, I'll leave you to it for a bit, going to nip out see what food I can get hold of...'

Moxey - 'Ok mate, th..th..thanks very much....'

Moxey decides it's better not to tell the lads about this stranger. He sees his future in the old looking fella, and if he was him, he

wouldn't want people knowing anything about him. The scraggly looking man walks out to leave, but turns his head one last


Ghost - 'Oh, by the way, I heard you mumbling before....It was Brad Dexter.....’