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‘Bombers Away!...’

Story Name - Bombers Away Author - Tracy Holmes Premise - An extended scene from ‘The Alien’. Bomber was missing from the episode The Alien, and had gone away, as Dennis read the lads his postcard. Where did he go? .
Series 1 Episode 9. Scene 1, Bomber enters Grunwald's office... Bomber: "You wanted me Herr Grunwald ?" Grunwald: "Yes Busbridge. Beco in Cologne are four bricklayers short. Due to difficulties, replacements will be delayed so, as we are ahead of schedule, my proposition is this. You, Gess, Reid and Johnson go for two weeks. Hostel accommodation is arranged and all your expenses will be paid. You would need time to think about this ?" Bomber: "No time at all, Bomber's away !" Grunwald: "Good ! A taxi will deliver you and the others to the train station tomorrow at seven in the morning. Thank you for your co- operation in this matter." Bomber: "A pleasure it is. Makes a change!..." Scene 2, Bomber, Jimmy Gess, Eddie Reid and Paul Johnson are in a Cologne beer hall. Bomber: "Cheers lads ! Bomber enjoys this Cologne ale." Jimmy: "Almost as much as the massage parlors eh ? Is Grunwald fittin the bill there too ?" Bomber: "Oh no no. Grunwald dont know nothin about that !" Eddie: "That hostel is a lot better than Dusseldorf. Or maybe its just that we dont have to worry about Magowan." Paul: "Yea, drunken bastard had a go at me last week. I calmed him down but I'd hate to go head to head with him like !" Bomber: "I keeps out of his way too. Dangerous he is. Bomber's glad he never ended up in our hut." Paul: "You could handle him surely ?" Bomber: "Oh I'm sure I could. Trouble is, he would fight dirty. Bomber's come across his type before. You needs eyes in the back of your head !" Eddie: "Yea or ya get a knife in ya back !" Jimmy: "I've never seen inside your digs. Cramped is it ?" Bomber: "Well theres room for the fox but not his brush ! But there is Oz and he's daft as a brush !" Eddie: "Yas all get on ok ?" Bomber: "Oh yes, pretty much. A case of havin too ! Makes one appreciate the comforts of home." Paul: "Speakin of home, I've got these postcards. One for each of us. Stamps are on too." Bomber: "I know, I'll sends mine to the lads. Think I'll write something witty. How about this ? 'The weathers fine, the beers even better and I’m glad none of yous here !" They all have good laugh as the scene ends. 'The Alien' continues. Den, Nev and Barry in the pool. 'The Tournament of Arseholes'.