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Nice homages

General chat about all things Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

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Nice homages

Post by BarryTaylor » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:00 pm

Apologies if its been covered before but I just wanted to comment on the nice little touches to the previous series that we see in Series 3.

Grainger vs Fraser, the actors even look similar, giving Grainger a Jag was inspired, although the pedant in me must note that Fraser's car was a Daimler...

Grainger referring to the group as 'a bunch of mercenaries'

Wyman's comment about 'never being this far north'

Startup's man playing on the fruit machine, sorry 'video arcades they call them now' I wouldn't be surprised if Startup has that machine rigged

Teddy Platt on the 'phone to his Mam (rebated verbatim by Mrs Platt to Mickey Startup)
"I always thought we were middle class Mam, but now I've seen this place I realise we're middle class"

The man in the office being called Malcolm, although the one in Series 3 seems a lot less dodgy than Hallwood!

and finally

OZ's bloody Y-Fronts!
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