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Nevilles Dilemma

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Wed May 17, 2023 10:10 am

Gary has received an email from the British consulate in Varna. They advised that a woman’s body was recovered by a naval launch off the coast near Varna.The local police had circulated a photograph which was recognised by a member of the consular staff. Alarm bells were ringing and they accepted responsibility for the body ,positively identified as Heather Lane ,one time operative in the UK intelligence service.
Gary was shocked.He was aware she had fallen from grace some time ago .Just how far he didn’t know. Now it was academic. All he could remember were the good times they’d had as a couple.As she had no immediate family the department made funerary arrangements with the consulate.

His mobile ‘phone rang. It was Tarquin.

Tarquin :”Hi Gary, I’ve been thinking about my chat with Chris Norris and want to run an idea past you….Hello…. hello …Gary... are you there?” There was pause before he answered.

Gary :” Sorry Tarquin, sorry .I’ve just had some bad news.Yes I heard, you had a session with Chris. What’s your idea?”

Tarquin :” Shall I meet you somewhere ,this isn’t urgent and you sound distracted.Anything I can do?” Another pause.

Gary :” Yes, that would be better for me. Incidentally I got word from HQ ,they want me back ,they think everything has dried up over here.I’ll see you at that place down by the harbour in an hour .”

When Tarquin arrived at the bar he could see from body language that Gary was not his usual self. Tarquin ordered a drink and took a seat next to Gary.

Tarquin :” Hello my old boot, what’s the problem?” Gary turned a pale ,drawn face at Tarquin’s greeting.

Gary :”Tarquin.I’ve just heard Heather Lane is dead. It’s looking like murder. She was seen falling from a helicopter by some fishermen just off the coast near Varna.” Tarquin knew about their on-off relationship and didn’t respond.However he was surprised at the profound effect the news was having on his colleague.” I got a memo from the department , all European operatives will know now, after all she was an employee at one point.”

Tarquin :” I’m so sorry to hear about it. It’s not that long since we had her under surveillance.This must be something to do with Stefano’s lot wouldn’t you think?” At this Gary seemed to pull himself together.

Gary :”I doubt it’s a coincidence. She’s been in too many scrapes to suddenly come unstuck I would think.”

Tarquin :” So what do head office have to say?”

Gary :”Nothing, other than draw it to our attention.” Tarquin could see he was looking off into space again and guessed his brain was going twenty to the dozen.

Tarquin :” Are you planning something Gary, because if you are you know the department would not sanction it.” Gary turned quickly to reveal a furious expression and barked a reply.

Gary :”What the hell did she do that would cost her life?” Tarquin jumped in surprise at the violence of his response.

Tarquin :”I have no idea my friend, I’m merely pointing out we both know the attitude HQ have toward un authorised action like the one I think you are contemplating.”

Pru was told that Heather Lane would not be joining them for the journey to the dacha near Poti. Otherwise Linghui was taciturn to the point of being more than ill mannered during the journey. It was unusual even for him and she began to feel suspicious.More so when they arrived at their destination and there was no sign of Heather .She spoke to Gustav.

Pru :” Gustav ,where is Heather?” Gustav smiled, replying without making eye contact.

Gustav :” I am not certain.Perhaps Stefano can answer your question.” Curious answer thought Pru. As soon as Stefano entered the room she sensed something was wrong. He was clearly very angry.

Stefano :” I have some news that will concern you all. I thought that coming to the dacha would ensure our security .It has not. The Varna police are looking for us in connection with the untimely death of our colleague Heather Lane.” Pru could not help an involuntary gasp.

Pru :” What…Heather is dead, how could this happen?”

Stefano :” Calm , calm ,Pru. I have learned that Heather was a police spy and her remit was to report on our activities.” He looked at Pru as he was explaining ,raising his eyebrows in the process.

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Fri May 19, 2023 1:56 am


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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Sat May 27, 2023 1:00 pm

There was a pause in the conversation , Gary looked at Tarquin and closed his eyes for a few seconds before replying.

Gary :” This whole thing is a mess. But I am clear about one thing. How I feel about Heather’s death .Although we hadn’t been close for a long time ,I still can’t believe that I’ll never see her again.” He turned to look directly at Tarquin, his fists were clenched. “ If I could get my hands on the bugger who killed her……” Tarquin thought he looked ready to explode. Instead he became calmer. ” You know it was Heather who first recruited Nev all those years ago .” He looked pensive again.” Maybe in dying she can give something back to him?”

Tarquin :” I’m not sure I’m following Gary?”

Gary :”Well it occurred to me that Nev must be struggling with his current situation and there’s a couple of young boys he has to think about .” Tarquin still looked puzzled.Gary smiled.” We know what is behind Pru’s disappearance .”

Tarquin :” So?”

Gary :”The ultimate goal is to destroy Stefano’s organisation.Yes?”

Tarquin :”Agreed.”

Gary :” If we could accelerate the outcome that would be a good thing.Yes?”

Tarquin :”Well the outcome is without question but the means ,that’s a different kettle of fish.Tell me ,what have you got in mind?”

Gary :” Heather was disposed of, I would guess the broken neck is no accident.” Tarquin was frowning again.

Tarquin :” Do you know something I don’t me old boot?” Gary smiled.

Gary :” The helicopter seen by the fishermen was heading due north.Our experts on Stefano tell us there are only a few logical destinations within it’s range .”

Tarquin :” You know this for certain?”

Gary :” The Montecatini family own property in mainland Spain ,the Balearics and several spots around the Black Sea. My first port of call would be his estate outside Poti.” Gary grinned.

Tarquin :” Have you told HQ about this idea?” Gary shook his head.

Gary :” We are going to need transport so I reckon we tell HQ there is recent intel indicating they are going to Poti and we should follow.”

Tarquin :”You keep saying we. Does that mean…….?” Gary smiled.

Gary :” Yes it does, me old boot.”

When Barry and Naomi appeared at arrivals Nev felt quite emotional ,which surprised and worried him.It must have shown on his face because Naomi rushed over and gave him a big hug.

Neville :” I’m really pleased to see you both. Here pet, give me that bag , I’m parked just out the front.Pleasant flight?” Barry laughed.

Barry :”It’s a canny hike bonny lad!” Barry’s attempt at humour seemed lost on Nev and Naomi winced at the look on his face.

Naomi :” Give it a rest Barry, dialect is one thing ,an accent is something else entirely.” Nev gave a little chuckle.

Neville :” Anyway I’m glad to see you both. I just said that didn’t I ? ” Before he could open the car doors it was Barry’s turn to give him a hug, and at that the flood gates opened. It was Naomi who finished loading the cases into the car.

Naomi :” Howay you two ,you’re acting like a couple of daft lasses!”

Barry :” Dialect is one thing petal ,an accent is something else entirely.” They were all still laughing as Nev began the journey home.

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