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Slight Return

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Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:25 pm

This fanfic is new, set in the early 90s and based on this post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2615

Chapter 1- Ally's Back

About 15 miles away from Newcastle lies a tough prison called Durham Prison where all the sick and screwed-up criminals caught by MI-5, MI-6 and the police of the North East went to. It was about 10:30pm and a red Mercedes Benz was at the main gate about to leave the prison. One of the prison guards dressed in blue stopped the car and knocked on the windscreen of the driver's door. The window slid down and a black male policeman with Oakley shades and a black leather RAF jacket was sitting in the car.

"Hey, Jermaine, leaving so soon, man?" the guard asked giving a smile.

"Yeah," Jermaine answered. "It's my wife's birthday."

The guard was happy for his friend and smiled "Tell her I said hi. Mikey, open the gate!"

A large man who was sitting in the toll booth activated one of the leavers and the giant titanium door slowly slide opened. When it was completely open, the Mercedes quickly rode off into the cold desert. Meanwhile, another prison guard was doing his usual night rounds. Passing by a couple of glass door cells on the 3rd floor, he looked to his left where all the prison cells were. The convicts looked back at him, some with angry faces while others smiled at him. When he passed by the last cell, his eyes widen.

"What the bollocks," The warden exclaimed, he took out his black Motorola radio and held it in front of his mouth. "Prisoner 52347 has escaped! I repeat, prisoner 52347 has escaped!"

Within seconds, the sirens had sounded and lights from the guard towers activated flashing the beams at the building annoying everyone who was sleeping.

As the lights and sirens around Durham Prison were flashing and sounding, a figure moved. Knowing that the idiots who denied him the parole he truly deserved that afternoon were near by, he spoke in a low tone that sent shivers through anybody who was near by.

"Who's there?"

Ally Fraser did not even turn around; he knew the bearded man near him would obey. He was too scared not to obey. A feeble light showed a twisted grin escape his normally emotionless face. The door to a black Mercedes Benz was flung open and the bearded man approached him

"What's that about, Mr Fraser? Surely, you must have something to say." A slight chuckle rent the air. Before Ally could make a sound, the man's arm made contact with his head. He fell. Hard.

"Damn you, Baz. Damn you to Hell, that hurt." Ally yelped as amazingly, there came no sound from Big Baz: no sharp cry of pain, no voice begging the torment to end.

"Sorry, Mr Fraser." sighed Baz.

"I was denied parole. After 5 years of being inside Durham Prison, how long do you think the so-called Magnificent Seven can keep this up? They've remained strong which is admirable but how long can this last? Sooner or later, I'll win. I'll succeed with my revenge." as he said this, he you as I will succeed with International Rescue." As he said this, he stared at Big Baz, grabbed his arm and pulled him close to his face. "In fact, Baz, soon, the Seven will be no more thanks to yours truly."
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Re: Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:33 pm

Chapter 2- Just a Normal Day

"Thank Christ it has been so quiet around here lately. The pressure and strain were really starting to get to us all, Den." said Leonard 'Oz' Osborne as he stretched and moved to a more comfortable position in the chair. He looked over to the older man sitting across from him.

"I know, Oz; Ally's reaction when he was denied parole was insane. I'm glad these last few days have been peaceful..." The two men jumped up quickly as what seemed like tons of freezing cold water spilled over their heads. Turning quickly to look behind them, they saw Dennis's 17 year old son Kevin shaking with laughter with a water hose in his hands.

"Kevin, you..." Dennis was, unusually, at a loss for words. However, Oz knew precisely what to do. Braving the spray of water still shooting from the hose, he rushed his good friend's son. Years of training came into play as he grabbed the teenager and quickly rendered him incapable of further harm with a headlock. He then picked Kevin up and threw him unceremoniously into the large swimming pool. Comically brushing his hands together, Oz turned to his friend.

"Well, as peaceful as possible with him," jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "around." Dennis chuckled and moved to sit back down in the now drenched beach chair. As he moved towards the chair, the phone on the coffee table rang. As Dennis went to answer it, he noticed peripherally that Oz was glancing over eager to know who the caller was.

Dennis quickly answered the phone pausing briefly and thinking about the rest of the Magnificent Seven. Barry Taylor now ran his own business, Wayne Norris worked for a family of carpenters, Neville Hope was still a househusband, Brian 'Bomber' Busridge was back in the wrestling game and Albert Moxey was a security guard for a mystery man in Kirkby. They both knew the whole team had to make sacrifices so they could function. Even though they did not mind too much,since it meant helping each other out.

Mentally shaking himself, he said "Dennis Patterson." Immediately, he heard Barry's voice, he sounded amused.

"Hey, Dennis. Before you start, I tried to contact Christine and Norma but they said that you were with Oz today. Just thought you might want to know that this lull looks to be around for a while. Nothing going on." Dennis nodded and smiled.

"Thanks, Barry man. Guess it must be kinda boring back there in the Midlands right now."

"It's not too bad, Dennis. Trevor's keeping me busy right now. His sister Sophie's working on this book and she said they we could choose some photos of us. I'll send some down to you later. They're bosin." Dennis attempted to smother the smile that was trying to break free.

"Thanks, man. I know the others lads'll want to see the images as soon as possible. Anything else we need to know?" Both of them would have liked to talk for hours but they all knew that Barry had other work to do as Dennis sighed internally.

"No, Den. Everything fine for now. See you later."

"Good-bye, Barry." Barry hung up as Dennis groaned. Oz glanced at him then walked over and laid a hand on his friend's shoulder. He gave him a slight squeeze, nothing more. In this team of all men, one gesture was usually all it took. They had been through the fire together and knew each other better then most teams did. They all knew and they all understood. And they all wanted to continue despite the bad times.

Dennis cleared his throat and nodded. Oz walked off as the ITN news was now on television.

"And Prime Minster John Major ended by saying quote "Damn Germany and damn their wall to Hell"," said the newsreader. "In breaking news, there was a daring escape from Durham Prison last night."

"Hell's bollocks," gasped Dennis. "If this is Ally Fraser, I'll be dead within a week."

"It's known that Alisdair Fraser, who is halfway through a 10 year prison sentence, escaped shortly after his parole was denied. It is known that Mr Fraser is also planning revenge on a former employee of his."

Just another day in the life of two Geordies. So they thought.

A few days later, Barry was shooting a paper target at a shooting range in Sunderland and if he was so sure, his aim was getting better thanks to Hazel's cousin Peter. Luckily, the bullets were hitting their mark which pleased Barry no matter what and he was about to reload when a large shadow loomed over him. Turning around, gun in hand, Barry pointed it at the man but paused when he saw that the man was Oz.

"Sorry about that, Oz." said Barry feeling rather sheepishly.

"Are you crazy?" asked Oz upset that he had a gun pointed at him.

"I said sorry but let's change the subject, how's your plumbing trainee working out?" asked Barry lowing the gun.

"That lad is the most disobedient smart-alecky man in creation but he's a canny worker!" said Oz as he grabbed a gun getting ready to challenge Barry to a shoot off when a man with light brown curly hair and a heavily lined pock marked face approached them.

"Hey, guys, is this the shooting range for blokes who wanna bad-mouth their trainees or You Know Who?" the voice cause both Oz and Barry to turn around and see Moxey with a gun similar to Barry's.

"No but this part of the range is owning a gun no bigger than your head." said Barry.

"No one told me," groaned Moxey. "Ally Fraser escaped and we know he's after us."

"Oh now be fair, Mox," said Oz. "I hate Ally bastard Fraser as much as you do... but he was at least as big a cocky bollocks as McGowan."

"But McGowan was our cocky bollocks, like." said Barry as he started shooting joined by Oz and Moxey.

"Now there was a cocky bollocks... you could actually prefer to be around." said Oz as he he noticed Barry's shooting until his paper target was no more.

"Did you ever tell him that?" asked Moxey as the three men stopped shooting an hour later, picked up any shells, handed the guns over to the owner, got into Oz's car and drove to Dennis and Christine's house where the others were.
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Re: Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 2:29 pm

Chapter 3- New Club, New Job

As his car pulled up outside Dennis and Christine's house, Oz quickly wished he owned Thunderbird 2."Oz! Stop!" Barry and Moxey yelled in unison as Oz stopped the car and wiped sweat from his forehead and then rubbed his sweaty palms on his tan leather jacket. He had almost blown it.

"Hey, Oz. It's okay. We're all alive. Thank God your reflexes are so quick. You okay?" Barry asked as Oz ruefully shook his head.

"Fine, Barry man. Just a little shook. If you ha..." Oz began as Barry sent him a look from shotgun.

"There is no reason to feel like that, Oz," said Moxey from the back seat. "Now. Let's get inside. It's not like we were in Thunderbird 2 and I think that Dennis might have something important to say to us. (Better this than nothing). He probably will have to clear some stuff out of his way."


Within 10 minutes, the Magnificent Seven were in at Dennis and Christine's house. Neville Hope was reading the Grapes of Wrath, Wayne Norris had his headphones on, Dennis was sprawled on the couch, Brian 'Bomber' Busride was in what Moxey first assumed was a prison warden's uniform and there was a woman with dark curly hair sitting near Dennis's head. Dennis's son Kevin also had his headphones on and decided to leave the living room.

"Alright, lads," said Dennis as Kevin left the room. "Before anyone says anything, we're all upset that Fraser has escaped from Durham Prison. I've also received news that some dance club opened in Sunderland."

"Sunderland?!" Oz was rather upset with this. The woman's coughing made Moxey finally see her a little bit clearly as she carefully smiled at him carefully and then began smiling back at her.

"How are you, miss?" asked Moxey as the woman winced while her hand encountered the large bruise on her forehead.

"Aside from a headache as big as Mt. Everest, I'm doing pretty well," the woman said in a soft Scottish accent. "You mist be Albert Moxey, right?"

"That's Moxey," Bomber told the woman before turning his attention to Moxey and Oz. "If you two also get secruity jobs at this dance club, will you two promise to get on a little bit better? That would allow Dennis more room to breathe." Oz and Moxey both nodded.

"Oi, Mox," Wayne said. "I think someone fancies you."

"What?" asked Moxey feeling rather sheepish.

"She's always blushing when you're around her." answered Neville.

"Hmm..." said Moxey as the woman walked over to him. "So, miss. You wanna go out some time?" Moxey asked asked the woman.

The woman's jaw dropped as she asked "How..How did you know that I like you?"

"Wayne there told me," Moxey answered, looked at Wayne and turned back to the woman "So you wanna go out? I know a great place."

"Um.. yes. Yes of course," answered the woman. "I'm Dr Katie Campbell by the way."

"Boy, you guys sure do a great work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This assignment might be a bit of a screw up..." thee Scottish woman said as she and Moxey walked out of Dennis and Christine's house 30 minutes later.

"No problem, Dr Campbell. I'm just glad to help." said Moxey nodding as Dr Katie Campbell blushed and took his hand. "Can I get you anything?"

"Um.. yeah, how about a coffee because I need it right about now," said Katie in a dreamy voice.

"Sure." smiled Moxey.

As Moxey and Katie walked down the street, Big Baz stood on the other side of the street with a Scotsman who appeared to be Ally's cousin Callum McAllister.

"Right, Callum, you're new to all this meaning there's no reason for this to end in violence. Just do as you're told or your cousin'll sack both of us. One of the so-called Magnificent Seven's going on a little journey with us sometime soon." Big Baz's brown eye turned almost black with the steely glare he shot at the young man.

"Alright," said Callum as he witnessed the Seven leaving the house they were staring at. He knew no one would notice them until Dennis Patterson passed them by. "Is that the leader?"

"Aye. Dennis Patterson, he stole money off your cousin," said Big Baz. "Guess what else? He got Mr Fraser sent to prison. Yep, that's him.."

"Shouldn't we grab him now, Baz?" Callum asked.

"No, not yet," said Big Baz. "They'll all go crazy. Call Mr Fraser. We've got a moving target in our sites." They had to move from this place. Someone would soon come and investigate.
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Re: Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 2:30 pm

Chapter 4- Moxey in Love

At in Newcastle, Moxey and Katie sat down near the window. A few seconds later, a waiter came and served them coffee as the song played softly.

"So tell me, where are you from?" asked Moxey.

"Well, I'm currently living in Sunderland with my flatmate, a Geordie barmaid called Claire Connor and my 9 month old daughter Fiona but my real home's in Glasgow. I'll go back in about 2 months." Katie answered.

"No kidding? I'm from Kirky which is miles away from Liverpool." said Moxey.

"Wow, I understand that you did 2 years in prison for arson," said Katie. "So what is it you like about me?"

"Well, I think you're cute and nice, that's all." Moxey answered.

"Thanks, Albert. No one has ever said that to me." said Katie as Moxey leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

Elsewshere, Jacqui Gordon heard the heavy footsteps heading for the study where he was cleaning Mr Fraser's desk. Big Baz was coming for her. Just the thought made her long to crawl into the corner and cower. But she would not. She would be strong. That Scottish bastard had taken almost everything from her but she wouldn't give him her pride. Squaring her thin shoulders, she stood and waited for Big Baz to claim her for the daily…session. Shivering slightly in the study, she waited while Mr Fraser told Big Baz to stand guard of his study who would be severely…displeased if she did something he disapproved of as the door swung open. Big Baz advanced on her grabbing her arm. She stood stock-still and betrayed no emotion as he grasped her upper arm and dragged her down the corridors. With every dwindling inch of freedom, Jacqui became more and more anxious. By the time they reached the main bedroom, she was struggling violently.

Glancing around, she immediately spotted the large king side bed before her. Though she had seen many things during her time working for Kenny Ames, still the sight shocked her. She fearfully checked all the corners and all the shadows. Though she thought Mr Fraser had passed her when she had been lying by the door, one learned quickly here not to trust anything. However, her examination was not as thorough as it would normally have been. The sounds she had heard came from Big Baz who's breathing that was echoing through the room and it didn't sound normal. Knowing how men like Baz worked, the first thing he would have done was rough her up a bit and show her who's boss and his usual method was to bruise or break a couple ribs and let you suffer.

Looking around, she came back to her outfit. Under the smock she was wearing resembled something out of an episode of Happy Days. It was a sleeveless floral print blouse with a pair of dark blue shorts and a light blue chiffon scarf around her neck. Completing the ensemble was a pair of white lace up tennis shoes and a pair of matching socks which had been rolled down to her ankles.

"Jacqui, I'm not going to hurt you. I think I'm in the same fix as you are." said Big Baz noticing that Jacqui had a beauty that was not limited to the exterior but instead was internal and radiated out to enhance her physical beauty in a way Big Baz had never seen except once. He mentally shook his head wanting to be rid of that thought.

"I know what you want to do to me, Baz and it's not gonna work." said Jacqui shaking her blonde head. Her eyes narrowed for a second and her brow furrowed. Then looking directly into his brown eyes, she put the fingers of her right hand against the middle of her throat and tapped gently shaking her head simultaneously.

"Man, there's got to be a better way to do this." said Big Baz as Jacqui frowned.

Later that evening, Moxey and Katie entered her flat and began to lie on her bed.

"I had fun tonight." said Katie softly.

"Me too." Moxey answered and they started kissing.

"No, Albert, We've just know each other for a whole day. Maybe some other time." Katie suggested.

"Well, okay." said Moxey as he kissed her again.
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Re: Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:32 pm

Chapter 5- Welcome to Paradise

As the radio on her beside played Tender Love by Force MDs, Katie woke up groaning and saw that she was in her underwear. "Oh God...what a nightmare," she groaned as a few seconds later, she looked beside her to find that Moxey was sleeping with her. "Albert?"

Moxey woke up at that very moment and rubbed his eyes asking "Katie? What are you doing in my room?"

"The question is what are you doing in my room?" asked Katie, her eyes wide open.

Moxey looked around to realize that Katie was right. It was her room. He looked down to see that he was only wearing the underpants he wore the day before. "Oh bollocks.."

"I guess you got too sleepy to go back home." Katie said.

"Please don't tell any of the others." begged Moxey.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe." Katie assured softly.

Moxey hugged and kissed Katie and a few minutes later, he grabbed the light blue turtleneck jumper and dark blue jeans and wore them before leaving Katie's flat before Fiona woke up crying.

"So Moxey, where were you yesterday?" asked Oz a few hours later as Moxey was now staring to look worried.

"Yeah, you weren't in here last night." Dennis added.

Moxey looked worried and quickly thought of a reason as he lied "Well...I..I slept on the couch yesterday. Thought I watch a little TV but I fell asleep on the couch instead."

"Okay..." Oz and Dennis said in unison.

A few days later at the Paradise dance club in Sunderland, Big Baz shifted and smothered a yelp of pain. Breathing was becoming increasingly difficult as his arms were held at such an unnatural angle. Flexing his stiff and sore arm muscles, his breath came out in a hiss of pain. Sometimes, he wondered whether getting beating up by a girl or working as a doorman was constantly putting him through. Other times, he knew the answer.

As he heard the loud funk music from inside, Big Baz could tell that the cub was holding an opening party. Some of Mr Fraser's higher acquaintances as well as those operatives that were enjoying his unusually high favor because this place was opening. There had been a couple of teenage gatecrashers who experienced great pleasure at hurling insults at the unfortunate boss which endured the three security guard who looked familiar to throw the trouble making buggers out. Dancers and a female pop band entertained the vast number of guests while hostesses wandered around carrying refreshments. Dennis had told the others not to be surprised at anything. Ally was a businessman and he had to keep his employees happy. He also had to show his acquaintances how wealthy he was.

Ally himself walked in and everyone bowed to him. Seeing Katie staring at him, Moxey knew she had told him to not be surprised but the dress she was wearing was…different. It was halter neck and all red with gold embroidery. From her waist hung a string of of beads that enhanced every movement made by her form and the stilettos she was wearing were red with gold heels. It was like she was some glorified pet. Moxey couldn't bear the way some of the men were leering at her. If only he could get his hands on them, he would show all of them what he thought of them. Katie must have seen on his face what he was thinking because she looked him right in the eye and carefully shook her head but Moxey took no notice as he went after the young man catcalling her with Oz and Bomber in tow.

"Katie, all of my guests are bored. What do you say to an exhibition of your skills?" asked Ally as he approached Katie, his eyes narrowed.

"What skills?" asked Katie trying to prepare herself as the young man was being approached. Her knees buckled as Dennis was about to walk over to them.

"Not yet, sweetheart. He would not be much of an opponent now. Give him time, he needs for his legs to get use to supporting him." said Ally as Katie stayed where she was, her eyes focused on Dennis as if she were evaluating him, for what he could not say. He searched her eyes trying to find his friend in them but to no avail. Ally had her under his complete control and she could do nothing to break free.

As Dennis was about to speak to Katie, Ally nodded to him and offered one bit of advice, "You had better defend yourself, Dennis." Dennis was not sure what he meant but he was afraid in a way he could not explain. He knew that this was technically not Katie, at least not in her actions but he could not bring himself to hurt her. What was he going to do?

On the other side of the Paradise dance club, Kevin and a male friend of his, a young man with red hair, both wolf whistled at any stage dancers or passing waitresses and betting each other that one r both of them could pull by the end of the night.

"Alreet, hinny," Kevin catcalled to a passing waitress. "You dong something later?"

"Yes, I'm going home to my partner and kids." said the waitress as she walked off and as the redhead was about to call after her, both boys felt two hands on each of their shoulders causing them to turn around.

"Wait a minute, are either of you over 21?" asked Bomber.

"Are you?" asked the redhead.

"We're not authorized to answer that, like." said Oz who understood the art of crafty questioning after a trip to the Wigan casino when he was 10 years old and did a spot of gambling there before he was thrown out but Kevin and his friend were tossed into the street nonetheless.

"By the way, your martinis taste like cat piss!" shouted Kevin as he and his friend walked off.

"Oh yeah?" Moxey yelled back. "What are yous two gonna do? Start your own dance club in your dad's shed and get all your little friends to come? I'd like to see that."

Meanwhile, Dennis felt a rush of pride for Katie for standing up to Ally while fighting for every breath. He was worried about her and for himself; he knew he was in a bad way. Nevertheless, at the same time, he could not deny the pride he felt at what she had done. She had finally resisted Ally's control over her as Vicki had done 5 years previously. She had fought him truly.

Ally was furious. She had broken his control. She had fought him, Dr Kathleen Rose 'Katie' Campbell, who had only 3 years ago had been inches from the breaking point. Not only had she resisted but she had beaten him in front of his guests. She and the so-called Magnificent Seven would pay. They would pay dearly.
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Re: Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Tue Mar 17, 2020 3:05 pm

Chapter 6- Kidnapped

As soon as she got back into her flat, Katie turned her bedroom light off and nestled into bed. She closed her eyes. All he could see was the memory of Ally hovering over her. She could almost feel his lips against her but awoke moments later to an arm snaking its way around her waist.

"Ooops." came Moxey's voice in her ear before he planted a kiss on her cheek. Katie rolled over to see Moxey's pock marked face illuminated by the moonlight that was streaming through the window.

"Albert," said Katie kissing the tip of his nose. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought that would be obvious." replied Moxey as he feared the others might hear.

"Fiona's asleep." she whispered.

"We'll just have to be quiet then." he replied running his fingers through her hair. She gave him a small kiss. Moxey tried to deepen it pushing, not just his lips against her but his body against hers as well. Katie forced him back though.

"I want to ask you something first." she said seriously holding his gaze.

"Don't you think we've waited long enough?" he asked her in return.

"I just don't want this to be a meaningless fling which lasts more that a fortnight." she said skirting around his question. Moxey looked her straight in the eye.

"Katie, I wouldn't dream of using you in that way. I care about you too much despite knowing each other for nearly a week," said Moxey as he moved yet closer to her and kissed the tip of her nose. "Is that all?"

"Not quite." replied Moxey as Katie groaned and flopped onto her back. Moxey chuckled at her eagerness. He'd been trying to get her into a woman's bed for years and she had always been the one to refuse. He wanted to make sure this would last though so he needed answers before things progressed further.

Katie lay spent across Moxey's chest. He sleepily stroked her hair occasionally placing loving kisses upon the crown of her head. Katie shifted in her sleep. Moxey held her close and pulled the covers closer around her.

"I love you." he whispered against her temple. He pondered this for a moment. "I've never loved another woman like I've loved you." he whispered to the bedroom. "Not even Wendy. She was special. Oh yeah… but she wasn't you, Katie."

She stirred at the sound of her name.

"Did you say something, Albert?" she mumbled sleepily against his chest.

"Just talking to meself, love," he rubbed her back. "Why don't you get some more sleep. It's not even dawn yet.

The next evening at the Paradise, there was the same amount of crowd members, dancers and staff on duty as a blonde, a brunette and a redhead were dancing to Like a Virgin by Madonna.

"Howay, Brenda likes this song," said Neville as he noticed one of the dancers was staring at him. "Sorry, miss, I'm happily married."

"Tell me about it, Neville, Hazel would kill me if she knew I was in a place like this," Barry told Neville as Wayne got up on the table and started dancing. "Are you trying to get us thrown out, you squid brain?"

"What's your naffing problem, Big Bad Barry?" Wayne asked as he jumped onto the stage and danced with each of the girls. "I'm amazed your missus might see you here."

Suddenly, the music stopped so the blonde and the brunette left leaving Wayne with the redhead as Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie by Baccara began to play. Barry had a sudden change of heart as he goaded Wayne into dancing and Neville finally agreed which ended a few minutes later as Ally saw what was going on.

"What in Jesus's name?" Ally demanded angrily. "That Londoner is on the stage and what do the rules say? Customers shall not dance on the stage. Security, get those three idiots out of here."

Within seconds, Bomber, Oz and Moxey grabbed Wayne, Barry and Neville by their jacket collars and threw them out of the Paradise with them walking off.

A few seconds later, Dennis stepped out of the men's bathroom to see his youngest three colleagues gone and asked "What the bloody hell just happened?"

"Wayne was seen dancin' on the stage, Barry and Wayne goaded him into doin' it and those morons are banned," Moxey told Dennis. "Come on, da boss needs a word wi' yous."

Dennis sighed as Moxey lead him to the table where Ally was drinking at and after a few drinks with his former boss, Dennis relaxed as Ally said "Boy, you and the boys sure do a great work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My club probably wouldn't have made it..." Dennis smiled at the appreciative Scot.

"Nae problem, Ally man. I'm just chuffed I came here tonight." Dennis slurred as he nodded to a man who had come up next to Ally. It was Big Baz who shook his hand.

"Baz, good to see you. Dennis, I believe you and Big Baz have met before but he and Leonard from security have put their differences aside." Ally told Dennis who smiled at Big Baz while a shiver ran up his spine. As unobtrusively as possible, he turned on the recording device Barry had borrowed him. He didn't care what Ally said. Big Baz was still one scary man.

Big Baz bowed to Dennis and said "Thanks for coming tonight."

"Thanks, I didn't want to come tonight but Albert from security suggested I came." Dennis slurred and with this thought, he jumped to his feet while turning around at the same time. There stood Big Baz grabbing Dennis's arm with one eye on Oz.

"Howay, there's nae reason for this to end in violence. Just take this drink and put your hands on your head. You are going on a little journey." Dennis's brown eyes turned almost black with the steely glare he shot at the man.

"Alright." Slowly, he took the pill and then put his hands on his head. He knew no one would notice. Everyone was about 10 meters away watching the stage. Big Baz moved slowly over to him pulling out a pair of handcuffs. Just as he was about to snap the first one on Dennis's wrist, Dennis's leg shot out and tripped him. Soon, they were wrestling each one giving the other some good punches. Abruptly, Dennis stiffened and then went limp. Big Baz looked up at Callum who held a syringe.

Big Baz kicked Dennis off him. Mr Fraser had said the gaffer would be difficult. He was glad he had listened and brought several men with him.

"Is this the one Al- Mr Fraser wanted?" Callum asked staring at Dennis.

"Yep. The gaffer. Aye, this is him." Big Baz replied.

However, Dennis's limp body proved heavier then he had expected and he lost his hold on the body. As the limp form fell to the ground, Big Baz instinctively reached out and tried to grab one of his arms. The sound of tearing fabric was accompanied with a slight thud as Dennis's body hit the ground hard. Cursing silently, Big Baz let go of the scrap of cloth that had been left in his hand and picked up the unconscious Dennis. He had to move from this place. Someone would soon come and investigate.
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Re: Slight Return

Post by Londongal1983 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:36 am

I hope there's more
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Re: Slight Return

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:13 am

Londongal1983 wrote:
Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:36 am
I hope there's more
There will be
Oi oi, what's the word then

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