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The Trial of Ally Fraser

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The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:14 pm

Set shortly after the season 2 finale, we finally see what happens as the butthead Ally Fraser has his day in court.

Scene 1- A lawyer's office in Sunderland. Dennis and Oz are sitting in front of a young black lawyer.

Lawyer: Now, Mr Patterson, you've come to the right place. By hiring me as your lawyer, you also get this bottle of rum. (holds a bottle of rum in front of them both)

Oz: Better cut down there, man. (to himself) Bollocks, I sound like both Vicki and me mam and they both like each other.

Dennis: Mr Hutz, look....

Hutz: You can't really blame me for trying, guys. (puts the bottle away)

Dennis: Mr Hutz, we all know Ally Fraser's claiming that this was all a misunderstanding. We all need to do something about him.

Hutz: Now don't you worry, Mr Patterson. I.... (looks at the trial's manuscript) Uh oh. We've drawn Judge Longridge.

Oz: Is that bad? (turns to Dennis to find him staring at him) What? What did I just say, like?

Dennis: (shocked) Oz man, that's my favourite uncle on my mam's side, like.

Hutz: (to Oz) Well, he's had it in for me ever since I kinda ran over his dog.

Dennis and Oz: (in unison) You did?

Hutz: Well, replace the word "kinda" with the word "repeatedly" and the word "dog" with "son".

Scene 2- Outside Hutz's office. Dennis and Oz are walking down the street. Dennis groans.

Oz: Look, Dennis man. I'll just talk to the others and I'm sure they'll be reasonable.

Dennis: I doubt it, Oz man. Barry and Hazel get back to Wolverhampton first thing this evening, Wayne's back in London, Bomber's in Bristol, Neville's gan have a heart attack and Moxey's gone off the bastard radar.

Oz: Aye, there's no telling where that Scouse bugger might be.

Dennis: I doubt it.

Scene 3- Durham Prison. Ally Fraser is sitting in his prison cell listening to all these sounds and noises. In the eyes of most people, this is where he belongs but in his case, this is terrible.

Prison officer: Fraser, you've got a visitor.

Ally: Big deal, nobody visits me.

Prison officer: I'll let her in. (calls) You can came in, pet.

Female voice: I'll be there in a minute and don't call me pet. I'm a Scot, not a Geordie.

Ally's eyes widen as he sees a redheaded woman entering his cell and smiles at her. She sits next to him and smiles back.

Woman: Hey there, Cousin Ally.

Ally: This is a surprise, my cousin Caroline visits me when no bastard else would.

Caroline: Calm down, we both know that there are people in Newcastle who don't want you out of prison.

Ally: Look, I know you're trying to be nice to me...

Caroline: If you let me speak to Kenny Ames, he'd be happy to drop the charges against you.

Ally: No offense but he and that bitch Vicki are going to have me put on ice.

Caroline: Now come on! I'm a really good lawyer.

Ally: I'm sorry, sweetheart but every good lawyer in Tyneside has this crappy policy to prosecute men like me to the full extent of the law.

Caroline stands up and walks off.

Caroline: I know but I'll see you in court. Bye, Ally. (blows Ally a kiss as she walks off to the sound of wolf whistling and catcalling which annoys Ally to the extreme)


The noise suddenly dies down as Ally finally calms down.

Ally: That's better. (glares at his cellmate and his eye starts twitching) What are you bastard well looking at, you scumbag?

Cellmate: I could ask you the same question, man.

Scene 4- Dennis and Christine's house. Dennis, Oz, Barry, Neville and Wayne are all around the coffee table having a coffee.

Barry: Wait, Dennis, what's this lawyer bloke's name again? I forgot.

Dennis: Harry Hutz. Forgive me for saying this, Barry but you sound like you've heard of the name.

Barry: (to the others) Don't tell anyone but, uh, I grew up in the same street in Wolverhampton as him.

Wayne: Right, Bomber ain't turned up and none of us have seen Moxey since the wedding.

Others: Shut up, Wayne!!!!

Wayne: Fine by me, youse lot are weird anyway.

Oz: Fine by me, London.

Neville: (shocked by Oz's words) How could you say that? Dennis was made star witness to Fraser's trial and the rest of us have to pay for it.

Dennis: Neville.

Suddenly, there is the sound of a car starting from outside. The five builders run out of the house to find Oz's Ford Zephyr driving off.

Oz: Oi, get back here my car or I'll rip your bloody head off.

Neville: Can't we just call the police?

Barry: Are you sick in the head, Nev? We should really take Oz's advice and go off after that punk.

Dennis: (rolling his eyes) Come on, lads, we've got to go after that car and quick.

Wayne: Now you're talking.

Scene 5- Outside Dennis and Christine's house. Oz's Ford Zephyr is speeding off and the others so the lads hop in Barry's van and speed off after it.

Neville: Now, Oz, don't you worry. We've all had our brushes with the law.

Oz: Thanks for nothing, man.

Dennis: (quietly) stop it.

Oz and Neville: (in unison) Sorry.

Barry: This driver's faster than I thought.

Dennis: You do realize that if this van goes any faster than the average speed limit, we'll all go to prison.

The van goes as fast as it could following Oz's Ford Zephyr until both reach a dead end street in Sunderland. As the five men get out of the van and the driver gets out of Oz's car, there is a chase scene worthy of a gangster movie. The mystery driver has a baseball cap on his head and a bandanna covering the lower half of his face and eventually, Oz grabs the driver by the arm and drags him to the others.

Driver: Get your hands off me, pal.

The men all stare at each other as the driver speaks, the accent is Liverpudlian and the voice is also very familiar as the cap and the bandanna are both removed to expose the driver's face.

Others: Moxey?????

Moxey: Hi, lads.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:07 pm

Scene 6- Teeside Crown Court. Ally is escorted into the courthouse in prison garb. People stare at him and the Magnificent Seven including star witness Dennis are glaring at him and he glares back at them.

Moxey: Look at him. His clothes are so drab.

Wayne: It sort of serves him right in a way.

Barry: Will you two shut up? I'm as angry with Fraser as Dennis is but there's no need to say words like that.

Dennis: You're right, Barry. (walks over to Ally and grabs him by the prison shirt collar) What's wrong with you, Ally?

Caroline: Uh, my client has no comment at this time.

Ally: (whispering to Dennis) I'll get you for this if it's the last thing I ever do!

The whole crowd gasps as Ally is dragged away on his heels.

Oz: (to Bomber) Once an idiot, always an idiot.

Scene 7- Inside Teeside Court House. Everybody is in court and Ally finds himself in the dock while Vicki and Oz are holding each other.

Vicki: He's staring at us, Oz, look.

Oz: Calm down, Vicki pet, he'll never go near you again if I've got anything to say about it.

Moxey: (rolling his eyes) Kill me now.

Neville: Are you joking? That's against the law.

Bailiff: All rise for the Honourable Judge Longridge.

The whole court rises as Judge Laurence Longridge approaches the podium. Moxey turns from Oz and Vicki to Caroline and smiles at her. Caroline smiles back.

Judge Longridge: Thank you now please sit down.

Everybody sits down.

Hutz: Wow, I knew Judge Longridge was a crazy person but this is something else.

Dennis: (shocked) Mr Hutz.

Judge Longridge: Alasdair George Fraser, how do you plead?

Ally: (brightly) I plead guilty, your honor.

There is a huge gasp from the crowd, Ally looks around surprised which is a surprise to the Seven as Caroline whispers into his left ear.

Ally: Oh. (giggles) Not guilty. (giggles again) Opening night jitters, your honor.

Caroline: The prosecuting attorney calls Dennis Longridge Patterson to the stand.

Ally: (groans) Are these idiots bloody joking me?

Caroline: Mr Patterson, could you tell us a little about Mr Fraser?

Dennis: Well as the leader of a team of builders who were called in to build a swimming pool for the defendant, I'm privy to a lot of sensitive information and here it is. Mr Fraser is a known liar, a career criminal and and quite frankly, I think he, well...(makes squeaking noises and mimes drinking)

Jury: Oooooh.

Caroline: Let the record show that the witness made the drinky-drinky motion.

Dennis: Are you joking me?

Later, Oz is on the stand.

Caroline: Now, Mr Osborne, the defendant claims that he was a loving boyfriend to Miss Welch and that she heartlessly left him for you, is this true?

Oz: That's a load of bollocks, pet. Mr Fraser is a bastard, a liar and proper smooth talker.

Caroline: Mr Osborne, have you ever forgotten anything?

Oz: No. In fact, I can tell you that Mr Fraser was violent towards Miss Welch on numerous occasions and I rescued her from him, like.

Vicki: Thank you, Oz.

Caroline: Well, if you never forget anything, tell me this.What colour chiffon scarf am I wearing?

Oz: Easy, you're wearing a red and white chiffon scarf in a half Windsor knot.

Caroline: Oh I am, am I? Is that what you think? Well, if that is what you think I have something to tell you. (grunts) Something that may shock and discredit you and that thing is as follows, I'm not wearing a chiffon scarf at all.

There are gasps in the courthouse.

Oz: But if I'm wrong about that, maybe I'm wrong about Fraser.

Dennis: Oz, how could you, man?

Caroline: No further questions.

Scene 8- Teeside County Court. The seven are leaving after giving evidence against Ally.

Moxey: Nothing against your family, Dennis but your uncle's a fruit loop.

Oz: That's what I've been telling him every time Uncle Larry's mentioned.

Barry: No offence but if I had an eccentric judge for an uncle, I'd be kicking myself.

Wayne: Me too but your uncle's a nut job.

Neville: Please don't say words like that in front of Dennis, Wayne.

Dennis: Thank you, Neville. I know we've all got plans for tonight but I've got to attend a press conference tomorrow.

Bomber: Good luck with that.

Dennis: Thank you. (walks off and waves at the others. Later, Barry, Wayne, Neville and Bomber all walk off leaving Moxey with Oz and Vicki)

Moxey: This whole trial's a load of bollocks so far. All these sodding lawyers and their smug complacent crap. (turns around to find Caroline walking past him with Ally beside her) We all know that it just reinforces the unspoken class system of lawyers sitting on their high horses like we're the sweethearts.. I'm sorry! I gotta go. (runs off until he bumps into Caroline accidentally knocking her to the floor)

Caroline: What the sodding hell?

Moxey: Oh my God, I'm right sorry. (helps Caroline to her feet and both smile at each other much to Ally's displeasure)

Caroline: That's okay, I'm Caroline Fraser by the way.

Moxey: Whoa there. Fraser, your surname's Fraser as in Ally?

Caroline: Yes, we're cousins. I believe you already knew that by now.

Moxey: Albert Moxey's me name.

Both laugh and walk off together arm in arm. Suddenly upset with this, Ally is escorted away by Big Baz.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by Tracy » Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:41 pm

You can go back to your Hutz ! :lol:

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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:40 pm

Scene 9- Outside Teeside Crown Court. Moxey and Caroline are walking arm in arm when Oz approaches them cautiously already knowing who's cousin she is.

Caroline: Is that a Liverpool accent you've got?

Moxey: Too right it is!

Oz: (to Moxey) Oi Moxey. I want a word with you.

Both Moxey and Caroline turn around.

Moxey: Coming, Oz. (to Caroline) You don't mind, do you, chuck?

Caroline: I don't mind, sweetheart.

Moxey and Oz walk off but Moxey and Caroline end up winking and blowing kisses at each other much to Oz's displeasure.

Moxey: What's on your mind, Oz?

Oz: Don't you give me that or I'll deck you one. (both notice Caroline walking off) Do you know who's cousin Miss Fraser is?

Moxey: Well, the clue's in the surname but I'm confused here, like.

Oz: Moxey, you just waved and blew a kiss to Ally Fraser's cousin.

Moxey gasps.

Moxey: You need to watch your attitude, pal. Caroline may be be Ally Fraser's cousin but she's cute and nicer than him. (walks off)

Oz: Don't you dare tell me what to do, Albert Arthur Moxey. I should give you a smack for using such words.

Scene 10- Teeside Court House. Court is in session the next day and Caroline is giving her statement.

Caroline: I intend to prove that my cousin and client Alasdair George Fraser is totally innocent. First of all, his accuser is a very shady character. The star witness Dennis Patterson is not only a gambling addict, he's also a known liar.

Dennis: (angrily) That's a big fat lie.

Hutz: (to Dennis) From now on, you tell me everything.

Later, Kenny Ames is on the stand.

Kenny: Well, the defendant was with me the entire night in question. We were collecting canned goods for the starving people in uh, you know, one of them loser countries.

Juror 1: Well, that clears Mr Fraser.

Juror 2: He's clearly innocent.

Dennis: For God's sake, these people are pulling my bastard leg.

Barry: (putting his left arm Dennis's shoulders) You see, Dennis? They don't need our testimony.

Wayne: Only 'cause Fraser's buying his own freedom.

Dennis sighs. Later, Barry is on the stand.

Hutz: Mr Taylor, you and me have known each other for a long time.

Barry: Yes, I know that.

Hutz: Anyway, Mr Patterson asked you to not only that Mr Fraser is guilty but that he is also innocent of not being guilty.

Barry: Well, only one in two million people has what we call the ''evil gene.'' Hitler had it, Al Capone had it and Mr Fraser has it.

Hutz: Thank you, Mr Taylor.

The seven cheer Barry as he approaches them

Caroline: Oh! Your Honor, even though I've proven my client's innocence I'd still like to call Alasdair George Fraser to the stand so that we can all bask in his gentle decency. He's wealthy therefore inherently good.

Vicki: What?!

Oz: Are you kidding me?

Later, Ally is on the stand.

Caroline: Mr Fraser, can you tell me how you and Mr Patterson became known to each other?

Ally: Well, let's be honest, Mr Patterson's marriage did not recover and by the time we met, he was living with his sister Norma so he can still stay in contact with his children. He began working for me and he was in my debt.

Caroline: You do have a notorious reputation throughout the North East but has built up a trusting relationship with Dennis, is this true?

Ally: Yes and I offered Dennis more building work and trusted that his team are all great construction workers. From there, Dennis took the rest of the lads to Derbyshire to work on an decaying mansion which I bought from Kenny Ames after he fled to Spain.

Dennis: You bastard, we got laid off after Thornley Manor was declared a listed building but we were allowed to start work again when you decided to turn it into a care home for elderly people.

Judge Longridge: Oh my good God.

Dennis: (continuing) But I instantly became aware of the poor quality of materials sent to them, the lads defended my honour by going on strike until you upgraded the conversion. You're lucky we came out on top when we overpowered your men.

Ally: Maybe so but I offered you more work to clear your debt. Once the conversion at Thornley Manor was complete, you and the rest of the lads headed to Spain to work at my villa.

Later, Moxey is on the stand.

Caroline: Now can you please explain what happened shortly after you got too Spain?

Moxey: Well, things got difficult when we were mistaken for criminals in the "Costa Del Crime". By this time, Dennis got with a local lass called Christine Chadwick whom he bought to Spain with him. Christine informed Dennis that Mr Fraser's criminal activities were coming back to haunt him and was planning on becoming an exile in Spain.

Ally: That does it, you randy Scouse git. I'll kill you! I'll kill all of you especially those of you in the jury!

Everyone in the courtroom gasps and murmurs.

Juror: He's clearly guilty.

Scene 11- Newcastle Library. Moxey and Caroline are alone at the big round table. Caroline has a pile of books in front of her and is scanning one of them feverishly. Moxey is sitting next to her reading a Batman graphic novel, we believe that this is mainly for drooling over Catwoman.

Caroline: This might come in handy... It says here that recently a case was brought before a court in New Jersey against a man similar to Ally...

Moxey: Sorry, love. What does that mean?

Caroline: If we could show a parallel between the New Jersey case...

Moxey: Wait a second, there's more than one of your cousin on this planet? Damn, woman, why didn't you tell me you were related to Ally Fraser?

Caroline: Albie, why don't you just go home?! You're not helping any!

Moxey: Hold on, Carrie, you won't let me help!

Caroline: That's because Ally asked me to represent him.

Moxey just sits there and thinks for a long time...

Moxey: (finally) Touche'... But listen sweetheart, you might as well let me help you, we're in this TOGETHER. I mean, just tell me what to do... and I'll do it.

Caroline just stares at Moxey who peers over her shoulder and starts kissing her. Caroline kisses him back despite herself.

Library patron 1: Gross, man.

Library patron 2: Get a room, you two.

Moxey and Caroline walk out of the library still kissing.

Svene 12- Caroline's flat. She and Moxey are on her couch flipping through books looking tired. On her coffee table are two mugs of hot chocolate and some chocolate biscuits.

Caroline: I can't believe it... All the pressure's on Tyneside. I mean... This debate is going to actually AFFECT the outcome of the trial.

Moxey: That's life in Newcastle for you, Carrie.

Caroline: (worried and tired) Oh God... I've GOT to come up with rebuttals to put Ally behind bars.

Moxey: Why don't we just talk about the swastika?

Caroline: What?

Moxey: A couple of years ago, me and the lads did some work in Germany and that was united under the swastika, right? But obviously, history wasn't as important as changing their views after the war and stuff so they changed it.

Caroline thinks for a second...

Caroline: Hey... That's a pretty good point, Albie.

Moxey: Yeah!

Caroline: Not bad at all! I'm gonna make that my FIRST argument!

Moxey: Be careful though, you're related to a scumbag.

Caroline starts to write something down while at the same time, she grabs a chocolate digestive and eats it.

Caroline: Thank Jesus these were invented.

Moxey: Really? Mine too! What I REALLY like to do is I like to take tops off of two chocolate Bourbons and then put them together.

Caroline: Hey... That's what I always to do too!

Moxey: You're kidding.

Caorline: It's true... God, I never thought I'd have any thing in common with someone who knew Dennis Patterson, that's for sure.

Moxey: Can I offer you some advice about Dennis!

Caroline: Sure.

Moxey: Try not to piss him off.

Moxey and Caroline: (in unison) Well, anyway, let's get back to work.

They stop and look at each other.

Moxey: Bloody hell...

Caroline: Weird... Um... Okay... Now let's say that first we talk about Ally's criminal history.
We can show that the...

Without looking, Caroline reaches for a chocolate digestive. Moxey, also not looking, reaches for one at the same time. Their hands touch above the chocolate digestive. They both stop and look at their hands, one on top of the other and then snap them back.

Moxey: Sorry... Go ahead.

Caroline: No... YOU go ahead...

They look at each other uncomfortably.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 12:35 pm

Scene 13- Caroline's flat. Moxey wakes up the next morning with a headache, a sore crotch and a sleeping Caroline next to him.

Moxey: (groaning) Oh my God, where am I? (looks around the room to realize he's still in Caroline's flat) Silly me, I'm at Caroline Fraser's place with a pounding headache, my mouth tastes like vomit and I don't remember a thing.

Caroline wakes up.

Caroline: Welcome to my world.

Moxey: Oh I did it! I conquered my fears and I made up for a lot of lost living and I owe it all to the Leonard Osborne Programme.

Caroline: Who now?

Moxey: That tall Geordie bloke who wanted a word with me yesterday.

Caroline: Oh him.

Moxey: Carrie, you're the most amazing person I've ever met. (notices Caroline lifting her right index finger to shush him) It's only been a short time but I think that I'm completely in lo-

Caroline: Shhhh. Let's not talk.

Moxey: I can't help it. This just feels right and I... don't want anything to mess it up.

Caroline: Shhhh. (taps Moxey's nose with her finger) There's not a thing in the world that can mess this up, Albie.

Moxey: That's includes your cousin's sentence, right?

Carolione: Right. (changes the subject) Let's play truth or dare.

Moxey: I'll take dare.

Caroline: I dare you to kiss me again.

Moxey: Deal.

They both start kissing again.

Scene 14- Teeside Crown Court. The seven are walking up to the courthouse all readfy for the trial to resume. Dennis notices that Moxey is in a right state.

Dennis: Before we go any further, Moxey, were is Jesus's name were you last night?

Moxey: Dennis, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about!

Bomber: You're a bad liar, boyo, I'll give you that.

Neville: Please tell us.

Barry: We promise we won't tell anyone and I won't tell Hazel.

Oz: I bet it something to do with Fraser's canny looking cousin.

The others glare at him before turning their attention to Moxey who finally admits the truth.

Moxey: Fine, I spent the night with Fraser's cousin Caroline so don't tell anyone if any of your women has a pretty redheaded mate or a mate who's been in prison like I have.

The others are shocked.

Barry: I can't believe you'd go and do something stupid like that.

Wayne: All I can say is smooth move, Moxey.

Scene 15- Teeside Crown Court. The trial is back on as Ally's past is exposed.

Hutz: All I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury is that the defendant is not only a criminal, he is also a liar, a thief, a domestic abuser and an attention seeker.

People in court: Oooooohhhh.

Dennis: (to Oz) See, these people didn't need me to tell them that.

Oz: You compete soppy bollocks.

Later, Neville is on the stand.

Caroline: Now Mr Hope, can you tell the court of Mr Fraser?

Neville: It's simple really, Mr Fraser is a known con artist and a friend of mine was conned by him back in 1980 which was how I first came to knowledge of him.

Caroline: Can you tell the court what happened to this friend of yours please?

Neville looks around him nervously and gulps as he is about to faint.

Neville: Well, my friend Frank Kenny was conned by the accused into selling a few guns for him but when he found out hadn't been pasid by the defendant, Frank said he was going to beat him up.

Caroline: And did Mr Kenny assault the defendant?

Neville: No, sadly.

Later, Wayne is on the stand.

Caroline: Mr Norris, will you please explain the moment you saw Mr Fraser's darker side?

Wayne: Alright then, me and the boys was at Thornely Manor when I found myself eyeing his bird up.

Ally: I want to slap you so hard.

Wayne: (sarcastically) You'll slap me. I'm so scared.

Ally glares at Wayne for this remark.

Caroline: I'd like you to tell the court in your words exactly what happened.

Wayne: Right, here goes. I was about to speak to Mr Fraser's now ex-girlfriend when he approached me like he wanted to kill me and said (imitating Ally) "That's mine". There was me thinking the accused was going about his Jag saying "Nice car, squire."

Caroline: And what did Mr Fraser say to you?

Wayne: (imitating Ally again) "I didn't mean the car."

Everyone in the court laughs at Wayne's Ally impression except Ally himself.

Later, Vicki is on the stand.

Caroline: Miss Welch, I know we already met before but can you finally tell us the truth about the defendant?

Vicki: He was a decent man at first but within six months of being together, the accused became violent and abusive towards me.

The courts gasps.

Caroline: I knew that but can you tell the jury the reason you never left Mr Fraser.

Vicki: I tried leaving Mr Fraser so many times but I was too scared to or even tell anybody.

Moxey: (to Oz) Poor lass, I know know she feels.

Caroline: Can you please tell us why you threatened to shoot the accused at least twice.

Vicki: He slapped me and called me a prostitute which I'm not, Alisdair George Fraser.

Ally: You lying cow.

The jury gasps again.

Caroline: Mr Fraser, shush. (to Vicki) Did Mr Fraser teach you how to handle a gun?

Vicki: He did but the defendant never let me hold it or do anything on my own.

Scene 16- Teeside Crown Court. Vicki and the Seven are outside the court talking.

Vicki: Well, Oz, do you think I did a good job?

Oz: Vicki, you did the right thing telling the truth about Ally Fraser.

Wayne: That was pretty brave.

Neville: One thing's for sure, Ally won't go near her ever again.

Barry: I agree now come on, Brenda and Hazel are doing dinner tonight.

Dennis: Sorry, I'm having dinner with my uncle Lawrence tonight but I'll see you lads here on Monday.

Moxey: Sure, Den, we'll see Monday then.

Dennis walks to his car when he spots Big Baz groaning and checking the bonnet of a green Porsche.

Dennis: Are you alright, man?

Big Baz: My bloody car's broken down on me and it might be the engine.

Dennis: I think that you need to call a mechanic about this car.

Big Baz: Thing is my mechanic's in Sunderland and he's on his honeymoon this week, man.

Dennis: Don't worry, I've got this one covered. (checks the Porsche's engine and murmurs to himself before realizing he's been tricked) There's nothing wrong with this car.

Suddenly without warning, Big Baz hits Dennis in the back of the head with a spanner knocking him unconscious and smiles to himself as he falls on the bonnet.

Big Baz: How's that, Mr Fraser?

Ally: (smirking) That's more like it. (whispering to Dennis) Well, Dennis, I've finally got you now meaning one of us is leaving Newcastle alive and it's not going to be you.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:15 pm

Scene 17- Neville and Brenda's house. The guys are with Bomber's nephew journalist Jason Busridge and his pug Tin-Tin who seems to take a liking to Wayne and Debbie.

Debbie: (stroking Tin-Tin) Doggy.

Jason: Yes, doggy. Her name's Tin-Tin and she's a Pug.

Wayne: Tin-Tin? Like Alan Tracy's girlfriend from Thunderbirds?

Jason nods.

Moxey: (staring at Tin-Tin terrified) D-d-dog. (takes a step back)

Bomber: Tin-Tin there won't hurt a fly.

Hazel: Dinner's ready. Come and get it.

Barry: As usual, it smells delicious. I’m starved.

They all walk to the kitchen talking when the phone rings.

Oz: I'll get that. (answers the phone) Hello. (pauses) Hi, Judge Longridge. (pauses) No, I haven't seen Dennis since he left Teeside Crown Court this afternoon. (pauses) I'm sure he'll turn up, like. (pauses) Please don't get mad, Your Honour. (pauses and looks over his shoulder) I'll tell 'em, Judge. (pauses) Okay bye. (hangs up) Hell's bollocks.

Vicki: Oh Oz, I'm so worried about you.

Oz: I'm fine, Vicki. It's Dennis I'm worried about.

Vicki: What's happened to Dennis? Is he hurt?

Oz: I don't know, pet. He's disappeared.

Vicki: But that's completely out of character.

Oz:I think someone's taken him.

Wayne runs over to them.

Wayne: Are you sure you're alright?

Oz: Aye. Just sore.

Neville, Bomber, Barry and Moxey come running over.

Neville: You're not a very good liar, Oz.

Moxey: Nev's right, Oz. Tell us what's wrong or I'm never talking to you again.

Barry: Please tell us what's wrong so can help solve this problem, Oz.

Oz: Fine. (pauses) Dennis didn't turn up at his uncle's place and the uncle thinks Fraser's got him.

The others gasp.

Bomber: Dennis is at Thornely. Bomber don't think so.

Scene 18- Thornely Manor. Dennis is coming to find himself sitting in a chair near a fireplace. Ally is sitting in the chair opposite him in pajamas, dressing gown and slippers while Caroline is lying on the couch talking on the phone, her jacket hanging over the arm where her head is and her heels are on the floor by her feet.

Caroline: Look, I'd like to come over but this heavy rain's got me trapped in Thornely. (pauses) Yeah, it turns out you were right about the weather and how it was going to rain, Albie. (pauses) Dennis's with me and he's just woken up so I'll call you back. (hangs up)

Dennis: How did I get here?

Caroline: According to Ally's henchman Big Baz, you passed out so he and Ally asked me to bring you here.

Dennis: Big Baz works for... (springs to his feet) That little sod, wait until I get my hands on him.

Ally: Is Patterson awake yet, Caroline?

Caroline: Yes, Ally. (strokes Ally's leg with her foot and feeling aroused by her cousin at the same time)

Ally: Good. (looks down at Caroline's foot stroking his leg and grabs her ankle) What is Jesus's name are you doing, you silly woman?

Caroline: Sorry, I was feeling bored after that phone call to that scar faced Liverpudlian Patterson associates with. (finches at her cousin's grip around her ankle) Can you let go of my ankle please?

Ally let's go of Caroline's ankle and she rubs it groaning. Dennis, disgusted by this behaviour, makes a move to try to get out of Thornely Manor but stops abruptly in his tracks as Ally rushes to the door and blocks Dennis's path and smirks at the startled expression on Dennis's face.

Ally: Going somewhere?

Dennis: (growling) You bastard.

Ally: Not so brave now without your backup. Your friends may be on their way to find you but I'll be waiting for them.

Caroline strokes her own thighs in a sexual way and groans at the sound of her cousin's voice as Dennis reaches in his satchel for the gun Barry lent him in case he was captured.

Dennis: (quietly) Where is that gun?

Ally: (waving Barry's gun at Dennis taunting him) Looking for this?

Dennis tries to lash out and makes the mistake of looking at Ally who seems rather pleased with himself. He could feel Ally's eyes burning into him and he finds that he is unable to look away. Caroline stretches one hand and ends up stroking Ally's leg as he points the gun at Dennis's head and motions him towards the chair which Dennis does. Later, he grabs Caroline's wrist.

Ally: What the hell are you doing?

Caroline: Trying to get your attention.

Dennis: Get off her.

Ally: Fine. (lets go of Caroline's wrist and turns to Dennis) You're going nowhere.

Dennis: You won't get away with this.

Ally: (laughing) There's no-one to help you now. (to Caroline) Can you please leave the room for a minute? I need a cosy fireside chat with Dennis here.

Dennis: Oh no, you're not having a cosy fireside chat with Dennis here.

Caroline: Fine. (walks out of the room leaving Dennis and Ally alone together)

Ally: You, young man, are lucky the walls here are eight feet thick. None of your friend's little tracking devices will be able to find you down here.

Dennis: Go to Hell.

Ally: (angrily and pouring brandy into a glass) Now you're abusing my hospitality. I offer you shelter in my humble surroundings and this is how you repay me?

Dennis tries to tackle him again and finds himself staring at Ally again.

Dennis: If you don't get me out of here, I'm calling the police. (flinching at the pain in his back)

Ally: You look uncomfortable, are you suffering pain?

Dennis: (yelling) GO...TO...HELL.

Ally: You'll succumb in the end. They all do. It can either be sooner or later but I warn you, later would be the more painful of your options.

Dennis: No... I... won't.

Ally: Yes, you will.

Dennis: Hell's... bollocks.

Ally: You're trying my patience here. (puts the gun in his dressing gown pocket and rubs his hands in front of the fireplace) If you hadn't taken that 25k off me, neither of us would here right now.

Dennis sits for a full ten seconds before rubbing at his back to ease the pain and reaches out to the brandy glass while Ally stares at the fire. In a moment, he spares a cautious glance over at Ally who doesn't appear to even notice what is about to happen, then Dennis shrugs and drinks the brandy. Turning back, Ally stares at the empty glass and glares over at Dennis who stares right back at him and deliberately covers his mouth.

Dennis: Thanks for the brandy, it was delicious.

Ally: You're fortunate that you're still of use to me, Dennis.

Dennis: Ally, my throat was dry. If you'd give me something, I wouldn't have taken your brandy.

Ally: (murmuring) Perhaps I'll feed you to Baz's Saint Bernard, the indigestion should keep him quiet for at least a week.

Dennis: So what are you planning to do with me anyway? My friends aren't just going to sit around waiting for you to destroy their lives like you did mine, you know.

Ally: (menacingly) I ruined your life!? If anyone ruined another man's life, it's you ruining mine.

Caroline re enters.

Caroline: Is everything okay?

Ally: Fine. (sees Dennis feeling rather drowsy) If he's not asleep in a few seconds, he will be soon.

Dennis: I have a name, you moron. (falls asleep)

Caroline: Now what?

Ally: Desperate times call for desperate measures. (opens the door and calls out) Baz, get yourself in here right now.

Big Baz enters glaring at Caroline and Dennis.

Big Baz: Yes, Mr Fraser. (staring at Caroline)

Ally: That's my cousin, you idiot.

Big Baz: Sorry, Mr Fraser. (turns to Ally)

Ally: (points to Dennis) Get Mr Patterson there in the attic. I want him to know who's boss around here.

Big Baz: On it, Mr Fraser.

Caroline bites her lip to keep her reaction in as Big Baz puts Dennis over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and carries him out of the living room.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by Tracy » Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:36 am

WTF ?????????????????? :shock:

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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Oct 25, 2019 12:26 pm

Tracy wrote:
Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:36 am
WTF ?????????????????? :shock:
Sorry, I was running out of time on my computer
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 1:30 pm

Scene 19- The Hope house. It is after Dinner and Oz, Bomber, Moxey, Barry, Wayne, Neville, Tin-Tin and Jason are in the living room.

Jason: Are you guys okay?

Barry: Dennis got kidnapped so no, not really.

Bomber: I'm also upset but it's getting hard. Fraser's due to be sentenced especially if he claims nothing particularly unusual happened to mark his encounter with us. Maybe we'll have more luck if he's in Thornely.

Oz stares at the others in silence, his depression clear. Bomber sympathizes and puts his arm around his shoulders.

Neville: Poor Oz.

Bomber: Come on, boyo, don't give up. We'll find Dennis even if we have to tear this entire city apart.

Wayne: Let's hope we'll have some luck.

Barry: Wait a second, I've had a thought...

The others look at Barry as Tin-Tin is about to do her business.

Jason: Sorry, Tin-Tin needs to take care of business. (puts Tin-Tin on a lead and takes her out of the house)

Barry: We're going at this a bit blindly which may not be the best approach. (to Oz) You know Dennis better than the rest of us. Think. Does he have any particular interests that they might have been pursuing? We all know that he's the star witness to this trial. Maybe our problem is that he didn't turn up at his uncle's for dinner.

Moxey: So first thing tomorrow morning, we go to Thornely, beat up any tough guys Fraser's got roaming out, grab Dennis and get out before he notices.

Wayne: But Mox, why can't we start tomorrow? Den ain't been gone that long . . .

Neville: We're sorry, Wayne. It wouldn't do us any good to start now. It's only 9:50pm and we need to go to bed.

Moxey: You're probably right. (to Oz) Oz, are you all right?

Oz: (nodding) Aye. We may as well go to bed. There's nothing more we can do tonight.

Scene 20- Thornely Manor. Dennis wakes up in the attic in Thornely Manor to a the continuous dripping of water. He is cold, damp and very very scared. He has no idea how long he had been confined here. He stands up searching for something, anything and finally runs into a wall. Runs into it rather hard actually and the violence of the contact has jarred some sense back into him.

Dennis: (to himself) Right, Dennis, remember what Uncle Larry told you that no matter how bad things got, she should never panic. (imitating Judge Longridge) "Once you panic, Dennis, the battle is already lost. Stay calm, assess the situation and be prepared to act when the opportunity presents itself."

He sits for a moment gathering himself up and then begins exploring his surroundings. The wall he has come in contact with has been concrete just like the floor. He follows it until he runs into an obstacle. By feel, he finds it was a series of metal bars. He follows this again until he comes to another obstacle, more bars and turns again. By this time, he is fairly sure what he would find next so he wasn't surprised when he runs into another wall, this one made of brick. By following it, he comes in contact with concrete again. He is in a cage.

Dennis: Hell's bollocks, how long have I been here?

Dennis thinks he must be somewhere close to the Tyne River because there's always the sound of water dripping although his prison has no standing water anywhere but it's not the Tyne, it's the rain from the night before. Also, the attic is rather cold and damp. Finally, the trap door opens, the light comes on and Dennis could hardly believe it. The intensity is physically painful and he tries to shield his eyes from the sudden glare.

Ally: Sorry about trapping you in the attic, Dennis, my spare rooms are unavailable.

Dennis: It's not very warm up here.

Ally: Mainly because the architects who built this place were morons.

Dennis: (angrily) What do you want with me? Why have you done this, Ally?

Ally: (laughing) All in good time, all in good time.

Dennis: You bas...

Ally: Dennis, Dennis, you must be nice to me or I'll turn off the lights and go away again and forget you're here.

Dennis: You didn't answer my questions. So Ally, why am I here?

Ally: For retribution.

Dennis: Retribution for what?

Ally: Testifying against moi.

Dennis is shocked as Ally walks off.

Dennis: Wait, don't leave me here...

Ally: It'll be a matter of time before your idiot friends find you and you'll pay for what you've done. (laughs as he turns and walks away)

Dennis: Wait! Please...

Ally turns back to Dennis again, his eye twitching.

Ally: What now?

Dennis: What day is this?

Ally: (laughing again) Saturday 26th October 1985.

As he walks off, Ally turns the light out.

Dennis: Bollocks, what's going to happen now?

Scene 21- Outside Thornely Manor. Barry's van pulls up near Ally's Mercedes and the Barry notices that it is wet from the previous night's rainfall.

Barry: There it is, Thornely Manor.

Neville: But we just can't walk in there without a plan.

Wayne: Nev's right, that scumbag might have the place booby trap.

Jason: Hey, Tin-Tin can't think on an empty bladder and we may need to get past Fraser.

Bomber: How about we pretender to deliver something, Jason.

Barry, Wayne, Neville and Moxey: (in unison) A fake delivery?????

Oz: Calm down, lads, it was only a suggestion.

Barry finally thinks that Jason may have a bright idea despite the fact that it may or may not be enough to get all of them killed.

Barry: Jason, you've given us the perfect plan to surprise Fraser.

Moxey: It was Bomber who really suggested it.

Later, Bomber and Oz are dressed as delivery men carrying a huge box with the others inside.

Bomber: Special delivery.

Scene 22- Inside Thornely Manor. Ally is in the same outfit he was the night before after being locked out of the house and turns to Big Baz.

Ally: See who that is.

Big Baz walks to the door and sees Oz and Bomber with a large box dressed as delivery men.

Big Baz: It's a couple of delivery men with a large box.

Ally: I don't remember ordering a large box.

Oz and Bomber charge in and as Oz drops the box, Bomber is also shocked.

Oz: Aye, well, you're getting it whether you want it or not! (punches Big Baz in the face)

Big Baz: That hurt.

The others get out of the box and run.

Wayne: Well, that was the plan, man!

Ally: It'll take more than you idiots to stop me. Morons.

Moxey grabs Fraser by his dressing gown collar and slams him against the wall.

Moxey: Right, where are Dennis and your cousin Carrie?

Ally: I'll never tell you. (gasps as Moxey slams his head against the wall) Caroline's in my bedroom and Dennis's in the attic. Good luck with that.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by Tracy » Sat Oct 26, 2019 5:37 pm

Ninja Turtles on pizza delivery ? :geek:

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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:25 pm

Tracy wrote:
Sat Oct 26, 2019 5:37 pm
Ninja Turtles on pizza delivery ? :geek:
Hey, I've edited it now and you can't really blame me for trying
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:37 pm

Scene 23- Upstairs at Thornely Manor. Moxey and Neville are searching the bedrooms for Caroline until they stop by the main bedroom.

Moxey: This must be it, Nev. Carrie's in there.

Neville: (nervously) I don't know, Moxey. She may be Ally Fraser's cousin but she's nicer than him.

Moxey: (opening the door and is terrified by what he sees) Carrie, what the hell happened to you? (runs over to the bed where Caroline is asleep on and shakes her awake until she wakes up)

Caroline: (opening her eyes to find Moxey in front of her instead of Ally and hugs him) Albie, it's you.

Blinking, Caroline lifts her head from the pillows and tries to orient herself as she explains to Moxey and Neville that Ally sexually assaulted her.

Neville: Oh my God, what the hell did he do?

Moxey: I don't believe this. (to Caroline) I swear to God if I get my hands on that cousin of yours, I'll bloody kill him.

Neville: Can you save some for Oz?

Caroline: (to herself as Moxey helps her off the bed) Caroline, you have really done it this time.

Hurrying, she pulls on a light green sweater, a pair of blue jeans, a matching jacket and a pair of brown ankle boots. She stands by the screen for a moment to find Moxey hugging her to him again and Neville staring at her.

Elsewhere, Wayne and Barry are looking for Dennis.

Wayne: (singing to 10 Little Indians) Where oh where oh where's our Gaffer?
Where oh where oh where's our Gaffer?
Where oh where oh where's our Gaffer?
Where's our Gaffer gone?

Barry: Shut up, Wayne, you're really not helping.

Suddenly, there is a banging noise from upstairs.

Wayne and Barry: What's that??

Dennis: (from the attic) It's Dennis, that scumbag Ally Fraser kept me up here all bastard night.

Barry: Oh fudge. Wayne, find a ladder. We're saving the boss.

Wayne: On it. (runs to find a ladder as the others come running by)

Scene 24- The attic. The others can see Dennis is a cage as he faces them on the other side of the bars, his head high. He seems completely oblivious to his physical discomfort or surroundings.

Caroline: Mr Patterson, before you start with...

Moxey: (interrupting) Wait, what?!

Dennis: (to Caroline) The nerve of the cousin of yours, Miss Fraser. He thinks that the time of retribution's at hand.

Neville: Miss Fraser was sexually assaulted by Mr Fraser.

Ally: (from behind them) And why was that, huh? Because you made a fool of me in that courthouse! People are laughing at me.

Dennis finds himself standing his ground staring back at Ally in anger.

Dennis: I won't be intimidated by you, Ally. You would've bashed Vicki's head in if it were up to you so don't try and blame me for this.

Ally: No, everything that happened since is your fault! You will pay, Dennis Patterson.

Oz sees Ally approaching Dennis, his fist raised and charges towards him like a raging bull and punches him in the face. Later, Oz claws a key out of Ally's jacket pocket and inserts it into the locking mechanism of the cage door but the instant the latch turns, Dennis hits the door with all the force he could manage. The door swings out catching Oz across the face and he staggers back. Dennis bolts out of the cell and toward the door.

Dennis: I'm finally out of that cage. (to Oz) Sorry, Oz man.

Moxey: Are you alright, Oz?

Oz: Nothing hurt but my pride, man.

Suddenly, Ally gets up and charges at them like lightning. He snatches at Dennis catching his shirt collar. In a lithe move, Dennis tries to duck Ally's grasp but he caught his nemesis by the shoulder and flings him to the ground. Dennis falls hard but rolls desperately trying to evade Ally who pounces like a cat pinning him to the floor and reaches for his throat. Oz grabs frantically at one of the miscellaneous pieces of wood lying on the floor and swings it at Ally with all his strength but Ally seems to sense the blow coming and turns aside slightly so the blow catches him across the back of his shoulders rather than in the head. Dennis writhes suddenly and overbalanced slightly, Ally raises up loosening his grip on Dennis's throat.

Scene 25- A riverside warehouse. It is huge and largely empty containing only old boxes, wood, some miscellaneous pieces of furniture and a large assortment of trash. A pair of large double doors mark the shipping entrance and running under the doors is a channel of water. To one side of the large doors could dimly be seen the outlines of a smaller door. Bomber, Moxey, Barry, Caroline, Neville, Wayne, Jason, Tin-Tin, Oz and Dennis all run for the smaller door just as Ally and his team erupt into the warehouse.

Ally: Baz, find them.

Big Baz: Yes, Mr Fraser.

Big Baz charges after them howling. Caroline reaches the door first only to find it was securely locked with a keyed deadbolt and there is no sign of the key. They all turn and run toward the shipping doors but before they reach them they could see the metal grate that sinks into the water walling off the underwater entry. They couldn't gamble they could swim under it. They veer again panting frantically and ran along the water channel hunting for another way out. Big Baz follows closely behind screaming. They could find no other doors and the windows are too high to get out of. Big Baz grabs frantically at Dennis who yelps as he stumbles and falls.

Ally: Say goodbye, Dennis. (tries to pounce on Dennis who rolls aside)

Dennis: After you, Alasdair.

As Dennis rises to his feet, Ally grabs a nearby piece of wood and throws it at him. It catches him in the middle of the back and Dennis falls hard gasping for breath partially stunned. Ally stands up and walks towards Dennis with an ugly expression on his face. He gestures for Big Baz to pick up an empty packing crate. Big Baz does so and raises it over his head ready to smash it down on Dennis. Out of nowhere, Oz hits Big Baz hit him like a missile sending him head first into a pile of trash.

Oz: Are you alright, Dennis man?

Dennis: I'm fine, Oz man.

Oz grabs Dennis hauling him to his feet and the the, along with the others, run back toward the small door. Oz snatches up a small piece of scrap metal from the floor and attacks the locking mechanism on the door as the others keep watch for Ally and his comrades. Big Baz appears suddenly running at them wildly. Barry and Moxey both grab Dennis as Big Baz reaches them. Moxey yelps sharply as Big Baz reaches out and grabbed at him catching him by the hair. He yanks savagely and with a cry, Moxey staggers into him. Dennis nods towards Oz who, with Bomber, charges towards Big Baz lashing out with both fists striking him sharply in the kidneys and he moans. Turning, Big Baz kicks at Oz with one leg catching him behind the knees. He falls hard. He then begins dragging Moxey toward the Tyne river not far away. Oz staggers to his feet and grabs for the only weapon he could see . . . a long piece of metal pipe in a bracket on the wall. Oz yanks at it viciously and it comes loose with a screech of metal and a shower of sparks. It has been a conduit for electrical wires.

Barry: I must warn you, Oz. Loosened, the wiring that connects all of the lights in the warehouse may swing free throwing sparks in all directions.

The pipe does so and as it trails down, it drops into the standing water near the main double doors sending more sparks everywhere. Nearby trash ignites and the flames begin to spread. Big Baz continues to drag Moxey toward the Tyne laughing maniacally. Moxey yelps and fights wildly but couldn't free himself.

Moxey: Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man!

Ally: You know, that's a very good idea. (to Big Baz) Baz, thrown this cousin stealing idiot in the Tyne.

Big Baz: On it, Mr Fraser.

Oz growls and runs after Big Baz swinging the pipe. He bring it down sharply on Big Baz's forearm and the sound of breaking bone is clear even over the roar of the flames. He staggers and releases Moxey. Barry and Oz both grab Moxey and coughing, they run back to the others who are by the smaller door.

Barry: Moxey, are you okay?

Moxey: Despite nearly getting chucked face first in the Tyne, I'm okay.

Oz: Thank God for that.

Moxey: (gestures his head towards Big Baz) I couldn’t make head or tail of that fella, he gave me a lot of abbadabba.

Through the walls, they could all hear sirens and the confused sounds of voices. Both Neville and Wayne scream wildly beating on the door. On the far side of the warehouse, a stack of old boxes and fabrics abruptly combust sending flames licking up the walls and across the high ceiling.

Voice on the other side: Get away from the door! Neville, get away from the door!

Neville: Brenda, is that you, pet?

Brenda: Of course it is now get away from the door.

Bomber, Moxey, Barry, Caroline, Neville, Wayne, Jason, Tin-Tin, Oz and Dennis all stagger back just as three gun shots blow the deadbolt free. As they turn to run back to the door, Big Baz rises out of the smoke in front of them. All trace of sanity is gone. He holds the metal pipe in his good hand and as they all stand frozen, he raises it over his head to strike. Neither of them hear the gunshot as Christine shoots him in the arm nor could they move as he collapses at their feet clutching his leg. Vicki, Brenda, Christine and Hazel grab their men and haul them frantically out of the burning building with Moxey, Caroline, Wayne, Bomber, Jason and Tin-Tin in tow. Suddenly, there was a loud rending sound. For an instant the old warehouse seemed to expand, straining at its walls. Then it collapses in on itself in a wall of flames. Dennis clings to Oz rather shocked and his gaze appears focused on something no one else could see. Jason gasps desperately as though he couldn't breathe struggling against Bomber's arms. He appears so wrapped up in recent events, he seems completely unaware of his surroundings. As the building implodes, Bomber, Moxey, Barry, Caroline, Neville, Wayne, Jason, Oz, Vicki, Christine, Hazel, Brenda and Dennis all gasp as though struck by a physical blow while Tin-Tin barks.

Oz: It's all right, Den. It's over. Fraser's been arrested and he can't hurt you, Vicki or anyone else any more. Please, man, it's going to be okay. I promise.

Ally: Get your bloody hands off me, I'm the former owner of Thornely Manor.

Officer: Aye, man and I'm the former president of America. Get in the car. (puts Ally in his car)

Moxey just holds Caroline, kisses her and holds her again. The others all stand staring at the inferno.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 2:07 pm

Scene 26- Judge Longridge's House. Dennis is hugging his uncle and explaining why he didn't show up for dinner the previous night.

Judge Longridge: Oh my God, you poor lad.

Dennis: Uncle Larry, I'm 37 years old.

Judge Longridge: I know but you're still that boy who never gives up.

Dennis: Thank you.

Judge Longridge walks off to get his nephew some water to recover from the shock of being kidnapped.

Mrs Longridge: (from upstairs) Lawrence, who's at the door?

Judge Longridge: It's Dennis, Roberta.

Dennis: It's your nephew Dennis, Auntie Roberta. (follows Judge Longridge into the kitchen) Uncle Larry, what if Ally Fraser doesn't go to prison on Monday?

Judge Longridge: Well, Dennis, my uncle Arthur used to have a saying: "Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out." Unfortunately, one day put his theory into practice. It took 75 American soldiers to bring him down. Now let's never speak of him again.

Dennis: Hold on, Uncle Larry, I'm not quite finished yet!

Judge Longridge: Sorry?

Dennis: What if this lawyer who's also related to Mr Fraser gets him off the hook? Should -- should I deny it?

Judge Longridge: Boyo, you should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head like a certain uncle of mine did one grey December morn.

Dennis's eyes widen as he must have said something.

Scene 27- Teeside Crown Court. It is the day of Ally's sentencing as everyone in the courthouse stares from Dennis to Ally.

Judge Longridge: Even though sentencing a man like Alasdair George Fraser on a day like today and at this point is illegal and grossly unconstitutional, I just can't say no to my nephew.

Both Dennis and Ally glare at each other. Later, Dennis is back on the stand.

Caroline: So Mr Patterson, if my client/cousin didn't inflict any injuries on Mr Ames shortly before his arrest, just who did?

Dennis: Well, I was hiding in the kitchen when it all happened.

Scene 28- a flashback to shortly before Ally is arrested. Ally and Kenny are in the kitchen arguing.

Ally: If you even think of testifying against me, Kenny, I'll damn well murder you.

Kenny: You bastard!

Ally: Right, you asked for it. I'm going to enjoy this! (grunts, pops the cork off some champagne and chugs it)

Kenny: Moron. (slips on floor, bangs head on four frying pans, breaks glass and he falls over)

Scene 29- Teeside Crown Court in the present day. Dennis is explaining everything.

Dennis: And you can ask Mr Ames if you don't believe me.

Kenny: It's true!

Ally: I will murder you right now, Kenny Ames. (runs towards Kenny and grabs him by the throat but a bailiff grabs him and hauls him back to the stand)

Oz: Hell's bollocks, no one told me Fraser wanted Ames dead.

Others: He does.

Oz: Oh bollocks, man.

Hutz: How could you have seen all this, Mr Patterson? Weren't you supposed to be helping prepare for Mr Taylor's wedding on that day?

Dennis: (slowly) It was after Barry and Hazel said 'I do'.

Barry: (quietly) I knew it! I knew you'd admit that Fraser attacked Mr Ames sooner or later, Dennis!

Moxey: What are you talking about, Bazza? Fraser's a creep and he's going away for a long time!

Barry: I know, Moxey.

Later, Ally is to be sentenced.

Judge Longridge: Will the defendant rise?

Ally does so.

Judge Longridge: Has the jury reached the verdict?

Foreman: We have, your Honor?

Judge Longridge: For three counts of embezzlement, do you find the defendant Alasdair George Fraser guilty or not guilty?

Foreman: Guilty.

Judge Longridge: For numerous counts of domestic abuse committed towards Victoria Catherine Welch, do you find the defendant Alasdair George Fraser guilty or not guilty?

Foreman: Guilty.

Judge Longridge: For the attempted murder of Kenneth Michael Ames, do you find the defendant Alasdair George Fraser guilty or not guilty?

Foreman: Guilty.

Judge Longridge: And finally, for the abduction of Dennis Longridge Patterson, do you find the defendant Alasdair George Fraser guilty or not guilty?

Foreman: Guilty.

Ally: (angrily) What the..?

Dennis, Neville, Oz, Wayne, Barry, Moxey and Bomber: (in unison) Yes. (high five and hug each other)

Judge Longridge bangs his gavel.

Judge Longridge: Alasdair George Fraser, you have been found guilty of all charges bought against you by this court and it is now my duty to pass sentence. You are an habitual criminal who accepts arrest as an occupational hazard and presumably accepts imprisonment in the same casual manner. We therefore feel constrained to commit you to the maximum term allowed for these offences— you will go to prison for ten years. Case dismissed. (bangs his gavel) Bailiff, take him down.

The bailiff drags Ally off the stand and takes him to a police van to start his sentence.

Scene 30- The George Pub. It is a week after Ally's sentencing and Bomber, Moxey, Barry, Caroline, Neville, Wayne, Jason, Oz, Vicki, Christine, Hazel, Brenda, Mr Hutz and Dennis are celebrating the fact that Ally won't be released for 10 years. Caroline has been nonstop in her gratitude for the Magnificent Seven for helping her and Mr Hutz for sending Ally to prison and since Moxey and Caroline are now an item, that gratitude extends to the whole team.

Bomber: (to Jason) You know, boyo, I'll make sure when to tell you that you're now honorary members of the Magnificent Seven.

Jason: (smiling at this and hugging Bomber) Thanks, Uncle Brian.

Christine: Tell me again why that horrible Ally Fraser kept you in a cage for all of Friday night, Dennis.

Dennis flinches as he hears this. Now that the danger is over, Christine is full of curiosity as to what had gone on during Dennis's ordeal.

Dennis: (quietly) He didn't want me to escape, I can't believe I was kidnapped on the day that Gary Holton died.

Christine flinches, it is clear it's something Dennis doesn't want to discuss.

Oz: Christine, why not save it for later, pet?

Christine: (nodding) Sorry, pet. (walks off to where Vicki and Brenda are)

Dennis: That's okay, Christine.

Oz: You know it's okay to still be scared. That would've been traumatic for a grown man, let alone you. It would've been scary even for me, I'll tell you that.

Dennis: Really?

Oz: (nodding) Aye, man. You didn't panic, you held up, you acted like a real gaffer would. We're all proud of you.

Dennis: (hugging Oz) Thanks, Oz man.

Oz: Dennis man, you're talking to me like I'm Superman as Clark Kent now drink that beer before it gets cold, like.

Dennis nods and does so.

Jason: Hey, Oz, that gorgeous blonde barmaid with the big knockers asked if you wanted another Bacardi and coke. (winking at the barmaid in question who seems to interested in Wayne)

Oz: (groaning) None of my clothes might fit after today.

Bomber, Moxey, Barry, Caroline, Neville, Wayne, Jason, Vicki, Christine, Hazel, Brenda, Mr Hutz and Dennis all chuckle as Oz goes to get another beer and Dennis finishes his. He feels things would be different for him from now on.
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Re: The Trial of Ally Fraser

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This was great from start to finish. DL
Did you do that?

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