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Oz's Big Date

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Oz's Big Date

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:34 pm

It was a cool day in December 1985 and in his home, Leonard 'Oz' Osborne and his friend Dennis Patterson were dancing to an old Elvis Presley record.

"Hey, Dennis man, guess what?" asked Oz with a big smile on his face.

"What?" asked Dennis.

"Today, I'm going to do another one of those karate attacks on Martin McCabe again," answered Oz as the song ended and he ran out of the house and finally arrived at next door. "Here it is!"

"If that's your attitude towards women, you're worse than You Know Who." yelled Vicki Welch as she left the McCabe house so Johnny decided to follow her.

"Vicki'll never see this coming!" Oz whispered to himself and ran behind the stairs without Vicki seeing him. "HI-YA!!!" Oz yelled while jumping at Vicki but surprisingly, Vicki did a backflip to the left.

"You can't sneak past me, Leonard!" Vicki laughed.

"Howay, Vicki." said Oz.

"Yes?" Vicki answered back.

"Well, do you know how you're always at Maison Andre since you came back?" asked Oz.

"Yes but I've got to work, why, Oz?" asked Vicki.

"Well, Vicki, it's getting late and I gotta go back home." said Oz as he went back into his own house.

"All right then, Oz," yelled Vicki. "See you later!"

As he got back inside the house, Oz asked "Hell's bollocks, man Dennis, what am I gonna do?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Dennis.

"What do you mean?" asked Oz.

Oz looked puzzled and suggested "Maybe you have a thing for Vicki and have done since Ally went to prison for 10 years."

"Wow... well, we better get to bed." said Oz as Dennis left the house and he went to bed.

Oz was sitting at a table in La Dolce Vita in Sunderland and looked over to the other side of the table, there was Vicki looking strangely prettier then she usually did.

"Oz, this is a great date!" said Vicki.

A date? thought Oz. In my dream, she's on a date? And even more's with me!

Oz then realized he was still in his dream and decided to say something to her so he said "Aye, I guess so, pet."

"Well, you know that this is our first date." said Vicki.

Oz's eyes widened as he thought Our first date? I haven't been on a date in 2 weeks and my first one is with Vicki? But I got to remember that this is only a dream...and it won't probably come true.

Oz then suddenly woke up out of his dream. It was morning and he looked at the clock.

"Oh man, I'm gonna be late for work!" Oz yelled as he got dressed, left his house, got into his car and drove to Martin's Plumbing.

"You're 15 minutes late, Osborne!" said Oz's boss Edmund Martin.

"You see, Mr Martin, I didn't mean to, I just slept in a little bit." answered Oz.

"GET TO WORK!" yelled Mr Martin.

"Wow, that was a weird dream I had last night," Oz told himself while he was working. "Even though it won't come true, I sure wish it does."

It then reached 6:00pm on the clock. Oz's co-worker Pete Henson's face suddenly brightened, everyone knowing it, that this didn't us all happen except at this time of the day.

"Well then, Henson, see ya on Monday!" said Oz as he got into his car and drove off. He wanted to go home but he decided to go to the nearby flower shop and bought some flowers which of course were for Vicki so he then ran to her flat and knocked on the door. Vicki opened the door and saw Oz standing there with flowers in his hand.

"Hey, Vicki!" said Oz as he handed her the flowers. Vicki took the flowers and walked to go put them in a vase.

"So Oz, what brings you here?" asked Vicki.

"Oh nothing." answered Oz.

"Oh that's okay." said Vicki.

Oz then thought about the dream he had last night and he was wondering if it would actually come true.

"Vicki?" asked Oz.

"Yes, Oz?" Vicki answered.

"Maybe later...." Oz started.

"Continue, Oz." said Vicki.

"Maybe go see a movie? Just the two of us?" asked Oz blushing.

"Alright, Oz! That sounds fun!" said Vicki kissing Oz on the cheek.

Oz went home as proud as he could possibly be and yelled "YES!! WOOO!! I ASKED OUT A LADY!! TAKE THAT, ALBERT ARTHUR MOXEY!!"

"Who is it?" asked Dennis.

"It's You Know Who's ex Vicki Welch," replied Oz as he checked the clock and it said 9:00 pm. "Oh man, it's getting late!"

Oz then hopped into the bed and went to sleep. For some strange reason, he had the same dream as last time except it was dangerous. Him and Vicki were at the same place.

"So, Oz, I can't believe we're finally going out." said Vicki.

Going out? Then that means....we are GIRLFRIEND and BOYFRIEND! thought Oz.

Oz then woke up with a big yawn and said "Whoa, I think I had the best sleep ever last night."

Getting out of bed, Oz saw that it was Saturday and his day off. He had remembered what he said to Vicki and he realized it was today his date was today! He got dressed and set off to Vicki and her friend Amy Costello's flat in South Shields.

"Ohh I can't wait!!" Oz told himself as he rushed to Vicki's flat and knocked on her door.

"Well, I think this'll do." said Vicki as pulled on her brown coat with a pink roll neck jumper, a grey pencil skirt and black stilettos. She went to the door and opened it.

Oz's eyes widened as he thought This is it and this better be better than being married to Majorie, Osborne.

"Hello, Oz." said Vicki.

"Hi, Vicki." said Oz blushing.

"My God, Oz! You look...nice." said Vicki staring at Johnny's grey suit, black shirt and black shoes.

"Umm.. look.....pretty?" Oz said but he said the "pretty" part quietly.

"Well then...let's go!" said Vicki as she and Oz went to see the film Red Sonja which both Oz and Dennis knew that Vicki had wanted to see for the past month.

"I had a great time, Oz!" said Vicki as they got back to the flat.

"Me too." said Oz blushing as they both went to his house and slept together.
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Re: Oz's Big Date

Post by Londongal1983 » Thu May 28, 2020 7:34 am

Great story, was this set after Ally got sentenced?
Did you do that?

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